How do I unlock the Justice League?

  1. When I got the game I didn't get the strategy guide so I don't know what to do?

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    galacticboss - 5 years ago
  2. Clarification Request:
    To clarify mikehross8800's post, you DO NOT need all 250 Gold Bricks to get the achievement; the 250 Gold Brick character is Supergirl, which completes the Girl Power and Team Building achievements. The Justice League is the top row of characters in the little menu: Batman, Robin, Superman, Green Lantern, Cyborg, Flash, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, Aquaman and Hawkman. These are the ones you have to unlock to get the achievement. MM, Aquaman and Hawkman need to be unlocked via Gold Brick Gateways, the rest are unlocked by completing the story.

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    Batman -- Unlocked from the start
    Robin -- Unlocked from the start
    Superman -- Complete level 6 (even though you can start playing as him on the city map after level 5)
    Green Lantern -- Complete level 14
    Cyborg -- Complete level 14
    Flash -- Complete level 15
    Wonder Woman -- Complete level 15
    Aquaman -- Gold brick gate in northeast of middle island (requires 70 gold bricks and 125,000 Lego studs)
    Hawkman -- Gold brick gate along northern edge of middle island (requires 80 gold bricks and 125,000 Lego studs)
    Martian Manhunter -- Gold brick gate just north of the center of the middle island on the tall building with Luthor's presidential campaign banners (requires 175 gold bricks and 125,000 Lego studs)

    Batman -- Only character that can blow up silver objects (that aren't on the ground; Penguin can destroy those) using Power Suit; only character that can walk on electric floors using Electricity Suit (Joker can activate and deactivate electric switches); only character that can stealth past cameras using Sensor Suit (any Kryptonian can use X-ray vision); can use grappling hook and Batarangs
    Robin -- Only character that can wall jump, flip from flag poles sticking out of walls, climb poles and use roll pads with Acrobat Suit; only character that can suck up and spray sludge using Hazard Suit (though Aquaman can spray unlimited water); can use grappling hook and Batarangs
    Superman -- Flight, super strength, laser eyes, freezing breath, weakness to Kryptonite
    Green Lantern -- Flight, only character that can build with green bricks
    Cyborg -- Laser eye, magnetic (just like Robin's Magnet Suit), super strength
    Flash -- Fast, only character that can rebuild objects that have been destroyed by Luthor's Deconstructor Ray
    Wonder Woman -- Flight, super strength, lasso can attack to objects that are pulled apart by Batman's grappling hook, can use tiara as boomerang
    Martian Manhunter -- Flight, super strength, laser eyes
    Aquaman -- Can spray unlimited water from trident with no need to refill, super strength, sinks in water (like Robin's Hazard Suit) and can use strength under water
    Hawkman -- Flight, fights with mace

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  1. A bunch will be unlocked at the end of the story line and some more will need to be bought with gold bricks

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  2. After completing all 15 story missions, you will need to travel around the city using the map scanner (you will learn to use that during the missions, if not it is simple to figure out) looking for the arches that come up in some places when you scan the area. These arches are built out of gold bricks and are usually found on the sides of buildings that have gold bricks on their roofs (but not always). In order to unlock every single one, you will have to collect all 250 Gold Bricks first. Each archway has a different minimum gold brick number, so you can start unlocking the Justice League characters as soon as you have the money and the required bricks for a given archway.

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  3. I got them just by doing the missions.

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  4. The characters unlocked during the story are not the entire in-game Justice League. For the achievement, you have to unlock every character in-game that is considered a member of the Justice League in-game.

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  5. I would like to comment on my answer from earlier.i didnt realize there were so many other JLA people to be found AFTER completing the game AND 345678909876 more on DLC.

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  6. I wasn't saying that you need all 250 for the JLA achievement, I was saying that to unlock everything you need all 250 Gold Bricks.

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  7. Just to correct one part to McMurderpaws' reply

    Robin -- Only character that can use roll pads with Acrobat Suit; (Harley can to the other acrobat things)

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