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Reviewed: 06/28/13

On the Path to Glory

Every now and then you will find a surprise in the Xbox Live Arcade featuring a brand new and free for download game. Spartacus Legends is one of those games and you can play the full game without having to pay to keep playing or purchase the "full game". This game is a full on blood fest featuring hand to hand combat gladiator style as you assume the role of a Lusta that purchases slaves to turn into gladiators and take them to the arena to fight for fame and money. The gladiators come in different fighting styles from a sword and shield to dual wielding blade slashing dudes to the higher leveled trident and spear stabbing gladiators that turn your old gladiator into a Costco sampler.

A fighting game like Spartacus Legends has been long overdue since the Mortal Kombat series has burned itself out and there are few games featuring online multiplayer to fight other players to the death. What makes Spartacus Legends just the more better is that it is totally free to play and 2 GB to download. The best thing about Spartacus Legends is also the down side of Spartacus Legends. Since this game is free and features full on gladiator combat, there are plenty of online players that rushed into the scene and caused server and connection to online match problems. It was only to be expected, however, Spartacus Legends features several arenas where you can compete your gladiators in challenges and the game's all star cast of brutally tough gladiator villains.

You can easily build up your gladiator and purchase up to five other gladiators and fight online or the game's characters. Win or lose, you will gain money and fame for fighting and you can use this money to purchase items such as armor and better weapons. As your level gains you earn gold coins which you can purchase for higher level weapons and armor or pick up a new gladiator off of the slave trade. You can also go to the bank in the game and for real money, purchase gold coins. The biggest expense you can make is 3000 gold coins for 240.00 or 12,000 MS points. I'm sure somebody has done that.

The fighting game play is really great as you use button combos and blocks to try and take out your opponent. Beat your opponent down once and he will get back up for an encore of being kicked and slashed until an opportunity opens up at the end of the fight to perform an execution on your opponent. You have to be quick to counter attack and defend against heavy blows by your opponents but the majority of the arena fights and challenges are easily winnable as long as you upgrade your gladiator's armor and weapons. Get matched up online and you can compete against a real person with their own custom character to win silver and the chance to own the leaderboards. I'm stuck somewhere in the rank of 80,0000-90,000 so if you are just getting started then good luck. Achievement points are very easy to collect by playing up until you reach the highest level which is level ten.

The graphics are reminiscent of 300 and Gladiator with plenty of blood and gore and a weird announcer that could have been left out. The music is pretty good and despite the glitches with the online matchmaking there is not too much of a lag problem beyond finding a match.

Final Recommendation 8/10

Spartacus Legends is a great fighting game and since it is free there isn't any reason not to try this game out. If you ever wanted to be a legendary gladiator and prove you are the worthy one then this game is well worth the go. It definitely gives the fighting games of this console and the next a reason to be nervous. The retail games in the same genre most definitely can be set on the backburner if you haven't tried out Spartacus Legends yet. This game has everything you want from online matches to a great experience and upgrade system. Definitely check this game out.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Spartacus Legends (US, 06/26/13)

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