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Reviewed: 01/29/15

Just like the original. Except it looks and controls worse.

I actually liked the original Fable. Sure, it was overhyped and it made promises that were completely left out, but unlike it’s sequels it still managed to be a fun game even if it didn’t deliver everything Peter Molyneux said it would. So I decided to get Fable Anniversary, figuring that playing it on a more modern console might be even better with upgraded graphics and perhaps slightly better controls.

I was wrong. It was worse.

Fable Anniversary is not a TERRIBLE version of the original Fable, but it is certainly an inferior one. As far as content it’s pretty much the original with the added “Lost Chapters” extension. Nothing more, nothing less. However, the visuals are actually worse. That sounds off, given that it’s on a newer machine with more power, but it’s true. It’s like the graphics themselves aren’t updated, they’re just rendered in HD. As a result, you get much clearer visual of the overall lack of details and the polygons used in the graphics. It looks ugly, because the low resolution of the original game made these graphics more acceptable in its day.

The other thing is the controls. The controls in the original game were okay but a bit iffy at times, mainly thanks to the original Xbox’s clunky controller. Updating to the Xbox 360 I thought the controls might feel better. But instead, they feel worse. Aiming with the joystick during archery is a pain and it seems way too hard to make subtle movements. The response just seems kind of jerk-ish and off. Otherwise, I feel like the original actually had a better layout of controls. Using the white/black buttons seems more accessible than the use of the L2 and R2 button. Overtime I could adjust to the difference, but it never felt quite right. When older games get updates, I often find controls to be better. In Fable Anniversary, this is not the case.

That’s pretty much all there is to say about Fable Anniversary. Like I said, it features the entire original game with the Lost Chapters expansion, so as far as content nothing is lost or gained. Therefore, the game is judged mainly in its visuals and it’s controls, and both come up short to the original. I like the original Fable despite its hype, but the original version is the version that should be played. I don’t care much about graphics, but I know others do. If you can look past graphics and you are good at adjusting to controls, give this a try. Otherwise, I suggest you get the original if you have the original Xbox.

Rating: 5

Product Release: Fable Anniversary (US, 02/04/14)

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