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by oldschool312

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Guide and Walkthrough by oldschool312

Version: 0.80 | Updated: 12/31/2013


Welcome to my Lego Marvel guide. This guide was written using the PS4 version of the game. I've tried to include sections for all the gold bricks, canisters, red bricks and Saving Stan. These sections are intended to be updated until complete. The great thing about Lego games are that anyone of any age can jump in, grab a controller, and play.

Version History

  • Version 0.80
    • Submitted 12/31/2013
    • Story Mode Walkthrough complete
    • Began canister section
    • Outlined Characters section
    • Need to add trophies
    • Began Saving Stan Section
    • Began Gold Brick section
    • Began Red Brick Mission Section

Sand Central Station

After the opening cinematic we begin as Hulk and Iron Man. Move up the ramp destroying all the vehicles and sand creatures encountered. Near the barricade at the top, switch to Iron Man. Use Iron Man's rockets to destroy the silver objects on either side of the ramp. The fire hydrants weaken the wall. Now Hulk, can destroy the barricade. Move to the green bars and rapidly tap Circle to allow passage. At the Roxxon truck, switch to Iron Man and use the rockets to destroy the shiny silver portion of the tank. Use the remnants to build some grips for Hulk. We can now pull the truck apart by rapidly tapping Circle. We've arrived at Abomination. Follow the on screen cues to defeat one of Hulk's arch enemies.

Inside the building we encounter Sandman. Ahead Sandman's fists are blocking our path. Move to the left side of the screen and pick up the large debris and toss it at one of the hands. The second hand is destroyed by eliminating the blocks on the right side of the screen to reveal a couple of grips for Hulk to pull on. Once a portion of the wall is removed, toss it at the second hand. Sandman's next trick is to create a sand bus full of his minions. Destroy them to open up the path again. A wall of sand is our next obstacle. We need to wet the wall in order to destroy it. Using Iron Man, fire a rocket at the globe on top of the newspaper stand. Use the remaining pieces to build a water cannon. Once the green cracks appear in the wall, SMASH it. We now encounter a set of sand towers with cannons at their apex. Fire some rockets at the silver scaffolding on the right. Use the blocks to build a set of grips for Hulk. Once Hulk picks up the large object, toss it at the cracks in the wall. Its destruction leads to a cinematic.

Spider-Man has decided to join the fight just as Sandman's grown to the size of a building. Move Spidey to the right side of the screen. Find the red and blue sparkles and the web-slinger will mention his Spidey sense. Tap Circle then climb up the wall. Hit circle again to fire a web. Not rapidly tap the button to pull the equipment to the ground. Use the debris to build a set of grips for Hulk. Pull the creation back by tapping circle. Once Hulk releases the gears on the right are destroyed. Switch to Iron Man and fire his rockets at the silver bars on the left side of the screen. Upon their destruction use Spidey sense then shoot a web onto the other set of gears. This effectively eliminates the electricity barrier. Move to large "A" activate Spidey sense again. Spider-Man will shoot more webs to pull the letter down to use it as a bridge. We are getting closer to Sandman. Move to the right of the screen and tap circle with Spidey to web up to the top of the tower. Now switch to Hulk. Hold Triangle to revert back to Bruce Banner. Now, Banner can climb the web that Spidey spun. At the top of the tower, Hulk out again by holding Triangle. Grab the grips and destroy the object. Use the remnants to build a water cannon. Fire it at Sandman and he will begin to melt...make that solidify. Head back to the ground and destroy the wall with the green breaks.

Times Square Off

True Believer: 170,000

We're taken to the Helicarrier and now are in control of Mr. Fantastic and Captain America. Follow the hologram to the edge of the Helicarrier and leap off. Try to grab as many bits as you can while falling. We land in the center of a park outside the Baxter building. Destroy the light next to the locked gate and build a grate for Mr. Fantastic. Using the creation Mr. Fantastic can slip through to the outside of the fence. Destroy the satellite dish and build a Fantastic Four symbol. Stand on it and hold circle to create something useful out of Mr. Fantastic. He opens the gate for Captain America. On the right side of the building, Captain America can throw his shield at switch that will lower a ladder. Climb up and Mr. Fantastic can glide from the blue platform across to the next. Once over the gap use the console to open the door to the Baxter Building. Unfortunately, this also sets of the security system. Switch to Captain America and stand on the shield. Deflect the lasers up to their power source to stop them and open the door.

Destroy all the octobots and as much of the breakable objects as you like. Up the stairs build a Fantastic Four symbol. Using the symbol Mr. Fantastic will turn himself into a screwdriver and release the barrier on a switch on the wall. Toss Captain America's shield into the switch to create an elevator-platform. Ride it to the top and Doc Ock leaves. Hold Circle to equip Cap's shield and he will walk across the fire safely. Switch to Mr. Fantastic and use the debris left buy Doc Ock to build a grate. Both characters end up in an area before the starting point. Using Mr. Fantastic pull the red plug and build a switch for Captain America's shield. Throwing the shield into the switch activates the buttons at the top of the ladder. Have Reed activate the buttons that will in turn create a laser. Jump onto the big red button to activate it. Move Captain America to the end point of the laser and build a Shield symbol on the ground. Deflect the laser beam onto each of the discs below the balcony thats on fire. Jump on the Fantastivator to reach the roof and a Checkpoint.

