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FAQ/Strategy Guide by Slateman

Version: 1.51 | Updated: 06/28/14

Document:   DDP:SDOJ Guide
Game:       DoDonPachi: Sai-Dai-Ou-Jou
            怒首領蜂 最大往生
Platform:   Arcade / Xbox360
Developer:  Cave
Publisher:  Cave 

Author:     Slateman (slateman@godflesh.com)
Version:    1.51
Date:       27th June, 2014

Table Of Contents

1:    About

2:    Game History
      2a:   DoDonPachi History
      2b:   DoDonPachi: Sai-Dai-Ou-Jou History
      2c:   DoDonPachi: Sai-Dai-Ou-Jou Release History
      2d:   Personal DDP History

3:    Elemental Dolls, Ships & Dress System Overview
      3a:   Elemental Dolls / Ships
      3b:   Dress System
      3c:   Autobomb

4:    Game Mechanics
      4a:   GP Meter
      4b:   Chaining
      4c:   Hypers
      4d:   Bombs & Autobomb
      4e:   Bees
      4f:   Rank
      4g:   Scoring Basics
      4h:   Overflow Bug

5:    Game Features
      5a:    Hibachi
      5b:    Inbachi
      5c:    1-Up

6:    Game Modes
      6a:   Xbox 360 Mode
      6b:   Arcade HD Mode
      6c:   1.5 Mode
      6d:   Novice Mode
      6e:   Store
      6f:   Patch Notes

7:    Achievement Guide      

8:    Credits

9:    Legal Stuff


Revision Notes
1.0    First document
1.5    Fixed formatting, typos, minor mistakes
1.51   Inbachi description/requirements fixes
       UTF-8 encoding (fix the issues for GameFAQs, I hope)

       To Do:
       Why do bullets turn pink when you hit them with your bullets?
       What precisely is aura?

|                             |
|    S E C T I O N   I        |
|    ------------------       | 
|                             |  
|                             |  
|          A  B  O  U  T      |
|                             |
|                             |

DoDonPachi: SaiDaiOuJou is the fifth entry into Cave's DoDonPachi series, all
sequels to 1995's Don Pachi.  It is reported to be Cave's final arcade shooter.
After many deemed DoDonPachi II and DoDonPachi 4 (Daifukkatsu) as having 
strayed from the series' trademark roots, Cave returned with Dai-Ou-Jou (DDP3)
and now Sai-Dai-Ou-Jou (DDP5).  Each were rigorous, difficult and pristinely 

DoDonPachi roughly translates to 'Angry Bee Boss' and is also a take on the 
onomatopoeic sound of gun fire.  Listen to Maria's voice if you let the game
sit on Novice Mode and you'll hear, "Do do do do do do do do donPachi!"

The third iteration of DDP was Dai-Ou-Jou, translated to "Peaceful Death".  It
was a fitting end to the series, but DDP: Daifukkatsu ("Resurrection") was 
released six years later.  2012 saw the release of Sai-Dai-Ou-Jou, which is 
more or less "Maximum Peaceful Death" came out.  And that's where the DDP 
story is supposed to end.  As with DOJ, it's a fitting end to (IMO) the best 
shmup series ever! 

Oh, and since we're already using acronyms, let's recap:

     DDP       DoDonPachi
     DOJ       Dai-Ou-Jou (DDP3)
     DFK       Daifukkatsu (DDP4)
     SDOJ      This game (DDP5)


|                             |
|    S E C T I O N   I I      |
|    --------------------     |   2a:   DoDonPachi History
|                             |   2b:   DoDonPachi: Sai-Dai-Ou-Jou History
|                             |   2c:   Personal DoDonPachi History
|    G  A  M  E               |
|         H  I  S  T  O  R  Y |
|                             |
|                             |

2a:     DoDonPachi History

1995   DonPachi                         Arcade, PS1, Saturn
1997   DoDonPachi                       Arcade, PS1, Saturn
2001   DoDonPachi 2: Bee Storm          Arcade (developed by IGS, not Cave)
2002   DoDonPachi: Dai-Ou-Jou           Arcade, PS2, IOS 
   aka DoDonPachi: Blissful Death       
2008   DoDonPachi: Daifukkatsu          Arcade, Xbox360, IOS, Android        
   aka DoDonPachi: Resurrection         
2012   DoDonPachi: Sai-Dai-Ou-Jou       Arcade, Xbox360
2012   DoDonPachi: Maximum              Windows Phone, IOS

2003   DonPuchi                         Cellular Phone 
2003   DoDonPuchi                       Cellular Phone 
2003   DoDonPuchi Zero                  Cellular Phone
2003   DonPin                           Cellular Phone (Pinball Game) 
2006   Star Soldier vs. DDP:DOJ         Cellular Phone
2014   Don Paccin                       IOS

DoDonPuchi and DoDonPuchi Zero were both the same cellular game, released 
at different times.  


2b:   DoDonPachi: Sai-Dai-Ou-Jou History
DoDonPachi's fourth iteration, Daifukkatsu, was well received due to its many 
ports and its general accessibility, but many in the shmup community were 
against its lowered difficulty and bullet canceling gameplay.  Tsuneki 
Ikeda and Koizumi Daisuke, who fronted SDOJ's development, opted to bring the 
spirit of DOJ back and what we have is an incredibly challenging return to 
DDP's roots.  

Sai-Dai-Ou-Jou came out in the spring of 2012 and was designed to be Cave's 
last game.  The arcade scene in Japan has dwindled and Cave was one of the last
developers to support the shmup genre.  While many recent Cave games had arcade
revisions (usually to version 1.5), SDOJ did not.  Cave's final effort on their
CV1000 hardware had come.  CV1000 was highly prolific, seeing Cave's highly-
successful Mushihimesama, ESPGaluda II, DFK and more.  

While an Xbox360 port was not initially planned, I'm so thankful the folks over
at Cave changed their minds (and made it region-free!)  The Xbox360 version 
came out just a year after SDOJ's arcade release and since it is meant to be 
Cave's swansong, it featured a pair of limited-edition releases.

Issued in May of 2013, three versions of SDOJ were released.  The standard 
game came with a full-cover booklet and the standard game.  Then, a 
limited-edition version came with an arrange soundtrack and a hardcover 
B6-sized artbook.  

Finally, a Super-Limited-Edition game came out.  Pricey and impressive, this 
contained the game and a double-disc soundtrack (the arrange disc from above 
and standard SDOJ OST) as well as a two-song CD containing the games theme 
song by Hoshikuzu Garandou and Aya Hirano.  This also included a sticker sheet.
Finally, instead of the smaller, B6-sized artbook, you get a full-sized A4 
artbook.  The super-limited edition was hard to come by and quite expensive, 
but for Cave fans and DDP fans, it was the ultimate release.  If it turns out
truly to be Cave's final release, it's a fitting way to go out.

The game sold well enough to warrant a budget-title Platinum Edition which 
came out in 2013.  This too was region-free but it had no extras.


2c:   Personal DDP History

I was introduced to DonPachi and DoDonPachi back in 2001 by a friend and it 
became my favorite shooter (shmup) rather quickly.  DoDonPachi: Dai-Ou-Jou 
came out a year later and in 2003 on the Playstation 2.  I imported this
day one and it remains my favorite shmup ever.  The challenge in DOJ is absurd
but it is the most rewarding game I've ever played.  Chaining level 1 remains
one of my proudest achievements in gaming.  I played this for five years before 
its successor, DoDonPachi: Daifukkatsu came out in 2008.  Sadly, it was four
more years before I could play it.  As DFK's gameplay wasn't as rigorous as 
DOJ, it was a pleasant game to play.  As soon as DFK came out though, SDOJ was
announced and immediately it was made known there would be no port.  As 
detailed above, I'm so thrilled Cave changed their minds.  SDOJ is harder, yes,
but it is also true to the spirit of DDP.  

