Where can I find stingray tails ?

  1. Stingray tails

    User Info: mannyfresh1984

    mannyfresh1984 - 4 years ago

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  1. stingray tails are needed for weapon mods such as deathstalker mod and toxic mod from what I have seen so far

    User Info: DJ_Wolf

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  1. I've found people who sell them but not sure if its random. I've also got them from zombie drops too but they were from thugs and suiciders.

    User Info: rein2012

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  2. Floaters will sometimes drop them. Also when you go to Marcus' house, a father will be there wanting medicine for his sick son, after you get it, he will sell exotic weapons and some modding ingredients. He is however a time sensitive NPC and will not be there after a certain point in the game.

    User Info: hmh461

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  3. I found one under a palm tree leaf that it let me search in, don't know what they are for yet though any ideas?

    User Info: CharlieRFC14

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  4. The only reliable place I could find them was from the seller in chapter 3. I've re-run the beach about 10 times (6 containers (leaves) each run) and not found any. Also killed about 40 floaters so far and also not got any from them

    User Info: Avenger1324

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  5. I dont know if it always works, but in Halai, near the water tower that is directly ahead of you when you come out of the safe zone in Halai, there are two palm leaves on the ground and a basket (i think it's a wicker basket) that are right under a stairway, and i always get 1 stingray tail from one of the leaves there. I am on my 4th play through, and I have never not found at least 1 in those leaves. To be a little more precise with the location, there is a shack that has a walker sitting inside resting against a wall waiting for you to get to close. The leaves are on the other side of that wall.

    Other than that, just random loot or the times a vendor happens to have them like the guy's before mentioned. But so far going to those leaves has not failed me, hopefully the rest of you have the same success in that location.

    User Info: kane198t

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  6. Ok, I forget the guys name, but it's at Marcus Villa's house in Mataka Village. When you do the quest where Marcus wants you to go to his house and find the map, you will be given a quest by a guy outside of his house that requires you to find medicine. Once you complete the quest and speak to the father in the house, he will become a vendor. He will sell Suicider and Floater Meat, and Stingray Tails. But once you go back to Paradise after finding the Map in Marcus' house, then you will lose this vendor. So stock up on the Green colored items that he has before you trigger the Paradise hub defense or you will miss out on the only chance to buy this stuff in bulk unless you do another play through using the same character.

    User Info: kane198t

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  7. I've found a total of 2 on Pearl Beach in the first few chapters - randomly in a trash can...

    User Info: Latebloomer9

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  8. I have found my first one near the Helicopter crash, in a pile of leaves...... It can be sold from the man who you give the bark to to help his son, he is only available from then till you find the map in Marcus's house, then he's gone, it can be dropped from zombies, commonly Floaters and Suiciders

    User Info: XenoSt4lk3r

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