Review by DEATH2SONY

Reviewed: 03/28/13

An insult to the NBA

This is my first GameFaqs review. After watching numerous installments of this series get high scores from reviewers, I couldn't take it anymore... Due to my own XBox Live experiences, it compelled me to tell the TRUTH, that this current game, and most others in this series, deserve nothing more than a TWO. The reviewers obviously dont have XBox Live accounts at the office, and do the reviews based on the single player and non-Live modes. But anyone-besides the cheese artists themselves who enjoy the exploits-who plays the online modes on a regular basis is scratching their heads at the high review scores this series gets.

Now, mind you, I'm not even a hardore NBA watcher, just casual, and I know this! The three-pointer...its an OCCASIONAL scoring boost and momentum changer during the game. Its not the ENTIRE game! 35% is the NBA average for threes, indicating that they're hard to make!! Even wide open! I'd dare the average NBA player to make a THIRD of his threes WIDE OPEN!! Go ahead, try it!Its like a home run, long range bomb in football, or long soft goal in Hockey! At the home run contest, only a couple clear the fence! It happens during the game, but not EVERY play! Or it would disrupt the balance of the g....I'm sorry...but they leave this STUPID exploit in the game EVERY darn year! There are OTHER mindless oversights, but I only have space to speak of this main one!

Year after year they adjust that three-pointer slider WAY too high for the online mode! The cheat artists aren't dumb! Once they realize that all it takes is a day of practice to get 3 points EASILY instead of a much harder 2 points playing the game right? It doesnt take a rocket scientist to throw all honest play out the window and just launch "auto-threes" the ENTIRE game! You can go 80-90% on threes with certain players, and the cheesers will find them! Defense in the game is an afterthought! They can drain a three at 80%+ with their shooters REGARDLESS of the shot being contested, or a hand in their face! You can totally dominate an opponent for 99% of the game, and that guy gives up trying to win honestly and starts hurlin' 'em. You'd think, so what, its desperation and he loses anyway? No...he's capable of going 90% on threes, with your hand ON his face, not just in it, and WINNING the game from that 1% of three-pointer abuse, when you dominated the other 99%!!

I can go ON AND ON about dunks more powerful than a nuke, that power THROUGH 2-3 BODIES (3 seven foot grown men, 6 arms, 6 hands, 30 fingers) automatic steals, automatic hookshots, etc. It just came to a boiling point, where I couldn't take the near flawless scores this game was getting! Anyone who has a LIVE account and played online KNOWS I'm not a troll, and I'm telling the honest heart felt TRUTH! How someone with even the most basic knowledge of an NBA game can test this, see 9 out of 10 contested threes go in and no light bulb go off is ridiculous! I'm waiting for EA or somebody PLEASE make a real NBA game! Not a glorified NBA Jam like this!

Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Product Release: NBA 2K13 (US, 10/02/12)

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