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The Muvluv series has captivated gamers and figure collectors with the beautifully designed mecha and the lovely, voluptuous girls. The spin-off series Total Eclipse has spawned a light novel, a manga and an anime series. And now, gamers can become Yuuya Bridges and have themselves surrounded by the mecha, the ladies, and the horrifying Betas.

The Earth is under siege. Creatures called Beta have grouped together in hordes to obliterate everything in their sight. To solve this crisis, Japan and USA join forces to create the most powerful mecha, the Shiranui in Alaska. Takamura Yui, a girl of noble birth is assigned as the director of the project and Yuuya Bridges is the test pilot.

Things between Yui and Yuuya aren't smooth, add the Russian test pilot Cryska to the mix, and you have a very dangerous situation.

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