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Heroes Will Rise

Based on Falling Skies, the popular TNT sci-fi series, Falling Skies: The Game is set in a world devastated by Espheni aliens. Following the destruction of an Espheni tower at the end of season 3, the 2nd Mass stumble across the wreckage of an ambushed convoy. Among the survivors is an engineer who claims he can create a powerful weapon that may level the playing field in the fight against the Espheni invaders, but it will require the 2nd Mass to undertake several risky operations to collect all the components. What seems at first to be a routine salvage mission quickly becomes a battle for mankinds very existence.

Key Features
-Fight alongside the human resistance to help defeat the alien invasion!
-Action packed, never before seen story that follows the timeline of the TV Series!
-Characters are voiced by the original Falling Skies TV cast!
-Earn supplies to enhance your squads combat potential.
-Expand your squad to command up to 6 units while in combat!

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