Voice: AlfredSteven Jay Blum
Voice: AquamanBrian Bloom
Voice: BaneSteven Jay Blum
Voice: BatgirlKari Wahlgren
Voice: BatmanTroy Baker
Voice: BizarroTravis Willingham
Voice: Black AdamFred Tatasciore
Voice: Black CanaryKari Wahlgren
Voice: Black MantaFred Tatasciore
Voice: BrainiacTroy Baker
Voice: Captain BoomerangNolan North
Voice: Captain ColdChristopher Corey Smith
Voice: Captain MarvelJoseph Balderrama
Voice: CatwomanKatherine Von Till
Voice: ClayfaceFred Tatasciore
Voice: Commissioner GordonTownsend Coleman
Voice: CyborgBrian Bloom
Voice: Damian WayneBrian Bloom
Voice: FlashCharlie Schlatter
Voice: General ZodTownsend Coleman
Voice: Gorilla GroddTravis Willingham
Voice: Green LanternCam Clarke
Voice: Harley QuinnLaura Bailey
Voice: HawkgirlKari Wahlgren
Voice: HawkmanTroy Baker
Voice: HuntressKari Wahlgren
Voice: HushNolan North
Voice: JokerChristopher Corey Smith
Voice: KatanaAnna Volcino
Voice: Killer CrocFred Tatasciore
Voice: Killer MothJoseph Balderrama
Voice: Lex LuthorClancy Brown
Voice: Lois LaneBridget Hoffman
Voice: Mad HatterTownsend Coleman
Voice: Man-BatFred Tatasciore
Voice: Martian ManhunterCam Clarke
Voice: Mr. FreezeTownsend Coleman
Voice: NightwingCam Clarke
Voice: PenguinSteven Jay Blum
Voice: Poison IvyLaura Bailey
Voice: Ra's al GhulSteven Jay Blum
Voice: RiddlerRob Paulsen
Voice: RobinCharlie Schlatter
Voice: ScarecrowNolan North
Voice: SinestroTroy Baker
Voice: SupergirlBridget Hoffman
Voice: SupermanTravis Willingham
Voice: Two-FaceTroy Baker
Voice: Vicki ValeAnna Volcino
Voice: Wonder WomanLaura Bailey
Voice: ZatannaKari Wahlgren


Data and credits for this game contributed by oliist and MoogleSummoner.

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