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by Seth0708

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Guide and Walkthrough by Seth0708

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 12/11/2013

Item Time (Continued)


The tokens in this chart are organized in the order they appear in the menu when selecting one in the Candy Castle Grounds, left to right, top to bottom. This should make it easier for you to find any tokens you are missing if you are trying to complete your set for the trophy. Equipping a token will use one from your reserve, but even if you have zero of a token you have already found it will count for the trophy.

NameInitial LocationDescription
Speedy FeetFloor 16 (Royal)Increases movement speed.
Nerdicon GlassesFloor 6 (Royal)Charges charge attack faster.
EnchiridionFloor 81 (Gum)Imagination meter fills faster.
Nightosphere AmuletNightosphereMarceline's imagination fills faster.
Wishing EyeFloor 21 (Ice)Boosts attack power.
Wish OrbFloor 86 (Gum)Boosts sub-weapon attack power.
Hero KerchiefNightosphereUnlimited ammo.
Fridjitsu ManualFloor 31 (Ice)Adds an ice effect to attacks.
Questionable PotionFloor 31 (Ice)Adds poison effect to attacks.
Candy SeedsPrincess BubblegumDoubles the nourishment of food.
Thump TokenFloor 1 (Royal)Adds one thump to the thump meter.
Zeldron's ArmorFloor 31 (Ice)Halves received damage.
Brogend MedallionFloor 6 (Royal)No recoil when damaged.
Ninja SymbolFloor 11 (Royal)Increase invulnerability period.
Turtle Princess MedalFloor 1 (Royal)Blocking prevents damage.
Force FieldFloor 51 (Ruins)Block in every direction.
Mirror of OrorrimFloor 61 (Lab)Perfect block can reflect projectiles.
Passive ResistanceFloor 11 (Royal)Dodging becomes an attack.
Wizard EyeFloor 76 (Gum)Discern which switches are traps.
Tiny WingsFloor 36 (Ice)Allows ground characters to float.
Cloud UndiesFloor 41 (Ruins)Prevents floating characters from falling.
EraserFloor 46 (Ruins)Won't conduct electricity from barriers.
Bubble SoapFloor 46 (Ruins)Won't be slowed by mud or gum.
BootiesFloor 21 (Ice)Prevents sliding on ice.
Instant Bath SerumFloor 31 (Ice)Prevents poison curse.
Universal TranslatorFloor 51 (Ruins)Prevents confusion curse.
HugsbaneFloor 16 (Royal)Prevents hug curse.
HamboFloor 46 (Ruins)Prevents enfeeble curse.
GlueFloor 66 (Lab)Prevents disarm curse.
Un-Freezing PotionFloor 26 (Ice)Can't be frozen.
Flame ShieldFloor 41 (Ruins)Immune to fire damage.
Metal DetectorFloor 51 (Ruins)Increase monster treasure drop rate.
Royal MedalFloor 71 (Lab)Increase number of good chests.
Mind GamesFloor 56 (Ruins)Retain unspent treasure in the dungeon.
Bag of KeepingFloor 51 (Ruins)Keep your stuff after dying.
LollipopsFloor 41 (Ruins)Exit the dungeon after any floor.
Almighty KeyMr. PigUnlimited keys.
ObnoxygenFloor 46 (Ruins)Slows monster generation rate.
Sack LunchFloor 46 (Ruins)Refills health after each floor.
Heart SweaterPrincess BubblegumEasy mode!


Familiars can sometimes be found inside chests. You can only have a single familiar active at a time. Finding another familiar will replace the old one with it. Familiars often will only stay with you for a period of time before leaving on their own, although some like Stanley stay with you until they are killed.

BMOBlue Game Boy.Drops food items randomly.
Clown NurseClown Beholder.Fires projectiles randomly.
FlamboFire Elemental.Casts Flame Shield on you.
LoraineChicken.Steals the next item you find.
ManticoreManticore.Cancels the next curse you receive.
PootGreen Cloud.Steals one point of health from you.
ShelbyPink Worm.Tells you if a chest is booby trapped.
StanleyWatermelon.Absorbs projectiles fired at you.

