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FAQ/Walkthrough by Shotgunnova

Updated: 11/13/12

          ____________   _      _       ____/  )______    _________
         |  ___   __  | | |    | |     / __/  /   __  |  |  ___   _|
         | |   | |  | | | |    | |    / / /  /¯\ (  | |  | |   | |
         | |_  | |  | | | |    | |   ( ( /  (__ ) ) | |  | |   | |
         |  _| | |__| | | |    | |   | |/__    /| | | |  | |   | |
         | |   |  __  |_| |____| |___) (   )  / ) ) | (__) |   | |
         |_|   |_|  |__________,_______ \_/  /_/ /  (______)   |_|
                                       \_/  /___/ N E W   V E G A S
  Ultimate Edition FAQ/Walkthrough by   (  /
      Shotgunnova (Patrick Summers)      \/  Email: shotgunnova(at)gmail.c0m

    I. CONTROLS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . CNTR
   II. TH' BASICS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . THBS

       Addiction ........................................................ DDCT
       Hacking .......................................................... HCKN
       Pickpocketing .................................................... PCKP
       Pip-Boy .......................................................... PPBY
       Radiation ........................................................ RDTN
       Repair ........................................................... REPR
       Reputation ....................................................... RPTT
       Safe Storage ..................................................... SFST
       S.P.E.C.I.A.L. ................................................... SPCL
       Terms ............................................................ TRMS
       V.A.T.S. ......................................................... VTSS

  III. WALKTHROUGH (MAIN QUEST) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . WLKT

       Ain't That a Kick in the Head .................................... WK01
       Back in the Saddle ............................................... WK02
       By a Campfire on the Trail ....................................... WK03
       They Went That-a-Way ............................................. WK04
       Ring-a-Ding-Ding! ................................................ WK05

       MR. HOUSE PATH . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . PTH1

       The House Always Wins I .......................................... WK1A
       The House Always Wins II ......................................... WK1B
       The House Always Wins III ........................................ WK1C
       The House Always Wins IV ......................................... WK1D
       The House Always Wins V .......................................... WK1E
       The House Always Wins VI ......................................... WK1F
       The House Always Wins VII ........................................ WK1G
       The House Always Wins VIII ....................................... WK1H
       All or Nothing ................................................... WK1I

       NEW CALIFORNIA REPUBLIC PATH . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . PTH2

       Things That Go Boom .............................................. WK2A
       Kings' Gambit .................................................... WK2B
       For the Republic, Part 2 ......................................... WK2C
       You'll Know It When It Happens ................................... WK2D
       Eureka! .......................................................... WK2E

       CAESAR'S LEGION  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . PTH3

       Render Unto Caesar ............................................... WK3A
       Et Tumor, Brute? ................................................. WK3B
       Arizona Killer ................................................... WK3C
       Veni, Vidi, Vici ................................................. WK3D

       YES MAN PATH . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . PTH4

       Wild Card: Ace in the Hole ....................................... WK4A
       Wild Card: Change in Management .................................. WK4B
       Wild Card: Side Bets ............................................. WK4C
       Wild Card: You and What Army? .................................... WK4D
       Wild Card: Finishing Touches ..................................... WK4E
       You'll Know It When It Happens ................................... WK4F
       No Gods, No Masters .............................................. WK4G

   IV. MISCELLANEOUS QUESTS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . MSCL
    V. DLC WALKTHROUGHS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . DLCW

       Dead Money ....................................................... DLC1
       Honest Hearts .................................................... DLC2
       Old World Blues .................................................. DLC3
       Lonesome Road .................................................... DLC4

   VI. APPENDICES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . APPN

       Achievements ..................................................... ACHV
       Ammunition ....................................................... MMNT
       Challenges ....................................................... CHLL
       Companions ....................................................... CMPN
       Perks ............................................................ PRKS
       Plant Overview ................................................... PLNT
       Recipes - Campfire ............................................... RCPC
       Recipes - Reloading Bench ........................................ RCPR
       Recipes - Workbench .............................................. RCPW
       Skillbooks ....................................................... SKLB
       Skills ........................................................... SKLL
       Snowglobes ....................................................... SNWG
       Traits ........................................................... TRTS
       Unique Weapons ................................................... NQWP
       Unmarked Quests .................................................. NMRK
       Weapon Mods ...................................................... WPNM

  VII. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . FAQZ
 VIII. UPDATES & CONTRIBUTORS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . UPDT
   IX. LEGALITY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . LGLT

I. CONTROLS                                                              [CNTR]
 Here's the control scheme for New Vegas. Several other things (Y Inversion,
 X/Y Sensitivity, Vibration, and Action Mapping) can be tweaked in the Settings

 D-Pad ----- Use hotkeyed item (hold: see hotkeys) / Up: change ammo type
 Start ----- Toggle main menu
 Back ------ Toggle wait mode
 Y-Button -- Jump (menu: maintain/repair items)
 X-Button -- Ready weapon (hold: holster weapon / menu: drop item)
 A-Button -- 'Select' button for menus
 B-Button -- 'Back' button for menus
 R Bumper -- Enter V.A.T.S. mode (menu: hotkey item)
 R Trigger - Fire weapon
 R Analog -- Control camera
 L Bumper -- Toggle first/third person POVs (menu: modify weapons)
          -- (hold + R analog) swivel camera without changing way one faces
 L Trigger - Zoom in on reticle (look into scope if applicable)
 L Analog -- Control movement (click: toggle sneak mode)

 Start ----- Toggle main menu
 Y-Button -- (hold) AP gauge stops flashing
 A-Button -- Commence V.A.T.S. with selected target(s)
 B-Button -- 'Cancel' selection (can close V.A.T.S.)
 R Bumper -- (hold) pullback POV with applicable targets highlighted
 R Trigger - Select body part to aim at (selection is stored)
 R Analog -- Change between applicable V.A.T.S. targets
 L Analog -- Change between applicable body parts

 There are also some adjustable gameplay settings.

 KILL CAM MODE: Shows a special POV when neutralizing the last foe in a group.
 Cinematic, the default option, often gives longer shots, such as following a
 slow-mo bullet as it travels at its target. Player View is similar but won't
 change to third-person POV like Cinematic does. Finally, the feature can be
 turned off entirely. If there's any glitching in the killcam, turning it off
 may be wise.

 HARDCORE MODE: Toggles between Normal and Hardcore modes. In the latter, one
 must be attentive to hydration, nutrition and rest concerns, in addition to
 other details (ammo has weight, only doctors and Doctor's Bags cure crippled
 limbs, etc). The Hardcore achievement can only be gotten by having it set to
 Hardcore at the beginning, then leaving it on until one completes the main

 DIFFICULTY --: Changes how much damage one incurs and how much one deals. The
 default is normal, and changing it higher (Hard, Very Hard) or lower (Easy,
 Very Easy) is possible.

 SAVE ON REST/WAIT/TRAVEL: This function is on by default, allowing the game
 to autosave whenever the player fast travels, waits or sleeps. A good player
 will have a (hard) backup save, so leaving this on is a good idea.

 TRUE IRON SIGHTS: When using unscoped weapons, zooming in often looks down
 the gun's natural sights (if any), but displays the targeting reticle anyway.
 Turning this feature on removes that reticle. This is a more "badass" way to
 shoot, but there are noted misalignments with iron sights, so the shot might
 be a little off-target.

II. TH' BASICS                                                           [THBS]
 Consuming alcohol and drugs ("chems") may augment skills or give short-term
 effects, but it can also give long-term addiction. After becoming hooked and
 not having that particular vice for awhile, one suffers withdrawals, lowering
 certain stats. [The 'EFF' part of the Pip-Boy's status tab displays which
 withdrawals and what symptoms exist.]

 Some addictions (mostly chems) expire after a certain time, allowing one to
 purge it from the system. Some, like most booze, has a subsisting effect.
 In either case, one can visit a doctor (like Straus in Novac, Uzunagi at
 the New Vegas Medical Clinic, etc.) for detox, although some drugs cannot
 be cured thanks to bugs. Inveterate junkies can always consume more of that
 drug, delaying the withdrawal until "next time".
   ______________________ ___________________________ ______________________
  | CHEM                 | EFFECT                    | ST PE EN CH IN AG LC |
  | Absinthe             | CHR +3, PER +3, INT -3    | -- -- -- -1 -- -1 -- |
  | Beer                 | CHR +3, STR +3, INT -3    | -- -- -- -1 -- -1 -- |
  | Buffout              | HP +60, END +3, STR +2    | -1 -- -1 -- -- -- -- |
  | Coyote Tobacco Chew  | PER +1, AGL +1            | -- -1 -- -1 -- -- -- |
  | Dixon's Jet          | AP +10                    | -- -- -- -1 -- -1 -- |
  | Dixon's Whiskey      | INT -6, STR +3            | -- -- -- -1 -- -1 -- |
  | Hydra                | Restores limb condition   | -- -- -3 -- -- -- -- |
  | Jake Juice           | CHR +3, INT -3, STR +3    | -- -- -- -1 -- -1 -- |
  | Jet                  | AP +15                    | -- -- -- -1 -- -1 -- |
  | Med-X                | DAM Resistance +25%       | -- -- -- -- -1 -1 -- |
  | Mentats              | CHR +1, PER +2, INT +2    | -- -1 -- -- -1 -- -- |
  | Moonshine            | CHR +1, STR +2, INT -2    | -- -- -- -1 -- -1 -- |
  | Party Time Mentats   | CHR +5, PER +2, INT +2    | -- -- -- -1 -- -1 -- |
  | Psycho               | DAM +25%                  | -- -1 -1 -- -- -- -- |
  | Rebound              | Faster AP regeneration    | -- -- -- -1 -- -1 -- |
  | Rocket               | AP +30                    | -- -- -- -1 -- -1 -- |
  | Scotch               | CHR +3, INT -3, STR +3    | -- -- -- -1 -- -1 -- |
  | Sierra Madre Martini | HP +75, END +4, STR +2    | -- -- -- -1 -- -1 -- |
  | Slasher              | DAM +25%, DAM Res. +25%   | -- -1 -1 -- -- -- -- |
  | Steady               | Reduces weapon spread     | -1 -- -- -- -- -1 -- |
  | Turbo                | Surroundings move slower  | -- -- -- -- -- -2 -- |
  | Ultrajet             | AP +40                    | -1 -1 -- -- -- -2 -- |
  | Vodka                | CHR +3, INT -3, STR +3    | -- -- -- -1 -- -1 -- |
  | Whiskey              | CHR +3, INT -3, STR +3    | -- -- -- -1 -- -1 -- |
  | Wine                 | CHR +2, INT -2, STR +2    | -- -- -- -1 -- -1 -- |
   * - values collected at Survival 100

 Other things:

 • Note that some addictions may not appear in the 'EFF' tab mentioned above.
   This may be a glitch. I've seen it happen with Rebound and Jet, to name a
   few. In this case, double-checking the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats can see if it
   exists (don't want to forget a nagging addiction is decaying one's skill).

 • Addiction rates vary wildly. For instance, Dixon's Whiskey is ridiculously
   addictive, while you could consume 10 Beers and walk away scot-free. Same
   goes for how quickly a withdrawal sets in. Example: Turbo withdrawal can
   set in within an hour, even after taking several doses; others may take far

 • Ant Nectar (including Fire Ant Nectar) used to have an addiction of -2 STR,
   but after several tries, I couldn't get addicted. It also doesn't increase
   the "Day Tripper" challenge like other addictive substances, so it may've
   been patched. [Citation needed...]

 • Drinking booze can be a good way to earn Charisma bonuses for dialogue,
   when skillbooks/magazines are unavailable. It can also have a secondary
   effect on that end: enabling low-INT dialogue options to become available.
   Consuming separate beverages will stack the bonuses/penalties, so they're
   not wholly bad.

 • Those making theme builds around addicts/alcoholics may want to check up
   on addiction-related perks, particularly OWB's Logan's Loophole, preventing
   addiction entirely (at the expense of an reduced level cap).

HACKING           [HCKN]
 This is a Science-based process by which one gains access to computers. Like
 Lockpick, raising Science allows higher-level hacks. Required stats are: very
 easy (under 25), easy (25+), average (50+), hard (75+), very hard (100). Any
 temporary boosts given by "Programmer's Digest" magazines or INT-raising items

 To hack, find a locked computer; with the requisite skill, a separate screen
 appears, filled with gibberish and random words. The goal is to seek out the
 password from amongst the decoys. The amount of attempts remaining is listed
 at the screen's top. If one doesn't figure the password in the allotted
 amount, it "locks" and can never be used again. [The exception is obtaining
 the Computer Whiz perk, allowing 1 more retry in this situation.] However,
 it's just better to save before trying, resetting if things go south. Also,
 the password changes each time one reaccesses the PC.

 The deduction part is conducted between available words. [Single characters
 are NEVER the password.] With each wrong guess, something like "3/7 Correct"
 will be displayed. This means that the placement of 3 characters matches the
 password's order. It's often best to think of words stacked on each other, to
 see similarities better. Here's an example:

 |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|  Pretend these seven words are possible solutions. The goal's to
 | WRITING |  figure the password by order of elimination. Let's say one picks
 | MIXTURE |  "WRITING". If a 0/7 Correct message displayed, it would mean no
 | SEASONS |  character (1st letter W, 2nd letter R, etc.) is correct in the
 | FEARING |  guess. This would eliminate any word that shares characters in
 | BOILING |  wouldn't work. The only word remaining would be MIXTURE, which
 | CURRENT |  has no shared characters with WRITING.

 This is just a simple example, of course, but there's a simple lesson in it:
 try to pick word with a common suffix (-ING usually) to eliminate candidates
 en masse. If one picks an -ING word and gets a 2/7 Correct message, then it's
 a good sign. [A 3/7+ Correct message doesn't necessarily mean the word has
 -ING in it, though.] As one's Science increases, the number of candidates'll
 decrease noticeably, however.

 Of course, those who don't want to play these brain games can simply open a
 hackable PC, randomly pick answers, close the PC before wasting the last try,
 and do it all again! There's no downside to doing this, short of a slightly
 longer PC loadup screen, plus additional bad karma (only if computer marked
 as owned).
 This is the art of nicking items from NPCs' inventories. Pickpocketing can
 only succeed if one is "hidden," i.e. undetected while crouching. Applicable
 loot is aid and misc items, ammunition, and UNEQUIPPED weapons/armor. [Some
 NPC-only items, like Lily's unique vertibird blade, cannot be obtained under
 any circumstances, however.] This act is easier done with a high Sneak skill.

 Certain things occur when one's caught stealing: the item is reconfiscated;
 one cannot try to pickpocket that NPC again; negative karma is earned; infamy
 is gained, if the NPC is associated with a certain faction. Also, the person
 (and any witnesses around) may turn hostile, especially if the player was
 already on thin ice with their group. Most of these outcomes are considered
 "bad," and can thus be avoided by saving before trying, then reloading if it
 goes awry.

 "Reverse pickpocketing" also exists. This is the act of planting items in an
 NPC's inventory, rather than removing something already there. Example: the
 person has poor armor equipped; by giving them something vastly better, they
 equip that instead, making them more durable. This also has a secondary
 effect: equipping something the player gives has them unequip their default
 item, allowing them to be stolen. This is very useful for getting NPCs to
 part with unique weapons, like Old Lady Gibson's Big Boomer or Corporal
 Sterling's La Longue Carabine.

 Reverse pickpocketing can also be used to plant explosives (grenades, C-4)
 in the target's inventory. This automatically arms the item, causing it to
 explode (in grenades' case) several moments later -- this is a loud OHKO.
 In the case of C-4, the item is armed, but requires one to detonate it with
 the appropriate weapon. Certain large explosives, like time bombs, cannot be
 used in this manner. [Successful deaths in this vein are considered stealth
 kills, and won't gain infamy.]

 Normally, NPCs only change their default equipment when something better is
 offered -- this means armor with a better DT or weapons with a higher DAM/DPS.
 For example, trying to get someone's Hunting Rifle by reverse pickpocketing a
 wimpy 9mm Pistol ain't gonna work. Additionally, even if that 9mm Pistol were
 somehow better than that rifle, it would be moot if s/he lacked 9mm Rounds.

 When it comes to obtaining NPCs' equipped items, there's several ways to go
 about it, most just variations on a theme.

 • Steal the NPC's ammunition. Without it, the equipped weapon cannot work,
   and will be unequipped once the person enters a battle situation. [Fists
   will be opted for if no other weapon exists.]

 • Reverse pickpocket a superior weapon and/or ammunition. [Note that some
   NPCs are finicky about their weapon choices, so try to approximate their
   tastes.] Upon re-entering the cell, they may have unequipped their other
   weapon to favor the more powerful version.

 • If hostilities commence, and the NPC uses the weapon on the player, it's
   possible to disarm the NPC by targeting the weapon in V.A.T.S. (easiest).
   If the disarm is successful, one can run to the object and steal it. This
   method can work, but often poses risk of damaging the NPC, perhaps with
   accompanying infamy, etc.

 Combinations can be successful, too. I suggest stealing the NPC's ammo,
 punching them once (to unequip their gun), then "holstering" one's fists to
 cease hostilities. Running away and/or having good rep with the person's
 faction can help this.

PIP-BOY       [PPBY]
 The Pip-Boy is a machine obtained upon completion of the first quest, and
 will store most functional menus. It contains several "tabs" that can be
 switched between using left analog and right trigger. The following stats can
 be viewed across the top bar:

 WG -: Weight, i.e. carrying capacity (current and maximum load)
 HP -: Health points. If these reach zero, the character dies (game over!)
 DT -: Damage Threshold. The higher it is, the more damage is mitigated.
 Caps: Bottle caps, the game's currency.

 Here's an explanation of the tabs.


 Shows a listing of anything classified as weapons. Grayed-out items have been
 broken (zero condition) and cannot be equipped. Some equippable "guns" (Laser
 Detonator, Big Mountain Transportalponder!) actually have no battle function.

 From this screen, one can modify and maintain weapons, supposing there's
 applicable mods and repair weapons, respectively. The following stats can
 be seen when an item is highlighted (from left to right, top to bottom):
 Skill requirement, STR value, DAM/DPS, Weight, current value, condition and
 default ammo type. [If the skill icon, STR or DAM/DPS is blinking, that means
 one fails to meet one of the requirements, lowering battle prowess/accuracy
 with that weapon.]


 Hats and armor are listed here, having the following stats: Damage Threshold,
 Weight, Value, Condition, classification (heavy/light/medium) and available
 effects. Excluding special effects (like boosting S.P.E.C.I.A.L. skills or
 giving low-light vision), all items will have these stats.

 • AID

 Food, medicine, chems, skillbooks and magazines are displayed here. These
 items typically give beneficial health-boosting or stat-augmenting effects.
 Generally, chem usage can lead to addiction while beneficial medicine (like
 Stimpaks and RadAway) will not. In Normal Mode, most of those must-have meds,
 chems and magazines will weigh zero; this changes in Hardcore.


 This is the odds and ends of the item list, containing: ammo casings, caravan
 cards, weapon mods, craft components, most key items, and most forms of cash
 (NCR, Legion, Pre-War Money, Casino chips, etc) besides bottlecaps. A keyring
 collects all found keys, neatly organizing things -- it shows Bethesda's
 learned much from Oblivion's key debacle, heh.


 Any type of ammunition, from standard to explosive, appears here. All will
 be grayed out, except for kinds usable with the current weapon (if equipped).
 Changing ammo this way is possible, but there is a hotkey slot (up on d-pad)
 reserved for cycling through applicable ammo. This is, however, the only
 way to view held ammo effects.


 Displays the current area (topographically) and entire Mojave, respectively.
 In the local, only currently explored areas are displayed, with entrances
 denoted. The world map displays the Mojave by default, showing destinations
 located or heard about; these can be fast-travelled to if uncovered. [The
 world map changes when in DLC areas.]


 All official quests currently started are shown here (finished quests are
 grayed-out at bottom of list). Picking an active quest changes the "quest
 marker" displayed on the compass, as well as displaying the direct route to
 its area on the map. [If in DLC, it leads to the DLC area's entrance instead.]
 Hitting x-button will jump to the nearest quest marker's location.

 • MISC (2)

 This other 'misc' section displays stray files and articles obtained during
 missions; this includes audio logs & notes that hint at unmarked quests, too.
 Available challenges can be displayed by hitting x-button repeatedly.


 Any station picked up can be listened to. Most have little function outside
 entertainment, but some have small ties to DLC.


 (Level, HP, AP and XP are shown above all tabs in this section.)

 A character's status is displayed. The condition (CND) screen shows the shape
 one's limbs are in, allowing application Stimpaks and Doctor's Bags without
 having to find them in the inventory. Radiation (RAD) displays the current
 radiation level and poison-affected stats, if any. RadAway and Rad-X can also
 be used to remedy problems here. Effects (EFF) display effects bestowed by
 equipment, weapons, chems and other items; Hardcore mode H20, FOD and SLP
 stats also appear here. Afflictions, like addictions and poisons, are
 explained here, too, as well as changes like the Well Rested XP bonus.

 • S.P.E.C.I.A.L.

 Shows one's current attribute values, decided at the game's start. Any plus
 (+) or minus (-) displayed shows changes to the stat done by equipment, chems,
 afflictions, etc.


 All thirteen skill values are shown here. Like the previous section, any
 temporary changes are shown here via pluses (+) and minuses (-).


 These are permanent abilities a player has. Any normal perk is listed here,
 as well as traits (decided at game's beginning or in OWB) and DLC-added ones
 (like Coin Operator or DNAvenger). Once learned, these can't be removed.


 Displays current reputation levels with factions (only those encountered so
 far will be shown). Equipping disguises will change the loadout in this part.
 X-button toggles basic stats, like karma levels, people killed, times slept,
 weapon mods used, etc.

 Radiation (denoted 'RAD' or 'rads') is a harmful emission found quite often
 in the post-apocalyptic landscape. Typically, one will encounter rads via
 exploration -- toxic waste and its seepage, plus some types of ghouls, will
 give it off. Additionally, the aftermath of certain detonations (like the
 mini nuke), consumption of irradiated food/water, and enemy attacks (like the
 centaurs' spit) may give rads.

 Rads are measured on the Pip-Boy's geiger counter (see 'Status' tab) and an
 on-screen display appears whenever radiation is encountered. Every 200 rads,
 one's radiation sickness increases, giving stat penalties. [Reaching 1000
 rads results in death.]

 000 - 200: END -1
 201 - 400: END -2, AGL -1
 401 - 600: END -3, AGL -2, STR -1
 601 - 800: END -4, AGL -2, STR -2

 Radiation can be cleansed and mitigated with RadAway and Rad-X medicine,
 respectively. Some perks (Irradiated Beauty, Rad Absorption) also benefit
 rad removal, while others (Atomic!, Rad Child, etc.) give special effects as
 one's sickness worsens.

REPAIR        [REPR]
 Armor and weapons have a condition bar ("CND") -- their health, basically.
 Condition decreases as a weapon is used; for armor, incurring damage. [Not
 all weapons and armor decrease, even though they have CND. Examples would be
 the Rebreather and thrown weapons, like grenades.] Repairing is, thus, the
 act of upkeep on items with decayable CND. 