As a long-time member of the shmup online community (links below), I found it 
somewhat difficult culling all of the information I wanted from the various
sources.  Much of the information found here was from these forums and credit 
will be given wherever that info was taken directly.  Otherwise, it was just 
me tinkering around in all the modes trying to get accurate info.  

In any event, I LOVE me some DDP and find SDOJ to be a lot of fun, particularly
with the different modes and varied scoring.  I think the game looks 
fantastic and is something I can play in front of my kids (unlike most games 
nowadays!)  OK, that's enough.  Read on, enjoy...hopefully there's something 
useful for you in here!


|                             |
|    S E C T I O N   I I I    |
|    ----------------------   |   
|                             |   3a:   Elemental Dolls / Ships
|                             |   3b:   Dress System
|     D O L L,  S H I P   &   |   3c:   Autobomb
|        D  R  E  S  S        |
|            O V E R V I E W  |
|                             |
|                             |

There are two things to cover here.  The first is the difference between each
of the Elemental Dolls / Ships.

The second is the differences in the Dress System.  Each affects the way the 
game is played and in some cases the difficulty of the game.  Also remember 
that the different modes can also affect the game.

First, the ships/dolls.

3a:    Elemental Dolls / Ships

After starting a game you will be faced with a familiar choice, your ship.  
Red, Green & Blue ships are available from the outset (Purple in Xbox360 
mode and later available in other modes (see section 6e1)).  However, in SDOJ,
you will select your ship and its pilot (known as element dolls here) at the 
same time.  To compare:

Ships & Dolls

   Ship Type      Color       Name       Element Doll Type
   ---------      -----       ----       -----------------
   Type A         Red         Shuri       Element Doll Extra A
   Type B         Green       Hikari      Element Doll Extra B
   Type C         Blue        Maria       Element Doll Extra C
   Type D         Purple      Saya        Element Doll Extra Z-002
                              Hina        Old Element Doll Extra Z-001

Hina is Hibachi, the boss you'll fight after achieving certain requirements.
You cannot use her in the game.

As for the rest, only Types A, B & C are available at first and they differ
in key ways.  

                     Speed       Shot Width
                     -----       ----------
Type A / Shuri        ***            *
Type B / Hikari       **             **
Type C / Maria        *              ***
Type Z / Saya         ** (+)         ** (-)

Choosing your character will rely upon how you value shot width (Shuri's is 
really very narrow) and speed (I can't use Maria, just too slow!)

I'd have to say that Saya is just a tinge faster than Hikari and her shot 
width is slightly less wide.  Thus the +/- up there.  These are my estimates.

3b:    Dress System

While the first DDP games were all military based, things changed a bit when
DFK came out.  The arcade scene died in the U.S. many years ago but in Japan
things flourished for many more years.  Sadly, things have begun to catch up 
and the scene is not nearly as healthy as it was yesteryear.  

Therefore, when DFK was being developed, the underused Dolls from DOJ became
more prevalent.  Military ships don't draw as much as pretty young ladies and 
what was begun in DFK was only expanded in SDOJ.  Now, after choosing between
Shuri, Hikari and Maria, you are given a second choice.  These break down to
Shot, Laser and Expert but they are represented by Fighter, Civilian and 
Swimsuit 'dresses'.  It's a way to draw in gamers, but for the most part they
are just frivolous.  

So, Shot, Laser and Expert.  How do these work?  Look at the left column to 
see the dress and compare their features in the columns to the right:

                Shot       Laser                   Bombs    Bombs
Dress         Strength    Strength   Difficulty   (Start)   (Max)
-----         --------    --------   ----------   -------   -----
Shot          Strong       Weak       normal (*)    3         6
Laser         Weak         Strong     normal (*)    2         4
Expert        Strong       Strong      hard         1         2

(*) In Xbox360 Mode, Laser's difficulty is higher than Shot.

To boil it down:

Shot has a stronger shot and the most bombs.  
Laser's focus is more for laser but has fewer bombs.  
Expert has a very strong laser & shot but few bombs and the difficulty is much


3c:     Autobomb

After selecting a ship you are given the option of which dress you want.  In 
addition, you are offered an Autobomb choice.  

     Autobomb Off means when you get hit, you will die.
     Autobomb On means when you get hit, you will autobomb thus depleting
                 your entire stock of bombs.  

Novice players will likely flock to Autobomb and with good reason: SDOJ's 
difficulty is brutal!  However, for those going for points, it does have a 
downside.  We'll go through this in section 4d below.


|                             |
|    S E C T I O N   I V      |     4a:   GP Meter
|    --------------------     |     4b:   Chaining
|                             |     4c:   Hypers
|                             |     4d:   Bombs & Autobomb
|    G  A  M  E               |     4e:   Bees
|         M E C H A N I C S   |     4f:   Rank
|                             |     4g:   Scoring Basics
|                             |     4h:   "Overflow" Bug


I've been playing DDP games for a long time but with each subsequent 
installment, there's still a lot to learn.  Sure, we've got bees and chaining,
but those things work differently in SDOJ as they did in DFK and even DOJ.  
So, here's an overview of all the ever-important game mechanics!

4a:     GP Meter

DDP has never been an easy game.  Those content with surviving the bullet 
madness that is DoDonPachi can do so and enjoy the game fully.  However, for 
scoring, it's not enough to simply survive.  Enter the GP Meter & Chaining.

Introduced way back in '95 with Don Pachi, GP stands for Get Point and is the 
basis for scoring in DDP.  This meter is found in the upper-left hand portion
of the screen.  Your goal is to keep this meter filled constantly so to keep 
your bonus high and keep your combo increasing.  The way to fill/keep filled 
the GP Meter is a little different than in the past.  However the main idea is
the same.  

Destroying enemies, collecting bees & stars and keeping your laser focused on 
larger enemies will keep this meter filled and will also increase your GP Bonus
(this is listed under the MAX (Combo) in the box in the upper left).  This 
bonus is preceded by a + and is used to calculate scores.  

In addition, by keeping this meter maxed out, you will generate large stars 
which are worth more points and which also will help build your hyper meter.  
One method to keep this meter full is by pointblanking.  This is when you 
attack enemies just as they enter the top of the screen.  This allows you to 
destroy enemies faster and keep your GP Meter full.  Of course this is risky.
Watch any superplay and you'll see this method employed.


4b:     Chaining

Now that we've established the GP Meter and its importance, we'll discuss 
Chaining: the true goal in any DDP.

Chaining is stringing together enemy deaths throughout the stages.  For each 
enemy killed or for each enemy a laser is kept upon, the stage combo increases
which increases the score.  Keep the GP meter filled, keep destroying enemies
and focusing your laser and the combo (your chain) increases.  Simple, right?!

Taking inspiration from DDP2 and later DFK, your chain doesn't simply die 
if you let your GP meter empty (a la DDP and DOJ).  Instead, your chain 
will drop by 30% and then continue to count down at a rapid pace.  You can 
then re-fill your GP meter and continue your combo.  

If you've chosen Autobomb when selecting your character, know that Autobombing 
will kill your chain entirely.  For those playing for points, therefore, 
autobomb is not good news. (it does have some minor benefits, see section 4d)

Using bombs, always a no-no in the DDP world, is still frowned upon, but 
not as destructive to your chain as using an autobomb.  Traditionally they 
would kill your chain entirely but now a regular bomb will drop your chain by 

Finally, if you lose your chain during a hyper (more on hypers directly below!) 
you will lose your entire chain rather than just 30%.  

