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    FAQ/Walkthrough by DomZ Ninja

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 09/20/14 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

               Winner of the GameFAQs FAQ of the Month for August 2014
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                                   SNIPER ELITE III
                             Copyright (c)2014 DomZ Ninja
     Author: DomZ Ninja
     E-mail: domzninja[at]hotmail[dot]com
     Updated: 09/19/14
     Version: 1.1
     NOTE: This guide does contain spoilers!
                                  TABLE OF CONTENTS
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     [1] VERSION HISTORY.................................................. [0100]
     [2] CONTROLS......................................................... [0200]
     [3] THE BASICS....................................................... [0300]
     [4] WALKTHROUGH...................................................... [0400]
          Mission 1: Siege of Tobruk...................................... [0401]
          Mission 2: Gaberoun............................................. [0402]
          Mission 3: Halfaya Pass......................................... [0403]
          Mission 4: Fort Rifugio......................................... [0404]
          Mission 5: Siwa Oasis........................................... [0405]
          Mission 6: Kasserine Pass....................................... [0406]
          Mission 7: Pont du Fahs Airfield................................ [0407]
          Mission 8: Ratte Factory........................................ [0408]
     [5] DLC.............................................................. [0500]
          Hunt the Grey Wolf.............................................. [0501]
     [6] COLLECTIBLES..................................................... [0600]
          War Diaries..................................................... [0601]
          Collectible Cards............................................... [0602]
          Sniper Nests.................................................... [0603]
          Long Shots...................................................... [0604]
     [7] WEAPONS.......................................................... [0700]
     [8] ACHIEVEMENTS..................................................... [0800]
     [9] THANKS/CREDITS................................................... [0900]
    [1] VERSION HISTORY                                                     [0100]
    FAQ/Walkthrough #71
     Version 1.0 (08/26/14) - FAQ/Walkthrough complete and submitted.
     Version 1.1 (08/27/14) - Added the Hunt the Grey Wolf DLC.
    [2] CONTROLS                                                            [0200]
    |  D-Pad                      |  Quick Select                                |
    |  Left Analog Stick          |  Move, Sprint (Click)                        |
    |  Right Analog Stick         |  Look, Toggle Binoculars (Click)             |
    |  Start                      |  Pause Menu                                  |
    |  Back                       |  Objective, Map (Hold)                       |
    |  X Button                   |  Reload/Search Body                          |
    |  Y Button                   |  Melee Takedown/Pick Up Weapon               |
    |  A Button                   |  Action/Climb/Pick Up Body                   |
    |  B Button                   |  Toggle Stance                               |
    |  Right Trigger              |  Fire, Tag (when in Binoculars)              |
    |  Left Trigger               |  Scope (Hold), Aim (Half-Press)              |
    |  Right Bumper               |  Use Inventory Item                          |
    |  Left Bumper                |  Radial Menu                                 |
    [3] THE BASICS                                                          [0300]
    | Sniper No Sniping |
     You can expect to do a lot of sniping in Sniper Elite III. That's the main
     point of the game. Sniping requires stealth, precision, and patience. You
     have four total sniper rifles that are unlocked by playing the game, and that
     can be customized by finding weapon upgrades in each mission.
     But there is more to sniping than simply pulling a trigger. Assuming that you
     are not playing on the easiest difficulty, you have to take into account
     outside elements like distance, bullet drop, and on harder difficulties,
     things like wind direction. Again, it takes a lot of precision to pull off
     truly killer shots.
     On most difficulties, you are aided on bullet ballistics with things like 
     icons and targets, such as a red dot showing you where to aim when firing 
     long-distance shots or how to try and negate heavy winds. Most of these
     helpful tools disappear on the hardest difficulties, so it's recommended that
     you start off on Marksmanship before you move up to Sniper Elite or harder.
     You have many more options than just a sniper rifle, so you aren't doomed if
     you find yourself in a crammed building or cornered by foes. There are many
     other firearms available, such as silenced pistols, handguns, sub-machine
     guns, and even rocket launchers. These are in no way your primary options, as
     enemies will quickly overwhelm you if you try to storm in a heavily populated
     area with a machine gun. They are oftentimes an alternate solution or a
     backup plan.
     But wait, there's more! You also have access to a wide variety of traps and
     other sneaky offensive weapons. Some are harmless and are used to distract
     enemies or lead them to a specific location (rocks, flint/stone). You have
     grenades for crowd control or for demolishing vehicles, dynamite for surprise
     explosions, and even tripwires to help create choke points.
     The sheer amount of offensive options gives this game a high replay value and
     allows you to tackle objectives very differently each time. So even though
     sniping is clearly the focal point of the game, you can get through large
     chunks of the missions without even using it. Before starting a mission you
     can access your loadout, which lets you choose your sniper rifle and
     customize your radial inventory menu.
    | Chickity-Check Yo Self |
     As I have stated previously, you must be sneaky if you expect to be a
     successful sniper. Stealth is one of the most important aspects of the game,
     since you want to mask your shot and keep yourself hidden from enemies. In
     any new (big) area, try to find a vantage point where you can safely scan the
     area, both visually and by using the various game mechanics offered to you.
     Use your binoculars by clicking the Right Analog Stick. You can zoom in and
     out with the Right Analog to spot faraway enemies and objects. Furthermore,
     you can tag enemies and important objects by pressing the Right Trigger when
     looking through your binoculars.
     Tagged enemies appear on the radar and display an arrow over their heads at 
     all time. When hovering over them, you can get information on them, such as 
     ranking, distance, equipped weapons, and their status (passive, suspicious, 
     etc.). You can also tag things like vehicles that show their weak points.
     You are restricted by the amount of things you can tag at one time, but you
     can always untag enemies (and tags disappear after killing an enemy).
     More on the subject of enemy status. Needless to say, baddies perk up when
     they hear an unfamiliar gunshot or find the dead bodies of their mates (or
     physically see you, of course). All enemies start off passive (white): they
     are unsuspecting and continue their normal activities. The next step up is
     suspicious (yellow): they may have heard a strange noise or spotted you in
     the distance, but will go back to what they were doing.
     If they decide to search (red), then the target will break from his route in
     order to investigate and search the vicinity - you might want to leave.
     Finally, attacking (fully red) means, well, they are attacking you. 
     It's important to fully check your surroundings or else you run the risk of
     getting spotted and potentially wrecking your game plan. Listen to Ice Cube,
    | Runnin' |
     You know how enemies can react to your actions. Now it is time to figure out
     how to react to their reactions. You gotta always stay one step ahead! The
     easiest thing to do is simply run away! Any unmuffled gunshot will force a
     warning prompt telling you to relocate. Since nearby enemies run to the
     sound's origin, you best make sure you aren't still there once they get
     there as well.
     A relocation bar is located on the side of the radar and displays how
     dangerous an area is: the higher the bar, the more populated and perilous
     the spot is. Once the bar drops, you'll be notified that the chase is off and
     you can return to your previous location. Gunnin' and runnin'.
     You can get fun with the concept of relocating. Throw enemies off guard by
     constantly moving between areas and firing your gun. Leave behind dynamite
     presents or other traps before fleeing to throw 'em for a loop and more. 
     Relocating forces you to constantly be on the move rather than camping out
     the entire time. And just because you are moving does not mean that you are
     running away.
     As The Pharcyde put it:
     "I can't keep runnin', I just gotta keep keen and cunnin'".
    | A Save Situation |
     I'll keep this one short and simple, but make sure to utilize the game's
     quick saves in the pause menu. Manually saving your progress creates save
     slots that load in at the exact time and place where you saved. Since you
     can load a save file and jump right back into the action, you can use the
     quick save over and over to repeatedly refresh your progress.
     Repeatedly saving helps towards the progress of many Achievements, especially
     the ones that require you to complete a mission without being spotted. After
     taking out a handful of enemies, save, and repeat. If you are seen, then
     reload your last save slot and try again. On some missions I found myself
     saving almost every five minutes. Save often!
    [4] WALKTHROUGH                                                         [0400]
     NOTE: This walkthrough is based on the Marksman difficulty.
    | Mission 1: Siege of Tobruk                                          [0401] |
     Optional Objectives: 1
     Collectible Cards: 1
     Sniper Nests: 1
     War Diaries: 2
     * Primary Objective: Get to the ramparts
     You awaken to the sounds of alarms blaring in the distance. Exit the house
     and follow the path towards the soldiers to reach the ramparts. Well that
     was easy.
     * Primary Objective: Kill the artillery spotters 0/2
     There are two artillery spotters in the desert a few dozen meters away; they
     should be marked on your screen, but if not you can use your binoculars
     (click the RS). With your sniper rifle equipped, aim by holding down the Left
     Trigger and press the Right Bumper to hold your breath and steady your shot.
     When empty lung is used, a red diamond appears on your reticule to show where
     the bullet will land. Line it up and take the shot, then repeat with the
     second spotter.
     * Primary Objective: Search for more spotters
     There are more spotters in the distance, so try to get a better vantage point
     by moving down the slope towards the white star symbol. After a mortar wipes
     out some nearby allies, take their place behind the sandbags. 
     * Primary Objective: Kill the remaining spotter
     The last spotter is high up on a cliff, about 110 meters away. Aim and use
     the D-Pad to adjust your zoom in and out further for a clearer shot. Hold
     your breath again and eliminate the target. Next up, an artillery truck rolls
     in and causes further mayhem, pinning you and your fellow troops.
     * Primary Objective: Destroy the heavy artillery
     The weak spots of vehicles can be exploited by tagging them with your
     binoculars. Move to the right to the next barricade for a better view and
     tag the vehicle. This reveals red weak spots on the truck, such as the engine
     under the hood or the fuel tank underneath the artillery gun. Shooting the
     fuel tank destroys the truck in one precise shot.
     * Primary Objective: Find a route through the mountain pass
     In order to heal your wounds, access the radial menu with the Left Bumper and
     select your med kit. With the med kits equipped, heal using the Right Bumper.
     The mountain pass is northeast of your location, which can be monitored by
     viewing your map (hold Back). Before heading off, climb the southeast hill
     near the ruined tank to find a [WAR DIARY] up on the ledge, along with 
     dynamite and another M24 grenade.
     Proceed northeast towards the entrance to the pass and use A to climb up the
     large stone steps. Crouch and sneak through the hole, or go prone by holding
     down B. An enemy soldier has his back turned to you, so sneak up and hit Y
     for a silent kill.
     = Optional Objective: Get 8 kills using stealth takedowns
     * Primary Objective: Destroy the Nebelwerfers or eliminate the crew 0/4
     The optional objective is not at all hard to achieve and serves as good
     practice for later, more difficult missions. Optional objectives (marked with
     a " = " in the walkthrough) are obviously not required like the primary 
     objectives (marked with a " * "), but the EXP rewards are nice and completing
     every optional objective in the game unlocks the "Nothing is Optional"
     Your next victim is the guy right in front of you, so execute a stealth kill.
     Hold X to search corpses for ammo and items. Your Welrod is great for stealth
     missions since it is silenced, but unfortunately does not fall under the
     category of stealth takedowns. Use it as a last resort, but stick to melee
     Move backwards and follow the other trail to find another unsuspecting
     soldier. Here you are briefly taught about enemy statuses. Unless you run
     towards him, he should not turn around and spot you: stay crouched and move
     in for the kill.
     You should be able to take down two more enemies in front of the first
     Nebelwerfer, bringing the total up to three. Here you can either destroy
     the Nebelwerfer or eliminate the crew members. Blowing the damn thing up is
     usually more fun, however. Note that an icon appears onscreen when the
     mortars are being fired. This symbol means that a loud noise is present, and
     any gunfire will be masked by the sound. Wait for the Nebelwerfer to go off
     before shooting the red ammunition crate near the base.
     One down, three to go. Turn east and crawl through the tunnel as a guard
     walks past. Use a stealth takedown, then look ahead inside the tent for
     another blissful soldier manning a radio. Make sure to search his body, since
     it contains a WEAPON PART (SNIPER) [1/15]. These weapon parts are found on 
     specific enemies scattered in the game, so always make sure to loot corpses! 
     Sometimes Karl gives you a hint in his dialogue after tagging one of these 
     special foes. This weapon part in particular is a sniper upgrade.
     The second Nebelwerfer is south of the tent. Tiptoe near the faraway soldier
     and do him in (that should be six), then climb the tower to find a [SNIPER
     NEST]. Sniper nests are easy to spot since they are marked on your map, but
     you have to make sure to actually uncover them - in this case, tear away the
     planks covering the window.
     You can also find the mission's [LONG SHOT] at this sniper nest. There is one
     long shot in each mission and are only accessible from a sniper nest. Aim and
     zoom in, looking at the Nebelwerfer, then move your crosshairs up towards the
     low white building; on the balcony is a soldier. Wait for the Nebelwerfer to
     go off before shooting the guy in the distance unheard. Stock up on sniper
     ammo up in the tower, and while you're up here you might as well blow up the
     second Nebelwerfer.
     Climb back down and continue north towards the campsite. There are a handful
     of enemies that follow a predetermined route, so pay attention to their
     movements. Creating distractions with rocks or flint and steel may help to
     get them to turn their backs to you. As always, utilize the save function in
     the main menu. Quick saves are a lifesaver when used frequently!
     The guard closest to you should move past the tent, so sneak up behind him
     for an easy kill. Peek inside the tent and grab the [WAR DIARY]. The next
     soldier makes his rounds and stops momentarily to the west, overlooking the
     third Nebelwerfer. At this point, you should have completed the optional
     objective. There are still a few more opportunities in the mission, so fear
     not if you haven't pulled off 8 takedowns yet.
     The fourth Nebelwerfer is at the northeast hilltop. Inch your way up there by
     taking the northernmost route and swinging around the rock obstacle. There
     are three soldiers here. If you already completed the optional objective,
     then you're better off shooting the third soldier while the Nebelwerfer is
     firing since it is hard to reach him on foot. Once he's out the way, you can
     demolish the last Nebelwerfer.
     * Primary Objective: Survey the desert beyond the mountain pass
     Before going too far, climb up the tower to find some [COLLECTIBLE CARDS] on
     a box. All the enemies should be dead, so it'll be smooth sailing to the
     northern exit. Jump across the gap by holding A and walk up to the
     destination marker.
    | Mission 2: Gaberoun                                                 [0402] |
     Optional Objectives: 3
     Collectible Cards: 1
     Sniper Nests: 3
     War Diaries: 11
     This mission takes place at night. Nighttime missions are my favorite since
     it adds to the stealth mechanics and introduces new obstacles, such as
     * Primary Objective: Find information about the base
     Kill the guard operating a generator directly in front of you. The machinery
     still goes off periodically, creating a loud enough noise to mask any
     gunfire. Step forward to the vantage point and survey the area with your
     binoculars. Due to your lack of binocular upgrades, right now you can only
     tag up to seven enemies at a time. You can always untag targets, and enemies
     lose their tags once they are killed.
     Check out the encampment and tag as many enemies, including the grunt on the
     eastern tower. Make sure to take him out as the generator rumbles, since he
     has a sight of much of the camp.
     Remember to stay close to the generator and wait for the sound icon to appear
     onscreen before taking any shots. Shooting your guns generate noise and fill
     the relocation bar. If the bar fills up entirely, your position will be given
     away and you will be forced to relocate to a new area (the numbers that
     appear onscreen dictate how far you must travel before you are deemed hidden
     again). The "gun and run" technique requires you to shoot one or two enemies
     before running away and successfully relocating. 
     One grunt in particular is marked with a star, and you must slay him in order
     to complete your objective. Snipe anyone else you can find before taking your
     main man down, then proceed down the hill to the camp. It is a good idea to
     always keep rocks equipped when not in battle. Even if you think you have
     cleared an area, throw rocks in different directions to see if anyone is
     Head down into the camp and clear out any enemies left before searching the
     body of the tagged individual. You receive a [WAR DIARY] in return.
     * Primary Objective: Eliminate and search key officers for intel 0/3
     Make sure to sweep the camp before moving on. The tent where the tagged
     grunt was occupying contains a med kit. Head up the eastern tower for some
     sniper rifle ammo. From the tower, walk west along the main path, inspecting
     the tents for goodies. There is a group of four tents near an army truck;
     one of the tents contains a [WAR DIARY] and another is populated by a dead
     body, a Luger pistol, and another [WAR DIARY]. Leave the Luger behind since
     the Welrod is silenced and more useful.
     Move ahead to the next area and again, try to survey the area before running
     into the middle of things. There should be a few enemies roaming around, and
     another on top of a sniper nest to the northeast.
     = Optional Objective: Eliminate the Officer from the sniper nest
     Hang around the western perimeter (using your map for guidance) and quietly
     execute the soldier on patrol. This trail takes you up to the [SNIPER NEST],
     where you can kill the grunt and take his position. Kick the small generator
     to get it revving and look for the marked officer in the tent. Assassinate
     him and any other enemies you can see from up here (there is sniper ammo
     nearby if you need it).
     Drop down from the nest and head over to the officer's quarters to find a
     [WAR DIARY] on him, as well as Welrod ammo on the table. Just outside of the
     tent is a med kit, M24 grenades, and some land mines. Land mines are great
     anti-vehicle weapons that will come in handy later on.
     Now pick up the officer's body and slowly move north, along the water's edge.
     Just a few feet from the tent is a dilapidated well. Toss the officer inside
     the well and move on (it can be any dead enemy, for the record). There is a
     point to this - it is the first step to getting an Achievement.
     There are some enemies near the campfire up north, but are in range of the
     sniper nest and should have been taken out already. If not, sneak up and use
     your Welrod or other methods. Welrod ammo is often scarce, and if you want to
     stay hidden throughout the mission you can always use the strategy of sniping
     from up close and relocating. It gets tedious with all the running, but it is
     a perfectly acceptable strategy.
     Stay to the west as you head north to find a narrow trail leading up around
     the base of a rocky hill. Sneak up behind the grunt to reach a great vantage
     point that is similar in appearance to the first sniper nest. Sabotage the
     generator and pick off as many enemies here as you can. If you look to the
     north you should spot a searchlight operator at the top of a guard tower.
     = Optional Objective: Disable the searchlight
     A very easy optional objective: wait for the generator to go off before
     sniping the searchlight operator. It's a pretty long shot and your M1 Garand
     is the worst sniper rifle available, but it is possible with the right angle.
     Wait one more round until the generator starts rumblin' and shoot out the
     spotlight. From here you can see the second officer in the eastern 
     intersection, but he is likely too far for you to accurately disarm.
     Descend the same way you came up and follow the road northbound. On the right
     is an old house with a [WAR DIARY] inside. There is a single grunt that
     patrols the two homes, so kill him if he isn't already dead from before. Pick
     him up and look for a well between the two houses before dumping him in.
     Proceed forward towards a truck with two soldiers hangin' around; one at a
     campfire surrounded by several stone pillars. On the slope behind the circle
     of pillars is another small campfire with a lone soldier. Killing him and
     searching his body gives you a WEAPON PART (BINOCULARS) [2/15].
     From the truck, move north/northeast, past the stack of oil drums and under 
     the arch near the first part of the ruins. Down here there should be an 
     entrance to a tiny living quarters, where you'll find [COLLECTIBLE CARDS] on 
     the ground. Just outside is a third well, so grab a dead body and throw it 
     To the right of the same truck are a couple tents, and one has yet another
     [WAR DIARY] inside for the taking. 
