Review by PokeyBanana

Reviewed: 06/13/13

Mediocre and infuriating

A game should be a game. It is always a grave mistake when a developer thinks the story is more important than the gameplay. Gunslinger, sadly, is one such game.

The whole 'game' seems to think it's a film and the story constantly gets in the way of the actual gameplay. All the missions in the game are frequently interrupted by monologues that stop the game, forcing you to sit there and listen to boring dialogue. Often, the game itself will stop mid fight just for the story to kick in a ruin your experience.

Worse still, you can be going about your business when the game stops you, rewinds, and makes you do the same thing again. Dreadful.

Stories should be there to set the scene, introduce characters and provide motivation. They should not impede or dictate the gameplay. Gameplay should always come first, something Gunslinger horribly fails to understand.

Other problems include only being able to carry two guns so you constantly have to make a choice between rifle OR shotgun, never both. This means you are always unprepared for either long-rang or close-quarter combat. This is very common in games now which is a real shame as no one likes it and it reduces your tactical capabilities.

The game is littered with boss battles and set-piece where you have to dash from one point to another lest you be instantly killed. Sure-fire signs of lazy game design.

The graphics are OK, not great, and there is a problem whereby enemies can sometimes meld into the background and become difficult to see. The game's length is decent for it's price, although it's played in level form which is a pretty bad and outdated way of designing a game. Surely an open world or continuous linear game would have been a much better choice.

The combat is at least solid, although the rifle and pistols are rather weak. The game also has it's own version of Bullet Time which I think is a tired game mechanic now and I feel it took away from the game rather than added to it.

Duels are boring and repetitive. The opposing character seldom say anything and usually just magically appear in front of you ready to be shot. It's poor scripting in a game that mistakenly tries so hard to force the story on the player.

So Gunslinger is a pretty run of the mill game that isn't really worth the price, even if it is a low one.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Product Release: Call of Juarez: Gunslinger (US, 05/22/13)

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