So, to sum up:             Keep GP Meter filled    = Increase chain
                           Do any of the following = Lose Chain
What You Did Wrong                Chain Penalty         GP Bonus Penalty
------------------                -------------         ---------------
GP Meter Runs Out                    -30%                     -30%
GP Meter Runs Out (while in hyper)   -100%                    -100%
Using A Bomb                         -30%                     -30%
Using An Autobomb                    -100%                    -100%
Dying                                -30%                     -30%?
Dying (while in hyper)               -100%                    -100%

Dying sometimes seems to penalize your GP meter more than 30% sometimes.  I 
can't quite figure out the specific percentage for this.  If I'm mistaken, it
may be that you have to start your combo *immediately* after dying/respawning.


4c:     Hypers

First introduced in DOJ (well, DDP: Campaign Edition, really), Hypers are a 
stockable 'super meter' that allows for greater firepower and a greater ability
to chain.  Each subsequent DDP game tweaks their purpose and function slightly
but for the most part, they work the same.

To use hyper, you must first fill your hyper meter.  Then hit the bomb button
to activate hyper mode.  You can store up to 10 levels of hyper.  First, there
are several ways to fill your hyper meter.

How To Build Hyper

   Keep your chain going (the higher the hit count, the faster it'll grow)
   Collect bees (higher hit count, higher hyper gauge increase)
   Collect star icons
   Pointblank enemies

We're back to chaining being so important.  Hypers increase your chains 
rapidly and the higher your hit count the faster your hyper gauge grows.  It's
a vicious cycle!  Though you cannot fill your hyper gauge while using hyper.

Bees are listed in 4e below, but as stated above, your chain's current tally 
will affect how much hyper you get for each bee (in Arcade, 1.5 and Novice 
modes only).

Star icons add hits as well, a differing amount in each mode.  You typically 
want larger star icons because they're worth more, but also because they add to
your chain.

Finally, pointblanking enemies will produce more large stars and thus, more

All this isn't shocking really, the methods of how to increase your gauge are
quite simple.  Executing them, well, that's a different story.

Effects Of Hyper

Some effects differ between Arcade & 1.5 Mode but the consistent effects are:

   Brief invincibility
   When starting a hyper, all bullets change to stars.
   Higher offensive power (both laser and shot)
   Rank increases
   GP Meter longer
   More large star items (under some circumstances)
   Laser produces higher GP Bonus
   (At level 6+) Higher damage
   (At level 6+) Wider shot & laser
   (At level 6+) Higher GP Bonus   

Hypers offer incredible perks with only the Rank increase being a downer (see 
4f for more on Rank.)

You will get a moment of invincibility and all bullets on screen will change to
stars upon starting a hyper.  Your power is increased and your GP meter's 
length increases as well.  This will make losing your chain more difficult.  
Also, Using your laser will increase your chain and you will produce more 

Now, saving your hyper until level 6 has some specific bonuses.  First, your 
damage is increased by more, your shot and laser are now much wider and your 
GP bonus will increase faster.  You will produce more stars (and on Version 1.5 
all of those stars will be large!)  Finally, as per the chart below, using 
six level-1 hypers would raise your rank by 6 whereas using one level-6 hyper
only raises it by 3.  

Some specific details about the numbers: your rank will increase by 1 for every
2 levels of hyper you use.  The GP Bonus you'll receive is detailed below as is
the duration of each level of hyper (credit to ratikal for that info.)  Oh, and
dying brings hyper stock level back to 0, however your meter will still be 
where it was.  Every so often you can die and almost immediately receive a 
level of hyper.  

                    Rank        Arcade     1.5
     Hyper Lvl    Increase     GP Bonus   GP Bonus   Duration
     ---------    --------     --------   --------   --------
     Level 1       +1           1.1         2.0      9 seconds
     Level 2       +1           1.2         2.2      10
     Level 3       +2           1.3         2.4      12
     Level 4       +2           1.4         2.6      14
     Level 5       +3           1.5         2.8      16
     Level 6       +3           2.2         3.0      18
     Level 7       +4           2.4         3.0      18
     Level 8       +4           2.6         3.0      18
     Level 9       +5           2.8         3.0      18
     Level 10      +5           3.0         3.0      18

Xbox360 Mode follows the Arcade HD GP Bonus numbers.


4d:     Bombs & Autobomb

Bombs are an integral part of DDP for a large percentage of players.  The elite
can avoid using them entirely, thus opening up second loops or facing Hibachi 
(or other final bosses, see Section 5).  However, for many people bombs are an 
escape.  They save our lives when we're cornered or are crippled by DDP's 
bullet intimidation.  Bombs are important in SDOJ on several levels.

First off, bombs will clear the screen of enemy bullets.  That's a good thing,
particularly if you're in a jam.  As usual, that's about the only positive.  
Oh, bombs also reduce your rank (section 4f has specifics), which is helpful.

In the past, a bomb of any sort would break your chain.  A standard bomb here 
will not do this.  Instead, you will lose 30% of your chain.  Again, for the 
best of the best, 30% is huge.  For many others, it's worth it!  

Bomb Max Multiplier

When you are at max bombs, you will see MAXIMUM listed in your bomb stock.
This is followed by a multiplier (x1, x2 or x3).  The way this functions 
differs between Arcade HD and Ver 1.5 Modes.  I'll list the specific scoring
in each section below.

As each character has a different max bomb quantity (section 3b above), you 
can reach your maximum sooner by trying different characters.


Included in DFK were autobombs, much to the dismay of purists.  However, here
you are given a choice prior to starting your game.

Autobombs are released when you are hit and have any bombs in stock.  It will
clear the stage of bullets and completely kill your chain.  In addition, you 
will lose any and all of the bombs you have in stock.  

Like bombs, these will drop your rank, but only by 1.  


4e:     Bees

Bees are another iconic part of DDP and they work the same way here.  On each 
stage there are eight hidden bees.  You can see them flash a golden color but
cannot retrieve them until you have had the tip of your laser hit it to reveal
it.  It will now be a solid color and you can collect it.  

Bee collection is an important element of scoring and you should memorize each
bee's location for scoring and also if you are interested in reaching Hibachi 
or Inbachi.  You can buy the cheat "Marked Bee" and use this in regular play
or practice to memorize.  

Bees function in slightly different ways.  Arcade HD & Novice Mode have 
different points and bonuses than Ver 1.5 and Xbox360 mode.  For specific 
scoring information, see each section below.


4f:    Rank

Rank has existed in shmups for years but SDOJ has it located front and center
and visibly affects how you play.  There is a number in the middle of the 
screen which details your current rank.  

Rank traditionally increases based on your level of play.  The better you're
doing/higher score you're receiving, the higher rank goes.  In SDOJ, it's 
pretty standard.  You'll start off at 00 and can max this out at 50.  

It seems the only way to increase rank is to use Hypers.  Since you'll be 
using this to max out your score & combo, it's a risk vs. reward gamble.  A
higher rank seems to just increase bullet speed (not their quantity).  

Decreasing rank is generally a bad thing.  You can't do it without making 
any sacrifices.  However, if the bullets are getting to you, it may not be a 
bad idea to bomb!  

Rank Reduction Methods

You can reduce your rank via the following methods, though the numbers differ 
for all three modes (Novice follows Arcade HD's numbers).

               Arcade HD         1.5       Xbox360
               ---------         ---       -------
Death             -3             -4         --
Bomb              -2             -3         -2
Autobomb          -1             -1         -1

Note that since you cannot die in Xbox360 mode (without the game being over)
that block in the chart is empty.

4g:    Scoring Basics

We've covered it all!  Here's what you want to do:

   Kill Everything
   Laser larger enemies
   Keep GP meter filled so not to break your chain
   Don't bomb/autobomb!
   Pointblank when possible to max GP Meter & build hyper
   Full GP Meter produces more large stars
   Collect stars and bees for points and to build hyper
   Unleashing hyper changes bullets into stars & builds chain faster
   Combo / Kill / Repeat

A dumbed-down view of SDOJ for certain, but that's what we've discussed so far.
There are a few other small bits to add.

