Review by Link3114

Reviewed: 12/30/14

Fable Anniversary: Like you never seen before!

When I was a kid, my very first RPG Game that I played was Fable. It is one of the (Almost) best RPG Titles on the planet. After about ten years, they made a remake to this game with some improvements. Also with some enchanted game-play, plus with some added Achievements for the first time as well.

Game-Play: 7.5/10
The game play is the exact same as the Original and The Lost Chapters. It's just simply a hack and slash game where you kill a foe and kill the next. Basically I think it isn't an True RPG at all, I think that this game fits somewhere else. The melee, range and magic combat is still the same as the Original and The Lost Chapters but when you play with the new style controls, it really makes it good for people who are new to the Fable games.

Graphics: 8.7/10
The graphics in this game are so much better than the Original, because of the HD goodness by it's side. But there is a problem with the characters, they look a little silly, basically I like the look of the characters in the original best. The Lighting in this game is improved and with some smooth textures as well.

Story: 5.1/10
The story is the exactly the same as The Lost Chapters. The story has got some nice cut scenes and basically, the story is basically what you do. Nothing to say much about that.

Music: 10/10
The music in this game is outstanding! Mostly the Village themes in towns are a great touch to this game and with some of the amazing Boss themes when you fight bosses!

Sound Effects/Voice Over: 1/10
The Sound Effects and Voice overs in this game are very bad. Because one actor voices mostly all of the male characters and the other actor voices mostly all the female characters. Also the Combat multiplier sounds when you strike blows at enemies and when you get hit by an enemy or trap is very annoying! Also when you draw a Cross Bow, it has the same draw back sound as the Long-Bow.

Replay-Value: 2.9/10
Although the game will take you like up to 10 hours to finish. But once when you finished the game, there is no need to finish it again because it's just a waste of your time and life.

Overall: 6.3/10
The game has it's ups and downs but the best thing about this game was about the Out-standing HD Graphics and mostly the Music. It's downs were the Sound Effects, the Voice Acting and that repetitive thing, but still it's alright to say at least. But hey! If you are new to RPG games, go ahead, Fable Anniversary is a good game to start! I have nothing to say any more so thanks for reading my review!

Rating: 6

Product Release: Fable Anniversary (AU, 02/06/14)

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