 To repair items, a player needs (1) an item with damaged CND (2) another item
 for the "breakdown" process, i.e. using it for parts. The latter item, once
 used, is destroyed to maintain the first item's CND. Unlike Fallout 3, which
 prevented repairs without requisite skill, New Vegas allows a player to get
 an item to max CND without high Repair -- the difference in efficiency will
 be noticeable, however.
 |      ______  |  The CND bar is bullet-shaped: the longest portion denotes
 | CND |____,_| |  the item's max condition (1-100%). As the CND lowers, so do
 |______________|  the item's DAM/DPS (for weapons), DT (for armor) and value.
                   Weapons in crappy condition (under 50%) can jam during the
 reload animation, wasting crucial time. Broken items either cannot be used in
 battle (weapons) or provide no DT (armor), although only the former will be
 automatically unusable. Broken armor still gives its effects, but cannot be
 reequipped while removed.

 The Repair skill helps a lot with fixing weapons, but it's not the singular
 factor -- the used items' CND applies, too. Example: the player wishes to
 repair a Chainsaw at half CND. Repairing it with a broken (0% CND) Chainsaw
 would replenish far less CND than if one used a fully-repaired one. Same thing
 applies to armor, of course.

 Finally, Jury-Rigging. Normally, items -- including unique variants -- can
 only be repaired by using proper analogs: .44 Magnums with other .44s,
 Laser Rifles with other Laser Rifles, etc. However, with Jury-Rigging, items
 only have to be "roughly similar" to be usable. This means, when repairing
 that .44, one can instead use a 10mm SMG, .357 Revolver, or even a unique
 revolver (like Lucky) if one wanted to be wasteful.

 The key to Jury Rigging's "roughly similar" approach is simple: use an item
 of the same type (1- or 2-handed melee, 1-handed Guns, 1-handed Energy
 Weapons, etc). The type of weapon used for repairs doesn't matter -- for
 instance, using a rolling pin to repair a katana makes no sense, but works
 as a game mechanic. For armor, one simply needs to find an item of the same
 weight (light/medium/heavy) and voila! This means repairing that expensive
 power armor just needs generic, crappy Metal Armor used by raider types.

 Note that not are helped by Jury Rigging, mostly because they're in a category
 to themself. A notable example is the Tesla Cannon, a shoulder-mounted energy
 weapon. The game gives the player several unique variants, but without junky
 stand-ins to use as repair fodder, a player is forced to find other avenues.
 For weapons like this, it's recommended to use Weapon Repair Kits -- they'll
 automatically restore CND to the currently equipped weapon. Those planning on
 using tesla cannons, shoulder-mounted machineguns, the Holorifle, etc. will
 definitely need 'em! [As a cost-saving measure, of course. Spending thousands
 at repairmen is still an option...a poor, unlikeable option.]

 Karma isn't as important in New Vegas, thanks to reputation's rise as one of
 the farthest-reaching mechanics. It can be described as a faction's outlook
 on the player's activities -- when one supports the faction, it rises; when
 one damages the faction, it decreases. [Fame and infamy represent positive
 and negative deeds, respectively.]

 Here's the standard representation. Neutral is the ranks cutting diagonally
 from NW to SE: Neutral, Mixed, Unpredicable, Wild Child. [Certain groups may
 treat Wild Child as 'bad' anyway.] Positive is any rank "above" that line;
 negative anything "below" it. Thus, Idolized is the highest positive and
 Vilified the lowest.

         |   Neutral    |    Accepted   |      Liked    |   Idolized   |
         |   Shunned    |     Mixed     |    Smiling    | Good-Natured |
         |              |               | Troublemaker  |    Rascal    |
         |    Hated     |    Sneering   | Unpredictable |  Dark Hero   |
         |   Vilified   | Merciful Thug | Soft-Hearted  | Wild Child   |
         |              |               |     Devil     |              |

 One's current reputation can be checked in the Pip-Boy's 'General' section.
 [Factions not yet encountered rep-wise do not appear initially.] With few
 exceptions, reputation, once changed, never returns to its original value --
 I'll use the NCR as an example. 

 The player's character begins at 'Neutral.' Now, let's say one starts overtly
 slaying NCR soldiers; this drops the player to 'Shunned,' a negative ranking.
 NCR-related people may be openly hostile to the player, and one will get a
 group of NCR rangers who ask the player to improve their reputation or be
 branded a terrorist. [They eventually send hit squads after the player if
 no progress is made.] Next, the player helps the NCR, improving their rank
 -- but it only moves to a more neutral 'Mixed,' not up to Accepted.

 This goes back to damaging one's reputation -- if one acts flagrantly against
 a group, it becomes that much harder to get in their good graces. Exceptions
 are made, though, with the Mojave's main groups (NCR, Legion) following the
 completion of "Ring-a-Ding-Ding!".

 So, what does reputation actually entail player-wise?

 Positive ranking (Accepted+) often unlocks discounts at related shops, and
 can gain NPCs' trust, which allows certain missions to be given. Safehouses
 owned by certain factions can be accessed with positive rep, and certain NPCs
 (like in Freeside) may give gifts as thank-yous. However, a main bonus is
 obvious: the faction simply won't attack the player on sight.

 Negative standing (Shunned and below) prevents players from getting certain
 quests or makes a faction shoot on sight, depending on the severity. Several
 companions (Arcade, Cass, Boone, Veronica) require certain rep levels with
 their related groups; failing to meet them prevents them from tagging along.
 Poor standing with the NCR and Legion will have them send assassins to kill
 the player -- this occurs every 3-4 days, as long as one's not in DLC or
 places they can't get to. [Wilderness areas are most common.]

 NOTE: Poor reputation with questline factions can severely limit how one's
       able to do their tasks, if at all. In some cases, as with the NCR or
       Legion, their questline can be permanently "broken," i.e. unobtainable.

 One may ask "how do I lose reputation?". Certain quests and dialogue options
 can lead to this, although there are more common ways, like:

 - Theft (taking an owned item as your own)
 - Trespassing (entering an off-limits area, often by picking the lock)
 - Assaulting (initiating hostilities against a neutral/friendly party)
 - Murdering (outright slaying a neutral/friendly party)

 (Owned items and passages to off-limits areas are marked in red.)

 Part of the rep loss is being caught in the act -- if one stealthily slays a
 person, or picks their pocket, there may be no infamy gained because no one's
 the wiser. [Killing certain characters gives rep loss regardless, however.]
 Likewise, if one's in good with a faction, sometimes holstering a weapon'll
 make the opponent forgive the player's transgression. This tactic is useless
 against faction members that hate the player already, though.

 Disguises -- or armor that gives a "you are now disguised as ____ faction" --
 allow one to circumvent reputation a bit. Using NCR as an example again, let's
 say one kills several NCR troopers, dropping one to "Vilified". Putting on an
 NCR uniform will disguise the player, giving neutral NCR reputation instead.
 This tactic can fool most footsoldiers, allowing one to slip through their
 ranks unnoticed, but major players (and hounds) can see through it, turning
 everyone hostile if they spot one.

 NOTE: Be careful equipping disguises, as some factions are mortal enemies
       and will be "fooled" into thinking you're their enemy. An example would
       be wearing a Legion outfit into the NCR's Camp McCarran -- they'll be
       gunning for a player, even if it's taken off. [Becoming "hidden" makes
       it wear off.]

 Equipping disguises masks one's real reputation (positive or negative) as
 stated, but it also applies to rep gains/losses earned while it's worn. For
 instance, let's say one has a positive Legion reputation and wants to kill
 everyone at Cottonwood Cove for giggles. Equipping an NCR disguise turns 'em
 all hostile, and any infamy gained is removed when the disguise is taken off.
 Note, however, that it doesn't work for the faction's own disguise (i.e.
 killing legionaries while wearing a Legion disguise).

 Here's a list of the factions available in the game. It's separated into
 two groups: major factions and towns. The latter is made up of tiny hamlets
 and minor factions typically found in one area -- they have no disguises,
 making it harder to repair their reputation once they're slighted.

 GROUP: NCR, Legion, Brotherhood of Steel, Great Khans, Powder Gangers
 TOWNS: Goodsprings, Novac, Freeside, The Strip, Boomers, Followers

 Gang groups (Fiends, Jackals, Scorpions, Vipers) are not considered factions
 and don't have their reputation tracked...which is fine, since 99.9% of the
 time, they'll be hostile to the player.

 "Safe storage" is a term used to denote containers whose contents don't
 respawn, and thus are safe to use as long-term storage. General places with
 safe storage are safehouses provided by factions (NCR, Legion, Followers,
 Brotherhood of Steel) and casino suites (The Tops, Ultra-Luxe, Lucky 38).
 Smaller rooms can also be obtained at Freeside's Atomic Wrangler and Novac,
 by completing "Debt Collector" and for 100g, respectively.

 One of the main things to look for in safe storage is the ease of access.
 For instance, Ultra-Luxe's Bon Vivant suite may sound awesome, but it's still
 several screens away from a fast travel point -- not exactly convenient, even
 if it's "free". On the other hand, something like Novac is a great bet: right
 near the fast-travel location, one screen away, easy to obtain, no enemies'll
 spawn nearby. Many abandoned buildings can be used as well (my personal
 favorite is Wolfhorn Ranch). Some people use containers in Goodsprings, like
 Victor's Shack, to name another.

 A secondary principle is finding several "safe" containers in one area. Why
 not just load everything into one? As any well-travelled vet will note, with
 all the content one can horde, it eventually becomes a hassle trudging through
 hundreds of items for a select few. A wise player will categorize items,
 putting groups (food, armor, weapons, miscellanea) into separate containers
 to find easier. This idea is good in Hardcore mode, too, since weightless
 items like Stimpaks and ammo -- items one typically can go without storing
 the entire game -- are now cumbersome in large quantities.

 So how does one test if a container is "unsafe"? Take its contents, replace
 it with an item one'll remember (DLC-specific ammo is usually fine) then
 move to another cell. Items typically respawn after 72 hours (3 days), so
 after waiting that amount, return to the container and check. If the planted
 item has "despawned" -- been deleted -- then the container is not safe. If
 it remains, then it probably is. If one's still not sure, repeat the process
 and keep a backup save. Luckily, most containers ARE safe, so it's not as
 fatiguing as it'd seem.

 Note that items left sitting out, such as food, may be stolen by companions
 or random NPCs, especially if the "safe" container is nearby. Although not a
 major problem, places away from urban centers might be more preferable for
 some players.

S.P.E.C.I.A.L.     [SPCL]
 This acronym represents several major stats chosen at the game's beginning.
 Why are they "major" stats? Because they govern other skills -- increasing
 them will increase normal skills, permanently or temporarily (depending on
 the boost).

 This section will list the bonuses from each stat, plus related stats with
 the applicable value noted (for full requirements, see Perks section). The
 [<] symbol means the value required must be less than 10.

   - Carrying Capacity: +10/per
   - Melee Weapons ---: +02/per
   - Melee DMG Bonus -: +.5/per

   This stat mainly governs a character's physical nature -- increasing it
   allows more weight to be carried, plus gives extra proficiency in melee
   situations. Related perks increase throwing distance (Heave, Ho!), empower
   melee attacks (Super Slam, Unstoppable Force) and mitigate carrying capacity
   issues (Strong Back, Heavyweight).

   [5] Heave, Ho!
   [6] Stonewall
   [6] Strong Back
   [6] Super Slam
   [6] Burden to Bear (Lonesome Road)
   [7] Heavyweight
   [7] Unstoppable Force
   [<] Weapons Handling

   - Energy Weapons/Explosives/Lockpick: +2/per

   As its name suggests, this skill applies to detection. The higher the skill
   is, the easier targets appear on the compass -- basically, see the enemy
   before he sees oneself. Each rank also gives a bonus to skills requiring a
   bit o' technical finesse.

   Most related perks are supplementary. A few increase V.A.T.S. accuracy
   (Sniper, Hobbler) while others grant passive bonuses (Friend of the Night,
   Alertness). Infiltrator, a perk that allows one to repick broken locks, is
   a throwaway selection, though.

   [6] Alertness (Lonesome Road)
   [6] Better Criticals
   [6] Friend of the Night
   [6] Light Step
   [6] Sniper
   [7] Hobbler (Dead Money)
   [7] Infiltrator

   - Base Health -----: 100 + (20 per rank)
   - Survival/Unarmed : +02/per
   - Poison Resistance: +02%/per
   - Rad Resistance --: +02%/per

   This stat represents one's fortitude, the ability to traverse dangerous
   terrain and come out no worse for the wear. Each rank gives +20 HP to the
   base (100), plus additional rad/poison resistances. Poison resistance isn't
   displayed anywhere, but the other is -- see the Pip-Boy's "Status" tab.

   One of the most-used prerequisites, Endurance has several great perks. Some
   increase carrying capacity (Strong Back, Burden to Bear), add extra health
   (Life Giver), benefits to radiation sickness (Atomic!) and its removal
   (Rad Absorption, Irradiated Beauty) and DT bonuses (Toughness).

   [5] Lead Belly
   [5] Rad Resistance
   [5] Strong Back
   [5] Toughness
   [6] Atomic! (Old World Blues)
   [6] Burden to Bear (Lonesome Road)
   [6] Life Giver
   [6] Long Haul
   [6] Old World Gourmet
   [6] Stonewall
   [7] Rad Absorption
   [7] Solar Powered
   [8] Implant GRX (Old World Blues)
   [8] Irradiated Beauty (Lonesome Road)

   - Barter/Speech: +02/per
   - Nerve -------: +05%/per

   Players proficient in Charisma have a higher Barter/Speech stat, plus get
   bonuses to "Nerve," a stat that gives a percentage-based boost to allies'
   damage and armor. Nerve may not be too useful on Normal Mode, but it
   certainly can be in Hardcore, where it's possible for companions to truly

   Only two perks use CHA as a base. Animal Friend has two ranks: one makes
   animals docile around the player; two has them come to one's aid during a
   fight. Ferocious Loyalty increases companions' damage resistance when one's
   own HP drops low. Naturally, this meshes with their Nerve bonuses, so it's
   awesome in Hardcore.

   [6] Animal Friend
   [6] Ferocious Loyalty

   - Medicine, Repair, Science: +02/per
   - Skill Points ------------: +.5/per

   Intelligence governs smarty-pants skills (Repair, Science, Medicine), and
   gives extra skill points usable on level-ups. Only whole skillpoints are
   usable in this manner, but the remainder isn't rounded off -- it gets added
   to the next level-up instead. Having a low INT can also affect certain NPC
   conversations, providing humorous banter or surprisingly nice results (like
   guessing the password at REPCONN Headquarters, which would require high LCK

   Standout perks include Comprehension (boosted effect from magazines and
   skillbooks), Pack Rat (reduces weight of items 2lbs or less), Swift Learner
   and Lessons Learned (XP bonus). Computer Whiz is pretty useless though --
   that's what reloading saves is for!

   [4] Comprehension
   [4] Educated
   [4] Entomologist
   [4] Swift Learner
   [5] Nerd Rage!
   [5] Pack Rat
   [5] Retention
   [6] Lessons Learned (Lonesome Road)
   [7] Computer Whiz
   [7] Voracious Reader (Lonesome Road)

   - Action Points: 65 + (3 per rank)
   - Guns/Sneak --: +2/per

   This skill determines one's dexterity, basically. The higher it is, the
   more AP is usable in battle, and there's a nice bonus to Guns and Sneak,
   skills often requiring a lot of running around.

   Notable perks boost AP (Action Boy/Action Girl), reload speed (Rapid Reload)
   and crouch-walking speed (Tunnel Runner). Sniper and Slayer are great for
   gun and melee builds, too.

   [5] Rapid Reload
   [6] Action Boy/Action Girl
   [6] Light Step
   [6] Light Touch
   [6] Silent Running
   [6] Sniper
   [7] Nerves of Steel
   [7] Slayer
   [8] Tunnel Runner (Lonesome Road)

   - All skills : +1/per 2 ranks
   - Crit Chance: +1%/per
   - Gambling wins come easier

   Luck isn't a necessary stat, but does affect many things, most notably its
   influence in gambling. As someone who "broke the bank" at casinos with a
   pitiful LCK 2, it was not pretty...but try with ridiculously high LCK and
   you'll be rolling in chips lightning quick. [Blackjack works best; stuff
   like roulette doesn't give as high a return as fast.]

   Related perks play on the serendipitous nature of the stat, allowing one to
   find more caps (Fortune Finder), ammunition (Scrounger) or just receive
   extra help in V.A.T.S. (Mysterious Stranger, Miss Fortune). Junk Rounds is
   the least worthwhile of the bunch, but isn't completely useless.

   [5] Fortune Finder
   [5] Scrounger
   [6] Better Criticals
   [6] Miss Fortune
   [6] Mysterious Stranger
   [6] Junk Rounds

TERMS         [TRMS]
 Occasionally for gigantic games, I like to assemble a miscellaneous terms
 section, just to shed some light on terms the walkthrough or game mentions
 often. I'll keep it germane, though.

 • ABOMINATION: One of the game's creature classifications, this category's
   reserved for creepy things that shouldn't exist in nature. Common types
   are deathclaws, nightstalkers, and centaurs. Ghost people and tunnelers --
   from Dead Money and Lonesome Road, respectively -- count as well. [Super
   mutants and nightkin are not considered abominations, however. Same goes
   for feral ghoul types, despite what the description states.] Creepers in
   this category count towards certain perks (Abominable, Purifier) and
   challenges (Abominable again, GRA's "You Don't Belong in This World!").

 • ANIMAL: This category is set aside from "mutated animal," designating a
   normal, mutation-free creature. The easiest way to tell the distinction is
   to kill an animal with the Fat Man: if the death counts towards the GRA
   "Overkill" achievement, then it (dog, coyote, etc.) applies. The difference
   isn't always that useful outside that, though, given that many perks (like
   Animal Friend) and challenges (Animal Control) count for both. Abominations,
   humanoids (including super mutants) and insects (including scorpion types)
   don't count.

 • CELL: This is the general term for a particular area on the map, how the
   game treats locations, basically. For instance, Wolfhorn Ranch's farmhouse
   is in a cell, and its immediate outdoor area is also a cell. Info like
   this also comes into play when waiting for respawning items or despawning
   corpses. Applicable items/bodies usually require 48-72 hours before the
   game "despawns" (deletes them), but one needs to have this period outside
   the cell the item/body is found in. Basically, killing someone and waiting
   on the spot for 72 hours won't cut it.

   Note that only items in containers respawn, and some NPCs are unique, so
   they won't respawn either. Examples are major (named) characters, those
   who provide special functions (like casino cashiers), etc. People with
   generic names (like "Mercenary" or "Prospector") will probably reappear.

 • CONDITION: This usually refers to the "health" of equipment. Weapons will
   degrade naturally from use, and this can be expedited by firing rough or
   shoddy ammunition types (Surplus, Junk, Plinking, etc.) Equipment decays
   simply by incurring damage, although some types (like shades) won't lose
   condition this way. Weapons in poor condition will jam frequently, causing
   a source of anxiety in hostile situations. If an item's condition reaches
   zero, it's considered "broken" and cannot be reequipped/used until it's
   been repaired.

 • COURIER: In line with the Fallout tradition, the main character doesn't
   have a real name, so a nickname or generic title is given. Here, the player
   worked in the delivery business, so s/he is often referred to as "Courier,"
   both in New Vegas and this guide.

 • DLC: a.k.a. Downloadable Content, expansions or add-ons that augment the
   vanilla (original) content. For 360 players, these will come from the Xbox
   Marketplace, requiring an internet connection and 400-800 MSP, depending on
   the season. [Of course, all DLC comes on the Ultimate Edition's 2nd disc.]
   There's four main add-ons (in release order): Dead Money, Honest Hearts,
   Old World Blues, Lonesome Road.

 • FAME/INFAMY: This is the general term for raising and lowering reputation,
   respectively. Reputation has various effects; see that particular section
   for more info.

 • HIGHWAY 95: A major highway in the Mojave, running north-south from the
   Camp Searchlight area (far SE) to the Brooks Tumbleweed Ranch area (far
   NW). It's easy to visually trace its route on the map. The walkthrough
   often refers to it as a eastern landmark, since most notable stops (188
   Trading Post, HELIOS One, Novac) are a hairbreadth away. Camp Golf, Hoover
   Dam and Cottonwood Cove are also in spitting distance, down tiny eastern

 • HOLDOUT WEAPON: These are small guns, melee/unarmed and explosive weapons
   that can be smuggled through confiscation checkpoints, such as those at
   Strip casinos and Caesar's Fort. A few can be brought in initially; if one
   has Sneak 50+, certain others can apply, too. [Those who can't sneak items
   through can simply kill the door greeter who takes items, preventing future
   ordeals. Those with high Lockpick can also break into the cash room where
   confiscated items are kept, reobtaining 'em that way.]

 • HOTKEY: Allows a player to quickly switch to an item "saved" to a spot on
   the d-pad (except 'up' which is reserved for ammo switching). Hotkeying is
   in general, but especially so during battles. Maximum hotkeys is 7.

 • KARMA: The game keeps track of one's good/bad deeds in the form of karma,
   although it has a drastically diminished effect from FO3. Perhaps most
   notably, it affects Cass' companionship, and she may leave one's side if
   playing an evil character. Otherwise, it's not that important. Those who
   want to raise karma can do simply kill Fiends and feral ghouls; for lower
   karma, stealing, murdering and the old favorite "access a hacked computer
   repeatedly" trick apply.

 • LIMITED EDITION: This special release gave extra goodies to complement the
   original game. They are (1) a deck of New Vegas-themed playing cards (2) a
   "making of" DVD (3) a Platinum Chip replica (4) 7 poker chips displaying
   Mojave casino insignia.

 • LONG 15: This is the north-south interstate near Goodsprings. It extends
   from the SW corner (Mojave Outpost) toward the Vegas area, although since
   its overpasses broke, that's effectively the end of its route. "The Long 15"
   is also an area added in the Lonesome Road DLC, by committing a heinous act
   against the NCR. [See for more details.]

 • MUTATED ANIMAL: This classification deals with animals that have noticeably
   "evolved" from their mild-mannered counterparts. This includes most of
   the common foes: brahmin, bighorners, geckos, mole rats, lakelurks, Honest
   Hearts' yao guai, etc. Humanoid enemies (like super mutants), abominations
   (deathclaws, for instance) do not apply. Normal animals, like coyotes, do
   not apply either, but may share some of the same perks/challenges anyway,
   as the distinction is small.

 • POISON: This is a craftable 'aid' item that can be applied to certain
   weapons (generally melee/unarmed). As its name suggests, this is meant to
   inflict additional hurt -- this often comes in the form of gradual HP loss,
   but can also cripple certain skills/base stats. Tremble is a good example
   of a powerful poison. Some enemies, like scorpion types and cazadors, can
   poison the character to much the same effect. [One's own affliction can be
   viewed in the Pip-Boy Status tab.] Antivenom and Snakebite Tourniquets are
   used to alleviate the damage.

 • SPREAD: This stat contributes to the accuracy of guns and similar ranged
   weapons. The baseline (x1.00) is decreased as one's related skill (Guns,
   Explosives, etc.) rises; crouching and certain ammo types, like slugs, will
   have similar effects. Crippled arms and poor related skill negatively
   impact spread. The chem Steady reduces weapons spread, ensuring perfect
   aiming -- unsurprisingly, it's very addicting (literally and figuratively).

