How do I open the Gym on The School II?

  1. The method from thps 2 doesn't seem to work, maybe I'm just doing it wrong.

    User Info: KatoDrives

    KatoDrives - 7 years ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. I asked this same question on the board and Final Fantasy2389 answered, so I'll just reiterate what he told me. When the level starts, head right to make your way to the rail that the A for Skate was on. At around 1:43 mark you'll hear two bells. You have to grind it on the second bell. You'll know you did it as a blue sparkle appears under your board.
    The rail is the "Opunsezmee" rail, which is one one of the roll call rails, and as mentioned before, the one with the A on it.

    User Info: The1MFP

    The1MFP - 7 years ago 4   0

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