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Reviewed: 04/23/14 | Updated: 04/25/14

no major flaws - except being rather short

I got the Add-On to Batman: Arkham Origins the day it came out - and beat it the same day.

Cold, Cold Heart offers a side story dated a week after the events of the main game and centers about a cold-based villain who will be well known to all players of the Arkham series (and avid Batman readers, of course). It takes place only in two of the south districts of Gotham and two new indoor locations, one being Wayne manor. The story itself is rather conventional and offers not a lot of surprise (or suspense, for that matter), there is a major, albeit rather foreseeable, twist towards the end.

Some of the "batquipment" has been altered and tweaked with adapted functionality, and the glue grenade ist not available. Also Bats gets a new costume. There is a new enemy type, as well as a few new environment elements, one which is rather useful against the criminals of Gotham, the others are easily overcome with the right equipment. Further there are 2 new types of collectibles (20 respectively 12) and a new type of streetcrime/sidequest, each with the promise of a new upgrade to the adapted bat-tools.
Considering how little Arkham Origins changed from Arkham City, this DLC changes about as much, if not even more.

After beating the main story, you can return to the streets of Gotham, but there is nothing new to do (except looking for the collectibles, if you like to search around.) Neither is therye any game+ or something, extra costumes or challenge maps for the main game. In terms of visuals and sound I'd rate this one about as good as Origins itself.

As mentioned, I beat the DLC on the day it came out, and it took me less than 5 hours (and that includes some frustrating search for one of the collectibles). I personally find that short, but I have to give the creators credit: The DLC does not get repetitive or boring, and they resisted temptation to stretch it e.g. you have to find 2 parts of a tool. Of course they could have made that 3 or 4 parts (or even 6), but they stuck with 2. Some people say they beat it in 2 hours, and if you go straight for the questmarkers and do not care about sightseeing or collectibles, that is a plausible time.

In a nutshell is, this is a rather solid DLC, but short, it is good and enjoyable (as long as it lasts), but it does not offer neither that much of added value, content or replayability to give it more than 7/10. Still, you have to decide for yourself, if that much of added playtime is worth your money.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: Batman: Arkham Origins - Cold, Cold Heart (US, 04/22/14)

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