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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by TheMightyRoast

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    FIFA 14

    FIFA 14 is a game that forms part of the long-running series of EA's FIFA games. Its release coincided with the 2013-14 football season. It is also the first next-gen FIFA (coming out on XBox One and PS4).

    Football...It hurts and humbles.

    For every winner a loser; for every triumph, a defeat.

    But on the horizon awaits... a new season, a new opportunity; for redemption, for glory, for immortality. The brave will take to the pitch as warriors to battle; shoulder-to-shoulder, face-to-face. The hunger, the determination to push limits, to fight, to run, to tackle, defend, attack, score, and celebrate.

    As the new season dawns, new stars will rise, new teams will captivate, new stadiums will rock, new challenges will emerge, new battles will be fought, in the name of glory, in the name of honour, in the name of football, the game we love, the game we live for, every challenge, every cheer, every minute, every second, the best game, our game!

    We are FIFA 14. The new season awaits.

    What you are reading is a guide for the game. Use the links in the contents to navigate to the parts that you want to read. If you liked this guide please use the button at the top to recommend to others, and please let me know too (TheMightyRoast [at] gmail [dot] com).

    This guide assumes that you already know the basic rules of football/soccer, so does not explain them.

    If you want to try out the game before buying then there is a downloadable demo available.

    Pictures in this guide come from EA's website and Twitter feed.

    This guide is hosted on GameFAQs, Neoseeker and my friend's games website at http://selmiak.bplaced.net/games/xbox360/index.php?lang=eng&game=FIFA-14 It will be updated most regularly on my friend's website with FUT featured tournaments as they become available.

    This is version 1.2 of the guide with updates to this version mainly being the addition of details about single player league fixtures and rewards in Ultimate Team, plus updates to new Catalogue items that have become available.


    This title uses an autosave feature. It will automatically save your progress through the game, and any Settings changes you make Autosave will overwrite content without confirmation. Please do not turn off your XBox 360 console while the autosave icon is displayed.

    Note: Some modes require online connection (e.g. challenges, ultimate team, and seasons). Servers will not be open forever. The FIFA 11 servers closed in Jan 2013. This means that the FIFA 14 servers could close in Jan 2016. Once servers are closed the sections requiring online connectivity will not be playable. The good news though is that by then a new FIFA will be out for you to play.


    The game doesn't come with a physical manual. This is because EA wanted to reduce their carbon footprint. Instead there is a digital-only manual which can be obtained from off of the EA website. At the time of writing the manual was available at https://help.ea.com/uk/tag/manuals

    I have listed all the controls from the manual here, including for skill moves, for the XBox 360 version of the game. I have added in other controls that I noticed were missing (e.g. user controlled celebrations).

    Note: The control instructions below refer to the Classic controller configuration. Go to Customise>Settings>Controls to set up your preferences. Select one of the three controller configurations to use and turn the various Assistance options On if you want to learn at your own pace:

    Assistance for new players

    You don't have to be a pro to make impressive moves when you're out on the pitch. If you're new to FIFA 14, go to Controls under the Settings option to turn on Assistance for specific moves. This makes passes and saves easier, without the need for perfect timing or positioning. When you're ready for more of a challenge, choose SEMI for less assistance or MANUAL to earn every one of your goals without aid.


    Move playerLS
    First touch/knock-onRT + RS
    SprintRT (hold)
    Stop and face goalLS (release)
    Protect/Slow dribble/JockeyLT (hold)
    Face up dribblingLT + RT
    Skill movesRS
    Stop ballLS (release)


    Attacking (simple)
    Short pass/HeaderA
    Lob pass/Cross/HeaderX
    Through ballY
    Trigger player runLB
    Chip shotLB + B
    Finesse shotRB + B
    Fake shotB, A
    Fake passX, A
    Attacking (advanced)
    Hard stop protect (when dribbling)LT
    Lobbed through ballLB + Y
    Bouncing lob passRB + X
    Low crossX (double tap)
    Ground crossX (triple tap)
    Early crossLB + X
    Dummy a passRB (hold)
    CancelLT + RT
    Finesse passRB + A
    Flair shotLT (hold) + B


    Change playerLB
    Switch player (manual)RS
    Tackle/Push or pull (when chasing)B
    Pull and hold (when chasing)B (hold)
    Sliding tackleX
    JockeyLT (hold)
    ContainA (hold)
    Teammate containRB (hold)
    Running jockeyLT+RT
    Drop kickB/X
    Charge/Drop ballY
    Stay on goal lineY (double tap)
    Pick up the ballRB
    Switch to GKBack button

    To be successful defending the dribble, you will need to put yourself in a good position to tackle. Hold LT to face the dribble, and to control your speed.

    Running Jockey

    When the dribbler is moving too fast to keep up while jockeying, hold both LT and RT to jockey the dribbler at higher speeds.


    Hold A to Contain the dribble. While containing your player will automatically jockey the dribbler a few yards away. You can change the distance that you jockey the dribbler by moving LS towards or away from the dribbler.

    Teammate Contain

    Holding RB calls a teammate to pressure the dribbler. If held while the player you are controlling is containing him, your teammate will double the dribbler.

    Push Pull

    To give your opponent a small tug when chasing him, or a shoulder challenge when beside him, press B. You can use this to slow the dribbler to catch up, or try to make him take a bad touch. If you are too aggressive, however, the referee may call a foul.

    Set pieces

    Free kick (simple)
    Ground passA
    High pass/CrossX
    Curled shotB
    Driven shotLB + B
    Wall jump (when defending)Y
    Wall chargeA
    Move wallLT/RT
    Wall creepRB
    Free kick (advanced)
    Call 2nd kick takerLT
    2nd kick taker curled shotLT + B
    2nd kick taker layoff passLT + A
    2nd kick taker layoff chipLT + X
    2nd kick taker run over ballLT + B, A
    Call 3rd kick takerRB
    3rd kick taker curled shotRB + B
    3rd kick taker run over ballRB + B, A
    Corners and throw ins
    Corners (lob cross)X
    Corners (low cross)X (double tap)
    Corners (ground cross)X (triple tap)
    Corners (pass)A
    Short throw inA
    Short throw in (manual)Y
    Long throw inX
    Move throw in receiverLB
    Penalty kick
    Finesse shotRB + B
    Chip shotLB + B
    Goalkeeper diveRS
    Goalkeeper move side to sideLS (move side to side)
    Coaching Tip: Penalties

    Aiming: By default, you start aiming at the middle of the goal. From the moment you start powering up for a shot, you can move LS to aim anywhere inside the goal. The longer you hold LS in any particular direction, the farther your shot goes in that direction. Be careful with how long you hold LS, as letting go too soon results in a shot closer to the middle of the goal, and holding it for too long causes you to miss the goal.

