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    A Life with MeaningRaise the Blacksmith to level 10.10
    All That GlittersPick up 5,000,000 gold.25
    Armed to the TeethEquip all Inventory slots with items that have a minimum required level of 25 or higher.25
    AzmodoneComplete all the Azmodan triumph challenges.25
    BejeweledCombine gems.10
    Breaking Not So BadUse a merchant to repair an item.10
    Butchered!Kill the Butcher in Normal mode.25
    Butchered! (Inferno)Kill the Butcher in Inferno mode.25
    Deep PocketsPick up 500,000 gold.25
    Demon SlayerReach level 30.10
    Demon Slayer (Hardcore)Reach level 30 in Hardcore mode.25
    DiabolicalComplete all the Diablo triumph challenges.25
    Fresh MeatComplete all the Butcher triumph challenges.25
    Friends with BenefitsFully equip one of your followers.10
    Greed over NeedKill 100 Treasure Goblins.25
    Hero of SanctuaryReach level 60.25
    Just a HobbyRaise the Jeweler to level 10.10
    Legends of the BrawlEquip a legendary (orange) item.10
    Made to OrderCraft 5 items.10
    Never Seen that BeforeKill one of the unique enemies listed in the Never Seen That Before Challenge.10
    Out of the ShadowsComplete all the Belial triumph challenges.25
    Prepared for BattleEquip all Inventory slots with items that have a minimum required level of 60 or higher.25
    Rarely ThereEquip a rare (yellow) item.10
    Rite of PassageReach level 10.10
    Shut Up and Take My Money!Buy each type of item from merchants.10
    Space! I Love Space!Buy all stash upgrades.25
    The Art of ConversationComplete all the main character, follower, and artisan conversation challenges.25
    The Black SoulstoneComplete all quests in Act II.25
    The Comfort of StrangersRecruit the Templar, Scoundrel, and Enchantress.10
    The Coven OverthrownKill Maghda in Normal mode.10
    The Coven Overthrown (Inferno)Kill Maghda in Inferno mode.10
    The ElitistKill 500 elite (champion, rare, or unique) enemies.25
    The Last of the HoradrimComplete all quests in Act I.25
    The Lord of LiesKill Belial in Normal mode.25
    The Lord of Lies (Inferno)Kill Belial in Inferno mode.25
    The Lord of Sin (secret)Kill Azmodan in Normal mode.25
    The Lord of Sin (Inferno)Kill Azmodan in Inferno mode.25
    The Mad King's EndKill the Skeleton King in Normal mode.25
    The Mad King's End (Inferno)Kill the Skeleton King in Inferno mode.25
    The Prime EvilKill Diablo in Normal mode.50
    The Prime Evil (Hell)Kill Diablo in Hell mode.50
    The Prime Evil (Inferno)Kill Diablo in Inferno mode.50
    The Prime Evil (Nightmare)Kill Diablo in Nightmare mode.50
    The Wages of SinComplete all quests in Act III.25
    Victory and SacrificeComplete all quests in Act IV.25

    Contributed By: Similac and cejlcku.

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