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Help with multiplayer achievement? General
how to open PDA in Doom 3 BFG x-box 360? General

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How do I find the Double-Barelled "Super" Shotgun in the main Doom 3 campaign? Side Quest 1 2 years ago
Can you replay chapters? General 1 4 years ago
do the old doom 3 and doom 3 ROE cheats work if so how? General 2 7 years ago
How do i finish the vent lethal gas mission? Side Quest 1 7 years ago
Differences between Doom 3 BFG ed. and original Doom 3? General 2 7 years ago
Bringing up the Console for cheats on Xbox 360? General 1 7 years ago
Maps? General 1 7 years ago
Split-screen multiplayer?? General 1 7 years ago

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