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Guide and Walkthrough by AboutLastNight5

Version: 1.02 | Updated: 12/17/2010

 )   ___                                    
(__/_____)          /)                   /) 	Walkthrough By:
  /       _____   _(/  _ ___  __    _  _(/  	Whitney Bulna
 /       (_) / (_(_(__(/_// (_/ (__(/_(_(_  	Xbox 360
(______)                                    	Version 1.00
 )   ___                                 ___                      
(__/_____)     ,       ,          /)   /(,  )     ,      ,        
  /       __    ___     __   _   //   /    / __     _     __   _  
 /       / (__(_// (__(_/ (_(_(_(/_  /    / / (__(_(_/__(_/ (_/_)_
(______)                            (___ /        .-/             



This guide is a full and complete walkthrough for Condemned: Criminal Origins.
For the purposes of this guide, the walkthrough was written while playing on 
"Easy" mode 

It details where to find each bird, metalpiece, TV, most health packs, and 
most weapons as well as outline each in-game text and crime scene answer.  

Please, please read through the entire guide before emailing me with any 
question, mistake, inquiry, whatever. Your answer could be further in the 
guide under a different section. 

I want this guide to be as thorough as possible, so if you're looking for a 
quick walkthrough or you're stuck on only one section, this probably isn't 
the guide for you. The game is as basic and linear as they come, so this 
guide brings out all the little details and snippets most people might 

If you have any questions, feedback, or tips pertaining to this walkthrough, 
feel free to e-mail me at wbulna@yahoo.com. 


Table of Contents
A. Walkthrough timetable
B. Getting Started
	1. Storyline
	2. Controls
	3. Weapons
	4. Enemies
	5. Birds, Metalpieces, and TVs
	6. Crime Scenes
C. Glitches
D. XBox 360 Achievements and Awards
E. Walkthrough
	1. Chapter 1: Weisman Office Building
	2. Chapter 2: Central Metro Station
	3. Chapter 3: Metro Station Platform
	4. Chapter 4: Grid 4 Subway Tunnels
	5. Chapter 5: Bart's Department Store
	6. Chapter 6: Burnback Alley
	7. Chapter 7: Metro City Library
	8. Chapter 8: St. Joseph's Secondary School
	9. Chapter 9: Apple Seed Orchard
	10. Chapter 10: Processing Center
F. Legal

A. Walkthrough Timetable

February 18, 2009: Began writing guide, finished and edited Chapters 1 and 2. 
Began to edit guide. 
February 19, 2009: Finished Chapters 3 and 4. Began to edit Chapters 3 and 4 
and rest of guide.
February 20, 2009: Finished Chapters 5 and 6. Did not edit anything.
February 21, 2009: Finished Chapters 7 and 8. Did not edit anything. 
February 22, 2009: Finished Chapters 9 and 10. Added glitches section. Edited 
February 23, 2009: Edited guide.
February 25, 2009: Edited guide. Added crime scene section.
February 26, 2009: Edited guide. Added crime scene and weapon list for each 

B. Getting Started

1. Storyline

(Credited to the original Prima game manual)

What twists the mind of an ordinary human into a serial killer?

Assigned to the Serial Crimes Unit, Agent Ethan Thomas must answer this 
question, and bring the worst of society to justice. His solve rate is the best
in the bureau... perhaps too good! 

While investigating the growing list of serial killers, Agent Thomas concludes 
that something is twisting the bodies and souls of those that society has left 
behind. The homeless, addicted and deranged are rising from the city's 
underbelly and committing mindless acts of violence. Could there be an unseen 
connection between the increasing brutality of the latest serial killings and 
the increasing crime rate?

This question is pushed to the forefront after Agent Thomas is framed for the 
murder of two police officers. Now he must solve the murders to stop the 
killings, and exonerate himself from the crimes of which he is accused.

As FBI agent Ethan Thomas, you rely on sharp instincts and sophisticated 
forensic tools to investigate crime scenes, collect evidence, and find clues 
that will lead you to the killers. With danger lurking in every shadow, you 
need whatever weapons you can find to stay alive. If you run out of bullets, 
you'll have to fight with a fire ax, shovel, pipe, two-by-four, or whatever you 
can pry from the environment around you. You'll need to make sure nothing stops
you as you try to uncover exactly who...or what is behind the grisly killings 
plaguing the city.


2. Controls

-A Button-
Completes various actions 
(Open a door, pick up a tool, move an object)

-B Button-
(Turns your flashlight on or off)

-X Button-
Activate tool button
(During an investigation, a message will prompt you to tap the "X" button to 
take out a pre-selected tool)

-Y Button-
Check ammunition
(While holding a firearm, press "Y" to check how many rounds are left.

-Left Thumbstick-
Move Ethan
(Move freely using the thumbstick, or push down on it and move the thumbstick 
to sprint)

-Right Thumbstick-
Look around
(Move Ethan's head to observe the area. Also use this thumbstick to kick an 
enemy when he is down)

-Left Trigger-
(Use a melee weapon to block an attack from an enemy. Hold down the trigger to
successfully block)

-Right Trigger-
Fire or swing weapon
(Hold down the right trigger to swing your melee weapon, or fire a gun if 
holding one)

-Left Bumper-
(Taser's enemies for several seconds. Must recharge after use)

-Right Bumper-
Switch to melee
(When using a firearm, you can press the right bumper to switch over and use it
as a melee weapon)

Finishing Moves
(Once an enemy is defeated, they sometimes fall to their knees. When this 
happens, a D-Pad image appears on the left bottom of the screen. Choose their 
fate according to the moves for each directional on the D-Pad)


3. Weapons

-Various weapons are scattered through the city; pipes on walls, 2x4s on the 
ground, guns, mannequin legs, and many other crazy melee items. These weapons 
are used not only for combat, but to gain entrance to rooms and cabinets (Ex. 
The crowbar, fire axe). 

-How and which weapons you use is entirely up to you, but some weapons are 
better than others.

Here is a list of weapons and their specs, as well as some helpful combat tips 
at the end of the section:


-Melee weapons are the most common weapons in Condemned: Criminal Origins. Each
 melee weapon has four characteristics: Block, Speed, Reach, and Damage

How well the weapon can block an enemy attack. Block and speed correlate 
closely with each other. A faster weapon will block more efficiently, while a 
slower weapon might miss blocking an attack. 


How fast the weapon is. Speed determines how long it takes in between hits to 
recoil as well as how fast it attacks. A weapon with high speed will swing 
faster and more frequently in a short period of time. A slow weapon swings 
slowly with a delay between each swing.

The range of the weapon. The higher the range means you can be farther away 
from an enemy when engaged. This allows a safer fighting environment (if you 
can call it that) and allows you to take less damage. 

How much damage is done from one hit with the weapon. For example, a weapon 
such as the 2x4 has a damage value of 1, taking 7 or more hits to kill an 
enemy. The fire axe, however, has a much higher damage value of 10, taking 1 
or 2 hits to kill an enemy. 


-2x4s are the most commonly found melee weapon in the game. They can be Bolts, 
Nails, Burnt, or Fire, Fire being the best one but least common. Burnt and Fire 
are level specific; Burnt only in level 7 and 10, and Fire only in level 10. 
They are very fast, but do little damage. Their reach is decent and their 
block is high (correlating with speed). Most enemies will carry them.


They come in the form of desktops, drawers, signs, large planks, and locker 
doors. Their specs vary, but aren't a great weapon of choice because of their 
size. They cover the majority of the screen when held and completely cover the 
screen when being used to block. However, they're lots of fun to find and use, 
whether ripping them from a desk or from an enemy. They are all level specific.


Used to hold concrete together, they can be regular, bent, or have a piece of 
concrete on them. Generally faster and more damaging than 2x4s, but with a 
shorter and reach and are found less frequently throughout the game. 


Pipes are a great weapon generally speaking. Conduits, small pipes, gas pipes, 
steam pipes, and large pipes. The small pipe and conduit are common, but the 
rest are pretty rare. Their damage is decent to good, with good block and 
speed, and a normal to very high reach. 

::::::Entry Tools::::::

These tools are required to break down doors, open cabinets, or break locks or 
keypads. The shovel, crowbar, fire axe and sledgehammer all serve dual 
purposes; they act as melee weapons as well as useful tools. 

The fire axe is the superior of the set, usually killing an enemy in one or two
hits, but it is fairly slow. It is used to break down doors. 

The sledgehammer is one of the most powerful weapons, but also the slowest. It 
is used to break padlocks. 

The shovel is the longest weapon in the game, but is a little uneasy and slow. 
It is used to break open keypad locked gates. 

Finally, the crowbar is just behind the shovel in reach, and is slow but fairly
damaging. It is used to pry open cabinets and power boxes.

::::::Random Weapons::::::

By random, I mean ANYTHING; Mannequin arms, clothes racks, sticks, 
papercutters, and handrails. All are pretty fun to use, but are all level 
specific. The stick is the best of the group, only lacking in range, but still 
a choice weapon in the last two levels. 

::::::Special Weapons::::::

These are weapons specific to one part of one level in the game. These weapons 
are the Poker and Meat Cleaver. 

The poker is used in the last part of Chapter 9 to fight Serial Killer X. 
Although you can use it in the beginning of the chapter, you can only get it 
from the fireplace in the living room.

The Meat Clever is what The Butcher uses in Chapter 8 against you. You can 
pick it up after you kill her. It can't be found anywhere else in the game.

((((((LIST OF FIREARMS))))))

Firearms can be found lying around, in cabinets, drawers, mostly anywhere in 
each Chapter. Enemies can also wield them as well. You can disarm them after 
tasing them to acquire it.

All firearms have four stats: Accuracy, Damage, Range, and Rate. All are pretty
self-explanatory, aside from Rate, which is how quickly the gun fires. 

::::::Colt .45 Semi-Automatic Pistol::::::

The .45 is the most common and all-around good firearm in the game. It is found
in most levels at least once, and is the first gun you'll most likely use. It 
is an efficient weapon for killing enemies; it takes 3 to 4 shots to the body 
and 1 to 2 shots to the head to take an average enemy down.


Similar to the .45 but less common, the Revolver is still another fairly 
common firearm. It is more damaging than the .45, but less accurate. It only 
takes about 2 shots to the body to kill an enemy.

::::::Pump-Action Shotgun::::::

The shotgun is very powerful but has poor range and rate. It is very accurate 
and powerful when you shoot an enemy up close, but it loses damage and accuracy
the farther away you are. It is as common as the .45

::::::Sawed-Off Shotgun::::::

A very powerful advanced version of the shotgun, it kills most enemies in one 
shot. But it only carries two rounds, making it an unfavorable weapon. Use it 
for a quick attack then find another weapon. 

::::::Sub-Machine Gun::::::

The sub-machine gun has the same damage as the .45, but will only appear after 
Chapter 7: The Library. It has the fastest rate of all the firearms, but very 
low accuracy. It can carry 20 rounds and kills 3 to 4 enemies on average. 


The rifle is the most powerful, but least common, firearm in the game. It kills
almost all enemies in 2 shots, but it can only be found in 2 of the last 3 
levels of the game. It holds 10 rounds, allowing several kills before running 
out of bullets. 

Here is a list of most of the weapons that can be found in each chapter. 

Chapter 1: Weisman Office Building
.45 Cal
2x4 Nails
2x4 Bolts
Rebar Bent
Rebar Concrete
Small Pipe
Fire Axe

Chapter 2: Central Metro Station
Mannequin Arm
Pump-Action Shotgun

Chapter 3: Metro Station Platforms
Desk Drawer
Fire Axe

Chapter 4: Grid 4 Subway Tunnels
Sawed-Off Shotgun
Mannequin Arm
Gas Pipe
Steam Pipe
2x4 Nails
2x4 Bolts
Rebar Concrete

Chapter 5: Bart's Department Store
Mannequin Arm
Clothes Rack
Sawed-Off Shotgun

Chapter 6: Burnback Alley
Locker Door
Small Pipe

Chapter 7: Metro City Library
Paper Cutter
Desk Drawer
2x4 Burnt
Gas Pipe
Sawed Off Shotgun
Sub Machine Gun

Chapter 8: St. Joseph's Secondary School
Meat Cleaver
Sub Machine Gun
Rebar Bent
Desk Drawer
Pump-Action Shotgun
2x4 Nails
2x4 Bolts
Small Pipe
Large Pipe

Chapter 9: Apple Seed Orchard
Large Plank
Fireplace Poker
2x4 Nails
2x4 Bolts
Sub Machine Gun

Chapter 10: Apple Seed Orchard Processing Center
2x4 Fire
2x4 Burnt
Sub Machine Gun

((((((COMBAT TIPS))))))

There are many ways to approach a fight. However, there are ways to defeat an 
enemy while taking less damage and avoiding being cornered. 