     There are quite a few enemies on the rooftops above, so get up onto the roof
     and quietly eliminate them. Be careful of the lights and lanterns that can
     give away your location. Some of the buildings are separated and require you
     to jump across, which can also reveal yourself to the enemy. The rooftops
     lead you to the searchlight tower, which is also the location of the second
     The location of the [LONG SHOT] is revealed from the sniper nest. Aim
     southeast with your binoculars (east of the second officer) and look for a
     wooden tower similar to the one you are currently occupying. There is a grunt
     some 274 meters away, standing idle in the tower. Assuming this is your
     first playthrough on Marksman, your M1 Garand likely does not have enough
     firepower to deliver a killing blow, so you may need to revisit when you have
     a better sniper rifle (or switch the difficulty to Cadet).
     = Optional Objective: Destroy the motor pool 0/5
     By looking at the motor pool to the northeast, you gain another optional
     objective. Your requirement is to destroy the motor pool, which is composed
     of five German army trucks.
     Before you get to that, first exit the tower and make your way towards the 
     center of the oasis. Use the northern trail towards the campfire where the 
     second officer resides. Shoot the guard resting against the stack of crates.
     Since you can't see the officer from behind the boxes, throw a rock to the
     right to get him to move from behind cover. Use your Welrod to shoot him when
     he is in sight. You can restock on Welrod and grenade ammo in the supply 
     crate next to the campfire, and make sure to loot the [WAR DIARY].
     After claiming the second intel from the officer, make your way to the east
     end of the motor pool by crossing the natural bridge. Take out a few of the
     soldiers close by, including the one on the rafters behind the two trucks.
     Toss an M24 grenade near the pair of trucks to destroy two of the five.
     Across the path is another truck next to an oil tanker. Destroy the red cap
     at the end of the tanker to destroy it and the truck.
     Hide until the chaos dies down before resuming your objective. The last two
     trucks are next to each other and can be destroyed with more grenades.
     Remember, there is a supply of grenades near the second officer's camp. And
     finally, you can find a WEAPON PART (SNIPER) [3/15] on a grunt found 
     patrolling the motor pool - he wears a white tanktop. 
     Head towards the last two trucks you annihilated and climb up the scaffolding
     to the generator on the ledge. Sabotage the generator with the A button and
     use is to safely snipe the grunts protecting the third officer. Pick up the
     next [WAR DIARY] - the third piece of intel.
     * Primary Objective: Eliminate and search the final officer
     The last officer arrives via truck at the east end of the map. First, search
     the northwest campsite; you can spot a [WAR DIARY] inside one of the two
     large tents. Cut through the motor pool and sneak forward once close to the
     new batch of baddies (one is on a machine gun turret). 
     Nearby is the fourth well: behind a destroyed truck with a fallen pillar
     lying on the front hood (between the two bridges that make up the "X" path
     across the oasis). Grab a nearby dead body and toss it in the bottom of the
     well. Dropping a body in each of the four wells unlocks the "Well, Well,
     Well" Achievement.
     Continue southeast towards the row of ruined buildings. Climb up the sand
     dune on the left side of the road to get on top of the building (on the east
     end of the map). Atop is a campfire with a generator and a [WAR DIARY].
     Hunker down near the generator and take down the grunt on the tower across
     from you. There should be a few more grunts near the entrance to the tower
     and on the scaffolding with the red barrel.
     Once it's just you and the final officer, either snipe him or use your Welrod
     to do him in. If you sniped everyone without being spotted, he should be 
     standing at a desk inside the temple. Before searching his corpse, make sure 
     to uncover the third [SNIPER NEST], which is outside the temple on top of the 
     scaffolding to the left. Finally, take the [WAR DIARY] from his cold, dead
     * Primary Objective: Ambush and kill the General before he leaves
     The General is driving through the northern section of the map with a heavy
     artillery vehicle. The vehicle moves from the northwest corner to the east
     end, and if it pass through the gate near the temple then you will fail the
     mission. You must ambush and destroy the General's vehicle!
     As you know, you can use your sniper rifle to uncover and attack specially
     designed vehicle weak points. This vehicle is moving and durable, so you may
     want to stick to traps instead. This is why I suggested collecting and saving
     land mines, although dynamite and grenades can get the job done (but not as 
     Place two or three land mines somewhere on the main road, preferably near one
     of the trucks leading to the temple, as the extra explosion will help
     demolish the General's ride. Three land mines plus a truck is a bit of
     overkill, and you can certainly complete this with far less. But it is
     recommended that you use some sort of item rather than your sniper rifle.
     Once the General drives over your trap... sayonara.
     * Primary Objective: Exfiltrate undetected
     Well, everyone should be dead by now, so leaving shouldn't be a hassle. Run
     down the road past the temple and through the gate.
    | Mission 3: Halfaya Pass                                             [0403] |
     Optional Objectives: 3
     Collectible Cards: 3
     Sniper Nests: 3
     War Diaries: 9
     * Primary Objective: Push forward into the mountain settlements
     Walk across the bridge at the beginning of the level and stick to the right,
     moving under the shade and through the ridge. Keep staying to the right as
     you pass underneath the walkways and you should reach an outpost with a grunt
     manning a mounted gun. Assassinate him and turn around, moving east. Up ahead
     you can climb up the wall to reach an elevated portion, and to the right is a
     tiny campsite with a [WAR DIARY].
     Stay up here and move through the brush; on your radar you should notice a
     grunt walking around close by. Go around the bend and kill him, then head
     down the trail. Another enemy resides near the water wheel, surrounding
     himself with red barrels and other explosives. Even though it is tempting,
     sneak up behind him instead of making a big commotion and alerting the nearby
     There are two more soldiers in the vicinity, so kill them or walk north to
     the first mountain settlement.
     * Primary Objective: Destroy artillery 0/3
     Pick up the trip mines from the supply cache on the side of the road, then
     go around the right side of the stone tower towards the trucks. A soldier is
     sitting inside one of the trucks and constantly revs it, creating a sound
     diversion. As a result, leave him be and proceed past the trucks, killing the
     grunt close by and scanning for others: one on the roof just north of here,
     one on a balcony further out, and a couple others walking on the ground.
     Try to stay hidden, because if you make any noise the guard will get out of
     the truck and you miss out on an easy strategy. There are a solid 8-10 guards
     in this part of the settlement. If you search the area west of the trucks,
     you can find a [WAR DIARY] outside the building, on the ground next to a
     supply crate.
     From the trucks, go north and enter the building. An optional objective
     should become available to you here.
     = Optional Objective: Search the area for any important intel
     On the first floor of this building is some intelligence on a table. Pick up
     the [WAR DIARY] to complete the objective.
     = Objective Updated: Find further intel on the whereabouts of the General
     Continue north to reach a [SNIPER NEST] on top of a roof, and use your Welrod
     to shoot the two guards talking to each other on the ground (a quick trigger
     finger is required!). From here, follow the edge of town, climbing a ladder
     to the rocky outcrop above. Before moving north to the next village, continue
     west and jump the gap. Head towards the western village by sneaking through
     the cavern. There is a single soldier waiting at the cave exit.
     This is a pretty decent vantage point, since you can tag and snipe enemies
     from the top of the hill and then run through the cave back to the cliff to
     scout enemy activities from the opposite end of the settlement. Run back and
     forth between these areas using the tunnel to confuse and pick off grunts.
     As long as you don't make any noise, the soldiers using the artillery create
     a sound diversion to aid you.
     Once everyone except the artillery operators is dead, focus on the artillery.
     It is possible to destroy it with your sniper rifle, but that is loud and
     consumes much ammo. The easiest way to take it out is to go inside the
     neighboring building and down the staircase. Stay in the stairwell and shoot
     the red barrel from a safe distance to destroy the artillery from below.
     This may raise the alarms for any nearby survivors, so wait to see if anyone
     shows up before escaping. Make sure to search the homes in this part of town
     for a [WAR DIARY] and extra ammunition in the supply crates.
     Now it is time to head north to the next settlement. You can get there a
     number of ways, and none has a distinct advantage over the others. Keep in
     mind that one of the buildings on the east side contains more intelligence
     required for the optional objective (on the roof of the building with the
     small generator).
     = Objective Updated: Find the General at one of the artillery placements
     After getting the [WAR DIARY] on the roof, hang out here near the generator,
     sniping any unsuspecting goons. If you look towards the north end of the
     village, you should see a grunt standing on a roof. Once you kill him and all
     the other guys, visit his dead body and loot it for a WEAPON PART
     (BINOCULARS) [4/15]. If you create a ruckus and soldiers start moving, then
     he won't be there and you'll have to loot all the bodies in order to find
     the right one.
     The last item you should worry about here is another war diary. On your map
     is a very thin strip of land jutting out on the east side. Head that way to
     reach a campfire with the [WAR DIARY] nearby.
     Exit the area via the northern road. The settlement ahead is the largest and
     can be accessed from two different entrances. In a place like this with
     multiple entrances, it is wise to survey the area from both ends and shoot
     enemies while going back and forth between the entrances.
     If you scour the east end first, focus on following the outer perimeter.
     The three story building contains two enemies on the second and third floor,
     and there is usually a grunt patrolling the floor outside. From the third
     floor, you can jump to an adjacent roof and snipe a grunt on a roof of a
     nearby building.
     From here, head down and make your way to the sniper nest on the building to
     the west. Ascend the stairs and enter the stairwell to reach a ladder at the
     top, and climb the ladder to reach the [SNIPER NEST]. A loudspeaker gives you
     a silent shot, proving to be one of the better spots in this settlement.
     = Optional Objective: Sabotage the motor pool
     There is a motor pool west of the sniper nest, and it is much easier to
     destroy than the one in the previous mission: wait for the recording to
     play over the loudspeaker before aiming and shooting the red nozzle on the
     oil tanker in the middle of the motor pool. Voila.
     You can also find the mission's [LONG SHOT] from here. Lay prone in the
     sniper nest and look straight ahead, aiming your binoculars through the hole
     in the mountain (towards the star marker for the artillery). Your lens should
     focus to reveal a building, and tag the grunt on the balcony. It's around
     365 meters away, but it is possible on Marksman with your Carcano.
     Leave the sniper nest after obtaining the long shot, destroying the motor
     pool, and killing any soldiers in the vicinity. Head northeast to the row of
     homes to reveal another optional objective.
     = Optional Objective: Disrupt communications
     If you enter the building in the northeast corner, you can find a staircase
     leading down to a communications room. Not only does it contain sniper ammo,
     Welrod ammo, and a [WAR DIARY], but there is also a panel that you can
     disable to sever the communication line. 
     Return to ground level and climb to the top of the communications building.
     There is a grunt on the roof that you likely killed a while ago who holds a
     WEAPON PART (SNIPER) [5/15]. Now go through the wrecked motor pool, entering
     the house west of here. Pass through the building's interior and grab the
     [COLLECTIBLE CARDS] sprawled out on the back porch. 
     Now start making your way to the western end of the settlement, towards the
     second artillery. There are about three or so grunts stationed in a house
     nearby, so take care of them and search behind the house for a secret tunnel
     leading to a hidden cavern (use your map for assistance). There are two
     baddies inside the cave, and the windows provide cover and survey spots.
     If you camp out near the leftmost window and peer across, you may notice the
     trademark glare of a sniper scope. There is an enemy sniper south of your
     location, parked next to a generator. Assuming he hasn't seen you, create a 
     save file here.
     The "Through the Looking Glass" Achievement requires you to kill 10 snipers
     before they see you. This can be tough since snipers usually have the high
     ground and are expertly hidden. If you ever see an extra bright glare,
     immediately duck for cover since that is a telltale sign of a sniper.
     In this case, wait for the sound of the artillery to go off before sniping
     him. Reload the save point and kill him again, and reload, and kill, and
     rinse and repeat. Assuming he did not see you (described as "passive")
     before you saved, you can repeat this until you unlock the Achievement. I
     found the Achievement to be glitchy and required way more than ten attempts,
     but keep doing it until you get it. And if you forgot to save/were spotted/
     etc. then do not worry, since there are plenty of other opportunities later.
     Exit the cave to the left and head down the path. Stay on the upper pathway
     and follow it to the cliff's edge, where you can find a [WAR DIARY] laying on
     a large crate. Search the buildings near the base of the sniper nest for
     more [COLLECTIBLE CARDS]. Now go up the ladder where the sniper was and 
     uncover the [SNIPER NEST]. Using the large generator, look across the chasm 
     towards the artillery and target one of the surrounding red barrels.
     Backtrack to the northern settlement and stay near the northwest end, using
     the mountain trails to reach the upper walls. There is a second sniper up
     here, on the rock ledge above and beyond the northwest building. Assuming
     that you are unseen, get on the building's roof and jump across to reach a
     tall ladder leading to the upper ridge where the sniper resides.
     Start making your way to the northwest end of the level's map, as the path
     takes you to a corner with some trucks and explosive barrels. Toss a grenade
     at the trucks to demolish them and the two grunts, then snipe a third when
     he comes to investigate. Don't forget to investigate the three trucks for the
     third set of [COLLECTIBLE CARDS]; they are behind the trucks near a cave.
     Carefully continue down the road and be on the lookout for a soldier with a
     Panzerschreck on the leftmost guard tower. As you make your way to that
     tower, follow the path and opt for the cave entrance in the middle of the
     road. Snag the [WAR DIARY] inside and use the cave to flank the guards at the
     base of the tower. Finally, tiptoe up the tower and execute the rocket
     Feel free to take the Panzerschreck for yourself, but switch to your sniper
     rifle and focus on the final artillery across the gorge. If you managed to
     claim the two pieces of intel, General Hoesslein should be here. Tag him.
     = Objective Updated: Kill General Hoesslein
     The general is standing next to a Panzerjager, both to the right of the
     artillery. Ignore the soldiers holed up at the opposite guard tower and look 
     for a red crate behind and to the left of the artillery. Shoot this to take 
     down both the general and the artillery in one gracious explosion.
     * Primary Objective: Reconvene with the LRDG
     Exit the tower and don't worry about the remaining enemies across the way.
     Make your way back to the settlement for a surprise!
     * Primary Objective: Neutralize the Panzer 3 tank
     A German tank rolls into the village and patrols the settlement, so stay
     outta dodge! Immediately locate and tag the vehicle so you know where it is
     at any moment.
     The tank is incredible powerful and has the same recognition as a regular
     soldier would, so it is capable of being suspicious and downright attacking
     you if seen. The village is large and full of places to hide as the tank
     makes its rounds. The Panzerschreck really comes in handy here, as do all
     your trap items. Land mines are probably the best thing to use along with
     S-Mines, since you can place them on the road and wait for the tank to do
     itself in.
     The Panzer 3 tank also has red weak points on the back that can be exploited
     with a sniper rifle, just in case you don't have any other offensive weapons
     at hand. Hide and let it drive past you before emptying your lung and hitting
     the weak spots. It will take several direct hits, but eventually the tank
     will go down.
     It is daunting, especially on higher difficulties, but it's a different type
     of battle and pretty enjoyable at that. 
     * Primary Objective: Reconvene with the LRDG
     Make sure you've got all the mission's collectibles before thinking about
     exiting down the road the tank rolled down.
    | Mission 4: Fort Rifugio                                             [0404] |
     Optional Objectives: 2
     Collectible Cards: 3
     Sniper Nests: 3
     War Diaries: 7
     Arguably my favorite mission in the game, it takes place at night and Fort
     Rifugio's map is very open-ended, providing some awesome stealth options and
     leading to high replay rate. 
     * Primary Objective: Find a way into the fort
     The crevice spills out and takes you to the base of Fort Rifugio. As you gaze
     upon the fort in the distance, many threats lie between you and your goal.
     Heed the protagonist's advice and choose the stealthy path for this level;
     you get an Achievement for completing virtually the entire mission without
     being spotted.
     Walk down the stairs and check out your surroundings. As you can see on the
     map, it's essentially one giant, open circle.
     = Optional Objective: Disable the searchlight towers 0/2
     Even though this is an optional objective it is highly recommended that you
     follow it. If you are spotted by an enemy you will be immediately blinded by
     a searchlight, making escape and survival difficult. It's basically the same
     objective in Mission 2, but there are two of 'em.
     You can start off on any side of the map, but your best option is to slowly
     work your way up the hill, and just to be safe it is a good idea to clear out
     the entire hill before trying to infiltrate the fort.
     Be careful about navigating the service road running from the southwest end
     of the map to the eastern side; there is steady traffic flowing from one side
     to the other and the last thing you want is to be stopped by an enemy truck.
     There are a couple guards at the campfire to the east, so sneak up thattaway.
     Use a stealth takedown on the grunt near the turret and inch closer to the
     campfire. Shoot the two blokes and kick the generator to get it sputtering.
     On a box next to the small generator is a [WAR DIARY], and at the top of the 
     stone steps behind the generator is a [SNIPER NEST]. While you are here, look
     up at the fort for an open window occupied by an officer. As the generator
     rumbles, pull off a quiet kill shot.
     While you're here, survey the area and, more importantly, shoot out the two
     searchlights (make sure to kill the operators first). The hillside is teeming
     with soldiers, so you won't be able to tag them all. There is a grunt that
     wanders around the group of four tents that is carrying a WEAPON PART
     (BINOCULARS) [6/15]: he doesn't necessarily stand out, but Karl should
     mention that he's got something useful when you tag him.
     From the generator, move north towards the batch of tents. Search the supply
     cache for Welrod ammunition and S-Mines, then look inside the tents for some
     [COLLECTIBLE CARDS]. Go further north and at the bottom of the eastern
     searchlight tower is a [WAR DIARY]. Remember to use quick saves frequent and
     often, especially if you are going for an undetected playthrough and the
     Explore a bit more to the east, wrapping around the eastern bend to reach the
     other side of the service road. There is a guard tower overlooking your
     location, so sneak up and shoot the grunt at the top with your Welrod. Smack
     the large generator near the ladder and take the grunt's position here at the
     second [SNIPER NEST] - just make sure there are no trucks driving by as you
     do all of this!
     You probably won't see any new enemies from up here, so get down and retrace
     your steps to the mission start point. Now make your way left to uncover the
     west end of the hill. Here you run into the other end of the service road,
     so again be on the lookout for any passing vehicles.
     Several more soldiers shoot the breeze around a campfire here, and another
     rests against a barricade underneath the southwest guard tower. Assassinate
     him first, then try to split up the campers with rocks or other distractions
     before individually picking them off. Maybe bring the red explosive barrel in
     the picture?
     Afterwards, search the big main tent for a med kit and Welrod ammo. Make sure
     to climb up the overpass above the service road for a [WAR DIARY]. Now
     hopefully the west end of the hilltop is deserted and secure. Mimic your
     actions before and hug the perimeter wall as you trudge north. Look on your
     map for the sniper nest location and use the tall ladder to climb on up.
     Coming up here bypasses running into two grunts, so from the [SNIPER NEST]
     you can use your pistol to quickly brain them in succession. Scout the
     region a lil' bit, then hop down and move towards the western searchlight
     tower. There should be two grunts hanging out here, so take them down and go
     inside the tent near the tower for more [COLLECTIBLE CARDS].