    Saving: Committing to a save direction early allows you to reach farther and save shots close to the corner of the goals. However, diving farther to the side makes it more difficult to save shots aimed toward the middle of the goal.

    If you think the kick taker is going for placement rather than power, you can try to react to the shot by holding RS in any direction after the ball has been kicked.

    Skill Moves

    Skills moves can be performed by all players. The type of skill your player can execute depends on his skill level. A player with the highest skill level can perform the most difficult and effective skills in the game, whereas a player with a lower skill level will attempt a simpler version of a trick or may altogether fail in his attempt of that skill. The speed at which a skill move is executed depends on your player's agility attribute. For example, an agile player like Cristiano Ronaldo can perform skills at a much quicker pace than a player with lower agility.

    All of the skills are broken down into five levels of difficulty. One-star moves are the most basic and can be performed by all players in the game. Two-, three-, and four-star moves can be done by players who are relatively skilful in real life. Five-star moves can only be performed by the most skilled footballers such as Cristiano Ronaldo (go to the 5-star skillers section for a full list).

    Note: The controls listed below assume that the controlled player is moving vertically upwards and should be amended depending on your player's direction.

    1 star moves
    Ball juggle (while standing)LT (hold) + RB
    Foot fake (while standing)LB (hold)
    2 star moves
    Body feint (left or right)RS left/RS right (flick)
    Stepover (left or right)RS up, RS diagonally up and left, RS left/RS up, RS diagonally up and right, RS right
    Reverse stepover (left or right)RS left, RS diagonally up and left, RS up/RS right, RS diagonally up and right, RS up
    Ball roll (left or right)RS left/RS right (hold)
    Drag back (while standing)RB + LS down (flick)
    3 star moves
    Heel flickRS up, RS down (flick)
    Flick upRS up, RS up RS up (flick)
    Roulette (left or right)RS down, RS diagonally down and right, RS right, RS diagonally up and right, RS up, RS diagonally up and left, RS left/ RS down, RS diagonally down and left, RS left, RS diagonally up and left, RS up, RS diagonally up and right, RS right
    Fake left and go rightRS left, RS diagonally down and left, RS down, RS diagonally down and right, RS right
    Fake right and go leftRS right, RS diagonally down and right, RS down, RS diagonally down and left, RS left
    4 star moves
    Ball hop (while standing)RS (tap)
    Ball roll cut leftRS right (hold), LS left (hold)
    Ball roll cut rightRS left (hold), LS right (hold)
    Heel to heel flickRS up, RS down (flick)
    Simple rainbowRS down, RS up, RS up (flick)
    Advanced rainbowRS down (flick), RS up (hold), RS up (flick)
    Feint left and exit rightRS left, RS diagonally down and left, RS down, RS diagonally down and right, RS right
    Feint right and exit leftRS right, RS diagonally down and right, RS down, RS diagonally down and left, RS left
    Heel chop left (while running)RS diagonally down and left, RS diagonally down and left
    Heel chop right (while running)RS diagonally down and right, RS diagonally down and right
    Scoop turn left (while standing)RS diagonally down and left, RS diagonally down and left
    Scoop turn right (while standing)RS diagonally down and right, RS diagonally down and right
    Stop and turn left/right (while running)RS up, RS left (flick), RS up, RS right (flick)
    5 star moves
    ElasticoRS right, RS diagonally down and right, RS down, RS diagonally down and left, RS left
    Reverse elasticoRS left, RS diagonally down and left, RS down, RS diagonally down and right, RS right
    Drag back fake and exit left (while standing)RB + LS down, LS diagonally down and right, LS right, LS diagonally down and right, LS down, LS diagonally down and left, LS left
    Drag back fake + exit right (while standing)RB + LS down, LS diagonally down and left, LS left, LS diagonally down and left, LS down, LS diagonally down and right, LS right
    Hocus pocusRS down, RS diagonally down and left, RS left, RS diagonally down and left, RS down, RS diagonally down and right, RS right
    Triple elasticoRS down, RS diagonally down and right, RS right, RS diagonally down and right, RS down, RS diagonally down and left, RS left
    Ball roll and flick leftRS right (hold), RS up (flick)
    Ball roll and flick rightRS left (hold), RS up (flick)
    Quick ball rolls (while standing)RS down (hold)
    Sombrero flick (while standing)RS up, RS up, RS down (flick)
    Turn and spin (left or right)RS up, RS left (flick)/RS up, RS right (flick)
    Ball roll fake left (while standing)RS left (hold), RS right (flick)
    Ball roll fake right (while standing)RS right (hold), RS left (flick)
    Rabona fake (while jogging)LT + X/B, A + LS down
    Elastico chop leftRS down, RS left (flick)
    Elastico chop rightRS down, RS right (flick)
    5 star juggling tricks
    Laces flick upLT + RB (hold)
    Sombrero flick backwardsLS down (hold)
    Sombrero flick leftLS left (hold)
    Sombrero flick rightLS right (hold)
    Around the worldRS down, RS diagonally down and left, RS left, RS diagonally up and left, RS up, RS diagonally up and right, RS right/RS down, RS diagonally down and right, RS right, RS diagonally up and right, RS up, RS diagonally up and left, RS left, RS diagonally down and left
    In air elasticoRS left, RS right (flick)/RS right, RS left (flick)
    Flick up for a volleyLS up (hold)
    Chest flickLS up, LS (hold), RS (triple tap)
    T. around the worldRS down, RS diagonally down and left, RS left, RS diagonally up and left, RS up, RS diagonally up and right, RS right, RS diagonally down and right, RS up (flick)

    User Controlled Celebrations

    The controls for this section are not in the EA manual but can be found in Customise>Settings>Celebrations. Also view the video to see some of the celebrations that are new to FIFA 14.

    You can skip UCC by pressing RB + LB.