>>Learn how to properly block an enemy before anything else. Blocking an enemy 
briefly stuns them, prevents damage done to you, and gives you a window of 
opportunity to strike back. Although this does not apply to an enemy firing a 
gun, the taser fixes that easily. Tase, disarm, and kill them quickly.<<

>>Always use your environment to your advantage. Never stay in one place when 
in a fight. Move around to avoid and block an attack. Let the enemy make the 
first strike by charging you, move back, and block them. Then attack when they 
are briefly stunned. Repeat this until they are dead.<<

><As soon as you strike an enemy, they will usually strike back. Block them 
when they do, and strike back at them.<<

>>Multiple enemies can quickly become a big problem. Sometimes they briefly 
fight eachother, wielding one or two blows, but almost always put the attention
back on you if you're in the vicinity. When they come at you, tase one and deal
with the other(s). Move around as much as possible, and kill each one 
individually before moving on to another.<<

>>Another thing to remember: Any enemy that is still (Example: Mannequins in 
Chapter 5) or an enemy climbing, down, or jumping over something, will die in 
one blow while doing said action.<<

>>When you encounter an enemy with a gun, hide behind your surrounding objects,
let them fire a few rounds, and attack while they reload. Just like you, they 
can run out of bullets. All they will have left is the butt of the gun to 
attack you with (Which by the way can break and be unusable after a few hits, 
which will be indicated by a "Weapon Damage" meter on the bottom left of your 

>>Always kill any enemy you encounter. They can come back later in the chapter 
and sneak up on you when you least expect it, or when you're low on health.<<


4. Enemies

There are three types of enemies: "Normal" humans gone bad, creature like 
enemies, and bosses.

Normal enemies are actually all human men and women that have been driven to 
viscious and insane behavior. They appear as homeless, disheveled-looking 
people physically, but act crazy and lost. They often scream, grunt, and cough 
violently, and seem to be unaware of their actions. They are found as addicts, 
scavengers, trespassers, vagrants, and farm hands.

When an enemy or enemies will appear, I will prompt you beforehand with 
[[1Enemy1]], similar to the birds and metalpieces. In this case, however, the 
number indicates how many enemies will appear at any one time. In a case where 
more then one appears, be ready to fight or back off and let them attack 
eachother. Sometimes all it takes is a little maneuvering to get them to attack
and eventually kill one or the other. This allows you to concentrate on one 
rather than 2 or 3 and risk being damaged or even killed. 

((((((Normal Enemies))))))


Addicts are the first enemy you encounter in the game. They have bands wrapped 
around their face and hands, and wear dark pants and a dark jacket. They have 
low health and appear several times in every level. They have basic fighting 
skills, but are usually easy to combat. Only one female addict appears in the 
game; in Chapter two after you are thrown down the escalators.


Scavengers wear overalls, a sweatshirt, and gloves. They carry bags of trash 
and junk of their body and have goggles on their head. They usually have 
heavier, more damaging weapons, but only have slightly higher health than 
addicts. They are found in 2 of the last 3 chapters. 


Trespassers can appear as a bearded, large man in a bulky brown coat, or a bald
man carrying a backpack who also has a cloth over his face. They are slightly 
harder than addicts, and appear in Chapter 4. The major difference with 
trespassers is that they often carry firearms, sometimes even shotguns and sub 
machine guns. They also maintain a more "group mentality" and work together 


Vagrants are very similar to addicts in combat. They are also just as common. 
They wear a white shirt, jeans and a jacket. Only one female vagrant appears, 
about halfway through the game. 

======Farm Hands======

Farm hands appear in the last 2 chapters at Apple Seed Orchard. They wear green
coveralls, and have the same stats as the pervious enemies. 

((((((Creature-like Enemies))))))


Rejects appear in Chapter 4 and 5, but more commonly in 4. They have 
greenish-looking skin, torn clothes, and white eyes, similar to zombies. They 
can crawl and attack or stand and attack. Female Rejects always stand. They 
fight like addicts and vagrants. However, they are faster than most enemies. 
They can usually be killed in one tase. 


Sandhogs wear fireman's jackets and respirators. They have double the health 
of normal enemies, and usually carry heavy weapons like sledgehammers and fire 
axes. They are a bit slower, and their attacks are easily noticeable. They 
often fight with any other enemy in the vicinity. 


Mannequins appear only in Chapter 5: Bart's Department Store. They wear white 
shits and blue suits, just like the fake mannequins. They are noticeable by 
their cracked and falling skin. Usually they blend in with other mannequins 
and wait to attack once you pass them. They are also pretty slow and do not 
run. The females however will run, hide, and attack like any normal enemy. 
You'll fight 3 in the department store. 


Crawlers are extremely thin, strange looking enemies. They appear in the last 
few chapters of the game, wearing only pants. They are similar to Rejects, 
crawling on the floor and attacking. Like Rejects, they can also be killed with
one tase. What makes them dangerous is when they attack in groups, which they 
often do. 

======Burned Ones======

Burned Ones are similar in size to Sandhogs, but are completely burned from 
head to toe. They usually carry 2x4 fires and are harder to kill than most 
enemies. They only appear in chapter 10, and they are the most common enemy in 
that chapter.

======Dark Watchers======

Dark watchers will stalk you throughout the game during cutscenes. They are the
cause of the chaos and insanity in the city, including yourself. You will only 
fight them in the Apple Seed Orchard. They are quicker and harder to beat, 
weilding two sticks and fighting martial arts style. Their tactics are 
unpredictable, making them dangerous. 


I have outlined the bosses and how to beat them in their respective chapter. 
The Butcher, Serial Killer X, and the final boss are all detailed in the 
chapter they are in, as well as how to beat them and avoid as much damage as 


5. Birds, Metalpieces, and TVs

>>Each chapter contains 6 birds and 3 metalpieces. However, not all chapters 
contain TVs.<< 

>>When a bird is outline in the guide, it will be labeled <<1Bird1>>, 
<<2Bird2>>, <<3Bird3>> and so on.<< 

>>When a metalpiece is outlined in the guide, it will be labeled 
{{1Metalpiece1}}, {{2Metalpiece2}}, {{3Metalpiece3}} and so on.<<

>>When a TV is outlined in the guide, it will be labeled ::TV::. There is only 
one per chapter, and again, are not found in every chapter.<< 

>>The numbers indicate the order in which each bird or metalpiece should be 
obtained because in some cases you cannot go back and get them unless you 
restart the chapter or restart from a save point.<< 


6. Crime Scenes

When a crime scene appears, I will prompt you with //INVESTIGATION// and 
describe what to do and what tool to use.

Here is a list of the evidence that you must investigate to get the 
"Chief Investigator Award"

Chapter 1: Weisman Office Building
2 investigations

-Investigate the hand print on the victim's neck
-Investigate the marking on the mannequin's face

Chapter 2: Central Metro Station
6 investigations

-Investigate the photos of Ethan in the garbage can.
-Investigate the bottles next to the garbage bin
-Photograph the prints on the elevator after following the fluid trail
-Photograph the floor next to the cabinet that was moved in the flashback
-Photograph the hand print on the recorder in the secret room.
-Photograph the newspapers in the secret room

Chapter 3: Metro Station Platforms
0 investigations

Chapter 4: Grid 4 Subway Tunnels
6 investigations

-Investigate the fire extinguisher, twice.
-Investigate the subway map stuck to the fan
-Photograph the subway blueprints
-Photograph the red circle on the subway blueprints
-Investigate the footprint on the seat, then investigate the secret 

Chapter 5: Bart's Department Store
3 Investigations

-Investigate the changing rooms with paint on them.
-Investigate the footprints after jumping through the hole
-Investigate the dead matchmaker in the changing room

Chapter 6: Burnback Alley
0 Investigations

Chapter 7: Metro City Library
2 Investigations

-Investigate the drops of blood in front of the server room
-Investigate the server in the server room

Chapter 8: St. Joseph's Secondary School
4 Investigations

-Investigate the chalkboard with Tibbit's lips on it
-Investigate the arm hanging from the basketball hoop
-Investigate the blood on the wall after a gun fight
-Investigate the locker several times until a cutscene starts

Chapter 9: Apple Seed Orchard
7 Investigations

-Investigate the right wall with the first writing
-Investigate the writing in the oven
-Investigate the writing in the sink
-Investigate the writing in the closet of the bedroom
-Investigate the writing inside the crate.
-Investigate the clippings of Ethan on the table
-Investigate the Torturer's hand

Chapter 10: Apple Seed Orchard Processing Center
0 Investigations

C. Glitches

There are a host of glitches in this game that I discovered and read about, 
including unlocking achievements, finishing levels, and enemy glitches. 

The first one you might encounter is in Chapter 7 in the library. When you open
the gate with the crowbar, 3 hobos run into the elevator ahead of you. When 
you use the elevator, an enemy gets stuck in it with you and magically 
teleports between the floors while attacking you. He can't die either, because 
everytime you hit him he goes through the floor or ceiling. Just try to combat 
him until you get to the basement and he'll disappear. 

The second one you might see if when you are in the attic in Chapter 10, and 
the room that should be accessible is boarded up. Simply walk down the stairs 
as if you were going back in the house, go back up, and the boards should be 

I also encountered the worst glitch of all in the final boss battle at the 
end. After I took the metal out of him the first time, I lost my weapon and 
could not pick anymore up for the rest of the battle. I had to kick him to 
death the 2nd and 3rd time, and it took a few tries and a lot of frustration 
to kill him.

There are also several others, including the jump glitch in Chapter 4. When 
you jump down into the fenced area where the hobo was squatting, you have the 
option to jump down again into the floor if you look behind and up. If you do, 
you'll jump into the floor, and fall and die if you move anywhere. So, you're 
basically stuck if you do it, so don't jump down again. 

Finally, there are Xbox 360 achievement glitches, such as the Golden Bird Award
and the Fourth Report. Even though you might obtain all birds and metalpieces, 
you might not get the achievements. Frustrating, I know, but it sometimes
happens, and sometimes doesn't.