First, No-Miss and No-Bomb is always a good thing.   For each stage you No-Miss
(where you don't die), you get point bonuses.  Those scores differ based on 
the version you're playing but don't die and get more points.  All good!  Also,
you'll receive an end-of-level bonus (max hits x 20,000 points).  This is 
another incentive to get high chains.

Hyper Restocking

The final thing to discuss is a huge one and it's really reserved for the 
best.  This is challenging but can have incredible points-scoring 

There are certain enemies in SDOJ that are called bullet-canceling enemies.  
Mid-bosses count but so do the dual turrets on level 3 as well as the bullet 
machines from level 5 that emit pink spirals.  Bullet canceling means when you
defeat these enemies, all enemy bullets on screen disappear.  

This is useful for survival but it can be used for another benefit.  Remember,
killing enemies while using hyper (especially level 6 and over) will produce
large stars.  Also recall that large stars are one way to build hyper.  So, 
if you can time your hyper to end just as you defeat a bullet-canceling enemy,
it will produce a ton of stars which you'll try to collect while you're out of 
hyper.  The timing is precise but it can be done.  By employing this method and
by collecting all of these stars outside of your hyper, you can restock your 
hyper (sometimes by 7 or 8 levels at once!) and then re-initiate another hyper.

The game was designed for this and the timing can be difficult but it's worth 
the effort.  


4h:    "Overflow" Bug

A very simple programming error was somehow missed in the development of SDOJ
that caused a critical problem.  Regarded to as an "Overflow" bug, this occurs
when the GP meter reaches 21,474,836 which is the limit of a 32-bit system.  
It's beyond my comprehension, but moozooh helped detail it over at the Shmups
forum (http://shmups.system11.org/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=39555&start=1920)

So, what precisely happens when your GP meter hits 21 million+?  The counter 
goes all the way up to 999,999,999.  To put this into perspective, one 
superplay video shows that 2/3 of the way through level 5 a player had 12 
billion points.  After maxing out the GP meter and starting the glitch, he 
ended the level at 1.2 trillion (American numbers - 1,200 billion).  

The potency of this glitch renders the rest of the game essentially useless.  
From 12 billion to 1,200 billion - What's the point of levels 1-4?  It made 
the entire scoring of the game dependent on a player's ability to exploit this

Sadly, the arcade board never got a revision but the game itself was patched.
You can change the options in the game under Arcade HD's options menu.  Change 
the "Score Fixed" option to ON and this will fix the Overflow bug.  

Now, this glitch makes leaderboards easy to read though.  They will be 
broken up into Overflow Scores vs Non-Overflow based simply on the enormity of
the glitched scores.


|                             |
|    S E C T I O N   V        |
|    ------------------       | 
|                             |     5a:   Hibachi (陽蜂) Requirements
|                             |     5b:   Inbachi (陰蜂) Requirements
|    G  A  M  E               |     5c:   1-Up        
|         F E A T U R E S     |     
|                             |     
|                             |

5a:   Hibachi (陽蜂) Requirements

A series staple, Hibachi is an alternative final boss that can only be 
reached by fulfilling the following requirements:
    Complete the game (defeat level 5 boss)
    One or fewer deaths 
    Bee Item Perfect on at least 3 stages

This follows tradition of No-Miss, Bee Item Perfect requirements.  The latter
means you must collect all 8 bees on at least 3 stages.  However, you may 
not die in the middle of this.  Collecting 4, dying and collecting the final 
4 is not a Bee Item Perfect.  

Hibachi the true form of Hina and is as expected: significantly difficult.


5b:   Inbachi (陰蜂) Requirements

Inbachi is a second, more challenging final boss.  In addition to the added
difficulty, the requirements to fight Inbachi are much more rigorous.  
However, you can battle this boss on training mode (not on Novice though) if
you just want to test it all out.

The requirements for Inbachi are as follows:

    All bees on all stages
    No misses (= don't die even once)
    No bombs (includes autobombs)

    For Shot & Laser Types
       Rank: At least Rank 30 
       ??? (Max Hit Count: At least 30,000)

    For Expert Type
       Rank: At least Rank 40
       ??? (Max Hit Count: At least 50,000)

Some sources claim a minimum hit count of 30k/50k but it appears some replays
show Inbachi reached without such restrictions.  The rank may be the only 
such requirement.

Since you can't die or bomb, you can't reduce your rank prior to reaching 
Inbachi.  Those are very specific requirements and are reserved for only the 
elite DDP players.


5c:    1-Up

SDOJ follows tradition in a lot of ways and the level four 1-Up is no 
exception.  In order to get this prized 1-Up, you will need to simply defeat 
Shingako, the level four mid-boss without using a bomb.  

You are allowed to die but bombs or autobombs will nullify this 1-Up attempt.


|                             |
|    S E C T I O N   V I      |     6a:    Arcade HD Mode
|                             |     6b:    1.5 Mode
|    G  A  M  E               |     6c:    Novice Mode
|          M  O  D  E  S      |     6d:    Xbox360 Mode
|                             |     6e:    Store
|                             |     6f:    Patch Notes

6a:     Arcade HD Mode

Arcade HD Mode is SDOJ's arcade port.  The visuals have been polished but what
you're getting here is a very faithful port of the arcade board.  The revision 
on the main splash screen says 1.0.1 but other than the overflow bug being 
patched (read section 4h for more) and the visual upgrade, this appears almost
identical to the arcade board.

Since we've covered most basics already, what's left to discuss are simply 
the differences.


Bees were covered above so here are the scoring details you need to know. 
Obviously, bees give you points.  They're not worth a ton, but the first chart
will detail how many points you'll get for each.

Bee Bonus Point Totals (in thousands)

     Level--->     1        2         3         4          5
     -----         -        -         -         -          -
     1st Bee       5        10        20        40         80
     2nd Bee       10       20        40        80         160
     3rd Bee       20       40        80        160        320
     4th Bee       40       80        160       320        640
     5th Bee       80       160       320       640        1,280
     6th Bee       160      320       640       1,280      2,560
     7th Bee       320      640       1,280     2,560      5,120
     8th Bee       640      1,280     2,560     5,120      10,240

In order to receive full points, you must collect all the bees on any given 
level without dying.  Collecting a few, dying and then collecting the rest 
will not give you the full score.

In addition, collecting them all on any given level will give you a x2 

Bee Hyper % Bonus
In addition to merely getting points, bees will help build your hyper meter.
This is directly tied to your current chain count.  For each 50 hits in your
chain, you will receive a 1% hyper bonus.  This maxes out at 30%.  Therefore,
collecting a bee with a combo of over 1,550 will net you almost 1/3 of a 
hyper meter.

# Hits     % Bonus      # Hits     % Bonus      # Hits       % Bonus 
------     -------      ------     -------      ------       -------
0-50         0%         
51-100       1%         601-650      11%        1101-1150      21%
101-150      2%         651-700      12%        1151-1200      22%
151-200      3%         701-750      13%        1201-1250      23%
201-250      4%         751-800      14%        1251-1300      24%
251-300      5%         801-850      15%        1301-1350      25%
301-400      6%         851-900      16%        1351-1400      26%
401-450      7%         901-950      17%        1401-1450      27%
451-500      8%         951-1000     18%        1451-1500      28%
501-550      9%         1001-1050    19%        1501-1550      29%
551-600     10%         1051-1100    20%        1551-9999      30%

In addition, by collecting all the bees on any stage, you'll get a +100% bonus,
thereby giving you a full hyper meter (in addition to whatever percentage you
were to receive anyway.)