Go down the ladder ahead and meet up with HERBIE. Using Mr. Fantastic glide across the chasm. Defeat the octobots. Pull the red plug to provide the components to build a ladder. At the top of the ladder, destroy the blocks in the tiny room and build a lever. Turn the lever to rotate the satellite dish. Switch to Captain America and use the poles at the top to swing across the gap between the buildings. Move down the stairs and destroy stuff. Some of the debris will allow you to build a Fantastic Four symbol. Continue on down the stairs and throw the shield into the switch. This turns off the fans and allows Mr. Fantastic to slip through the grate. Use the Fantastic Four symbol to transform into a pump that pushes too much water into the tank above. Go there and build a zip line directly to Dr. Octopus. Once you slide down the villain will grab whichever character arrives first. Slide down with the other character and attack the distracted Doc Ock. Give chase up the broken building and Doc flees. Toss the shield at the clamps on the Hotel signs to create a bridge. Cross to the other side and defeat the octobots. There is a ladder at the end of the building. Move Captain America through the fire with the protection of his shield. He can now climb up to the top jumping from side to side. Destroy some blocks near the elevator to create a switch. Toss the shield in and the elevator is now operational. Mr. Fantastic need to reach the roof too. Move to the first floor and use the red plug to raise up to the second floor. Destroy the octobot that was in the elevator then enter for a ride to the roof. From the blue panel glide to the other side with Mr. Fantastic. Defeat the octobots and build a zip line for Captain America. Move up the stairs to locate Dr. Octopus. Give the shield a toss at the evil doctor and he vacates the billboard. Use the grate on the right to allow Mr. Fantastic to reach the Bugle sign. Pull the plug and the build a Fantastic Four symbol with the remnants. Mr. Fantastic will turn himself into a wrecking ball and smash Doc Ock.

Spider-Man now joins the fun. Toss a web at the red plug and pull the tower down to create a bridge. Defeat some octobots and move the left of the screen to activate Spidey Sense. Climb up the pipes and use Spidey Sense again at the generator. Pull the two plugs with your webs to release some fans below. This allows Cap and Mr. Fantastic to reach Spider-Man's position. Destroy the objects in the back right corner to create a console for Reed to interact with. This opens the gate to the garden. Defeat the octobots then let Reed interact with the Fantastic Four symbol. He transforms into a rocket and hits the Spider-Man billboard without destroying it. Web the plugs and pull it down. Move across and then through the opening in the building. This leads to the boss fight. Doctor Octopus will call in numerous octobots. He will also attack with his tentacles. Watch for one to be stuck in the ground. That is the time to attack. During his rampage he will create holes in the ground. Avoid these or death ensues. Once three of his arms are attacked move to the villain and attack him.

Exploratory Laboratory

True Believer: 100,000

Head down the stairs, following the hologram. Stop at the rubble outside the Sushi restaurant. Fire one of Hawkeye's explosive arrows at the silver in front to destroy it. Now shoot one arrow in each of the open plugs that remain. Use the arrows to swing across the chasm. To the right of the Sporting Goods store is a place where an acrobatic character can jump from side to side to reach the top. Take Black Widow to the top of the store and use the console to disable the electricity below. To disable the electricity move the cursor to each of the arrows and press Square to stop the current. Open the closed gate by hitting Circle with Hawkeye to fire a rope arrow. The laser in front of Oscorp scans for employees. If you're not an employee it will not allow access to the building. Switch to Widow and press Circle to activate her cloaking device. Pull the lever to open the door.

Upon entry, we find Spider-Man has beat us here. The Goblin takes off locking the door behind him. Defeat his minions then use Widow's smarts to hack the console. The order in which you have to hit the circles is determined by the colors that flash on the bottom of the Oscorp screen. Moving the cursor over a circle reveals a color. The sequence for hitting the circles is bottom, top, middle. Fire one of Hawkeye's explosive arrows at the silver on the back right. Use the resulting debris to build a console for Black Widow. The sequence this time is middle, top, bottom. Pass through the door only to have Goblin speed by. Activate, Spidey Sense then web the plugs to pull the gate down. Hit Goblin once to make him flee (performed easily by Widow). Move across the beam. Activate Spidey Sense and climb the wall. Destroy the glowing object to reveal a switch. Pull the switch to create a ladder for the rest of the team. Fire an explosive arrow above and then switch to Spider-Man. Web up to the high plug then use the web to pull the next one down creating a bridge. Goblin speeds by again. Defeat the scientists and head to the end of the hall. Spidey Sense reveals two wall plugs that can be used to pull the wall down. Removing part of the structure reveals silver for Hawkeye's explosive arrow to deal with. With the barricade gone switch to Widow and activate her cloaking device to move down the hall without detection from the security system. Jump onto the lever to the right of the door so Hawkeye and Spidey can follow. Spidey can pull the plug to the left of the door to provide access to the next room.

Shoot the silver above with an explosive arrow. Destroy anything at ground level then use the remaining pieces to build a ladder. Climb up to save and get a view of Venom. Defeat the enemies. Shoot the silver objects above the Oscorp sign. Use Spidey Sense to locate the two plugs and pull them down. This reveals a ladder and creates a platform to access the ladder. Defeat any enemies then climb to the top. Black Widow should operate the console. Once the central structure has rotated, use Hawkeye to shoot arrows into all four of the plugs. Switch back to Widow and swing around to the lever. Use the cloaking device to avoid detection by the security system. We know have a ladder all the way to the top and a Checkpoint.