D. XBOX 360 Achievements and Awards

Chapter 1 Bronze Bird Award: Find at least one dead bird in Chapter 1.  
Chapter 1 Silver Bird Award: Find all 6 dead birds in Chapter 1.  
Chapter 2 Bronze Bird Award: Find at least one dead bird in Chapter 2.  
Chapter 2 Silver Bird Award: Find all 6 dead birds in Chapter 2.  
Chapter 3 Bronze Bird Award: Find at least one dead bird in Chapter 3.  
Chapter 3 Silver Bird Award: Find all 6 dead birds in Chapter 3.  
Chapter 4 Bronze Bird Award: Find at least one dead bird in Chapter 4.  
Chapter 4 Silver Bird Award: Find all 6 dead birds in Chapter 4.  
Chapter 5 Bronze Bird Award: Find at least one dead bird in Chapter 5.  
Chapter 5 Silver Bird Award: Find all 6 dead birds in Chapter 5.  
Chapter 6 Bronze Bird Award: Find at least one dead bird in Chapter 6.  
Chapter 6 Silver Bird Award: Find all 6 dead birds in Chapter 6.  
Chapter 7 Bronze Bird Award: Find at least one dead bird in Chapter 7.  
Chapter 7 Silver Bird Award: Find all 6 dead birds in Chapter 7.  
Chapter 8 Bronze Bird Award: Find at least one dead bird in Chapter 8.  
Chapter 8 Silver Bird Award: Find all 6 dead birds in Chapter 8.  
Chapter 9 Bronze Bird Award: Find at least one dead bird in Chapter 9.  
Chapter 9 Silver Bird Award: Find all 6 dead birds in Chapter 9.  
Chapter 10 Bronze Bird Award: Find at least one dead bird in Chapter 10.  
Chapter 10 Silver Bird Award: Find all 6 dead birds in Chapter 10.  
Chapter 1 Completion Award: Complete Chapter 1.  
Chapter 2 Completion Award: Complete Chapter 2.  
Chapter 3 Completion Award: Complete Chapter 3.  
Chapter 4 Completion Award; Complete Chapter 4.  
Chapter 5 Completion Award: Complete Chapter 5.  
Chapter 6 Completion Award: Complete Chapter 6.  
Chapter 7 Completion Award: Complete Chapter 7.  
Chapter 8 Completion Award: Complete Chapter 8.  
Chapter 9 Completion Award: Complete Chapter 9.  
Game Completion Award: Complete Chapter 10.  
Bronze Detective Badge: Find the Bronze Detective Badge TV (Chapter 1).  
Silver Detective Badge: Find the Silver Detective Badge TV (Chapter 6).  
Gold Detective Badge: Find the Gold Detective Badge TV (Chapter 9).  
Chief Investigator Award: Find every piece of evidence.  
Melee Mayhem Award: Wield and use every melee weapon in the game.  
Fire-Arm Freedom Award: Find every available fire-arm.  
Bronze Melee Master Award: Complete one level using only melee weapons.  
Silver Melee Master Award: Complete three levels using only melee weapons.  
Gold Melee Master Award: Complete the game using only melee weapons.  
First Report: Find 9 metal pieces.  
Second Report: Find 20 metal pieces.  
Internal Affairs Report: Find 20 metal pieces.  
Third Report: Find 29 metal pieces.  
DUO Report: Find 29 metal pieces.  
Fourth Report: Find all 30 metal pieces.  
Compassion Award: Do not shoot SKX.  
Revenge Award: Shoot SKX.  
Golden Bird Award: Find all 60 dead birds.  
Bird Bath Xbox 360: Find the Bird Bath TV (Chapter 7).  
Ripple Xbox 360: Find the Ripple TV (Chapter 2).  
Static Xbox 360: Find the Static TV (Chapter 4).  
Test Pattern Xbox 360: Find the Test Pattern TV (Chapter 8)  


E. Walkthrough

4th and Stark
OBJECTIVE: Follow Dickenson to crime scene
TASK: None

	Once the opening cutscene ends, you are prompted to -Follow Detective 
Dickenson to crime scene-. Follow him to the right into the door with yellow 
crime scene tape. 

Thomas: "You gotta crouch to get under the tape." 

Tap the A button to crouch and duck under the tape. Begin to follow him as he 
explains the crime scene, filling you in on some of the details of a mannequin 
being used in the crime and "always killing in maggot infested dumps." 

**Before we go any further, just know that throughout the game you will hear 
noises and you will see things move and fall. When you walk, you may step on or
run into things that make noise. These noises do not necessarily indicate an 
enemy is nearby. They just keep you on your toes when you think you're outta 
the woods. But be careful, sometimes a box toppling off a stack of more boxes 
means theres an enemy behind them.**

Continue to follow Dickenson. You will climb two sets of stairs, and 
Dickenson's flashlight will die. You will be prompted to tap the B button to 
turn your flashlight on. 

Dickenson: "Better turn yours on; I hear you're afraid of the dark." 

Before continuing to follow him, enter the first room on the right and head to 
the back. On the shelves on the right is a dead <<1BIRD1>> carcass with flies 
swarming around it. Lovely. Tap A to pick it up. Exit the room and continue 
right to where Dickenson walked. He is standing next to Officer Becker. 
Dickenson informs Thomas that Becker found the body on patrol. Move past Becker
and into the room. You can see what looks like mannequins (Guess Thomas was 
right) strewn across the room. The body of a girl lies on the floor, tied in 
chains and tipped over in a metal chair. Lieutenant Rosa will call you on your 
SVU phone.

Rosa:  "I guess I will be your lab tech again on this one." 

She explains that you can investigate a crime scene and send her your findings 
during the search. To begin the investigation, you have to identify the -Cause 
of Death-. When prompted, tap X to begin the investigation. 

//INVESTIGATE// Using the UV light to illuminate the trauma point on her body. 
As you can see, the trauma point is on the girl's neck. Tap X to bring up the 
camera. Use the left analog stick to adjust the camera until it beeps and a 
green light appears, indicating you have successfully outlined the trauma 
point. Tap the right trigger and you'll hear another beep to indicate you have 
taken the picture. 

Rosa: "Hmm, strangled by hand. Very forceful finger marks. Finger marks clear, 
except bruise intensity indicated the killer's right handed, and missing the 
index finger on that hand."  

A flashback begins, showing a masked figure holding what appears to be a male 
mannequinn's head. Hmmm

Head over to the other side of the table where the male mannequin is sitting 
and tap X. Rosa tells you to run the laser over any evidence, and if its 
present it will glow green. Tap the X button to bring up the camera again, and 
adjust it to focus until the arrows on the camera touch, indicating the picture
is focused and ready to be shot. Take the picture and it will be sent to Rosa. 

Rosa: "Processing image. That's it, the same mark. It's the work of a guy we've
been calling the Match Maker. Kills young women violently, poses them in 
grisley tableaux and poses them with male department store mannequins. 
Mannequin always slightly disfigured by a mark on the face."

Walk back over to Dickenson and you'll hear him say, "Hey Becker, no smoking at 
a crime scene."

Becker: "I don't smoke." Uh-oh

Follow Dickenson as he kicks in a door and walks into a large room. Wait a few 
moments and a cut scene will begin. After the cut scene, you're left alone. 
Your new objective is to -Find the electrical room and reset the fuse box- to 
get the lights back on. You now have a gun as well. Before you go anywhere, 
wait for Becker and Dickenson to call you and inform you that an addict is 
coming your way. As he says that, you'll see the addict run past the door in 
front of you. Luckily, he's towards the back. Head into the doorway and walk 
SLOWLY straight. 

Thomas: "Federal Agent. Come out peacefully or I will have to use force."
Addict: "FUCK YOU!"
There are three doors; one to your right, one to your left, and one straight 
ahead. The [[1ENEMY1]] will come out of the right door, so be prepared to fire 
(Try to always aim for the head to conserve ammo). The room ahead has an enemy 
passed out on the ground as well as a health kit in the cabinet. Once hes down, 
go into the room to the left and head up the stairs. Walk through the door on 
the left at the top of the stairs and walk straight. Turn left when you hit the
end of the hallway and take an immediate right. In front of you should be a 
wall full of pink insulation. Take a right and enter a room. In front of you 
should be a wall with eyes drawn on it, and a {{1Metalpiece1}} on the left of 
the wall. Turn back and head back the way you came. A metal barrel will roll in 
front of you as you walk, as well as a slight crashing noise as you reach the 
doorway leading back to the stairs. Walk into the brown, unfinished area to 
the left of the stairway door, and you'll hear footsteps. Slowly walk into the 
room and an [[1ENEMY1]] will charge you. Kill him and collect the <<2BIRD2>> on 
the second windowsill to your right. If you need it, there is a health kit in 
the locker to the left of the door in the back of the room. Walk through that 
door, head left, head left again and begin to walk towards another brown 
looking room. You will see someone sprint across the room ahead of you. SLOWLY 
go after the [[1ENEMY1]] and kill him. Head into the large room and over to 
the upper right corner where there will be a door. Enter the door to trigger a 
flashback similar to the one depicting the male mannequin head. Walk to the 
back of the room and towards the left to see a cigarette, still freshly lit, 
lying under the fuse box. Pull the lever on the box to trigger a cutscene. Say 
goodbye to your gun.

When you get up from the cutscene, enter the room the suspect was in and grab 
the pipe directly across from you off the wall. This will be your new weapon 
for the time being. Move to the very back of the room and move the desk 
blocking your way. Take a left once you pass the desk and move into the room. 
There are 2 health kits in a red med case and a <<3BIRD3>> underneath it on the
ground. Head back the way you came and enter the room straight ahead of the 
moved desk. An addict will run up the boxes in front of you. Head to the right,
then turn right again. Head straight into the lit room SLOWLY and prepare for 
[[2Enemy2]]. Do your best to block them, then hit them with the pipe. Try and 
fight them one on one or get them to fight eachother, its just easier that way.
If you lost any health, turn around and sprint back to the red med case and 
grab a health kit. Enter the wall that the addict threw the chair through and 
the scene will change. Nothing will happen to you, but you will see a smog sort
of thing in front of you go through the wall. There is a hole in the wall where
it entered containing a {{2Metalpiece2}} next to it. Head to the left and your 
controller will vibrate violently, and the scenery will go back to normal 
(if you wanna call it that). Head straight into a room where you will be 
prompted to investigate the scene. Your gas spectrometer can detect odors, even
decaying flesh. Yum. It detects a <<4BIRD4>> behind the shelves to the left in 
the room. Move out of the room and to the right. Walk straight to enter a large 
room. Move to the left and break the glass container on the wall to the right 
of the half open door to obtain 2 health kits. Walk through that door and make 
your first left into a room with stairs. Walk up the stairs and walk into the 
room with windows. 

Dickerson begins yelling for you, so walk to end end and face the last window 
on the left. After a short conversation, he'll throw you a fire axe. He also 
informs you that you can use your Taser Gun to disarm enemies of their weapons.
Before you leave, look down by the window you were just facing and pick up the 
<<5BIRD5>>. Do some back tracking and use the fire axe on the door to the right
of the room with the stairs. There is a ::TV:: in this room. Tap A when 
prompted and it will turn off, earning you 50 gamer points. Go back to the 
area where you got the fire axe and fire axe the door in there. and enter the 
next room. Chop down the door in front of you using the fire axe. As soon as 
you finish chopping it, an [[1Enemy1]] will throw an object or two at you 
before attacking. One hit with the fire axe will take him out. Move to the back 
of the room and enter the door on the right. Work your way around some broken 
walls until you enter a solid white room. There is a health kit to your left 
in between the rooms on a shelf. Enter the lit doorway and walk to your left, 
then walk straight. An [[1Enemy1]] will appear in the distance, so walk around 
the metal and into the room he was in and walk straight. He will charge at you 
from a distance, grab a metal pipe, and run off back the way he came, cutting 
the only light source as he rips it from the wall. Before you go after him, 
walk slowly into the area and be ready for another [[1Enemy1]] to charge at you
from the left. Take him out and take the other one out quickly. 

Move to the back of the room and to the left to find the last <<6BIRD6>> in 
this chapter resting on a plank. Turn around and make a left into the 
unfinished room. Make a right and move straight through to the back of the 
room and grab the last {{3Metalpiece3}} on the pillar with eyes drawn all over 
it. Turn around and move through the doorway ahead. Move ahead and you will 
hear coughing. Move into the room with the graffiti and head right. You will 
see a hole in the wall to your left, so walk all the way around until you get 
into that room, and be prepared to fight [[2Enemy2]]. After they are killed, a 
door will open and that smog thing will move through it. Walk into the room, 
and you will be greeted with a scary THWACK and the suspect himself. After a 
brief encounter, he shoots Dickerson and Becker and throws you out a window 
with the promise that "Death shall visit again." The chapter is over.

110 Main Street
OBJECTIVE: Escape into the Metro Station
TASK: None

You begin the chapter on the streets, after a cutscene. In the cutscene, you 
encountered a man named Malcolm Vanhorn. He updates you on the current 
situation and tells you to meet him at the Metro Station. You new objective 
-Escape into the metro train station-. 

Walk straight past the gate and pick up the shovel on your left leaning next 
to a door. Turn around and use the shovel on the electronic keypad on the metal
fence. As you walk down the walkway a train passes below you. Head into the 
depths of a new chapter. 