Therefore, collecting all eight bees on level 5 with a high combo will yield:

     20,480,000 points (10,240,000 x 2)
    +130% Hyper gauge (30% for bee + 100% for all bees)

Bomb Maximum Bonus

As mentioned in section 4d above, by filling your bomb stock, the words 
Maximum will read in the bottom of the screen.  You will receive a unique 
bonus for this.

For every few frames of animation, you will receive a 2,222-point bonus while 
in Maximum mode.  These break down as follows:

   At Maximum x1 (every 3 frames of animation)
   At Maximum x2 (every 2 frames of animation)
   At Maximum x3 (every 1 frame of animation)

Info from Awo's translation of Simoon's formulas.  Links here:


I love arcade ports but many times they are devoid of anything else.  I've 
always enjoyed the inclusion of challenges or trials and SDOJ has a good 
collection of them.  These range from reasonably easy to "I'm never going to
be able to do that."  However, for many gamers, particularly many from the East,
this section isn't quite so hard.

This section benefited greatly from Cagar's post to the Shmups forum.  
He credits mimiroru & pestro for assisting in the translations.

#   Coins   Challenge                                     Lives / Bombs / Hyper
-   -----   ---------                                                      Lvl
01: (10C)   Beat level 1 midboss                            1   /   No  /   6
02: (30C)   Beat level 2 midboss                            1   /   No  /   6
03: (50C)   Beat level 3 midboss                            1   /   No  /   6
04: (60C)   Beat level 4 midboss                            1   /   No  /   6
05: (70C)   Beat level 5 midboss                            1   /   No  /   6

06: (80C)   Chain Level 1 (up to the boss)                  3   /  Yes  /   0 
06: (80C)   Reach Level 1 boss w/out breaking your chain    3   /  Yes  /   0 
07: (100C)  Reach Level 2 boss w/out breaking your chain    3   /  Yes  /   0
08: (120C)  Reach Level 3 boss w/out breaking your chain    3   /  Yes  /   0
09: (150C)  Reach Level 4 boss w/out breaking your chain    3   /  Yes  /   0
10: (200C)  Reach Level 5 boss w/out breaking your chain    3   /  Yes  /   0
11: (40C)   Collect all bees on Level 1                     1   /  Yes  /   0
12: (80C)   Collect all bees on Level 2                     1   /  Yes  /   0
13: (120C)  Collect all bees on Level 3                     1   /  Yes  /   0
14: (160C)  Collect all bees on Level 4                     1   /  Yes  /   0
15: (200C)  Collect all bees on Level 5                     1   /  Yes  /   0

16:  (150C) Perfect Chain Level 1                           1   /  No   /  0
17:  (200C) Perfect Chain Level 2                           1   /  No   /  0
18:  (250C) Perfect Chain Level 3                           1   /  No   /  0
19:  (300C) Perfect Chain Level 4                           1   /  No   /  0
20:  (400C) Perfect Chain Level 5                           1   /  No   /  0

21:  (20C)  Beat Level 1 Boss                               1   /  Yes  /  1
22:  (60C)  Beat Level 2 Boss                               1   /  Yes  /  1
23:  (80C)  Beat Level 3 Boss                               1   /  Yes  /  1
24:  (100C) Beat Level 4 Boss                               2   /  Yes  /  2
25:  (150C) Beat Level 5 Boss                               2   /  Yes  /  2

26:  (40)   Clear Level 1 (& Boss)                          3   /  Yes  /  0
27:  (100)  Clear Level 2 (& Boss)                          3   /  Yes  /  0
28:  (150)  Clear Level 3 (& Boss)                          3   /  Yes  /  0
29:  (200)  Clear Level 4 (& Boss)                          3   /  Yes  /  0
30:  (300)  Clear Level 5 (& Boss)                          3   /  Yes  /  0

31:  (150)  Use hyper / refill gauge by midboss (Lvl 1)     1   /  No   /  0
32:  (150)  Use hyper / refill gauge by midboss (Lvl 2)     1   /  No   /  0
33:  (200)  Use hyper / refill gauge by midboss (Lvl 4)     1   /  No   /  0
34:  (300)  Use hyper / refill gauge by midboss (Lvl 5)     1   /  No   /  0

35:  (40)   Combo Meter Max (???)                                
36:  (100)  Hyper Gauge Charge - By Level 1 midboss?        1   /  No   /  0
37:  (20)   Hyper Get (Defeat arms for 200% hyper boost?)   1   /  No   /  0
38:  (100)  Get the 1-UP on the Level 4 midboss             1   /  No   /  0
39:  (300)  Defeat 4 midbosses on Level 5                   1   /  No   /  10*
40:  (40)   Collect Level 4 midboss bee while using hyper?  1   /  No   /  6

41:  (50)   Beat Level 1 Midboss (on Expert difficulty)     1   /  No   /  6
42:  (100)  Beat Level 2 Midboss (on Expert difficulty)     1   /  No   /  6
43:  (150)  Beat Level 3 Midboss (on Expert difficulty)     1   /  No   /  6
44:  (150)  Beat Level 4 Midboss (on Expert difficulty)     1   /  No   /  6
45:  (150)  Beat Level 5 Midboss (on Expert difficulty)     1   /  No   /  6

46:  (60)   Beat Level 1 Boss (on Expert difficulty)        1   /  Yes  /  1
47:  (100)  Beat Level 2 Boss (on Expert difficulty)        1   /  Yes  /  1
48:  (120)  Beat Level 3 Boss (on Expert difficulty)        2   /  Yes  /  1
49:  (160)  Beat Level 4 Boss (on Expert difficulty)        2   /  Yes  /  1
50:  (200)  Beat Level 5 Boss (on Expert difficulty)        3   /  Yes  /  1

06-10:  You may die or even lose your chain.  Just don't let it drop to 0!
16-21:  While 06-10 requires you to chain a level, Perfect Chaining means you 
        cannot drop the chain at all (dying or letting your GP meter dwindle)
31-34:  I think you must use a hyper and refill the gauge before the mid-boss
36:     Fill your hyper gauge before the mid-boss?  Pointblanking helps.
38:     To get the 1-Up, defeat the mid-boss w/out using a bomb/autobomb.
39:     You start with a level 10 hyper.  You're awarded a level 5 hyper after
        the 1st boss and a level 3 hyper after 3rd boss


6b:     1.5 Mode

In recent years, Cave has updated several of their arcade titles to revision 
1.5.  This oftentimes fixes minor bugs but also changes qualities of the
gameplay and/or scoring.  While the arcade board saw no such revision, the 
home port of SDOJ in fact did.  While first glances at 1.5 might appear almost 
identical to the standard Arcade Mode, you'll find some large functional 
differences.  Scoring tactics have been significantly tweaked and you'll find 
a unique and interesting take on SDOJ's main gameplay.

In fact, 1.5 is a hell of a lot of fun.  I really wish Novice Mode had the 
option to choose Arcade or 1.5 as its basis.  You'll find that this mode is a 
faster, higher-action game with more focus on hyper building and some 
interesting point tweaks.

Since the gamemplay is really identical to the original arcade game, I'll just
break down what's different.  

Version 1.5 Change List

This list was translated by Sapz and posted to the Shmups forum by Cagar.    

If you collect star items while lasering an enemy, the hit increase timing is 
no longer reset.

Your combo gauge now increases while lasering something mid-hyper.

When lasering something normally, the rate of hit increase has sped up.

Properties of hypers have changed. While using a hyper:
   1. The amount of points for shooting something varies based on hyper level.
   2. The ratio of GP value gained varies based on hyper level.
   3. The duration of the hyper varies based on hyper level.
   4. The number of star items generated varies based on hyper level.
   5. The amount of hits gained while lasering something has increased, again 
      based on hyper level.

Parameters of star items have changed:
   1. The amount of hits gained for collection has been changed.
   2. The amount of score gained for collection has been changed.
   3. The amount of GP value gained for collection has been changed.

