• Achievements

    A $10K Game!Won $10,000 in one game25
    A $25K Game!Won $25,000 in one game25
    A $35K Game!Won $35,000 in one Game35
    A $5K Game!Won $5,000 in one game15
    Category ExpertResponded to Clues Correctly from 25 categories50
    Challenge AcceptedFinished an online game10
    Clue Crew MemberResponded to all Clue Crew clues correctly in a game25
    Clue Master!Responded to 200 Clues Correctly50
    Clue SolverResponded to five clues correctly10
    Clue StreakResponded to five clues correctly in a row15
    Clue Streak, Again!Responded to ten clues correctly in a row25
    Daily Double ProWon all Daily Doubles in a single game25
    Daily Double WinnerResponded to a Daily Double correctly5
    Dressed SmartlyChanged clothes in the Contestant Creator5
    Final WagerWagered it all in Final Jeopardy! with a correct response25
    Finally Knew It!Was the only one who responded to Final Jeopardy! Correctly!25
    How Did You Know?Picked the Daily Double before any other clues are revealed25
    I Like MinigamesPlayed every minigame15
    I Never GuessCompleted a game without entering any incorrect responses30
    It Pays Off!Won $100,000 total25
    It Really Pays Off!Won $250,000 total25
    It's SubjectiveCorrectly responded to all five clues in a single subject25
    Jeopardy! Champ!Acquired all contestant clothes and logos50
    Jeopardy! Master!Won 50 Games50
    Jeopardy! Pro!Won 25 games25
    Know It AllWon a game on Hard difficulty50
    Make It A True Daily DoubleWagered everything and responded to a Daily Double correctly25
    My Category!Finish a category with the correct response10
    My Favorite CategoryResponded to every clue in a category15
    No BrainerWon a game on Easy difficulty5
    No Time For Small ChangeSolved the highest dollar value clue in a category first10
    Quick on the BuzzerWas the first to respond to every clue on a board30
    Returning ChampionWon five games10
    Should Have Bet MoreAnswered Final Jeopardy! correctly with a $0 wager10
    ShowoffPerformed a gesture5
    Still the Returning ChampionWon 10 games10
    Sweep WeekWon five games in a row50
    That is Correct!Responded to a clue correctly5
    The Minigame Champ!Became a Minigame Champ15
    Thinking AheadWon a game on Medium difficulty25
    Ultimate Minigame ChampWon every minigame25
    We Have A Champion!Won a game5
    Welcome to the Winner's CircleWon an online game10
    What A Pay Off!Won $1M total35
    What is the Correct Response?Responded correctly after someone does not10

    Contributed By: Guard Master.

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