When you hit the bottom of the stairs, running footsteps can be heard close by.
Walk straight, and when you pass a door on the left, a flashback appears. Walk 
ahead to your left and -Investigate- the trash can containing photos. The 
photos are sent to Rosa when you gladly learn that she is still willing to 
help you. After finishing with the photos, walk ahead to the pillared area and 
begin investigating with the green laser. Locate the liquid in the far left 
corner and take a sample of it. Once the investigation is finished, a distant 
yell will be heard. Back up and look down the hall you just came from to see a 
hobo [[1ENEMY1]] running towards you. Stun him, take his weapon, and kill him. 
Turn back around again and head to the left of the room. Open the metal box to 
the left of the large steel door. Walk slightly through it and [[2Enemy2]] will
attack from behind. Go straight through the first room and into the second room
and make a left, then a right into another room. Collect the <<1BIRD1>> on the 
floor in front of the shelves. Walk out and walk to the right and go through a 
white door. Enter the room and proceed up the stairs. Enter the double doors at
the top of the stairs. Walk straight, but don't walk up the stairs or enter any
rooms. Vanhorn will call you after going through the double doors for a few 
seconds. After the call, a [[1Enemy1]] Will attack from behind. Kill him and 
walk up the stairs. Enter "The Lounge" to the right of the top of the stairs. 

Exit the room through the back, make a right, and descend the stairs. Walk left 
past the gurneys and enter the room to the right to find a [[1ENEMY1]] ripping 
through the shelves (lemme guess, looking for drugs). Stun and kill him, and 
take the health kit in the glass cabinet between the shelves if needed. Exit 
the room and SLOWLY walk down the corridor to the right. A [[1ENEMY1]] with a 
gun will appear from the right, so quickly stun him and kill him. Before 
proceeding, turn to the left and enter "Room 209". Walk up the stairs and 
watch someone run across the room. Follow him and pick up the sledgehammer on 
the red carpet. Walk to the right and move the file cabinets to obtain a 
{{1METALPIECE1}} behind them. The wall has eyes on it. There is another health 
kit on the wall adjacent to the eyes wall. Go back and go around the shelves 
and unlock the door to reenter the stairwell area. When you reenter the lounge,
a figure will run across the room again, and a [[2Enemy2]] will attack. Stun 
them and kill them quickly. There are two health kits in the kitchen area in 
here if needed.  

Walk out of the lounge and enter the other stairwell area. Use the sledgehammer
on the "Room 210" door. Walk through the door, through the locker room, and 
enter the stairwell via the door straight ahead. Walk down the stairs, enter a 
room, and walk down the stairs to the left. Enter the room and wait for Vanhorn
to call you. Head up the stairs, enter a room, and head up the stairs again. 
Duck under the gate and you'll be in what looks like the central terminal. Its 
huge. You are prompted to pull out your gas spectrometer in order to find a 
bird. Walk forward and a [[1ENEMY1]] will run in front of you. Kill him and 
continue your search with the gas spectrometer. The bird next to the ATM near 
the back right of the terminal. As you near the ATM machine however, an 
[[1Enemy1]] will run out of the "Track 25-31" area directly in front of you. 
Kill him, and turn around and go through the corridor directly in front of you.
Walk towards the end, facing the painting, and make a right. Move the table in 
front of you to collect the <<3BIRD3>>. If needed, take the 2 health kits off 
the wall to the left of the table. Turn around and SLOWLY head straight. When 
you are about to reach a lit room on the left, a scuffle can be heard and a 
[[2ENEMY2]] will appear depending on if one kills the other or not. In my case,
he did. Kill him and proceed SLOWLY forward. You will be prompted to use a 
tool, but move slightly forward and a [[1ENEMY1]] will attack. Kill him and 
continue investigating. Follow the fluid trail on the floor. The trail leads 
through a closed gate, so go through the area to the left. As you enter the 
lit room a loud "animal noise" is heard and it sounds like its close. SLOWLY 
enter the next area where [[2ENEMY2]] will attack. Take care of them and move 
through the room they came out of. Walk down the stairs and keep following the 
trail until you reach the elevator. 

//INVESTIGATE// the fingerprint on the elevator switch and photograph the 
buttons. Move to the left and head up the stairs and walk into the room past 
the big pipes. Enter the room directly in front of you and take the health kit 
on the wall if needed. Exit the room, walk to your left, and head up a small 
staircase. Turn right, then right again to face a ladder leading down. About a 
quarter way down the hall are two horizontal pipes on the wall to your left. 
Grab the {{2METALPIECE2}} in between the pipes. Climb the ladder and enter the 
room behind you. SLOWLY walk into the room and two metal doors in front of you 
will open. [[2ENEMY2]] will attack, so quickly take them out. Once they are 
finished, walk through the left metal door and immediately turn to the left to 
get the fire axe. Turn around and go through the door on the left, down the 
stairs. Walk into the room, and SLOWLY go towards the stairs. A [[1ENEMY1]] 
will attack from the top of the stairs, so be prepared. Walk into the room and 
another [[1ENEMY1]] will attack from the right room. Once he is finished, fire 
axe the elevator room door and enter. Use the health kits if necessary and pull
the lever in the room. Quickly look through the window to the right to see 
something crawl across the floor in the nearby room. Creepy. Fire axe the other
door, and make a left and head towards where you saw the creeper. Use the fire 
axe on the door and watch the ::TV:: in this room. Exit the room, and enter 
the elevator to your right. Tap the A button to go up to the 3rd floor.

Make a right out of the elevator and continue until you see a 
<<4BIRD4>>....alive. Pick it up and continue. As you approach the end of the 
room a few tables will be pushed in from of you. Continue to the left and 
enter the first door on the right. When you enter, an addict will push a bunch 
of crap to your left and run off. Enter the room and begin walking SLOWLY 
forward. [[2ENEMY2]] will attack from the right and left, behind a small wall. 
They caught me completely at surprise, so BE CAREFUL. Enter the small corridor 
they came from and use the health kit on the shelf if necessary. Grab the 
crowbar and head back where the first bunch of crap was pushed down. Enter the 
door next to it and find a red health kit box and a safe. Crack the safe and 
get the .45. Walk back to where you killed the 2 hobos and SLOWLY walk down the
corridor. A [[1ENEMY1]] will shoot at you with a shotgun from the other end of 
the corridor. So take him out using the gun, but you only have 4 bullets so 
aim carefully. Once he is dead continue down the glass corridor SLOWLY and you 
will encounter another [[1ENEMY]]. Take him out and proceed. Make a right and 
proceed forward into the men's bathroom and take the <<5BIRD5>> out of the 
toilet. Nice. 

Exit the bathroom and proceed to the left. You will be prompted to 
//INVESTIGATE// using the laser to follow the fluid. Do so, and a short cutscene
of a man moving a cabinet will show. Move into the room to your immediate 
right and grab the last {{3METALPIECE}} on the wall to the left. Exit the room 
and move towards the cabinet on the right. Move it and enter the door. Head to 
the end of the room and make a left to discover a pretty messed up area. The 
window looks right into your room, along with a recording machine of your 
voice and pictures of you all over a table. Looks like someones got a crush. 
//INVESTIGATE// the recorder and snap a picture of the fingerprints on it. 
After the conversation with Rosa. Exit the room, head straight, and enter a 
door on your left. More pictures of you. Looks like we found where they were 
developed. Head to the right and //INVESTIGATE// the newspapers. Snap a picture
of them and listen to Rosa's information. When the conversations is finished, 
a smash is heard. [[1ENEMY1]] will be waiting for you when you leave this room.
Do whatever you can, and be careful. Once he is down, everything will go in 
slow motion and briefly go black for a moment. You awake, throw up, and rise 
to see the one and only orange suited man you confronted in Chapter 1. Move 
around the window, and climb through the next window. Walk straight, make a 
left into the door, and walk straight until you hit a wall. Use the healthkits 
on the left in the cabinet if necessary. Keep walking until you reach a room 
with a bunch of filing cabinets and chairs in it. Walk around the desks, 
through a door, and through another door onto a balcony. Collect the last 
<<6BIRD6>> on the railing and watch the man run across the terminal below you. 
Head through the door to your left and down the stairs. A [[1ENEMY1]] will 
attack you once you reach the bottom of the second flight. Continue down the 
stairs until you enter a door leading back into the main terminal. Walk into 
the terminal and the game will slow down, showing a ton of birds crashing 
through the windows above. Keep moving and pass into the 25-31 corridor (The 
same one we just watched the man run into). Pass through the door, and the 
Chapter ends. 

OBJECTIVE: Track down suspect last seen wearing orange coveralls.
TASK: None

The Chapter begins right where you left off in Chapter two. Go straight and 
through the door on the left. As you enter the train terminal, you should hear 
screaming hobos and addicts, but don't worry, they won't come for you....yet. 
Move to the right and grab the first <<1BIRD1>> on top of the green "Informer" 
newspaper stand. Go down the escalators, move right, and go straight until 
you're in the lower train terminal. The suspect should appear not too far in 
front of you, but he runs behind a gate and beats the piss out of one or two 
hobos. BE CAREFUL NOW, I was attacked by [[3ENEMY3]] In the terminal after the 
suspect disappeared. One has an axe, one has a pistol, and one has a pipe. 
They came at me individually, but don't let them take too much health. Once 
they are all taken care of, grab the <<2BIRD2>> on the bench to the right, 
where the hobo with the fire axe was sitting. Now move back up to the fence 
and fire axe the door to the left. Walk into the room and follow the path, 
and right before you hit the set of stairs on the left, look in the black 
locker on the right and grab the <<3BIRD3>>. Keep going until you reach a 
door, and enter. You're now behind the gate where the suspect ran. Turn left 
and go straight. When you are able to go left, [[2ENEMY2]] will be a little 
down the hall. See if they fight before you engage them. Take them out and 
continue. When you pass the gate on the left, look quickly over to see a 
person appear and disappear. Creepy. 

Keep going but move slowly. When I began walking, I saw a hobo creep around 
the left corner. When I went after him, he wasn't there, so I continued on 
and saw him get punched or shot (not sure) through the booth on the left of 
the "Metro Station" sign, then saw another one fly by with a piece of cabinet. 
I just moved a little ahead and ANOTHER one came out, but luckily they started 
fighting each other. So, just be warned that there are [[3ENEMY3]] near the 
ticket booths, so watch yourself. Finish with them and go into the first 
ticket booth. Grab the .45 with 8 bullets in it and move into the second booth. 
Take the two health packs if needed. Move slowly to the left into another 
station center and [[2ENEMY2]] with shotguns will come out. Just be careful 
and try to stay behind the pillars or back off and let them fight a little. 
Finish them off and turn back around towards the ticket booths. Move to the 
right side now and grab the fire axe on the wall. Move back to where you 
fought the hobos and go into the ticket booth. Move the cash register and 
take the first {{1METALPIECE1}}. Now move towards the door in the back to the 
right of the booth and fire axe it. Note the sign on the wall 'WARNING: These 
premises are monitored, all trespassers will be prosecuted." Right. 