     There are likely a trio of elites close nearby. You don't have to really go
     that way and you can leave them alone if you want. Elites are higher in the
     pecking order than grunts and have better eyesight and recognition. It is
     advised that you stick to moving up the hillside since there are no more
     collectibles down at the base of the hill.
     There are three more elites on top of the hill in the center of the map, and
     they are harder to split up and take out than the other group. You can send a
     grenade right in the middle of the three if you're daring, but otherwise
     create diversions and use traps.
     = Optional Objective: There's something interesting on the table...
     At the hilltop camp is a little morsel of information that might prove to
     be useful in your conquest. Interact with the marked table to steal a log
     = Objective Updated: Assassinate the officer as he drives past the fort
     The officer will be driving across the service road, going from southwest to
     the east end. Run east towards that side of the road and equip any traps (you
     should have picked up a whole bunch of S-Mines earlier). Drop an S-Mine or a
     land mine anywhere on the road and the truck will do the rest.
     With that out of the way, you can infiltrate Fort Rifugio. There are two
     main entrances, each on opposite ends of the map. There are no big advantages
     between entering on one side over the other; it just dictates which side of
     the fort you are going to sweep first.
     - West side: walk up the path and stay close to the northern wall in order to
       find some stone steps you can pull yourself up onto. From here you access
       the west end of the fort.
     - East side: From the eastern side of the map you can proceed up to the
       northeast corner of the map (which also contains a [WAR DIARY]), ascending
       the scaffolding into the window.
     - Front entrance: Simply walk through the front door. BORING.
     I usually go through the eastern side, so for the sake of spontaneity I will 
     cover the west entrance. But make sure to pick up the war diary on the east
     end (near a campfire and a tiny tent) regardless of your choice.
     * Primary Objective: Locate the informant's cell
     You begin in a theatre/lounge/rec area with two guards, one of which is
     holding a WEAPON PART (SNIPER) [7/15]. At their location is also a [WAR
     DIARY] for the taking. Go up the stairs to the north and 'round the corner,
     peeking through the open door at the sleeping guard. Do him in, then go east
     and into the opposite building to hear an officer inside. Quietly dispose of
     him before he turns around.
     * Primary Objective: Search the commanding officer
     Search the officer's body to find a set of keys.
     Stay on the upper level and go up another flight of stairs outside the
     building leading to the outer wall. Slay the grunt up here and follow the
     wall east to a room with [COLLECTIBLE CARDS]. The room also has loads of
     dynamite and Welrod ammo, so stock up.
     Exit the room and descend the spiral staircase towards the east wing. From
     the bottom of the stairs, shoot the enemy resting against the crates to the
     right and make a beeline for the doorway across from the staircase. Walk
     past the cells and up the ladder to the east end.
     Two guards usually patrol this area in a circle, and there is another guard
     on the rooftop above you. Wait until the two are separated before shooting
     one (one of the grunts goes up a flight of stairs in the building opposite
     you, making your stealth sequence easier). Drag the body into the room next
     door, which is dubbed the torture room due to the bound chairs and pool of
     blood. Next to this room is a ladder that leads up to a [WAR DIARY]. Go back
     down into the torture room.
     Once the guard heads up the staircase in the adjacent building, sneak inside
     and enter the radio room on the right. An enemy has his back turned to you,
     so use a stealth takedown and nab the [WAR DIARY] off the table. Go up the
     staircase to the second floor, then up to the roof. There may be one or two
     grunts up here, so hide out in the staircase while you look for them. There
     is a supply crate with Welrod ammo and some Panzerschrecks as well.
     Follow the rooftop to the blue marker on your map to find the informant. If
     you got here without being spotted at all, you should unlock the "I Fort This
     Would Be Difficult" Achievement.
     * Primary Objective: Clear all the enemies from the courtyard
     This is a great "two birds, one stone" opportunity, since the "Hidden and 
     Dangerous" Achievement is for completing a mission (excluding Mission 1)
     without being seen. Since the mission is almost over, you might as well stick
     it out and stay hidden for the remainder of the level. If you already have
     the Achievement, then whatever, do whatever you want.
     In addition to any soldiers you left alone, more arrive via truck in the
     center courtyard. The fastest and easiest strategy is to fire your 
     Panzerschreck at the truck before the troops can get out. Now everyone will
     freak out and eventually run to your position, but all you have to do is
     relocate and things will be much smoother.
     Now if you go through with this things will be more hectic since the guards
     will be going bonkers, but overall it's an easier and more enjoyable route.
     The objective will automatically update once you've killed enough enemies, so
     you don't have to exterminate the entire fort.
     * Primary Objective: Head to the battlements.
     Follow the marker on the screen to reach the battlements. Climb the ladder to
     the top to reach the top of the battlements, where you can find a plethora of
     sniper rifle ammunition.
     * Primary Objective: Provide covering fire from the battlements
     ...which you will certainly need as you lay down cover fire as the informant
     makes his grand escape. Even though the alarms are blaring and soldiers are
     in a frenzy, you technically still have not been spotted and are in line to
     get the Achievement.
     Find a suitable edge and look around with your sniper for any pursuing
     soldiers. Tag 'em and snipe 'em before they can gun down your ally. This
     sequence can be a bit aggravating since it is often difficult to find and
     locate the enemies, but sometimes the game takes a little while to spawn in
     new baddies. So stick with it and look for any gunfire on the hill. The
     mission ends once the informant makes it outta there.
    | Mission 5: Siwa Oasis                                               [0405] |
     Optional Objectives: 3
     Collectible Cards: 1
     Sniper Nests: 3
     War Diaries: 9
     * Primary Objective: Find a way into the old city
     Woo, my favorite level followed by my least favorite! The first thing you
     hear upon starting up is an airplane overhead. Certain areas have high
     aerial traffic, and the noise of a passing plane gives you the opportunity to
     snipe undetected.
     Proceed northwest towards the old city. Pass by the stacks of logs and you
     should run into a soldier leaning against a well. This area is perfect for
     unlocking the "An Old to Rube Goldberg" and "Wait for It" Achievements. What
     you must do is sneak down into the well and place both dynamite and flint and
     As the flint/steel countdown begins, exit the well and back away from the
     well. Standing on the opposite end, alert the guard so he pursues you and
     falls into the well. Now that he's trapped in the well with the explosives,
     create a save file (preferably when the timer is down to 2 or 1) and watch as
     the ensuing explosion kills him. Now reload the save of the guard dying and
     repeat the grisly film until you have 20 chain reaction explosive kills (also
     fulfilling the 10 flint and steel detonations).
     If you don't care or already got 'em, then just kill the poor bastard.
     Stay in the brush left of the road and investigate the shacks. There are a
     few more grunts occupying the area, but see if you can sabotage the small
     generator before anyone sees you. Inside is a supply cache with Welrod ammo
     and grenades.
     Hide in the garden while checking everything out. To the northeast is an
     anti-aircraft gun that offers more noise-buffering, farther northwest is the 
     main entrance to the city, and west is the outskirts of the city where you
     can access hidden tunnels. Shooting the explosives near the slacker at the
     front gate is an easy way to get the "Make It Go Boom" Achievement, and going
     up the hill near the AA gun triggers an optional objective.
     = Optional Objective: Destroy flakvierling AA guns 0/3
     To start, clear out the AA gun on the plateau. You can climb some steps and
     sneak up the ramp to reach them, and either a grenade or shooting the red
     explosives next to the AA gun will destroy it along with the surrounding
     baddies. Look for the body of an officer (look for his distinct uniform and
     hat) and search the charred remains for a WEAPON PART (BINOCULARS) [8/15].
     You can casually stroll right into the city from the AA gun scrapheap. 
     * Primary Objective: Search Vahlen's office
     = Optional Objective: Investigate German supply caches
     This probably isn't the ideal way to enter the city, but nearby is a sniper
     nest that you should use to clear out as many enemies as possible. It is in
     the building on the left from where you enter at the AA gun; climb up the
     two ladders to reach a bombed building. Airplanes still travel over your
     head, so you can tag and safely snipe enemies here. There are about three
     guards that make their rounds, as well as a Panzerjaeger standing on a
     walkway to the right.
     Once there are no more enemies in sight, climb back down and leave the city.
     Go past the front entrance and proceed to the western end, near the campsite.
     There are two grunts near the truck on the left which are easy to eliminate,
     plus others up ahead. By now you are probably outside of the airplane route,
     so that won't come in handy anymore.
     After clearing out the camp, scan the area for a cave opening and go inside.
     Walk through the tunnel until you reach a pile of rubble, then zoom through
     the gaps in between the junk pile to silence a grunt on the other side. Hop
     up the ledge and continue through the tunnel. Next to a supply crate is a
     deck of [COLLECTIBLE CARDS]. Afterwards, continue around the corner to get
     inside an alternate city entrance.
     The ruins in front of you serves as good cover, but enemies are also hard
     to find and easy to lose between all the barricades and whatnot. Be wary of
     the sniper in the ghillie suit positioned on one of the rooftops northwest
     of the ruins; hard to spot, so he may see you before you see him!
     From the ruins entrance, shimmy along the left wall to reach a ramp leading
     to the upper level. From here, start going south towards the star marker on
     your map. I found that hiding behind the half wall next to the explosive
     barrel in the corner worked well for baiting enemies my way and neutralizing 
     them with the Welrod. Plus, this spot always gives you a view of the sniper
     so you can keep tabs on him.
     When you can, make a break for Vahlen's office. Go through the gateway and
     up the staircase. 
     * Primary Objective: Climb the scaffolding to the vantage point
     Exit the office and enter the room next door, grabbing the [WAR DIARY]. Next, 
     head downstairs, kicking the small generator. If you have not yet killed the
     sniper, do so while the generator and making noise. If there are still guys
     left down in the ruins, you have a better sight from up in the offices.
     You best stay on the western side of the city for now and clear out the
     entire side before going off somewhere else. So from Vahlen's office, head
     northwest and sneak closer to the west end, using the stairs to get up near
     the perimeter wall. There is a guard stationed in a turret building, and also
     with him is a [WAR DIARY]. 
     If you continue north/northwest, you can find another small generator on the
     opposite end of the ruins and the sniper pad. If you climb the ladder where
     the sniper was located, you can loot him and grab sniper rifle ammunition
     as well.
     Look for more walkways around the outer wall as you eventually reach the
     courtyard on the far end of the city. As expected, there are more baddies
     patrolling the scene, but there is more air traffic and a generator or two
     to help out. On the ground level is a doorway leading into a small chamber
     with a [WAR DIARY]; specifically, it is in the northwest end of the map, just
     southwest of the AA gun.
     If you continue your loop around to the other end of the courtyard, you may
     notice a cluster of enemies on your radar. They seem unreachable, and that's
     because they kind of are. There is a building with a ladder (near the AA gun
     marked on your map) nearby: ascend the ladder and look out the window to see
     the AA gun outside the city walls. Like before, shooting the red box will
     send the whole thing to kingdom come.
     Wrap around the courtyard towards the eastern palace. A second ghillie suit
     sniper resides on the roof of the palace (next to the tall stone tower), so
     be on the lookout. Just for the record, this sniper is also holding a
     WEAPON PART (SNIPER) [9/15]. You might want to come back and loot his body
     (enter the palace to reach the roof) once the coast is clear.
     Once you dispose of the sniper and the 3-4 soldiers here, go inside the tower 
     either through the front door or by accessing the palace; at the top is the 
     second [SNIPER NEST]. From here, look out the window facing southeast and
     zoom all the way back towards where you began the mission. Survey the area
     to find an unlucky bloke seemingly on guard duty in the middle of nowhere.
     Put him out of his misery for the [LONG SHOT].
     Head past the palace towards the AA gun on the eastern side, and pick up the
     [WAR DIARY] lying on the ground near the palace's fountain. Visit the [SNIPER 
     NEST] while you're here: go up a nearby flight of stairs into a building and 
     then up the ladder into an old house. There may be a few stragglers in the
     east side of the ruins that can be picked off.
     Descend to the bottom once you're done and investigate the anti-aircraft gun.
     It's being manned by a trio of grunts, and a couple more baddies act as
     support. There are no accompanying explosives, so you must use a grenade or
     an explosive of your own in order to destroy it. Demolishing all three AA
     guns wraps up the optional objective.
     Search the building to the left of the AA gun for another [WAR DIARY]. By now
     you should have pretty much come full circle, and hopefully you took everyone
     down along the way. If not, clear the entire city of German troops; not for
     nothing, but the remainder of the mission will be a ton easier if there is
     no one in your way.
     You can also use this time to investigate the German supply caches. There are
     three supply caches in the city, and the stuff you are looking for is
     randomly placed in one of the three. Here's where the three caches are:
     - inside the palace (get the [WAR DIARY] inside!)
     - in the room under the scaffolding (directly under the star marker on your
     - On the west side of the ruins. Look around on the outskirts of the ruins
       and you can find a small room, also containing a [WAR DIARY].
     Search these locations until you stumble across German warheads, completing
     the objective. You must physically point the camera and face at the three
     warheads for a second or two in order for the game to register.
     The only other thing you should do before climbing the scaffolding is getting
     one more war diary. If you have not already, infiltrate the building in the
     center of the courtyard - on the second floor is a Panzerschreck and the
     [WAR DIARY]. Now head to your destination and check out the vantage point.
     * Primary Objective: Observe the officers and tag the correct one
     There is a special officers-only meeting down in the middle of the city. Out
     of the three officers, only one contains the information we are looking for.
     Wait for them to congregate below you and tag them all for the hell of it;
     only one is your target (which out of the three, is completely random every
     * Primary Objective: Kill the officer after he's retrieved the intel
     Don't even worry about the other two officers: attempting to kill them will
     probably only end in bad news for you. Let them part ways and follow your
     target through the city. The officer takes his time and leisurely strolls
     through the city, ultimately stopping in a building to retrieve the intel.
     Now this is why executing every single enemy prior to attempting this is
     super beneficial: the officer chosen is random and each one follows their own 
     path throughout the city. You don't know where in the city you are going to 
     have to stalk him until it happens, so it's best to clear the city entirely.
     It also helps if you are interested in the optional objective (which triggers
     once the officer gets the intel).
     = Optional Objective: Make his death look like an accident
     If you really want to, you can shoot him right then and now. But if you want
     to make things a little clever and also finish the third optional objective,
     stay tuned and keep back. Don't get too close to the officer and let him
     slowly make his daily rounds. Now depending on which officer you get, the
     outcome will be slightly different.
     - Officer #1 ultimately makes his way north to the courtyard. Once at the far 
       end of the courtyard, he moseys around and crouches down next to a stack of 
       explosive boxes. Shoot them from afar to set them off in his face.
     - Officer #2 heads west towards the vicinity of Vahlen's office, eventually
       stopping at a German truck near the western supply depot. Wait for him to
       get close to the truck before detonating the red barrels on the truck bed.
     - Officer #3 makes his way east towards the palace. After getting the intel,
       he will stop near the fountain and stand next to some scaffolding. Shoot
       the red explosive box to trigger an avalanche.
     If you follow one of these strategies, the officer's death will be deemed
     accidental and you'll get the objective. Regardless of which officer you are
     stuck with, there is always one jerkwad who shows up to the scene of the
     crime. Don't let him spot you and quickly kill him before he begins whining.
     Lastly, search the officer's corpse for the final [WAR DIARY].
     * Primary Objective: Destroy the Panzer IV to escape the city
     It doesn't matter which officer you kill or where: a Panzer IV tank bursts
     into the courtyard and starts rolling around. If you happen to have gotten
     the officer who travels to the courtyard, then you have a front row seat.
     Otherwise, run over to this location and get ready to take it down.
     This tank plays like the one in Mission 3, but takes more of a beating. It
     drives around enough to be susceptible to traps like land mines and S-Mines,
     and by now you should have plenty of offensive firepower to easily take it
     down. Use the central building as cover and unload grenades, dynamite, mines,
     and AP rounds even.
     If you have enough traps, let it drive around in a circle and plug its route 
     up with explosives. That's definitely the easiest solution, since the tank
     drives in a very specific circle over and over again. Once the tank is toast,
     attempt to leave the city. Notice how I say "attempt"...
     * Primary Objective: Eliminate the snipers
     You are ambushed by a pair of snipers in the courtyard. This part of the
     mission is a real bummer if you are trying to go for the unseen Achievement.
     Immediately duck behind the barricade on your left. Both snipers are to your
     right (southwest of your location on the map). Remember that if you make
     noise the remaining two officers will be called over, so still try and use
     the noise of the airplanes.
     Take down the two snipers and any responding officers. You don't have to stay
     in this one spot; feel free to move around so long as you keep low from those
     ghillie-wearing bastards.
     * Primary Objective: Regroup with Brauer
     Meet up with your informant pal Brauer to mercifully end the mission.
    | Mission 6: Kasserine Pass                                           [0406] |
     Optional Objectives: 1
     Collectible Cards: 3
     Sniper Nests: 3
     War Diaries: 8
     * Primary Objective: Infiltrate Vahlen's HQ
     General Vahlen's headquarters is located in Kasserine Pass and is surrounded
     by an enemy village filled with high security. The accompanying mountains are
     also treacherous, but can be used to your advantage.
     Begin by moving southeast through all the rubble and vehicle skeletons. Nick
     joins Karl for some of this mission and starts off on a high ledge above you,
     pointing out an enemy up ahead. Quietly get behind him for a stealth kill.
     Turn to your left and start tiptoeing to the east.
     = Optional Objective: Take out the Nebelwerfers 0/2
     The first Nebelwerfer is up on a ridge to the east/northeast. Much of the
     level map is very barren and requires you to move from cover to cover rather
     than slinking through foliage. Even though the space here is wide open, it is
     lacking in enemy numbers. Bear left up the slope and inch closer to the
     Nebelwerfer. Once close enough, use the sound of the weapon to drown out your
     assassination attempts on the three soldiers wandering on the ground. Once
     you've killed them, shoot the red barrel next to the Nebelwerfer.
     With one down, head over to the two buildings: there is a supply crate with a
     med kit in one and [COLLECTIBLE CARDS] in the other. You can continue south
     to the headquarters and small village, but opt for the road less traveled:
     follow the northern side of the central mountain, and with your map as
     assistance, locate a doorway leading into the side of the mountain.
     Go into the tunnel and hang a right, then tag and slay the officer standing
     in the exit opening. Pick up the WEAPON PART (SNIPER) [10/15] and tag the 
     three soldiers on the other end of the tunnel. Two of them are attached at
     the hip, so you'll have to get creative with your killing methods. Clear out
     the tunnel so it can be used later in the level as a shortcut or to hide.
     Exit the tunnel the same way you came in and hug the wall east, going up the
     mountain path to an upper level. Silence the pair of soldiers and head into
     another tunnel. Quickly exit to the right and collect the [WAR DIARY] out
     here on the cliff. Back inside the tunnel, follow the path up some stairs and
     to the [SNIPER NEST].
     If you zoom in straight ahead at the rockwork in the distance and scan the 
     area, a tag should pop up. Before going ahead with the [LONG SHOT], search
     the village and target the sniper in the white tower just south. Since the
     airplanes only seldom pass, there aren't many sound barriers to protect you;
     brain the sniper, relocate, then return and complete the Long Shot. While you
     are here, map out the rest of the area and pick off one or two more dudes.