Move all the way to the right of the screen. To proceed some blocks will have to be busted. Find the two plugs and pull them down with Spidey. Use the blocks that are released to build a pole holder on the wall. Shoot the device with one of Hawkeye's arrows. Use the arrow to reach the top with Black Widow. Activate the console and the screen next to it shows a series of tubes. The goal is to have them aligned so that a current can move through. They will not touch, so do not let that throw you off getting them aligned. Return to the beginning, defeating all the enemies encountered along the way. The two cells beside the door are now open. There is a floor button inside each one. Step on each of them to open the door. Destroy everything inside the room. Build a large speaker and activate it by using Spidey's webs on the plug. Continue to the Checkpoint.

Proceed down the hall and defeat the gang of enemies that approach. Using Hawkeye shoot the consoles on either side of the hall revealing two plugs. Pull them down with Spidey. The fire rids the doorway of the venom webbing. Start defeating enemies until Venom crashes in on the left side of the screen. Use the pieces to build a large boom box. This disorients Venom. When he reaches the ground move over for a nice hit to remove a heart. Keep taking out enemies until one of the containment canisters at the back of the screen opens. Move in and pull the switch. A flame thrower appears in the foreground. Use the fire to bring Venom back to the ground for another hit and removal of the second heart. Defeat more enemies as Venom moves to the right. Use Spidey Sense to reveal some plugs. Pull them down and construct a giant bell to help remove the last heart.

Rock up at the Lock up

Follow the hologram to the dock that will lead our heroes to the super villan prison, the Raft. The ferry to the Raft is blocked. Fire a missile at the silver and the ships captain appears. Now we have to get a ticket. Go back up the stairs and enter a now open garage. Use the pieces inside to build a ticket machine. Pick the ticket up and return to interact with the captain. Take the ferry to the Raft and hope they have an extra large toilet. Pull the grips out of the wall. Now fire a missile to open the door.

Move ahead and defeat the prisoners that appear. At the door move to the right through the broken fence. The bridge is washed away. Use Iron Man to fly over to the other side and dispatch the enemies. Now build a lever to raise the bridge. Look for a site on the ground for Wolverine to dig. Doing so reveals some grips that can be built onto the wall. Pulling the grips with Hulk removes this portion of wall. Continue forward and use Wolverine's senses to find a portion of wall to climb. Once at the top, destroy the items in the right corner and use the claws to activate the console. A central elevator opens that will allow Hulk to reach the top. Move in and ride up to find we've sounded an alarm. Use Iron Man to fly to the location of each of the silver turrets and destroy them. This will cease the alarm. Pull the grips with Hulk to proceed. Wolverine's senses guides him up the wall. Jump up to the next level and find the yellow glowing portion of the wall. Destroy it. Use Iron Man to interact with the console. Move to each of the corners of the screen to remove the clamps on the door. Follow the path Sabertooth took to the next area.

The Leader is just at the top of the stairs. Once he forms his shield and begins to control objects with his mind, use Iron Man to target the silver debris. Fire at it to knock the Leader to the ground. Allow him to take control of the mind of one of the characters. Hit Triangle to switch to someone else and attack the Leader. At the top of the stairs move right and have Wolverine to destroy the yellow glowing wall. Inside Wolverine's senses will lead him up the wall to a switch only he can activate. Doing so opens the door below. Whiplash electrifies the room. Destroying the objects under the coils where the electricity ends allows us to build a console for Iron Man to interact with. He is able to push the electricity back to its origin. Defeating one villain but waking another. Use Wolverine's senses to reveal some grips under Abomination for Hulk to pull. This gets rid of the villain and provides a way for Wolverine to reach the higher portion of the level. Activate Wolverine's senses for another wall to climb. Iron Man can simply fly to the top. The gate is locked with a silver chain, fire a missile to open it. Repeat the process for the next door then defeat the enemies inside. Destroy all the blocks in the small room. Now, Wolverine can activate the switch. Move into the newly opened room and defeat the enemies inside. Use Iron Man to interact with the console. Move the cursor to each question mark to locate Sabertooth.

As the platform rises defeat all the enemies that appear. When it stops we need to find a large object to toss at Sabertooth. Using Wolverine build a set of grips so Hulk can toss it. The platform begins to rise again. Defeat all the enemies. The sequence repeats itself a couple more times.

Next is a fight with Abomination. He doesn't seem to like the light so lets make sure he sees it as much as possible. Find the dig site near where Abomination spawns. Wolverine can now build a ladder. At the top use his senses to locate a place to climb the wall. Enter the light controls and focus the beam on Abomination. Once a meter over the villain's head fills, he is stunned. This light is also destroyed. Switch to Hulk and initiate a button press sequence to knock a heart away from Abomination. Using Hulk move to the tower to the right of the screen. Jump to perform the Hulk Smash attack on the green glowing box. With it destroyed switch back to Wolverine and build a trampoline out of some tires. Bounce up to the higher platform then wall to wall jump higher up the tower. Activate the switch with your claws and a new light appears. Focus the light on the villain again to initiate another quick time event. With this light destroyed a short cut scene shows some more enemies exiting an elevator, head there. Ride the elevator up a floor. Upon exit use the poles on the wall to swing to the top. A door opens release a couple of prisoners. Defeat them and destroy the nearby blocks. Build a switch for Wolverine's claws to display another light. Punch away with Hulk again, this time though watch for the Circle press to make Abomination hit himself.