In this room, take the <<4BIRD4>> and note the pictures on the TV. If you like, 
open the black cabinet on the right, grab the crowbar, and use it on the safe 
to get the pump action shotgun. Enter the door to the left of the cabinet, and 
slowly move towards the door straight ahead. A [[1ENEMY1]] will begin to chop 
through the door, so take him out and wait for his friend [[1ENEMY1]] right 
behind him with a .45. Grab the one hobos fire axe before continuing, since 
you probably ran out of shells. Move towards the left and down the ramp. Walk 
down a couple more ramps and grab the <<5BIRD5>> in the middle of the light. 
Use the health kit to its right if needed. *NOTE* Right now would be a good 
time to grab anything you might have missed, because you won't be able to go 
back and get it. Just so you know, you're about to get a rude surprise. Jump 
over the metal chain leading to the escalators behind you, and you'll be 
shoved down them into a fighting pit with [[4ENEMY4]]. The girl should kill 
one of them herself, so back off and let them fight as much as possible, or 
stun one and quickly take out another. Facing away from the escalators, turn 
left and walk, When you reach another large area, turn left and grab the 
{{2METALPIECE2}} next to the bench with eyes behind it. Now go straight and 
make a left into the "9: New Montgomery and Downtown Local" train corridor. I 
saw a dead hobo lying in this corridor, so be aware if you don't see him dead 
already. Walk down the stairs and grab the last <<6BIRD6>> halfway down lying
on the ground. Go to your right towards the train, jump down, and turn to 
your right and grab the {{3METALPIECE}} on the left wall with eyes, and climb 
onto the back of the train. A [[1ENEMY1]] will hop onto the back, so just hit 
him until he falls off. Just wait until the scene ends and the chapter will 

OBJECTIVE: Track down suspect last seen wearing orange coveralls
TASK: The suspect's train must stop at the next platform. Make your way 

Begin the chapter where you fell off the back of the train. Begin to walk and 
you'll be prompted to //INVESTIGATE// using the gas spectrometer to find the 
first <<1BIRD1>>. It is located to your left, to the left of a pillar. As you 
near the bird, you'll hear a commotion up ahead. Just a couple of bums 
fighting. Keep walking and loot to your right when a lit area appears. You'll 
get your first glimpse of a Reject crawling on the floor. There is a space in 
the wall to the left of the barred window, so go into to. Enter a room with a 
mattress and boxes. Turn left and enter another room. An [[1ENEMY1]] Reject 
will jump from behind the pipe and attack you. Tase him and he'll die. See, 
it was easy. Pick up his pipe and continue. Be careful before you turn the 
corner past where you killed the Reject, a bum might jump out. If you, you'll 
see him scurry up in the area near the ladder, or dead on the floor in front 
of you.  Move up the ladder, and enter to the left. Open the chain gate 
(Ignore the falling object) and move to the right of the pipe. When you see 
an end room, a [[1ENEMY1]] will scurry out from under the barrels straight 
ahead. Another will crawl behind the bars in the next area. Climb the ladder 
in front of you and walk straight. Before you jump down into the next area, 
be warned that there are many Rejects here, so be careful. 

Three immediately attacked me, two from the front and one from the right in 
the small lit corridor. Move straight towards the large red barrel and one 
will crawl out from under it. Move behind it to find a small room with a 
::TV:: and pump action shotgun. Leave the room and move towards the lit 
fence in front of you. [[2ENEMY2]] will attack when you try to turn the 
corner, one from behind and one from in front. Go all the way to the corner 
of the brick wall and pick up the {{1METALPIECE1}} hidden in the dark to 
the left. Turn back and go towards where you first jumped down and enter 
the lit corridor a Reject came through earlier. The  metal door in front of 
you requires a shovel to open, so move right through a  corridor, then right 
through another one to find the shovel between two barrels on your right. 
Turn around and retrace your steps. A [[1ENEMY1]] will attack halfway, so 
just kill him and proceed. Open the locked gate and move up the ladder. Move 
into the right corridor and you'll be on some small platforms above the 
large area with the Rejects. [[1ENEMY1]] will attack from the right. Move to 
the right and jump down into the cage with the bum sitting down in it. He'll 
run away before you can attack. Follow him until you reach a platform with 
train tracks. 

Step off to the right and follow the tracks until a staircase appears on 
your right. Walk up to the platform and enter the train. //INVESTIGATE// 
the fire extinguisher and talk to Rosa. Look to your left to see a few bums, 
and a huge [[1ENEMY1]] waiting for you on the platform. A fight will break 
out, and eventually a [[1ENEMY1]] will open the back train door and charge 
you. Take her out, and move through into the next train. Exit via the last 
door on the right, and slowly pursue the big enemy. He should charge you a 
few feet off the train, so tase him, disarm him, and sledge him to death. 
There is a gate to the left at the end of the platform. Use the 
sledgehammer to break it open and continue. In this room, an orange 
jumpsuit lies on the floor to your right, and a map it stuck to the fan 
near the stairs. Investigate the map, then kick in the fan with the 
sledgehammer. Jump down, and walk to the right. Open the door on the far 
right past the pipes, and open the cabinet to collect the health pack if 
needed and the <<2BIRD2>> on the floor to the right of the sink. Exit the 
room and move straight until you find a corridor with stairs. Walk down the 
stairs, note the fireaxe missing in the case at the bottom. Move forward, 
and grab the fireaxe from the pipe, and move back upstairs. Once you're at 
the top, Rosa calls. After talking, fireaxe the door in front of you. 
[[2ENEMY2]] will pop out from the manhole, so kill them and proceed down it. 
Turn the Valve, then  go back to the steam valve pipe and move past where 
you got the fireaxe. I heard gunshots here, but nothing happened to 

Jump down the ladder, then jump down the ladder directly to your right. 
[[1ENEMY1]] with a .45 jumped down the second ladder with me. Take him out, 
then move down the left path directly behind the ladder. A [[1ENEMY1]] will 
charge you around the second corner. Proceed down the path until you enter 
a large room where you have to use the gas spectrometer to locate a 
<<3BIRD3>>. Leave the room and make a left towards a large room with a 
generator hanging in the center. When you go near it, it will turn on. Go 
around it towards the right and enter another similar looking generator 
room. Its really dark in here, and there are [[4ENEMY]] wandering around 
the room. In the center on a pillar are two health packs if needed. Move 
behind the health kits and into the corridor. Go up the ladder and DON'T 
MOVE when you reach the top. There are two of those huge guys we saw on the 
train platform, so see if they duke it out first before pursuing them. If 
they don't, tase the, disarm then quickly, and kill them. If you lose 
health, run back down and use the health kits in the previous room. Find a 
ladder on the opposite side of them room and climb it. There is a health 
kit on the wall right on front of you if needed. Move right to find a 
<<4BIRD4>> next to a shovel on a piece of wood. Turn around and jump down 
the hole near the ladder. Open the cabinet on the left for a health kit, 
but the cabinet on the right has a [[1ENEMY1]], so don't bother. Move down 
the stairs, and pick up the <<5BIRD5>>. Follow the linear path (no enemies 
will attack) through some partially light and very dark areas until you 
reach a room that makes your controller shake. 

Keep following the path until you reach a lit room. Move up the stairs and 
grab the shovel leaning on the railing. Move back down the stairs and to 
the left, facing a gate, BUT BE PREPARED TO RUN. A fire will break out and 
you'll have to shut off the valves. There are two: one is directly to the 
right after the first small set of steps you just went down, the second is 
allll the way at the top. Just walk up the second and third sets of stairs 
to the right, and keep left after that. Once you shut off the second valve,
[[3ENEMY3]] will attack. Take them out and go back to the gate where the 
fire broke out. Follow the path until you reach train tracks, and take a 
right onto them. Surprisingly, no enemies will attack, but its creepy as 
hell. There will be a lit door on your right a ways down the tracks, so 
enter it and proceed into a watery room with pillars in it. Walk straight 
and pick up the shotgun from the dead body (don't worry its just rats) and 
SLOWLY proceed straight and to the left. A gang of enemies will be here. 
Take the one directly to your left out first once you go up the stairs. 
Two more will attack from the stairs in front, a girl and a huge guy. Take 
them out, and another one further up will attack with a shotgun. Once they 
are all take out, move up to where the last enemy was and pick up the last 
<<6BIRD6>> on the work table. //INVESTIGATE// the blueprint and take a 
picture. Rosa will contact you about it.

Rosa: "Holman was the city's contractor for the cars years ago."

Now take a picture of the red circled part.

Rosa: "Hmm, the circled part, red ballpoint pen, highlights a ceiling 
compartment in the car."

To the left of the table on a wall are three health kits inside a red 
case if needed. Walk towards the left of the kits and head past the train 
car, down the stairs, and grab the {{2METALPIECE2}} on the broken wood 
wall to your right. Turn directly around and slightly to the right past 
the barrels and move the piece of metal resting on a ledge to get the 
sawed off shotgun. Walk back to where the health kits were and head into 
the door slightly behind them. The room puts you into a flashback and 
you're prompted to investigate the crowbar. Once you're finished, exit the 
room and prepare to fight a huge [[1ENEMY1]] from your right. Take him out 
with the shotgun, and move back into the room to take the crowbar. Now go 
back down in between the two trains and cross the plank and open the train 
door with the crowbar. //INVESTIGATE// the area to find a footprint towards 
the back right. Now open the compartment when prompted. Investigate the arm 
and take a picture. 

Rosa: "Went out of business fourteen years ago. A squatters group took it 
over almost immediately, and its not what you would call prime shopping 
territory......It's a nasty area filled with nasty people, and the people 
down there are different, they go beyond nasty".

After the conversation, a [[1ENEMY1]] will jump down from the back of the 
train. Kill him and move up the ladder. Another [[1ENEMY1]] is waiting 
atop the train at the end while one scurries up the ladder. Walk towards 
the back, cross the small bridge, and head up the ladder. That same 
[[1ENEMY1]] is waiting towards your left. Take her out and move past her. 
Make a left, then another left and go straight until you hit a wall with 
the last {{3METALPIECE3}} on it. Turn around and go through the chain 
fence you passed. A dead body will drop in front of you. Continue and see 
another one fall to your left. Go up the ladder and kill the [[1ENEMY1]] 
waiting for you (Sometimes he isn't there depending on how many were 
killed when they were fighting each other). Gunshots will ring out all over, 
so keep an eye out for a [[1ENEMY1]] with a .45. He should come out from 
the right in the corridor with the pipes. Tase, disarm, and kill him. Walk 
past him and shoot the [[1ENEMY1]] hiding behind the pillar. Move up the 
stairs and follow the path through some pipes, up more stairs, through a 
door, and back into the room where you found the map and jumpsuit. Pass 
through the door and end the chapter. 

645 Burnside Avenue

This chapter is probably the most confusing directions wise. It's a wreck 
of a store, and corridors and doors are difficult at times to see, so bare 
with me. 

So let's begin. You start in the department store lobby after a weird 
cutscene. Vanhorn calls you, so after the conversation continue up the 
stairs and go straight around the case into a small room to the right. Go 
straight and go left out of it. Turn left and walk straight into a table, 
and grab the piece of clothes rack for a weapon. Turn back around, go left 
and walk until you hit a mannequin display and a gift box. The first 
<<1BIRD1>> is lying next to it. Face away from the box and go straight. 
Move around the dirt and debris and head towards the escalators. Go all 
the way around them, and you'll hear weird breathing, then see a body drop 
from the top of the escalator. The sign on him says "LEAVE". Turn right 
and go down the stairs, and SLOWLY walk left. The first [[1ENEMY1]] will 
be behind the pillar in front of you. Tase and kill him, and walk through 
the window where the glass broke during the fight (A vagrant shot through 
it). Grab the health kit on the wall before opening the door if needed. 
Open the door, turn right through the broken wall, and go straight. Turn 
left through another broken wall and watch the vagrant get shot. Move the 
two beds, and go right around the corner. Grab the first {{1METALPIECE}} 
on the pillar behind the case. Turn back around and walk to where the 
vagrant with the gun was. Walk towards the right of the escalators, and 
you'll hear crashing. Look over to see a female mannequin just standing 
there (she can't and won't attack, so just keep going). Make your first 
right and go up the stairs with the display cases. Break the one next to 
the stairs and grab the <<2BIRD2>>. Go up the stairs, and wooo you're in 
the first room with mannequins. Turn left and attack the two mannequins 
facing each other. One is an [[1ENEMY1]]. Walk towards the one on a big 
pillar and another one will pop out from behind it. Tase him and kill 
him. Another [[1ENEMY1]] will emerge behind you, so finish him. Turn to 
your left and look for the wall with the Santa Clause on it and SLOWLY go 
through there. A [[1ENEMY1]] will attack from behind the wall on the 
left, so be ready. Open the door to the changing room on the right to get 
a Revolver with 3 bullets. Go around the rooms and into a small room with 
mannequins (they're all fake). A female mannequin runs out and says "Keep 
them out" I think? //INVESTIGATE// the table with red paint. Find the 
print in the red paint and take a picture of it. 

ROsa: "Right-handed print, missing the right index finger. This matches 
what we got from the crime scene. I processed all the prints. And Thomas, 
the print you got from the tape recorder in the Metro Station isn't on 
this hand."