     By now you have probably noticed the armored vehicle making its rounds - it
     makes a lap around the southern portion of the map and passes through the
     central street. You might want to tag this thing early on so you know where
     it is at all times. The passengers can make short work of you if they spot
     you on a drive-by.
     You'll want to demolish the armored vehicle sooner rather than later. You can
     either snipe it (consumes ammo) or place a trap in the middle of the road.
     Destroying the armored vehicle will cause a truck to spawn in front of
     Vahlen's headquarters (important: do not destroy).
     With the vehicle out of the picture and hopefully some enemies on the main
     street polished off, head there yourself and explore some of the homes. The
     yellow double stuff building contains a [WAR DIARY], and the one with the
     staircase on the side has some ammo. Behind this one is a house with a deck
     of [COLLECTIBLE CARDS] on a box.
     Now check out the location of the second Nebelwerfer on the southwest side of 
     the map. On your way there, make a pit stop at the white tower to access some
     dynamite, land mines and a [WAR DIARY] on the first floor, a [WAR DIARY] on 
     the second floor, and a [SNIPER NEST] at the very top.
     The nest itself serves as a terrible vantage point, but you can just catch a 
     glimpse of the Nebelwerfer. There's no need to stay up here for long, so
     blast the red barrel next to the Nebelwerfer and hightail it outta there.
     Stop in the beige building behind the tower to grab [COLLECTIBLE CARDS] off
     the table and run over to the site of the Nebelwerfer to loot bodies and
     punch the large generator. There is a second German truck parked nearby. As
     with the first: leave it alone.
     Proceed east and hang down towards the way southern tip. This road should be
     devoid of all enemies, but one of the two buildings contains a lot of random
     ammo/med supplies and a [WAR DIARY]. There is another tunnel that cuts
     through the south mountain, but disregard it and approach the lone building
     near the cliffside overhang; it contains more ammo and another [WAR DIARY].
     Leave and ascend the ramp to the cliff. Do so quietly due to the group of
     baddies lurking about. If all three are huddled around the campfire, then
     settle for a well-placed M24 grenade. Set your sights on the headquarters now
     that most of the map has been thoroughly gone through. Feel free to snipe
     from up here, but if the guards at the base of the stairs are dead you can
     walk right through the front entrance no problem.
     There are three or four enemies inside Vahlen's headquarters who should be
     taken down using the Welrod. One of them carries a WEAPON PART (BINOCULARS)
     * Primary Objective: Find clue to location of safe combination
     Make sure to pick up the [WAR DIARY] on the middle table - you have to
     actually press A to observe and collect the note left behind by Vahlen.
     * Primary Objective: Get combination for the safe
     Exit the HQ and since you're here, stop at the third [SNIPER NEST] to the
     right of the building (left when facing it). Several more reinforcements
     appear in the village after completing your objective, so make sure to tag
     them and either shoot or ignore them.
     The safe combination is found in one of the buildings on the southern trail
     (aka: where you just came from). The place has been beefed up by enemy
     elites, so cut through the mountain instead of going around. Try to lure some
     of the elites in the tunnel with traps or by making noise; that way it gets
     'em out of sight and lets you execute them one by one (try trip wires!).
     The presence of a sniper on the roof makes it more important to stay hidden.
     Your main target is an officer who typically stays inside, forcing you to
     either eliminate everyone else or be really good at sneaking (I prefer the
     former). Once he is dead, loot the body for a [WAR DIARY] that gives you the
     safe combo.
     * Primary Objective: Regroup with Brauer
     Simply run towards the white tower for a cutscene.
     * Primary Objective: Destroy the Tiger
     Your task at hand is now to avenge Brauer and obliterate the Tiger tank.
     While the Tiger is the pinnacle in German tank design, it still has the
     same weaknesses and exploitations. Don't bother wasting sniper ammo and stick
     to things like land mines, dynamite, and S-Mines. Play it safe and plant two
     traps next to each other to ensure certain destruction.
     Starting now, you are able to get the "Double Tap" Achievement: all you have
     to do is destroy two vehicles within five seconds of each other. The Tiger
     counts as a vehicle, so you can plausibly blow up the tank, then quickly
     destroy one of the two parked trucks on the map.
     The Tiger comes in from the southwest corner of the map, then follows the
     southern route before driving north past Vahlen's HQ. If you create a row of
     traps leading from the middle of the road to the truck parked outside the HQ
     and wait several minutes, the Tiger eventually drives over your trap and both
     vehicles should go up in flames. That involves sitting around for nearly five
     minutes, so if you don't have that time on your hands you can wait for
     another opportunity.
     * Primary Objective: Overcome the temple defenders
     The "temple defenders" includes a truck full of elites (let the truck park
     and leave it alone), some grunts, and another armored vehicle. Try to retreat
     to the cliffside camp to get a good view of the temple and its surroundings,
     plus all the goons you have to fight through. Like earlier, tag the armored
     vehicle as soon as possible and use the "gun and run" technique to wipe out
     most of the elites.
     The armored vehicle is still a pain and will require some more traps - I
     hope you have some left over from the Tiger battle. The Panzerschreck comes
     in handy if you have it on your loadout. Either plant traps on the road (pay
     attention to the route it takes) or use armor piercing rounds and grenades.
     * Primary Objective: Open safe
     By now, there shouldn't be a single German soldier left. Before opening the
     safe, make sure you have obtained all collectibles. If you still have not yet
     unlocked the "Double Tap" Achievement, now is a second (and sometimes safer,
     faster, and easier) opportunity.
     Go south from the HQ towards the lone building that had the war diary inside.
     Climb up on the roof and ready your sniper rifle. There should be two trucks
     along this vertical road: one spawned by destroying the first armored vehicle
     and the other by taking out the Tiger. First, save your game. Shoot off the 
     grill on each of the trucks, then wait and get a full lung of air. Hold your 
     breath and take two shots on each truck's exposed weak point; you should only
     need one shot, and if done in five seconds the Achievement will unlock.
     Now run inside the headquarters and open the super secret safe.
     * Primary Objective: Retrieve Brauer's body
     This deed is unfortunately not as easy as one would think, for two ghillie
     suit snipers emerge from the central mountain tunnel. One runs off while
     the other lies prone in the grass in front of the tunnel entrance. Look for
     him and take him out, then make your way to the main street.
     The second sniper is waiting at the white tower (damn he's fast!). Find a 
     good spot and put a bullet in his dome, then sprint to the tower and honor
     your fallen friend Brauer. 
    | Mission 7: Pont du Fahs Airfield                                    [0407] |
     Optional Objectives: 4
     Collectible Cards: 3
     Sniper Nests: 3
     War Diaries: 9
     * Primary Objective: Gain access to the bunker network
     For those interested, two enemy snipers appear on the northern ridge above
     the destination marker only on Cadet. This is another  good place to get the 
     "Through the Looking Glass" Achievement since it is at the very beginning of
     the level (I think there is just one on higher difficulties).
     The security has tightened up due to Karl's advancements, so the airfield is
     primarily composed of elites. As you know, elites have better awareness and
     sight recognition than grunts, so this won't be a walk in the park. Several
     elites are positioned south of your location: two at a campfire, and two
     others walking around close by. Tag them, but leave them for now and work
     your way north.
     As you can expect, there is a lot of aerial activity at the Pont du Fahs
     Airfield. Airplanes constantly zip and zoom overhead, but pay attention if
     the noise symbol appears since sometimes the airplane will be out of range.
     Defeat the two elites walking in the same direction as you, as well as the
     next one warming his hands at the oil drum fire. From here, make your way to
     an abandoned oil drum fire on the west side of the map and search the box
     for some [COLLECTIBLE CARDS]. Now turn your attention to the northwest
     The bunker is equipped with several searchlights that are pointed upwards and
     should not be a problem. There are many enemies patrolling the bunker, and on
     top of the bunker is an officer and elite pair - shoot the red barrel next to
     them, then escape until things die down again. Since elites take much more
     time to "go back to normal" than grunts, it may be easier to slink down into
     the trenches and flank the remaining enemies.
     Go inside the open door at the north end of the bunker and dismantle the
     control system to open all the bunker doors.
     * Primary Objective: Find the map to the Ratte Factory
     I would not set your sights on the bunker interior just yet - worry about
     clearing out the surface first. From the northwest bunker entrance, go
     northeast towards the control tower and stop by in the tent to find Welrod,
     sniper, and Panzerschreck ammunition.
     = Optional Objective: Kill all operators in the control tower
     Be careful of crossing the airstrip due to the armored vehicle that loops
     through the airstrip and the east side of the map. Camp out here in the tent
     and tag the vehicle so you have its location on your map. Wait for it to pass
     before sneaking across to the east.
     A guard starts at the base of the tower and begins climbing up the stairs, to 
     try to do him in before he gets up the stairs. Ascend the staircase yourself
     and enter the control tower, where there should be a single officer sleeping
     at his desk, so shoot him to complete the objective. While you're here, grab
     the [WAR DIARY] on the desk and search the operator's body for a WEAPON PART
     (BINOCULARS) [12/15].
     You can stay up here for a little while just to tag extra enemies, but only
     snipe if your sounds are masked. Since the only way to get down from the
     tower is the stairs, you don't want to find yourself trapped up here. If you
     look closely, you can spot and identify two ghillie suit snipers resting on
     the eastern ridge. You don't have to kill them now, but definitely tag them.
     This location is very nice once you clear out the nearby enemies, such as any
     walking outside the two hangars on the east side. Assuming there are no
     soldiers in the vicinity, you can let off shots without alarm since no one is
     close by to hear the shots. This map is nice since it is so spread out and
     allows you to snipe without fear. So if there is no one within earshot, try
     to take out the two snipers and anyone else to make your life easier.
     When you are ready, stop at the [SNIPER NEST] in the corner. From the control
     tower, walk up the slope and pick up the [WAR DIARY] next to the nest. You
     have a straight shot all the way down to the southern tip of the airfield,
     and anyone in between. In addition, you can get the mission's [LONG SHOT]
     (which also happens to be the most difficult by far).
     The target you are looking for is directly south of the sniper nest, waaaay
     out of bounds of the map. Look far out towards the horizon and aim your
     binoculars along the top of the tallest sand dune. This is more challenging
     since it is nighttime, but you can vaguely make out a silhouette standing on
     the horizon.
     This elite is a whopping 618 meters away, by far the furthest potential kill
     you can make in the game! If you are playing on Marksman, you have to worry
     about annoying bullet ballistics. Even the red reticule when you empty your
     lung is misleading and you must position the red dot a couple inches above
     the target to account for significant bullet drop (choose a reticule that has
     ticks/notches that you can use for reference).
     It will likely take several instances of emptying your lung, firing, and then
     catching your breath again. As always, save your game before attempting the
     Long Shot and make sure to eliminate any nearby threats. If there is no one
     around to hear you, you can fire off as many rounds as you like without any
     soldiers being alerted to your position.
     Naturally, this long shot is MUCH easier on Cadet. In fact, a great way to
     unlock the "Double the Distance" Achievement is to play this map on Cadet and
     save when at the sniper nest. Save, do the Long Shot, reload, do it again,
     and keep it up until you have sniped for the allotted distance.
     Time to take down the armored vehicle. From the sniper nest or control
     tower, study its route pattern and plant some land mines or S-Mines on the
     ground. Then start proceeding south to the eastern region.
     = Optional Objective: Destroy the bomb dump 0/3
     There is no need to try and complete this objective without attempting to
     unlock the Achievement that ties in with it: "Three Birds, One Stone". In
     order for this Achievement to pop, you have to destroy all three bomb dumps
     at the same time. Impossible? No. Difficult? Actually no, not really.
     You will want to eliminate the elites wandering around the bomb dumps: one
     walks back and forth directly in front of them, while there are about three
     more holed up in the tents. Stop by the tents for some ammo and other stuff,
     including [COLLECTIBLE CARDS] in the middle tent.
     Now for the bomb dumps. You will need two total explosive traps; whether it
     be dynamite, land mines, or S-Mines is totally up to you (trip mines won't
     work). Check the southwest hangar if you need extra explosives. Facing the
     three bomb dumps, place explosives between the first and second and the
     second and third. Now shoot one of the many red barrels next to the bomb
     dumps (great place to put barrels) and the traps should blow up as well for
     a simultaneous wonderful explosion.
     Relocating would be a good idea. Climb up on the hill and follow the wall
     south to make sure you stay behind the parked armored vehicle. Go past the
     vehicle and look around the rocks to reach a supply crate bathed in
     torchlight. You can find some sniper ammo, Panzerschreck ammo, a med kit,
     and most importantly [COLLECTIBLE CARDS].
     It's much safer and easier to get rid of the second armored vehicle, since
     it is pretty hard to explore the southeast bunker without it peering down
     your shoulder. Since there is an entire chest full of sniper rifle ammo, opt
     for sniping the weak spots until it goes kaboom.
     There are five or six soldiers here at the southeast bunker entrance, so stay
     on the eastern hilltop to take them down; there's no sense using other
     weapons when you have sniper ammunition so close by. If you need to relocate,
     then run over to the second [SNIPER NEST]: this one is in the southeast
     corner. From the bunker entrance, go to the corner and climb up the rock
     steps to reach the top, where you can find a [WAR DIARY] and the nest.
     Once the enemy resistance has been cut down a bit, go inside the trenches.
     = Optional Objective: Kill the radio operator to stop reinforcements
     The radio room is on the southern end of the bunker entrance. Sneak through
     the trenches and into the doorway to find him sitting at the radio. With his
     back turned to you, he won't see it coming.
     Again, don't go into the basement just yet and finish the southwest sector.
     Roughly four enemies reside here (not including the ones you tagged at the
     start of the level), with one manning a searchlight up in the tower. Since
     you are behind the tower, you can snipe the searchlight operator and won't
     have to worry about shooting out the light. Climb up here for the third
     Stop in the four hangars if you haven't already. The southwest hangar has a
     ton of explosive traps, Welrod ammo, and a [WAR DIARY]. Next, go inside the
     neighboring hangar, killing the two enemies and grabbing another [WAR DIARY]
     off of the table near the supply crate. The two hangars on the east side
     contain more ammunition but don't hold any collectibles.
     Alright, time to head underground. There are many entrances (four hangars,
     two bunker entrances), and the entry point doesn't particularly matter. For
     the sake of the guide, I'll take you through the southeast bunker entrance.
     From the southeast entrance, take the flight of stairs down to the basement.
     Walk past the bunk beds and stop at the personal desk for a [WAR DIARY]. At
     the intersection, go left, then left again to end up below the southwest
     hangar. On a stack of green crates lies a [WAR DIARY]. Make your way north
     towards the stairs leading up to the northwest hangar. In the middle of the
     fork is another [WAR DIARY]. There will be soldiers along the way; usually in
     pairs, so lay traps or use grenades for easy double kills. 
     Make your way towards the northwest corner near the bunker entrance for 
     the final [WAR DIARY]. That should be all the collectibles! Nearby is a big
     storage room where you will find the map to the Ratte Factory. Use the
     explosive boxes and barrels to wipe out the few elites inside. When the coast
     is clear, take the intelligence.
     * Primary Objective: Get to a sniper point to cover the LRDG
     Before you go too far, cut across the room to the opposite end. You stumble
     upon a prison cell with some unlucky occupants.
     = Optional Objective: Release the prisoners
     Wondering what those blue blips on your map were? They were some prisoners
     held captive down in the bottom of the bunker. All you have to do is walk up
     to the jail cell and press A to get it open and finish the easy objective.
     Now run through the bunker back to the southeast entrance and return to the
     surface. Make your way to the second sniper nest (more accurately marked on
     your map) and get into position.
     * Primary Objective: Protect the LRDG from the sniper nest
     Your LRDG comrades will be driving around the airfield and under some serious
     fire. Similar to the objective at the end of Mission 4, all you have to do is
     stay put and snipe wave after wave of German soldiers. You have all the
     ammunition you need right next to you, and your friends chip in with the
     killing. This section pretty much clinches the "Advantage: Sniper"
     * Primary Objective: Take down all German vehicles
     A tank and an armored vehicle roll in just as your LRDG friends leave the 
     airfield. A handful of enemies also spawn, including a sniper on the
     searchlight tower. At some point, make sure to execute and loot his body for
     a WEAPON PART (SNIPER) [13/15].
     This tank in particular is harder to demolish than others in the past because
     it refuses to move. You can't plant a trap and wait for it to drive over your
     explosives. The tank is firmly planted at the southern end of the airstrip
     and scans the area. There is a ton of Panzerschreck ammo in this map, so my
     best advice is to blast it to hell with rockets.
     The armored vehicle has a convoluted driving route, so things like land mines
     should not be your first option. Sniping the weak points is an acceptable
     choice, as is Panzerschreck rockets. Snipe the vehicle in order to get it to
     stop moving, then fire off a rocket or two.
     * Primary Objective: Get to the evac point
     Get to the southern end of the airstrip, marked on your map, to round out the
    | Mission 8: Ratte Factory                                            [0408] |
     Optional Objectives: 1
     Collectible Cards: 5
     Sniper Nests: 3
     War Diaries: 5
     This is the final mission in the campaign: you must thwart General Vahlen's
     plans and turn the tide in this war!
     * Primary Objective: Access the canyon walkways
     = Optional Objective: Collect German advanced weapon plans 0/4
     Move along the cliffside, knocking out the sightseer and tossing him off the
     edge for good measure. Do the same with the guy obsessed with his echo, and
     enter the canyon walkways. Just as a pointer: this mission is challenging, so
     make frequent saves.
     * Primary Objective: Destroy the power transformers on each level 0/2
     Use your Welrod on the two grunts standing around the table, then turn back
     to the cliff and knock the guy off the edge. Stay inside and walk forward,
     then around the corner to find another soldier. Take him out and look south
     at the walkway interior. There are two enemies below you, one standing at a
     table, and a few more further south.
     The conveyor belts and other factory machines provide noise that can mask
     your shots. Take down the two baddies close by and head down the stairs to
     the floor. Grab one of the bodies and trot out onto the green bridge. Toss
     the corpse off the side of the bridge for the "Long Way Down" Achievement.
     Near where this enemy was is a pile of long gray pipes, up against the back
     wall. Look for 'em and when you find them, pick up the [COLLECTIBLE CARDS]
     from off the ground.
     Next, proceed up onto the catwalk. Look across the canyon and snipe the two 
     guards walking around. Go across the bridge to the west end and walk to the 
     right. At the base of the staircase and behind the row of metal shelves is a
     deck of [COLLECTIBLE CARDS] sprawled on the floor.
     Go up the staircase and take apart the barricade to reveal a [SNIPER NEST].
     This isn't a particularly good vantage point, so leave and inspect the desk
     up here in the corner of the second floor for the first advanced weapon plan.
     Now head back across the bridge to the east side.
     There is an elite on the upper walkway (which you should get up on after 
     downing him), and survey the other end of the walkway. An officer joins the 
     scene, so tag him and use the machinery to mask your sounds.
