1. David Fippard 2D Art
  2. Ryan Miller 2D Art
  3. Jonathan Chater 2D Art Lead
  4. Mak Hiu Ying Action Script Artist
  5. Neil Gowland Additional Art
  6. Andrew McDonnell Additional Art
  7. Ryan Shepheard Additional Art
  8. Matthew Clarke Additional Design
  9. Dave Hawes Additional Production
  10. Jamie Irvine Additional Production
  11. Gregor Manby Additional Production
  12. Christoph Vietzke Additional Production
  13. Doug Wolff Additional Production
  14. Sam Fereday Additional Programming
  15. Robin Firth Additional Programming
  16. Joe Forster Additional Programming
  17. Jordan McGreevy Additional Programming
  18. Will McKenzie Additional Programming
  19. Haydn Peterswald Additional Programming
  20. Adam Pinder Additional Programming
  21. Andrew Powell Additional Programming
  22. Luke Turner Additional Programming
  23. Luke Withington Additional Programming
  24. Alex Crabbe Additional Programming Mobile
  25. Ian Downing Additional Programming Mobile
  26. Cristian Stefanescu Additional Programming Mobile
  27. Ben Nealon AI and Network Programmer
  28. Matt Hall Animator
  29. Thomas Higgins Animator
  30. Ryan Avery Art Direction [Deep Silver]
  31. Jennifer Demuth Art Direction [Deep Silver]
  32. Ping Xu Art Director
  33. Mok Chi Chung Artist
  34. Kam Yuen Tat Artist
  35. Fong Yue Wah Artist
  36. Alexander Whitehouse Assistant Producer
  37. Josh Stubbs Audio
  38. Dave Thompson Development Director
  39. Lee Doyle Environment Artist
  40. Duncan Hall Environment Artist
  41. Julie Huang Environment Artist
  42. Tom Leighton Environment Artist
  43. Gareth O'Neill Environment Artist
  44. Chris Owens Environment Artist
  45. Andrew Stockton Environment Artist
  46. Michael Turner Game Designer
  47. Chan Kwan Ho Game Programmer
  48. John Payne Game Programmer
  49. Christian Moriz International Director Production [Deep Silver]
  50. Stuart Flint Lead Environment Artist
  51. Adam Curtis Lead Programmer
  52. Jason Gowthorpe Lead Programmer
  53. James McCreadie Lead Setup
  54. Peng Guo Lead Vehicle Artist
  55. Wei Li Lead Vehicle Artist
  56. Jiankun Sun Lead Vehicle Artist
  57. Yalan Wei Lead Vehicle Artist
  58. Graham James Producer
  59. Stephane Leroy Senior Developer
  60. Emily Knox Setup Team
  61. James McCaughern Setup Team
  62. Craig McHugh Technical Director
  63. George Carty Technology Programmer
  64. Steven Dobbs Technology Programmer
  65. Carsten Frentz Technology Programmer
  66. Daniel Hoare Technology Programmer
  67. Caleb Leeke Technology Programmer
  68. Chris O'Connor Technology Programmer
  69. Owen Watson Technology Programmer
  70. Zhaoxia Li Track Art Director
  71. Ding Bai Track Artist
  72. Yue Chen Track Artist
  73. Ping Fang Track Artist
  74. Zhennan Guo Track Artist
  75. Jong Jkas Track Artist
  76. Jun Liao Track Artist
  77. Xinming Liu Track Artist
  78. Tao Qin Track Artist
  79. Jiao Wen Track Artist
  80. Dingfan Yang Track Artist
  81. Pengfei Zhang Track Artist
  82. Chan Shing Fong UI Artist
  83. Terry Jackson Vehicle Art
  84. Alan Kwok Vehicle Art
  85. Paul McCourt Vehicle Art
  86. Andy Wan Vehicle Art
  87. Zhiqiang Peng Vehicle Art Director
  88. Jian Cao Vehicle Artist
  89. LongQiu Deng Vehicle Artist
  90. Chao Feng Vehicle Artist
  91. Liu Fu Vehicle Artist
  92. Junjie Hu Vehicle Artist
  93. Xin Hu Vehicle Artist
  94. JunYi Huang Vehicle Artist
  95. Qi Jong Vehicle Artist
  96. ZongPei Lai Vehicle Artist
  97. Te Li Vehicle Artist
  98. Hao Wan Vehicle Artist
  99. YuFeng Wang Vehicle Artist
  100. QiFeng Wang Vehicle Artist
  101. HongMing Wu Vehicle Artist
  102. XuHui Xiao Vehicle Artist
  103. Qian Yang Vehicle Artist
  104. Jiang Yu Vehicle Artist
  105. Kai Zeng Vehicle Artist
  106. Kai Zhang Vehicle Artist
  107. Huawei Zhu Vehicle Artist
  108. DengJie Zou Vehicle Artist
  109. Richard Towler Vehicle Dynamics Set-Up


Data and credits for this game contributed by BGoldTLE, Hardkoroff, and oliist.

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