    Running Moves
    One arm raisedB (hold)
    Thumb suckX (hold)
    Ear twistY (hold)
    Finger pointsB (tap) B (hold)
    Arms outX (tap) X (hold)
    Wrist flickY (tap) Y (hold)
    AirplaneRS (hold)
    Point to skyRS up (hold)
    Shhhhhh!RS right (hold)
    TelephoneRS down (hold)
    Can you hear meRS left (hold)
    Hands outRS right (flick), RS left (hold)
    Come onRS left (flick), RS right (hold)
    Blow kissesRS down (flick), RS up (hold)
    Double arm swingRS up (flick), RS down (hold)
    Flying birdRS right (flick), RS right (hold)
    Hand on headRS left (flick), RS left (hold)
    Heart symbolRS down (flick), RS down (hold)
    Arms pointing upRS up (flick), RS up (hold)
    WindmillRS up, RS right, RS down, RS left
    Finishing Moves
    Point to the SkyLB (hold) + B
    Show respectLB (hold) + B (double tap)
    Bottom danceLB (hold) + X (double tap)
    Standing archerLB (hold) + RS right (hold)
    Punch and dodgeLB (hold) + RS left (hold)
    Chest slideLB (hold) + RS down (flick), RS up (flick)
    Head shakeLB (hold) + RS left (flick), RS right (flick)
    Signature finishing moveA
    Backflip (agile player) or arms to crowdLB (hold) + RS up (flick), RS up (flick)
    Hand spring (agile player) or roll and punchLB (hold) + RS up, RS right, RS down, RS left
    Double backflip (agile player) or rollLB (hold) + RS up, RS left, RS down, RS right
    Uppercut jump punchLB (hold) + RS
    ViolinistLT (hold) + X
    Spanish archerLT (hold) + Y
    MovemberLT (hold) + B (double tap)
    Hands on earsLT (hold) + X (double tap)
    Heel tapsLT (hold) + Y (double tap)
    Knee slide arms outLT (hold) + RS up (hold)
    I can't hear youLT (hold) + RS right (hold)
    Side slideLT (hold) + RS down (hold)
    Brick fallLT (hold) + RS left (hold)
    Le Cirque La BelleLT (hold) + RS down (flick), RS up (flick)
    Knee slideLT (hold) + RS up (flick), RS down (flick)
    Samba danceLT (hold) + RS left (flick), RS right (flick)
    Who am ILT (hold) + RS right (flick), RS left (flick)
    Front flip (agile player) or toreroLT (hold) + RS up (flick), RS up (flick)
    Knee slide to sitLT (hold) + RS down (flick), RS down (flick)
    Bird walkLT (hold) + RS left (flick), RS left (flick)
    Flip (agile player) or cartwheelLT (hold) + RS up, RS right, RS down, RS left
    Twist flip (agile player) or cartwheel and rollLT (hold) + RS up, RS left, RS down, RS right
    RobotLT (hold) + RS
    If I catch youRT (hold) + RS
    Why always meRB (hold) + Y (double tap)
    SurferRB (hold) + RS left (hold)
    Kiss the pitchRT (hold) + B (double tap)
    Pit bullRB (hold) + B
    The saluteRB (hold) + Y
    Water hoseRT (hold) + RS down (flick), RS down (flick)
    PeacockRB (hold) + B (double tap)
    Telling offRT (hold) + B
    MoonwalkRB (hold) + RS left (flick), RS left (flick)
    Pro Unlockables Finishing Moves
    Many bowsRT (hold) + RS up (hold)
    PardonRT (hold) + RS right (hold)
    Fall to knees and begRT (hold) + RS down (hold)
    Back flipsRT (hold) + X (double tap)
    Slide on backRB (hold) + X (double tap)
    CockroachRB (hold) + RS
    River danceRB (hold) + RS up (flick), RS up (flick)
    Break danceRB (hold) + RS right (flick), RS right (flick)
    Praise on kneesRT (hold) + RS left (hold)
    Backwards wormRB (hold) + RS up, RS left, RS down, RS right
    Uncontrolled back flipRT (hold) + RS up, RS right, RS down, RS left
    HandstandRT (hold) + RS up, RS left, RS down, RS right
    Spin and fallRT (hold) + RS up (flick), RS up (flick)
    Rowing on kneesRT (hold) + RS left (flick), RS left (flick)
    Seated rowingRT (hold) + RS right (flick), RS right (flick)
    Knee walkRT (hold) + X
    Cradle swingRT (hold) + Y
    BabyRT (hold) + Y (double tap)
    Flying diveRB (hold) + RS up (hold)
    Karate kicksRB (hold) + RS right (hold)
    Jump kickRB (hold) + RS down (hold)
    Ice skatingRB (hold) + RS down (flick), RS up (flick)
    Golf swingRB (hold) + RS left (flick), RS right (flick)
    Dance 1RT (hold) + RS down (flick), RS up (flick)
    Dance 2RT (hold) + RS up (flick), RS down (flick)
    Dance 3RT (hold) + RS left (flick), RS right (flick)
    Dance 4RT (hold) + RS right (flick), RS left (flick)
    EA Sports(TM) Football Club Unlockable Finishing Moves
    Belly flopLB (hold) + X
    Riding the waveLB (hold) + Y
    Calm downLB (hold) + Y (double tap)
    The bearLB (hold) + RS up
    Riding the catLB (hold) + RS down
    Chicken danceLB (hold) + RS up, RS down
    MueveloLB (hold) + RS right, RS left
    Patty CakeLB (hold) + RS right, RS right
    The businessLB (hold) + RS down, RS down
    Gallop danceLB (hold) + RS (press)
    Muscle flexRB (hold) + RS up (flick), RS down (flick)
    Push upsRB (hold) + RS right (flick), RS left (flick)
    The wormRB (hold) + RS up, RS right, RS down, RS left
    DanceRB (hold) + RS down (flick), RS down (flick)
    Prancing birdRB (hold) + X
    Be a Pro Player Controls

    If you're going to play as a pro, you've got to think like one. When your team is on the attack, time your runs and call for the ball at the right time. When defending, ensure you cover any dangers posed by your opponents. Teamwork is everything in football, and communication with your teammates is the key to success. Wherever you are on the field, make sure you use the following controls to increase your chances of victory.

    Be a Pro Player Controls
    Call for pass/CrossA
    Call for or suggest through ballY
    Suggest shotB
    Be a Pro Goalkeeper Controls

    Goalkeeper is one of the most important positions on the pitch. In Be A Pro Goalkeeper, you take control of the goalie and must keep your team's net secure! Maintain good positioning in front of the net, make saving shots, cut off crosses, and distribute the ball to your teammates after saves. Stay alert! You cannot afford to fail.

    NOTE: There are two camera modes in Be A Pro Goalkeeper. One allows you to follow the ball as the action takes place on the pitch. The other allows you to focus on the goalkeeper and prepare for oncoming attacks. Press Back button to switch between them in order to maintain appropriate positioning on the pitch.