     Once you get to the other end, step down from the catwalk and survey the
     floor. Pick up the [WAR DIARY] off the pallets and continue down the
     stairwell towards the star marker. Turn to your right and tag the enemy on
     the bridge below plus the soldiers across the way. Descend the ladder to find
     the first transformer. First, loot the supply crates in the corner, then
     blast the transformer by targeting the explosive barrel.
     Against the wall opposite the transformer is a holed boarded up with some
     wooden beams. Pull them away and enter the small tunnel, working your way up
     to the [SNIPER NEST] atop a canopy. You can survey the bridges and walkways a
     bit better, as well as get the [LONG SHOT]. From the ledge at the end of the
     tunnel, aim northeast and look way up at the two construction cranes. Near
     the furthest one is a very brave grunt standing on the very edge of a cliff.
     Sniping him should be no problem.
     Stealthily killing all the enemies across the bridges can be tough with just
     your sniper rifle, since you don't have a lot of space to maneuver or to
     relocate to. You can run back and forth between the two bridges and also drop
     land mines or trip wires on the bridges to create choke points.
     The officers are the worst ones since they have the vision of a hawk. Try to 
     locate and execute them first, and try to secure the upper bridge so you can 
     get across and have the high ground.
     From the lower bridge, look across to spot a grunt hunched over a work table. 
     This guy carries a WEAPON PART (BINOCULARS) [14/15], so make sure to search 
     his corpse when things are all said and done. If you take too long clearing 
     out the area, his body disappears and you'll have to reload an earlier save.
     This was the biggest bitch of a weapon part I could get in the game, mainly
     because he never managed to spawn for me and the room is so cluttered that
     the body disappears before you can clear it out. My only technique was to
     find him, snipe him, run across the bridge and loot his body before the other
     19 enemies obliterated me. Definitely glitchy.
     From the upper bridge, you can hang out at the top of the staircase and look
     across the walkway at all the soldiers. There is also more machinery nearby
     that can be used as a noise diversion. Once most of the obstacles have been
     hurdled on the second walkway, get on the upper catwalk and enter the side
     room to find another advanced weapon plan.
     Make a right after exiting the room and look over the catwalk to another
     bridge on the ground. An officer and two elites begin walking across to your
     position, but if you're quick you can shoot the explosive barrel on the
     bridge to take out all three. If not, back up and hide and muffle your shots
     to individually down them.
     There are [COLLECTIBLE CARDS] up on this catwalk as well. Down on the ground 
     level, back to the east, is a [WAR DIARY] on a desk near the two staircases,
     up against two metal shelves.
     In the far end of the walkway, in a little alcove, is the second power
     generator. Blow it sky high to complete your objective.
     * Primary Objective: Destroy the Ratte ammo cache
     Go across the bridge to western wing as four elites emerge from the upper
     room and begin walking down the stairs. It wouldn't be a bad idea to retreat
     back across the bridge and snipe one or two before relocating. A grenade
     always works since they are in a tightly-confined area.
     Once they're toast, go back to the room, grab the [WAR DIARY] off one of the
     tables, and head inside the green-dimmed room in the southwest corner for
     your third advanced weapons plan. Finally, ascend the stairs to the ammo
     cache. Plant a satchel charge on the ammo cache by pressing A and... nothing
     * Primary Objective: Access the cargo elevator to get to the canyon base
     A door opens below you and some soldiers wander out. Tiptoe onto the balcony
     and shoot them with your Welrod. A few other enemies emerge from the nearby
     cargo elevator. They are a bit further away, so switch to your sniper rifle
     and snipe them when the machine sounds go off. Step inside the cargo elevator
     and take a ride down to the base. NOW the charges go off!
     * Primary Objective: Set charges on the support pillars around the Ratte 0/4
     The canyon base where the ginormous Ratte tank lies is bigger than the map
     makes it out to be, and it is positively crawling with soldiers. You must
     set charges on the four main support columns in each corner of the base in
     order to bring the roof down.
     There are two soldiers walking in between the rows of machines, as well as
     one moving past the first support beam. Take them all down, then kick the
     small generator and set charges on the beam. Look around and tag any enemies
     you can while using the generator to your advantage. There is an elite that
     patrols the left side of the Ratte. He is tricky to find, but if you wait
     near the generator he should walk past. You'll want to get him because he
     holds the final WEAPON PART (SNIPER) [15/15].
     Continue to the the southwest support beam. Plant a charge and step onto the
     platform immediately east of the pillar for more [COLLECTIBLE CARDS]. The
     storage room behind the support beam has a ton of Panzerschreck ammo, MP40
     ammo, Luger ammo, and med kits. Next door is an office filled with about
     four enemies. Toss a grenade through the window and quickly go inside to
     steal the last advanced weapons plan. This should complete the optional
     objective, and hopefully earn you the "Nothing is Optional" Achievement.
     Go north to the northwest pillar and shoot the guy down here. Kick the small
     generator and take the [WAR DIARY] off the table. In order to arm the
     northwest pillar, you'll have to find a set of stairs leading to the second
     floor. There are guards walking above you, so either sneak up behind them or
     snipe them from the ground floor.
     The charge for the northeast pillar must also be set on the second floor, but
     let's take a detour. Go back on the ground and proceed to the northeast
     quadrant. Climb the set of stairs near the molten hot metal and one more
     flight of stairs to a balcony. On the left-hand corner of the balcony is the
     final set of [COLLECTIBLE CARDS].
     Get up onto the second floor catwalk and plant a charge on the fourth support
     * Primary Objective: Set an explosive charge on the Ratte
     A final charge has been reserved for the Ratte. A hangar door opens to reveal
     an armored vehicle and more soldiers. From up here, you should easily snipe
     the vehicle until it's a pile of rubble. Start making your way to the ground,
     all the while tagging and shooting enemies.
     Next, climb up onto the Ratte itself - there is a set of stairs on the
     right side of the tank. Pull yourself onto the top of the tank where you'll
     find a [WAR DIARY] just sittin' there. Climb the ladder to the cockpit and
     put a charge on the designated spot.
     * Primary Objective: Escape from the hangar
     Drop down from the Ratte and return to the ground. At this point, the tank
     starts firing machine guns at you. Sprint to the east end to escape the
     hangar and the gunfire.
     * Primary Objective: Take the shot and detonate the charge
     This is the final group of enemies. There are about six, and they are all
     standing out in the open. I didn't even bother using conventional methods and
     sniped the hell out of them in succession. Panzerschrecks work here as well.
     There is little cover and you are meant to move quickly. Don't waste time.
     Dash up the slope to the final [SNIPER NEST], lay prone, hold your breath,
     and aim at the red chains supporting the explosive shells hanging above the 
     Ratte. Fire!
    [5] DLC                                                                 [0500]
    | Hunt the Grey Wolf                                                  [0501] |
     Optional Objectives: 0
     Collectible Cards: 0
     Sniper Nests: 1
     War Diaries: 10
     There are a couple things to note about this DLC mission:
     - It is short, but that's kind of the point. There are many ways to kill
       Hitler and in order to get all the Achievements for doing so the game
       recommends that you undergo multiple playthroughs (but you don't actually
       have to).
     - There are technically 10 war diaries, but you only find 4 total in one
       playthrough. The war diaries you get are random so, once again, you must
       replay the mission multiple times in order to get all 10. There is no
       reward for getting all the diaries/sniper nest/long shot.
     - You cannot save during the mission, so you cannot simply create a save
       file right before killing Hitler in order to save time. What you'll want to
       do is kill Hitler, then pause and load last save to reload the previous
       checkpoint (Hitler's arrival).
     * Primary Objective: Confirm target's arrival
     If you have a quick trigger finger and happen to have a Panzerschreck on you,
     step out from where you start and shoot the truck that passes down the road
     in front of you. That will get rid of a group of enemies later on and also
     disorient the remaining soldiers here, letting you pick them off one by one.
     If not, then grab the grenades and various mines near the parked truck and go
     east towards a campfire surrounded by an officer and two grunts; a grenade
     will do the trick. Turn around and now follow the western perimeter towards
     the truck that just drove past you. There are some mortars going off nearby,
     and pretty frequently, so stay here while you snipe the soldiers near the
     Continue south past all the craters and rusty vehicle shells; there are two
     or so soldiers down in the trenches in the little bunkers. Since you cannot
     shoot through the netting, you're better off getting up close and using your
     Welrod or your bare hands.
     Stay low during your travels, since there are a couple elites up on the high
     wall near the first row of ruined buildings. Get close to the high wall and
     move east, past another truck and scaffolding that you eventually need to
     scale. Make your way towards the guard tower in the corner - there is one
     inside the tower and two down below. Wait for the two to split up before
     execute them, then sneak up the tower and do the same to the fella up here.
     From this guard tower, you have a good look at some of the enemies on the
     high wall. You will want to kill most, if not all, of them, since you are an
     easy target when they see you climbing up the scaffolding. Once the scouts on
     the wall are dealt with, climb up the side of the scaffolding and take the
     [WAR DIARY] to confirm the Fuhrer's arrival. This is the only war diary that
     is not randomized.
     * Primary Objective: Read officers' perspectives on target 0/2
     Like I briefly mentioned before, the 10 war diaries are randomized and their
     locations are random as well. Your objective destinations are in different
     spots every playthrough, so there is no way to accurately describe where to
     go for this walkthrough. I will however walk you through the map exploration
     and where the enemies are.
     Go up the ladder and open the door (!!!). There are a couple ways to go from
     here. If you are interested in a Lee-Enfield Mk. III or more sniper ammo,
     then enter the building on your left.
     Going to the far right takes you to the high wall where all those elites
     were. Feel free to stop by and loot their bodies. If you look beyond the
     barricade to the south, you'll find two more elites talking to each other
     in the street. Taking them both out simultaneously is tough from here - go
     back to the intersection and head straight into the cluttered room. 
     Take out the guard near the southern exit, then jump through the window near
     the staircase onto the balcony. From here you can split up the two elites and
     shoot them. The staircase back in the room leads up to the rooftop gardens
     and serves as a good hiding spot and a sniper location. Jump from roof to
     roof and navigate the catwalks to seamlessly roam the city.
     From the rooftop gardens, continue south. There is usually one other guard up
     here that you'll need to neutralize, but look out over the walkways to the
     streets below for more guards.
     Eventually set your sights on the sniper nest south of here. If you are still
     up on the roof, you can get here via a connecting walkway. There are a pair
     of enemies on the roof, so take them out and climb to the very top. Move
     aside the box to uncover the [SNIPER NEST].
     Now this sniper nest offers no true use to you since all the soldiers are 
     below you, but if you aim northeast towards the radio outpost (look for the 
     red glow), you can tag and snipe a guard for a [LONG SHOT]. He moves around 
     more often than other Long Shot targets, but he is only around 168 meters
     Stay up here on the roof and move between buildings as you try and eliminate
     the remaining soldiers. Once the coast is relatively clear, search the marked
     buildings (again, it's random every time) for the [TWO WAR DIARIES].
     * Primary Objective: Observe messenger and collect intel
     There is one more intelligence you must retrieve to further the mission, and
     it is held by a messenger automatically tagged. Get down on the streets and
     proceed through the gate at the south end of town. The messenger roams around
     the plaza to the west, which is guarded by a number of baddies. There are two
     at the main entrance and another on the side. To flank the group, head south
     and down the staircase.
     From here, take down the three guards and enter the brick tower. Ascend the
     ladder to the balcony overlooking the plaza. There are likely two or so guys
     up here, so stay in the tower and try to quietly down them. Go north and
     through the room towards the small generator on the northwest side of the
     plaza. Kick it, then camp out here a bit and target the enemies below,
     including wherever the messenger happens to be.
     * Primary Objective: Collect the intel
     Once everyone has been killed, including the messenger, loot his body for the
     [WAR DIARY].
     * Primary Objective: Choose a vantage point
     Now it is time to stake out and wait for Hitler's arrival. Search all the
     corpses for extra ammunition and make your way to the southeast corner of the
     city. There are two vantage points here: one is closer to the target and the
     other has higher elevation. I prefer the vantage point that's closer to the
     target, and you are able to get all the related Achievements from this spot.
     * Primary Objective: Determine the target's identity and proceed
     Hitler arrives with a squadron, including an officer that assists you in
     unlocking a secret Achievement. There are seven different ways to kill
     Hitler. In order to prevent replaying the entire mission, once you have
     assassinated him you can pause the game and load last save.
     A couple things to know: Hitler will leave after about five seconds, so
     you'll want to get the job done quickly. On top of that, you actually don't
     have to kill Hitler. You can let him escape and complete the mission as is
     without repercussion (but who wants to take that route?). And shooting the
     accompanying officer in the nads unlocks the "Herr Charles" Achievement.
     Here is a breakdown on each possible option:
     - Sweating Bullets (shoot and kill the target)
       Simply shoot Hitler as he is seated at the dining table. All you gotta do
       is snipe the Fuhrer - by far the easiest one. If you go for the "Fast-
       Moving Target" Achievement first, you unlock this one by default.
     - Grenadier (killed the target with a grenade)
       You don't exactly have a quarterback's arm, so hurling an M24 grenade will
       do you not good. Instead, empty your lung and aim at the grenade attached
       to the officer's uniform. Shooting this creates a chain explosion that
       takes out Hitler.
     - In the Middle (kill the target with a chain reaction)
       Take a look at the three trucks parked to the right of the dinner party. A 
       single shot from this sniper rifle at the vehicle's weak point sets them
       all off and creates a deadly chain reaction. You can also get this by
       standing up and chucking an M24 grenade at the middle truck; hitting the
       truck closest to you won't create a chain reaction.
     - Saved by the Bell (crush the target with a bell)
       Look west, past the plaza, for a bell tower. Hold your breath and fire at
       the rope holding the bell in place. A successful shot will cause the rope
       to snap as the bell conveniently lands on top of Hitler.
     - No Escape (kill the target in the vehicle by shooting its weak spot)
       Probably the most difficult one out of the group. Hitler's personal car
       has one weak spot on the back and requires at least two bullets. Either let
       Hitler leave or try your hand at the Herr Charles Achievement.
       Once Hitler is in his car, turn around and lay prone on the wooden bridge 
       between the two vantage points. Just as the vehicle comes into view, hold
       your breath and try to take two shots in succession. The car stalls and
       blows up a second later, giving you the Achievement.
     - Fast-moving Target (shoot the target in his car)
       Let Hitler leave in his vehicle and turn around, laying out on the wooden
       walkway connecting the two vantage points. Wait for him to come into sight
       and brain him. Since it's an open top vehicle, you should have no trouble
       getting this (at it also unlocks the "Sweating Bullets" Achievement if you
       haven't yet gotten it).
     - Convenience is Key (killed the target by shooting nearby explosives)
       Once again, this requires Hitler to be driving away in his car. Wait for
       him to leave and position yourself once more on the wooden bridge. Look out
       on the dirt road, and just as the road curves lies a pile of red explosive
       barrels. Wait for the car to round the corner before setting them off.
     And if you sat through all this and assassinated Hitler every way possible,
     you also get the "...And Stay Dead!" Achievement!
     * Primary Objective: Exfiltrate
     Your mission stays the same whether you killed Hitler or spared him (you
     monster!). If you did indeed kill him, there will be some resistance during
     your exit route. A pair of soldiers appear out of a doorway on the other side
     of the bridge, so quickly deal with them. Next, sprint through the nearby
     door and drop down the perimeter wall to escape the city and complete the
     DLC mission.
    [6] COLLECTIBLES                                                        [0600]
    | War Diaries                                                         [0601] |
    | Mission 1: Siege of Tobruk |
     1. Letter to Martin
     After blowing up the artillery, head southeast up the hill towards a ledge,
     where you'll find the war diary near some dead bodies.
     2. Survival Notes: Managing Heart Rate
     Located on the mountain pass, inside a tent in between the third and fourth
    | Mission 2: Gaberoun |
     1. Intel: Officer Assignments
     Can't miss it. It is found on the body of the tagged grunt that you must kill
     in the beginning of the mission. Use the generator at the start of the level
     to mask your shot and quietly snipe him without alerting anyone else.
     2. Axis Account: Reclaiming Tobruk
     After completing your first objective, move northwest up the road. When you
     reach a cluster of tents just before an area with a truck, search the tent on
     the right for the war diary.
     3. Discipline and Obedience
     After completing your first objective, move northwest up the road. When you
     reach a cluster of tents just before an area with a truck, search the tent on
     the left to find the war diary on a table next to a corpse.
     4. Intel: Recruitment Drive
     Found on the first key officer near the first sniper nest. After killing him,
     inspect his corpse for the intel. 
     5. Axis Account: Vahlen's Presence
     Past the first officer's tent and the nearby well. Follow the road north
     until you come to some ruined architecture and an old house on the right. The
     war diary is inside the house.
     6. Vahlen's Journal: Welcome to America
     Near the mission's collectible cards. On the opposite side of the row is a
     line of tents, with one of them holding the war diary.
     7. Intel: Vahlen's Project
     Held by the second officer, who is found at the campsite in the middle of the
     oasis. He is concealed pretty well due to the rocks and foliage, so you're
     better off eliminating him up close with your Welrod or traps.
     8. Intel: Threat Assessment
     Found on the third officer's body after he is killed. He resides in the
     northwest encampment, and is easily taken down by hiding near the generator
     atop the motor pool and quietly sniping him and his friends.
     9. Axis War Story: Tobruk's Defense
     You can locate this war diary inside one of the two big tents at the third
     officer's campsite; preferably obtained after executing the officer and the
     surrounding grunts.
     10. Survival Notes: Relocation
     After killing and looting the three officers, pass through the motor pool to
     the final officer at the temple. Just before the temple is a ruined building
     on the left side of the road. Climb through or around it to reach the top,
     where there is a generator and the war diary lying on a crate near the
     11. Intel: Report For Reassignment
     You get the final piece of intel by killing the officer residing in the
     eastern temple. Make sure to snipe all of his goons first before going after
     him yourself.
    | Mission 3: Halfaya Pass |
     1. Axis Account: Security Concerns
     Near the beginning of the level. Move to the east, following the pathways to
     the right, and kill the guard on the mounted turret. Continue east up the
     trail and climb up the low wall to reach a small campsite on the right; the
     war diary sits on the ground near the fire.
     2. Vahlen's Journal: Rommel's Success
     Found in the first mountain settlement. It is basically smack dab in the
     center of the village, and is on the ground next to a supply crate.
     3. Fortifications
     This is also the intel that the optional objective refers to in the first
     part of the mountain settlement. The intel is found on a two story building
     on the east side of the town, just north of the group of trucks. The intel
     itself is on a table in the first floor.
     4. Missives From Home
     Located in the cluster of homes near the first artillery. Preferably taken
     after destroying the artillery, this war diary is found inside one of the
     5. Final Inspection
     Found in the settlement north of the first one. This intelligence is for the
     optional objective and is located on the roof of the building with the
     generator; should be easy since it is marked for you on the map and game
     6. Letters to Martin
     Look on your map in the settlement where you found the second piece of
     optional intel - there is a thin strip of land sticking out to the east.
     Head this way to reach a campfire, and the war diary is here on the ground.
     7. Allied War Story: Delaying Tactics
     Located in the communications room. In order to find this war diary and
     complete the optional objective, you must go inside the building in the
     northeast corner of the large settlement. Inside, you can find a set of
     stairs leading into the basement containing the goods.