Rebooted, Resuited

True believer 147,000

Move to Stark Tower. At the front of the building, use the shield to destroy the letters above the door. This reveals a switch for Captain America to release the first gate. Now switch to Iron Man and activate the console. Tap square on the arrows until the current reaches the end (two taps on each) and we will enter Stark's home.

The tower has gone bonkers. Someone hacked the brilliant Tony Stark's system. Look above the forcefield protecting the room at the back of the screen. Toss the shield to destroy the cage then use the shield again to activate the switch. Enter the room and destroy everything. We can build a console for Iron Man. Move the cursor to each of the forcefields and tap Square. This will sort of turn them off. Now they flicker, as each one goes down quickly move through. The other side has a giant laser. Move to the Captain America ground symbol and tap Circle. This allows us to redirect the beam back at the cannon. Once its destroyed build another console. We are now in control of a bot. Move it up and through an opening above the door. Now head straight to the wall that contains Tony's suits. This raises a door to the Mark I. Maybe not as hight tech as you hoped but its a suit. Move to the center and fire a missile at the silver cage above the door. Use the shield to activate the switch. Defeat the goons inside then take the elevator up to a Checkpoint.

Move down a level and locate the switch to the back of the screen. This activates a console that an enemy is bashing on. Defeat the enemy and use the console. Captain America will move to the back and ride the platforms across the room. Walk through the fire, with shield protection of course, to destroy the console. This eliminates the forcefields and reunites the Avengers. Destroy the silver clamps on the door with Iron Man's missiles. Swing up to the top using the wall poles after switching to Captain America. Defeat some goons and enter the next room. Jump up to the lever on the wall next to the door. This activates a fan below that will lift up any other characters to this level. Switch to Iron Man and shoot the silver power supply for the other fan in the room. With it destroyed we can continue our progress. Defeat the enemies located here. Destroy the blocks in front of the stairs to reveal a Captain America symbol. Move all the way to the right and fire missiles at the silver on the door. Switch to Captain America and wall to wall jump up to the opening above the door. Find the lever and push it in a circle. Fire missiles at the colored tubing below. The forcefield at the bottom of the stairs disappears and lasers begin to fire. Use the shield to deflect the beams into the panels on either side of the door. Once they light up the passage opens to the next area. Some enemies bust through the wall with a laser. Quickly destroy the red box ahead and use the Captain America symbol to redirect the beam back at the cannon. Once its destroyed build two wall switches. One for each character to pull down. Defeat the enemies then move to the back side of the room. There are two switches for shield tosses. Both will create beams of energy. The one on the right will power a generator. The one on the left is not appropriately aligned. Move to the Captain America symbol and redirect the beam with your shield. Once both generators are up and running we can change Iron Man suits. The new Mark 42 has a heat laser that can cut into gold. Use the new ability to open a doorway in the wall ahead. Hold circle and move the analog stick in a direction to cut out part of the gold portion of the wall. Use the elevator.

Here we fight Mandarin and Aldrich Killian. There are three waves that are all the same concept. Defeat a large number of thugs. Once they are gone Mandarin appears and takes control of the character that you currently are using. When this happens, switch to the other character and attack Mandarin to break his power over the other hero. At this point Killian enters the fight. Simply attack him to remove a heart. Once this is completed successfully three times Killian is out of the equation. The problem though is that Mandarin enters a Hulkbuster suit. He also calls in numerous goons as he flies above. If you haven't reached True Believer by this point just keep firing away at the enemies until you do. I'd recommend using Iron Man for this fight. His rapid fire ranged attack is great for eliminating the goons and we can attack Mandarin with the missiles. Continue to fire missiles at the villain and we eventually get some reinforcements. As Mandarin's health depletes, he begins to fight back evening the odds. Once our help is gone use any remaining pieces to build a switch for Captain America's shield. This fires a blast to disable the Hulkbuster suit. Now use Iron Man's laser to fire at the gold portion on the back of the suit to complete the level.

Red Head Detention

True Believer: 95,000

Move to your map and head toward the marker. There was nothing on the mini-map leading me to this location. As you approach, Nick Fury will mention they are close to finding your desired location. This is when we get the hologram leading us forward. Activate Black Widow's stealth and move by the laser to pull the lever. The gate opens revealing nothing. We received inaccurate coordinates. Fury has apparently corrected the problem. Move to the new location and Fury will request we investigate the area. Shoot an arrow into the plug above the door beside the Music Store. Pull the blocks down to reveal a Hydra symbol. Shoot an arrow into it. Now, use the debris to build a trampoline and jump onto the arrow that we shot into the symbol. This will rotate the symbol and reveal the true entrance.

Activate Black Widow's stealth mode to sneak by the security cameras and into the elevator. At the top perform the wall to wall jumps to reach the top. Destroy the console and the cameras deactivate. Hawkeye can now move freely to your location. Also some debris fell below, use it to build a lever. Grab hold of the lever with Widow and it will open a gate on the spinning wheel to the right. The gate reveals some silver that Hawkeye can shoot. Once its destroyed the wheel stops turning. Move into the next room and destroy the crates in the foreground. Use the remaining pieces to build a pump and a console. Activate the console with Widow. Connect the tubes so the current will pass through and open the door.