Dungeon Collectibles

Dungeon collectibles is what I have coined the various non-healing consumable items that can be found in the dungeon. Ultimate Party Dip is awarded for collecting at least one of each. These items are used as soon as they are picked up, so it may behoove you to leave them be if they are not needed.

AmmoGum Ball Bowl.Replenishes some sub-weapon ammunition.
Cyclops TearBlack Bottle.Cures you of any curses.
Demon's HeartAnatomical Heart.Increases attack power briefly.
FaerieBlue Faerie.Fills one imagination bar.
Honey Enery DrinkYellow Bottle.Increases speed briefly.
Lamb RelicLamb Chop.Makes you invincible briefly.
MolassesBrown Jar.Makes you invisible briefly.
Stop WatchRed Stop Watch.Freezes enemies briefly.

Trophy Time

Amusingly enough, every trophy shares a name with an Adventure Time episode. You can match them up online if you wish. Trophies are divided into categories below based on their requirements.

Story Trophies

NameDescriptionPS3 Trophy360 Score
BeautopiaRescue the Hyoomans.Bronze15
DungeonOutsmart the Demon Cat.Bronze15
Evicted!Outrun the stampeding prisoners.Bronze15
Guardians of SunshineOvercome the Guardians' punishment.Bronze15
His HeroWeather Goliad and Stormo's psychic assault.Bronze15
HitmanFree the Earl of Lemongrab.Bronze15
My Two Favorite PeoplePut Ice King in his place.Bronze15
Power AnimalFree Flame Princess.Bronze15
Reign of GuntersAssist Gunter with a feisty feline.Bronze15
What Have you Done?Uncover Bubblegum's dark secret.Bronze15

These are the story trophies. You unlock one every ten floors as you make your way through the main dungeon. Each pops after defeating the boss on every tenth floor. Some of these trophies, sadly, are glitched and won't always pop. This is really frustrating since you can't fight bosses again, so be warned if you are going for the platinum you may get screwed out of some of these and have to play the whole game again to get them.

Upgrade Trophies

NameDescriptionPS3 Trophy360 Score
Daddy's Little MonsterFully upgrade Marceline.Silver30
Finn the HumanFully upgrade Finn.Silver30
Hot to the TouchFully upgrade Flame Princess.Silver30
Jake the DogFully upgrade Jake.Silver30
Lady & PeeblesUpgrade a character's Focus.Bronze15
Loyalty to the KingFully upgrade Ice King.Silver30
The Meaning of BraveryUpgrade a character's Thumps.Bronze15
The Other TartsFully upgrade Cinnamon Bun.Silver30
Trouble in Lumpy SpaceFully upgrade LSP.Silver30
What is Life?Upgrade a character's Imagination.Bronze15
Who Would WinUpgrade a character's Rowdiness.Bronze15
You Made MeFully upgrade Lemongrab.Silver30

There are two types of upgrade trophies to be had. The first set of four is for upgrading an attribute of each type (focus, imagination, rowdiness, and thumps) once. The other eight are for purchasing all upgrades for each of the eight characters. If you are looking for I Remember You, for "upgrading" a sub-weapon, please look in Quest Trophies below.

Collecting Trophies

NameDescriptionPS3 Trophy360 Score
All the Little PeopleLocate every Familiar.Bronze20
BMO LostFind all of BMO's Game Cartridges.Gold50
Crystals Have PowerCollect every Token.Bronze30
Fruit Salad DaysEat every Food item at least once.Bronze20
One Last JobGrab 50 Treasures on a single Treasure Floor.Bronze15
The Ultimate Party DipPick up every Item pickup at least once.Bronze20
What Was MissingCollect every Sub-Weapon.Bronze30

These trophies are obtained by collecting different things. You can check what you are missing for Crystals Have Power and What Was Missing in the tables above under Item Time. For 'All the Little People you need to have found each familiar in the dungeon at least once. Information on them can be found in the Familiars section.

