Install problem??

  1. I just bought the game Watch Dogs (which looking at some reviews I'll probably regret) but when I put disc number 1 in to install the xbox doesn't register there's a disc in there. So I put in disc number 2 and that loads up just fine but when it prompts up and asks to put disc 1 back in, when I do I get a message that just says "insert disc 1" obviously it's not my xbox if it can read other discs.. What the h*** is going on?!

    User Info: Nateyak

    Nateyak - 4 years ago


  1. When you put in disk 1 it prompts you to install it to your xbox, make sure you have enough space to download. And also Watch Dogs really is a rip off for xbox 360 and ps3 because there is no free roam which sucks.

    User Info: LTGShiny

    LTGShiny - 4 years ago 0   0

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