A short flashback/cutscene will happen when she's done talking. 
//INVESTIAGTE// the wall above the table and take a picture of the blood 

Rosa: Blood droplet size and dispersal pattern indicate the victim 
sustained a heavy blow. Height of blood on wall indicates its possibly a 
head wound."

The female mannequin will run across the room again behind you. Grab the 
health kit on the wall to left if needed, and make a right into the trash 
ridden room. Move the two cabinets on the left and grab the shotgun if 
needed, but I stuck with the pistol and was fine. Head back and go into 
the room the female mannequin went. [[1ENEMY1]] is looking through a pile 
of clothes and trash halfway down, so shoot her and keep moving. Open the 
door at the bottom, and move to the right to begin an //INVESTIGATION//. 
Grab the health kit on the wall if needed. You'll see a green trail 
leading past the changing rooms, so turn off the green light and follow 
my instructions from here (a few mannequins attack, so theres no point in 
having your investigation tool out). Make a right around the changing 
rooms and turn left SLOWLY. An [[1ENEMY1]] will come from the right near 
the two high up mannequins. Pick up the clothes rack weapon to your right 
and continue forward. Make a right at the lit area with a display case 
and santa on the wall. Things get a little darker now so be careful. Go 
down the stairs and make a left and move the red couch straight ahead. A 
cutscene will start. Grab the sledgehammer horizontally stuck in front 
of you and go back the way you came. The display case is now broke, so 
take a left at it and hit the still [[1ENEMY1]] immediately to your left. 
An [[1ENEMY1]] will emerge in front of you near the light, so take him 
out too. Walk back and find a plastic lit candle. There is a door next to 
it, so sledgehammer the lock and continue. Don't grab the health kits on 
the wall just yet, you might need them after going down the escalators. 
Proceed down and SLOWLY make a right and be ready for an [[2ENEMY2]] to 
come around from under the escalators, and one from the left with a .45. 
There is also [[1ENEMY1]] hiding behind the pillar in the room to the left. 
Go back and use the health kits if needed. Grab the shotgun lying behind 
the escalators and proceed. 

Go back down, past the pillar, and enter the room. An [[1ENEMY1]] with a 
shotgun is hiding behind a pillar in the far back, so take him out as 
quickly as possible. Grab his shotgun and make a left at the Christmas 
tree and elevator behind it. Walk up the stairs, make a right, then a 
left up more stairs. Grab the {{2METALPIECE2}} next to the phone to the 
right of the big pillar. You'll hear a female [[1ENEMY1]] up the stairs, 
so take her out and take out the [[1ENEMY1]] to the right of the stairs 
hiding behind a wall. Turn back around to where the female was and grab the 
<<3BIRD3>> on the display case behind her. Go into the corridor with stairs 
to your left and see a [[1ENEMY1]] run past you. Grab the health kit if 
needed, and SLOWLY go after him. He's waiting for you around the left corner 
with a shotgun, so tase, disarm, and kill him. 

Continue all the way around until you have a quick scenery change and the 
mannequins are blocking your way back. Move into the room with the display 
case and make a quick left into the hole in the wall (The mannequins will 
keep following behind it. Really creepy). Break the glass and jump. Move 
straight, then make a right and you'll hear a weird growling noise. A 
figure runs below you in a hole in the floor. Jump in. You will be asked to 
//INVESTIAGTE// but again just follow me. We all know its blood and its 
another body. Move through the linear path until you come to a big room 
with pillars. Move to the left, then left again at the wall with shelves, 
and move straight to find a narrow corridor on the right. Move into it and 
take the last {{3METALPIECE}} on the wall behind the shelves on the left. 
Make a right out of the corridor and move diagonally right until you reach 
a raised area with steps. //INVESTIAGTE// and take a picture of green 

Rosa: "The footprint is an exact match to the print I found in the Metro 
Station car. It may be the Match Maker. I'm still concerned about that rogue 
fingerprint from the tape recorder."

Now you're instructed to find a body with your gas spectrometer, but wait to 
use it because to your left an [[1ENEMY1]] will begin chopping down the 
boarded up wall. Tase him and take him out. Move through the boards he just 
came out of and move right up the stairs. Move left and SLOWLY move into a 
lit room with the open door on the left. An [[1ENEMY1]] is hiding behind the 
shelves on the left. Take him out and grab the <<4BIRD4>> on the shelf. Make 
a left out of the room and go around the corner. Go straight and you'll see 
a big room with a large boiler looking thing in the middle. Straight ahead 
is an [[1ENEMY1]] female playing dead in the water. Shoot her and proceed 
around the boiler. Another [[1ENEMY1]] is lying in the water. Just tase him 
and the scene will change again. Grab the fire axe to your right on the 
table and go straight and right around the other boiler. Go up the stairs, 
straight, then left to a fire axe door. Go right then SLOWLY right again and 
a [[1ENEMY1]] female will pop out on your right. Grab the health kits if 
needed, and turn around and go through the closed door in this room. Turn 
right and then left enter another closed door and use the health pack if 
needed. Walk out and go straight until you have to make a right. Go left and 
you'll be in a big watery pillar room again. All the way to the left is an 
[[2ENEMY2]] male and female running around, so be careful. Right next to 
where the light hits the boarded up area that the hobo smashed through 
earlier are two sets of steps leading up to a door. Fire axe it and go into 
the next room. While walking along the ledge, the scene will change again 
and a [[1ENEMY1]] will charge you from the door ahead. Walk into the room 
and grab the <<5BIRD5>> alive on the table to the right. Go back out of the 
room and into the lower watery area. Walk straight and go up a set of stairs 
to the right at the end. Fire axe the door at the top, walk in and make a 
right where the exit sign is and fire axe another door. Go up both flights 
of stairs and enter the door. Move straight then left and enter the second 
changing room on the left to grab the last <<6BIRD6>>. Make a left and 
you'll see 7 changing rooms. A cutscene will begin. Enter the changing room 
ahead on the right and //INVESTIAGTE// the mannequins. Take a picture of 

Rosa: Well what do we have here? A Match Maker scene. But its not quite right.
Looks like you have a male corpse and a female mannequin. Exactly the 
opposite of normal. Well, not normal. 

You're instructed to take a picture of his face, and hand, and you discover 
this WAS the match maker. Now take a sample of print on his neck. You can't 
get any DNA, but some pesticide shows up. Right after the conversation, you 
hear a muffled yell along the lines of "Give yourself up". Two vagrants will 
fight outside the changing room, and one will get killed. Kill the other one 
and move to the left of the changing rooms into a door. SLOWLY move in and 
listen to distant yelling across the room. 

Cop: Dawson, I could use some help here. Shit! I can't hold them off much 
longer. Dawson are you still with me? AHHHH! 

[[2ENEMY2]] will charge you, so kill them quickly and walk towards the front 
with the flashing lights. Your phone will ring

Rosa: I think I've got something Thomas. The newspaper clippings you found in 
the room at the Metro Station. Each of the articles talks about a serial 
killer, a serial killer that was on your case list. 9 names were mentioned. 
Out of those, 7 of the 9 were crossed out in each of the clippings by a black 
felt tip marker. The only names that weren't crossed out were The Match Maker 
and the Torturer. Of the names that were crossed out, all those cases have 
gone cold."

We discover that someone is stalking and killing serial killers and marking 
them off as he goes. Once the conversation is over, turn around and run 
towards the back. Take out the [[1ENEMY1]] and run all the way to the right 
into an open room with windows. [[2ENEMY2]] will be waiting in this room, so 
just get past them and go through the double doors at the end. You will fall 
through a hole in the floor, and the chapter ends. 


	This chapter is very short and quick, but has a mass amount of 
enemies. You'll encounter the highest number of groups in the game so far, 
sometimes fighting 6 at one time. Just try to stay alive and make sure you 
always have a good weapon.

You begin in a backyard after a lengthy cutscene. You're objective is to meet 
Rosa in the Library. Move forward, take a quick right, and grab the locker 
door for a weapon. Grab the first <<1BIRD1>> and <<2BIRD>> in front of the 
locker on a board, then turn left and grab another <<3BIRD3>> one behind a 
board leaning against a wall. Go through the passage next to that board and 
kill the [[1ENEMY1]] that falls from the ceiling. Go around the shelf and get 
the ::TV::. On the wall to the left is a {{1METALPIECE1}} Now you're gonna 
have to fight 3 or 4 [[ENEMY]]. One will come from your left when you try to 
pass the shelves. He'll bust through the wall. Kill him quickly then go back 
and face the other two near where you got the birds. When they are finished, 
move towards a lit area with lockers and unfinished walls, As you try to pass,
another [[1ENEMY]] will come around the corner. Kill him and open the locker 
to your right. Grab the .45 and continue forward. Grab the health kits to 
the right if needed and go through the open door ahead. You'll hear some 
noise to your right and some crashing. Move the file cabinets in front of you 
and grab the <<4BIRD4>>, and quickly move to your right to see an [[1ENEMY1]] 
with a shotgun lunge from the hole in the wall. Move through the door and 
around the corner and someone will throw a rebar through the glass as your 
phone rings. 

Rosa: Hmm, were getting reports of violent outbreaks near your location.

Grab the {{2METALPIECE2}} behind the desk and go through the broken window.
Move to the right and grab the <<5BIRD5>> on the ground. Jump down to the 
left and watch a gunfight break out behind the fence. Run to the right around 
the fence, then make a  left and pick up the <<6BIRD6>> on the ground. An 
[[1ENEMY1]] will charge you from the left after jumping the fence, so take 
him out and go down the ramp. Another [[1ENEMY1]] will come at you as well, 
so be ready. Make a right and grab the {{3METALPIECE3}} on the pillar, and 
turn around and face two more [[2ENEMY2]]. Kill them and run over and grab 
the 3 health kits of needed. Also grab a 2x4 to the left of them if needed. 
[[3ENEMY3]] will charge you from behind. Let them fight a little and take 
them out when necessary. another [[1ENEMY1]] will come from the right after 
they're dead. When he's dead, pick up his locker door and ANOTHER [[1ENEMY1]] 
will bust through the gate to your right, and the cops will start shooting at 
you from above. Kill him and move up the stairs. Grab the health kit and jump 
into the dumpster for safety. As it starts moving another [[1ENEMY1]] will 
attack on top of it. Kill him and let the dumpster roll. One more [[1ENEMY1]] 
will jump on when the dumpster hits the wall. You'll land, and a cutscene will 

262 Main Street
OBJECTIVE: Locate information about the Torturer.
TASK: Find Rosa.

Once you regain control of Ethan. move straight and make a left into the far 
door. Make another left and you'll be in the main hall. Grab the first 
<<1BIRD1>> on the big table next to some boxes. Go through the door with the 
vertical couch next to it. Go all the way to the back and enter the elevator 
on the left. While on the elevator, you experience a strange flashback. Once 
its over exit the elevator and move left. Enter the corridor ahead and make a 
right and a cutscene will begin. You finally meet Rosa, and she's got some 
interesting information for you.

Rosa: "I found this folder in your supplemental personal file. During your 
last physical they found several abnormalities. For starters, your bone and 
muscle densities are off the charts....You also have a hyperactive 
serotonergic system in the brain...And lastly theres been a chest X-Ray 
thats been redacted....Right where your esophagus and larynx are. Someone's 
blacked out the X-Ray and added the notation "See PR56".....Our government 
is awfully interested in you."

Just as a cool little thing, check your start screen and read the OBJECTIVE 
and TASK notepaper.

