1. Shi Kai Wang 3D Art Lead
  2. Eric Arroyo 3D Artists
  3. Arnold Ayala 3D Artists
  4. Travis Brady 3D Artists
  5. Tom Doyle 3D Artists
  6. Raj Nattam 3D Artists
  7. Bill O'Brien Animator
  8. Marcus Lehto Art Director
  9. Jay Weinland Audio Lead
  10. Dan Miller Campaign Director
  11. Lee Wilson Cinematic Design
  12. CJ Cowan Cinematic Director
  13. Jamie Griesemer Design Lead
  14. Peter Parsons Eecutive Producer
  15. John Gronquist Effects Artist
  16. Peter Parsons Executive Producer
  17. Lorraine McLees Graphic Artists
  18. Aaron LeMay Graphic Design Lead
  19. Jason Jones Lead Designer
  20. Ron Perlman Lord Hood (voice)
  21. Jeff Steitzer Multiplayer Announcer
  22. Tyson Green Multiplayer Design Lead
  23. Mike Buelterman Multiplayer Environment Artists
  24. Steve Cotton Multiplayer Environment Artists
  25. Justin Hayward Multiplayer Environment Artists
  26. Chris Carney Multiplayer Environment Lead
  27. Michael Bastien Producer
  28. Hamilton Chu Producer
  29. Curtis Creamer Producer
  30. Rick Lockyear Test Lead
  31. Michael Burns UNSC Marine
  32. Joel Heyman UNSC Marine
  33. Matt Hullum UNSC Marine
  34. Geoff Ramsey UNSC Marine
  35. Jason Saldana UNSC Marine
  36. Gustavo Sorola UNSC Marine
  37. David Candland User Interface
  38. Colm Nelson User Interface
  39. Tim Dadabo Voice: 343 Guilty Spark
  40. Keith David Voice: Arbitor
  41. Jen Taylor Voice: Cortana
  42. Chris Edgerly Voice: Dropship Pilot
  43. Dee Bradley Baker Voice: Gravemind
  44. Chris Edgerly Voice: Grunt
  45. Joseph Staten Voice: Grunt
  46. Chris Edgerly Voice: Marine
  47. Mikey Kelley Voice: Marine
  48. David Frederick White Voice: Marine
  49. Steve Downes Voice: Master Chief
  50. Julie Benz Voice: Miranda Keyes
  51. Terence Stamp Voice: Prophet of Truth
  52. David Scully Voice: Sergeant Johnson
  53. Steven Jay Blum Voice:Brute
  54. Ken Boynton Voice:Brute
  55. Fred Tatascoire Voice:Brute
  56. John Dimaggio Voice:Brute Chieftain
  57. Ron Hippe Voice:Elite
  58. David Scully Voice:Elite
  59. Robert Davi Voice:Shipmaster
  60. Joseph Staten Writer, Director of Cinematics

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