All star items will be large during a hyper of level 6 or greater.

The amount of score and star items generated per enemy has been changed.

The amount of combo gauge gained from (non-flying?) enemy destruction has
been changed.

When collecting a bee item, the amount of hyper gauge gained has been 
changed, based on the current number of hits.

The conditions for star items to be generated during boss fights have 
been changed.

The no-miss bonus for stages has been increased.  (See chart below)

The amount of points gained from the maximum bonus has been changed.  (this is 
likely a fix of the Overflow Glitch (see 4h above)

When you fill the hyper gauge mid-hyper and cancel bullets, the bullets are now
turned into large star items rather than small ones.

The amount of hyper gauge gained from collecting stars has been changed, and is
based on the current game rank when collecting them.

Scoring Changes

Beyond that exhaustive list of changes, there are also some scoring tweaks.  
The No Miss thing was listed above but here are specifics including the
changes to Extends.

                          Arcade HD           1.5
                          ---------           ---
     1st Extend           800 million         1.5 billion
     2nd Extend           1.8 billion         3.5 billion

     No Miss (lvl 1)      20 million          50 million
     No Miss (lvl 2)      40 million          100 million
     No Miss (lvl 3)      60 million          150 million
     No Miss (lvl 4)      80 million          200 million
     No Miss (lvl 5)      100 million         250 million

Hyper Changes

This is mostly pasted from section 4c above.  The GP bonus you receive for 
hypers has increased.

                     Arcade       1.5
     Hyper Lvl      GP Bonus     GP Bonus  
     ---------      --------     --------  
     Level 1        1.1           2        
     Level 2        1.2           2.2      
     Level 3        1.3           2.4      
     Level 4        1.4           2.6      
     Level 5        1.5           2.8      
     Level 6        2.2           3.0        
     Level 7        2.4           3.0        
     Level 8        2.6           3.0       
     Level 9        2.8           3.0        
     Level 10       3.0           3.0        

Bee Hyper % Bonus

The chart from Arcade HD carries over here, as the first bee is worth 5,000 and
each subsequent bee is double that total.  However, the percentage chart goes
up by 200 hits (rather than 50) and can max out at 100% (rather than 30%).  
This chart is by all means unnecessary, but for the sake of completion...

# Hits     % Bonus      # Hits      % Bonus      # Hits       % Bonus 
------     -------      ------      -------      ------       -------
000-200       0%         
201-400       1%         6801-7000     34%       13401-13600   67%
401-600       2%         7001-7200     35%       13601-13800   68%
151-800       3%         7201-7400     36%       13801-14000   69%
201-1000      4%         7401-7600     37%       14001-14200   70%
251-1200      5%         7601-7800     38%       14201-14400   71%
301-1400      6%         7801-8000     39%       14401-14600   72%
401-1600      7%         8001-8200     40%       14601-14800   73%
451-1800      8%         8201-8400     41%       14801-15000   74%
501-2000      9%         8401-8600     42%       15001-15200   75%
551-2200     10%         8601-8800     43%       15201-15400   76%
2201-2400    11%         8801-9000     44%       15401-15600   77%
2401-2600    12%         9001-9200     45%       15601-15800   78%
2601-2800    13%         9201-9400     46%       15801-16000   79%
2801-3000    14%         9401-9600     47%       16001-16200   80%
3001-3200    15%         9601-9800     48%       16201-16400   81%
3201-3400    16%         9801-10000    49%       16401-16600   82%
3401-3600    17%         10001-10200   50%       16601-16800   83%
3601-3800    18%         10201-10400   51%       16801-17000   84%
3801-4000    19%         10401-10600   52%       17001-17200   85%
4001-4200    20%         10601-10800   53%       17201-17400   86%
4201-4400    21%         10801-11000   54%       17401-17600   87%
4401-4600    22%         11001-11200   55%       17601-17800   88%
4601-4800    23%         11201-11400   56%       17801-18000   89%
4801-5000    24%         11401-11600   57%       18001-18200   90%
5001-5200    25%         11601-11800   58%       18201-18400   91%
5201-5400    26%         11801-12000   59%       18401-18600   92%
5401-5600    27%         12001-12200   60%       18601-18800   93%
5601-5800    28%         12201-12400   61%       18801-19000   94%
5801-6000    29%         12401-12600   62%       19001-19200   95%
6001-6200    30%         12601-12800   63%       19201-19400   96%
6201-6400    31%         12801-13000   64%       19401-19600   97%
6401-6600    32%         13001-13200   65%       19601-19800   98%
6601-6800    33%         13201-13400   66%       19801-20000   99%
                                                 20000+        100%

If you can manage a 20,000-hit combo, each bee collected will give you a full
hyper meter.  As with regular bees, by collecting all 8 on a stage, you'll get
a full hyper meter as well.  At the end of level 3, where there are 3 bees 
waiting, you could conceivably get 4 full hyper meters (three bees @ 100% and 
one bonus one for collecting them all.)

Bomb Maximum Bonus

Unlike Arcade HD's bonus which gauges how many frames of animation are required
for the bonus, a very unique formula is present for the bomb maximum bonus in 
Ver 1.5.  

     2,222 x (Rank / 5) +1 x Bomb Maximum Level

This works for every frame of animation.  Obviously, the higher the rank and 
higher the bomb max level (x1, x2 or x3) = a higher bonus!

I would never have figured this out on my own.

Info from Awo's translation of Simoon's formulas.  Links here:


6c:    Novice Mode

I love Novice Mode.  I loved it in DFK and I love it here.  In all my years of
playing shmups and playing DDP, I've encountered so many elitists.  No matter
how much I practice, I'm *not* going to 1cc anything.  MAYBE one title in one

So, when DFK added a Novice Mode, I welcomed it.  In SDOJ, a notoriously brutal
game, I've thoroughly enjoyed a slightly-less insane version.  And, if you like
obvious oxymorons, feel free to try Novice Expert mode!  In fact, Novice Mode
with an Expert dress is actually a great challenge.  It's harder than standard
Novice mode yet easier than the standard Arcade HD/1.5 game.  And, it's the 
only mode I'd ever use the Expert dress for.

So, what is there to say here?  This has the same options as the last two 
modes.  You can play score attack and upload your scores or play standard and
tweak your settings or turn on Game Options (see 6e1 below).  

For those who don't like novice modes, just avoid this entirely.  For those of
us who need a little assistance, this mode might be for you!

Oh, Novice Mode is based on the Arcade HD mode, not 1.5.


6d:    Xbox360 Mode

Exclusive to this port, the Xbox360 Mode is a cool take on SDOJ.  It is 
substantially different from the original Arcade HD mode (and thus Novice Mode)
and also the tweaked Version 1.5.  

In Xbox360 Mode, you can only choose Saya, a new, exclusive character to this 
port.  She is a solid character, with good speed, laser and shot qualities.  
Saya is the only character you can play as in Xbox360 Mode.

Unlike Arcade/1.5, Shot, Laser and Expert correspond to Novice, Normal and 
Expert difficulties.

You do not have lives or bombs in this mode.  Instead, in the upper-right hand
portion of the screen is a number starting at 10,000.  This corresponds with the
green meter at the bottom of the screen.  If this meter drops to zero, you 
will die and your game will end.  There are ways to increase and decrease this 
meter.  Let's start with the negative!

To Increase The Meter
     Use Hyper and collect green stars
To Drop The Meter
     Method                    Enery Meter             Chain
     ------                    -----------             -----
     Use ShotLaser             Quickly drops           Increases Faster
     Autobomb                  -2,000                  Kills Chain
     Bomb                      -1,500                  Doesn't Kill Chain
     Autobomb (final bosses)   -1,500                  Kills Chain 
     Bomb (final bosses)       -1,000                  Doesn't Kill Chain?
For Hibachi's 2nd form and for Inbachi, you lose less for each bomb/autobomb.