V.A.T.S.      [VTSS]
 A.K.A. the Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System, is a battle aid activated
 by pressing R1 (default) when an applicable target is in view. This pauses
 the game, bringing up a menu with several parts:

 • PINPOINT SHOOTING: A typical enemy will have 6 small healthbars, letting a
   player aim for a specific area. These areas are the head, torso, both legs
   and both arms. The displayed healthbar decreases on successful hit(s), and
   the accuracy listed below it denotes the player's chance of hitting it with
   the equipped weapon. Having a high proficiency with one's weapon (having a
   high base skill) and being close to the target are two ways to raise that
   accuracy. Note that explosives and melee weapons allow V.A.T.S. but not
   pinpoint shots -- they just have one big target to hit.

   Weapons can also be targeted in V.A.T.S., allowing one to disarm the target
   (if held) through damage, or disable projectiles (if thrown) -- the latter
   is a nasty surprise for grenade-using enemies, if one can pull the trick
   shots off.

   When a healthbar decreases, it's possible to "cripple" that target, which
   gives a lingering negative effect. [The same can happen to the player's
   own body parts, too, for reference.] Crippling almost always precedes a
   short "stun" period. Repeated crippling can earn the "Tough Guy" perk,
   reducing damage to one's limbs. The negative effects are:

   Head -- PER -4 (on oneself, the screen brightens/darkens with concussion)
   Torso - Increased chance of flinching
   Arms -- Reduces accuracy; enemy may disarm if wielding a 2-handed weapon
   Legs -- Reduces movement speed; quick foes (cazadors, etc.) can lose attacks

   Crippling can be solved (in Normal mode) by sleeping in a bed, using a
   Doctor's bag, or having a medical practitioner (or auto-doc) do the deed.
   In Hardcore, only doctors and their bags apply.

 • AP GAUGE: This gauge in the lower right lists the player's Action Points,
   a "currency" that determines the number of attacks usable in V.A.T.S. Each
   weapon has a particular (hidden) AP cost. For instance, if one has 100 AP
   and wants to use a Brush Gun, only 3 shots can be used per V.A.T.S. strike.
   If one doesn't have 3 rounds in the magazine, reloading will occur during
   the V.A.T.S. strike -- this has no AP cost but can waste precious time.

   The number of Action Points one has in the gauge decreases incrementally
   upon selecting the attack. Weapons cannot be changed during V.A.T.S., but
   most melee weapons will have a special attack (used with Y-button) enabled
   at Melee Weapons 50 or 75+. These can inflict more/less damage, have a
   lower AP cost, do knockback, etc. Different melee weapons have different
   special attacks; some (like Nuka-Breaker) have completely unique ones.

   AP itself can be increased by boosting Agility (+3 for each AGL point), or
   through certain chems (Jet, Dixon's Jet, Ultrajet). Of course, this also
   means that AGL-lowering effects will reduce AP, too. Many perks (Kamikaze,
   Action Boy/Action Girl) can permanently increase AP amounts, while others
   like Plasma Spaz reduce costs by a percent. The menu's Stats tab shows the
   current AP value -- note that it will "break" the screen a bit once one
   hits 122.

 • ENEMY HEALTH GAUGE: This displays the foe's current health in a generic
   bar (no numbers). When one selects a body part to shoot at, the healthbar
   will decrease slightly, a blinking part representing the estimated health
   lost on a successful hit(s). This isn't set in stone -- shots can miss and
   do nothing, or criticals can occur, doing extra damage.

___________________________________________________/ III. WALKTHROUGH [WLKT] |_
MAIN QUEST                                                               [MNQS]
 This FAQ is written for default settings (Normal difficulty, Normal mode).

 Client -: Doc Mitchell [Goodsprings]
 Prereq -: n/a
 Precedes: Back in the Saddle
 Optional: no
 Missable: no
 Reward -: Vault 21 Jumpsuit, Pip-Boy, 18 caps, 6 Bobby Pins

 Quite a humdinger, that opening scene -- following a dance with the grim
 reaper, one wakes up in a tiny village's clinic. Doc Mitchell has seen to the
 patching up, but there's still a few things to do first. Basically, this is an
 introductory "mission".

 NOTE: If one downloaded the Courier's Stash add-on, those items are obtained
 right off the bat. See the DLC section for details.

 1) Create character
 After picking a name, one can design the character (male/female), hairstyles,
 facial features, and so on. Don't worry too much over messing up, as there'll
 be a secondary prompt to redesign before one enters the wilderness.

 2) Pick S.P.E.C.I.A.L. attributes
 Mitchell suggests using the vigor testin' machine against the far wall, just
 to see if one's faculties are back. See the [SPCL] section for a fuller
 explanation of these attributes.

 S - Strength
 P - Perception
 E - Endurance
 C - Charisma
 I - Intelligence
 A - Agility
 L - Luck

 There's 5 points put into the categories by default with 5 left over, making
 a total of 40 points to allocate (one can lower the presets if required). The
 selections one makes here affects the perks one learns, plus speech options.
 There's a ton of different builds a player can do, so there's no wrong way to
 do anything. However, since there's only a few ways to permanently increase
 the stats once locked in (Small Frame trait, Intense Training perks, implants,
 Lonesome Road DLC completion bonus), it's not a bad idea to plan ahead. A
 good suggestion, though, is not to max out any stats off the bat: that's what
 implants are for!

 3) Word Association/Rorschach Test
 Finally, Doc'll want to make sure the player's noggin is working fine, and
 commences some tests. The answers actually affect the character's base stats,
 although one can't see the results until all 13 are finished.

 Part 1 is the word association.
  ___ _____________ ________________    ___ ______________ ________________
 | Q | Association | Related Stat   |  | Q | Association  | Related Stat   |
 |¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|  |¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
 | 1 | Cat         | Sneak          |  | 4 | Bribe        | Barter         |
 |   | Feed        | Medicine       |  |   | Crush        | Unarmed        |
 |   | Newspaper   | Melee          |  |   | Stab         | Melee          |
 |   | Train       | Speech         |  |   | Swiss Cheese | Guns           |
 |   | Kick        | Unarmed        |  |   | Vaporize     | Energy Weapons |
 |   | Dinner      | Survival       |  |   | Reasonable   | Speech         |
 |---+-------------+----------------|  |---+--------------+----------------|
 | 2 | Shelter     | Survival       |  | 5 | Dark         | Sneak          |
 |   | Burglarize  | Lockpick       |  |   | Heavy        | Unarmed        |
 |   | Renovate    | Repair         |  |   | Beam         | Energy Weapons |
 |   | Target      | Guns/E.Weapons |  |   | Flash        | Explosives     |
 |   | Investment  | Barter         |  |   | Inspiration  | Science        |
 |   | Demolish    | Explosives     |  |   | Torch        | Repair         |
 |---+-------------+----------------|  |---+--------------+----------------|
 | 3 | Campfire    | Survival       |  | 6 | Caretaker    | Medicine       |
 |   | Dream       | Science        |  |   | Genes        | Science        |
 |   | Shroud      | Sneak          |  |   | Cookie Jar   | Lockpick       |
 |   | Sleep       | Medicine       |  |   | Tantrum      | Barter         |
 |   | Treasure    | Lockpick       |  |   | Tattle       | Speech         |
 |   | Silencer    | Guns           |  |   | Regret       | Repair         |
 |___|_____________|________________|  |   | Human Shield | Guns/EWps/Expl |

 Part 2 is the mental profile -- this too affects the stat build. The player
 will be asked a question, to which one replies no opinion, dis/agree or
 strongly dis/agree. Neutrality earns no stat points; strongly dis/agreeing
 earns 2 points, whereas normally agreeing earns one. [Thanks to the wiki for
 this info.]

 1) Conflict just ain't in my nature.
    [A] Barter, Speech, Sneak
    [D] Guns, Energy Weapons, Explosives

 2) I ain't given to relying on others for support.
    [A] Medicine, Repair, Survival
    [D] Barter, Speech, Science

 3) I'm always fixin' to be the center of attention.
    [A] Speech, Explosives
    [D] Guns, Melee, Sneak

 4) I'm slow to embrace new ideas.
    [A] Melee, Unarmed, Survival
    [D] Energy Weapons, Science

 5) I charge in to deal with my problems head-on.
    [A] Melee, Unarmed
    [D] Guns, Energy Weapons, Explosives

 Part three is the ink blot (rorschach) test, and final test.

              | 1 | Broken chain           | Repair         |
              |   | Chemical reaction      | Science        |
              |   | Shadow in doorframe    | Sneak          |
              |   | Oozing wound           | Medicine       |
              |   | Angry 2-headed ant     | Survival       |
              | 2 | Priceless work of art  | Barter         |
              |   | Space-age technology   | Energy Weapons |
              |   | Ship at sea            | Survival       |
              |   | Too embarrassed to say | Speech         |
              | 3 | Light in the darkness  | Science        |
              |   | Bearded man            | Survival       |
              |   | Mushroom cloud         | Explosives     |
              |   | Head on a pillow       | Sneak          |

 Doc will show the complete stat spread from his questions at this point. One
 can't change anything but the "Tag!" skills -- the ones with little squares
 next to 'em. One can move them around to one's choosing, giving +15 to the
 chosen stat.

 The last step is choosing a trait (permanent-ish perk), similar to one's
 inborn tendencies. Like the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats, there's no wrong decision
 here, although many pick Skilled or Good Natured. Those trying to max out
 the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats may pick Small Frame for its +1 AGL, and for general
 fun, the Wild Wasteland perk enables special, gonzo events. Picking no trait
 is fine, too. [See the Traits section for full details.]

 The doc will walk the player to the door, and give the player back his/her
 possessions, plus a bonus if one tagged a certain skill. Note that not all
 bonuses can be obtained at once -- for instance, tagging both Explosives and
 Guns will only give the latter's bonus.
  ________________ __________________________________________________________
 | TAGGED SKILL   | BONUS REWARD                                             |
 | Energy Weapons | Laser Pistol                                             |
 | Explosives     | Dynamite (x8)                                            |
 | Guns           | 9mm Pistol, 9mm Rounds (x45-48)                          |
 | Lockpick       | 12 Bobby Pins instead of the usual 6                     |
 | Melee          | Straight Razor                                           |
 | Unarmed        | Boxing Gloves                                            |

 At conversation's end, one can choose to put the game on Hardcore difficulty.
 There's a special achievement for playing the game start to finish on that
 mode, although as the game suggests, it's not recommended (especially for
 novice players). The quest ends when one decides.

 Doc suggested visiting Sunny Smiles over at the saloon, although this is
 entirely optional. Also optional is finding the goodies in Doc's house, none
 of which are marked as owned. [Clinic has some Med-X, a Doctor's Bag, Rad-X,
 an Antivenom and Stimpaks on the shelf; a laser pistol and ammo can be found
 on that same shelf. Near the patient bed is a broken 9mm SMG, which can be
 fixed and taken with Repair 25+. The south hallway also contains some meds
 and ammo.] Also, passing a [Speech 30] check with Doc'll earn three extra
 Stimpaks -- this can only be done before exiting the house, note.

 Once outside, the installed DLC notifications will come up, adding the quests
 that start them, and increasing the level cap by 5 each. Gun Runners' Arsenal
 is loaded, too. Not all DLC alerts will load at the same time, probably, so
 wait a minute first. [Lonesome Road's Canyon Reckage, Old World Blues' Mojave
 Drive-In, Honest Hearts' Northern Passage, and Dead Money's Abandoned BoS
 Bunker are marked on the map at this time.]

 The two optional missions to follow are helpful in several ways, and probably
 worth doing for new players. Those who want to skip straight to the main
 questline can check [WK04].

 Client -: Doc Mitchell [Goodsprings]
 Prereq -: Ain't That a Kick in the Head
 Precedes: By a Campfire on the Trail
 Optional: Yes
 Missable: Yes [Sunny Smiles slain]
 Reward -: 50 XP, 50 caps

 Sunny and her dog Cheyenne can be found at the town saloon, and if one asks
 about wasteland survival, she'll offer her assistance. [She'll mark Primm and
 Sloan when one presses for information; and, inquiring about cap troubles
 gives a tip about the schoolhouse's safe. A Locksmith's Reader and 3 Bobby
 Pins are received at this time.]

 Follow the huntress behind the saloon to find a small shooting gallery. She'll
 give a free Varmint Rifle and 30 5.56mm Rounds, asking the player to shoot the
 fence bottles. Since there's no VATS targeting for inanimate objects, use the
 peep sights. [True iron sights are on by default and can be turned off in the
 config menu.] One can also shoot at close range, but that defeats the purpose
 of Sunny's teachings!

 When she's convinced of the player's prowess, she invites the player on her
 little gecko-hunting trip -- agreeing has everyone set forth. [Declining
 prevents one from getting another crack at the mission, which locks one out
 of the subsequent tutorial quest, too.]

 A ways south of the town is the Goodsprings Source, i.e. the water supply.
 Supposing one hasn't ran ahead and spooked the prey, Sunny will suggest
 stealthily approaching (crouch-walking) to perhaps get a better shot. One can
 use VATS to take these buggers out, or do it normally...they've got such tiny
 constitutions, it matters little. Note that one gets free critical hits by
 attacking an enemy if crouching while undetected ('hidden' is displayed).

 Return to Sunny. She'll have two more wells to clear out, and offers to pay
 for the help. [The declining option above appears again.] Agreeing earns 60
 5.56mm rounds for the job. In the final encounter, one will find a citizen
 fighting off some reptilian attackers. Saving her is optional, but being a
 good Samaritan can earn 3 Purified Waters from her, plus Goodsprings fame.

 Return to Sunny for the reward (50 caps), finishing the quest. Taking her up
 on the survivalism offer starts the next mission, although, as before, one
 can just decline to cut everything short.

 Client -: Sunny Smiles [Goodsprings Source]
 Prereq -: Back in the Saddle
 Precedes: n/a
 Optional: Yes
 Missable: Yes [Sunny Smiles slain]
 Reward -: 50 XP

 Sunny offers to teach one about living off the land, making useful things for
 oneself -- an affirmative answer will start this mission. She requires two
 ingredients for her concoction, and after telling what they are, sends the
 player off while she waits at the southernmost well. [These are found all
 over the wasteland, but for simplicity's sake, the walkthrough will use her

 1) Xander Root: Near the town schoolhouse, a red-brick building with an old
    chain-link fence around it. And mantises...can't forget those. They look
    like pale turnips and have a green taproot -- try looking near the stump.

 2) Broc Flower: Up near the cemetery, easily spotted since the iconic water
    tower can be seen for miles. Appears as a elongate, green weed with fern-
    -like offshoots -- there's one near the Courier's empty gave, for one.

 Return to the Goodsprings Source and Sunny will show how to craft items at
 the campfire. The recipes here range from worthless to amazing, and typically
 depend on one's Survival skill, so raise that if y'plan on using the mixtures
 here. [If one has already made Healing Powder at a campfire before taking
 this quest, Sunny may skip straight to the next paragraph.]

 Sunny, her part done, suggests talking to Trudy, the saloon's bartender. She
 will be having an altercation with a Powder Ganger named Joe Cobb, who'll
 leave after one approaches. [He won't be immediately hostile if one's PG rep
 is terrible.] Talking to her ends this quest, and inquiring about her
 predicament leads toward the "Ghost Town Gunfight" sidequest.

 Client -: n/a
 Prereq -: Ain't That a Kick in the Head
 Precedes: Ring-a-Ding-Ding!
 Optional: no
 Missable: no
 Reward -: 1000 XP

 This quest to track down the player's would-be assassin is the foremost main
 mission after obtaining Doc's Pip-Boy. The walkthrough will follow the trail
 as the quest describes it, although jumping straight to the destination will
 cut out all the time wasted being a gumshoe.

 The main goal is visiting Primm's Mojave Express chapter, but one has the
 optional assignment of speaking with Victor, Goodsprings' friendly robot.
 The quest marker pinpoints his location, usually at the hilltop cemetery or
 around his shack in town. He'll clarify what happened that night, but doesn't
 have any specifics...darn.

 • When leaving Goodsprings' area for the first time, there'll be a system
   prompt for one last chance at customizing the character and their traits.
   There's actually a trick one can do here, if "Skilled" was chosen as a
   trait before. When the prompt comes up, choose to rebuild the traits, go
   through the processes (the previous choices are kept), and pick "Skilled"
   again. The bonuses from previous incarnations of "Skilled" are kept, but
   the -10% EXP penalty doesn't stack! One can repeat this process as long as
   one wants, boosting base stats as high as one wishes.

 So, off to Primm! Following the highway south of Goodsprings leads right to
 town -- it's got a huge rollercoaster that's hard to miss. Luckily, the walk
 there will probably be uneventful. Once there, locate Johnson Nash, either at
 the Mojave Outpost building or the casino across the street. Speak to him
 about the lost package and how one could reclaim it to learn about Deputy
 Beagle, a note-taker who got captured by Primm's convicts. [This begins the
 "My Kind of Town" mission.] The convicts are holed up at the Bison Steve
 Motel across the way.

 Now, one doesn't have to complete that new quest or anything -- simply enter
 the main (ground-floor) doors, then the elevator lobby. There'll be a few
 guys around, but they're manageable. Beagle is in the kitchen, and one can
 sneak in by picking the Very Easy maintenance door; the alternative is going
 through the enemy-laden dining room.

 With Beagle located, ask about the suit-wearing fella with the Great Khans --
 he won't say unless he's freed from his restraints, or a [Speech 40] check is
 passed. [It's easiest to have him escape for this quest's purposes.] Stealing
 his journal to uncover the group's destination works, too. After exiting Bison
 Steve, Beagle finally admits his reconnaisance paid off, and the traveling
 party was headed toward Nipton and Novac. Both are marked on the map, too.

 • If both Johnson Nash and Deputy Beagle died, then the only way to learn
   where the culprits went is by taking Beagle's journal. ["My Kind of Town"
   will have already failed if Nash died, too.]

 Each is a highway town, so one can simply follow Primm's south road to reach
 Nipton, the closest area. There's nothing to do here quest-wise, though; it's
 only a pitstop before the quest marker goes to Novac. [Basically, if one
 wanted to skip coming here in favor of Novac, that'd be fine.]

 That crossroads town is a dead end until one questions its citizens. Asking
 Cliff Briscoe (Dino-Bite gift shop), Jeannie May Crawford (hotel) and No-Bark
 Noonan (his shack) all direct the player to Manny Vargas, the daytime sniper
 in the dinosaur's mouth. At night, he can be found in his motel room. 

 Vargas will suggest a trade: his information on Benny, the checkered coat
 guy, in exchange for clearing the ghouls out of the nearby factory. Without
 that place's salvage to fuel the town economy, things're going to hell in a
 handbasket. Agreeing starts the "Come Fly with Me" quest which, when finished
 correctly, fulfills one's part of the bargain. [Other shortcuts: the PC in
 Manny's room reveals the group's destination, and the Confirmed Bachelor perk
 will charm the info out of the sniper.]

 In any case, Benny headed for Boulder City, putting the player back on the
 northerly course. It's possible to cut across a bit, but the hills may be
 infested with cazadors, so low-level players may want to avoid 'em. Anyway,
 Boulder City, like Nipton, is a shell of its former self, and there's little
 to see since it got razed. Part of the city is walled-in by rubble, and can
 be accessed on the east end. A ranger will stop the player from entering and
 the dialogue here starts the "Boulder City Showdown" sidequest. [See that for
 more details.]

 During the course of that quest, one learns that Benny took the Platinum Chip
 back to Vegas -- this tidbit finishes the quest. [One can also get Benny's
 Cigarette Lighter in the course of that sidequest, although whether it's
 mandatory or optional depends on the amount of bloodshed.] Resolving the
 Khans' problem in "Boulder City Showdown" has no further bearing on the
 quest, although settling things amicably has the Khans return to Red Rock

 Client -: n/a
 Prereq -: They Went That-a-Way -or- visiting the Strip prior to quest
 Precedes: Render Unto Caesar
 Optional: no
 Missable: no
 Reward -: 1000 XP

 Completing "They Went That-a-Way" automatically adds this quest, directing
 the player to seek out Benny on the Vegas Strip. Returning to the 188 Trading
 Post (along highway north of Boulder City), and following the road north, is
 a safe, surefire way to reach Freeside, the next stop in the chain.

 Freeside is a slum town run by the Kings gang, and serves as the Strip's
 doorstep, the entrance to which is guarded by securitrons in the southern
 sector. Approaching the checkpoint typically gives a warning from Old Ben (an
 NPC), mentioning that trying to bust through will lead to a painful end.

 • Flash a passport
 • Carry 2000+ caps on one's person
 • [Science 80] reprogram bot to let one through

 A 'hidden' fourth option is to kill the gatekeeper, steal his key and enter
 that way. Approaching the gate while the other securitrons are alive turns
 them hostile, though, and if one's witnessed killing the securitrons, the
 ones inside the Strip will turn aggressive, too. Not an enterprising result
 for clumsy non-stealth characters, but silent slayin' is just fine for ninja
 masters (Strip securitrons will be docile).

 Regarding the passport option: Ralph of "Mick & Ralph's" pawn shop (near
 east entrance) provides a counterfeiting service for 500 caps, or 375 by
 passing a [Barter 50] check. Passing a [Speech 50] option is required to
 make him spill about his side business. Alternately, redeeming the King's
 favor from "G.I. Blues" can make Ralph give the passport free.

 Armed with this knowledge, a player should be Strip-capable! There'll be a
 mandatory conversation with Victor (unless the robots are hostile) which
 automatically begins "The House Always Wins I," Mr. House's questline. This
 doesn't have to be started now, but will overlap with this mission somewhat.
 Mister Holdout, an NPC near the Gomorrah casino, may also stop the player
 and recommend his services, namely holdout weapons. All casinos (except Lucky
 38) will confiscate a player's arsenal, but with Sneak 50+, holdout weapons
 like small firearms can be smuggled in.

 Benny is located at The Tops casino, in the middle of the Strip's 3 areas.
 Regardless of whether one's doing "The House Always Wins I" -- see that
 section for slightly more specifics -- one'll have to enter the Tops and
 confront Benny. Since the door greeter will confiscate the player's weapons,
 this can make things slightly harder.

  Benny actually keeps the Platinum Chip on his person; here's how to get it.

  • Sneakily kill him with a holdout weapon from across the room, or from a
    nearby position, such as the balcony stairway near his usual position in
    the Tops casino.

  • Swank, the cat at the reception desk, can be convinced that Benny's gone
    crooked, and will make Benny go to his suite (the only place he's got no
    bodyguards, remember). To do this, one must first pass consecutive [Speech
    15], [Speech 30] and [Speech 45] checks; or, provide evidence of Benny's
    wrongdoings. There's three items that tie him to the crime scene.

    - "Distinctive Cigarette Butts" around Courier's Goodsprings grave
    - [Novac] Manny Vargas' note, both on his PC or his person
    - Benny's lighter, obtained during the course of "Boulder City Showdown"

    One piece of evidence does nothing, but two has Swank use his pull to let
    the player pack heat inside. Getting all 3 pieces acts like one passed the
    speech checks. In any case, convincing Swank with the overwhelming proof
    earns Benny's room key, and a suggestion to search it. Up there, locate
    Yes Man (and get his related quests), then report back -- Swank's lure has
    Benny move upstairs, and if one suggests taking him out, the confiscated
    weapons are returned.

  • With the Black Widow perk, one can seduce Benny on the casino floor -- he
    initially resists such weird advances, but if one sticks with it, he'll go
    up to his suite after giving one the room key. Once there, one can either
    attack him immediately or have sex with him. If one picks the latter (and
    doesn't die from his ridiculous pillow talk), a prompt to kill him in his
    sleep appears.

