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Reviewed: 02/20/14

A good remake, but could've used a bit more polish...

Fable Anniversary is an Xbox 360 exclusive game that is the remake of the popular 2005 game on original Xbox and PC “Fable: The Lost Chapters”, it is essentially the original Fable + The Lost Chapters content.

Just a quick background on Lionhead Studios, they’re developers of the Fable series and one of the reasons why they wanted to remake Fable TLC is because they wanted 360 owners to be able to own the complete trilogy of the games on their 360.


Let me explain the story in a bit of detail without trying to spoil anything for anyone that hasn’t played. You start off as a boy in a small town called Oakville, you explore the town as you collect coins to buy your sister a present. Things soon take a change for the worst, when group bandits come to the village to capture and kill citizens. A man walks up to you, saying you are unique and wants to train you to become a Hero in a Guild called the Hero’s Guild. From here the story takes off as you age, allowing you to choose your path, learn about basic mechanics in the game and become familiar with particular systems such as “Good” and “Evil” deeds, by performing these deeds, they have consequences that shape the storyline and the world around you, as well as how people view you. Hero or Villain.


Fable Anniversary is an enhanced version of the charming beautiful fairy tale world of Fable TLC. It shows in the updates how they’ve still been able to maintain that charm. The atmosphere looks rich and colourful; the character/ monster models are hugely improved as well as weapons, clothing and more. The graphics are much more improved from the 10-year-old version, but they’re still lacklustre in some areas in comparison to its brothers.

They’ve kept all the original voice acting for that nostalgic feel, which I appreciate heaps. It is great voice acting. Your own character can be customised to the way you want with hairstyles, facial hair and clothing. If you’re evil it’ll slowly show in your character, he can end up growing horns or a halo if you’re good.

Now for the music, it flows with the atmosphere incredibly well, I personally listened to the entire soundtrack of the game and thought it was great. There is also the occasional lip-syncing failure when characters are talking, frame rate drops and I also had a complete game freeze, but I do not care at all about these very minor issues.


This game is a heavily fantasy based RPG that offers a form of customisation, but to today’s standards it is very limited. The controls are basically the same as Fable 2 and 3, as well as Fable The Lost Chapters. What I mean by that is, that you’ve got the control scheme for Fable 2/3 as an option to use throughout the game or you can switch to Fable TLC controls at any given time in the control menu. Now, if you expect anything better than Fable 2/3, you will be disappointed. Basically you have a Ranged attack, a melee attack and a magic attack like the other Fables, except it is a lot of less fluent. I honestly thought the combat was dreadful at times to say the least. I would lock onto an enemy and often if I continued being locked after I’ve killed the enemy, my in-game camera would spin around and lock onto another enemy far away or not lock onto an enemy at all, resulting in frustration. It feels like they just copied and pasted the old code from Fable TLC and applied a Fable 2 and 3’s control scheme without fixing the combat mechanics. It was a bad job on Lionhead’s behalf. It continued throughout the entire game, only got worse as you fought packs of enemies that were had great health bars.

Another thing that was apparent in the game was the poorly programmed AI, especially during a particular part of the game that required two players to really push through a waves of monsters more effectively.

You can also do other various things in game, such as side quests, playing pub games, impressing other people and even getting married. A part from side quests, those other things don’t add much more content to the game and there’s not much replay-ability, after the main story is completed unless you want to obtain all the achievements.


Fable Anniversary is great game, it is good remake of the classic Fable The Lost Chapters, but it suffers from lack of polish. I really felt as though Lionhead could’ve put a bit more detail into the game before releasing it, despite this, the game is beautiful, kept my attention for a great length of time.

Rating: 7

Product Release: Fable Anniversary (AU, 02/06/14)

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