Rosa gives you the "Super Taser" after the conversation. Follow her and 
another flashback happens. When its finished, follow her to find an undamaged 
terminal. Rosa discovers the master key in the locked door to the left, so 
she instructs you to look for a working computer in there. Pick up the desk 
drawer sitting on the bench in front of you and continue straight back to the 
big bookcase. Turn right and a quick flashback will start. Run all the way 
back and watch the demon smash something and turn into a shadow. Quickly turn 
around and [[2ENEMY2]] will charge you. After fighting them a bit, they'll 
disappear and everything will go back to normal. Run back to the front and 
quickly grab the paper cutter on the desk to the right of the door. Jump out 
the window and follow Rosa to the working computer. After searching The 
Torturer, another flashback will start. Exit the room and make a right and 
your phone will ring. Enter the first open door on the right and enter the 
double doors. Make a right and walk down the hallway until you hit carts on 
your left. Pick up a <<2BIRD2>> from the second one. COntinue walking and make 
a right when you can. Run all the way down this hall until you hit a the end. 
Move the big stack of books next to the water fountain and collect the first 
{{1METALPIECE1}}. Turn back around and //INVESTIAGTE// the droplets in front 
of the door when prompted. Turn left and an [[1ENEMY1]] will break down the 
door. Kill him and enter the room to find another [[1ENEMY1]]. Kill him and 
enter the open double doors on the right side of the room. You'll see another
 [[1ENEMY1]] running away from you, so kill him and take his gun. Move the 
desk in front of you and grab the <<3BIRD3>>. Grab the health kits behind you 
on the wall next to the cabinet if needed. Make a left at the bird desk and 
enter the second door on your left. There is a shotgun in this room, but I 
stuck with the .45. Be careful, because when you exit, [[5ENEMY5]] will be 
scattered around the room. Three have a shotgun and one has an axe. Take them 
out individually to save health. Grab the fire axe from one of the dead 
enemies and go back and grab one of the 4 health kits if needed. Go back 
through the double doors before you got the bird. [[2ENEMY2]] will be in here. 
One has a gun, so be careful. Finish them an go through the door the squatter 
originally broke through. Break down the door that the droplets were found in 
front of and //INVESTIAGTE// the hand print on the right second locker. Grab 
the crowbar from the server locker and a you'll see the UPSTAIRS RARE BOOKS 
CAGE light is blinking green. Turn around and grab the 2 health kits on the 
wall to the left if needed, and leave the server room. Make a right, then a 
left, then another left into open double doors. You'll see 3 squatters run 
across the next room, so crowbar the door. They'll hop into the elevator (not 
before one shot at me and missed), so hit the button and wait for it to come 
back down. There are health kits on the left wall if needed. 

When you're done with the elevator, exit right and SLOWLY enter the main hall. 
Those [[3ENEMY3]] will be in here, two on your right and one charges you from 
the left. All of them have guns, so watch yourself. When thats done with, 
enter the room that leads to the west wings lower level and main floor (the 
signs are next to each corridor). Make a right into the next room and crowbar 
the door to the left. Get the ::TV::, grab the two health kits on the wall, 
and exit back to the main hall. Crowbar the big double barred doors on the 
right of the painting. While walking up, a [[1ENEMY1]] will toss a bunch of 
crap at you, so dodge it and chase him up. When you turn the corner, he'll 
shoot at you so watch out. Kill him and kill the other [[1ENEMY1]] that comes 
from your right behind a bookcase in the next room. Grab his gun and make a 
left in front of the big desk. Go all the way straight until you're prompted 
to //INVESTIGATE//. Grab the <<4BIRD4>> and pick up the sledgehammer. Facing 
the fence with Rosa in it, make a right and use the sledgehammer on the lock 
for the ladder. Move it, then follow it, go up, grab the <<5BIRD5>>, and jump 
down to where Rosa is. A long conversation will start, and you learn about The
Torturer, who he might be, and who he might have recently killed. When it is 
over, follow her. Just follow behind her until she lets you pass in front of 
her after opening the second set of doors. Make a left into the doors and 
enter the "Hamilton Reading Room". Make a right into the room and you'll hear 
animal noises (as Rosa points out). Make a right through the door up ahead, 
then a left into the next room, then a right into the next room. Make a quick 
right behind the first shelf of books. Make your first left and go all the 
way down to the big stack of books. Make a right, then a left into the room. 
Move towards the table on the left and move the stack of books to get a 
{{2METALPIECE2}}. Continue and make a right when possible. Go straight a 
little and you'll see a creature crawl across the floor in front of you. Make 
a left, then another left at the lit wall. Follow this all the way down and 
make another left and you should see a really burned area with gates. You'll 
hear a crack, and you'll fall through the floor. 

After a short conversation with Rosa, a flashback will start and some enemies 
will pop up. One will swing and hit you, then Rosa yells at you to snap out 
of it. Turn around, make a right, then another right into the stacks of books 
and an [[1ENEMY1}} will crawl on the stack and go through it. Just try and 
make your way through the maze of book shelves, but just as a heads up, 
[[4ENEMY4]] will crawl around and attack you throughout running through the 
maze. All it takes is 1 tase and they're done. Just keep an eye out for 
falling books and moving things. Reach the end of the maze and you'll be 
separated from Rosa by a big hole in the floor. 

Jump down and turn right and pick up the 2 health kits on the wall if needed. 
Pick up your sledgehammer, turn around, and tase the [[1ENEMY1]] crawling 
away on the floor of the next lit room. One will try to grab you if you start 
going past the stacks, so stand back, then he scurries away. Make your way 
around the stacks and you'll eventually encounter [[1ENEMY1]]. When you find 
an open area with a gate, [[3ENEMY3]] will fall from the ceiling and attack. 
Kill two of them while one runs away. Grab the last <<6BIRD6>>, then carefully 
pursue him, because once you hit another open area, [[3ENEMY3]] with guns will 
bust out from a door and attack, and one more [[1ENEMY1]] will join. Sometimes 
the creepy ones will kill the hobos, but don't bet on it. One has a gun, so be 
careful. Finish them and enter the double doors the hobos busted out of. Make 
a left and move the table to find the last {{3METALPIECE3}}. Go back into the 
room, make a left, then a right at the wall. Go straight, then make a right 
and quick left around the stacks. You'll run into Rosa. Follow her and grab 
the health kits you pass if needed. Go all the way down the stairs and enter 
the double exit doors. A cutscene begins and you learn where our next chapter 
is; St. Joseph's Secondary School. Once the cutscene is over, be ready to fight
[[4ENEMY4]] that will charge you in the stacks. Take them on one on one, then 
follow Rosa to the exit to end the Chapter. 

OBJECTIVE: Find missing teacher linked to Carl Anderson, aka the Torturer.
TASK: None

After the cutscene with Vanhorn, you begin in a hallway of the school. Walk 
forward and open the first door on the right after the desk and grab the 
first <<1BIRD1>>. Make a right out of the room and look quickly left.; a 
crawler will jump out of the hall and onto the street. Make a right out of 
the door and make another right after the exit sign. Walk straight and all 
the debris will be pulled back to a shadow on the wall. Grab the 2x4 nails to 
the left at the end of the hall and open the door. Enter this area to see a 
crawler scurry away behind the small wall. Don't follow him through the broken 
hole in the wall. Instead, turn left and grab the first {{1METALPIECE}} on the 
wall above the desk. Now follow him through the hole, grab the sledgehammer, 
and open the door. You'll hear what sounds like a young child's voice, so take 
a quick left and sledgehammer the locked gate. The crawler is making the noise.
Follow it up the steps, go straight, and make a left into the door with the 
fallen ceiling and insulation. You'll hear a commotion, and [[2ENEMY2]] will 
come out from the door ahead. Kill them, grab the paper cutter on the desk, 
and enter the room they just came from.

 Make a left out the door, and enter the lit room ahead with the open door. 
[[3ENEMY3]] will fall from the ceiling. Two will attack, so kill them, and 
follow and kill the other one. If you tase the last one, he'll make some pretty 
crazy monkey noises. Continue through the door in the room to the right (where 
the 3rd one should have run), take a left, then a right. Take a left, and if 
you do this quick enough it will work, walk into the second bathroom and an 
[[1ENEMY1]] will be in there. As soon as you go in tase him and he'll die. Walk 
up to the dead carcass it was standing over and grab the <<2BIRD2>>. MAKE SURE 
stalls and walk into the door directly across from them. Kill the [[1ENEMY1]] 
scratching on the chalkboard, and //INVESTIAGTE// the chalkboard that says 
"Loose Lips Sink Ships". Grab the shotgun on the desk before continuing and 
walk back. There is now a hole in the floor that you'll fall through. Quickly 
get up and kill the [[1ENEMY1]] you land next to. Exit out the door, make a 
right then quick left past the stairs. Open the door, grab the sledgehammer 
resting next the sink, and take the health kits if needed. Leave the room, make
 a right and enter the door next to the one you just fought in. Walk SLOWLY up 
to the opposite door and [[1ENEMY1]] will bust out of it. The other bigger one 
just runs away (Don't worry, we'll see "it" later). Kill him and [[2ENEMY2]] 
will come from where it just ran. Go around the wall and jump over the small 
wall.  Grab the shotgun to your right and kill the [[2ENEMY2]] that charge you. 
Two more [[2ENEMY2]] will be in the next room to your right. 

Find the weapon with the most bullets and go up the stairs. Enter the right 
door, take a right, and kill the [[1ENEMY1]] that charges you. Enter the door 
straight ahead and walk downstairs. Jump down, and go directly behind the 
staircase. Make a left and you'll see the shadow and another <<3BIRD3>>. When 
you turn around, an [[1ENEMY1]] will crawl towards you. Kill it and proceed. 
Make a right and go straight until you see a light that shakes. Make a right 
and enter the door. Grab the health pack on the left wall if needed, but save 
one. Follow the crawler and into the freezer. [[2ENEMY2]] will come at you 
hanging from meat hooks. Kill them, but don't move forward yet. Your first 
boss is right in the other end of the room, so be ready. 

This is the lunch lady from hell, and she's wielding a pretty nasty weapon; 
the meat cleaver. It does a lot of damage, but she is fairly easy to beat. 
Just don't get backed into a corner. The best method to killing her is blocking 
and attacking. She usually swings once, so block her and hit her when she is 
briefly stunned. It takes more than a few hits with a small pipe, so just keep 
moving around and blocking. Finish her and use her meat cleaver on the dead 
body on the table holding the axe. Turn around and fight a [[1ENEMY1]]. Kill 
him, grab the leftover health pack, and enter the hall. Another [[1ENEMY1]] 
will charge you. Kill him and make a right to the fire axe door. You'll now be 
in the gym. Look to your right to see a shadow pass by the window. Make a left 
and find the electrical box and start it to bring down the basketball hoop. 
Take a picture of the hand to discover its the gym teacher. Move to the other 
basketball court and the hoop will fall through the floor. Jump down and grab 
the {{2METALPIECE2}} to the left, next to a desk where the crawler went. Turn 
around and go to the lit corridor. Make a left then two quick rights to see a 
health box and someone move past the hole in the wall. Climb the ladder and go 
through the corridor to a door. Enter and take a left down the staircase. Open 
the door, go down a second set of stairs, and enter a room where a <<4BIRD4>> 
next to a cardboard home, as well as at the in the opposite end. Go back up and 
go up the stairs leading to a door. Make a left through the door, then a right
 through a metal gate. Make a right and walk to the basketball hoop to find a 
dead body. Your phone will ring; it's Vanhorn. After the cutscene, make a 
right and enter the hole in the concrete to pick up a sub machine gun. 
[[5ENEMY5]] will attack you when you leave the small room. Kill them quickly 
because a couple have guns. Take the ones machine gun and move to the right 
where one came from. Its lit with a bunch of fencing. Jump down the small hole 
on the right. Make a left and begin walking down the hall to see a flashback. 
Walk down the hall when its finished to //INVESTIAGTE//. Go down a bit more to 
find blood under the fire exit sign to the left. Go forward and open the gate 
ahead. Go into the locker room to the right and make a quick left and follow 
the crawler scurrying away. Grab the <<5BIRD5>> at the end of the corridor. 
Leave and move straight ahead to see a hobo run past the room in front of you. 
Follow him all the way around until you hit a blockade of debris. Jump into 
the room and use the health kits if needed. Push the gate with the hole in it 
and jump through. [[2ENEMY2]] will fall through the ceiling, and [[2ENEMY2]] 
will fight behind them. Let them fight a little, then kill them and move to 
the back set of lockers with the blinking light. //INVESTIGATE// to find a 
blood smear on the locker. Open it when prompted to find the gym teacher. 