  • By confronting Benny on the casino floor and passing a [Speech 60] check,
    he'll go up to the presidential suite with the player. This serves as a
    perfect opportunity to sneakily slay him, regardless of further dialogue.
    If one is completely devoid of weapons, it's recommended to first pick the
    Average wall safe near the bar, which contains a 10mm Submachine Gun and
    Grenade Rifle. [Unarmed specialists can also find a forboding 'Pugilism
    Illustrated' copy in the main lobby.]

  Killing Benny without first searching his suite begins the "Wild Card: Ace
  in the Hole" quest automatically, which has one doing exactly that.

 Trying to obtain Benny's chip through diplomacy presents options to go awry.

 • Using the Black Widow perk to seduce Benny (as described above) gives one
   the option to kill him before or after sex. If one hits the hay instead,
   Benny leaves to Fortification Hill -- this starts the "Ace in the Hole"
   Wild Card mission. "Ring-a-Ding-Ding!" doesn't finish until one learns from
   Yes Man that Benny escaped using his elevator.

 • After approaching Benny out in the open and attempting to talk, he'll comp
   the player the Tops' presidential suite, agreeing to meet moments later --
   this earns the suite key. The same thing occurs if one passes the small
   [Speech 35] check, although it earns 500 caps and 250 Tops chips as well.
   Passing the [Speech 60] gets Benny to come up with the Courier sans goons.

   Going up without Benny starts "Ace in the Hole" if Yes Man hasn't been
   spoken with, and unless a player passes successive [Speech 35] & [Speech 60]
   checks, a hit squad follows soon after. Benny will have vacated regardless,
   though. Similarly, if one conned Benny into a private chat and allows him
   to leave (by forgiving him, agreeing to work with him for 250 caps, etc.)
   the hit squad appears as well. It's impossible to pickpocket the chip from
   him in these circumstances, note.

 Obtaining the Platinum Chip automatically completes "Ring-a-Ding-Ding!", but
 if one lets Benny escape, that finishes only after learning his destination
 from Yes Man. "Ace in the Hole" always begins if one hasn't spoken to Yes Man
 before killing Benny or letting him leave. The presidential suite -- comped by
 Benny or accessed via the key on his corpse -- is also the player's to use as
 s/he sees fit.
_____________________________________________________/ MR. HOUSE PATH [PTH1] |_
 Mr. House is the ruler of New Vegas, an enigmatic, reclusive person residing
 at the Strip's iconic Lucky 38 casino. His path can be started immediately
 upon entering the Strip, as Victor will inform one he's waiting. This can be
 considered a "default" path, since House is rooted in many of the Courier's
 dealings as of late.

 • Refusal to give House the chip after reclaiming it from Benny or Caesar
 • Destroying House's securitron army in "The House Always Wins II"
 • Telling House you're going to kill him (at any point in the questline)
 • Trying to break into House's secret area (such as in "Render Unto Caesar")

 Telling House one wants to discontinue working with him (usually occurs at
 mission's end) will pause the questline, not end it -- the Vegas boss gives
 time for reconsidering.

|¯\_/¯|¯¯¯¯\|¯| |¯|________________________________________
|     | |¯) ) (_) |¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
| |_| |  ¯ /|     | WK1A | THE HOUSE ALWAYS WINS I         |
| | | | |\ \| (¯) |______|_________________________________|
|_| |_|_| \_)_| |_|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

 Client -: Mr. House [Lucky 38 Casino on Vegas Strip]
 Prereq -: n/a
 Precedes: The House Always Wins II
 Optional: no
 Missable: Yes [House questline broken]
 Reward -: 500 or 600 XP, 1000 or 1250 caps

 After making it onto the Vegas strip, speak with Victor nearby to learn Mr.
 House is awaiting one's presence in his casino, the monolithic Lucky 38. The
 robo cowboy will wait by the door afterwards, allowing one inside through a
 speech option. [This is the only way to get inside, note.] The quest is added
 officially after dialogue.

 Since it's not open the general public, one can explore at leisure. Above the
 lootable cash room, one can find the Golden Gloves (unique boxing gloves) by
 a framed issue of Boxing Times. There's some assorted junk around, too, but
 nothing that spectacular. When ready, talk with Victor for suites access,
 and locate Mr. House at his main terminal (all communications with him will
 operate this way). 

 • OPTIONAL: Bump off Mr. House from the get-go. This option remains available
   at any time in the questline. Near his main comm terminal, hack the Hard
   computer to open a false wall. Choosing to open the antechamber (1) fails
   the current quest and all House quests by extension, although only THAW1
   gets a notification (2) turns present securitrons hostile; Strip securitrons
   remain normal (3) prevents further communication with Mr. House through his
   terminal. Through the false wall, hack another Hard computer to open the
   control room's elevator. Once there, use the PC's only option, then talk
   with House. Afterwards, pick any option on the PC to start and fail "The
   House Has Gone Bust!" quest -- although it's more of a death knell alarm
   than a proper mission. One can still use the presidential suite and all its
   upgrade functions.

 As it turns out, Mr. House has a job for the player -- more specifically, a
 continuation of the Courier's initial hire: recover the Platinum Chip that
 Benny, his associate, willfully stole. House is prepared to pay four times
 the original delivery fee (total 1000 caps), and will unless one completes a
 [Barter 50] check, raising it to 1250.

 Now, the task is tracking down Benny at his casino, The Tops -- it's located
 in the Strip's central portion. Like all gambling establishments, the greeter
 will confiscate the player's weapons; if one has Sneak 50+, it's possible to
 keep small firearms (revolvers, pistols, etc.). If one lacks holdout weapons,
 they can be bought from the appropriately named Mister Holdout, a merchant
 standing outside the Gomorrah casino.

 • This part of the quest overlaps with the ongoing "Ring-a-Ding-Ding!" quest,
   in section [WK05] right above this one. Continue that quest now and check
   back here when it's completed.

 Regardless of outcome, the next stop should be visiting Mr. House. [If one
 let Benny escape, that report can technically be put off in lieu of visiting
 Caesar's fort during "Render Unto Caesar".] Reporting a failure to House'll
 begin "The House Always Wins II," though.

 Mr. House will gladly take the chip off the player's hands if one has it. The
 default payment for the return is 1000 caps, although if one didn't do the
 initial bargaining earlier in the quest, the [Barter 50] option to earn 250
 extra caps appears. Continuous refusal to hand over the chip will turn the
 securitrons hostile and fail House's questline.

 Supposing one did hand over the chip, there's an automatic basement scene
 where House sets up a demonstration. Basically, the latest delivery unlocks
 all securitrons' main weapons: missile and grenade launchers. This is fine
 and dandy if one's planning on helping House, but should one cross him later,
 those mechs can deliver a whole lotta hurt... [There's also a 9mm Pistol and
 Submachine Gun on the observation table, but one must take them before the
 demonstration ends; this place can't be revisited.]

 After returning upstairs (automatically), the quest will complete once House
 finishes talking, with the 600 XP reward for prompt completion. If Benny flew
 the coop, this quest will finish near the end of "The House Always Wins II."

|¯\_/¯|¯¯¯¯\|¯| |¯|________________________________________
|     | |¯) ) (_) |¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
| |_| |  ¯ /|     | WK1B | THE HOUSE ALWAYS WINS II        |
| | | | |\ \| (¯) |______|_________________________________|
|_| |_|_| \_)_| |_|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

 Client -: Mr. House [Lucky 38 on the Strip]
 Prereq -: Let Benny escape the Tops during "The House Always Wins I"
 Precedes: The House Always Wins III
 Optional: No
 Missable: No
 Reward -: 500 XP

 This quest begins by:

 • Talking to Mr. House after Benny gets away
 • Takling to Mr. House after killing Benny for the chip
 • Automatically added during "Render Unto Caesar" quest

 House will express exasperation at the player for allowing Benny to leave,
 or appreciation for one's work ethic if the Chip was recovered (especially
 if one snubbed his invitation to do this). In either case, the next stop is
 Fortification Hill, Caesar's Mojave stronghold -- Benny will have gone here
 if he flew the coop, and House will send the player here even if he died. The
 only difference, really, is whether one starts with the Platinum Chip.

 • Victor will notify the player that House has comped one the presidential
   suite, essentially a free permanent residence, and one large enough to fit
   all companions. Companions that are dismissed from this point on return to
   the Lucky 38, not their original out-of-the-way area. Note that companions
   have to be dismissed before talking to House -- a small stipulation.

 The mission is to infiltrate the derelict weather station at Caesar's fort,
 and task that overlaps with a great deal of "Render Unto Caesar," which will
 have started earlier. The Mark of Caesar item will allow safe passage through
 the Legion-controlled camp where Cursor Lucullus waits by a raft, able to
 ferry one to the Fort. [Note that further wrongdoing against the Legion will
 break the unsteady truce, failing "Render Unto Caesar" and all the questline.
 It's still possible to visit the Fort for Mr. House's current quest, although
 the Legion will be hostile once there, probably forcing one to kill everyone,
 especially if Caesar got the chip from Benny.]

 Make for Cottonwood Cove on the Colorado River's west bank -- it's in the far
 southeast corner of the map, a little east of irradiated Camp Searchlight (or
 south of Camp Forlorn Hope, if one's found that). The Mark of Caesar item'll
 allow safe passage through the camp, and Cursor Lucullus will use his raft to
 ferry one upriver. [Note that further wrongdoing against the Legion will break
 the unsteady truce, failing "Render Unto Caesar" and Caesar's questline in
 whole. It's still possible to visit the fort in this case by inspecting the
 raft, although the Legion will be hostile once there, probably forcing one to
 kill everyone, especially if Caesar got Benny's Chip. Equipping a Legionary
 disguise can help fool normal soldiers but not praetorians or dogs.]

 Once one arrives, the casino-like disarming policy is carried out by a gate
 guard. It's possible to keep holdout weapons (Sneak 50+) and also stims by
 passing a [Speech 35] check. If one has the Platinum Chip with, it's removed
 at this time also. The destination is Caesar's tent, located on the hilltop.

 Caesar will rattle off the player's wrongdoings against his Legion. (Asking
 "how may I serve your Legion, Caesar?" earns Legion fame.) The bigwig tells
 the player he's inspected the Chip and wants the player to visit the weather
 building, enter it and destroy whatever House is planning. This recovers the
 Chip and, when one visits that building, the confiscated weapons as well. One
 can operate the main panel with that tiny platinum token, allowing access to
 the centuries-sealed securitron vault.

 This place is mildly radioactive (1r/s). Near the first terminal, Mr. House
 will ask the player to find the far panel, upgrading the securitrons hidden
 within. One can comment on Caesar's intentions and say one's going to do 'em,
 although this doesn't break the questline unless one follows through. Enemies
 inside are turrets and protectrons, pretty wimpy in general -- they can be
 shut off via two security panels (Average and Hard) down the first stairway.
 [One can also break into the securitron room by hacking the junction with 60+
 Repair, although this isn't necessary.]

 Said panel is a western dead-end room guarded by three turrets. Upgrading the
 software with the chip is all one needs to do for "The House Always Wins II,"
 and this outcome doesn't break "Render Unto Caesar" either. The inverse is
 the opposite, though: fouling up House's plans by following Caesar's wishes
 (destroying three power regulators in room prior to upgrade panel) WILL nix
 House's entire questline. Oddly enough, if one already killed House, this
 quest doesn't fail until the machines are scrapped.

 The next step is progressing "Render Unto Caesar" -- carrying out Caesar's
 will makes the next step killing Mr. House. [Note that one must first take
 care of Benny to reach this point, i.e. pick his method of execution.] One
 isn't allowed to leave the Fort, including fast-travel, until this point's

 With the chip recovered, return to House at his casino. Victor will notify
 one that House is comping the player the presidential suite, where one and
 all the player's friends can stay. This means, when dismissing companions,
 they will instead reside at the Lucky 38, not wherever they normally go to.

 The "give the chip" scenario listed in the previous mission's walkthrough is
 identical, the only difference being "The House Always Wins I" finishes with
 500 XP for the pointless delay the player caused.

|¯\_/¯|¯¯¯¯\|¯| |¯|________________________________________
|     | |¯) ) (_) |¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
| |_| |  ¯ /|     | WK1C | THE HOUSE ALWAYS WINS III       |
| | | | |\ \| (¯) |______|_________________________________|
|_| |_|_| \_)_| |_|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

 Client -: Mr. House [Lucky 38 on the Strip]
 Prereq -: The House Always Wins II
 Precedes: The House Always Wins IV
 Optional: no
 Missable: Yes [House questline broken]
 Reward -: 250 XP

 At last, House has the Platinum Chip and can begin his preparations that will
 hedge things in his favor before the upcoming battle at Hoover Dam. Like most
 major Mojave leaders, his thoughts immediately turn to the Boomers, the
 reclusive group inhabiting Nellis AFB (in the mountains NE of Vegas). House
 also mentions that his surveillance spotted a man on the road toward there
 who was apparently studying infiltration. The quest begins officially after
 agreeing to assist in the Boomer situation.

 To reach AFB safely, one must get through the howitzers' blasting field,
 namely the approach from the SW road. Said road is where George appears, and
 for 300 caps -- or 200 with [Barter 40] -- he gives instructions on how to
 navigate the danger zone. The shelling concludes once one gets close enough
 to the perimeter fence, at which time all that's left is talking to the gate
 guard, then Raquel. Speaking with Mother Pearl afterwards and agreeing to
 help starts the Boomers' main quest "Volare!" also.

 That gets the perfunctory part out of the way. House's orders are to recruit
 the Boomers into his flock, or destroy them. This really only gives two main
 ways of proceeding:

 • RECRUIT: Pearl will gladly give her assistance to the player...supposing
   one has completed the Boomers' main quest "Volare!". It's a very fun quest,
   although unfortunately long where Mr. House is concerned, and it can't be
   completed through reputation alone (otherwise selling scrap metal to Jack
   or missiles to Raquel would be all it took!). If one already did "Volare!"
   prior to House's quest, it doesn't change anything; it only saves time.

 • DESTROY: Choosing to destroy the leaders neutralizes the Boomers' activity
   in the upcoming Hoover Dam battle. Mother Pearl can always be found in her
   barracks, while Loyal can typically be found in the hangar. It's possible
   to sneak kill either without incurring faction loss, although the Boomers
   will be immediately hostile if they see the player. Also, killing either
   person automatically fails "Volare!". Supposing one began the slaughter at
   Idolized rank, doing this action may drop one to Dark Hero.

 Report the tidings to complete the mission.

 • NOTE: Recruiting the Boomers' to House's aid triggers both the Legion and
   NCR's "point of no return" quests, "Beware the Wrath of Caesar!" and "Don't
   Tread on the Bear!" respectively. This means that the next time one aids
   House, the noted factions' questlines automatically fail, since it'll be
   clear where one's allegiances lie.

|¯\_/¯|¯¯¯¯\|¯| |¯|________________________________________
|     | |¯) ) (_) |¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
| |_| |  ¯ /|     | WK1D | THE HOUSE ALWAYS WINS IV        |
| | | | |\ \| (¯) |______|_________________________________|
|_| |_|_| \_)_| |_|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

 Client -: Mr. House [Lucky 38 on the Strip]
 Prereq -: The House Always Wins III
 Precedes: The House Always Wins V
 Optional: no
 Missable: Yes [House questline broken]
 Reward -: n/a

 A player's done well serving House to this point, and now it's time to clean
 a little on the Strip. The Omertas who run the Gomorrah casino, and Mr.
 House suggests using the "degenerate" receptionist as the in.

 Like some of House's other quests, this one is really just a frame around
 a different quest, in this case "How Little We Know," which will have already
 started via House's previous dialogue. See section [MQ38] for details.

 • NOTE: If one already thwarted the Omertas during "How Little We Know," this
   quest will automatically complete with House praising one's proactivity.
   Unfortunately, since this is revealed in the same dialogue as "The House
   Always Wins III"'s conclusion, it means the NCR and Legion questlines fail
   and the player can't do anything about it.

 Once "How Little We Know" ends, report the findings to House. It'll complete
 no matter how one's allegiances went, although supporting the bosses makes
 revealing their intentions optional -- a [Speech 50] check convinces the
 magnate one earned their confidences. [This also allows one to advise House
 on his course of action against them.] If one can't pass that check, though,
 revealing their plan is the only remaining option.

|¯\_/¯|¯¯¯¯\|¯| |¯|________________________________________
|     | |¯) ) (_) |¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
| |_| |  ¯ /|     | WK1E |THE HOUSE ALWAYS WINS V          |
| | | | |\ \| (¯) |______|_________________________________|
|_| |_|_| \_)_| |_|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

 Client -: Mr. House [Lucky 38 on the Strip]
 Prereq -: The House Always Wins IV
 Precedes: The House Always Wins VI
 Optional: no
 Missable: Yes [House questline broken]
 Reward -: 100 XP

 With the Omertas' troubles dealt with, House wants one's attentions turned to
 the Mojave's Brotherhood of Steel (BOS) chapter, which has apparently managed
 to survive despite a heavy defeat at HELIOS One. Vegas' benefactor suggests
 searching at Hidden Valley, the site where his securitrons have gone missing
 over the years; one can report the BOS' location if they've been visited.
 This conversation starts the quest officially.

 To locate the Brotherhood, one must first find Hidden Valley, a fenced-in
 area east of Goodsprings, NE of NCR Correctional Facility and south of the
 looming Black Mountain. At night a giant sandstorm rages, greatly hindering
 visibility, so try tackling this place in the day. Of the three bunkers here,
 it's the one nearest the western fence that's of major interest.

 Once inside, there is a Very Hard door to lockpick, which gives access to
 the Brotherhood's bunker. Alternatively, if one recruited Veronica from the
 188 Trading Post (along Highway 95, north of Novac), her presence will have
 a special effect.

 • This mission overlaps with the main BOS quest "Still in the Dark," which
   one should look at for more info on the faction quests. One doesn't have
   to fully complete it, only gain access to the facility.

 It's recommended to bring Veronica since it skips the "preamble" where one
 has to prove loyalty. House's main objective can begin after gaining the
 ability to walk around freely. [Unlike the NCR questline, there is no option
 to broker peace here.]

 House noted that most BOS bases on record have had a self-destruct ability,
 and suspects this one does too -- and he's right! The terminal to blow the
 bunker up is on LV2 (where the elder and most scribes are), more specifically
 the SE lab. Inspecting the terminal reveals that the base cannot be destroyed
 unless one has keycards held by Elder McNamara, Head Scribe Taggart and Head
 Paladin Hardin. [If one has Science 100, the self-destruct terminal can be
 hacked in lieu of robbery.] If the player completed the BOS questline earlier,
 then the Hardin may be the new elder; this doesn't change anything though.

 [Note that one can simply kill everyone in lieu of self-destruction. One may
 choose to do this, or be forced to by failing the pickpocketing and getting
 caught killing for the keys. Slaying the elder makes everyone irrevocably
 hostile, also.]

 Once all keycards are nicked, return to said terminal and generate the
 password -- this unlocks the Very Hard computer next to it. Initiating the
 sequence turns the Brotherhood hostile immediately, and drops one's faction
 rep to Vilified [or Soft-Hearted Devil if one had that much]. All that's left
 is to sneak or blast one's way out. 

 The bunker won't explode until the player reaches the surface, at which point
 all BOS quests fail (including Veronica's "I Could Make You Care" companion
 quest), the player gets negative karma, and it's impossible to revisit the
 downstairs bunker again. Note that Veronica can still be used as a helper if
 one has Soft-Hearted Devil status.

 But hey, that's the price of workin' with House! Report to him to finish.

|¯\_/¯|¯¯¯¯\|¯| |¯|________________________________________
|     | |¯) ) (_) |¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
| |_| |  ¯ /|     | WK1F | THE HOUSE ALWAYS WINS VI        |
| | | | |\ \| (¯) |______|_________________________________|
|_| |_|_| \_)_| |_|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

 Client -: Mr. House [Lucky 38 on the Strip]
 Prereq -: The House Always Wins V
 Precedes: The House Always Wins VII
 Optional: no
 Missable: Yes [Ranger Grant slain or House questline broken]
 Reward -: n/a

 House notes that the Brotherhood's destruction comes on the threshold of a
 much bigger event: Aaron Kimball coming to give a speech at Hoover Dam, only
 to have a sniper blow his head off. This is a disaster House wants one to
 prevent, since the NCR is one of his biggest clients. Asking how one can help
 -- namely going to the dam and offering one's services to Grant -- adds the
 quest officially.

 • House's sixth quest is really just a shell built around the NCR-related
   "You'll Know It When It Happens," which is added at the same time even
   though that questline failed earlier. Success here is contingent on Kimball
   surviving. For in-depth coverage, see section [WK2D].

 The crib notes for this mission:

 After finding Grant in the dam's visitor center, then talking to him on the
 outdoor observation platform, one can cue the president's arrival. There's
 three assassination attempts to thwart:

 - Sniper: he kills the real sniper in the watchtower (behind the speaking
   platform) right after Kimball takes the stage. If left to his own devices,
   he assassinates Kimball a ways into his speech. Intervening before he kills
   the real ranger usually has the impostor die; regardless, he turns hostile
   via speech when one asks him to radio in the real ranger's death.

 - Bomb: placed on vertibird after it lands. One can disarm it with Repair
   or Explosives 50+, or report it to Grant who'll have his men disarm it.
   If the assassin who planted the bomb is killed, it can't detonate, also.

 - Assassin: this is more of a minor thing since the attempt always fails, and
   can start with a few scenarios. Outing the assassin (by showing Grant his
   detonator, etc.) or forcing him to act (radioing in false sniper, etc.)
   makes him bumrush the stage or attack his would-be captors. He dies in
   all these scenarios, but manages to take one guard with him.

 If Kimball dies, one engages in meaningless hostilities (like killing Grant
 or the president), or leaves the dam site while the event is in action, the
 quest fails -- and by providence, so does Mr. House's quest. THIS DOES NOT
 FAIL THE QUESTLINE, however; it just causes one's benefactor to be angry.
 Completing the mission is as simple as having Kimball survive, even if his
 speech is cut short thanks to security concerns.

 Return to House to finish and start...

|¯\_/¯|¯¯¯¯\|¯| |¯|________________________________________
|     | |¯) ) (_) |¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
| |_| |  ¯ /|     | WK1G | THE HOUSE ALWAYS WINS VII       |
| | | | |\ \| (¯) |______|_________________________________|
|_| |_|_| \_)_| |_|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

 Client -: Mr. House [Lucky 38 on the Strip]
 Prereq -: The House Always Wins VI
 Precedes: The House Always Wins VIII
 Optional: no
 Missable: Yes [House questline broken]
 Reward -: n/a

 After saving Kimball's bacon, or letting him burn in the Legion's sights, Mr.
 House reveals the seventh part of his quest: installing an Override Chip in
 the NCR-controlled El Dorado Substation. This is a reasonably small area
 along the mountains north of HELIOS One; it's also SW of 188 Trading Post,
 north of Novac.

 Regardless of NCR reputation, entering here is always considered trespassing,
 so approaching at the most opportune time helps. The place is rarely empty,
 so entering around 9 AM when the squad leaves for patrol is as crackerjack a
 time as y'can get. Stealthy characters can infiltrate anytime as the interior
 is quite shadowed.

