How do you return to Dark Beauty Castle after finishing the game?

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    It is true that the Wii and Wii U cannot go back further than Mean Street, to get a missed star or pin. They cannot get all the challenges in one game slot, because repairing the train stations and destroying them is mutually exclusive. After one is repaired it cannot be destroyed, and vice-versa.

    For the XBox and PS3, you only have one game slot. After you see the credits, you may continue playing and getting more pins, film reels, quests, challenges, concept art, costumes, etc.

    BUT, WHEN YOU PRESS "NEW GAME", you keep all your trophies, pins, and films -- even though your quest page reverts back to zero.
    This Gamefaqs site does not allow URLs, but info on how to get "complete 100%" is at the trophy guide at

    The suggestion is to do a "good-ending, paint game second". Do a fast "bad ending, thinner run-through" first.
    Anybody else have any tips or info?

    User Info: katydiddd

    katydiddd - 4 years ago

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