Move to the lower level defeating Hydra as you proceed. Locate the gold portion of the wall and cut out the airplane like design with Human Torch. This reveals a console for Black Widow. The goal is to allow the car to move along the tracks. In order to provide passage for the car we have to rotate the beams to match the design that appears on Black Widow's monitor (triangle, square, hour glass). When complete pull the lever beside the car's final resting spot. Ride the elevator up and climb the stairs. Switch to Widow and activate her stealth mode. Pass by the security camera into the small room and destroy everything. The camera is now deactivated. Switch to Hawkeye and shoot an arrow into the red plug. This provides a rope for him and Black Widow to swing across. Hawkeye needs to jump onto and hang from the rope near the console. Switch to Black Widow to activate the console. This will cause the gears to spin and move Hawkeye to the other side. Defeat a few enemies then shoot an arrow into the wall plug. Pull a portion of the wall down to reveal a lever. Pull the lever down and we can see a gold ball. Destroy the gold ball with Human Torch. Shoot an arrow into the space left by the gold ball's destruction. Black Widow can now swing to the other side. Use her stealth ability to move undetected by the cameras. At the bottom of the short stairs watch below for an arm of the gear to jump on. Ride it to the other side and pull a lever to turn the cameras off. Switch to Hawkeye and shoot the door to pull it open.

Cut a hole in the gold wall then climb the ladder. Defeat all the Hydra agents then destroy the silver equipment with Hawkeye's explosive arrow. Use the pieces to build a wall to wall jumping area. At the top switch to Black Widow, engage stealth mode to move by the cannons. Find the console and use it to disable the weapons. Two Hydra agents appear at the door. They are wearing gold plated armor. Use Human Torch to melt their suits so they can be easily defeated.

Captain America steps in while Hawkeye and Black Widow exit. Holding the shield for protection move close to Red Skull and tap Square. He flees to MODOK. They initiate a sequence that creates a turret. Move to the bottom portion of the screen and pull a lever. Cut through the gold wall and destroy the charged blocks that appear. Move to the turret at the back left side of the screen. Build a switch on the wall and toss the Cap's shield at it. Cut through another gold wall and destroy the canisters that appear. Red Skull returns. Hold Circle as Captain America and move to his location. When close punch him again with a tap of Square. Two more turrets are now active. Move to the bottom left one and pull the lever. Cut through the gold wall and destroy the canisters. Now move to the final turret. Build a switch for Cap's shield. Once the switch is activated cut through the gold wall and destroy the final set of canisters. Red Skull returns one final time. Protect yourself with the shield and move in to remove the last heart.

Bifrosty Reception

True Believer: 95,000

Follow the hologram to Thor and take a ride to Asgard. This time we start with four characters: Thor, Wolverine, Captain America, and Human Torch. Switch to Torch and light the ice on the Rainbow Bridge controls a blaze. Be prepared for the attack by a few Frost Giants then build a power unit onto the controls. Switch to Thor to provide a jolt by holding Circle thereby summoning a lightning bolt. While Thor is charged press circle to channel the energy into the power unit to get the device up and running. Now we are swarmed by Frost Giants. Fight your way through to the exit. Move down the bridge eliminating Frost Giants. At the end of the bridge Loki appears. Move int to attack and he will either freeze or mind control your character. Switch to another and then attack. Loki then flees. Melt the ice from the door using Human Torch. This reveals a crack in the door. Using Square move the cursor to the crack in the door and toss Mjolnir the ultimate door opener.

Loki is at the top of the stairs but guarded by Frost Giants. Defeat the enemies but we can't climb the stairs due to the ice. Switch to Thor or Human Torch to fly up to Loki's location. Loki will mind control that character. Switch to the other flight character and fly up to attack the distracted villain. Destroy all the blocks then build some stairs for the others. Switch to Wolverine and activate his senses. Climb the wall and place your claws into the switch to rotate the door below. Using Thor add some electricity to the power unit to open the door out. Fire up the gold statue and use the pieces to build a switch for Captain America's shield. Activate the switch to produce a lever. Push the lever around to create a set of stairs. Loki appears at the top once we approach he mind controls your character. Switch to someone else and attack. After Loki flees, use Wolverine's senses to find a place to dig. Some blocks were under ground that will allow us to build a switch. Once the claws are placed in the switch a power unit appears. Fly up to the power unit with Thor and give it a blast. This activates an elevator. At the top Wolverine's senses show a crack in the large statue at the back of the screen. Switch to Thor and toss Mjolnir at the statue to knock it down. Melt the remnants to provide the pieces to build a water fountain. The fountain helps create some vegetation that will allow us to leave the perch Loki appeared on. The next room will have several projections of Loki. To find the right one use Wolverine's senses. This shows us that none of them were actually Loki. He was standing in the center the entire time. Let him mind control one character then switch to another for the attack. Build a switch for Cap's shield and use it to open the door.

Loki calls in a little help for the next fight. He is mind controlling the Destroyer armor. Fight off the Frost Giants and look for something to build. You will know its time due to someone in the party talking about needing to find a way to attack the armor. The pieces create a Captain America symbol. Stand on it and deflect the Destroyer's beam back to Loki. This temporarily creates an opening for Thor to hit the Destroyer with Mjolnir. Repeat this process two more times to remove three hearts from the villains. After the third hit by Thor the Destroyer is eliminated. Now, Loki leaves his perch and replicates. Use Wolverine's senses to find the real deal. Move close to allow Loki to mind control the hero. Switch to another character and attack to end the mission.