Holding Shot & Laser together makes Saya perform ShotLaser & here she dishes 
out added damage.  However, as you hold these buttons down, your meter will
diminish.  As detailed above, this meter can also be reduced by bombing or 
getting hit (autobomb is always on).  Once you're below 2,000, you will be 
given a warning (so that any autobomb would end your game!)  

To fill your meter back up, use a hyper.  Defeating enemies creates green stars
and these will re-fill your meter.  As usual, saving your hyper for level 6
will create more green stars and therefore will fill your meter faster.  

The strategy used for Xbox360 mode is to keep your meter low, but not too low. 
By using ShotLaser, you'll dish out added damage and will therefore build your
hyper meter more.  Using hyper to re-fill your meter is all good and well, but
it will drive up your rank.  

Novices, simply don't use ShotLaser at all.  By keeping your meter full, you're
in less danger of dying.  By not using hyper, you can save it for whenever you 
*do* get hit and by using it less you won't max out your rank.  

In addition, Xbox360 Mode features life gauges for certain enemies and for 
appendages of bosses.  You can receive a bonus for killing off these extra 

Bee Bonus

Quite different from the other modes, bees are pretty simple here, though 
their bonus differs depending on the type of ship you use.

     Ship                Bee Bonus
     ----                ---------
     Shot Type           1,000  x  Max Hit Combo   (x2)
     Laser / Expert      10,000 x  Max Hit Combo   (x2)

Your bonus is based on your max hit count, not your current combo.  

You will receive a x2 multiplier if you manage to collect all 8 bees on any 
single level.


6e:     Store

Throughout four modes, we have a few different takes on SDOJ.  There is the 
remixed Xbox360 version, the standard arcade game, the slight 1.5 tweak and 
a nice novice mode for those who want it.  Ultimately though, it feels a bit 
less diverse from what was offered in DFK and for this, we have the store.  

By playing the game in normal or score attack modes, you will earn coins to 
purchase things from the shop.  This shop has 15 cheats/extras as well as 
50 different wallpapers and 9 sound test options.  The wallpapers are split, 
50 in standard Yoko orientation and the same 50 in Tate.  The sound test 
options are vocal sounds from each of the different Element Dolls.  

First, let's look at coins and how to earn them.  Each time you play you will
earn coins.  Playing on Score Attack will award you twice as many coins as 
a regular playthrough.  


If You Die On              Normal      Score Attack
   |                       ------      ------------
   .---->   Level 1         1 coin       2 coins
            Level 2         20           40
            Level 3         40           80
            Level 4         60           120
            Level 5         80           160
            Complete        100          200

In order to purchase everything, you'll need to play a while.  

   Cheats        6,900
   Sounds        2,400 
   Wallpapers    1,760 (860 x 2 sizes)
                 11,600 total coins needed to purchase everything

Game Options

Here are all the cheats and their costs

     100     Auto Hyper
     100     Auto Shield
     300     Reduce Fighter
     200     Reduce Enemy Bullet
     20      Invisible After Image
     100     Enemy Life Gauge
     100     Automatic Acquisition Item
     100     Marked Bee
     10      Invisible Operator
     800     Auto Pilot
     1000    Full Auto Pilot
     1000    AI Partner
     50      Maximum Does Not Stop
     20      Invisible Fighter Collision Display
     3000    Unlock Saya (in Arcade/1.5/Novice)

And here is a list of what each does.  

Auto Hyper
     When hit, if you have hypers in stock, this will act like an autobomb.  
     Instead of dying or using a bomb, you will activate your hyper (and any
     you have in stock).  

Auto Shield
     When hit, will reduce bomb stock by 1.  You can continue using your hyper 
     in this mode too!

Reduce Fighter
     Level 1-4
     Reduce the size of your ship.  The higher the level, the smaller your 
Reduce Enemy Bullet
     Level 1-3
     This reduces the size of enemy bullets.  It's not always as helpful as 
     it sounds.  I find that the bullets are very hard to see on level 3.  
     Sure, they're easier to dodge, but if you can't see them, it's not 
Invisible After Image
     When using your laser shot, normally your ship will leave shadow trails.
     By turning this cheat on, you will turn off those trails.  
Enemy Life Gauge
     For larger, non-popcorn enemies, an enemy gauge is visible with a 
     percentage of energy each has remaining.  This is similar to the gauge 
     available in Xbox360 mode.     

Automatic Acquisition Item
     Stars enemies drop are immediately collected.  Typically you'd have to hit
     laser to call these stars to you.
Marked Bee
     Bees will be spotted very easily here, with long green rays of light.
Invisible Operator
     If the operator's banter bothers you, you can quiet her down & turn her 
     off completely with this.
Auto Pilot
     Auto Pilot will allow the CPU to control your fighter, dodging bullets and
     allowing you to focus solely on firing.  
Full Auto Pilot
     If you would like to watch a game played by a machine, here you go.  With
     this, the CPU will control both the flying and the shooting.  Note, it 
     won't collect bees, nor will it use hypers or laser shot, it seems.  
AI Partner

Maximum Does Not Stop
     It seems the description says this has something to do w/ bosses.

Invisible Fighter Collision Display
     At the center of your fighter normally is a red pulsating center.  This is
     your hit box.  Bullets can hit any other part of your ship, but this will 
     kill you.  With this cheat, you can turn off that hit box.

Unlock Saya
     Saya is the exclusive new character for the Xbox360 version of the game.  
     While Saya is normally only available in that mode, for a meager 3,000 
     coins, you can unlock her to use in all modes.
     In order to select Saya, click R3 or the Back Button on the ship 
     selection screen.


     20     AC Voice          (Shuri)
     20     AC Voice          (Hikari)
     20     AC Voice          (Maria)
     20     AC Voice          (Operator)
     20     AC Voice          (Hina/Hibachi)
     100    Xbox360 Voice     (Operator)
     100    Xbox360 Voice     (Saya)
     100    Xbox360 Voice     (Hina/Hibachi)
     2000   Story             (?)


As many people have widescreen televisions nowadays, the inclusion of wallpaper
is more necessary than in the older days.  SDOJ offers us up 50 different 
wallpapers.  You may purchase these in Yoko or Tate mode.  Let's catalog what
these wallpapers are and their cost.

#     Cost  Details
--    ----  -------

01    (10) Shuri (Shot)
02    (10) Maria (Shot)
03    (10) Hikari (Shot)
04    (10) Saya (Shot)
05    (10) Shuri (Laser)

06    (10) Maria (Laser)
07    (10) Hikari (Laser)
08    (10) Saya (Laser)
09    (10) Operator
10    (10) Hibachi

11    (100) Shuri (Expert)
12    (100) Hikari (Expert)
13    (100) Maria (Expert)
14    (100) Saya (Expert)
15    (10) Shuri (Face)

16    (10) Hikari (Face)
17    (10) Maria (Face)
18    (10) Saya (Face)
19    (10) Saya
20    (10) Red Ship

21    (10) Green Ship        (Element Doll-extra Attacker Cradle-model.B)
22    (10) Blue Ship         (Element Doll-extra Bomber Cradle-model.C)
23    (10) Purple Ship       (Element Doll-extra Gunship Cradle-model.D)
24    (10) -Suzaku-          (Stage 1 Boss)
25    (10) -Byakko-          (Stage 2 Boss)

26    (10)  -Genbu-          (Stage 3 Boss)
27    (10)  -Seiryu-         (Stage 4 Boss)
28    (10)  -Kouryu-         (Stage 5 Boss)
29    (10)  -Hibachi-        (Final/Extra Boss)
30    (10)  -Hisou-          (Stage 1 Mid-Boss)

31    (10)  -Raisou-         (Stage 2 Mid-Boss)
32    (10)  IGS-Scion-       (Stage 3 Mid-Boss)
33    (10)  -Shingako-       (Stage 4 Mid-Boss)
34    (10)  -Saikou-         (Stage 5 Mid-Boss)
35    (10)  Hikari & Pilot

36    (10)  Elemental Dolls
37    (10)  Hikari           (Cover of SDOJ/DDP:Maximum OST)
38    (10)  Elemental Dolls
39    (10)  Hina & Saya      (Cover of SDOJ LE/SLE OST)
40    (10)  Hikari

41    (10)  Shuri
42    (10)  Hikari
43    (10)  Maria
44    (10)  -Saya- Gunship Cradle / Full Battle Formation
45    (10)  DDP Strike Group

46    (10)  Red Ship Bio
47    (10)  Green Ship Bio
48    (10)  Blue Ship Bio
49    (10)  Purple Ship Bio
50    (10)  Colonel Godwin Longhener

Artwork #51-100 is identical just in Tate (on its side).

