How do I return to Autotopia after beating the final boss?

  1. I've finished the main storyline and am trying to return to Autotopia to finish quests and get the achievement for Racing the Autotopia Speedway. There doesn't seem to be a route back through the Mean Street North cinema or at the projector plaza.

    User Info: WoundedKnee67

    WoundedKnee67 - 1 year ago


  1. You have two options:

    Head to Ventureland and take Hangman's Tree, or Tiki Sam's secret tunnel (whichever path you chose), back to the Construction Site. Sneak past Pete Pan once again, or use Indelible Ink through the small Thinner fall. Once back into the crane area, climb the rocks close to the fireworks dispenser/sign and fly to the ledge that has the lost projector to Autotopia that you took the first time. Get the Film Reel in this one to be able to travel to Autotopia for free from the Mean Street Cinema. (I don't recall what paths it's on. Usually it's on the top path, but just in case, you can log in a separate controller and have each bro take a different path).


    (This way is probably shorter), take the 4th Projector at the plaza (the one that used to be the projector to Tomorrow City), and head back into the Mad Doctor's Attraction. Simply jump/climb down to the lowest platform island surrounded by thinner (deal with the enemies if you'd like, or just simply ignore them), and enter the Night on Bald Mountain Projector. (Film Reel is on the left side in this one, if you don't have it yet.) Once back in the Mad Doctor's Old Attic, simply travel back to the ruins of the roller coaster ride track at the far end of the attic and go through that Projector dubbed World of Evil. Get the Film Reel on the left side/top trail/Beetleworx side by staying on the cars, jumping from each one, and avoiding the electricity. Then you'll be able to travel to and from the Attic for free from the Mean Street Cinema. Upon exiting the projector, you will come out of the main Guardian Siphon Tower in Autotopia, and there you go! Back into the lost land of racing.

    User Info: Luigimasterply2

    Luigimasterply2 - 1 year ago 0 0

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