1. Douglas Pakidko Additional Animation / Senior Animator
  2. Don Waters Additional Animation / Senior Animator
  3. Sung Ho Lee Additional Art / Environment Artist
  4. Jason Touchman Additional Art / Environment Artist
  5. Matt Hall Additional Art / Senior Concept Artist
  6. Hoshiko Oyamatsu Additional Art / Senior VFX Artist
  7. James Paick Additional Concept Art [Scribble Pad Studios]
  8. Dave Winstead Additional Design / Character Designer
  9. Rhys Gilmore Additional Design / Level Designer
  10. Mike Willette Additional Production Design / Producer
  11. Andrew Carlston Additional Programming / Junior Systems Programmer
  12. Quaid Tseng Additional Programming / Junior Systems Programmer
  13. Carlos Bustamante Additional Programming / Lead Game Programmer
  14. Colin Byrne Additional Programming / Senior Game Programmer
  15. Mike Saucedo Additional Programming / Senior Game Programmer
  16. Tony Lu Additional Programming / UI Programmer
  17. Danny Ho Animator
  18. Sho Sakai Art Director / Character Designer [Capcom Japan]
  19. Dane Munkholm Associate Environment Artist
  20. Andrew Dearing Audio Designer
  21. Chad Redwitz Character Designer
  22. Manami Yoshino Character Designer / Illustrator [Capcom Japan]
  23. Adam Richards Concept Artist
  24. Kim Le Controller [Foundation 9 Entertainment]
  25. Masako Homma Creative Support
  26. Keisuke Mizuno Creative Support
  27. Tony Barnes Design Director
  28. Koji Oda Director [Capcom Japan]
  29. Shannon Carlow Executive Assistant [Foundation 9 Entertainment]
  30. Takanori Amano Game Designer [Capcom Japan]
  31. Ian McCown Graphics Programmer (HEX engine)
  32. John Behrns Lead Animator
  33. Jon Tucci Lead Artist
  34. Mark Florentino Lead Character Designer
  35. Kevin Christensen Lead Game Programmer
  36. Jordan Lehmiller Lead Graphics Programmer (HEX engine)
  37. Daniel Jacobs Lead Level Designer
  38. Nicholas Lawson Lead Tools Programmer (HEX engine)
  39. Paul Silva Level Designer
  40. Eddy Barrezueta Network Engineer [Foundation 9 Entertainment]
  41. David Robert Donatucci Pre-Production Art Direction / Art Director
  42. Jorge Oseguera Producer
  43. James Vance Producer [Capcom Japan]
  44. Rey Jimenez Producer [Capcom Worldwide]
  45. Michael Evans Product Development Support [Capcom Worldwide]
  46. Derek Neal Product Development Support [Capcom Worldwide]
  47. Mototaka Ido Product Support
  48. Hiroyuki Minamitani Product Support
  49. Rieko Nakai Product Support [Capcom Japan]
  50. Mari Azuhata Production Support
  51. Yoshiyuki Fujiwara Production Support
  52. Kazunari Higashi Production Support
  53. Yoshiko Kanza Production Support
  54. Tomomi Kogo Production Support
  55. Asami Miyahara Production Support
  56. Akane Nakajima Production Support
  57. Saori Oda Production Support
  58. Mika Sawae Production Support
  59. Sayaka Seno Production Support
  60. Hidenori Shimamoto Production Support
  61. Yukino Sugisawa Production Support
  62. Yukari Suwabe Production Support
  63. Erika Yoshihara Production Support
  64. Gabriel Paramo Programmer
  65. Susumu Kobayashi Progress Control
  66. Shigemi Komatsu Progress Control
  67. Mitsutoshi Kurahashi Progress Control
  68. Yasuhiro Matsuo Progress Control
  69. Keita Nakajima Progress Control
  70. Kenichi Noda Progress Control
  71. Kentaro Nomura Project Finisher [Capcom Japan]
  72. Silvia Littlefield Senior Animator
  73. John Miller Senior Character Artist
  74. Jonathan Oakes Senior Environment Artist
  75. Thomas Sutbbs Senior Environment Artist
  76. Matthew Boynton Senior Graphics Programmer (HEX engine)
  77. Chris Subagio Senior Graphics Programmer (HEX engine)
  78. Brian Smith Senior Level Designer
  79. Andrew Szymanski Senior Producer [Capcom Japan]
  80. Pablo Cheng Senior Systems Programmer (HEX engine)
  81. Eric Duhon Senior Systems Programmer (HEX engine)
  82. Chad Morgan Senior Technical Artist
  83. Andrey Kazmin Senior UI Artist
  84. Allen Will Senior VFX Artist
  85. Melissa Porto Studio Coordinator [Foundation 9 Entertainment]
  86. Rosen Baklov Studio Technical Director (HEX engine)
  87. Takashi Kubozono Technical Director [Capcom Worldwide]
  88. Michael Crabtree Technical Support Specialist [Capcom Worldwide]
  89. Patrick Hughes Tools Programmer (HEX engine)
  90. Barry Leitch VO Editing
  91. Bill Corkery VO Engineering
  92. Gabriel Paramo Voice: Additional Heavy Trooper VO
  93. Chad Morgan Voice: Additional Trooper VO
  94. Paul Silva Voice: Additional Trooper VO
  95. Andrew Dearing Voice: Additional Trooper VO / PNUT / Shield
  96. Amber Valentin Voice: Ambient Subway PA Broadcaster
  97. Michael Willette Voice: Combat Hiryu VO / Additional Trooper VO
  98. John Bautista Voice: Elite Huard
  99. Eric Newsome Voice: Emperor Meio / Jurong / Black Marketer
  100. Erik Braa Voice: General Mikiel
  101. Lani Minella Voice: Nang Pooh / Xi Wang Mu / Female Broadcaster
  102. Moriah Angeline Voice: Pei Pooh
  103. Chris Subagio Voice: Professor Schlange
  104. Dave Rivas Voice: Solo
  105. Marc Biagi Voice: Strider Hiryu / Prisoner
  106. Niki Kernow Voice: Tong Pooh
  107. Tony Barnes Writer


Data and credits for this game contributed by BGoldTLE, oliist, and Road.

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