 Installing the Override Chip on the far terminal gives NCR infamy, but if
 all goes well, there should be no hostilities. 

|¯\_/¯|¯¯¯¯\|¯| |¯|________________________________________
|     | |¯) ) (_) |¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
| |_| |  ¯ /|     | WK1H | THE HOUSE ALWAYS WINS VIII      |
| | | | |\ \| (¯) |______|_________________________________|
|_| |_|_| \_)_| |_|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

 Client -: Mr. House [Lucky 38 on the Strip]
 Prereq -: The House Always Wins VII
 Precedes: All or Nothing
 Optional: no
 Missable: Yes [House questline broken]
 Reward -: n/a

 Restoring power to House's backup reactor reveals the fated hour is here: the
 Legion forces are about to march on Hoover Dam. House wants the player to be
 there to assist -- just not in the way the NCR is hoping. About halfway down
 the dam is a control room where one is to install an override module, not
 dissimilar from the substation's. The quest is added once one learns House's
 plan, although committing immediately isn't necessary (although the only
 questline remaining will be Yes Man's, so it may not matter to a player).
 This is the "point of no return," however, and the game reminds one of such.

 Agreeing to go automatically sends one into the event, finishing the quest
 and adding...

|¯\_/¯|¯¯¯¯\|¯| |¯|________________________________________
|     | |¯) ) (_) |¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
| |_| |  ¯ /|     | WK1I | ALL OR NOTHING                  |
| | | | |\ \| (¯) |______|_________________________________|
|_| |_|_| \_)_| |_|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

 Client -: Mr. House [Lucky 38 on the Strip]
 Prereq -: The House Always Wins VIII
 Precedes: n/a
 Optional: no
 Missable: Yes [House questline broken]
 Reward -: 4100 XP

 House has sent the player into the lion's den with naught but one securitron
 helper (plus a companion if they were brought). The dam seems vacant at first
 blush, but the battle begins in stride once one nears the sandbags. Centurion
 forces are basically souped-up legionaries and carry better weaponry, like
 marksman carbines and grenade rifles. Killing them gives Legion fame, natch,
 but it's mostly irrelevant at this stage. What one SHOULD care about is
 harming the NCR allies, as any misfires (typically with explosives) will turn
 them hostile, making one fight on two sides -- bad move!

 But don't get too attached to the allies, as they're few and the Legion is
 many -- they'll typically die by the end. Strategically, the watchtower acts
 as a great staging area for missile- and grenade-using bombers, given the
 dam road's clutter. The third battle takes place at road's end, and Centurions
 will come from that blocked door and the NW outbuilding entrance. It can get
 hectic, so don't be afraid to retreat to the watchtower for some bombin'.

 With the upper dam's hostilities temporarily at an end, use the quest-marked
 side door to enter the dam office block. The goal is to enter the eastern
 control room, actively guarded by two heavy troopers. Unless one can pass a
 [Speech 75] check to make them think Colonel Moore's imperiled, the only
 option is to kill them -- doing it stealthily, like with a missile, avoids
 any rep repercussions. A few Prime Legionaries will attack from the east,
 too, but they're not likely to draw the heavies away, note.

 Once in the control room, simply install the override chip. House flickers
 onto the monitor saying his securitron army's rarin' to go; all one must do
 now is flip the switch in the eastern power room. [The "Order of Withdrawal"
 is also received here, setting the terms for the unconditional NCR surrender.]

 The offices' eastmost corridor will lead into the power plant, and House's
 switch is on the balcony. With that bidding done, return topside to find the
 dam's Legion side being bombarded. Continue the eastern trek, and keep an
 eye out for the northern walkway that spits out centurions. [They may carry
 things like anti-materiel rifles and chainsaws, so good lootin'!]

 Further east, the Securitron MK IIs will be out in force, usually sending
 the centurions running for their mama. There's just something beautiful about
 seeing combat specialists with chainsaws and super sledges get walloped back
 to the Stone Age... In any case, the fight will take the player right up to
 the Legate's Camp's doorstep. The securitrons won't go aid any further for
 some reason, so one has to do the final battle alone...
 As one expected, Lanius' soldiers are praetorians, hand-to-hand specialists
 that usually have ballistic fists and such. A Rambo-style break-in will get
 everyone's attention and while it may be tempting, sniping stragglers makes
 the inevitable showdown at least six bodies fewer.

 Lanius' tent is prominently featured in the east, and the man himself will
 actually appear on the obscured road in-between (probably to reduce chance of
 one sniping him from afar in a pitiful anticlimax) with two praetorians. He
 can be spoken to before fighting, and talked out of his pursuits by passing
 successive speech "trees". [300 XP bonus to ending hostilities this way.]

 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯      ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
 • [Speech 55]                         • [Barter 55]
 • [Speech 65]                         • [Barter 75]
 • [Speech 75]                         • [Barter 90]
 • [Speech 85]                         • [Barter 75] or [Barter 100]
 • [Speech 100]                        • [Barter 100] or [Speech 100]
 • [Speech 100]                        TOTAL: 395 or 420 XP
 • [Speech 100]
 • [Speech 100]
 TOTAL: 680 XP

 Near the end of the "dissuade" dialogue, asking if Lanius is going to retreat
 will have him rethink his exit. During this, two different [Speech 80] checks
 -- one karma-dependent, the other a bluff -- will initiate battle, with the
 Legate calling off his lackeys. Telling him there's victory in wisdom, or
 that one doesn't think s/he's seen the last of him, offers the [Speech 100]
 clincher to finish without bloodshed.

 Fighting the Legate is more than a lengthy pursuit. His only weapon is his
 massive bumper sword "Blade of the East" (starts off poisoned!) although if
 one destroys its durability, he'll forage for other nearby guns. Lanius also
 has a stock of grenades he'll throw as distractions while he runs away, and
 when his health gets low, he'll certainly do that (regardless of crippled
 limbs). If one has the shotgun-related "And Stay Back" perk, Lanius can be
 knocked down and relentlessly filled with buckshot, and the knockdowns will
 keep stacking. Coupled with chems like Psycho (damage +25%), even the Legate
 will fall quickly.

 Regarding his lackeys, he'll start out with two. As said above, passing the
 lengthy speech check tree can bait the Legate into attacking solo -- this'll
 also prevent any reinforcements from helping (what an honest guy!). However,
 if one can't pull a mano e mano fight, there's a nice supply of helpers,
 usually legionary vets who either attack while the Legate retreats, or sit
 on out-of-the-way cliffs to plink away. [They spawn even after clearing out
 the camp earlier, note.] These guys will remain even with the Legate lyin'
 dead, so having some explosives to clear 'em out helps a lot, especially if
 they've spawned clipping through a rock (known to happen).

 One way or another, after handling Lanius, it's time to exit. Make for the
 camp gate and the NCR will make a "timely" entrance. General Oliver will
 show wonder at the player's carnage, then restrained anger when one hands
 him House's surrender terms. There's one large [Speech 100] check at the end
 to settle things completely in House's favor, although it's possible to throw
 the NCR a bone, too. A [Barter 75] and subsequent [Barter 100] check convinces
 Oliver on an economic level, and if one agrees to sharing the dam's power,
 a [Science 75] check makes the general come 'round.

 If one wants to fight Oliver and his veteran squad, that's fine too -- in
 fact, in some ways, it may be preferred! The securitron army will make short
 work of the guys, allowing one to collect multiple copies of the NCR Ranger
 Combat Armor everyone likes, plus Oliver's special cap and outfit.

 Afterwards, Mr. House's securitron will congratulate the player on helping
 him, and reveals this is just the beginning of a great partnership. The
 ending shows segments based on the player's actions. Unrecruited companions
 don't get an ending overview, and some companions who were recruited but
 didn't have their quest done (Boone, for one) may not get one either.

_______________________________________/ NEW CALIFORNIA REPUBLIC PATH [PTH2] |_
 The many, the proud, the...NCR! Perhaps the biggest faction in the Mojave,
 these soldier boys are looking to snuff the Legion and maintain control of
 Hoover Dam. Many see them as usurpers trying to expand their territory, but
 there are many honest people in their ranks...it's up to the player to decide
 their merit.

 • Complete "The House Always Wins III"
 • In "Render Unto Caesar," finish the White Gloves' recruitment portion
 • Colonel Moore (Hoover Dam) dies

 Working against NCR interests in these ways means one can't support the NCR
 in the main quest only. If Crocker forged an uneasy alliance with the player
 and "forgave" infamy, then things go back to normal -- that is, nothing at
 all happens (good standing) or the ranger hit squads return (bad standing).

|¯\ |¯|¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯\_________________________________________
|  \) | |¯¯¯| |¯) )¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
|     | |   |  ¯ / WK2A | THINGS THAT GO BOOM              |
| |\  | |___| |\ \______|__________________________________|
|_| )_|_____|_| \_)¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

 Client -: Ambassador Dennis Crocker [NCR Embassy on the Strip]
 Prereq -: Ring-a-Ding-Ding!
 Precedes: Kings' Gambit
 Optional: no
 Missable: Yes [Ambassador Crocker slain or NCR questline broken]
 Reward -: 300 XP, NCR fame

 After certain events -- reclaim Platinum Chip in "The House Always Wins I,"
 killing House before that occurs, returning to the Strip during "Render Unto
 Caesar"'s assassination portion -- the next time one visits the Strip's main
 street, an NCR envoy gives a message: Ambassador Crocker wants an audience.
 [Taking this message earns Strip fame, too.] The NCR embassy is located in
 the strip's farthest end, across the street from the Vault 21 Motel.

 • If one's on the NCR's bad side (negative rep), then the envoy may not show
   after completing "Ring-a-Ding-Ding!". He will appear outside the Lucky 38
   if House dies, but won't initiate conversation or mention anything besides
   generic comments.

 The ambassador admits that the NCR's in a tight spot, and could use one's
 help to secure their place in the Mojave. In particular, enlisting the help
 of the Boomers faction to the NE, since they've stockpiled a huge amount of
 munitions. [Hearing Crocker out adds the quest officially.] The objective is
 to make for Nellis AFB in the NE -- this occurs regardless if one's already
 on good terms with the Boomers, since one still needs them to as NCR allies.

 Assuming one's never visited Nellis AFB, the route is a bit NE of Vegas, near
 Fields' Shack. The entry road is patrolled by George, a friendly NPC who notes
 the Boomers' xenophobia makes them shell any trespassers, so getting through
 their bombing zone is hard. He'll sell a tip on progressing for 300 caps, or
 200 with a [Speech 40] check. In any case, a healthy supply of stimpaks will
 help -- getting crippled in the unending rain of death ain't very nice. When
 one nears the base boundary, the shelling will stop, though.

 At the gate, speak with the guard, then Raquel -- she'll take the player to
 Mother Pearl, the Boomers' leader. After a conversation, their main quest
 (Volare!) will begin, and must be completed to secure their support in the
 upcoming dam skirmish. [For more information, see the appropriate quest
 section.] If one already completed the Boomers' quest earlier, though, one
 need only ask Pearl to receive her pledge.

 Relay the info to Crocker to finish. If one had poor NCR reputation up to
 this point, completion of the quest will return it to default (neutral). This
 can only happen once, note.

|¯\ |¯|¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯\_________________________________________
|  \) | |¯¯¯| |¯) )¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
|     | |   |  ¯ / WK2B | KINGS' GAMBIT                    |
| |\  | |___| |\ \______|__________________________________|
|_| )_|_____|_| \_)¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

 Client -: Ambassador Crocker [NCR Embassy on the Strip]
 Prereq -: Things That Go Boom
 Precedes: For the Republic, Part 2
 Optional: no
 Missable: yes [Ambassador Crocker slain or NCR questline broken]
 Reward -: 1200 XP, 600 caps, NCR fame (called in favor)
         : 1200 XP, NCR fame (resolved Hsu's way)
         : 300 caps, NCR infamy (King killed, quest fails)

 With the Boomers' help secured, the next time one speaks to Crocker, he'll
 have another request: look into the NCR-directed violence in Freeside, which
 is allegedly perpetrated by the local Kings gang. The ambassador says there's
 been two plans devised: eliminate Pacer, who's been doing most of the attacks,
 or try diplomacy with his boss, the King. Finishing the conversation adds the
 quest officially.

 The Kings' hangout is also in Freeside, at the School of Impersonation a
 stone's throw from the north Vegas gate. If one hasn't been here yet, Pacer
 will only let the player in by passing a [Speech 60] option or paying up some
 caps. Don't worry about the latter -- the King reimburses the player.

 Finally, the plan can begin.

 • ELIMINATE PACER: There's plenty of ways to get the right-hand man into a
   pine box, actually. This may be the preferred method for those who don't
   want to waste extra time on the King's mission. [Part of this method
   requires examining Pacer's stash under his bed, which can only be spawned by
   learning of his heart condition. To do this, get the skinny from Rotface, a
   ghoul near the east gate, or look through Julie Farkas' file cabinet at the
   Old Mormon Fort.]

   - Just kill him outright. This makes the Kings hostile and, without any
     third party to blame, fails the mission when one next speaks to Crocker.
     [If one kills Pacer with energy weapons, though, the VGs will be blamed.]

   - During the course of the Van Graffs' "Birds of a Feather" quest, Pacer
     will approach and start a conversation. It's possible to bait him into
     a showdown, leading to his death. This won't trigger Freeside infamy or
     gang hostilities, although it will fail "G.I. Blues" if not done earlier.

   - [After spawning his stash] Try to take his Jet to get a prompt saying it
     would instead be better to find someone to blame, preferably a person
     he hates. Ralph (of Mick & Ralph's) can be asked to forge a handwritten
     note at this point, making Pacer think Jean-Baptiste Cutting took his
     stash. Return to the gangster's room and take his Jet; the next time he
     comes 'round, he'll sprint to the Silver Rush west of there, getting
     himself slain in the process. If the Van Graffs were slain (and they may
     be if one completed "Heartache by the Number" or "Tend to Your Business")
     then one must off Pacer personally.

   - [After spawning his stash] Similar to the above method, using the Van
     Graffs' specialized weaponry -- laser/plasma-based guns -- to kill Pacer
     will implicate them, too. Ambassador Crocker will suggest this method if
     one informs him of the bad blood (the 1st segment in "Birds of a Feather"
     may help in this area). Killing Pacer with a normal gun isn't enough,
     even if one lures him to the VG establishment, note.

   - [After spawning his stash] Spike his Jet with a Psycho from one's own
     inventory -- this requires Medicine 60+. When Pacer comes upstairs to get
     his fix, around 7:30 PM, he instantly perishes. No one will suspect NCR
     involvement of a junkie doing bad chems, so the Bear's in the clear.

 • BOSS' INTERVENTION: If one already completed the Kings-related "G.I. Blues"
   quest earlier, the King himself allows one favor. If the player hasn't used
   it yet, cashing it to stop the NCR attacks finishes it immediately. [If the
   favor hasn't been earned, he'll proposition the player to assist with said
   quest above.]

 • NCR ASSISTANCE: Supposing a player's favor was wasted earlier, the King
   won't intervene in his gang's doings, forcing the player to return to the
   ambassador empty-handed. Crocker will suggest contacting Colonel Moore at
   Hoover Dam, although if one mentions the probable violence, he'll mention
   seeing the level-headed Colonel Hsu (Camp McCarran) instead. Each colonel
   offers his/her own brand of aid.

   - Moore: The colonel is located in the interior offices, adjacent to Power
     Plant 01. She orders one to deliver an ultimatum to King, and if he
     doesn't agree, her armed contingent will let the bullets do the talkin'.
     Return to the School of Impersonation to do Moore's bidding, and as
     expected, the independence-pursuing King will start a firefight. Most of
     the Kings will die, although the King himself may survive if Rex ravages
     his competition, a very likely possibility. [Note that Rex's death means
     he can't be used as a companion, though.] No Freeside infamy is obtained
     for stealthily killing Kings, or letting the NCR do the mop-up, and the
     Kings shouldn't be hostile to the player as long as s/he keeps out of it.

   - Hsu: The soft-spoken commander can be found in the main McCarran terminal,
     ground floor. After a small convo, he'll agree to give Freeside extra aid
     if the violence ceases. Relay this to the King to make a broker peace.
     (although the bottom-most reply can goad him into fighting). Pacer doesn't
     like the bargain, though, and commences an attack with some of his thugs,
     all of which die in the process.

 Note that Pacer's death fails "G.I. Blues," so try completing it before the
 standoff, if possible. When the outcome is finished, or the King dies in
 the process of any portion, it's time to revisit the ambassador.

 As for rewards, the best outcome is using the favor earned during "G.I.
 Blues" to quell the hostilities, or eliminating Pacer without implicating
 the NCR. This earns the standard reward (1200 XP, NCR fame) plus 600 caps,
 which one can boost up to 800 with a [Barter 60] check. The next-best solution
 is Hsu's path, during which Pacer can't control his anger and dies -- this
 outcome earns the standard reward, but no caps, even though Crocker makes it
 sound like there's some coming (no barter check either).

 If the King dies in the process of this mission, or Pacer's demise occurs
 without a patsy to blame, the quest fails (NCR infamy) when turned in to
 Crocker. If one apologizes, he'll give 300 caps, though. The next quest can
 start regardless.

|¯\ |¯|¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯\_________________________________________
|  \) | |¯¯¯| |¯) )¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
|     | |   |  ¯ / WK2C | FOR THE REPUBLIC, PART 2         |
| |\  | |___| |\ \______|__________________________________|
|_| )_|_____|_| \_)¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

 Client -: Ambassador Crocker [NCR Embassy on the Strip]
 Prereq -: Kings' Gambit [complete or fail]
 Precedes: You'll Know It When It Happens
 Optional: no
 Missable: Yes [Ranger Grant slain or NCR questline broken]
 Reward -: 1500 XP, NCR fame

 Settling the score with the Kings will start this quest automatically after
 speaking to Crocker again, where he mentions Colonel Moore over at the dam
 could use one's expertise. Visit Cassandra in the dam offices (through Power
 Plant 01) to start the NCR questline's main "deal with opposition" tasks. The
 reward for each completed segment is NCR fame.

 The Khans are a gang who've been kicked around the Mojave for years, and the
 massacre at Bitter Springs instilled a deep-seated hatred for the NCR. Moore
 sends the player to Red Rock Canyon (marked on map) to see if they're aiding
 the Legion. She wants one to wipe them out, although another option exists.

 The canyon is far west of Vegas, and can only be entered from the south or
 north. The former is recommended; the latter is far lengthier and encounters
 tons of cazadors. Once there, ascend the cliffs and find the main longhouse
 where Papa Khan and his advisors sit.

 • This quest overlaps with somewhat with "Oh My Papa" at this point. The
   special option to assassinate Papa Khan and have Regis become the leader
   is only available during this questline.

 Next up is the Omertas clan, a ruthless gang who runs the Strip's Gomorrah
 casino (right across from Lucky 38). There's been whispers of clandestine
 meetings, and Moore wants the player to uncover what's going on.

 • This starts "How Little We Know," which encompasses the rest of the
   quest. Completing this segment will break the Caesar questline, failing
   "Render Unto Caesar" and all related quests, however.

 When the Omertas problem is settled, report to Moore. If one helped Big Sal
 and Nero with their Vegas takeover, there'll be a [Speech 70] check for a
 convincing lie about New Reno. However, if the check isn't passable, killing
 the bosses (failing the quest) will move onto the next portion.

 With some of the smaller factions dealt with, Moore needs one to eliminate
 Mr. House, who is apparently up to something with his securitron amassment.
 This requires one to visit the Strip, enter the Lucky 38's penthouse, and
 operate the side terminal near House's main monitor -- this unlocks a secret
 back room. [Doing this also breaks House's questline and turns his robots
 hostile. The Science 50+ hacking requirement is lifted, however.] Use the
 console in the back room to reach the control tower. Here, finish the quest
 by operating the PC, talking with House, then picking any option remaining
 on the PC. Or shoot him...kinda anticlimactic, but it suffices.

 Before Moore's last request, she wants the player to search Hidden Valley,
 west of the HELIOS One power plant, for remnants of the technology-hording
 enemies. Several scouts have gone missing there lately, and the colonel's
 hunch is it's the BOS' doing.

 Hidden Valley is an empty zone by day, and obscured by a whirling sandstorm
 at night. Of the several bunkers around here, the one nearest the westmost
 fence is the place to start. Once inside, the Very Hard door one usually must
 lockpick will be unlocked, giving access to the inner bunker. Alternatively,
 if one recruited Veronica from the 188 Trading Post (along Highway 95, north
 of Novac), her presence will have a special effect.

 • This portion overlaps with the main BOS quest "Still in the Dark," which
   one should look at for more info on the faction quests. One doesn't have
   to fully complete it, only gain access to the facility.

 Bringing Veronica is recommended since it excuses the need to prove one's
 loyalty to the Brotherhood, allowing one to roam around immediately. There's
 two ways one can complete the objective:


 Moore has no intel on this place, but the quest marker will lead one to a
 self-destruct terminal in the bunker's lowest level. It's requires Science
 100 to hack, though, so one usually has to use the secondary option: opening
 access via the adjacent console. To do this, one must first pickpocket the
 cardkeys carried by Elder McNamara, Head Scribe Taggart and Head Paladin
 Hardin. [Even if one finished the BOS questline in favor of a new elder, the
 same people apply.] If one fails at pickpocketing, then one generally has to
 slay all Brothers instead, which also completes Caesar's will. Killing the
 elder makes everyone irrevocably hostile also, note.

 After unlocking the self-destruct terminal, the bunker is put into a state
 of hostility, dropping one's reputation considerably (if one started at
 Liked, which is typical for those who haven't done DLC, then it'll probably
 drop to Soft-Hearted Devil).

 The bunker won't explode until the player reaches the surface, at which point
 all BOS quests fail (including Veronica's "I Could Make You Care" companion
 quest), the player gets negative karma, and it's impossible to revisit the
 downstairs bunker again. Note that Veronica can still be used as a helper if
 one has Soft-Hearted Devil status.


 Although Moore said in no uncertain terms a peace agreement would fail, only
 on the NCR questline can one avoid destroying the Brotherhood. Doing this
 requires having completed "Still in the Dark" and having maintained a good
 reputation with the faction. Additionally, one CANNOT have ousted McNamara
 in favor of Hardin, or this option is bust from the get-go

 Inform Elder McNamara of the NCR's grisly intention and he'll extend an olive
 branch to Moore, saying the Brotherhood has no stake in Hoover Dam and would
 even be willing to aid the NCR in the upcoming fight. [Informing Moore of
 this option will make her cross, giving faction infamy instead of the usual

 The NCR leader, Aaron Kimball, is scheduled to arrive at Hoover Dam for a
 quick speech, and Moore fears the Legion will try to assassinate him during
 that small window. The colonel wants one to assist Ranger Grant in the center

 • This quest overlaps with "You'll Know It When It Happens," a major quest
   found in most questlines (shown below). The only difference here is Moore
   will personally meet the president on the helipad, escort him, and announce
   him at the podium.

