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    Challenges FAQ by NekoFever

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/08/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

       == Jet Set Radio (Dreamcast) Challenges FAQ v1.0 FINAL ==
       By Olly Dean, nekofever@hotmail.com
       This document (c) Oliver Dean 2000
       All copyrights are property of their respective owners
    1. (i) CONTENTS
    1. (i)    CONTENTS
       (ii)   INTRODUCTION
       (iii)  CONTROLS
    2. (i)    GUM'S CHALLENGES
       (ii)   CORN'S CHALLENGES
       (iii)  COMBO'S CHALLENGES
       (iv)   GARAM'S CHALLENGES
       (v)    BESU'S CHALLENGES
       (vi)   CUBE'S CHALLENGES
       (vii)  OTHERS
       (ii)   OTHER FAQS BY ME
       (iii)  CEDITS/THANKS
    Jet Set Radio is a brilliant game from Sega. The most striking thing about the 
    game is the graphics, for which Sega developed a new program called 'Celshader' 
    which draws black lines around polygons to give a cartoon-style look. The Dreamcast 
    game Wacky Races employs a similar technique. The game itself is an undefinable 
    masterpiece - the back of the Japanese box calls it a Street Action game, but it 
    is so bizarre in places that that name isn't very good to define the game. You 
    play in a futuristic Tokyo called 'Tokyoto', where gangs of 'ruders' on in-line 
    skates compete for territory by 'tagging' things with graffiti. There is the 
    crazy police chief, Onishima, who definitely doesn't want you to do this. He 
    is so desperate to stop you that he'll try to shoot you, send whole police squads 
    after you, set dogs on you, send riot police after you, bring in paratroopers with 
    assault rifles, and even bring in some 'heavy artillery' all to bring in a rogue 
    graffiti artist! To annoy the moral guardians even more when this comes out, not 
    only do you do graffiti, you listen to pirate radio as well. This illegal station, 
    Jet Set Radio, and it's hip DJ Professor K will warn you when police are in the 
    area and will keep you up-to-date with rival gang's latest movements. The area of 
    the game that this FAQ will focus on though is the challenges section. Throughout 
    the game ruders from rival gangs will visit you and challenge you to complete their 
    tasks. These are usually simple combinations of grinds and tags, but some of them 
    can be very tough. If you complete the challenges the rival ruder will defect to 
    your group, the GGs. There are a total of 7 ruders to recruit, and I'll take you 
    through them in order.
    (iii) CONTROLS
    The controls in Jet Set Radio are very simple:
    Analogue Stick - Skate/Tag combinations
    Left Trigger - Tag/Centre camera behind ruder
    Right Trigger - Speed Boost
    A Button - Jump/Grind/Trick
    START - Pause/Map
    Not all of the ruders are in the order that they will challenge you in as it depends 
    on the order you beat the levels in.
    When you begin you have no ruders apart from Beat, the guy with a yellow shirt and 
    green goggles. Before you begin the normal game, you will have to recruit Gum and 
    Corn. Gum is a girl in a white dress and green shirt underneath. Here are her 
    1. Very simple: skate forward, pressing boost (R) as you go, turn right, and jump 
       onto the car roof.
    2. Boost forward and grind the rail. You don't have to grind the whole thing, just 
       a little grind will complete the challenge.
    3. Pick up the 2 paint cans ahead of you and tag the 2 cars with red arrows above 
       them just to the left. Grind the rail with 2 more paint cans on it to pick them 
       up, and grind the rail with the car and the truck next to it, tagging the vehicles 
       as you go.
    Now that you've recruited Gum, Corn challenges you. He wears blue overalls and a blue 
    hat pulled down over his eyes.
    1. Jump across all of the platforms collecting paint, and complete the Large tag at 
       the end. Don't fall off!
    2. Skate up to the back of a car to grab hold, and let it carry you uphill to a turn 
       with 4 cans of paint on it. Collect the paint, skate back to where you started, 
       grind the rail on the left, and tag the wall as you go past. To do this challenge 
       for fun you can let a car hit you from behind and it will carry you up the hill.
    3. Grind the rail, jumping over the pedestal halfway along, jump onto the right-hand 