     8. Survival Notes: Food
     In the area with the third sniper nest overlooking the second artillery. The
     war diary is lying near the cliff's edge, on top of a large box (all the way
     on the west end of the map).
     9. Survival Notes: Enemy Snipers
     The last war diary resides in the northwest corner of the level's map, near
     the third artillery. Pass around the bend with the group of trucks and head
     towards the guard tower on the left. As you go up the road, look for a cave
     entrance along the way. Inside you'll find the war diary.
    | Mission 4: Fort Rifugio |
     1. Survival Notes: Sound-Masking
     Down at the base of the hill leading to the fort, east of where you begin the
     mission. Kill the three enemies here and the war diary can be found on a box
     next to the small generator. Near the first sniper nest.
     2. Missives From Home
     This war diary is found on a stack of boxes at the base of the eastern
     searchlight tower.
     3. Letters to Martin
     In the southwest corner of the map is an overpass structured above the
     service road. Use the ladder to get to the top and take the war diary from
     off the stool.
     4. Survival Notes: Firemaking
     When you have liberated the hilltop and are ready to infiltrate Fort Rifugio,
     you can take a number of pathways. At the east side (the northeast corner of 
     the map) lies a small campsite with a single tent, and the war diary is
     hanging out around here.
     5. Axis Account: Vahlen's Wrath
     Once inside Fort Rifugio, head to the theater area on the western end to find 
     the war diary next to the cinema reel, where two soldiers are standing.
     6. Letters to Martin
     In Fort Rifugio, on the eastern wing. Look for the room dubbed the "torture
     room" due to the shackled chairs and pools of blood. Next to the torture room
     is a ladder that takes you to a chamber holding the war diary (on a chair).
     7. Vahlen's Journal: Dealing With Traitors
     Also found inside Fort Rifugio, in the east wing. Inside the eastern building
     is a radio room; from the main doorway, hang a right and there will be a
     grunt inside with his back turned to you. Assassinate him and pick up the
     war diary off the table.
    | Mission 5: Siwa Oasis |
     1. Axis Account: Missing in Action
     The war diary is located in an office building directly next to Vahlen's
     2. Axis War Story: Assassination Attempt
     From Vahlen's office, go northwest and keep hugging the buildings near the
     west side until you can find a staircase leading up to the perimeter wall.
     Follow these walkways to a supply cache and a turret building. Go inside the
     room (there's usually a dude chillin' here) to find the war diary.
     3. Survival Notes: Desert Sniping I
     Located in a small room, accessed from a doorway on floor level. It is in the
     northwest corner of the map in the courtyard, just southwest from the anti-
     aircraft gun.
     4. Missives From Home
     When taking out the AA gun on the east side of the map, at some point explore
     the building to the left of the gun to find it on the ground.
     5. Axis Account: Desert Ghost
     Tricky to find at first, since it is lying on the ground out in the open. The
     war diary, to be specific, is near the palace to the east next to the
     6. Letters to Martin
     Go inside the eastern palace to find the war diary tucked in the back corner;
     you should find it if you are partaking in the supply cache optional
     7. Survival Notes: Healing
     Found in a tiny room on the west side of the ruins (between Vahlen's office
     and the enemy sniper's hideout). You should find it if you are partaking in 
     the supply cache optional objective.
     8. Vahlen's Journal: Home Away From Home
     You can get this war journal on the second floor of the building smack dab in
     the middle of the city courtyard.
     9. Vahlen's Journal: Smooth Progress
     The war diary is found on the officer that you must pursue and kill. Wait for
     the officers to have their meeting and follow your designated target until
     he retrieves the intel. Assassinate him and search the body.
    | Mission 6: Kasserine Pass |
     1. Survival Notes: Water
     Found on the central mountain. From the north end, follow the mountainside
     east and go up the ramp. Enter the second floor tunnel and then exit out on
     the right to emerge on a small cliffside camp, where you find the war diary.
     2. Missives From Home
     Found on the main street where the armored vehicle patrols. This war diary in
     particular can be obtained by going inside the twin-sized yellow building and
     rummaging around through the furniture.
     3. Axis War Story: Remembering Emil
     Inside the white tower. The war diary is on a table on the first floor,
     across from the two supply crates.
     4. Vahlen's Journal: Usefulness of Rommel
     Inside the white tower. Climb the side stairs to reach the second floor and
     you can get it just before going up the ladder to the sniper nest.
     5. Letters to Martin
     Travel to the southern end of the map, on the empty trail. There are two
     small buildings located here, one of which contains two supply caches and the
     war diary.
     6. Axis Account: Dangerous Ambitions
     Also on the far southern road, but a bit further down. This one is found by
     following the path east towards the single building near the entrance to the
     overhang. Go inside for more ammunition and the war diary.
     7. Note From Vahlen: In My Absence
     You can pick this up after slipping inside Vahlen's headquarters and gunning
     down all the occupants; found on the table in the middle of the room.
     8. Note From Vahlen: Safe Combination
     The safe combination is held by a trusted officer stationed on the southern
     trail. The pathway is littered with elites and a sniper on one of the roofs.
     Use the mountain passage to avoid walking down the trail in the open, kill
     everyone (including the officer) and search his corpse.
    | Mission 7: Pont du Fahs Airfield |
     1. Allied War Story: Last Defense
     Found at the top of the control tower. Sneak your way to the top of the tower
     and assassinate the sleeping officer before taking the war diary off the
     2. Survival Notes: Desert Sniping II
     The war diary is found at the first sniper nest (the one at the northern end
     of the map). Can't miss it.
     3. Axis Account: Desperation
     You can get this one at the second sniper nest (found in the southeast corner
     of the map). The diary itself is sitting on a rock close to the boxes that
     need to be moved in order to uncover the nest.
     4. Survival Notes: Sandstorm
     Go inside the southwest hangar and look for a desk near the two supply
     caches (there are big words spray painted on the wall). On the desk lies the
     war diary.
     5. Letters to Martin
     Next door from the previous war diary. Go inside the northwest hangar and
     look for it on a table near the supply crate and explosive barrel.
     6. Vahlen's Journal: Threat to Completion
     Located in the basement. Easiest when accessed via the southeast bunker
     entrance. Head down the stairs and go past the row of beds, eventually
     reaching two desks, one of which contains the war diary.
     7. Survival Notes: Clothing
     Located in the basement. The best way to find and obtain it is by accessing
     the basement from the southwest hangar. Go down the stairs and turn left,
     and it's on a stack of green boxes in the corner.
     8. Axis War Story: Infantry Change
     Located in the basement. Easy to find when reached via the northwest hangar:
     go down the stairs and proceed straight ahead. Once at the intersection, look
     in the corner to the left.
     9. Missives From Home
     Located in the basement. From the northwest bunker entrance, descend the
     staircase and walk straight ahead - the war diary is on one of the brown
     crates in the center of the hallway.
    | Mission 8: Ratte Factory |
     1. Axis Account: Completing Production
     On the eastern walkway, head south and after slaying the whole crew of German
     soldiers here, look on the floor level for a war diary on a wooden pallet.
     2. Vahlen's Journal: Pointing the Blame
     This one can be claimed on the western walkway. From the upper level bridge,
     go down the staircase and stay on the ground. Up against a pair of metal
     shelves is a desk with a lamp shining down on the war diary.
     3. Vahlen's Journal: War Machine
     Located in the west wing, near the Ratte ammo cache. After defeating the room 
     full of enemies and the four elites that come down from the stairs, search
     the tables in the room; it is on one of them.
     4. Missives From Home
     Found in the Ratte canyon base. At the base of the northwest pillar is a desk
     which contains the war diary.
     5. Allied War Story: Surprise Attack
     The final war diary is found on top of the Ratte tank. On the right side of
     the tank is a staircase leading to the top. Head up the stairs and then look
     around for the war diary (near the ladder leading up to the cockpit).
    | Collectible Cards                                                   [0602] |
    | Mission 1: Siege of Tobruk |
     Collectible Cards #1
     Found at the northeast guard tower overlooking the fourth Nebelwerfer. Climb
     to the top and check out the stack of boxes near the radio.
    | Mission 2: Gaberoun |
     Collectible Cards #1
     About midway through the mission, on your way to killing the second officer.
     As you follow the main road you come to a truck near a campfire surrounded
     by several pillars. Just past this campfire is a stack of oil drums; head
     north/northeast to reach the first part of the ruins and you should find the
     cards inside a small entrance to a living quarters (or for a better
     reference: right next to the third well). 
    | Mission 3: Halfaya Pass |
     Collectible Cards #1
     Proceed towards the building west of the motor pool (there is a mounted
     turret on the roof). Walk through to the back porch to find the collectible
     cards scattered on the ground.
     Collectible Cards #2
     In the same spot where the third sniper nest is located (on the outskirts of
     the second artillery). Go inside the dilapidated house near the base of the
     sniper nest to find the cards on a table.
     Collectible Cards #3
     Located on the path leading to the final artillery, and General Hosslein. The
     stack of cards is located behind a line of three vehicles just before
     reaching the pair of guard towers.
    | Mission 4: Fort Rifugio |
     Collectible Cards #1
     From Sniper Nest #1, proceed north to reach a group of four tents. The cards
     are inside one of the tents, on a table.
     Collectible Cards #2
     This stack of collectible cards can be retrieved from inside a tent near the
     western searchlight tower.
     Collectible Cards #3
     Inside Fort Rifugio. Near the middle of the fort is a staircase leading up to
     the northern outer wall. Head up the stairs and do away with the lone grunt,
     then follow the perimeter wall east to a storage room containing dynamite,
     Welrod ammo, and the cards.
    | Mission 5: Siwa Oasis |
     Collectible Cards #1
     These cards are found inside the secret access tunnel on the southwest side
     of the city. From the start of the mission if you head to the western camp
     and clear out the enemies, you can find a cave entrance that leads you
     through a tunnel and into the city near the ruins. The cards are found here
     in this tunnel, next to a supply crate.
    | Mission 6: Kasserine Pass |
     Collectible Cards #1
     On the northern end of the map, near the first Nebelwerfer. After blasting it
     and all the surrounding baddies, enter the orange house to find the cards on
     a table in the corner.
     Collectible Cards #2
     Found near the main street - behind the twin-sized yellow house (where you
     find one of the war diaries) is a small home, and inside are the cards piled
     on top of a box.
     Collectible Cards #3
     The cards are located on the southwest end of the map. They are inside one of
     the buildings behind the tall white tower (the second sniper nest).
    | Mission 7: Pont du Fahs Airfield |
     Collectible Cards #1
     Located on the west end of the map, in an alcove. From the start of the
     mission, go north and kill the two elites walking in front of you, then
     execute the elite standing near the oil drum fire. After, go northwest to
     an abandoned fire and inspect the boxes on the ground for the cards.
     Collectible Cards #2
     Either before or after destroying the three bomb dumps, search inside the
     accompanying tents: the cards are found in the middle tent.
     Collectible Cards #3
     From the location of the second set of cards, go up the hill towards the
     east and follow the perimeter wall south. By hugging the wall, you stay out
     of sight of the second armored vehicle. Wrap around the rocky outcropping to
     reach a supply crate next to a torch. There's plenty of ammo and stuff here,
     as well as the cards.
    | Mission 8: Ratte Factory |
     Collectible Cards #1
     Located on the eastern walkway, near the first green bridge. Up against the
     back wall is a pile of gray metal pipes, and next to the pipes is the pile of
     collectible cards.
     Collectible Cards #2
     After accessing the canyon walkways, either go across the narrow support beam
     or get down to the bridge and cross it to the west side of the canyon. Here
     in this area (where you find the first sniper nest), you can find the cards
     on the ground behind the rightmost metal shelf.
     Collectible Cards #3
     Found on the western walkway on your way to the second power generator. The
     cards are found on the middle of a catwalk near the side room where you
     retrieve the second advanced weapons plan.
     Collectible Cards #4
     Down in the canyon base, during your quest to destroy the support columns.
     The cards are on a platform immediately east of the southwest pillar.
     Collectible Cards #5
     These collectible cards are located down in the canyon base. Head to the
     northeast sector and go up the stairs in between the big buckets of liquid
     hot metal. Go up one more flight to the balcony and the cards are found up
     here, in the left corner.
    | Sniper Nests                                                        [0603] |
    | Mission 1: Siege of Tobruk |
     Sniper Nest #1
     Near the second Nebelwerfer is a wooden guard tower. Climb the ladder to the
     top and rip the boards off of the window to uncover the nest.
    | Mission 2: Gaberoun |
     Sniper Nest #1
     Found past the first encampment, near the German army truck. If you follow
     the main road northwest, stick to the outer wall and up the perimeter trail
     to reach the sniper nest (occupied by a single grunt). From here you can
     complete an optional objective by sniping a key officer from this position
     (use the generator for sound-masking assistance).
     Sniper Nest #2
     This is the searchlight tower that is revealed during the second optional
     objective. Once the coast is clear and the searchlight is disabled, climb to
     the top. This is done either via the staircase or by maneuvering across the
     neighboring rooftops.
     Sniper Nest #3
     Near the end of the mission, at the temple where you find the final officer.
     There is some scaffolding outside and to the left of the temple, and if you
     climb to the top you can move aside some boxes to unveil it.
    | Mission 3: Halfaya Pass |
     Sniper Nest #1
     Found in the first mountain settlement. Stick to the east side of the village
     and go north past all the trucks. Tag and clear out all the soldiers and move
     past the building with the intelligence in it. Climb on the roof of the next
     building to find the sniper nest.
     Sniper Nest #2
     Located on the east side of the northern settlement (the biggest one). It is
     a very nice vantage point, and Karl even makes mention of its ideal location
     when you come across it. Climb up the staircase and head to the top of the
     inner stairwell, then ascend the ladder to the top of the tower. The sniper
     nest is here atop the tower, and you are also accompanied by a loudspeaker
     that helps mask your shots.
     Sniper Nest #3
     Near the second artillery on the west end of the map. It is occupied by a
     rival sniper, so the best way to reach it safely is by leaving the northern
     settlement through hidden tunnels to reach a cave with three large windows.
     Tag and snipe the sniper along with any other soldiers, then climb the
     ladder on the other side of the camp to reach the sniper nest.
    | Mission 4: Fort Rifugio |
     Sniper Nest #1
     Located at the base of the hill leading up to Fort Rifugio. From where you
     start the mission, go east to reach a campsite with a small generator. Climb
     up the steps and move aside the crate to find the sniper nest.
     Sniper Nest #2
     The second sniper nest is on the east side of the hill, near one of the two
     entrances to the main service road. Dispose of the grunt at the top of the
     guard tower, then climb up and remove the wooden boards from the window.
     Sniper Nest #3
     This sniper nest is on the west end of the map. From the southwest corner,
     walk up the ramp and stay to the left to find a tall ladder. At the top is a
     little ridge and some boxes that can be moved to reveal the sniper nest.
    | Mission 5: Siwa Oasis |
     Sniper Nest #1
     If you enter the city through the eastern side near the first AA gun, climb
     to the top of the building on your left, and the sniper nest will be up here.
     Sniper Nest #2
     To get to this sniper nest, you have to climb to the top of the tall stone
     tower on the east end of the city. You can either enter through the palace
     right next door (easy) or simply go through the front doorway (easier). From
     here, go up a couple flights and move the wooden boards outta the way.
     Sniper Nest #3
     This sniper nest is close to the previous one and is also situated on the
     east side of the city. It is inside a building and looks similar to the first
     sniper nest in the mission. You can reach it by going up a flight of stairs
     and then climbing a ladder.
    | Mission 6: Kasserine Pass |
     Sniper Nest #1
     Located in a crevice in the central mountain. Proceed up to the second level
     (easiest by going up the ramp on the northern side) and enter the tunnel.
     Hoist yourself up the stairs to reach the little nest tucked away, giving you
     a view of the village below.
     Sniper Nest #2
     The tall white tower near the middle of the map serves as the location of the
     second sniper nest. Try clearing out most of the streets before hoofing it
     to the tower, and also make sure to kill the sniper that has already made his
     home up there. Accessed from the second floor.
     Sniper Nest #3
     The sniper nest is to the left of General Vahlen's headquarters (facing it),
     north of the building on the map. It isn't much when compared to previous
     sniper nests, but there is a little step where you can stoop down and kick a 
     few boxes out of the way and get a good view of the village main street.
    | Mission 7: Pont du Fahs Airfield |
     Sniper Nest #1
     Located at the northern end of the map, behind the control tower. From the
     tower, walk north up the slope, grab the war diary, and move aside the boxes.
     There isn't much enemy resistance aside from the control tower operator, but
     also make sure to stay out of sight of the armored vehicle.
     Sniper Nest #2
     When near the southeast corner of the airfield, either hoist yourself up the
     stone steps or go around the other end and walk up the ramp. It is a tiny
     cliff overlooking one of the hangars and the bomb dumps.
     Sniper Nest #3
     This is the searchlight tower on the southern end of the map. You can quickly
     get there from the start of the mission, but it is much safer to lap around
     so you can avoid the searchlight and flank all the enemies. Once cleared,
     get to the top and remove the boards.
    | Mission 8: Ratte Factory |
     Sniper Nest #1
     After accessing the canyon walkways, either cross the narrow beam next to you
     or fight your way to the bridge below. Either way, once on the west end get
     up to the second floor and move aside the barricade to reveal the sniper
     Sniper Nest #2
     Near the first transformer. On the wall opposite the transformer, next to a
     pair of supply caches, is a hole boarded up by some planks. Pull them apart
     to uncover the sniper nest. Now this only reveals a tunnel, but the actual
     sniper nest is on a high ledge on the other side of the tunnel.
     Sniper Nest #3
     Don't pay attention to the map, since it is misleading. The last sniper nest
     is accessed after placing a satchel charge on the Ratte. Escape the hangar,
     blast the last group of soldiers, and run up the hill to the nest. You pretty
     much have to access this sniper nest in order to shoot the charge and blow up
     the Ratte.
    | Long Shots                                                          [0604] |
    | Mission 1: Siege of Tobruk |
     Long Shot
     Distance: 179m
     Location: Sniper Nest #1
     From the tower sniper nest (the only one in the mission), aim down at the
     Nebelwerfer and then slowly move the reticule upwards towards the buildings
     in the distance. The white building lowest to the ground has a balcony with a
     soldier standing on it. Tag him and zoom in as far as you can go before
     emptying your lung and firing. 
    | Mission 2: Gaberoun |
     Long Shot
     Distance: 274m
     Location: Sniper Nest #2
     This is a challenging long shot and may require you to use a different sniper
     than the M1 Garand (meaning that you might have to revisit this mission if
     playing on harder difficulties). Once at the searchlight tower (Sniper Nest
     #2), use your binoculars and zoom to the southeast (east of the second key
     officer, assuming he is still alive and depicted on your map). There is a
     tower not unlike the one you are currently in, occupied by a grunt.