 After the Kimball event is concluded (NCR fame or infamy given depending on
 result), Moore notifies the player that General Oliver wants to meet. This is
 the point of no return before the final battle -- agreeing to assist
 automatically takes the player to him, completing this quest in the meantime.

|¯\ |¯|¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯\_________________________________________
|  \) | |¯¯¯| |¯) )¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
|     | |   |  ¯ / WK2D | YOU'LL KNOW IT WHEN IT HAPPENS   |
| |\  | |___| |\ \______|__________________________________|
|_| )_|_____|_| \_)¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

 Client -: Mr. House or Yes Man [Lucky 38 on the Strip]
         : Colonel Moore [Hoover Dam]
 Prereq -: The House Always Wins V
 Precedes: Eureka! [NCR]
         : No Gods, No Masters [Yes Man]
         : The House Always Wins VII [Mr. House]
 Optional: No [Mr. House and NCR questlines], Yes [Yes Man questline]
 Missable: Yes [Kimball/Moore/Grant slain or NCR turned hostile]
 Reward -: 1000 XP

 Aaron Kimball is coming to the nearby dam to give a morale-boosting speech,
 and many big players (Mr. House, Yes Man, Colonel Moore) have stakes in his
 survival. Only on the Legion path does his death bring good spirits, but that
 is contained in the special "Arizona Killer" quest. [Since this quest is
 optional during Yes Man's path, one can end up failing it by simply ignoring
 the imposing danger to Kimball, i.e. doing El Dorado Substation stuff first.]

 Hoover Dam, the focal point of all questlines, is naturally spanning the
 Colorado River, east of Boulder City and the 188 Trading Post, and south of
 Lake Mead itself. Even if one hasn't explored the eastern reaches, the dam
 is easily noted on the world map, so it shouldn't be a problem.

 Once inside, find Ranger Grant; he'll want to start the timetable ASAP. 'Fore
 doing that, questioning him can earn full access (if one asks; this may be
 dependant on NCR reputation) and the president's itinerary. Grant doesn't have
 a specific task for one, so it's really just doing whatever's available. Begin
 the event when ready. [Waiting and fast-traveling can't be done while this
 is ongoing.]

 The 'security sweep' phase will end once one finds Grant on the observation
 deck and tells him it's time -- this cues the president's arrival, and locks
 down the rest of the dam, including the visitor center. There's actually three
 assassination attempts to foil here. I'll list 'em in order of importance.

 1) SNIPER: A little into Kimball's speech, one may witness someone toss the
    NCR sniper out of the watchtower directly behind the speaking platform.
    Inspecting the corpse before talking with the fake ranger allows one to
    bait him into hostility by asking to radio in the death. Once the guy's
    dead, radioing him in will make Grant cancel the speech, and Kimball will
    get to safety...assuming one foils the vertibird bomb below. [There's a
    small window to get there before the rangers come to escort Kimball away.]

    The sniper watchman being tossed from his tower is a scripted event. If
    one gets up there before the impostor arrives (right as Kimball takes the
    podium), the real ranger will likely kill him, preventing the catastrophe
    in full. Without the player's intervention, though, the sniper WILL pick
    off Kimball about halfway through the speech.

 2) EXPLOSIVES: This will take place on the landing pad. After the president's
    vertibird has landed, a fake engineer will plant a device on it and go
    down to the crowd. One can manually disarm the explosives with Repair or
    Explosives 50+, or pickpocket the man's redundant failsafe detonator.
    Reporting either of these findings to Grant will cut the speech short, but
    save Kimball's life. [The engy is scripted to put the bomb on the bird a
    little after Kimball exits, but if one detains him -- as by continuously
    engaging him in speech -- he may miss his window, not planting it at all!]
    If one cancels the speech, the rangers who escort Kimball may wind up
    staying atop the visitor center, carrying out the engy attack event after
    awhile.] To reach the rooftop, one must either have gotten full access
    from Grant earlier, pass Jensen's [Speech 50] check, or be dressed as an
    NCR engineer.

    Defusing the bomb prevents the vertibird from exploding during Kimball's
    egress. Pickpocketing just the detonator isn't good enough on its own, but
    informing Grant about it will defuse it in his security sweep.

 3) ENGINEER ASSASSIN: Hacking the 'average' computer in the visitor center
    and reading the duty roster reveals unauthorized access. This suggests a
    fake NCR among everyone, and is hinted at by two other clues (Allison
    Valentine in the visitor center mentioning her friend Ben hasn't shown;
    and a pool of blood in the visitor center supply closet, which can be
    inspected with INT 6+). Basically, putting two and two together equals
    an impostor engineer.

    This guy (who planted bomb) only attacks if his hand is forced. This is
    usually done by reporting threats to Grant, which requires having dealt
    with the threat (bomb, sniper) or providing proof (detonator).

    - Informing Grant about fake sniper
    - Informing Grant about detonator after pickpocketing it
    - Informing Grant of bomb after disabling it (w/o dealing with sniper)

    The assassin dies in all of these outcomes, and his demise means he can't
    detonate the vertibird bomb (since he has the detonator usually). If Grant
    sends rangers to detail him specifically, he'll end up killing one before
    the other slays him. If one calls in the sniper plot after foiling it, he
    bumrushes the stage to the same end. I've heard people mentions the engy
    will kill a veteran ranger, letting one get his NCR Ranger Combat Armor,
    but every time I've staged his attack, he always kills the normal ranger
    to Kimball's right.

 Note that getting too close to the stage (without NCR disguise), or causing
 a raucous disturbance which turns the NCR hostile, fails the mission. Also,
 leaving Hoover Dam after cuing the president's arrival will fail, too, and
 Kimball dies regardless of precautions one took. Sometimes when one disrupts
 the speech by nixing the attacking assassin, Grant refuses to (or, rather,
 can't) talk to the player from that time on. He'll be stuck in his angry
 "teeth-clenched face"!

 To hear the entire speech (with a funny microphone gaffe at the end), one
 must resolve the sniper and bomb situations without reporting to Grant. This
 doesn't affect the reward, however. Also, the president's vertibird can be
 destroyed. Shooting it on the helipad doesn't work; it has to be airborne
 to explode. When the vehicle flies off at the quest's conclusion, one can
 still spy it in the air over Boulder City. It's possible to snipe it out of
 the skies (watchtower's best), although this mostly a funny occurance, not
 a canon death sequence.

 Note that Kimball's death doesn't break any questlines. When the event's over,
 report back to Mr. House, Yes Man or Colonel Moore -- depending on the current

|¯\ |¯|¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯\_________________________________________
|  \) | |¯¯¯| |¯) )¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
|     | |   |  ¯ / WK2E | EUREKA!                          |
| |\  | |___| |\ \______|__________________________________|
|_| )_|_____|_| \_)¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

 Client -: General Oliver [Hoover Dam]
 Prereq -: For the Republic, Part 2
 Precedes: n/a
 Optional: no
 Missable: Yes [Moore killed or NCR questline broken]
 Reward -: 4000 XP

 Oliver will reveal his almighty strategy...right before its blown to pieces
 with a sudden intrusion of legionaries. The general tasks the player with
 reaching the Legate's camp before swiftly kicking one out the door. Outside,
 Mike Lawson (the dam's main engineer) will note that the intake pipes the
 enemy is using can be flooded, although a manual override from an upper tower
 may be necessary.

 Oliver's compound is in the southern most area of the power plant, so one
 must fight through the other three levels to surface. If one recruited the
 Brotherhood of Steel, they'll be assisting the fight in Plant 04 (starting
 point) and will follow the player somewhat, along with the normal troopers.
 [As usual, be careful about using explosives, as friendly fire will turn the
 helpers into enemies, and that can be dangerous in an extreme firefight! As
 the BOS is considerably heartier than the troopers, don't incur their wrath!]
 The opposition favors melee weapons, shotguns and assault rifle types (like
 marksman carbines).

 • OPTIONAL: Flood intake. To quell the insurgency by giving 'em a bloody,
   watery grind...err, grave, visit Plant 03. On the second floor's southern
   console, one can operate the overflow function (Science 65+)...but there's
   still blockage that must be manually cleared. Exit onto the dam's exterior
   (via Plant 04) and operate a tiny valve alongside the water -- this stops
   any further Legion platoons from spawning in the power plant area! [Don't
   forget to look in the water itself...looks like jambalaya :p] This entire
   optional part can be done even if one doesn't learn the method from Lawson.

 Each plant area contains major firefights with the Legion. However, if one
 did the optional portion, that cuts off reinforcements -- instead of several
 platoons in Plants 02 and 01 (including respawnables), there should only be
 1-2 fights per each. Speaking of Plant 01, access to Moore's office block is
 cut off, meaning one must go topside via the empty visitor center, a welcome

 On the dam's main road, though, the heat starts again. [The Great Khans will
 assist here if one convinced them to aid.] Each intake tower branching north
 acts as a Legion spawnpoint, spitting out more centurions to bother with. The
 low sandbag walls are in place in case one wants to have an old-fashioned
 shootout, although infiltrating the watchtowers (or any far-off point in
 general) can work for snipers and missile launchers.

 At road's end is a small checkpoint, normally inaccessible until the final
 mission. On the dam's east side, an NCR vet will ask how his team can assist
 the player -- sniping from a distance, follow as one advances, or retreat
 (no help). Passing a steep [Speech 85] check has them clear the street for
 the player. In any event, there's only two main conflicts on the east road --
 one near Intake Tower 03, one near the roadblock. A final enemy or two will
 be near the Legate's Camp gate. [The NCR vets won't come through, note.]

 As one expected, Lanius employs only the best -- his praetorian contingent
 is full of hand-to-hand specialists, typically using ballistic fists. Going
 in guns blazing can work, but carefully picking enemies off can work well,
 too. There's typically about 6-8 enemies to fight in this way [2 gate guards,
 1 camp guard, two watchtower guards, two "kitchen" guards, 1 Legate hill
 guard. Time of day may change things slightly.]

 Lanius' tent is prominently featured in the east, and the man himself will
 actually appear on the obscured road in-between (probably to reduce chance of
 one sniping him from afar in a pitiful anticlimax) with two praetorians. Only
 on this path does he kill two NCR Rangers before one meets him. The Legate
 can be spoken to before fighting, and talked out of his pursuits by passing
 successive speech "trees". [300 XP bonus to ending hostilities this way.]

 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯      ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
 • [Speech 55]                         • [Barter 55]
 • [Speech 65]                         • [Barter 75]
 • [Speech 75]                         • [Barter 90]
 • [Speech 85]                         • [Barter 75] or [Barter 100]
 • [Speech 100]                        • [Barter 100] or [Speech 100]
 • [Speech 100]                        TOTAL: 395 or 420 XP
 • [Speech 100]
 • [Speech 100]
 TOTAL: 680 XP

 Asking if Lanius is going to retreat (at end of "dissuade" path) causes him
 to rethink his strategy. Doing this opens up two different [Speech 80]
 checks -- a bluff and karma-dependent choice -- to initiate battle, only
 this time he won't use his praetorians. The other top options move toward a
 [Speech 100] clincher, finishing without bloodshed.

 Fighting the Legate is more than a lengthy pursuit. His only weapon is his
 massive bumper sword "Blade of the East" (starts off poisoned!) although if
 one destroys its durability, he'll forage for other nearby guns. Lanius also
 has a stock of grenades he'll throw as distractions while he runs away, and
 when his health gets low, he'll certainly do that (regardless of crippled
 limbs). If one has the shotgun-related "And Stay Back" perk, Lanius can be
 knocked down and relentlessly filled with buckshot, and the knockdowns will
 keep stacking. Coupled with chems like Psycho (damage +25%), even the Legate
 will fall quickly.

 Regarding his lackeys, he'll start out with two. As said above, passing the
 lengthy speech check tree can bait the Legate into attacking solo -- this'll
 also prevent any reinforcements from helping (what an honest guy!). However,
 if one can't pull a mano e mano fight, there's a nice supply of helpers,
 usually legionary vets who either attack while the Legate retreats, or sit
 on out-of-the-way cliffs to plink away. [They spawn even after clearing out
 the camp earlier, note.] These guys will remain even with the Legate lyin'
 dead, so having some explosives to clear 'em out helps a lot, especially if
 they've spawned clipping through a rock (known to happen).

 One way or another, after handling Lanius, it's time to exit. Trek to the
 gate and Oliver will bust in. [The "Hardcore" achievement is obtained at
 this time, if applicable.] Unlike the other questlines' closing, there's no
 surprise in store for the general, only a bit of talking before credits roll.
_______________________________________________/ CAESAR'S LEGION PATH [PTH3] |_
 Poster children for brutal efficiency, Caesar and his legionaries are the
 warlike tribe directly opposing the NCR for Hoover Dam's control. They lost
 the last fight there years prior, and now slowly lick their wounds across
 the river, waiting for another stab (literally!). However, they have very few
 friends in the Mojave, their tactics winning the disdain of all normal folk
 who know their habit of enslaving others...

 • Incur enough faction infamy after receiving Caesar's mark
 • Complete "The House Always Wins IV" (Mr. House)
 • Complete the Omertas segment of "For the Republic, Part 2" (NCR)

 When one breaks the Caesar questline, the faction reputation plummets to
 Vilified, and the legionary assassins will start showing up (again, if one
 was only saved from his anger by the Mark of Caesar).

|¯|   |¯¯¯¯¯|¯\ |¯|________________________________________
| |   | |¯¯\|  \) |¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
| |   | |(¯\|     | WK3A | RENDER UNTO CAESAR              |
| |___| |_) ) |\  |______|_________________________________|
|_____|_____|_| )_|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

 Client -: Vulpes Inculta or Alerio
 Prereq -: Complete "Ring-a-Ding-Ding!"
 Precedes: Et Tumor, Brute?
 Optional: no
 Missable: Yes [Legion questline broken]
 Reward -: 1000 XP, Legion fame

 Caesar's questline has very few quests, but the first one is a doozy, as it
 basically combines several minor tasks into one gigantic mission.

 Once "Ring-a-Ding-Ding!" is over, exit the Tops to find Vulpes Inculta (or,
 if one slew him at Nelson, his stand-in Alerio). He will convey that Caesar
 wishes to speak to the Courier, and gives the Mark of Caesar, an item that
 allows safe passage to Legion-controlled areas. This act also resets the
 player's Legion reputation to Neutral (a one-time occurance), essentially
 allowing the player to do Caesar's questline in full without being damned by
 previous transgressions.

 To reach Fortification Hill, the location where Caesar's compound is, visit
 Cottonwood Cove in the southeast, along the Colorado River's west bank. Here,
 speak to Cursor Lucullus near the raft to get the trip underway. [If the
 cursor dies, one can inspect the ferry to get there.]

 Once at Caesar's stronghold, a gate guard will force the player to disarm,
 not entirely unlike the casinos' policy. Keeping holdout weapons is still
 possible (Sneak 50+), and inquiring about banned items allows one to keep
 stims by passing the [Speech 35] check. The Platinum Chip will always be
 confiscated, regardless of progress on the House questline (or even if he's
 alive). Note that stealing the guard's key and opening the confiscated
 weapons lockers may fail the quest and turn everyone hostile.

 Caesar's tent can be found on the hilltop, watched over by praetorian guards.
 [Followers cannot accompany one inside, though.] Inside, Vulpes, Lucius and
 Caesar can be found; if Benny escaped here, he'll be kept as a hostage off to
 the side. The main man will rattle off the ways one fouled up his plans
 (dissolving the Great Khan alliance, finding the mole at McCarran, staging a
 coup against the Omertas, etc.). Yet, Caesar likes a person who gets results.

 Asking how one may serve the Legion (earns Legion fame) lets one know Caesar
 is eager for Mr. House to be nixed. An old building predating the encampment
 has doors that bear the Lucky 38's insignia, and Caesar's figured out that
 Platinum Chip opens those doors. He orders the player to do his bidding, and
 that's the end of that conversation! [Platinum Chip and access codes received
 at this time.]

 PART 1: Destroy Bunker
 The old building Caesar spoke of is the camp's western stretch, near an old
 comm tower. Inside, one's weapons are returned, and by inserting the chip in
 the lit-up console, a special door retracts. Proceed into the Securitron Vault
 (slightly radioactive) and speak with Mr. House. This may very well be the
 first time one speaks to him, in which case he'll comment on spurning his
 exclusive invitation. Whereas Caesar wants this place destroyed, House wants
 one to upload security data. [This officially adds "The House Always Wins II"
 if not attained previously, and also has the Barter 50 reward-increasing
 option found normally.]

 Down the hall, a small security station has computers (average and hard)
 that can cancel the turrets and protectrons' functionality, respectively. A
 plasma rifle and ammo, plus recon armor, can be found here as well. One must
 pick a master to follow to complete this mission; both options give 250 XP.

 • If Caesar: destroy the three power regulators found in antechambers across
   from one another. Doing this starts the vault's destruction, bumps rad
   levels up to 3-4/sec and fails both "The House Always Wins I" and "The House
   Always Wins II," or just the latter if one killed Benny at the Tops. The
   jammed door leading to sentrybots near the entrance also opens, and they'll
   be hostile!

 • If House: The farthest passageway leads to a room overlooking the vault.
   Uploading the Chip's data upgrades the securitrons to Mk. II. Note that
   this doesn't complete "The House Always Wins II" automatically, so if one
   destroys the power regulators, it can still fail. Otherwise, 1/s radiation
   remains constant, and the player can speak to House via the front terminal
   to be called back to Vegas (if one blew up his secret army, House can't be
   spoken to).

 After exiting, the weapons are reconfiscated before another talk with Caesar.
 He isn't very tech savvy, and if one allied with House, he'll assume the
 rumbling below was a sign everything was destroyed. Now, if Benny escaped,
 Caesar's additional reward is the task to his execution (500 XP, Machete,
 Legion fame):

 - Crucifixion (K-)
 - Fight in the arena (honorable combat with machetes)
 - Give him a bobby pin and Stealth Boy to escape
 - Brazenly untie him (K+, turns Legion hostile & fails Caesar questline)

 Benny insists on betraying House by staging a coup with Yes Man, knowing he
 probably won't make it out alive. If one installed the Gun Runners' Arsenal
 DLC, there is a specific challenge where one kills Benny with his own gun,
 Maria. One can steal it from him here (kinda hard; try a stealth boy). Note
 that the bobby-pin-and-stealth-boy option only appears when talking to him
 before going to the weather station, and usually has the same effect as just
 untying him.

 With that ring-a-ding rabblerouser out of the way, Caesar's next task is to
 kill Mr. House. [500 XP, Legion fame] If one really destroyed the securitron
 vault, then House's questline will have already failed, so his death won't
 impact much after...but if one's only duping Caesar (didn't destroy vault) a
 request like that forces the player to commit.

 Caesar will now start giving a laundry list of things to do to cement his
 place in the Mojave, not unlike the other questlines. If one has already done
 a task (say, killing Mr. House), it's skipped and the subsequent portion

 PART 2: Kill Mr. House
 Since this is a Legion walkthrough, we're goin' to kill House. Even if one
 never visited House, his Lucky 38 casino will be open -- but all securitrons
 inside will be hostile. Use the elevator to reach the penthouse, where one
 squares off with the remaining hostile bots (although they'll be wimpy MK I
 types if one destroyed House's vault). Near House's main penthouse terminal,
 operate the computer to enter his antechamber, then go into the control room.
 [At this stage, there's no Science 50 hacking requirement.] Finally, use
 the remaining computer to talk with House face to face, then put him out of
 his misery in the preferred fashion. Note that Caesar's orders are to kill
 House, but any option available on the computer will do the trick.

 Return to Caesar (100 XP) to get his next task: like most faction leaders, he
 immediately wants to recruit the Boomer tribe of Nellis AFB onto his side,
 thanks to their long-range artillery capabilities. If they're not interested
 in siding with him, they're to be destroyed -- simple.

 PART 3: Boomer Alliance
 Nellis AFB, the Boomers' home turf, is located in the NE part of the map,
 near Fields' Shack (SW) and Raul's Shack (far south). Approaching from the
 highway has an advantage, namely an NPC named George who will give one a
 map to reach their base safely -- it costs 300 caps, or 200 with a [Barter
 40] check. The reason one may come to harm is because they constantly fire
 howitzer mortar rounds at trespassers, making it quite a dangerous advance.

 George's map should lead one true, but bring stimpaks just in case. When one
 nears their border, they'll stop shelling, too. Speak to the gate guard, and
 after, Raquel, who'll whisk the player to their leader's (Mother Pearl) shack.
 Here one can start "Volare!" and get free access to the grounds. At this
 point, Caesar's olive branch can come into play.

 • RECRUIT: Pearl gladly gives her assistance...supposing "Volare!" is done.
   It's an enjoyable, albeit lengthy, quest, and it can't be completed through
   reputation boosts alone (otherwise one could sell scrap metal to Jack or
   missiles to Raquel and be done with it). Completing "Volare!" prior to 
   Caesar's request doesn't affect anything negatively -- it just saves time.

 • DESTROY: The two leaders, Mother Pearl and Loyal, can typically be found
   in her special quarters or the hangar, respectively. It's possible to
   stealthily slay each without faction loss, but the Boomers become hostile
   immediately and either's death fails "Volare!" immediately. If one starts
   the massacre at Idolized rank, it'll probably drop to Dark Hero 'fore it's
   finished. [Obviously, the Boomers can't help at Hoover Dam on this route.]

 Report back to Caesar. Telling him one previously won over the Boomers will
 impress him, earning Legion fame, something not attainable otherwise from
 this line of dialogue. The head honcho will suggest forming an alliance with
 the Strip's White Glove Society next. Caesar will brush off the headache he
 suddenly gets, although a [Medicine 40] check gives a little foreshadowing.

 • The NCR's "Don't Tread on the Bear!" warning quest will trigger at this
   time since it directly opposes the faction's "Things That Go Boom" quest.
   NCR infamy is also gained at this time, enough to drop one from Idolized to
   Good-Natured Rascal.

 PART 4: White Gloves
 Visit the Ultra-Luxe casino/resort on the Strip and talk with Marjorie -- she
 can usually be found in the Gourmand restaurant. She will immediately rebuff
 the suggestion, but one can speak with Mortimer (hotel reception desk)...to
 the same end. Caesar's blackmail scheme can only work if one completed the
 White Gloves' quest "Beyond the Beef" in favor of a return to cannibalism;
 if one already completed it another way, or killed some of the main players,
 then there's nothing left to do here.

 Report the success or failure to Caesar, and gab on three [Medical 40] checks
 when he has an absence seizure, if y'want. He'll manage to stammer about
 getting rid of the Brotherhood of Steel's chapter in Hidden Valley, roughly
 east of Goodsprings, SE of Sloan and south of Black Mountain. The bunker's
 entrance key is obtained free at this time.

 • The NCR's "Don't Tread on the Bear!" warning quest fails at this point, and
   any NCR-controlled location now has kill-on-sight orders.

 PART 5: Brotherhood of Steel
 Outside the main quest, one usually picks a Very Hard door to get in, but
 Caesar nixed that need. (Alternatively, if one recruited Veronica from the
 188 Trading Post along Highway 95, her presence will have a special effect.]

 • This portion overlaps with the main BOS quest "Still in the Dark," which
   one should look at for more info on the faction quests. One doesn't have
   to fully complete it, only gain access to the facility.

 Bringing Veronica is recommended since it excuses the need to prove one's
 loyalty to the Brotherhood, allowing one to roam around immediately. [One
 cannot strike a truce on Caesar's path, so destruction is required.]

 Caesar had no intel on this place, but the quest marker will lead one to a
 self-destruct terminal in the bunker's lowest level. It's requires Science
 100 to hack, though, so one usually has to use the secondary option: opening
 access via the adjacent console. To do this, one must first pickpocket the
 cardkeys carried by Elder McNamara, Head Scribe Taggart and Head Paladin
 Hardin. [Even if one finished the BOS questline in favor of a new elder, the
 same people apply.] If one fails at pickpocketing, then one generally has to
 slay all Brothers instead, which also completes Caesar's will. Killing the
 elder makes everyone irrevocably hostile also, note. If one's having trouble
 pickpocketing the elder, make the paladin door guards look elsewhere by
 initiating conversation.

