sound problems?

  1. i got cod:av recently and i finished the game. but my friend wanted to play his own campaign so he started it and it all went well in the first mission , until the point where u need to jump off the building and use X to slow down. his gun reloaded and he dies and when he respawned, the game freezed. i told him to leave it but he put tge xbox off. and then i put it back on only to realise that when i play campaign of multiplay the sound will sometimes completely hollow of echo. like when you shoot your gun. i will have to clean it with some disc cleaner and can play again. but i played it again and it happened again and so i did my ritual.

    can someone please tell me whats wrong or should i just see if the gamestore would trade it for a new game.?
    ps. this sound problem only happens in game and not in any cinematics or loading screens.

    User Info: jackie112

    jackie112 - 2 years ago

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