    Attacking off the ball
    Call for or suggest passA
    Suggest through ballY
    Suggest crossX
    Suggest shotB
    Toggle camera targetBack
    Defending own box
    DiveRS (hold)/A (while moving)
    AutopositioningLB (hold)
    Slow movement facing ballLT + LS
    Charge/PunchY (hold)
    Dive at feetX
    Anticipation saveB
    2nd defender containRB (hold)
    Toggle camera targetBack


    Here is a list of all the Kinect commands you can use. If you know French you can also use the French equivalent:

    • Keeper charge
    • Go run ahead
    • On your horse
    • Go go go
    • Run on
    • Pass the ball
    • Pass it
    • Give it here
    • To feet
    • Through to me
    • Through through
    • Through ball
    • Play it through
    • Shoot
    • Have a shot
    • Crack it
    • In the mixer
    • Cross it
    • Center it
    • Front stick
    • Near post
    • Back stick
    • Back post
    • Get it out of there
    • Clear it
    • Tactics
    • Offside trap
    • Team pressing
    • Swap wings
    • Center back joins attack
    • CB joins attack
    • Quick tactics
    • Custom tactic 1
    • Custom tactic 2
    • Custom tactic 3
    • Custom tactic 4
    • Formations
    • Formation one
    • Formation two
    • Formation three
    • Formation four
    • Formation five
    • Mentality
    • Ultra defensive
    • Defensive
    • Balanced
    • Attacking
    • Ultra attacking
    • Substitution
    • Striker
    • Midfielder
    • Defender
    • Sub one
    • Sub two
    • Sub three
    • Sub four
    • Sub five
    • Sub striker
    • Sub midfielder
    • Sub defender
    • Sub goalkeeper
    • Cancel
    • Camera tele broadcast
    • Camera tele
    • Camera co-op
    • Camera dynamic
    • Camera end to end
    • Camera pro
    • Camera broadcast
    • Change camera tele broadcast
    • Change camera tele
    • Change camera co-op
    • Change camera dynamic
    • Change camera end to end
    • Change camera pro
    • Change camera broadcast
    • Hard five minutes
    • Pressure on the ball
    • Go all out now
    • Shoot from anywhere
    • Route one now boys
    • Everybody back
    • Shut up shop
    • Let's slow it down
    • Get tight on them
    • Watch for the long ball
    • Take it to the corners
    • Step it up
    • We need the win
    • Look after the ball
    • Ease off a little


    Offside trapD-Pad up then up
    Team pressD-Pad up then down
    Swap wingsD-Pad up then left
    CB joins attackD-Pad up then right
    Decrease attacking mentalityD-Pad left
    Increase attacking mentalityD-Pad right

    Leagues and teams

    There are over 600 teams in FIFA 14. These are listed below in alphabetical order by league.

    Each team also has a star rating, plus transfer budgets and weekly wages for career mode. These were as at October 2013. Please note the star ratings may change if you download the latest squad updates.

    The best teams in each league are bolded. To determine the best team the star rating is looked at first, then where two or more teams have the same star rating the team with the highest transfer budget is deemed to be the best. In the event of teams still being equal on these two measures then the team with the highest weekly wage is highlighted as the best.

    The Argentinean, Chilean and Columbian leagues are new to FIFA 14. The rumour is that these South American leagues have been added in preparation for the Copa Libertadores coming to FIFA 15.

    Leagues for the following countries:

    1. Argentina
    2. Australia
    3. Austria
    4. Belgium
    5. Brazil
    6. Chile
    7. Columbia
    8. Denmark
    9. England - 4 divisions
    10. France - 2 divisions
    11. Germany - 2 divisions
    12. International
    13. Italy - 2 divisions
    14. Korea Republic
    15. Mexico
    16. Netherlands
    17. Norway
    18. Poland
    19. Portugal
    20. Republic of Ireland
    21. Rest of World
    22. Russia
    23. Saudi Arabia
    24. Scotland
    25. Spain - 2 divisions
    26. Sweden
    27. Switzerland
    28. United States


    Primera Division (20 teams)

    TeamStar ratingTransfer budget (GBP)Weekly wages (GBP)
    All Boys3.0 stars160,00025,500
    Argentinos Jrs.2.5 stars475,00029,500
    Arsenal3.0 stars425,00024,750
    Athletico Rafaela3.0 stars170,00025,500
    Belgrano3.0 stars250,00026,750
    Boca Juniors3.5 stars3,800,000430,750
    Colon3.5 stars210,00024,750
    Estudiantes3.5 stars600,000280,250
    Gimnasia3.0 stars230,00024,750
    Godoy Cruz3.0 stars230,00022,250
    Lanus3.0 stars600,00025,500
    Newell's4.0 stars1,300,000120,750
    Olimpo2.5 stars140,00024,000
    Quilmes2.5 stars300,00025,500
    Racing Club3.5 stars2,500,000293,500
    River Plate3.5 stars3,000,000291,500
    Rosario Ctral.3.0 stars190,00044,250
    San Lorenzo3.5 stars2,200,00071,750
    Tigre3.5 stars350,00026,750
    Velez Sarsfield4.0 stars2,700,000369,000


    A-League (10 teams):

    TeamStar ratingTransfer budget (GBP)Weekly wages (GBP)
    Adelaide United1.5 stars1,700,00018,500
    Brisbane Roar2.5 stars1,700,00017,750
    Central Coast2.5 stars1,700,00017,750
    Melb. Victory2.0 stars1,700,00018,500
    Melbourne Heart2.0 stars1,700,00017,750
    Newcastle Jets2.0 stars1,700,00020,750
    Perth Glory2.0 stars1,700,00020,750
    Sydney FC2.0 stars1,700,00028,750
    Wanderers FC2.5 stars1,700,00018,500
    Well. Phoenix2.0 stars1,700,00016,250


    A. Bundesliga (10 teams):

    TeamStar ratingTransfer budget (GBP)Weekly wages (GBP)
    Admira1.0 stars500,00062,500
    FK Austria3.0 stars3,000,000150,000
    Innsbruck1.5 stars210,00063,000
    RB Salzburg3.0 stars6,500,000214,500
    SK Rapid Wien3.0 stars2,500,000105,250
    SK Sturm Graz2.5 stars850,000121,750
    SV Grodig1.0 stars80,00032,750
    SV Ried2.0 stars475,00073,500
    Wiener Neustadt1.5 stars300,00056,250
    Wolfsberger AC1.5 stars210,00034,000


    Pro League (16 teams):

    TeamStar ratingTransfer budget (GBP)Weekly wages (GBP)
    Cercle Brugge3.0 stars675,000108,000
    Club Brugge3.5 stars4,700,000283,500
    KAA Gent3.0 stars3,400,000216,500
    KRC Genk3.5 stars3,000,000303,500
    KV Kortrijk3.0 stars500,00099,000
    KV Mechelen3.0 stars850,000120,500
    KV Oostende2.0 stars350,00044,000
    Lierse SK2.5 stars1,700,000105,000
    OHL2.5 stars425,000122,000
    RAEC Mons2.5 stars425,000112,000
    RSC Anderlecht3.5 stars5,000,000309,500
    Sp. Charleroi2.5 stars625,00092,500
    Sport. Lokeren3.0 stars1,400,000219,500
    Standard Liege3.5 stars4,700,000335,500
    Waasl.-Beveren2.5 stars425,00045,500
    Zulte-Waregem3.0 stars700,000179,000


    Liga do Brasil (20 teams):

