Bat Computer won't engage?

  1. Have finished first round game story -- several glitches and 2 crashes along the way. Pretty irritating. Most irritating is the bat computer. Can only see green screen. Can't scan. Have done electrical suit on left (facing computer) - shrunk and jumped down hole and under...can get behind but not able to find anything to mind control, etc. (saw on another help guide). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. SUSHI_GODDESS - 7 years ago - report

Top Voted Answer

  1. floridaoldman is right.. it's only used as part of the "Breaking Bats" level, but after that, it's just background scenery. bustedbrain - 6 years ago - report 4   0


  1. Despite what Conan O'Brien says, the bat computer in the bat cave doesn't do anything. It comes into play during the Breaking Bats segment but you can see how for yourself. I used the map to determine where to go and what items needed to be completed. floridaoldman - 7 years ago - report 3   2
  2. If there's a green screen in a level, with a magnifying glass icon in front, you need the Sensor suit, or a character with a similar ability. Stand on the cross hairs with such a character, and activate it; a circle appears, allowing you to turn or activate the mixed, broken, or misaligned circuitry between the green screen. dragonman72963 - 7 years ago - report 2   2
  3. As per previous.... scan not available - does not work. I've completed 41% of game. Any other ideas? SUSHI_GODDESS - 7 years ago - report 1   1
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