What do you keep from new games as different people if anything?

  1. When you start a whole new game as a different character do you lose everything from your other save file like blueprints, collectibles, etc? And also if anyone knows any websites that have a list of all weapon blueprints because every site I checked has only a couple and I have about 50.

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    firestorm54321 - 4 years ago

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  1. You lose everything from your saved file besides the skills you've earned from the first game. But if you start a brand NEW character, the game provides you with a lvl 15 character. I don't know why, but i believe the game intended it to be played with imported or high lvl characters.

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  1. Here's a page that shows the Collectible & Blueprint locations


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  2. If you are just about to complete a playthrough (prompted by the point of no return screen), fast travel to your group and dump ALL of your items into storage. That way when you complete the game and start a fresh campaign with that character you can find the storage guy in town and take back all your kit. your cash, XP, mods, skills and collectibles all stay intact.

    If you start a different character it's basically starting the game from scratch - no items, money, mods etc. You start on L14 - explained by the devs as your character would have some XP from completing the first game, even if you didn't import a character. If you do import from the first game you get to keep your XP and skills, but nothing else.

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