Juggernauts and Crosses

True Believer: 106,000

We now move to the X-Mansion for the first time. We get to use Cyclops and Jean Grey. Go up the stairs and hold circle to use mind control on the man behind the broken wall. Have him build a valve. Once its built Jean can turn it using her telekinetic powers. This puts the fire out. Move to the broken X symbol and use the telekinetic powers to lift up the broken piece and place it on the top left portion of the symbol. This opens the door to the level.

Move to the left and hold Circle while using Cyclops. This will fire a beam that should be directed at the gold statue to the rear. Once its destroyed, switch to Jean and move the book shelf with her telekinesis. Pull the lever to open the escape hatch for the students. Destroy all the debris in front of the fire place then build some stairs. Go up the stairs and destroy a portion of the bannister. Use Jean's telekinesis to remove her portrait. Cyclop's laser can cut an X out of the gold. Use the pieces to build a switch and pull it. This opens the second secret escape hatch. Juggernaut makes an appearance and busts through the door. Follow him to a Checkpoint.

The hall is blocked by a wall of fire. Jean can take control of the mind of the worker in the hard hat. Move him to the back of the room to build a water pump that will put out some of the nearby fire. A door is revealed. Jean can use telekinesis to eliminate the door. Move through the bed room and defeat the enemies on the other side. Destroy the gold colored debris then use Jean's telekinesis to remove the rest. Inside the next room we find Toad hanging from a chandelier...what a party. Help Storm break free from Toad's grasp. Hover over the fire on the right side to put it out. Destroy the piano in the left corner of the room. Now build a chair with the pieces. Switch to Jean and use telekinesis on the two chairs in the room not at the table. Once they are in place a power unit raises from the floor. Charge up the power unit by zapping it with Storm's electric bolt. Hold Circle to charge then release the energy to activate the secret passage. Enemies appear and the room is in lock down. Once the three goons are gone, cut a hole with Cyclops' laser around the gold portion of the wall. Telekinetically pull the tube from the exposed wall and insert it into the suit of armor. Now a power unit appears. Switch to Storm to charge it.

Outside we find a Checkpoint and Iceman fighting Pyro. Head to Iceman and tap Triangle to take control of him. Rapidly tap the onscreen button to freeze Pyro. Juggernaut and Colossus bust down a wall. Use the broken fountain to freeze a set of steps to the higher level. Move to the right side of the screen and extinguish the fire. Shoot the gold block with Cyclops laser. Using Iceman jump across. Form an ice bridge using the water from the broken pipe. Remove the vines with Jean's telekinesis. Now blast the door with Cyclops.

Move the bookshelf on the left side of the central monitor with Jean's telekinesis. Control the mind of the Lego man inside so he will pull the switch. Step on the four floor buttons that appear to open the gate for the student's escape. Build a moveable platform that Jean can move to bring all the characters to the balcony. On the left side of the balcony Cyclops can destroy a grandfather clock to build a ladder if needed. Move the wall behind the fiery gap in the floor with Jean's telekinesis. Destroy the gold clamps on the lower portion of the door to reach the next Checkpoint.

We've reentered the room we began in. Climb the stairs on the right and douse the fire with ice. At the top build two statues. Telekinetically place the statues on the pedestals at the front of the balcony. Charge the power unit with some electricity. Defeat the guards then move into the next room. Checkpoint.

Here is the boss fight with Juggernaut. Several enemies invade the area. Blast them away but find Juggernaut up on the balcony. When he is about to throw a block return it to his location with Jean's telekinesis. He will come to the ground and run in circles. Below his original position is some debris that can be used to make two levers. Pull each down to open a door and release a block. Destroy the block and build a boom box. Juggernaut hears the music believes its the X-men and charges. Switch to Iceman and freeze Juggernaut into a large block of ice. Pick up IcyJuggernaut and toss him with Jean's telekinesis. This places him back on the balcony but on the opposite side. Return another block back to its sender by using telekinesis. This time we clear the fire and build a console for Beast to activate. This opens the door for another block to be destroyed. The remaining pieces can be turned into an alarm clock. Juggernaut charges again and gets stuck. Freeze him and give him a toss. This time he throws a large block that busts on the floor. Use the pieces to build a large console and monitor. Activate the console to move a crane over Juggernaut's head. The crane lowers and removes his helmet. Now tap Square to control his mind. Move Juggernaut to the back of the room and pull on the grips. This causes him to get stuck again. Give Juggernaut a freeze and toss one more time.

Doctor in the House

True Believer: 100,000

Follow the hologram. Once at the park, use Sue Storm's abilities to shake some blocks out of the hot dog stand. Build a Fantastic Four symbol for Reed to turn into a wheel. Enter the vehicle to travel to Latveria.