       bannister on the steps, grind it round, then jump onto the roof of the bus shelter.
    After you've done a level, Combo will challenge you. He is a tall black man with a gold 
    Yen symbol around his neck, and a huge ghettoblaster on his shoulder (how does he skate 
    with that on?).
    1. Grind the left rail, then jump across the street and grind the right one. You may find 
       this easier if you jump and pull back on the joystick to do a backflip which may help 
       steady your jump.
    2. Collect the paint cans and tag the three tag points in the halfpipe. Don't worry about 
       falling here, you have plenty of time.
    3. Holding R the whole time, jump across all the bus shelters and onto the platform from 
       Corn's first challenge.
    Done a few more levels? Garam will come and challenge your skating skills. He's a skinny 
    guy in an insect-eyes mask who I think wants to defect from Poison Jam.
    1. Ride the wall to the left by jumping against it, then jump off and land on the other 
       side of the sewer tunnel.
    2. Grind the long railing and jump over the cable onto the rooftops.
    3. Boost for a bit, grind the right-hand railing, jump across the gap onto the left 
       railing, jump across onto the railing across the water to the left, grind around the 
       corner, and wall-ride to the left.
    I'm not sure that Besu is her correct name, but it's what my translator on my computer 
    told me. She's like an evil version of Gum, and I think she's from the Love Shockers. 
    She wears blue clothes and makeup and has a very pale face.
    1. This is more or less the same as Combo's second challenge, but it has obstacles in 
       the bottom of the sewer tunnel. It is very easy if you collect some paint then get 
       up onto the left ledge, tag the wall, boost and jump onto the right ledge, tag the 
       wall, then jump across onto the left again and tag the wall.
    2. Jump onto the crane arm and grind it down. Jump onto the power line, then jump onto 
       the power line to the right, and jump off at the end.
    3. Skate forward across the rooftops. Jump off onto the powerline at the end. When you 
       come to the junction of power lines, jump over it and grind another cable. When the 
       roofs ahead and to the left are within range, jump off onto one of them.
    A few levels later, Cube will challenge you. She is a weird girl in grey.
    1. Skate up the walkway, grind the rail, and jump onto the parked train. Don't worry 
       about taking damage on the fall down to the train - you can see Cube fall in the 
       demo of the challenge.
    2. Enter the small entrance, grind the spiral rail down, jump clear over the building 
       and land on the rail on the other side, and grind down onto a small balcony.
    3. Skate up to the top of the concrete structure and jump onto the round metal thing 
       hanging in the middle. Grind the metal rail that leads to a mesh gate and jump 
       through, just missing the oncoming train! Don't be surprised if this takes you a 
       few attempts so that you can perfect the timing which is different for each 
       character. i.e. if your ruder is good at tricks or very lightweight then you will 
       have to jump earlier.
    (vii) OTHERS
    Three other characters: Soda, Sugar, and Yo-Yo are recruited in sort of race challenges. 
    There aren't any real tactics to beat this that I know, just to do it a few times and 
    get there before they do.
    It is also possible to play as Poison Jam, Love Shockers, and Noise Tanks by completing 
    all of their stages with a JET rating. At the end of a level when you get a ranking from 
    the list, JET is the top one.
    You can email me at ryo@shenmuefansite.com and I will try to email you back the day that 
    I get the email.
    I will be happy to elaborate on anything in the FAQ that you found unclear and I will take 
    contributions (full credit will be given).
    All of these can be found at GameFAQs (http://www.gamefaqs.com).
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    Jet Set Radio (Dreamcast) Challenges Guide
    Thanks to Sega for this brilliantly addictive game and for the Dreamcast (the Ultimate 
    Next-Generation Console!).
    Many thanks to CJayC at GameFAQs for his continuous hard work on the site.
    "Never argue with an idiot, he'll just drag you down to his level and beat you with 

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