• Achievements

    Aah, I can finaly go home.Watched a ending with Yun30
    Approval for combine!Used a burst5
    Clear caravanCleared a game in caravan mode5
    Clear stage 1(Burst)Cleared stage 1 in burst mode10
    Clear stage 1(Musou)Clear stage 1 in Musou mode10
    Clear stage 1(Normal)Cleared stage 1 in normal mode10
    Clear stage 2(Burst)Cleared stage 2 in burst mode20
    Clear stage 2(Musou)Clear stage 2 in Musou mode20
    Clear stage 2(Normal)Cleared stage 2 in normal mode20
    Clear stage 3(Burst)Cleared stage 3 in burst mode30
    Clear stage 3(Musou)Clear stage 3 in Musou mode30
    Clear stage 3(Normal)Cleared stage 3 in normal mode30
    Clear stage 4(Burst)Cleared stage 4 in burst mode40
    Clear stage 4(Musou)Clear stage 4 in Musou mode40
    Clear stage 4(Normal)Cleared stage 4 in normal mode40
    Clear stage 5(Burst)Cleared stage 5 in burst mode50
    Clear stage 5(Musou)Clear stage 5 in Musou mode50
    Clear stage 5(Normal)Cleared stage 5 in normal mode50
    Coin KingEarned 25,000 coins in total20
    Coin rateIncreased your coins' score rate up to 100,000 points10
    Collection bonusesEarn 50 collection bonuses in total15
    Conquer myselfBreak my highest score in caravan mode15
    Filling up KingEarned 50 HP items with your HP full in total20
    Flying AceShot down 25,000 units in total25
    Giving up the gameRetried caravan mode5
    I could avenge my father!Watched a ending with Zenichi30
    I will never having lost easilyRecovered HP5
    I wonder he can forgive meWatched a ending with Sadahl30
    Knock out!Beat a boss in a moment during a burst.10
    LoopPlay a game to get in Piece of Cake5
    Medal KingEarned 25 and over medals in total25
    Musou TenseiUnlocked Musou mode10
    Once more!Used 2 bursts in a stage5
    Pay back timeWawtched the ending with loop30
    SadahlPlay a game to get in Turtle 100005
    Soul KingEarned Tamashii gauge 2,000 magnification in total25
    Stage 1 BanchoEarned Platinum Medal at stage 1 of Bancho mode30
    Stage 2 BanchoEarned Platinum Medal at stage 2 of Bancho mode30
    Stage 3 BanchoEarned Platinum Medal at stage 3 of Bancho mode30
    Stage 4 BanchoEarned Platinum Medal at stage 4 of Bancho mode30
    Stage 5 BanchoEarned Platinum Medal at stage 5 of Bancho mode30
    Still going to continue!Kept a burst for 30 seconds10
    There's nothing more I can do!Cancel a burst manually5
    Top scorerEarn 500 various bonuses in total.25
    You are not watching ahead!Collide against an enemy during a burst5
    You should live in any case!Cleared a game without missing in caravan mode10
    You take good aim too much!Missed in caravan mode5
    YunPlay a game to get in FA-98 Stinger5
    ZenichiPlay a game to get in Red Hot Skull5

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

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