    TeamStar ratingTransfer budget (GBP)Weekly wages (GBP)
    Atl. Mineiro4.0 stars5,000,000715,000
    Atl. Paranaense3.0 stars850,000276,000
    Bahia3.0 stars210,000306,000
    Botafogo4.0 stars1,700,000471,000
    Corinthians4.0 stars9,500,000576,000
    Coritiba3.5 stars425,000434,000
    Criciuma3.0 stars210,00026,750
    Cruzeiro4.0 stars2,100,000629,000
    Flamengo3.5 stars4,200,000474,000
    Fluminense3.5 stars5,500,000462,000
    Goias3.5 stars425,00025,500
    Gremio3.5 stars4,200,000488,750
    Internacional4.0 stars7,000,000582,000
    Nautico3.0 stars80,00045,750
    Ponte Preta3.0 stars170,00051,250
    Portugnesa3.5 stars250,00025,500
    Santos3.5 stars8,500,000405,750
    Sao Paulo3.5 stars8,500,000614,750
    Vasco da Gama3.5 stars850,000485,750
    Vitoria3.0 stars170,00025,500


    Camp. Petrobas (18 teams):

    TeamStar ratingTransfer budget (GBP)Weekly wages (GBP)
    Audax Italiano1.5 stars350,00024,000
    CD Antofagasta2.0 stars250,00024,000
    CD Cobreloa2.5 stars350,00025,250
    CD Cobresal1.5 stars275,00024,000
    CD Everton1.5 stars400,00022,250
    CD Huachipato2.5 stars350,00024,000
    CD O'Higgins2.5 stars350,00022,250
    CD Palestino1.5 stars425,00026,750
    Colo-Colo3.0 stars800,000160,000
    Depor. Iquique2.5 stars250,00024,000
    Rangers Talca2.0 stars300,00022,250
    Uni. Catolica3.0 stars425,00024,000
    Uni. Concepcion1.5 stars130,00021,500
    Uni. de Chile3.0 stars675,00052,250
    Union Espanola3.0 stars625,00022,250
    Union La Calera1.5 stars170,00024,000
    Wanderers2.0 stars350,00024,000
    Nublense1.5 stars140,00020,750


    Liga Postobon (18 teams):

    TeamStar ratingTransfer budget (GBP)Weekly wages (GBP)
    Al. Petrolera2.0 stars130,00024,000
    Atl Nacional3.0 stars650,00063,500
    Atletico Hulla2.0 stars170,00024,000
    Boyaca Chico2.5 stars210,00024,000
    Cucuta Depor.2.0 stars250,00022,250
    Depor. Quindio2.5 stars180,00024,000
    Deportes Tolima3.5 stars675,00024,000
    Deportivo Cali3.0 stars400,000149,500
    Deportivo Pasto3.0 stars400,00024,000
    Envigado2.5 stars230,00024,000
    Ind. Santa Fe3.5 stars600,00024,000
    Indep. Medellin1.5 stars170,00022,250
    Itagui3.0 stars350,00022,250
    Junior FC3.0 stars400,00024,000
    La Equidad3.0 stars425,00024,000
    Millonarios FC3.0 stars675,000187,000
    Once Caldas3.0 stars500,00024,000
    Patriotas FC1.5 stars130,00024,000


    Superliga (12 teams):

    TeamStar ratingTransfer budget (GBP)Weekly wages (GBP)
    Aalborg BK2.0 stars425,00086,250
    Aarhus GF2.0 stars425,00092,000
    Brondby IF2.5 stars1,300,000139,500
    Esbjerg fB2.0 stars425,00031,750
    FC Kobenhavn3.5 stars3,000,000268,000
    FC Midtjylland1.5 stars775,00078,000
    FC Nordsjalland2.5 stars675,000108,500
    FC Vestsjalland0.5 stars250,00029,250
    Odense Boldklub2.5 stars1,300,000105,250
    Randers FC2.0 stars500,00030,500
    SonderjyskE1.5 stars210,00037,250
    Viborg FF1.0 stars300,00031,750


    Barclays PL (20 teams):

    TeamStar ratingTransfer budget (GBP)Weekly wages (GBP)
    Arsenal4.5 stars25,500,0001,770,750
    Aston Villa3.5 stars11,000,000825,750
    Cardiff City3.5 stars5,500,000382,250
    Chelsea5.0 stars46,500,0002,482,250
    Crystal Palace3.5 stars6,000,000318,250
    Everton4.5 stars11,000,0001,035,500
    Fulham4.0 stars2,300,0001,112,750
    Hull City3.5 stars5,500,000405,750
    Liverpool4.5 stars18,000,0001,563,000
    Manchester City5.0 stars76,500,0002,526,250
    Manchester Utd5.0 stars33,000,0002,498,000
    Newcastle Utd4.5 stars14,500,0001,142,500
    Norwich City4.0 stars6,500,000583,000
    Southampton3.5 stars8,500,000538,750
    Spurs4.5 stars24,000,0001,726,750
    Stoke City4.0 stars13,500,000720,500
    Sunderland4.0 stars14,500,000848,250
    Swansea City4.0 stars7,000,000711,750
    West Brom4.0 stars7,500,000623,000
    West Ham United4.0 stars8,000,000625,250

    FL Championship (24 teams):

    TeamStar ratingTransfer budget (GBP)Weekly wages (GBP)
    Barnsley2.5 stars1,500,000126,000
    Birmingham City2.5 stars2,500,000170,000
    Blackburn Rvrs3.0 stars6,000,000220,000
    Blackpool3.0 stars3,000,000153,000
    Bolton3.5 stars6,000,000360,500
    Bournemouth2.5 stars2,500,00053,000
    Brighton3.5 stars4,200,000269,500
    Burnley3.0 stars2,800,000136,000
    Charlton Ath2.5 stars1,500,000106,500
    Derby County3.0 stars2,800,000197,000
    Doncaster2.5 stars1,300,000116,500
    Huddersfield3.0 stars2,800,000144,000
    Ipswich Town3.0 stars3,800,000124,000
    Leeds United3.0 stars3,400,000217,500
    Leicester City3.0 stars7,000,000210,500
    Middlesbrough3.0 stars3,000,000212,000
    Millwall3.0 stars2,500,000189,000
    Nott'm Forest3.0 stars4,200,000250,500
    QPR3.5 stars7,500,000497,500
    Reading3.5 stars7,000,000372,500
    Sheffield Wed3.0 stars2,300,000147,000
    Watford3.5 stars3,200,000256,000
    Wigan Athletic3.5 stars7,000,000454,000
    Yeovil Town2.0 stars500,00051,500

    Football League 1 (24 teams):