     Again, due to the sheer amount of distance between you and the target and the 
     ineptitude of the M1 Garand, you probably won't be able to make this shot 
     unless you are playing on Cadet (which disables bullet drop).
    | Mission 3: Halfaya Pass |
     Long Shot
     Distance: 365m
     Location: Sniper Nest #2
     This long shot isn't that difficult despite the long distance. Head up to
     the second sniper nest (the tall tower on the east end of the northern
     settlement, overlooking the motor pool). Lay prone on the ground and zoom in
     straight ahead with your binoculars, focusing in on the hole in the mountain
     wall. You can use your star objective marker to help you here. There is a
     grunt standing on a balcony that is viewable through the hole in the
     mountainside. Take a deep breath and use your rifle to deliver the shot.
    | Mission 4: Fort Rifugio |
     Long Shot
     Distance: 145m
     Location: Sniper Nest #1
     Once you have uncovered the first sniper nest at the bottom of the hill, look
     up at the fort. Near the center of the fort should be a row of windows, with
     one of them open. Tag the officer admiring his bedroom view and put a bullet
     in his brain. Not very difficult, and sabotaging the small generator below
     you should provide a quiet execution.
    | Mission 5: Siwa Oasis |
     Long Shot
     Distance: 302m
     Location: Sniper Nest #2
     From the sniper nest at the stone tower, look out the window facing
     southeast kinda towards where you began the mission. Out in the distance,
     between two trees, is a lone guard on duty in the middle of nowhere. It is a
     real clean shot and there is no cover or obstacles between the two of you, so
     it's an easy one. At this point in the game, you should be using a decent
     sniper rifle like the Gewehr 43 or Lee-Enfield Mk. III.
    | Mission 6: Kasserine Pass |
     Long Shot
     Distance: 239m
     Location: Sniper Nest #1
     From the first sniper nest, stay prone and look straight ahead, aiming high
     along the mountain line. Southeast of here is a grunt at a communications
     stand. The shot itself is easy (not too far, on the same elevation as you),
     with the hardest part trying to locate him in the first place. There aren't
     many sound-neutralizing options aside from the airplane that flies over every
     couple minutes, so you're best off gunnin' and runnin'.
    | Mission 7: Pont du Fahs Airfield |
     Long Shot
     Distance: 618m
     Location: Sniper Nest #1
     By far the hardest Long Shot in the game - just finding the guy is a task in
     itself. Lay prone in the sniper nest and use your binoculars to look south.
     Look out on the horizon past the boundaries of the map and you can find an
     elite on the tallest sand dune; wave your binoculars back and forth along the
     horizon until you find him (doesn't help that it is nighttime).
     This guy is VERY far away, meaning that you will have to make serious
     adjustments if you are playing on a difficulty that factors in bullet 
     ballistics. If you are worried about getting spotted by enemies, clear out
     the entire northeast quadrant so you can fire off rounds without alerting
     Assuming you have one of the proper reticules, press RB when aiming and aim
     the red dot a couple inches above the target. You can use the ticks on the
     reticule as reference, and you'll want to aim much higher than normal in
     order to account for serious bullet drop. It may take several attempts of
     emptying your lung, firing, and waiting for your BPM to lower. As always,
     Cadet difficulty is an option if you have too much trouble.
    | Mission 8: Ratte Factory |
     Long Shot
     Distance: 141m
     Location: Sniper Nest #2
     This is an easy one, especially compared to the last mission's. From the
     second sniper nest (atop the ledge), look northeast and way up at the top of
     the canyon. Near the left construction crane is a grunt standing on the very
     edge of a cliff. Since it's daytime and he is teetering off the edge, it is
     easy to make out his outline and just as easy sniping him.
    [7] WEAPONS                                                             [0700]
    | Sniper Rifles                                                              |
    | M1 Garand |
     Unlocked: Default
     Standard issue semiautomatic rifle with a high rate of fire.
     Scope Wobble:    xx
     Muzzle Velocity: xxx
     Zoom:            x
     Recoil:          xxxxxx
     Damage:          xxxxxx
     * Out of the available sniper rifles, this is probably the worst overall
       (makes sense, considering how it is your default weapon at the start). You
       quickly unlock other rifles and you only have to use it probably until
       Mission 3. The semi-automatic qualities is nice, though.
    | Carcano |
     Unlocked: Level 4
     Italian bolt action rifle with high muzzle velocity and high recoil.
     Scope Wobble:    xxxxx
     Muzzle Velocity: xxxxxxxxx
     Zoom:            xxxx
     Recoil:          xxxxxxxxx
     Damage:          xxxxxxx
     * Just as a reminder: scope wobble and recoil are traits that you DON'T want
       to be high. The Carcano certainly offers a bang for your buck, with
       high damage, but also high scope wobble and crazy high recoil.
    | Gewehr 43 |
     Unlocked: Level 7
     An improved semiautomatic infantry rifle with low recoil.
     Scope Wobble:    xxxxx
     Muzzle Velocity: xxxx
     Zoom:            xxxxxx
     Recoil:          xxx
     Damage:          xxxx
     * Definitely an upgrade over the M1 Garand, with great zoom and recoil
       reduction, and average in about everything else. Definitely good for those
       looking for more accurate, long-range sniping, but be wary that it is
       overall the weakest sniper rifle.
    | Lee-Enfield Mk. III |
     Unlocked: Level 9
     British bolt action rifle characterized by high stopping power.
     Scope Wobble:    xxxxxxxx
     Muzzle Velocity: xxxxxxx
     Zoom:            xxx
     Recoil:          xxxxxxx
     Damage:          xxxxxxxxx
     * An absolute brute, with damage best designed for taking down vehicles.
       It can be hard to control, with high scope wobble and recoil, but you
       shouldn't ever have a problem taking down an enemy in more than one hit.
    | Pistols                                                                    |
    | Welrod |
     Unlocked: Default
     Short-ranged silenced pistol, useful for picking off targets undetected.
     Rate of Fire: x
     Range:        xx
     Damage:       xxxx
     * While its stats are unimpressive, the Welrod's selling point is that it is
       the only silenced gun in the game. This is the only and only sidearm choice
       if you intend on playing stealth runs, and it's more useful than it looks.
    | Luger P08 |
     Unlocked: Level 3
     The high rate of fire of the German Luger is offset by the lower damage it
     can deal.
     Rate of Fire: xxxxx
     Range:        xxx
     Damage:       xxxx
     * This pistol is practically a semi-automatic handgun when compared to the
       others in its category. It isn't quite as accurate as the Welrod, but can
       be used when spotted and surrounded.
    | Webley Mk. IV |
     Unlocked: Level 8
     British revolver with unequaled stopping power, but high recoil.
     Rate of Fire: x
     Range:        xxx
     Damage:       xxxxxxxx
     * This heavy revolver has a hefty recoil and poor accuracy, but is very 
       powerful. You don't have to worry about scoring headshots for automatic
       kills due to the damage this thing deals. However, it is LOUD.
    | Secondary Weapons                                                          |
    | Sten Mk. II |
     Unlocked: Default
     Accurate 9mm SMG used extensively by Commonwealth forces.
     Accuracy:     xx
     Rate of Fire: xxxx
     Range:        xxx
     Damage:       x
     * Your starting firearm. Definitely the worst one out of the bunch, as the
       others outclass it in literally every single category.
    | MP40 |
     Unlocked: Level: 2
     A powerful SMG with plentiful ammunition behind enemy lines.
     Accuracy:     xxx
     Rate of Fire: xxxx
     Range:        xxxx
     Damage:       xx
     * A decent SMG (definitely better than the Sten Mk. II), but the biggest pro
       is that most enemies carry MP40s, so you rarely have to worry about running
       out of ammo.
    | Thompson |
     Unlocked: Level: 5
     American made SMG with superior damage, but inaccurate at mid-range.
     Accuracy:     xxxx
     Rate of Fire: xxxxxxxx
     Range:        xxx
     Damage:       xx
     * The fire rate on this thing is pretty intense, so those that follow the
       "spray and pray" shooter strategy are in luck. Probably the best overall
       SMG, but finding ammo is tough (though improves in later missions).
    | Panzerschreck |
     Unlocked: Level: 10
     88mm caliber rocket launcher. Excellent against vehicles.
     Accuracy:     xxxxx
     Rate of Fire: x
     Range:        xxxxxxxxxx
     Damage:       xxxxxxxxxx
     * Definitely my go-to firearm upon reaching Level 10, the Panzerschreck is a
       great bail-out weapon when in a tough jam. Great for crowd control or for
       demolishing enemy vehicles (whether it be trucks carrying troops or tanks).
       To boot, in some of the later missions it is very easy to find extra ammo.
    | Offensive Items                                                            |
    | M24 Grenade |
     Unlocked: Default
     German grenade with a small explosion radius.
     Throw Distance: xxxxxxxx
     Blast Radius:   xxx
     Damage:         xxxxxx
     * Probably the best way to create controlled explosions outside of the
       Panzerschreck. Karl can chuck them pretty far and while the explosion
       radius is not wide, it is powerful and great for taking down vehicles.
    | Dynamite |
     Unlocked: Level 2
     A powerful charge which can be remotely detonated by sniping.
     Throw Distance: xxxx
     Blast Radius:   xxx
     Damage:         xxxxxxxxxx
     * Either tap the RB to place or hold to throw. The trick is that it needs to
       be manually activated by gunfire or other explosions, meaning that an
       enemy can walk on top of it no problem. Dynamite is good for creating
       chain reactions and works well with flint and steel.
    | Land Mine |
     Unlocked: Level 3
     A powerful anti-vehicle device with a small activation radius.
     Throw Distance: N/A
     Blast Radius:   xx
     Damage:         xxxxxxxx
     * Great for placing on populated roads and used as booby traps against
       vehicles or large groups. It is powerful and a single mine can take down 
       most vehicles, and it is available early in the game. Like all other mines,
       you can retrieve it if you're not satisfied with the placement.
    | Trip Mine |
     Unlocked: Level 4
     Stretch across two points to trap narrow paths.
     Throw Distance: N/A
     Blast Radius:   xx
     Damage:         xxxxxx
     * Trip mines are by far the least damaging of the explosives, but are
       definitely the most fun and innovative of the group. Place a mine on the 
       ground and stretch a cable until you are satisfied. You can use it to 
       stretch across narrow walkways or doorways to create choke points. The only
       other downside is that it takes a long time to set up.
    | S-Mine |
     Unlocked: Level 5
     An anti-infantry mine designed for large area damage.
     Throw Distance: N/A
     Blast Radius:   xxxx
     Damage:         xxxxxxxx
     * S-mines are tiny little things that can be planted just like land mines,
       but create a much wider blast radius. It can be used in conjunction with
       land mines to destroy vehicles, but the large area of effect makes it key
       for blowing up large groups of soldiers.
    | Armor Piercing Rounds |
     Unlocked: Level 6
     Armor-piercing rounds can destroy vehicles in fewer shots.
     * This very rare ammunition type is best obtained by equipping it in your
       loadout. As explained, AP rounds are best used for taking down vehicles and
       work much better than standard sniper bullets. Best used as a last resort
       if you've run out of explosives or want to save them for another use. You
       can toggle between ammunition type in the radial menu.
    | Rock |
     Unlocked: Default
     A handy tool to distract nearby soldiers.
     * Karl has an unlimited supply of rocks (where does he keep them all?) that
       he can use to distract enemies. Like grenades, you can control the arc and
       distance in which they travel. Best used for creating diversions if someone
       gets too close or for baiting them to a specific location.
    | Flint and Steel |
     Unlocked: Level 2
     Place to distract nearby soldiers or detonate explosives. 
     * Like rocks, you have an infinite amount of flint and steel. They can only
       be placed on the ground in front of you and are used for two main reasons:
       either to lure enemies to a specific spot, or to use their incendiary
       capabilities to create chain reactions with explosive barrels or traps.
    | Bandage |
     Unlocked: Default
     A recovery item used to restore 2 health segments.
     Usage Speed: xxxxxxx
     HP Restored: xxx
     * Bandages are a great metaphorical (and literal) band-aid: great for when
       you only have a few nicks or if you want to patch yourself up quickly and
       escape to safety. While it only heals 2 health segments, you can heal while
    | Med Kit |
     Unlocked: Default
     Usage Speed: xxx
     HP Restored: xxxxxxxxxx
     * Med kits are best used when in cover or in an abandoned area. You must
       stand still when using med kits (and the low usage speed consumes extra
       time), but it completely heals your health bar.
    [8] ACHIEVEMENTS                                                        [0800]
    Here are all the achievements found in the game, in alphabetical order.
    | Sniper Elite III Achievements                                              |
    | A Few of My Favorite Things (15) |
     Get a kill with each offensive item.
     * Straight and to the point, you must kill an enemy with every single weapon
       in the game, whether it be single player, multiplayer, or challenges. Here
       is a list of all the game's offensive weapons:
       Sniper Rifles
       M1 Garand
       Gewehr 43
       Lee-Enfield Mk. III
       Secondary Weapons
       Sten Mk. II
       MP 40
       Luger P08
       Welbey Mk. IV
       M24 Grenade
       Land Mine
       Trip Mine
       This Achievement was either super glitchy, or the requirements are very
       vague. I managed to unlock it without ever using the Lee-Enfield Mk. III,
       Sten Mk. II, MP 40, Luger P08, or Welbey Mk. IV. It doesn't hurt to use
       them all though, since you unlock all weapons by Level 10 ranking.
    | A Shot in the Dark (40) |
     Complete all the long shots.
     * There is one long shot in each of the eight missions, and they are only
       accessible from sniper nests. This should be an easy one, so long as you 
       follow the walkthrough (or at least consult to Section 6.04).
    | Advantage: Sniper (10) |
     Get 30 kills from sniper nests.
     * This is manageable if you actually utilize the sniper nests rather than
       uncovering them just for completion's sake. Regardless, a very easy way to
       unlock this Achievement is at the end of Mission 7. There is a portion
       where you must defend your allies from troops while stationed at a sniper
       nest. All you have to do is follow the objective and kill enemies nonstop.
       It's best to save at some point before so you can exit and reload until
       30 soldiers have been slain.
    | An Ode To Rube Goldberg (15) |
     Get 20 chain reaction explosive kills.
     * Chain reaction explosions usually involve something setting off an
       explosive item, such as a grenade setting off dynamite or using flint and
       steel to ignite explosive barrels.
       Just pointing out: use quick saves! You can get this in conjunction with
       "Wait For It" by following this easy, nifty strategy. There are of course
       other ways, but this is arguably the quickest and most simple.
       At the start of Mission 5, walk forward to find a well with a soldier
       standing on the opposite end. Sneak over and drop into the well, placing
       dynamite along with flint and steel at the bottom. Jump out and alert the
       guard by shooting in his general direction. Your goal is to get him in the
       well, so back up and run around until he gives chase and drops in the hole.
       As the flint and steel ticks down from 20, wait until there is 1 second
       left before pausing and saving your game. The flint and steel creates a
       chain reaction with the dynamite, killing the soldier. Now reload the save
       a second before the reaction to replay it. Keep reloading and watching this
       poor guy die over and over again until you unlock the two Achievements.
    | Archivist (20) |
     Find all the war diaries.
     * There are a total of 60 war diaries in Sniper Elite III, so you will need
       to collect them all in order for this Achievement. You can either follow my
       walkthrough or head to Section 6.01 for detailed information.
    | Casual Reader (10) |
     Find half of the war diaries.
     * There are a total of 60 war diaries in Sniper Elite III, so you only need
       to worry about finding 30 of 'em. You can either follow my walkthrough or 
       head to Section 6.01 for detailed information.
    | Charlie's Challenge (5) |
     Get a testicle-shot from over 100m away.
     * A silly, secret Achievement, this requires you to kill an enemy by hitting
       their testicles from over 100 meters. There are many stationary enemies in
       this game, but one of the spotters in the very beginning of Mission 1 is
       110m away and acts as a perfect opportunity. Usually you go for the head,
       but instead aim low, between the legs, and straight for the yambag. 
       Like with any sniping-related Achievement, selecting the Cadet difficulty
       is the easiest route since there is no bullet drop: aim your reticule at
       your target and the bullet will end up at that exact spot. 
    | Competitive Streak (20) |
     Play 10 competitive multiplayer matches.
     * The hardest part about obtaining this Achievement is finding an available
       online party. You can always play with friends offline, but online
       matchmaking is likely the way to go. Play through 10 total matches all the
       way through and, win or lose, you'll get it.
    | Conserving Oxygen (15) |
     Hold breath for one hour.
     * By pressing the Right Trigger while aiming, you hold your breath and steady
       your shot. You must hold your breath for a total of one hour (3600
       seconds). You can track your progress by viewing your service records and
       accessing the statistics tab. The goal is 3600 seconds, and that number
       accumulates over subsequent playthroughs and other game modes.
    | Crouching Tiger, Hidden Ratte (15) |
     Complete Mission 6.
     * Storyline progression. Beat Mission 6 on any difficulty for this
    | Dedicated Soldier (100) |
     Complete 100% of the campaign on any difficulty.
     * There are a number of things that need to be checked off in order to fully
       get 100% completion on the campaign. They are all covered in this
       walkthrough, and you can keep track of your progress for each individual
       mission in the game. I think the only one you cannot easily keep tabs on
       is the list of weapon parts. Here's a list of all the requirements:
       - 60 war diaries
       - 20 collectible cards
       - 22 sniper nests
       - 8 long shots
       - 15 weapon parts
       - 18 optional objectives
    | Definitely No "90-Day Wonder" (20) |
     Attain a rank of Sergeant (Level 11).
     * You level up and earn new rankings by gaining experience, which is given
       out by killing enemies, setting traps, finding collectibles, and so on.
       Reaching Level 11 is no huge challenge and you should become Sergeant by
       the end of the main game.
    | Demolition Man (20) |
     Complete Mission 7.
     * Storyline progression. Beat Mission 7 on any difficulty for this
    | Double Tap (10) |
     Incapacitate 2 vehicles in Kasserine Pass within 5 seconds (Mission 6).
     * There are vehicles galore in Mission 6, but the opportunity to (easily)
       demolish two in five seconds is slim. For starters, you need to find or get
       two vehicles on the map.
       Destroying the first armored vehicle that patrols the village causes a
       truck to spawn in front of the headquarters. Blowing up the Tiger tank
       later in the mission causes another truck to spawn on the other side of the
       HQ. Once the coast is clear, head south from Vahlen's headquarters to the
       small house. Climb on the roof to get both trucks in your sights. Shoot the
       grills off each truck, then empty your lung and snipe both weak points.
       You can also get this Achievement earlier in the mission, but it's a bit
       riskier. You can use the Tiger tank as one of the two required vehicles.
       Run to the first spawned truck at the HQ and plant three or so traps (land
       mines, s-mines, dynamite) stretching from the truck to the middle of the
       road, then wait for the Tiger to trigger the traps and hopefully blow it up
       along with the parked vehicle.
    | Double the Distance (30) |
     Snipe enemies over a cumulative distance of a double marathon.
     * You can view your total shot distance in your stats/service record page.
       By playing through the entirety of the game you should manage a decent
       total distance, but the magic number is ~85,000m.
       The furthest possible sniper kill you can get is the long shot in Mission
       7, so if you want to go with the time-consuming route, then save at the 
       sniper nest and keep on doing the long shot repeatedly. Like most gameplay 
       stats, they accumulate in the campaign, challenges, and multiplayer.
    | End of the 'lein' (10) |
     Found and killed the visiting General (Mission 3).