 After unlocking the self-destruct terminal, the bunker is put into a state
 of hostility, dropping one's reputation considerably (if one started at
 Liked, which is typical for those who haven't done DLC, then it'll probably
 drop to Soft-Hearted Devil).

 The bunker won't explode until the player reaches the surface, at which point
 all BOS quests fail (including Veronica's "I Could Make You Care" companion
 quest), the player gets negative karma, and it's impossible to revisit the
 downstairs bunker again. Note that Veronica can still be used as a helper if
 one has Soft-Hearted Devil status. This threshold is especially important,
 considering paladins/scribes can follow the player out of the bunker before
 it explodes, resulting in a battle with more infamy.

 PART 6: Caesar's Health
 Tell Caesar the good news (1000 XP, Legion fame) and he'll want to have a
 private conversation. Naturally, this will be about his health. Passing a
 [Medicine 50] check can diagnose him with a brain tumor, and a [Speech 60]
 check for the laughable intra-cranial blastoma fibrolosis. Use the follow-up
 [Medicine 75] or [Speech 65] check, and Caesar will send one off during the
 overlapping "Et Tumor, Brute?" quest. [See the section below for details.]

 After completing that quest, Caesar (or Lucius, if Caesar died) will give
 the next quest, Arizona Killer, automatically. If one killed Caesar but
 couldn't talk Lucius out of his rage, the questline breaks at this point
 and the Legion becomes irreparably hostile.

 PART 7: Assassinate President Kimball
 "Arizona Killer" is unique to the Legion questline, and the flipside to the
 "You'll Know It When It Happens" quest found in all others. The objective is
 to kill the president during his speech, further demoralizing the opposing
 faction. [See "Arizona Killer" section for more details.]

 Once the quest is completed or failed, return to the Fort -- be careful not
 to wear the NCR disguise! Caesar will show disappointment in one's failure
 (Legion infamy) or praise one, handing out the final mission.

 PART 8: Assault on Hoover Dam
 Agreeing to assist Lanius in the final battle, and going past the point of
 no return handed by Caesar (or Lucius), teleports one to the Legate's camp.
 As per usual, there's no fast-traveling or waiting available since the event
 has started. Enter Lanius' tent to speak to the warlord himself, which will
 end "Render Unto Caesar" officially, and soon start "Veni, Vidi, Vici". [On
 a side note, this is the only time one can enter the legate's tent...grisly
 in there...]

|¯|   |¯¯¯¯¯|¯\ |¯|________________________________________
| |   | |¯¯\|  \) |¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
| |   | |(¯\|     | WK3B | ET TUMOR, BRUTE?                |
| |___| |_) ) |\  |______|_________________________________|
|_____|_____|_| )_|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

 Client -: Caesar [The Fort]
 Prereq -: Render Unto Caesar
 Precedes: Arizona Killer
 Optional: no
 Missable: Yes [Legion questline broken]
 Reward -: 1000 XP (Caesar dies)
         : 1000 XP, Legion fame, 10 Legion Aureus (Caesar cured)
         : 1100 XP, Legion fame, 10 Legion Aureus, 3 Stimpaks, negative karma

 Congratulations on becoming Caesar's physician! His noggin ain't quite right
 and it's time to operate. A Doctor's Bag is required, although mentioning
 his auto-doc reveals its diagnostic scanning module -- necessary for surgical
 procedures -- is nonexistent. He mentions a vault near Nellis AFB is full of
 ghouls and may house a clinic with the spare part.

 • There is a second option available only if Arcade Gannon is the current
   companion, prior to Caesar's private conversation. Saying "there may be
   another option" allows one to mention Arcade's medical expertise, and that
   he could be sold as a slave. Doing this finishes the quest immediately,
   earns Legion fame and negative karma, and prevents Arcade from ever being a
   companion again. The option to finish the quest this way disappears after
   the conversation ends, however.

 Finding a Doctor's Bag shouldn't be too hard -- most clinicians carry them,
 and there's plenty to find in NCR camps like Bitter Springs, Camp Golf and
 Camp McCarran. Dr. Usunagi at the New Vegas Medical Clinic (near Crimson
 Caravan's branch) sells them, too.

 Vault 31, the real destination, is located southeast of the Vegas Strip, in
 the mountains past the farmland. It's quite apparent something's wrong as
 the entrance is irradiated, and the inside mirrors that -- so bring some
 appropriate supplies (Rad-X, Rad-Away, maybe rad-resisting equipment). This
 place acts as a golden gecko warren, too, so prepare for 'em!

 • This quest overlaps with the NCR-related "Hard Luck Blues," which has one
   explore this same vault. Think about starting it before comin' here.

 Through the entry cave, one finds this place is indeed overrun by ghouls,
 and thankfully, the search should be brief -- even more so if one previously
 killed the ghouls here, since they don't respawn. The first interior is a
 3-level structure, and the clinic near the southern corridor (leads to
 overseer's room, which we don't need to visit for Caesar). One couldn't
 strip the auto-doc until this mission, but now that we're here, pluck the
 module and hightail it outta this dump.

 Bring a Doctor's Bag (won't be confiscated by gate guard) and the Automatic
 Surgical Unit back to Caesar, only to find he's slipped into a coma. [Caesar
 can't be pickpocketed in this state, although one can use the Mister Sandman
 perk to kill him.] Install the chip, then proceed! Note that Medicine 75 or
 LCK 9+ is needed to cure el capitan.

 • CURE: Caesar should pop right up and run to the player, compensating one
   for the travel expenses. [The same payment is received if Arcade was sold
   into slavery.] Then, right back to his gruff ol' self!

 • KILL: One can rig the surgery so Caesar dies in the process, finishing the
   quest immediately. An angry Lucius will say the player is at fault, and
   using a [Medicine 50] or [Speech 50] check, he can be calmed. This is the
   only method in the questline by which Caesar can die but the questline
   remains intact -- other options lead to physical confrontation and the
   accompanying Legion infamy. [Caesar carries unique titular armor which
   gives +5 Speech & Survival.]

 Supposing Caesar was cured, or Lucius talked down from his rage, he will
 give the next quest through dialogue as soon as the player agrees.

|¯|   |¯¯¯¯¯|¯\ |¯|________________________________________
| |   | |¯¯\|  \) |¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
| |   | |(¯\|     | WK3C | ARIZONA KILLER                  |
| |___| |_) ) |\  |______|_________________________________|
|_____|_____|_| )_|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

 Client -: Caesar or Lucius [The Fort]
 Prereq -: Et Tumor, Brute?
 Precedes: Veni, Vidi, Vici
 Optional: no
 Missable: Yes [Cato Hostilius slain or Legion questline broken]
 Reward -: 1000 XP, Legion fame

 The quest giver tells the player to visit Cato Hostilius, a frumentari camped
 near Hoover Dam (a little SW of the Fort, near Boulder City). Be mindful of
 the NCR's dislike for oneself -- that is, don't travel to Hoover Dam itself.
 Approaching from Boulder City is usually save enough, supposing there's no
 gate guard nearby (shouldn't be if one resolved "Boulder City Showdown").

 Cato's encampment is a bit south of the radio tower landmarking the hills.
 He will remark on the player being a woman (if applicable) before reminding
 one of the tight schedule. Saying one's ready puts one on that schedule,
 fast-forwarding to the next morning and preventing the player from waiting.

 Before leaving, Cato can tell about his findings. Kimball is scheduled to
 arrive in the afternoon, give a speech, then quickly exit. There's rangers
 around Kimball's platform, including the gruff Ranger Grant, who he suggests
 staying away from. Kimball's itinerary and the NCR deployment rosters are
 unknown to Cato, but finding one could help nail down the specifics. He also
 has no assassination advice, although he will give the player a vertibird
 bomb by passing an [Explosives 50] check. This can also be pickpocketed or
 looted from his corpse -- he's surprisingly not vital to the mission itself.

 After putting on the NCR Trooper Armor disguise, approach the dam (Cato will
 have run ahead) for surveillance. As noted earlier, the faction disguise can
 fool some generic soldiers, but the trained rangers (and their dogs) won't
 buy it -- they turn hostile when one gets too close, screwing everything up.
 In any case, speaking to Cato in the crowd kickstarts Kimball's arrival.

 There's plenty of ways to bump off the chief:

 • Just shoot him! If he's safely landed and taken the stage, there's plenty
   of adequate sniper's spots, such as the visitor center roof or watchtower
   behind him (both contain a ranger, however). Alternately, he can be dropped
   from the craggy SW cliffs near the entry road -- unsneaky characters may
   want a long trajectory like this.

 • Just shoot the vertibird! Attacking it while it's in flight causes it to
   rapidly descend, exploding somewhere nearby -- it takes a few shots for
   this to happen. Attacking the grounded 'bird on the helipad causes it to
   explode shortly after, and makes the president (and his 2 bodyguards) seek
   shelter in the visitor center's upstairs saferoom. The door may be locked if
   not previously picked; the key to it is in Colonel Moore's desk in the
   office block.

 • Sabotage the gun control board -- this is located on the observation deck
   near the visitor center's north (outdoor) exit. With Science 50+, one can
   program the massive AA gun to pick the vertibird out of the air; or, with
   Repair 50+, remotely rig the same gun for a mid-speech detonation. Note
   that the gun reprogramming option will work during Kimball's entrance OR
   exit, potentially making it the quickest death. [NCR soldiers don't become
   hostile at this action either.] In some ways, the rigged bomb is preferable
   since it takes out everyone onstage, including the veteran rangers (carrying
   spiffy combat armor) who would otherwise stay near Kimball's body. Speaking
   of which, the president carries a titular suit giving +5 Speech.

 • Sabotage the vertibird flight controls. This can only be done by hacking
   the computer (Average) in the visitor center, learning that there's a
   problem with Kimball's craft. This unlocks the option (also on computer)
   to tamper with it. With this path picked, the vertibird's egress will have
   the propeller fall off, causing it to crash near Boulder City.

 • Plant a bomb on the vertibird. Naturally, this requires having gotten the
   device from Cato, and the vertibird has arrived already. Since the center's
   interior staircase is locked, one has to get roof access via the outdoor
   ladder. However, the on-duty officer (Jensen) won't permit people just
   anybody through -- trying to do so anyway turns him hostile. Instead, find
   an NCR Engineer Jumpsuit in the center's supply closet area (must steal it).

   When the vertibird arrives, inspect it to set the explosive, then watch it
   plummet in flames when Kimball leaves. Do note that Ranger Grant and a 2nd
   ranger patrol the ladder and roof area, respectively, so a little luck and
   good timing helps. [Sneak as much as possible at any rate.]

 Allowing Kimball to escape fails the quest, but there's other less obvious
 ways to do so. Spooking the NCR before Kimball even arrives fails the quest, 
 and this can be one even by drawing a weapon whilst hidden. [This only spooks
 Kimball if he's already arrived, making him return to his copter, though it
 still screws things up if one picked the exploding gun method.] Approaching
 the stage during the mission, or leaving the dam after starting Cato's event,
 is automatic failure, too.

 The president's demise completes the mission successfully (NCR infamy if
 seen), although failing this quest doesn't screw up "Render Unto Caesar,"
 miraculously -- Caesar will forgive the player this one time in light of past
 services. In any case, the Legion's great leader will allow the player to
 join Lanius in the dam's final assault, supposing one is ready.

|¯|   |¯¯¯¯¯|¯\ |¯|________________________________________
| |   | |¯¯\|  \) |¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
| |   | |(¯\|     | WK3D | VENI, VIDI, VICI                |
| |___| |_) ) |\  |______|_________________________________|
|_____|_____|_| )_|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

 Client -: Caesar or Lucius [The Fort]
 Prereq -: Render Unto Caesar
 Precedes: n/a
 Optional: no
 Missable: Yes [Legion questline broken]
 Reward -: n/a

 During the meeting with Lanius, one learns he thinks the NCR chain of command
 a weakness -- one that can be punctuated with General Oliver's timely demise.
 Agreeing to drop the hammer starts the quest officially and kicks one out of
 the legate's tent. The camp itself has little of worth, although if one wanted
 to go full legionary, there's plenty of machetes that aren't marked as owned.

 Exit via the west gate to reach the dam's east side, the one not normally
 accessible until the final quest. The entry road will have sandbag barriers
 where troopers hide, many armed with sniper rifles. After clearing a few
 roadblocks, legionary reinforcements will stream in from the intake towers
 on the north side. [Speaking of which, the light-armored, machete-wielding
 helpers one gets in this quest aren't very effective unless swarming, so
 don't count on them to do too much. Also, attacking them turns 'em hostile,
 so try not to fight both fronts with careless explosives use, eh?]

 In the abandoned checkpoint, a decanus will mention the western side is much
 more fortified thanks to snipers, and that the reinforcements were beaten
 back and secured in the intake towers. Assisting here is optional, although
 as the legionary says, the help will mean more allies to plow through the
 NCR grunts. If one wishes, eliminate the two snipers and then release the
 intake tower's maintenance hatch via the interior console. Doing the latter
 will have a centurion report, and one can have him focus his men on the dam
 top or power plant, with a [Speech 60] and [Speech 80] check, respectively.

 The upper dam's fighting should be thinned, although some rangers will have
 taken a fortified position near the visitor center. It's the power plant
 that's really the destination at this point, though, but there's only one
 way to get in there (now that the watchtower elevator's disabled): visitor
 center access. Only a few power armor users, though.

 Once in the plant, a player need only head south through the lower doors,
 toward Oliver's compound after Power Plant 4. [Feel free to leave the legwork
 to the legionaries...they're disposable after all!] Power Plant 02 contains
 veteran NCR rangers, though, and they can prove a better challenge than the
 lightly-armored generics seen thus far, and perhaps superior armor to one's
 own. [They carry Brush Guns, usually.]

 Entering automatically starts a dialogue with Oliver, who says he won't let
 the dam fall. It's recommended to save before doing this, as one can end the
 battle with a [Speech 50] and [Speech 100] check. Failing that, though, there
 isn't a choice other than a gunfight!

 The compound is an old office block, with upturned desks and the naturally
 dense cubicle structure turning it into a maze -- not to mention the force
 barriers erected by Oliver. He'll let loose some lackeys before retreating
 deeper east with his bodyguards. This means that stealthy characters who're
 put at a disadvantage in a straight fight can eventually return to shadowy
 assassinations when the first batch is dead.

 Directly above the first battle site is another office block, although it'll
 begin empty. It's filled with bear traps and rigged shotguns, plus veteran
 NCR rangers who enter from the far west staircase. [They may set off some of
 the traps themselves, though, laughably.] Although the rangers can't be
 stripped of their spiffy armor, they may carry an abnormal amount of stimpak
 and medicine types (I found 10 Super Stimpaks on one!).

 On the third and final level, Oliver and his 5 heavy armor subordinates will
 inhabit the hallways -- they must all be slain. The formidable foes all carry
 miniguns, light machine guns and/or super sledges -- needless to say, stealth
 approaches work very well, although any weapon that deals extra damage versus
 power armor types (Pulse Grenades, zap gloves, Old World Blues' protonic
 axes, etc.) can be a useful hedge.

 With the job done (bloodshed or surrender), exit the compound to finish this
 questline. Congrats...the Legion controlls the Mojave... Hooray...?
_______________________________________________________/ YES MAN PATH [PTH4] |_
 The "Yes Man" path is last of the major paths, and acts as an independant
 course of action. The NCR, Legion and Mr. House paths all have points of no
 return, where finishing a quest or doing a certain action will permanently
 prevent furthering their opposition's questline -- the Yes Man path doesn't
 have that. In short, its existence is to ensure that there's always a way to
 finish the main quest. [Made all the more obvious by the fact that Yes Man
 cannot be permanently slain; he respawns in Benny's suite if "killed".]

 Yes Man is the securitron Benny had reprogrammed to be super-friendly, and
 can be found in Benny's 13th-floor suite at his Tops casino.

 • none

|¯| |¯|¯¯¯¯¯|/¯¯¯¯|________________________________________
| |_| | [¯¯¯(  (¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
|_   _|  _]  \_ ¯\  WK4A | WILD CARD: ACE IN THE HOLE      |
  | | | [___ __)  )______|_________________________________|
  |_| |_____|____/¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

 Client -: Yes Man [The Tops Casino on the Strip]
 Prereq -: n/a
 Precedes: Wild Card: Change in Management -and- Wild Card: Side Bets
 Optional: Yes
 Missable: Yes [Talk with Yes Man before obtaining Platinum Chip]
 Reward -: 100 XP

 This is a minor introductory quest to the independant questline, added only
 by eliminating Benny before searching his 13th-floor Tops suite. [If one
 already unlocked the "Change in Management" and "Side Bets" Wild Card quests,
 this won't be obtained.] Speaking to Yes Man reveals Benny was trying to
 stage a coup against House; inquiring how oneself would take over the reins
 of that operation, then learning the details, completes the quest. This
 automatically unlocks the "Change in Management" and "Side Bets" quests.

|¯| |¯|¯¯¯¯¯|/¯¯¯¯|________________________________________
| |_| | [¯¯¯(  (¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
|_   _|  _]  \_ ¯\  WK4B | WILD CARD: CHANGE IN MANAGEMENT |
  | | | [___ __)  )______|_________________________________|
  |_| |_____|____/¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

 Client -: Yes Man [The Tops on the Strip]
 Prereq -: Wild Card: Ace in the Hole (or talk with Yes Man prior)
 Precedes: Wild Card: You and What Army?
 Optional: yes
 Missable: no
 Reward -: 600 XP, Legion infamy

 Like "Side Bets" above, this quest begins after talking with Yes Man, and
 similar to all other questlines, one of the first tasks is bumping off Mr.
 House, Vegas' ruler, holed up at the Lucky 38. This can be started quite
 early, 'fore even visiting House for the first time (in fact, Yes Man will
 say it's quite a shame to use his open invitation against him, haha).

 The Lucky 38 is right inside the Strip, and Victor will open the way forward,
 both at the front door and inner lift, leading to House's penthouse. As one
 may know, to overthrow House, one must first get access to him -- this is
 done by hacking the Hard computer near his main terminal, gaining access to
 his secret chamber, then hacking another Hard computer to reach his sanctum.
 [This naturally turns him and his robos hostile, and fails his questline.] As
 one is here on Yes Man's business, however, there's no need for the hacking.
 Upstairs, use the computer to talk with House, then pick any of the options
 on the same computer. One can shoot him, too, although that gives negative
 karma. Also, eliminating House makes his other robots docile, and unlocks the
 presidential suite immediately.

 When the city's overlord is vanquished, AND one has the Platinum Chip, tell
 Yes Man he can move over to the Lucky 38. Meet him at the casino's penthouse
 for a scene, then the demonstration scene typically reserved for when one
 brings House the chip. [Yes Man's POV commentary is far funnier, though.] The
 quest automatically finishes after seeing all securitrons upgraded to have
 missile and grenade launchers.

 • NOTE: Finishing this mission in Yes Man's favor triggers both Legion and
   NCR's "point of no return" quests, "Beware the Wrath of Caesar!" and "Don't
   Tread on the Bear!" respectively. This means that the next time one aids
   Yes Man, the noted factions' questlines automatically fail, since it'll be
   clear where one's allegiances lie. If one previously finished a Yes Man
   quest, then said missions fail at this time.

|¯| |¯|¯¯¯¯¯|/¯¯¯¯|______ _________________________________
| |_| | [¯¯¯(  (¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
|_   _|  _]  \_ ¯\  WK4C | WILD CARD: SIDE BETS            |
  | | | [___ __)  )______|_________________________________|
  |_| |_____|____/¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

 Client -: Yes Man [The Tops on the Strip]
 Prereq -: Wild Card: Ace in the Hole (or talk with Yes Man prior)
 Precedes: Wild Card: Finishing Touches
 Optional: yes
 Missable: no
 Reward -: n/a

 Our robot pal's Side Bets quest is an analog to the other questline's faction
 work quests (middle half of House's "The House Always Wins" and Caesar's
 "Render Unto Caesar" quests, plus NCR's "For the Republic, Part 2"). This is
 basically an "official" quest to investigate some of the other Mojave players,
 doing their quests under the guise of this one.

 There are five groups Yes Man suggests visiting, which basically means doing
 their related quest(s). However, completing the quests is optional -- one
 only has to start them, which allows one to have Yes Man summarily ignore
 the possible threats. The overview is...
  ______________________ _______________________ ____________________________
 | FACTION              | LOCATION              | RELATED QUEST              |
 | Omertas              | Gomorrah Casino       | How Little We Know         |
 | Boomers              | Nellis Air Force Base | Volare!                    |
 | Great Khans          | Red Rock Canyon       | Oh My Papa                 |
 | White Glove Society  | Ultra-Luxe Casino     | Beyond the Beef            |
 | Brotherhood of Steel | Hidden Valley         | Still in the Dark          |

 To ignore a group, one typically has to speak to a person representing the
 group. For example, if one wanted to ignore "Beyond the Beef" but hadn't
 been to the Ultra-Luxe yet, talking to Marjorie would unlock the option the
 option in Yes Man's dialogue. [Ignore options are marked as optional in the
 quest log; make sure to use it if you're wondering which ones to skip!] If
 one already completed the quests, though, that option overrides the normal
 dismissive one that occurs.

 After dealing with all five factions, the quest automatically finishes.

 • NOTE: Finishing this mission in Yes Man's favor triggers both Legion and
   NCR's "point of no return" quests, "Beware the Wrath of Caesar!" and "Don't
   Tread on the Bear!" respectively. This means that the next time one aids
   Yes Man, the noted factions' questlines automatically fail, since it'll be
   clear where one's allegiances lie. If one previously finished a Yes Man
   quest, then said missions fail at this time.

|¯| |¯|¯¯¯¯¯|/¯¯¯¯|________________________________________
| |_| | [¯¯¯(  (¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
|_   _|  _]  \_ ¯\  WK4D | WILD CARD: YOU AND WHAT ARMY?   |
  | | | [___ __)  )______|_________________________________|
  |_| |_____|____/¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

 Client -: Yes Man [Lucky 38 on the Strip]
 Prereq -: Wild Card: Change in Management
 Precedes: Wild Card: Finishing Touches
 Optional: yes
 Missable: no
 Reward -: 750 XP

 After installing Yes Man into the Lucky 38's computer network, talking with
 Yes Man again automatically gives this quest, which is a sister quest to
 House's "The House Always Wins II," and overlaps with "Render Unto Caesar,"
 since one needs to complete the first portion of that to gain access to the
 Fort. [This is done by visiting Cottonwood Cove along the Colorado's western
 bank, in the map's SE area, then talking with Cursor Lucullus to visit.]

 Once there, weapons and chems are confiscated, although passing a [Speech 30]
 check allows one to keep the latter, and Sneak 50+ allows holdout weapons.
 Visit Caesar's tent on the hilltop to hear about one's anti-Legion exploits,
 then learn he wants (read: demands) one infiltrate House's bunker nearby and
 destroy whatever's inside. [Picking "how may I serve the Legion, Caesar?"
 gives Legion fame.] It's possible to leave the Fort at this time, but the
 Chip will stay here until Caesar's bidding is done.