Simply go into the gallery mode to set these as your background or to remove 
them and have the default one.


6f:     Patch Notes

     - The leaderboard bug has been fixed
     - Some small bugs involving the training mode and restarts were fixed
     - The bug that made the game stop when collecting items was fixed
     - Some bug with the music was fixed
     - The bug where extra windows slowed the game down was fixed 
     - Minor fixes


|                             |
|    S E C T I O N   V I I    |
|    ------------------       | 
|                             |  
|  A C H I E V E M E N T      |  
|          G  U  I  D  E      |  
|                             |
|                             |

SDOJ's achievements are somewhat easier than DFK's but there are still 
a few tough ones in here.  The good news is that you can do many of 
these on novice mode (for those who need some help).

In fact, you'll receive a number of these within the first hour of 
playing (i.e. Start a game, choose each doll, clear stages, use a bomb, 
use a hyper).

These are separated by mode.  Some can be obtained in any mode, others are 
specifically locked to certain modes.

I'll put some pointers below.

Xbox 360 / Arcade HD / 1.5 / Novice Modes
5    出撃します!          Start a game                          
10   MAXハイパー!         Use a level 10 hyper                  
50   完全撃破              Clear a game, all dolls, no continues 

Arcade HD / 1.5 / Novice Modes
5    朱理                Choose Shuri                          
5    光                  Choose Hikari                          
5    真璃亜              Choose Maria                           
5    市街地を越えて        Clear Stage 1                          
10   水源地を越えて        Clear Stage 2                          
15   住宅地を越えて        Clear Stage 3                          
20   郊外を越えて          Clear Stage 4                          
25   地下通路を越えて      Clear Stage 5                          
20   朱理の完             Clear a game with Shuri                
20   光の完               Clear a game with Hikari                
20   真璃亜の完           Clear a game with Maria                 
5    良いボムしてるね!      Use a bomb                              
5    思わぬ花火!         Use an autobomb                         
5    ハイパー!            Use a hyper                             
15   1000HIT             Make a 1,000-hit combo                  
30   5000HIT             Make a 5,000-hit combo                  
40   10000HIT            Make a 10,000-hit combo                 
30   コンプリート            Clear a game with all dolls            
30   1コイン               Clear a game without continuing        
5    GET                 Pick up a bomb                         
5    スタンバイ             Get a hyper                            
15   蜂億点              Score 800 million points               
20   拾蜂億点            Score 1 billion 800 million points     
50   蜂蜂億点            Score 8 billion 800 million points     
10   相応しいカタチ         Beat Hibachi to watch her ending       

Arcade HD / 1.5 Modes
10   1機ノーボム           Clear stage 1 / No dying / No bombs    
15   エキスパートへの挑戦     Clear stage 1 - Expert                 
15   上達への道            Clear from stage 1 to 2 - no continues 
25   更なる上達への道       Clear from stage 2 to 3 within 2 credits
35   上達                 Clear the game within 7 credits         

Arcade HD Mode Only
15   チャレンジ1年生        Complete 10 challenges       
30   資格ゲッター           Complete 25 challenges
50   ミッションコンプリート!    Complete all challenges

Xbox360 Mode Only
5    桜夜              Choose Saya
20   桜夜の完           Clear the game with Saya
10   大往生直前         Use double attack and reduce your energy to 0
25   輝く蜂は蜜の味       Collect a bee with a max combo over 10,000
25   命を削る力          Use double attack for 30 seconds in 1 playthrough
15   大錬金!
                Defeat a bullet-erasing enemy
                by using a double-attack to change
                bullets into star items.
50   エネルギー大復活
                Increase your energy by 5,000 in a single hyper.
15   徹底的に剥いてやる!1  Destroy all parts of the stage 1 boss
10   徹底的に剥いてやる!2  Destroy all parts of the stage 2 boss
10   全力中の全力!       After your fighter transformed at Hibachi's 3rd
                         form, use a hyper.

15   常連客                 Buy 30 items at the shop
30   大富豪                 Buy all items at the shop
25   良い買い物しましたね!
     Buy the ??? at the shop (Saya = 2000)
50   ぶるじょわ                Save 9,999 coins

完全撃破 (Clear a game, all dolls, no continues)
Set all good game options on, set lives & bombs to max and difficulty to easy.

10000HIT: (Make a 10,000-hit combo)
Save your hypers until the level 4 boss.  Bust open that hyper and don't die 
(Novice mode is obviously easiest).  You'll rack up some serious hits here.

相応しいカタチ: (Beat Hibachi to watch her ending)
The requirements to fight Hibachi are detailed above in section 5a.

大往生直前:  (Use double attack and reduce your energy to 0)
Simply hold down Shot + Laser until your gauge drops to 0.  

大往生直前:  (Use double attack for 30 seconds in one playthrough)
Double attack is where you use Shot + Laser at the same time.  Since your 
gauge will drop from 10,000, you'll have to keep using double attack and then
replenish it using hypers.  Just make it to 30 seconds.

大錬金!: (Beat a bullet-erasing enemy by using double-attack to change...)
Just use ShotLaser and defeat a bullet-erasing enemy.  Midbosses count as do 
turrets on level 3 and the pink-spiral, bullet-emitting guys on level 5.

エネルギー大復活: (Increase your energy by 5,000 in a single hyper.)
You'll definitely want to save your hyper until you have level 10 stocked.  


|                             |
|  S E C T I O N   V I I I    |
|  ------------------------   | 
|                             |  
|       C R E D I T S         |  
|                             |
|                             |

A long-standing and consistently frequented forum, the Shmups Forum has been
around forever.  And since DDP is such a well-liked series, a *ton* of 
information was culled from its archives.  While I took an awful lot of time 
going through the game, most of this document would not have been written 
without the assistance of the following site:

Shmups Forum

I've been a member here forever and you can meet some phenomenal people here.  
The first link is to the forums, the second is to the DDP:SDOJ documentation.  
Specific thanks:

Tilting At Windmills

Simoon's Formulas
Hardcore Gaming 101: DDP
Xbox Achievements

I can't forget that when I started making web sites, GameFAQs was also a 
startup.  That was a LONG time ago.  Both the site and its boards can be 
incredibly helpful.


|                             |
|  S E C T I O N   I X        |
|  --------------------       | 
|                             |  
|       L E G A L             |  
|           S T U F F         |
|                             |

This FAQ is copyright (c) 2014, Trevor Esposito (slateman@godflesh.com)
DoDonPachi: Sai-Dai-Ou-Jou is copyright (c) 2012-2014, Cave
DoDonPachi: Sai-Dai-Ou-Jou is trademark of Cave.

You may not distribute this for profit.  You may not edit or alter the contents
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Hope the FAQ was useful in some form.

Good luck and have fun!


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