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Reviewed: 05/06/13

I'm Gonna Have Me Some Fun

From out of nowhere comes a crazy retro-style first person shooter that has absolutely nothing to do with Far Cry 3 and will stick it to you with a hilarious tutorial. Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is a Xbox Live Arcade game featuring an all new story and game from the makers of the Far Cry series. This game is not an add on to Far Cry 3 so why it has the Far Cry 3 title in the name does not make any sense to me I just want to kill and blow stuff up and this game gives me every reason to do so. The other half of the title is called Blood Dragon. The main bad guy Colonel Sloan has created blood dragons and drinks their blood to make himself super evil. Rex Colt is not the hero of this game. He is just your average everyday Mark IV Super Cyborg Commando out to do his job of taking out the miserable beings set to make the world an even scarier place.

Space, earth, and nuclear war. The year is 2007. Not unlike our own year of 2007, this 2007 features super mutants and some really cool weapons. You play as cyborg commando Rex Colt who is sent in to investigate a rebellion uprising in some oddball part of Canada. There you find Colonel Sloan who is been up to no good with his cyborg army and blood dragons and nuclear warheads. All you learn from the game is that a nuclear war with Communist Russia was pursued and Canada had to be nuked to stop the Russian invasion. Sloan is out to stop peace negotiations by starting his own war using nukes and super mutant blood dragons. Throw in a bunch of scientists and a hot doctor chick to help Rex out and you have the ultimate retro shooter to ever hit this generation. Complete with 80's style action music and even the VHS tracking load screens you get quite the experience with Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon.

Blood Dragon plays out as a first person shooter with very similar play style as Far Cry 3. You can jump into vehicles and take over enemy bases so that your little scientist army can hold their ground. Side missions even include hunting wild animals as well as rescuing scientists. The main missions in the game are rather epic as you take on a series of objectives to stop Colonel Sloan from his mad quest to start a biological war. Weapons can be upgraded as you complete side missions and you acquire even more interesting items as the game progresses. Trash talking cyborg commando Rex Colt has plenty of hilarious one liners throughout the game starting with the tutorial. Being as you are half man and half machine you get programmed through probably the most amusing and hilarious tutorial at the introduction of the game. The enemy cyborgs in the game are fun to take down as you can sneak up to them and stab them or use any variety of gun to blast them away. The blood dragons can be used to lure into attacking the cyborgs and you have to learn to navigate around these creatures in order to take them down as well. Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon gets even more crazy and epic as the game goes along towards an end that puts Duke Nukem to shame.

The graphics are rather interesting and as you would expect with an open world Far Cry game you can sneak through swaying grass hills and take down any wildlife in your way. The environment rests in a dark and reddish haze due to the effects of the nuclear war aftermath. The landscape is rather drab and expansive but very easy to navigate due to the bases scattered around the map with their beaming red or green markers and the simple to use waypoints. This game is hard on the action and even more serious on being styled after a classic 80's film instead of being just another Far Cry spinoff. Blood Dragon definitely stands on its own. The story plays out through still scenes with dialogue giving this game a look more similar to a real arcade game. And Blood Dragon feels like an arcade game.

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon has quite a bit of replay value. A one time play through should net you all need in terms of side missions and collectibles to find. There is no multiplayer feature to the game but it does last a good day to get through totally. Achievement points are wrapped up in completing the missions and doing all the collectible things so it is fairly easy to get most of those in one run.

Final Recommendation 9/10

For an Xbox Live Arcade game, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon takes the cake. Featuring a dedicated 80's retro-theme complete with nonstop action and even a Drug-Free promo Blood Dragon is one game that you will fall in love with. I highly recommend Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon as one of the best first person shooter games on Xbox Live Arcade. It's fun with plenty of crude humor and a story so outrageous and immersive that makes this one insane nonstop action game that hardly loses your attention.

Rating: 9

Product Release: Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon (US, 05/01/13)

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