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Reviewed: 02/26/14

A Nearly Flawless HD Rendition of the Classic


Fable and The Lost Chapters addition are known for their groundbreaking open morality system integrated into the storyline and free choice along the way. It is also known infamously for not having trees that grow over real time which takes nothing from the game's experience.


The gameplay for Anniversary is just as it was originally. However this version is built on an unsteady foundation and unfortunately still suffers from some glitches at this time even after a recent patch; causing infrequent freezing and other strange occurrences such as events from other hero's progress being mentioned on one far behind their progress. ("You beat the arena!" when you've just in fact started); creature summons carrying over the available creature; and uncertain summons that may attempt to attack the player ineffectively and indefinitely after accidental betrayal.

Aside from this fact, the systems from the original are still in place and functioning as they should. Difficulty still ramps up quickly, but it's nothing to worry about if experience is invested correctly; the combat system is in-depth and offers many ways to play out a fight; melee and range attacks are reasonably realistic in terms of speed and style; and the controls are reasonably complex for complete control over your character at all times in classic arrangement.


The story for Fable is simple and effective with a classic RPG style to it along with a sense of freedom of choice. The characters within the story are often rather colourful and fit their role effectively, allowing easy immersion for the player.


The graphics in Anniversary are updated from the classic, and they are perfectly up to par with the average X-Box 360 game, they are also true to the original with minor acceptable updates which is a wonderful bonus.

The sound in Anniversary is exactly what the original had in its purest form, but unfortunately it appears that not all sound made it to the final cut as repetition becomes a pain with few dialogue choices for the villager's opinion of the hero in comparison to the original; some sound clips and voices are missing such as the pub game's gamemaster's voice; and the most obvious being in the arena where repetition of the character's title and crowd opinions on monsters becomes maddening. On top of those mentioned, some clips are lacking quality and it is very clear, such as the collector from the collecting hero dolls quest and Briar Rose's commentary near the original's climax. Overall, the functioning audio is still wonderful, as long as it's not repeating constantly.

Play Time/Replayability:

To finish playing through Anniversary's story, side missions, and any other content you desire if you are a veteran averages out to be around 24 hours.

In terms of replayability, this game can have substantial amounts if you enjoyed your time with it; otherwise you have at least one other reason to play as the opposite morality if you are curious on how the game will play out that way. If, however, you decide you nery much enjoy the game, you can play through it almost endlessly with less focus on the story and more on challenging yourself; such challenges could include:
- Pure skill playthroughs (Strength, Skill, Will)
- Challenging yourself to only using one type of armor/weapon
- Role playing a character, (be it canon or fan-made), out and basing decisions and selections upon them

Final Recommendation:

If you are a diehard fan of the first that was waiting for this: play it now, and struggle with it's current faults. They are excusable and often infrequent.

If you are a fan of the first: Wait for the patches to fix a majority of the game's engine issues and play it.

If you are a fan of the sequels: Come in with an open mind that this isn't streamlined for all audiences and might get difficult.

If you are new to the series: Play it if you're into the X-Box generation's classic RPG games and don't mind a slightly steep difficulty curve.

Rating: 9

Product Release: Fable Anniversary (US, 02/04/14)

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