     * You're best off following the walkthrough for Mission 3, but here goes:
       the general only spawns at the end of the mission if you manage to find two
       pieces of intel. The first one is in the first mountain settlement, in a
       building on the east end (north of the trucks). Pick up the intel off the
       table in the building.
       The second piece of intelligence is in the village after destroying the
       first artillery (north of the first intel). It is on the roof of the
       building with the small generator.
       Once you have both pieces of intelligence, proceed through the mission
       until you get to the third artillery in the northwest end of the map. Zoom
       in with your binoculars (preferably from atop one of the guard towers) and
       look for General Hosslein. Either snipe him or shoot the explosives to
       create a cave-in.
    | Ghost of Tobruk (10) |
     Clear the mountain pass without alerting the enemy (Mission 1).
     * Considering that this is the first mission, this should not cause you much
       hassle. There are only a dozen or so enemies in the mountain pass, and your
       quest will be even easier on Cadet. Just stay hidden and use your Welrod.
       Remember that a yellow circle is suspicious, red circle is actively
       investigating, and only when the red circle fills will the enemy be
       alerted to your position.
    | Hard As Nails (50) |
     Complete the game on Sniper Elite difficulty.
     * You must complete all eight campaign missions on Sniper Elite to get this
       Achievement. Sniper Elite is a difficult step up from Marksman; the most
       noticeable changes include a wind mechanic that factors in wind direction
       when taking shots, much more realistic sniping gameplay (very tough to aim
       when your BPM is above 80), stronger and more alert enemies that can even
       counter close-quarters combat, and friendly fire when on co-op.
    | Hidden and Dangerous (20) |
     Complete a campaign mission without being seen (excluding Tobruk).
     * You can do this on any mission following the first one, but the easiest and
       best opportunity is during Mission 4. The "I Fort This Would Be Difficult"
       Achievement requires you to complete basically the entirety of the mission
       without being seen. So if you manage to get that one, finish a couple more
       objectives to wrap up Mission 4 and unlock this as well.
       Just like in the aforementioned Achievement, always remember to save often.
       The more frequently you save, the less hassle it is to reload the last
       checkpoint if your cover is blown.
    | Highly Decorated (20) |
     Earn 1 of every ribbon in competitive multiplayer.
     * There are 18 total ribbons that can be earned during multiplayer matches. 
       The requirements for the ribbons must be met in a single match and are not
       spread over multiple matches.
       - No Scope (kill 5 enemies while aiming down the sights of a rifle)
       - Trapper (kill 3 enemies with traps)
       - Castrato (get 3 testicle shots)
       - Demolition Man (kill an enemy by shooting TNT or a mine)
       - Long Distance Killer (kill 3 enemies over 150m away while scoped)
       - One Bullet Can... (get the match winning shot)
       - Semi-Automatic Specialist (kill 5 enemies with semi-automatic sniper
       - Tagger (get 3 tag assists)
       - Kill Streak (kill 5 enemies without dying)
       - Grenadier (kill 3 enemies with grenades)
       - Sprinter (kill a sprinting target while scoped)
       - Operative (kill 7 enemies with an SMG or a pistol)
       - Survivalist (complete a match without dying)
       - Steady Aim (kill 5 enemies while in empty lung)
       - Longest Shot (have the longest shot in a match)
       - Head Hunter (get 5 headshots)
       - Bolt-Action Specialist (kill 5 enemies with a bolt-action sniper rifle)
       - Streaker (perform 3 consecutive Kill Streaks without dying)
    | I Fort This Would Be Difficult (10) |
     Get to the informant without being spotted (Mission 4).
     * You have to complete about 3/4 of the mission without being seen by an
       enemy. Remember that an enemy will not see you until the red circle
       indicator is completely filled, so even if you have a hollow red circle
       you should be in the clear (as they are merely investigating). This is 
       fairly easy if you are used to playing stealthy. Some of the main tips:
       - Disable the two searchlights on the hilltop
       - Kill as many enemies as you can from Sniper Nest #1 while the generator
         is running.
       - Try to avoid the main service road since enemy trucks can (surprisingly)
         sneak up on you pretty easily.
       - Friggin' save! Use those quick saves and save literally every five
         minutes. If you mess up and are spotted, just reload.
    | I Siwa You Did There (10) |
     Made the target officer's death look like an accident (Mission 5).
     * After infiltrating the city and rummaging through Vahlen's office, your
       next objective is to reach a vantage point and spy on three officers. Out
       of the trio, you must follow one (randomly chosen) as he retrieves some key
       intel and subsequently assassinate him. You can pop a cap in him as soon as
       he gets the intel, but for this Achievement you gotta play it cool.
       Each of the three officers strolls around the city a bit before finally
       resting near some hazardous objects - trigger the detonation to kill the
       target in a wild explosion. The three officers have their own predetermined
       - Officer #1 ultimately makes his way north to the courtyard. Once at the 
         far end of the courtyard, he moseys around and crouches down next to a 
         stack of explosive boxes. Shoot them from afar to set them off in his 
       - Officer #2 heads west towards the vicinity of Vahlen's office, eventually
         stopping at a German truck near the western supply depot. Wait for him to
         get close to the truck before detonating red barrels on the truck bed.
       - Officer #3 makes his way east towards the palace. After getting the
         intel, he will stop near the fountain and stand next to some scaffolding. 
         Shoot the red explosive box to trigger an avalanche.
    | In the Nick of Time (15) |
     Complete Mission 5.
     * Storyline progression. Beat Mission 5 on any difficulty for this
    | Indestructible (20) |
     Complete a mission after losing over 500 units of health.
     * Note: health bars =/= units. I don't know the exact unit, but this does not
       require you to lose 500 health bars. I managed to unlock this Achievement
       on my own without trying (Mission 3). If need be, intentionally harm
       yourself by diving off high ledges or standing in campfires. When your
       health gets dangerously low, heal with bandages or med kits. Repeat until
       you run out of healing items.
       The Achievement won't pop until the mission ends, so if you want to attempt
       this, do so after saving and before completing the level. Hurt yourself and
       run around the level if you found any crates/caches containing medical
    | Long Way Down (10) |
     Thrown an enemy off one of the bridges (Mission 8).
     * Pretty simple. There are a great number of green bridges connecting the
       canyon outposts together. At some point, pick up a body and hurl it off one
       of the bridges.
    | Make It Go Boom (10) |
     Kill 20 enemies by shooting explosives.
     * On many occasions you will find dumb soldiers standing next to explosive
       barrels or red boxes. This is a common occurrence, but if you save your
       game at one of these situations and blow them up, then reload the save and
       do it all over again, the process will go much quicker. You can also obtain
       this by shooting dynamite.
       At the start of Mission 5, go northwest towards the old city. A guard leans
       up against a wall near the front door, with a red barrel at his feet. Since
       it is so early in the level, you can create a save file, then keep on
       blowing him up over and over again.
    | Nesting Instinct (20) |
     Find all the sniper nests.
     * There are 22 total sniper nests in the game and all are easy to locate due
       to their location appearing on your map. If you need help finding them,
       check out Section 6.03.
    | No Refuge (15) |
     Complete Mission 4.
     * Storyline progression. Beat Mission 4 on any difficulty for this
    | Nothing Is Optional (30) |
     Complete all the optional objectives.
     * There are 18 optional objectives spread out in the eight main campaign
       missions. You can keep tabs on the number of optional objectives in each
       mission, and you can read the walkthrough for detailed strategies.
    | Officer Material (40) |
     Attain a rank of Second Lieutenant (Level 31).
     * You level up and earn new rankings by gaining experience, which is given
       out by killing enemies, setting traps, finding collectibles, and so on.
       Reaching Level 31 takes a bit of time and effort. Mission replays are an
       option, but you also gain experience by playing challenges and
       participating in multiplayer.
    | Oscar Mike (30) |
     Relocate 100 times.
     * Any time you make noise (usually with your sniper rifle), your relocation
       bar fills and you must run and hide. Once your cover is blown, walk away
       from your current location until the bar drains; the numbers that appear
       show how far you must travel until the area is deemed safe. Relocating is
       a commonly used sniping tactic in the game so this should unlock for you
       at some point in the game. Just make sure you see "relocation successful"
       appear onscreen a total of 100 times!
    | Pest Control Specialist (20) |
     Complete Mission 8.
     * Storyline progression. Beat Mission 8 on any difficulty for this
    | Prepared For Any Eventuality (10) |
     Create and save 4 loadouts.
     * You can access your loadouts before the start of a mission (and at the main
       menu). You have four possible loadout slots, so go through each one and 
       either customize them to your liking or make minor changes. Once you have 
       edited all four loadouts you should get this Achievement.
    | Regular Soldier (30) |
     Complete the game on Marksman difficulty.
     * You must complete all eight campaign missions on Marksman to get this
       Achievement. Since my walkthrough covers the Marksman difficulty, you'll
       get "Regular Soldier" and "Time to Reload" if you follow the walkthrough.
    | Sniping With Friends (40) |
     Complete the campaign in co-op.
     * You must complete all eight campaign missions, on any difficulty, with a
       second player. You can do this either online or offline with a friend.
       Co-op is definitely easier than single player mode, and if you are going
       strictly for this Achievement you're best off doing it on Cadet or
       Marksman (no friendly fire).
    | Tactical Distractor (10) |
     Distract 20 enemies with flint or rocks.
     * You have unlimited amounts of rocks and flint/steel, and they are used
       primarily as a method of distraction. As you play through the game, throw
       rocks to get someone's attention or plant flint and steel to position them
       in a certain spot. Really easy Achievement.
    | Tagged (15) |
     Tag 100 enemies or vehicles.
     * Use your binoculars (click the Right Stick) and hit the Right Trigger when
       aimed on an enemy or vehicle to tag them. It is a basic principle of the
       game and should be used during most enemy encounters. Once you tag 100
       different enemies or vehicles (probably around Mission 4), you'll get it.
    | The Everyman (20) |
     Complete all the challenge missions.
     * There are four total challenge missions: survival and overwatch. Survival
       missions are very long and can be done by yourself (5 rounds, 15 total
       enemy waves). Overwatch challenges are strictly co-op where one player is a
       sniper and the other is a scout.
       Finish the two overwatch missions and the two survival missions to unlock
       the Achievement.
    | The Gathering (20) |
     Find all the collectible cards.
     * The game contains 20 collectible cards which are found in the campaign.
       Either consult the walkthrough or Section 6.02 for more information.
    | The Gazala Gallop (10) |
     Complete Mission 1.
     * Storyline progression. Beat Mission 1 on any difficulty for this
    | This Is My Rifle... (10) |
     Customize 1 rifle.
     * You can customize your sniper rifles in the loadout menu, but first you
       must unlock weapon parts by defeating and looting certain enemies in the
       story missions. I pinpoint the locations of these soldiers in the
       walkthrough, so once you unlock a sniper rifle upgrade you can customize
       your gun for the Achievement.
    | Three Birds, One Stone (10) |
     Destroyed all 3 bomb dumps at the same time (Mission 7).
     * The bomb dumps are located on the east end of the airfield. First off,
       make sure to clear out all the enemies, including the patrolling armored
       The three bomb dumps are located right next to each other and are riddled
       with red barrels. In order to destroy them simultaneously, you have to
       plant explosives in between each one. You can manage it using only two
       explosive traps (land mines, S-Mines, or dynamite - trip mines are
       ineffective here). Plant an explosive between the first and second, and
       the second and third, then back up and shoot one of the red barrels. The
       northwest hangar contains a whole bunch of land mines and S-Mines.
    | Through the Fire... (10) |
     Complete Mission 3.
     * Storyline progression. Beat Mission 3 on any difficulty for this
    | Through the Looking Glass (20) |
     Kill 10 snipers before they see you.
     * Don't be fooled by grunts holding sniper rifles; there are specially marked
       snipers in the game that are best identified by tagging. A telltale sign of
       a sniper is the bright glare of the sniper's scope. Your task is to kill
       10 snipers before they see you. Snipers are rare enemies, but nevertheless
       there are still plenty of potential opportunities in the main game.
       One instance is in Mission 3, pretty far into the mission. As you make your
       way to the second artillery on the west end of the map, look for a sniper
       residing in the third sniper nest (using the sniper nest icon as a
       reference). Create a save file and snipe him, then reload and snipe him
       again. Repeat this ten times to unlock the Achievement (god bless quick
       There are also a few other good opportunities. At the start of Mission 6,
       go southeast towards the center of the map. Keep hidden and look up at the
       tall tower to find a sniper in a ghillie suit. Save and stay concealed
       before creating a save. There are also a number of snipers in Mission 7.
       It's hard to truly determine if a sniper has seen you. The Achievement
       seems glitchy at times and I had to reload my save and kill him way more
       than ten times over, but eventually (so long as you aren't spotted), the
       Achievement should pop.
    | Time To Reload (20) |
     Complete the game on Cadet difficulty.
     * You must complete all eight campaign missions on Cadet to get this
       Achievement. Since my walkthrough covers the Marksman difficulty, you'll
       get "Regular Soldier" and "Time to Reload" if you follow the walkthrough.
    | True Sniper (60) |
     Complete the game on Authentic difficulty.
     * You must complete all eight campaign missions on Authentic to get this
       Achievement. Authentic is the hardest difficult the game has to offer:
       - realistic bullet ballistics (bullet drop, wind)
       - no red assist reticule when aiming
       - cannot tag enemies
       - no radar
       - no hud (health bar, BPM, etc.)
       - no onscreen alerts
       - no enemy sensors (yellow circles, red circles, etc.)
       - enemies are stronger and much more alert
       - no save points
       It is absolutely insane. You pretty much have to be a full-on stealth
       ninja if you want to survive. And unless you are a sniping prodigy, co-op
       is basically the only way to survive this grueling challenge.
    | Wait For It (10) |
     Kill 10 enemies with flint-triggered detonations.
     * Just pointing out: use quick saves! You can get this in conjunction with
       "An Ode To Rube Goldberg" by following this easy, nifty strategy. There are
       of course other ways, but this is arguably the quickest and most simple.
       At the start of Mission 5, walk forward to find a well with a soldier
       standing on the opposite end. Sneak over and drop into the well, placing
       dynamite along with flint and steel at the bottom. Jump out and alert the
       guard by shooting in his general direction. Your goal is to get him in the
       well, so back up and run around until he gives chase and drops in the hole.
       As the flint and steel ticks down from 20, wait until there is 1 second
       left before pausing and saving your game. The flint and steel creates a
       chain reaction with the dynamite, killing the soldier. Now reload the save
       a second before the reaction to replay it. Keep reloading and watching this
       poor guy die over and over again until you unlock the two Achievements.
    | Well, Well, Well (10) |
     Hide a body in each of the wells in Gaberoun (Mission 2).
     * There are four wells in Gaberoun that must be filled with corpses. My
       mission walkthrough covers the strategy more extensively. The first well is
       just north of the first key officer's tent. Use his body and carry it to
       the well before throwing it in with the Y button.
       The second well is north of the first, also on the right side of the road.
       It is between two buildings, and there is a guard here that you can kill
       and drop in the well. The third well is close by, on the left side of the
       road (near the campfire surrounded by pillars and the location of the
       collectible cards). The final well is just past the motor pool, behind a
       wrecked truck.
       So as you go through the mission killing grunts, make sure to drop a body
       in each of the four wells to get this Achievement to pop.
    | Wonderwall (10) |
     Complete Mission 2.
     * Storyline progression. Beat Mission 2 on any difficulty for this
    | You'll Try Anything Once (10) |
     Play 1 mission in each mode (campaign, challenges, competitive multiplayer).
     * Disclaimer: you have to start, play, and complete a mission in each game
       mode, so starting and quitting won't do you any good. Campaign missions
       should not be a concern, and you can either play multiplayer online or with
       a friend (or even use a second controller if you haven't got anyone).
       The challenges are the backbone of this Achievement. Survival challenges
       are really long (5 rounds, with each round containing 3 waves). You need to
       beat all rounds on any difficulty which is difficult in itself, so try
       Cadet if you're looking for an easy go.
    | Hunt the Grey Wolf DLC Achievements                                        |
    | ...And Stay Dead! (80) |
     Killed the target in 7 different ways.
     * You must kill Hitler in all seven possible ways in order to unlock the
       Achievement. Instead of replaying the entire DLC mission seven times, all
       you have to do is perform the assassination, then pause and reload your
       last save (which happens to be right when Hitler arrives on the scene) and
       go a different route.
    | Convenience is Key (10) |
     Killed the target by shooting nearby explosives.
     * Once again, this requires Hitler to be driving away in his car. Wait for
       him to leave and position yourself once more on the wooden bridge. Look out
       on the dirt road, and just as the road curves lies a pile of red explosive
       barrels. Wait for the car to round the corner before setting them off.
    | Fast-moving Target (10) |
     Shoot the target in his car.
     * Let Hitler leave in his vehicle and turn around, laying out on the wooden
       walkway connecting the two vantage points. Wait for him to come into sight
       and brain him. Since it's an open top vehicle, you should have no trouble
       getting this (at it also unlocks the "Sweating Bullets" Achievement if you
       haven't yet gotten it).
    | Grenadier (10) |
     Killed the target with a grenade.
     * You don't exactly have a quarterback's arm, so hurling an M24 grenade will
       do you not good. Instead, empty your lung and aim at the grenade attached
       to the officer's uniform. Shooting this creates a chain explosion that
       takes out Hitler.
    | Herr Charles (10) |
     Killed the officer at the meeting with a testicle shot.
     * At the dinner party with Hitler & Crew is an officer who is just begging to
       get shot in the junk. All you have to do is aim, hold your breath, and aim
       below the belt.
    | In the Middle (10) |
     Killed the target with a chain reaction.
     * Take a look at the three trucks parked to the right of the dinner party. A
       single shot from this sniper rifle at the vehicle's weak point sets them
       all off and creates a deadly chain reaction. You can also get this by
       standing up and chucking an M24 grenade at the middle truck; hitting the
       truck closest to you won't create a chain reaction.
    | No Escape (10) |
     Killed the target by destroying his vehicle.
     * Probably the most difficult one out of the group. Hitler's personal car
       has one weak spot on the back and requires at least two bullets. Either let
       Hitler leave or try your hand at the Herr Charles Achievement.
       Once Hitler is in his car, turn around and lay prone on the wooden bridge 
       between the two vantage points. Just as the vehicle comes into view, hold
       your breath and try to take two shots in succession. The car stalls and
       blows up a second later, giving you the Achievement.
    | Saved By the Bell (10) |
     Crushed the target with a bell.
     * Look west, past the plaza, for a bell tower. Hold your breath and fire at
       the rope holding the bell in place. A successful shot will cause the rope
       to snap as the bell conveniently lands on top of Hitler.
    | Sweating Bullets (10) |
     Shot and killed the target.
     * Simply shoot Hitler as he is seated at the dining table. All you gotta do
       is snipe the Fuhrer - by far the easiest one. If you go for the "Fast-
       Moving Target" Achievement first, you unlock this one by default.
    | Threat Assessment (40) |
     Observed the target and made the right choice.
     * You get this Achievement by tagging and killing Hitler in any of the given 
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