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Reviewed: 02/27/12

Angry Birds Move Over, Fish Hate Cats Too

Cheap Indie games. Gotta love them. Who would think that putting fish in an underwater cannon could be so fun? Angry Fish: Deep Sea is just as addictive as its predecessor Angry Birds. For a 80 Microsoft Points game, you get a decent run through 63 levels featuring five or six different types of fish attacks to knock out the makeshift forts of the cats. Why are cats building collapsible forts underwater? I have no idea. Is there even a story to this game? I don't really think so, but what I do know is that Angry Fish is a fun and addictive game which you will spend a few hours playing through.

The game is split up between three 21 level areas. These areas do not change background and the level of difficulty does not really change as you progress. You will quickly get acquainted with the different kinds of fish you can shoot out of your cannon. You start off with a simple red fish that acts as a solid shot. Two fish types act as bombs to drop straight down while another acts as a missile. Then you have a fish that takes out hard metal objects and three fish in a bowl that spread out when the bowl is broken.

Angry Fish: Deep Sea is not too challenging. There were a few levels I had to repeat but the majority of these I was able to burn straight through in a few seconds. Level 3-19 was probably the most challenging and I ended up getting past it by luck. Beyond the shortness and lack of major challenge to the game the only other I had was with the "Level Failed" message popping up. Say I had just shot out all my fish and the blocks and stuff were still falling, but the message would pop up and prevent me from beating the level. Other times the message would not appear but you can easily restart the level.

Angry Fish is nothing fancy, and as a more popular mobile phone application, it does an okay job as a Xbox Live Indie game. The music does not change throughout the whole game and the background and graphics do not change much. It is all about the game play when it comes to Angry Fish.

In terms of replay value, there's not much left to do once you beat this game. You can play to beat your own high score or play this game while waitng on friends or to kill some time, but replay value does suffer. It's not like you can whip out your Xbox while in a waiting room or wherever else you might get bored.

Final Recommendation 8/10

Granted I rated this game based on price and its value as an Indie game. You won't get a lot out of these games but Angry Fish: Deep Sea is a fun one to try. Angry Fish is 65 MB at 80 Microsoft Points and for what its worth that's a fair deal. If you are a fan of Angry Birds you will probably find yourself just as addicted to Angry Fish. It is just too bad you cannot compete online or see how you compete with the rest of the Xbox Live world. I don't know if any Indie game out there has worldwide leaderboards but until then this would make a good party game or time waster.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Angry Fish: Deep Sea (US, 02/17/12)

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