    TeamStar ratingTransfer budget (GBP)Weekly wages (GBP)
    Bradford City2.0 stars650,00023,500
    Brentford2.0 stars625,00024,500
    Bristol City2.5 stars2,100,000108,250
    Carlisle United1.0 stars575,00024,250
    Colchester2.0 stars600,00024,000
    Coventry City2.0 stars475,00069,000
    Crawley Town1.5 stars625,00018,750
    Crewe Alexandra1.0 stars450,00021,500
    Gillingham1.5 stars500,00024,250
    Leyton Orient2.0 stars425,00019,250
    MK Dons2.0 stars775,00020,750
    Notts County2.0 stars925,00024,250
    Oldham Athletic1.5 stars475,00023,500
    Peterborough United2.5 stars1,700,00082,250
    Port Vale1.5 stars500,00021,750
    Preston2.0 stars600,00094,250
    Rotherham Utd2.0 stars775,00024,000
    Sheffield Utd2.0 stars1,700,00078,000
    Shrewsbury1.5 stars525,00018,500
    Stevenage1.5 stars375,00024,000
    Swindon Town1.5 stars325,00024,500
    Tranmere Rovers1.5 stars500,00018,750
    Walsall1.5 stars375,00023,500
    Wolverhampton Wanderers3.0 stars2,500,000196,750

    Football League 2 (24 teams):

    TeamStar ratingTransfer budget (GBP)Weekly wages (GBP)
    AFC Wimbledon1.0 stars210,00021,500
    Accrington0.5 stars150,00020,750
    Bristol Rovers1.0 stars625,00024,000
    Burton Albion1.0 stars325,00019,250
    Bury1.0 stars275,00024,250
    Cheltenham Town1.5 stars350,00019,250
    Chesterfield1.5 stars350,00019,250
    Dagenham1.0 stars190,00020,000
    Exeter City1.0 stars300,00021,000
    Fleetwood Town1.0 stars925,00020,000
    Hartlepool1.0 stars400,00021,500
    Mansfield Town1.0 stars350,00024,000
    Morecambe1.0 stars210,00020,000
    Newport County1.0 stars625,00018,500
    Northampton1.5 stars425,00021,500
    Oxford United1.5 stars500,00025,250
    Plymouth Argyle1.5 stars350,00019,250
    Portsmouth1.5 stars550,00053,750
    Rochdale1.0 stars400,00024,000
    Scunthorpe Utd1.5 stars425,00020,750
    Southend United1.0 stars275,00024,000
    Torquay United1.0 stars350,00020,000
    Wycombe1.5 stars525,00023,250
    York City0.5 stars170,00020,750


    Ligue 1 (20 teams):

    TeamStar ratingTransfer budget (GBP)Weekly wages (GBP)
    AC Ajaccio3.5 stars1,300,000254,750
    AS Monaco4.0 stars85,000,000752,500
    Bordeaux4.0 stars6,000,000684,000
    EA Guingamp3.0 stars1,100,000177,750
    Evian Thonon FC3.0 stars2,500,000294,750
    FC Lorient3.5 stars3,000,000386,500
    FC Nantes3.5 stars1,700,000256,250
    FC Sochaux3.5 stars3,400,000307,000
    LOSC Lille4.0 stars10,000,000737,000
    Marseille4.5 stars12,500,0001,142,750
    Montpellier HSC3.5 stars7,500,000444,000
    OGC Nice3.5 stars3,800,000384,250
    Olympique Lyon4.0 stars11,000,000990,000
    PSG5.0 stars102,000,0001,717,250
    SC Bastia3.5 stars1,700,000276,000
    Saint-Etienne4.0 stars7,000,000563,000
    Stade Reims3.0 stars2,100,000272,750
    Stade Rennais4.0 stars8,500,000505,750
    Toulouse FC3.5 stars5,000,000361,750
    Valenciennes FC3.0 stars2,500,000280,500

    Ligue 2 (20 teams):

    TeamStar ratingTransfer budget (GBP)Weekly wages (GBP)
    AC Arles2.0 stars675,00071,000
    AJ Auxerre3.0 stars1,300,000132,750
    AS Nancy2.5 stars1,700,000150,250
    Angers SCO2.0 stars1,000,00093,750
    CA Bastia1.0 stars350,00024,000
    Cham. Niortais2.0 stars425,00021,750
    Clermont Foot2.0 stars600,00078,000
    US Creteil1.5 stars375,00019,250
    Dijon FCO2.0 stars1,300,00091,000
    ES Troyes3.0 stars1,300,000140,500
    FC Istres2.0 stars475,00092,500
    LB Chateauroux1.5 stars675,00069,250
    Le Harve AC2.0 stars1,200,00085,500
    FC Metz2.0 stars1,000,00092,500
    Nimes Olympique2.0 stars675,00069,250
    RC Lens2.5 stars1,300,00041,500
    SM Caen2.5 stars1,500,000125,000
    Stade Brest3.0 stars1,700,000190,750
    Stade Lavallois1.5 stars625,00080,500
    Tours FC2.0 stars775,00080,500


    Borussia Dortmund

    Bundesliga (18 teams):

    TeamStar ratingTransfer budget (GBP)Weekly wages (GBP)
    1.FC Nuremberg3.5 stars3,000,000452,000
    1. FSV Mainz 053.5 stars3,800,000468,000
    1899 Hoffenheim4.0 stars6,500,000542,000
    Bayer 044.5 stars10,000,000927,000
    Bor. Dortmund5.0 stars21,000,0001,784,000
    Bor. M'gladbach4.0 stars18,500,000595,000
    Braunschweig3.5 stars1,300,000271,000
    Eint. Frankfurt4.0 stars4,200,000591,000
    FC Augsburg3.5 stars2,100,000394,000
    FC Bayern5.0 stars46,500,0002,492,000
    FC Schalke 044.5 stars8,500,0001,262,000
    Hamburger SV4.0 stars4,200,000634,000
    Hannover 964.0 stars6,500,000617,000
    Hertha BSC3.5 stars3,400,000482,000
    SC Freiburg3.5 stars3,800,000409,000
    VfB Stuttgart4.0 stars6,000,000701,000
    VfL Wolfsburg4.5 stars17,000,0001,127,000
    Werder Bremen4.0 stars4,200,000528,000

    Bundesliga 2 (18 teams):

    TeamStar ratingTransfer budget (GBP)Weekly wages (GBP)
    1.FC K'lautern3.0 stars2,500,000272,750
    1.FC Koln3.0 stars2,500,000219,250
    1860 Munich3.0 stars2,500,000150,750
    Arm. Bielefeld2.0 stars500,00093,750
    Dynamo Dresden2.5 stars425,00019,500
    Energie Cottbus3.0 stars1,000,000160,000
    Erzgebirge Aue2.5 stars500,00098,000
    F. Dusseldorf3.0 stars1,700,000284,000
    FC Ingolstadt3.0 stars1,700,000169,000
    FC St. Pauli3.0 stars1,300,000156,000
    FSV Frankfurt3.0 stars850,000112,250
    Greuther Furth3.0 stars2,100,000184,750
    Karlsruher SC2.5 stars675,00093,750
    SC Paderborn2.5 stars1,000,000101,500
    SV Sandhausen2.5 stars425,00023,000
    Union Berlin3.0 stars1,300,000156,000
    VfL Bochum3.0 stars1,300,000141,000
    VfR Aalen2.5 stars210,00020,000