Defeat the enemies that appear. Now pick up the large block on the left of the roof. Toss it up near the top at the wall with the orange light emitting from it. Switch to Reed and grab hold of the plug on the blocks to pull them down. Move the pieces to the right to create a platform for the team to reach the ledge. Switch to Reed and use the wall plug to zip up to the area where Thing broke the wall with a toss. Defeat the sole enemy and pull the lever. A ladder forms allowing Sue to reach the top. Hold Circle on the electricity and divert it to the satellite dish across the gap. This will create a bridge for safe passage. Find the grips along the wall and pull out the large block. The remaining parts an be used to build a Fantastic Four symbol. Reed will transform into a drill to reveal a console. Move the cursor up to the X and tap Square to take down the tower thats blocking radio communication. Destroy the orange lit wall with Thing and move the blocks behind it with Sue to create stairs to reach the top. Defeat the Doombots then switch to Sue. Hold Circle to become invisible. Pass under the camera and stand on the red floor button. Push the debris inside the tube up to the next level. Defeat the Doombots then switch to Reed. Use the grapple grip to the right side of the screen to reach the balcony. Build a lever on to the generator that disables the security features below. Go up the stairs and destroy the orange lit wall. Telekinetically move the block in front of the grate at the base of the wall. Switch to Reed and enter the grate. Jump glide across the gap so Reed can pull out the wall plug. Build a Fantastic Four symbol that will transform Reed into a block that fits perfectly into the power source. The power creates a bridge below leading to Checkpoint.

Walk down the stairs and destroy the glowing wall. Switch to Sue and turn invisible to bypass the security camera. Defeat the Doombot that just turned off the bridge. Look for the electrical plug inside this room and pull it from the outlet to disarm the security system. Use the console with Reed to reactivate the bridge. After cross, grab the plug and pull down a ladder. Climb up and defeat the Doombots. Destroy everything in sight and build a Captain America symbol. Locate the block with the grips and pick it up with Thing. Toss the block at the glowing wall to reveal a laser. Move to the Captain America symbol and hold circle with Sue to divert the laser to the receiver on the left side. This builds a bridge to Human Torch. Defeat all the enemies then find the grips on the left side of the screen for Thing to rip out of the wall. This reveals a ladder to Nick Fury. Switch to Human Torch and melt the gold. Rotate the turret with Sue then pull the lever that was behind the gold. Defeat the Doombots that appear and enter the newly opened room. Switch to Reed and pull the wall plug down. Move to ground level and defeat the enemies. Cut out a portion of the gold wall and enter to the elevator. Checkpoint.

The Green Goblin is partnering with Dr. Doom. Look to the left side of the room for some debris that can be built into a large block with grips. Pick up the block with Thing and toss it at Goblin. He drops to the ground and can be attacked. After a couple of hearts are removed, Goblin flies away only to bust through a window on the right. Build a fly swatter and move it with Sue's powers. This swats the Goblin down and allows for another attack. The super villain will fly away yet again. This time he crashes through a window at the very back of the room. Build a Fantastic Four symbol. Reed transforms to knock Goblin to the ground again. Attack him until the last heart is removed.

That Sinking Feeling

True Believer: 90,000

Follow the hologram. It will lead out into the ocean, where the team is looking for a SHIELD research station.

After defeating the AIM agents, destroy the blocks to the left of the monitors. Build a console for Iron Man. The goal is to turn each tube (if necessary) so that the will form a continuous path when connected. This releases water to put out the fire. Cut through the gold portion of wall. Spider-Man can now use his senses to climb up the wall. Hit Spidey Sense again to reveal a couple of plugs. Pull them down and water will gush through the tubes. Move to the door on the bottom floor and activate Spidey Sense. This reveals a lever above the door we can web and pull. Once the valve is open water extinguishes the fire. Destroy the blocks and build a power unit for Thor to zap. Defeat the AIM troops then continue down the stairs to the boat. Fly up to the top of it with Iron Man and destroy the silver boxes. Switch to Thor to power up the device. A crane will move a box to the platform. Activate Spidey Sense to reveal a couple plugs. Pull on them and the crate releases blocks to build a console for Iron Man. We now control the submarine in the water. Move it to each of the underwater power units on either side of the door. This powers a bridge and disables the forcefield. Cross the bridge and destroy the gold block. Use the remnants to build a charge station for Thor. Powering this up destroys a generator and opens the way out above. Where we find MODOK. He has a shield that we can not penetrate. He will float in the air and fire his weapons. The goal is to avoid them and defeat all the AIM soldiers that appear. Once MODOK's shield loses power he comes to the ground and is ready for an attack. From this point on watch for the shield to be gone then hit him with a ranged attack. This causes MODOK to come to the ground for more attacks.

Now we are underwater. Destroy the blocks on the left side of the screen. We can now see a ground panel with a white glowing light. Smash it with Thor. This releases a pulse of water as well as some building blocks. We can use them to create a starfish on the wall. Spidey sense will reveal two plugs for us to pull the creation from its location. Defeat the Doombots and move forward to the next structure. Activate Spidey Sense. Pull down the columns then smash the door with Thor. He hits it a little hard and destroys the whole building. Defeat more Doombots as you proceed to a silver barrier. Destroy it with Iron Man then eliminate the resulting door with Thor. The column across the gap is being held in place by a sea monsters. The monster's tentacles are clamped together. Destroy the gold clamps and the monster releases the column. Now use Spidey sense to locate the plugs and pull the column down. Cross to the other side. Defeat some Doombots and move toward toward the shark shaped ship for the final cut scene.

Taking Liberties

True Believer: 95,000

Leap off the Helicarrier and follow the hologram to the plane where Wolverine is waiting. Get in to start the mission.