After the nasty cutscene with him, grab the shovel at his feet and move to the 
left through the corridor. Make a left, then go straight and make another left. 
Go straight and follow the crawler running away (sometimes he isn't there). Go 
through a gate and break open the locked gate with the shovel. Turn the valve, 
go right out of the room and enter the first door on the left into the pool 
area. A flashback will being after the body falls from the ceiling and a shit 
ton of enemies will start appearing. Quickly grab the sub machine gun from the 
body hanging on the left side of the pool and shoot away. Move to the back of 
the pool and grab the other machine gun from the other dead body when you run 
out. Do whatever you can to stay alive. Just keep shooting and tasing them 
until it ends. Climb out of the pool, make a left, and enter the second door 
to the left. Grab the fireaxe in the room, leave and turn right and kill the 
[[1ENEMY1]] hiding behind the pillar. Turn around and fire axe the last door 
on your left. Make a right up the stairs and go left into the locker room. Keep 
left until you find a sledgehammer. Directly across from it, break the locked 
fence. Collect the last {{3METALPIECE3}} in the room, and grab the 3 health 
kits on the opposite wall near the door if needed. Go through the door next to 
the health kits and enter a room with a huge blood pool in the middle. Keep 
right until you turn a corner and see sinks. Enter the door across the room. 
Walk past all the stalls and grab the last <<6BIRD6>> on the bench to your 
right. Go left to trigger a cutscene. After its over, you'll be in a trophy 
room and you'll get a call. After the call, walk out the door to see Vanhorn 
waiting. The chapter's over.

Rt. 4, Brier

This chapter is a little different from the other ones. In order to finish it, 
you must solve four clues scattered across the house.

When you begin the chapter, look right and read the writing on the wall.

"Through the valley of the shadow of death, I will spare no evil." 

What a great beginning to this chapter. Take a picture for Rosa, then turn left 
and grab the <<1BIRD1>> on the wooden table in the next room. Turn right into 
the living room area and grab the poker by the fireplace. Open the double 
doors, then open the door ahead and walk down the dilapidated hallway. Make a 
left at the end, and move the dresser to get a {{1METALPIECE1}}. Leave the
room, go back down the hallway, and make a left into the kitchen. Open the 
referigerator to get a <<2BIRD2>>. Open the stove and //INVESTIAGTE// the 
writing inside.

"Beyond which you." 

Move through the door ahead and make a left into the basement (probably the 
scariest place/scene in the whole game) Walk down and turn around and go 
straight (sometimes a crawler comes out here, or after you go behind the 
stairs). Before entering a second door, make a right when you see boxes and 
grab the {{2METALPIECE2}} next to the leaning doors under the stairs. Turn 
around and a [[1ENEMY1]] will crawl out from the door ahead. Walk into the room 
and pick up the <<3BIRD3>> in front of the mirror. Another [[1ENEMY1]] might or 
might not attack yet, but 4 total do attack you. Two attacked me while I was 
trying to take a picture of the sink. Go through the next door, grab the health 
kits if needed (I'd save them), and walk into the next room. Find the sink and 
a [[2ENEMY2]] will come from behind you in the previous room. //INVESTIAGTE// 
the sink when they're both dead (they won't come together so be ready) and take 
a picture of the writing.

"See yourself to be."

Continue through three doors and make a right and move the stove to find a 
secret room. Pick up the sub machine gun and get the ::TV::. Leave the room 
and continue. Make a right around the corner, go straight and you'll be back at
the beginning of the basement. Go back up the stairs, and [[2ENEMY2]] will 
attack from behind. Tase them and move on. Go into the kitchen, go straight 
through the door ahead, and make a left down the hallway back into the living 
room. Go back to the front of the house, and move up the stairs. Make a right 
all the way around and go through the door into a corridor. Go straight down 
and make your 2nd left into the bathroom and grab the <<4BIRD4>> under the tub. 
Grab the sledgehammer in the closet and the health kits if needed and make a 
left then quick right out of the bathroom. Grab the <<5BIRD5> on the bed and 
grab the {{2METALPIECE2}} in the closet. Sledgehammer the door next to the 
entrance door in here and move up the stairs into the attic. Go straight into 
the 2nd room and make a right to get the last <<6BIRD6>> on the floor. Turn 
around and head towards the other end and you'll be attacked by [[1ENEMY1]], 
the thing you keep seeing in your flashbacks. Fight him a little bit and he'll 
disappear, dropping him sticks in the process. Take the health kits on the wall 
and go into the other room. You'll see boards on the wall blocking another 
To get them to come down, try walking back downstairs to the house and the door 
will be locked. Go back to the boards and they should disappear. Jump down the 
hall and open the bench behind you and take a picture of the writing. 

"to righteousness is."

Move the piano and open the door behind it. Turn left and you'll be back in the 
upstairs. Go all the way back to the bathroom and //INVESTIGATE// the writing 
on the wall in the closet. 

"The dark path"

"The dark path to righteousness is beyond what you see yourself to be."

Grab the machine gun below you and go all the way back down to the basement. 
Go into the room with the mirror and open it into a secret room. Look on the 
wooden picture and //INVESTIGATE// the  book. Take a picture and, what a 
surprise, its about you. After the conversation, grab the crowbar on the metal
 shelves and head back upstairs. You'll hear voices and crashing while doing 
so. Make your way into the kitchen (now in shambles) and make a left through a 
partially open door. Enter the double doors and open the safe to your left 
next to the bookcase. Grab the shotgun. Go back to the front of the house and 
you'll see a piano fall down the stairs. Just walk around a bit and 
[[3ENEMY3]] will come from the right room. [[2ENEMY2]] more will bust through 
the windows to the left of the stairs once the 3 are dead. Walk into the room 
where the 3 came from and [[2ENEMY2]] will eventually come through. Go back 
and [[1ENEMY1]] will come from the other room again. Go back to the other room 
again and [[1ENEMY1]] will bust through. Back to the other room, [[1ENEMY1]] 
will come in. Eventually one last [[1ENEMY1]] will bust through. There are 3 
health kits in the small corridor next to the stairs.  Find the fire axe one 
of them dropped and use it on the piano. Slide it off and move up the stairs. 
Make a right all the way around and make your first left in the corridor to 
trigger a flashback. //INVESTIGATE// the body and take a picture of his right 
hand. After the conversation, you'll no longer be in contact with Rosa. You'll 
now have a good fight on your hands. After the cutscene, you have to fight 
Serial Killer X. Try and hit him as much as possible before he runs away, but 
you'll eventually have to circle the halls and chase him down to fight him. 
Block and attack as much as you can, and try not to get him. He's not difficult 
to kill if you block him then hit him. Before you can kill him, a cutscene 
begins and the chapter is over. 


	This chapter will be a bit tricky from the beginning. You won't have 
your taser or flashlight, so combat is important. Also try and keep a 2x4 
fire with you for a light source. You'll have to immediately run through the 
barn to escape a fire, so be ready to go once the cutscene is over and you can 
move. Run out of the door, make a a right and make a right into a small room. 
Grab the 2x4 fire on the wall to the left. Go through the boards, pick up the 
<<1BIRD1>> on the floor, and go under the next set of boards and bust through 
the wooden door ahead. A flashback can be heard outside. Walk left into 
another area of the barn, walk left again and go all the way down to where the 
single flame sits on the floor. Walk past it, through the gate and make a 
right. Grab the {{1METALPIECE}} on the side of the white wall in front of you.
 Turn around, make a left, and walk straight until an [[1ENEMY1]] busts 
through the barn. From here on the enemies will take a bit longer to kill, so 
take your time blocking them and attacking them after. Move the green and 
rusted cart on your right and get the <<2BIRD2>>. Go through where he just 
busted through and go straight onto a dirt path. Pick up the <<3BIRD3>> on 
the tractor to your left. When you come to a gate, jump over it, grab the 
{{2METALPIECE2}} on your right, and get ready for [[4ENEMY4]] to attack. Move 
forward and make a right at the 2x4 fire on the ground. Keep following them 
until you see a small cabin. Enter it, move the green cabinet and get the 
<<4BIRD4>>. Turn on the power with the box to your left and grab the rifle on 
the table. Follow the fire back down and kill the [[2ENEMY2]] coming down the 
path to your right. Pick up their 2x4 fire and move on. Move under the cabin 
and straight to a lit structure. A [[1ENEMY1]] with come from the right. Walk 
left, grab the health kits on the wall if needed, and turn around and kill the 
[[1ENEMY1]] coming from where you just walked. Go back through the structure, 
make a left, and make a right after the second tree. You'll see a lit area and 
that sticks guy run past you. Don't follow him because [[4ENEMY4]] will crawl 
at you. Once they're dead, go over and fight him. Block, attack, and kill him. 
Go into the small lit door behind him and grab the health kits on the left wall 
if needed. Move to the right towards another lit area and kill the [[2ENEMY2]] 
ahead. Move past the gate they came from and make a left, then a right into a 
barn structure. Make another right inside it to trigger a quick flashback. Keep 
going straight until you hit a green rusted cart. Grab the rifle and but grab 
the health kits if needed after you fight the [[2ENEMY2]] shooting at you 
ahead. Use one of their rifles with the most ammo and follow to the left past 
a lit area. Move straight towards a tree and shoot the [[1ENEMY1]] past it. Go 
around the lit area you'll see a house structure. Grab the <<5BIRD5>> in the 
greenhouse. Go to the left in it and an [[5ENEMY5]] will come from the left and
right. Let them hit eachother as much as possible and move back into the open 
field area for more space to fight. YOu can also just use to rifle on the left 
desk halfway through the greenhouse, but I fought hand to hand to prepare more 
for the final boss. Anyways, kill them and head out of the greenhouse to the 
right. Shoot stick man (or fight him) and move on. Now move straight past the 
house, and make a left at the gate. Make a left inside it and grab the last 
{{3METALPIECE3}} on the bench to your right....THE LAST PIECE IN THE WHOLE 
Go past the benches, make a right and grab the last <<6BIRD6>> hanging on the 
door. A flashback starts, and you'll be in the house. Grab a health kit if 
needed, and make a left inside. There are lots of health kits in here as well 
as lots of enemies; around 15 to be exact. Take them out to face the boss.

The boss isn't all that hard. Block and attack like normal, but try to avoid 
blocking because he might still hit you anyways. Just move around as much as 
possible, hit him, and back off. He'll eventually fall to the ground, so when 
he does DON'T ATTACK HIM AGAIN. He'll just get back up and fight. Instead, hit 
your directional button to rip the metal out of his body. Now, for some reason 
I couldn't pick up any weapons after this, and had to kick him to death. I 
don't know why it happened, but I did it. There's forums posted about it, just 
like the attic door glitch where you have to walk downstairs then walk 
So just take you time with him if this happens. Kick him and back off, let him 
attack, and move in again when he flinches from attacking. When he hits the 
ground for the third time, rip the last of the metal from his body, and his 
face, and he's done!

But not so fast, you aren't done yet. A lengthy cutscene will begin after you 
kill the boss, and you make a pretty crazy discovery. I won't give it away, 
but both decisions have the same ending, but wield a different Xbox 
achievement. It's your choice. Once it is done, the game is officially over. 
Nice job.

******THE END******

So that's the end of the walkthrough. You might want to go back and get any 
birds, metalpieces, or evidence you might have missed. If you do, you'll earn 
achievements for each (if you're playing the console version). Maybe you want 
to replay some scenes or obtain all the weapons for another achievement. 
Whatever you want to do, there's tons of things leftover after you complete 
the chapters.

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A lot of work went into this guide. Don't rip it off.


In this section of my walkthrough, I will post various questions and answers
related to Condemned: Criminal Origins, along with any mistakes or
discrepancies found within my walkthrough.

Saturday, 11/27/2010
From: Shara and David

my fiance and I just finished playing Condemned using your walkthrough. GREAT 
guide by the way thank you :) But we found some health packs that you missed in 
the final chapter.

kill the [[1ENEMY1]] coming from where you just walked. Go back through the 
structure, make a left, and make a right after the second tree. 

Right after this there is a truck and in the bed there are 2 health packs. 
They're pretty vital to the next 5 enemies you have to kill. 
Just thought we could give you a heads up :)

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