    International (47 teams):

    Wales are a new addition to FIFA 14
    TeamStar rating
    Argentina5.0 stars
    Australia3.5 stars
    Austria4.0 stars
    Belgium4.5 stars
    Bolivia3.0 stars
    Brazil5.0 stars
    Bulgaria3.0 stars
    Cameroon4.0 stars
    Chile4.0 stars
    Columbia4.5 stars
    Cote d'Ivoire4.0 stars
    Czech Republic4.0 stars
    Denmark3.5 stars
    Ecuador3.5 stars
    Egypt3.0 stars
    England5.0 stars
    Finland3.0 stars
    France5.0 stars
    Germany5.0 stars
    Greece4.0 stars
    Hungary3.5 stars
    India1.0 stars
    Ireland4.0 stars
    Italy5.0 stars
    Korea Republic3.0 stars
    Mexico4.0 stars
    Netherlands4.5 stars
    New Zealand2.5 stars
    Northern Ireland3.5 stars
    Norway3.5 stars
    Paraguay4.0 stars
    Peru3.5 stars
    Poland4.0 stars
    Portugal4.5 stars
    Romania3.5 stars
    Russia4.5 stars
    Scotland3.5 stars
    Slovenia3.5 stars
    South Africa3.5 stars
    Spain5.0 stars
    Sweden4.0 stars
    Switzerland4.0 stars
    Turkey4.5 stars
    United States4.0 stars
    Uruguay4.5 stars
    Venezuela3.5 stars
    Wales3.5 stars


    Serie A (20 teams):

    TeamStar ratingTransfer budget (GBP)Weekly wages (GBP)
    Atalanta4.0 stars5,000,000588,250
    Bologna3.5 stars2,500,000483,250
    Cagliari4.0 stars3,400,000566,250
    Catania4.0 stars4,200,000796,250
    Chievo Verona3.5 stars2,500,000422,750
    Fiorentina4.5 stars17,000,0001,295,250
    Genova4.0 stars16,000,000511,500
    Hellas Verona3.5 stars1,700,000335,000
    Inter4.5 stars25,500,0001,724,000
    Juventus5.0 stars31,500,0002,240,000
    Lazio4.5 stars12,500,0001,313,000
    Livorno3.0 stars2,100,000243,750
    Milan4.5 stars14,500,0001,691,250
    Napoli4.5 stars25,500,0001,676,250
    Parma4.0 stars8,500,000337,750
    Roma4.5 stars22,000,0001,467,250
    Sampdoria3.5 stars8,500,000337,750
    Sassuolo3.0 stars2,500,000205,750
    Torino3.5 stars5,000,000405,500
    Udinese4.0 stars12,500,000913,500

    Serie B (22 teams):

    TeamStar ratingTransfer budget (GBP)Weekly wages (GBP)
    Avellino1.5 stars425,00028,000
    Bari1.5 stars1,700,00079,000
    Brescia3.0 stars2,500,000122,000
    C. Stabra2.5 stars425,00097,000
    Carpi2.0 stars170,00026,000
    Cesena3.0 stars3,400,000140,000
    Cittadella2.0 stars850,00070,000
    Crotone2.0 stars850,00092,000
    Empoli2.5 stars1,700,000109,000
    La Spezia2.5 stars1,700,00049,000
    Lanciano1.5 stars425,00031,000
    Latina2.0 stars210,00031,000
    Modena2.5 stars850,000113,000
    Novara2.5 stars1,700,000119,000
    Padua3.0 stars1,300,000146,000
    Palermo3.5 stars10,000,000448,000
    Pescara3.0 stars5,000,000232,000
    Reggio Calabria2.5 stars850,000128,000
    Siena3.0 stars850,000215,000
    Terni2.5 stars1,700,00027,000
    Trapani0.5 stars170,00027,000
    Varese2.0 stars425,00097,000

    Korea Republic

    K LEAGUE (14 teams):

    TeamStar ratingTransfer budget (GBP)Weekly wages (GBP)
    Busan I'Park2.0 stars3,000,00033,000
    Chunnam Dragons1.5 stars1,700,00074,000
    Daegu FC1.5 stars775,00032,000
    Daejeon Citizen1.0 stars600,00031,000
    FC Seoul3.0 stars6,000,000218,000
    Gangwon FC1.5 stars2,100,00031,000
    GyeongNam FC1.5 stars850,00031,000
    Incheon United2.5 stars2,500,00036,000
    Jeju United FC2.5 stars3,800,00040,000
    Jeonbuk FC3.0 stars6,500,000159,000
    Pohang Steelers3.0 stars4,200,00039,000
    Seongnam Ilhwa2.5 stars850,00033,000
    Suwon Bluewings2.5 stars6,000,000151,000
    Ulsan Hyundai2.5 stars5,000,000161,000


    LIGA Bancomer MX (18 teams):

    TeamStar ratingTransfer budget (GBP)Weekly wages (GBP)
    America3.5 stars6,000,000336,000
    Atlante3.0 stars500,000163,000
    Atlas3.0 stars425,000179,000
    Chiapas3.0 stars850,00038,000
    Club Leon3.0 stars1,700,00032,000
    Cruz Azul3.5 stars7,000,000286,000
    Guadalajara3.0 stars4,200,000189,000
    Monarcas3.5 stars2,500,000295,000
    Monterrey3.5 stars7,500,000268,000
    Pachuca3.0 stars7,500,000205,000
    Puebla3.0 stars500,000157,000
    Queretaro3.0 stars1,300,000165,000
    Santos Laguna3.0 stars4,200,000253,000
    Tigres3.5 stars8,500,000351,000
    Tijuana3.5 stars4,200,000222,000
    Toluca3.0 stars1,300,000184,000
    U.N.A.M.3.0 stars1,700,000184,000
    Veracruz3.0 stars1,300,00048,000


    Eredivisie (18 teams):

    TeamStar ratingTransfer budget (GBP)Weekly wages (GBP)
    ADO Den Haag3.0 stars1,300,000139,500
    AZ3.5 stars3,400,000333,250
    Ajax4.0 stars8,500,000576,750
    FC Groningen3.0 stars3,000,000161,750
    FC Twente3.5 stars4,200,000310,500
    FC Utrecht3.0 stars3,000,000219,000
    Feyenoord3.5 stars3,400,000387,250
    Go Ahead Eagles2.5 stars425,00054,000
    Heracles Almelo3.0 stars775,000148,000
    N.E.C.3.0 stars1,700,000120,000
    NAC Breda3.0 stars850,000110,750
    PEC Zwolle3.0 stars850,00050,500
    PSV3.5 stars8,500,000520,000
    RKC Waalwijk2.5 stars625,00097,750
    Roda JC3.0 stars2,500,000129,500
    SC Cambur2.5 stars625,00048,750
    Vitesse3.5 stars5,500,000278,250
    sc Heerenveen3.0 stars3,400,000195,000


