• Achievements

    *There are 4 secret achievements. show

    BFFComplete a level in co-op10
    Candy SkillzComplete a non-boss level without dying (only Player 1 eligible)10
    Crybaby (secret)Beat Dolly-Doll20
    Destiny (secret)Beat the Game (only Player 1 eligible)20
    Eviction Notice (secret)Beat Pump-Kind20
    Grim ReaperSacrifice 1000 followers (only Player 1 eligible)20
    I'm Alive!Earn a score greater than 50,000 in a single level (only Player 1 eligible)20
    If the Shoe Fits... (secret)If the Shoe Fits...20
    Into the LightEscape the garbage can10
    It's a Sour lifeSee 8 different Sour Sacrifices in a single level (only Player 1 eligible)10
    Packet CollectorCollect all the Secrets in the game (only Player 1 eligible)20
    Sugar AddictEarn a Campaign Score greater than 300,000 (only Player 1 eligible)20

    Contributed By: Guard Master.

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