After the crash tap Circle to break out of the plane. Hulk is the only one that can cross the toxic waste. Destroy the wall in the middle to release some platforms for the others. Jump up a level and destroy the wall again. This reveals a switch that requires claw activation. We now have a Fantastic Four box that when destroyed leaves pieces to create a Fantastic Four symbol. Use the symbol to transform into a mouse trap. This will hit the statue's hand and open the path forward. Move Reed to the top floor and Wolverine to the middle. Switch to Hulk and go to the bottom. Find the grips and pull down the column. Reed can now glide to the other side while Wolverine can activate senses to find a place to crawl on the wall. Destroy the yellow glow wall with Wolverine and move Hulk into the elevator at the bottom. Activate the console and the team is reunited. Grab the grips with Hulk and toss it to release some molten metal onto the statue. The statue's arm leaves and we can proceed. Hulk can now walk across the toxic waste. Wolverine will take a ride on a platform that moves once Reed activates the console. Once across defeat the enemies. Now pull the grips on either side of the room to reveal Claw switches. Activate the switches and the waste is drained. Stand on the floor buttons to call the elevator.

Pull the grips and run around to the other side avoiding the electric arms. Use the claw switch and do as above. Once across the bridge, pull out the wall grips and activate Wolverine's senses. Climb up to the top after defeating the enemies. Activate senses again to crawl around the spinning wheel of green death. On the other side activate the claw switch and the wheel spins more slowly. Move everyone forward. Pull the plug with Mr. Fantastic.

We're now inside the Statue of Liberty. Defeat the enemies and move to the back wall. Activate senses and climb up to the claw switch. Here we can activate and elevator for the others. Side through the grate and destroy the large set of blocks. Use the debris to build a wall plug. Pull it down for a platform. Hulk can now pull out the wall grips. At the top of the stairs pass through the grate and defeat the enemies. Destroy the crate next to the gap and build a Fantastic Four symbol. Use it to transform into a crane to pull up the broken bridge. Continue up the stairs and pass through another grate. Walk across the beam and pull down the plug. The bridge now gives Hulk access to pull the grips. Using Reed take the ladder up and pull the plug on the left. This activates an elevator for Hulk. Build a beam for passage to the next area and smash the wall. Build a Fantastic Four symbol that will transform Reed into a fire truck. With the fire out pull the grips to remove the crashed SHIELD plane. At the very top activate the claw switch and take the stairs to the final fight.

Here we encounter Mastermind. As his name indicates (if you haven't figured it out) he has the ability to control minds. He will control the minds of each character. The goal is to attack that character until the hearts are gone. Then switch to them and tap Circle to release them from Mastermind's control. The trick with Hulk is to wait for him to turn into Banner before attacking. Once each character has broken free from Mastermind's control he disappears. At least thats what appears to happen. Use Wolverine's senses to sniff him out and attack.

Rapturous Rise

True Believer: 85,000

Follow the hologram to the plane. Thing has his head stuck in the sand. Destroy everything in sight to acquire the pieces to a pump. Once built, jump on the pump until Thing is free. Defeat the enemies then clobber the wall. Walk up the rocky path. Deflect the turrets fire with Cap's shield. Its destruction leaves a pedestal for Thing to pick up and throw into the glowing wall. Toss Cap's shield into the switch and defeat the invading enemies. Up the ramp and there are more enemies to defeat, including a couple of turrets. Destroy the plant growth on the wall to the left of the waterfall. Grab the grips and make a bridge by building a lever with the resulting debris. Cross for another fight. Use the pole to swing over the gap and destroy the vegetation. Toss Cap's shield into the switch. Return to the top and toss the shield at the base of the crane. This creates a ramp to reach the grips. Rip off the door and proceed to a Checkpoint.

Destroy the vines to reveal a couple of grips. Once Thing rips open the path we see some dinosaurs hatch from the eggs below. Defeat them and find the next set of grips. Pull out the blocks and Captain America now has some poles to swing across above. Use the shield for protection against the fire and pull the lever creating a ramp for Thing. Destroy the SHIELD crates and build a set of grips for Thing to move the debris. Defeat all the enemies then destroy the crates until a device emitting fire can be created. Jump on and it will explode into the wall ahead. At the top the bridge entrance is blocked. Use the pipes below the bridge to shimmy to the other side with Cap. Defeat the two guards on the bridge and pull the switch to open the gate. Grab the grips and pull the wall down. Defeat all the enemies then pick up the large block next to the ladder on the right side. Toss it at the glowing wall. Switch to Cap and climb the ladder. Build a switch for his shield that will deactivate the electricity blocking the path.

Storm joins the team. Defeat the enemies. Now destroy the vines on the wall. This reveals a glowing cracked wall for Thing to bust through. Build a power unit and charge it up with Storm. The gate opens to another fight. Once the guards are down destroy some blocks in the center and stand on the Captain America symbol. Deflect the lasers back at the turrets to destroy them. Find some blocks to build another power unit that Storm can charge to lower the next gate.

Magneto calls in Rhino to help with the fight. We also have numerous goons to deal with. The goal is to destroy all the material in the center. Rhino helps with this task by constantly charging around the area. Once its destroyed build a large pumpkin. Rhino will run into it and be stunned. Switch to Thing and tap the on screen buttons to make the Rhino flee. Magneto creates an anvil and tries to smash everyone. After a couple misses its destroyed. Use the pieces to build your own, complete with grips for Thing to toss it. If there is a successful hit on Magneto, he drops to the ground. Move over for a punch to remove a heart. Repeat the same concept with an Alarm Clock and Paddle (or maybe skillet).