    Tippeligaen (16 teams):

    TeamStar ratingTransfer budget (GBP)Weekly wages (GBP)
    Aalesunds FK2.5 stars500,000109,500
    FK Haugesund1.5 stars250,00035,250
    Honefoss BK2.0 stars210,00035,250
    Lillestrom SK2.0 stars925,00086,750
    Molde FK3.0 stars675,000165,000
    ODD2.0 stars300,00034,000
    Rosenborg BK3.0 stars1,700,000162,250
    SK Brann2.0 stars850,00085,000
    Sandnes Ulf1.0 stars80,00030,500
    Sarpsborg1.5 stars250,00036,000
    Sogndal1.0 stars250,00032,750
    Start1.5 stars550,00073,250
    Stromsgodset IF3.0 stars675,00043,250
    Tromso IL2.5 stars1,000,000118,500
    Viking FK3.0 stars1,700,000109,000
    Valerenga3.0 stars1,500,000125,500


    Ekstraklasa (16 teams)

    TeamStar ratingTransfer budget (GBP)Weekly wages (GBP)
    Cracovia Krakow1.5 stars425,00030,000
    Gornik Zabrze2.5 stars375,00030,000
    Jag. Bialystok2.5 stars500,00030,000
    Korona Kielce2.0 stars425,00031,000
    Lech Poznan3.0 stars2,400,000165,000
    Lechia Gdansk2.0 stars475,00024,000
    Legia Warszawa3.0 stars2,400,000165,000
    Plast Gliwice2.0 stars425,00024,000
    Podbeskidzie1.5 stars250,00027,000
    Pogon Szczecin2.0 stars350,00028,000
    Ruch Chorzow2.0 stars375,00031,000
    Widzew Lodz1.5 stars300,00030,000
    Wisla Krakow2.5 stars850,00079,000
    Zaglebie Lubin2.5 stars1,100,00036,000
    Zaw. Bydgoszcz1.5 stars300,00031,000
    Slask Wroclaw2.5 stars625,00035,000


    Liga Portuguesa (16 teams):

    TeamStar ratingTransfer budget (GBP)Weekly wages (GBP)
    Academica3.0 stars350,000192,000
    Arouca3.0 stars170,00042,500
    Belem2.5 stars130,00048,000
    C. Funchal3.0 stars625,000258,000
    CD Nacional3.0 stars625,000200,000
    Estoril3.0 stars210,00056,500
    FC Porto4.5 stars17,000,0001,371,000
    Pacos Ferreira3.0 stars425,000233,000
    Rio Ave FC3.0 stars425,000234,000
    S.C. Olhanense2.5 stars130,000130,500
    SC Braga4.0 stars2,100,000615,000
    SL Benfica4.5 stars15,500,0001,353,000
    Sporting CP4.0 stars8,500,000629,000
    V. Barcelos3.0 stars210,000146,000
    Vit. Guimaraes3.0 stars625,000168,500
    Vitoria FC3.0 stars130,000129,500

    Republic of Ireland

    Airtricity League (12 teams):

    TeamStar ratingTransfer budget (GBP)Weekly wages (GBP)
    Bohemians FC0.5 stars110,00020,750
    Bray Wanderers0.5 stars110,00020,750
    Cork City0.5 stars170,00020,750
    Derry City1.0 stars190,00020,750
    Drogheda Utd0.5 stars170,00020,750
    Dundalk1.0 stars210,00020,750
    Limerick0.5 stars190,00020,750
    Shamrock Rovers1.0 stars210,00020,750
    Shelbourne0.5 stars110,00020,750
    Sligo Rovers1.0 stars250,00020,750
    St. Pats1.0 stars230,00020,750
    UCD AFC0.5 stars80,00020,750

    Rest of World

    Rest of World (15 teams):

    TeamStar rating
    AEK Athens (Greece)2.0 stars
    FC Shaktar (Ukraine)4.0 stars
    Galatasaray SK (Turkey)4.5 stars
    Independiente (Argentina)2.5 stars
    Kaizer Chiefs (South Africa)3.0 stars
    MLS All-Stars (you can purchase this team in the EAS FC Catalogue)3.5 stars
    Olympiacos CFP (Greece)4.0 stars
    Orlando Pirates (South Africa)3.5 stars
    Palmeiras (Brazil)3.5 stars
    Panathinkaikos (Greece)3.0 stars
    PAOK (Greece)3.5 stars
    Rangers (Scotland)1.5 stars
    Classic XI (can't be used in online matches)5.0 stars
    World XI (can't be used in online matches)5.0 stars
    adidas All Star Team (you can purchase this team in the EAS FC Catalogue)5.0 stars


    Russian League (16 teams):

    TeamStar ratingTransfer budget (GBP)Weekly wages (GBP)
    A. Makhachkala3.5 stars16,000,000278,500
    Amkar Perm3.0 stars2,500,000126,000
    CSKA Moskva4.5 stars16,000,000897,500
    Dinamo Moskva4.0 stars13,500,000871,500
    FC Krasnodar3.0 stars3,800,000262,000
    FC Rostov3.0 stars2,100,000216,500
    FC Tom Tomsk2.5 stars625,000102,500
    FC Ural2.0 stars2,100,00048,000
    Krylya Sovelov3.0 stars850,000131,000
    Kuban Krasnodar3.5 stars4,000,000349,500
    Lokomotiv4.0 stars9,500,000540,500
    Rubin Kazan4.0 stars10,500,000450,500
    Spartak Moskva4.0 stars17,000,000957,500
    Terek Grozny3.0 stars7,000,000177,000
    Volga3.0 stars1,500,000132,000
    Zenit4.5 stars34,000,0001,167,000

    Saudi Arabia

    AJL League (14 teams):

    TeamStar ratingTransfer budget (GBP)Weekly wages (GBP)
    Al-Ahil3.0 stars8,500,00042,500
    Al-Ettifaq2.0 stars3,400,00042,500
    Al-Faisaly1.0 stars2,500,00042,500
    Al-Fateh2.5 stars3,800,00042,500
    Al-Hilal3.0 stars8,500,000270,250
    Al-Ittihad2.0 stars7,500,00054,000
    Al-Nahda0.5 stars850,00042,500
    Al-Nassr2.5 stars6,000,00058,000
    Al-Oruba FC0.5 stars1,300,00042,500
    Al-Raed1.0 stars2,100,00042,500
    Al-Shabab3.0 stars7,500,00075,750
    Al-Taawoun1.5 stars1,700,00042,500
    Alshoulla1.0 stars1,300,00042,500
    Narjan1.0 stars2,100,00042,500