Fruit Salad Days is the same, except it is to eat every edible item at least once. These are apples, bacon pancakes, canned food, cherries, chicken legs, French fries, hot dogs, ice cream, pears, pie, pizza, pretzels, melons, oranges, and strawberries. Ultimate Party Dip is for collecting each dungeon consumable item once. They are listed under Dungeon Collectibles above.

One Last Job is for collecting at least fifty treasures on a single timed treasure floor. This is a pretty tight time requirement early in the game, but on the higher floors where bigger treasures are this is really easy so don't worry if you miss it the first few times. Lastly, BMO Lost is for finding all four of BMO's lost cartridges. One of these is awarded for completing all of Princess Bubblegum's quests, while the other three are in the Nightosphere. See the Nightosphere section above for more information on these.

Quest Trophies

NameDescriptionPS3 Trophy360 Score
Business TimeComplete all of Princess Bubblegum's Quests.Bronze15
Dream of LoveComplete all of Mr. Pig's Quests.Bronze15
Grumpy ButtComplete all of Starchy's Quests.Silver15
I Remember YouUpgrade a Sub-Weapon into a stronger one.Bronze20
Princess of Rad HatsComplete all of Susan Strong's Quests.Bronze15
Thank YouComplete a Quest for the Princess.Bronze15
Tree TrunksComplete all of Tree Trunks' Quests.Bronze15

These trophies are awarded for finishing quests. Most of them are for doing all of each questgiver's quest. See the Quest Time section for more on the individual quest requirements. Thank You is awarded for your first quest, while I Remember You is awarded for completing a quest that involves collecting a sub-weapon to upgrade it. Tree Trunks' third quest is the first time this is available, but other questgivers have similiar quests as well.

Nightosphere Trophies

NameDescriptionPS3 Trophy360 Score
Return to the NightosphereSurvive 25 Floors in one Nightosphere run.Silver30
The LimitSurvive 50 Floors in one Nightosphere run.Gold90
The New FrontierEnter the Nightosphere.Bronze15
It Came from the NightosphereSurvive 15 Floors in one Nightosphere run.Silver30

These trophies are all related to the Nightosphere. This dungeon unlocks after clearing floor seventy of the main dungeon. You get The New Frontier for just entering the Nightosphere, while the other three are for doing a certain number of floors in a single run without coming back to the surface. These are the hardest trophies in the game and require a lot of time and skill, but are a lot easier with more people so have fun.

Other Trophies

NameDescriptionPS3 Trophy360 Score
Another WayPerform a Perfect Block.Bronze15
Freak CityReceive a Curse.Bronze15
Hot Deals in the Ice KingdomBuy something from the shop.Bronze15
Jaaaames Baxter!Earn all trophies in the game.Platinum
Memory of a MemoryUse a Special Attack.Bronze15
Mystery DungeonReturn from the Dungeon alive.Bronze15
Vault of BonesSurvive a Monster Floor.Bronze15

The remaining trophies are the random left overs. Another Way is for performing a perfect block as described in the tutorial. Freak City is for getting cursed, which can happen from chests or some enemies. You also get trophies for buying something from the Loose Goose, using an imagination attack, and surviving a timed monster floor. Mystery Dungeon is a little misleading as you only get the trophy if you exit a dungeon on a floor ending in five; you do not get it when you exit the dungeon after beating a boss.

Final Thoughts Time

Coming next update.

Special Thanks Time

Special thanks go to KazukiYotsuga for providing the stats for Peppermint Butler and Flame Princess. Special thanks also goes to the1stchubasa for providing descriptions of the effects of each imagination attack. Special thanks goes to e8m1g as well for pointing out a mistake with regards to Death.

Copyright Time

Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I DON'T KNOW! and Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd You Steal Our Garbage?! are (c) WayForward and D3Publisher.

Gauntlet is (c) Atari Games.

Legend of Zelda is (c) Nintendo.

R-Type is (c) Irem.