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Reviewed: 04/17/17

Remember The Time I Made A Family Guy Review?

"It seems today that all you see is violence and movies, and sex on TV. But where are those good ol' fashioned-values on which we used to rely?" Family Guy; to some, the poorman's South Park, and to others, the living embodiment of bad animation. As for me, I have a friendship of sorts with Family Guy. Yeah, I was WAY too young for it at the time, but I grew up watching the show, and it disappointed me that the series has gone downhill, like SpongeBob. Nevertheless, at it's peak, Family Guy was so popular, it spawn a pretty good amount of merchandise, including video games. The first game, released for consoles(by the way, I should probably look at that one), ended up being pretty mediocre. In fact, it was so mediocre, that Family Guy games were predominantly made for mobile phones, their most famous being TinyCo's The Quest for Stuff(another one I should look at). But, circa 2011-2012, our FAVORITE company, Activision, decided to bring Family Guy back to the consoles.

Family Guy: Back to The Multiverse was a game released in 2012, and was shoved out by Activision, and developed by Heavy Iron Studios. The game was made for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Steam DID have the game for PC, but the game has since been removed from the marketplace. I'm no expert on these things, but if a game got removed from the Steam Store, that means either because of an expired contract, or we're in for a very bumpy ride.

The best thing in the game(or worst, depending on your ethics of the show), is that the people behind the show stepped in to write the story for the game, even Seth McFarlene and others stepped in to do their respective characters. The story is more akin to one of Family Guy's top rated episodes, Road to The Multiverse. Stewie and Brian supposedly had a picnic planned, when all of a sudden, Stewie's biological evil brother Bertram returns from the dead and tells Stewie his plan of travelling through the Multiverse to build a trans-dimensional army to destroy Quahog and the entire universe. Now, Brian and Stewie must travel through the different dimensions of the Multiverse and stop Bertram before it's too late.

The basic jist of the gameplay is a third-person beat-em-up/shoot-em-up/occasional platforming. In Story Mode, you can switch between Stewie and Brian, and try out all of their abilities in an effort to defeat their enemies. You can even bring a friend along for a Co-Op experience. The focal main problem I have with the gameplay, is with the difficulty. My first time playing, it was WAY TOO hard(probably because I sucked at the game), with enemies pooping out of every nook and cranie imaginable, and with very little time to attack them all. But now, playing through it again, knowing what I was doing, it actually became WAY TOO easy, with the enemies and even the bosses to be a complete joke, and the cause of my deaths were the controls. Moving around and jumping(minus the exclusion of a double jump) was fine, but combat was a mess. First off, the melee combat rarely helps, since every enemy in the game is gunning you down with a barrage of bullets. In fact, the only time when melee combat really helps is one level where you play as Peter fighting the Giant Chicken for the one millionth time. But, if Story Mode isn't your cup of Pawtucket Patriot, there's also Multiplayer, where you can even play as the entire Griffin family, and including Quagmire, Cleveland, Mayor West, and even Death. However, the multiplayer brings forth the most unforgiving thing about this game. The pretty Freakin' Sweet multiplayer, with cool ideas for game modes...CAN ONLY BE PLAYED ON LOCAL MULTIPLAYER. That's right, the perfect idea of an online Family Guy deathmatch is whisked away, and by God, does that really grind my gears.

On a scale between "Freakin' Sweet!" and "What the deuce?!", Back to The Multiverse lands dead center in the middle. On one hand, it's got a good story from the creators of the show, it has sweet multiplayer, and the graphics look like a 3D rendition of the show. On the other, it's gameplay ranges from way too hard to way too easy, the controls are not executed very well, and there is NO online multiplayer. If you're a die-hard fan of Family Guy, you can go ahead and buy it. If not, just stay far away from it as possible.

Rating: 6

Product Release: Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse (US, 11/20/12)

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