Farming beach early in the game?

  1. Is farming the empty beach over and over worth it for completing low level team task?

    User Info: mikeiairby

    mikeiairby - 4 years ago


  1. No - all of the early team quests are for fairly easy to find items - some are in fixed locations, others as random loot finds, but all easy enough to find just by playing normally.

    I think the only quest that requires you to go back to the beach is from Chimamanda to find food and supplies on the beach but that's it.

    It's only for some of the level 2, and most of the level 3 team quests that need hard to find items, and those tend to be in dead zones or mini-maps accessed through portals (like the cave at the end of the beach). If you find a blue item (non-weapon) in one of these places it's probably for a team quest.

    User Info: Avenger1324

    Avenger1324 - 4 years ago 0 0

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