 In any case, mosey to the derelict weather station on the fort's western
 slope -- here, one regains any confiscated weapons, and can enter the lower
 vault by putting the chip in a side panel. It's slightly irradiated around
 here, though (1r/s), and the protectrons and turrets are innately hostile.
 They can be shut off in a security room near the first stairway, by hacking
 an Average and Hard terminal, respectively.

 To carry out Yes Man's will, one must go the length of the vault and install
 the Platinum Chip into the west room's console. [By contrast, destroying the
 three power generators in the previous room's antechambers will destroy this
 place.] The quest completes successfully after performing one of those two

 After having the weapons reconfiscated, speak with Caesar or fast-travel back
 to Vegas.

|¯| |¯|¯¯¯¯¯|/¯¯¯¯|________________________________________
| |_| | [¯¯¯(  (¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
|_   _|  _]  \_ ¯\  WK4E | WILD CARD: FINISHING TOUCHES    |
  | | | [___ __)  )______|_________________________________|
  |_| |_____|____/¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

 Client -: Yes Man [Lucky 38 on the Strip]
 Prereq -: Wild Card: Side Bets
 Precedes: No Gods, No Masters
 Optional: Yes
 Missable: no
 Reward -: 500 XP

 After rounding out the players in "Side Bets," Yes Man notifies the player
 that he's intercepted an NCR transmission stating President Aaron Kimball
 will be speaking at Hoover Dam -- and there's an 87.5% likelihood of him
 being assassinated. House ran the numbers and it checks out, so Yes Man
 suggests helping the NCR

 • This begins the main NCR quest "You'll Know It When It Happens," which is
   shared with this and the House's questline. In those it's mandatory; here,
   it's optional. [If the player is on shaky ground with the NCR already, this
   part won't be given out.] Otherwise, check section [WK2D]

 The mandatory part of this quest is similar to "The House Always Wins VII"
 in that one is to install an override module at the El Dorado Substation, a
 small electrical plant north of HELIOS One (north of Novac, along Highway 95).

 This is an NCR-controlled area and trespassing isn't permitted, even for
 friends, so one typically has to wait for a good time (such as when most are
 on patrol) or stealthily creep past the sleeping troopers (they have backs to
 lit-up areas). Stealthy characters can disregard the number of enlisted men
 here, though.

 The target is the console in the back, which allows one to power Yes Man's
 substation. This gives NCR infamy and, if one hadn't helped Kimball yet,
 fails "You'll Know It When It Happens". Either way, report back at the Lucky

 At this point, Yes Man announces the Legion's massing its army at Hoover Dam
 in preparation to attack. Agreeing to go there starts the final battle, so
 if one has other things to do, now's the time. [Going there automatically
 completes this quest.]

|¯| |¯|¯¯¯¯¯|/¯¯¯¯|______ _________________________________
| |_| | [¯¯¯(  (¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
|_   _|  _]  \_ ¯\  WK4F | YOU'LL KNOW IT WHEN IT HAPPENS  |
  | | | [___ __)  )______|_________________________________|
  |_| |_____|____/¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

 Client -: Yes Man [Lucky 38 on the Strip]
 Prereq -: Wild Card: Side Bets
 Precedes: No Gods, No Masters
 Optional: yes
 Missable: yes [NCR questline broken or El Dorado Substation visited first]
 Reward -: 1000 XP

 Yes Man's suggestion to prevent Aaron Kimball's assassination at Hoover Dam
 starts this mission concurrently with "Wild Card: Finishing Touches". In the
 NCR and Mr. House questlines, doing this quest is mandatory; here, it's just
 an afterthought. [Yes Man can't force the player to do anything -- he's too
 easy-going!] Since this is an overlapping mission, check section [WK2D] for
 full details.

 Note that this quest fails if one installs the chip at the El Dorado station
 first, since the bodyguard suggestion was optional in the first place. This
 failure condition is unique to this questline.

|¯| |¯|¯¯¯¯¯|/¯¯¯¯|______ _________________________________
| |_| | [¯¯¯(  (¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
|_   _|  _]  \_ ¯\  WK4G | NO GODS, NO MASTERS             |
  | | | [___ __)  )______|_________________________________|
  |_| |_____|____/¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

 Client -: Yes Man [Lucky 38 on the Strip]
 Prereq -: Wild Card: Finishing Touches
 Precedes: n/a
 Optional: yes
 Missable: no
 Reward -: n/a

 Upon arrival, this quest begins officially. One should consider Yes Man's
 method of attack:

 • Destroying the dam's generators, making it useless in general
 • Rerouting power to the securitron army underneath Fortification Hill

 However, that's putting the cart before the horse -- first, one must install
 an override chip in the plant's control room, giving Yes Man command of the
 dam's systems. The Securitron Mk II helper one starts with reminds one of
 this fact! Assisting the NCR fight the Legion centurions atop the dam isn't
 required, as one can simply enter the plant via the visitor center. [Helping
 the NCR can give some decent loot from the legionaries, such as Marksman
 Carbines. Just note the NCR will turn hostile on a player/helper committing
 friendly fire, so keep those explosives in check. Also, fighting all three
 battles topside increases the chance the Securitron is destroyed.]

 Anyway, the destination is dam offices, accessible via the visitor center
 (then through Power Plant 01) or directly from the upper watchtowers. The
 fighting here is minimal, but there's another problem: two heavy troopers
 won't allow anyone in the control room, and turn hostile on those who try.
 Stealthily slaying them works (I recommend high explosives), although the
 diplomatic players can pass a [Speech 75] to dupe them into "rescuing" the

 Installing the chip will present an automatic conversation with Yes Man about
 the two major choices, so save first if you're unsure (or want to later try
 the other option).

 • SECURITRON ARMY: Power is given to the bots below Fortification Hill, and
   they'll help in a future segment.

 • GENERATOR DESTRUCTION: Yes Man will rig the dam's generators to blow, but
   leaves the switch-flipping to the Courier. Find said switch in Power Plant
   01, and ignite those suckers! This gives NCR infamy and turns the dam's
   troopers hostile, though, not to mention the visitor center lift is blocked
   so one must traverse the office block again to leave.

 Return topside to emerge on the dam's barricaded east side, crawling with
 centurions (many with anti-materiel rifles and chainsaws). Another securitron
 helper spawns here, and with the other few securitrons near an east roadblock,
 everyone will drive the legionaries back with missile/grenade bursts. It's
 quite embarrassing, really...for them, that is. At road's end is the entrance
 to the Legate's camp -- the player may enter, but the securitrons will stay.
 As one expected, Lanius' soldiers are praetorians, hand-to-hand specialists
 that usually have ballistic fists and such. A Rambo-style break-in will get
 everyone's attention and while it may be tempting, sniping stragglers makes
 the inevitable showdown at least six bodies fewer. [1 road guard, 2 in the
 watchtowers, two near "kitchen" area, one near brahmin pen.]

 Lanius' tent is prominently featured in the east, and the man himself will
 actually appear on the obscured road in-between (probably to reduce chance of
 one sniping him from afar in a pitiful anticlimax) with two praetorians. He
 can be spoken to before fighting, and talked out of his pursuits by passing
 successive speech "trees". [300 XP bonus to ending hostilities this way.]

 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯      ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
 • [Speech 55]                         • [Barter 55]
 • [Speech 65]                         • [Barter 75]
 • [Speech 75]                         • [Barter 90]
 • [Speech 85]                         • [Barter 75] or [Barter 100]
 • [Speech 100]                        • [Barter 100] or [Speech 100]
 • [Speech 100]                        TOTAL: 395 or 420 XP
 • [Speech 100]
 • [Speech 100]
 TOTAL: 680 XP

 Near the end of the "dissuade" dialogue, asking if Lanius is going to retreat
 will have him rethink his exit. During this, two different [Speech 80] checks
 -- one karma-dependent, the other a bluff -- will initiate battle, with the
 Legate calling off his lackeys. Telling him there's victory in wisdom, or
 that one doesn't think s/he's seen the last of him, offers the [Speech 100]
 clincher to finish without bloodshed.

 Fighting the Legate is more than a lengthy pursuit. His only weapon is his
 massive bumper sword "Blade of the East" (starts off poisoned!) although if
 one destroys its durability, he'll forage for other nearby guns. Lanius also
 has a stock of grenades he'll throw as distractions while he runs away, and
 when his health gets low, he'll certainly do that (regardless of crippled
 limbs). If one has the shotgun-related "And Stay Back" perk, Lanius can be
 knocked down and relentlessly filled with buckshot, and the knockdowns will
 keep stacking. Coupled with chems like Psycho (damage +25%), even the Legate
 will fall quickly.

 Regarding his lackeys, he'll start out with two. As said above, passing the
 lengthy speech check tree can bait the Legate into attacking solo -- this'll
 also prevent any reinforcements from helping (what an honest guy!). However,
 if one can't pull a mano e mano fight, there's a nice supply of helpers,
 usually legionary vets who either attack while the Legate retreats, or sit
 on out-of-the-way cliffs to plink away. [They spawn even after clearing out
 the camp earlier, note.] These guys will remain even with the Legate lyin'
 dead, so having some explosives to clear 'em out helps a lot, especially if
 they've spawned clipping through a rock (known to happen). Also, if one beats
 Lanius one on one, the helpers end up joining in anyway -- shucks.

 One way or another, after handling Lanius, it's time to exit. Make for the
 camp gate and the NCR will make a "timely" entrance. General Oliver will
 show wonder at the player's carnage, then restrained anger when one hands
 him NCR surrender terms. There's one large [Speech 100] check at the end
 to settle things wholely in Yes Man's favor, and without bloodshed, although
 there's no other options to give Oliver a piece of the pie. [There IS the
 hilarious option to throw Oliver off the dam in a tiny cutscene, though, so
 this path's dialogue isn't without hilarity.]

 If one wants to fight Oliver and his veteran squad, that's fine too -- in
 fact, in some ways, it may be preferred! The securitron army will make short
 work of the guys, allowing one to collect multiple copies of the NCR Ranger
 Combat Armor everyone likes, plus Oliver's special cap and outfit. Not that
 it matters much at this point, but that's one way to punctuate the NCR's
 utter defeat, eh?

IV. MISCELLANEOUS QUESTS                                                 [MSCL]
 Like any good Bethesda RPG, there's a metric crap-ton of side quests to do.
 These are "miscellaneous" since they don't directly impact the main quest,
 nor are they immediately affiliated with the factions (although some may give
 faction-related fame/infamy). Only the official sidequests are listed in this
 section, i.e. the ones that appear in the Pip-Boy's quest log.

 Note that Honest Hearts and Old World Blues sidequest XP rewards depend on
 one's level, and thus can reach ridiculous levels as one nears LV50.

 A Valuable Lesson ...................................................... MQ01
 Aba Daba Honeymoon ..................................................... MQ02
 Ant Misbehavin' ........................................................ MQ03
 Anywhere I Wander ...................................................... MQ04
 Back In Your Own Backyard .............................................. MQ05
 Beyond the Beef ........................................................ MQ06
 Beware the Wrath of Caesar! ............................................ MQ07
 Birds of a Feather ..................................................... MQ08
 Bitter Springs Infirmary Blues ......................................... MQ09
 Bleed Me Dry ........................................................... MQ10
 Booted ................................................................. MQ11
 Boulder City Showdown .................................................. MQ12
 Bye Bye Love ........................................................... MQ13
 Caesar's Favor ......................................................... MQ14
 Caesar's Hire .......................................................... MQ15
 Can You Find It in Your Heart? ......................................... MQ16
 Classic Inspiration .................................................... MQ17
 Climb Ev'ry Mountain ................................................... MQ18
 Cold, Cold Heart ....................................................... MQ19
 Come Fly With Me ....................................................... MQ20
 Crazy, Crazy, Crazy .................................................... MQ21
 Cry Me a River ......................................................... MQ22
 Debt Collector ......................................................... MQ23
 Don't Make a Beggar of Me .............................................. MQ24
 Don't Tread on the Bear! ............................................... MQ25
 ED-E My Love ........................................................... MQ26
 Emergency Radio ........................................................ MQ27
 Eye for an Eye ......................................................... MQ28
 Eyesight to the Blind .................................................. MQ29
 Flags of Our Foul-Ups .................................................. MQ30
 For Auld Lang Syne ..................................................... MQ31
 G.I. Blues ............................................................. MQ32
 Ghost Town Gunfight .................................................... MQ33
 Guess Who I Saw Today .................................................. MQ34
 Hard Luck Blues ........................................................ MQ35
 Heartache by the Number ................................................ MQ36
 High Times ............................................................. MQ37
 How Little We Know ..................................................... MQ38
 I Could Make You Care .................................................. MQ39
 I Don't Hurt Anymore ................................................... MQ40
 I Forgot to Remember to Forget ......................................... MQ41
 I Fought the Law ....................................................... MQ42
 I Hear You Knocking .................................................... MQ43
 I Put a Spell on You ................................................... MQ44
 Keep Your Eyes on the Prize ............................................ MQ45
 Left My Heart .......................................................... MQ46
 Medical Mystery ........................................................ MQ47
 My Kind of Town ........................................................ MQ48
 No, Not Much ........................................................... MQ49
 Nothin' but a Hound Dog ................................................ MQ50
 Oh My Papa ............................................................. MQ51
 One for My Baby ........................................................ MQ52
 Pheeble Will ........................................................... MQ53
 Pressing Matters ....................................................... MQ54
 Restoring Hope ......................................................... MQ55
 Return to Sender ....................................................... MQ56
 Run Goodsprings Run .................................................... MQ57
 Someone to Watch Over Me ............................................... MQ58
 Still in the Dark ...................................................... MQ59
 Sunshine Boogie ........................................................ MQ60
 Talent Pool ............................................................ MQ61
 Tend to Your Business .................................................. MQ62
 That Lucky Old Sun ..................................................... MQ63
 The Coyotes ............................................................ MQ64
 The Finger of Suspicion ................................................ MQ65
 The House Has Gone Bust! ............................................... MQ66
 The Legend of the Star ................................................. MQ67
 The Moon Comes Over the Tower .......................................... MQ68
 The White Wash ......................................................... MQ69
 There Stands the Grass ................................................. MQ70
 Three-Card Bounty ...................................................... MQ71
 Unfriendly Persuasion .................................................. MQ72
 Volare! ................................................................ MQ73
 Wang Dang Atomic Tango ................................................. MQ74
 We Are Legion .......................................................... MQ75
 We Will All Go Together ................................................ MQ76
 Wheel of Fortune ....................................................... MQ77
 Why Can't We Be Friends? ............................................... MQ78
 You Can Depend on Me ................................................... MQ79
 Young Hearts ........................................................... MQ80


 A Family Affair ........................................................ HHS1
 Bighorners of the Eastern Virgin ....................................... HHS2
 Chaos in Zion .......................................................... HHS3
 Civilized Man's Burden ................................................. HHS4
 Prisoners of War ....................................................... HHS5
 Retake the Bridge ...................................................... HHS6
 Rite of Passage ........................................................ HHS7
 Sanctity of the Dead ................................................... HHS8


 A Brain's Best Friend .................................................. OW01
 All My Friends Have Off Switches ....................................... OW02
 Coming Out of Her Shell ................................................ OW03
 Field Research ......................................................... OW04
 He Came...And Went ..................................................... OW05
 Influencing People ..................................................... OW06
 On the Same Wavelength ................................................. OW07
 Picking Your Brains .................................................... OW08
 Project X-13 ........................................................... OW09
 Sonic Emitter Upgrade .................................................. OW10
 What's in a Name? ...................................................... OW11
 When Visitors Attack! .................................................. OW12
 X-8 Data Retrieval Test ................................................ OW13

 UNMARKED SIDEQUESTS (listed in section 'NMRK')

 A Final Plan for Esteban ............................................... UA01
 A Pair of Dead Desperados I & II ....................................... UA02
 A Team of Moronic Mercenaries .......................................... UA03
 Access Powers .......................................................... UA04
 All Fired Up! .......................................................... UA05
 An Ear to the Ground ................................................... UA06
 Andy and Charlie ....................................................... UA07
 Arizona Scavenger ...................................................... UA08
 Barton the Fink ........................................................ UB01
 Bear Necessities ....................................................... UB02
 Big Winner ............................................................. UB03
 Bounty Killer .......................................................... UB04
 Cajoling a Cudgel ...................................................... UC01
 Claws Mended ........................................................... UC02
 Claws Out .............................................................. UC03
 Dealing with Contreras ................................................. UD01
 Defacing the Humble Stone .............................................. UD02
 Democracy Inaction ..................................................... UD03
 Eddie's Emissary ....................................................... UE01
 Fight Night ............................................................ UF01
 Friend of the Followers ................................................ UF02
 Gland for Some Home Cooking ............................................ UG03
 Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger ....................................... UH01
 Help For Halford ....................................................... UH02
 Hidden Valley Computer Virus ........................................... UH03
 I Love Bananas ......................................................... UI01
 Keith's Caravan Charade ................................................ UK01
 Laurifer Gladiator ..................................................... UL01
 Meeting an Equal ....................................................... UM01
 Poor Meat Never Makes Good Soup ........................................ UP01
 Not Worth a Hill of Corn and Beans ..................................... UN01
 Old School Ghoul ....................................................... UO01
 Papers, Please ......................................................... UP01
 Pistol Packing ......................................................... UP02
 Powder to the People ................................................... UP03
 Power to the People .................................................... UP04
 Saving (or Savaging) Sergeant Teddy .................................... US01
 Silus Treatment ........................................................ US02
 Straus Calls ........................................................... US03
 Tags of Our Fallen ..................................................... UT01
 The Screams of Brahmin ................................................. UT02
 Trudy's Radio Repair ................................................... UT03
 Wind-Brahmin Wrangler .................................................. UW01
 You Gotta Break Out a Few Eggs ......................................... UY01

 Client -: Doctor Borous [Think Tank]
 Prereq -: Welcome to the Big Empty
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: yes [Dr. Borous slain]
 Reward -: 400 XP (LV36)

 This quest begins after inquiring about Borous' specialty, learning that, in
 addition to creating cazadors and nightstalkers, he also had a fondness for
 his own dog, Gabriel. With that tidbit tucked away, make for Higgs Village,
 the doctors' former residence SSE of the crater's dome.

 This enclosure is visited in several sidequests, but for now, one need only
 check the doghouse behind Borous' old house, #103. Sitting on the canine's
 old matt is a quest item bowl. [Additionally, if one has the Wild Wasteland
 trait, there'll be a tiny deathclaw named Stripe around here -- despite its
 miniscule stature, it's quite ferocious and can easily kill the unprepared.
 Luckily, it doesn't give chase too far.] Obtaining the dish also starts this
 quest, if not given by Borous already.

 The next step is searching the X-8 Research Center for more clues. [One can
 show Borous the bowl prematurely, but it does little.] Said lab is located
 far east of the main dome, easily found by following the main road. This
 quest overlaps with "X-8: High School Horror" and "Sonic Emitter Upgrade",
 both of which take place in this renovated high school.

 After completing "X-8: High School Horror" with the retrieval of the Sonic
 Emitter upgrade "Gabriel's Bark," return to Borous. This time, after showing
 him Gabe's bowl, he'll start reminiscing. Passing the [Speech 45] check will
 finish the quest properly. Note that sparing Gabe at X-8 -- by finding the
 upgrade without killing him -- gives slightly different dialogue than if he
 was put down.

 Client -: Waking Cloud [Sorrows Camp]
 Prereq -: Deliverer of Sorrows
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: Yes [Any major DLC character slain]
 Reward -: 300 XP (apx. LV28)

 To start this quest one need only ask Cloud about her family, an act that
 requires first having earned her companionship (post-"Deliverer of Sorrows").
 She reveals her husband and children evacuated due to ongoing threat of White
 Leg attacks...but that Daniel may not have been forthcoming with current
 news. Volunteering to ask him begins the quest.

 Asking Daniel about the evacuation reveals her children survived, but the
 hubby didn't. He urges the player not to tell her, since she's one of the few
 Sorrows fluent in both tribal and English. [Agreeing to keep the secret will
 finish the mission automatically; there's no follow-ups with WC.]

 With their fates learned, one can either tell Waking Cloud the honest truth
 or lie (K-), saying Daniel's only preoccupied with the Sorrows' evacuations.
 What option is chosen affects nothing now, but does affect her ending (lying
 giving the 'worst' option; keeping the secret has WC getting no ending).

 Client -: Festus [Sunset Sarsaparilla Headquarters]
 Prereq -: The Legend of the Star
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: no
 Reward -: 1600 XP

 After scraping together fifty star caps in "The Legend of the Star," only to
 hear the real prize is a yarn about the company's history (this also fails
 TLOTS automatically), one can inquire about the real prize. Festus will say
 the real prize is through the double doors on the left, officially starting
 this quest.

 Now, the bottling plant's layout has changed over the decades, so just going
 left ain't an option. To reach the prize vault, one must enter the top floor
 (either from manufacturing area or ground-floor cave-in) and head south,
 through a derelict office and down to the destination. This area is typically
 locked, but finding those 50 stars in the previous quest has coaxed 'er open.

 Inside, the corpse of the esteemed Allen Marks is found, along with a holotape
 explaining his predicament (taking it completes quest). Pew Pew, a unique
 laser pistol, sits at his side. There's a bunch of garbage deputy starts that
 seem to have been intended as the real prize, but they have no function.
 Instead, loot the 13 sarsaprilla crates to claim (apx.) 1750-1800 caps.

 Client -: Jack or Diane [Red Rock Canyon]
 Prereq -: Positive Khan reputation (Liked+)
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: Yes [Jack, Diane or Don Hostetler killed]
 Reward -: 300 XP, Great Khans fame, Unarmed Technique: Khan Trick

 Red Rock Canyon is located far north of Goodsprings, past Spring Mt. Ranch
 State Park. The red rocks in its namesake betray its location, since most of
 the other landscape is a duller color. Once there, locate a tiny slot canyon
 that leads to chem lab.

 To start the mission properly, ask Diane if she's got any work. [Requires a
 good faction rep.] One of her runners, Anders, had an trip to Arizona
 recently but is two days overdue. The quest marker will take the player deep
 into the map's SE sector, not too far from the Colorado's banks. This is also
 near the Legion foothold of Cottonwood Cove, and explains why, when the
 player finds Anders, he's in mid-crucifixion. The player can cut him loose or
 kill him -- either is fine, technically. [Note that he cannot be freed before
 this quest, even though he spawns.]

 Return to Diane and report what happened. If the player slew Anders, Diane can
 be snowed by the courier's lies (no speech challenge), even if one initially
 admits to killing him -- just mention he was crucified; anything else is an
 immediate quest failure and prevents further dialogue with her. If the player
 saved Anders, Diane already knows, and is prepared to offer a reward: 250 caps
 or a recipe for Turbo, the latter of which cannot be obtained any other way.
 Both rewards also give Great Khan fame.

 Diane's second job is giving a "mildly suspicious package" to Don Hostetler,
 a Crimson Caravan employee. He'll usually be inside the main office, but at
 night, retreats to his house in the outlying area. [Note that his journey back
 home crosses through area where Fiends may spawn, and if he somehow dies, the
 mission fails.] Thankfully, delivering the package is simplicity incarnate.
 Diane's reward this time 150 caps and more Great Khan fame.

 Now for the final mission: delivering chems to Motor-Runner, the Fiend leader
 inhabiting Vault 3, in the South Vegas Ruins. [This Fiend stronghold is west
 of the Strip and has 3 entrances.] Diane notes that while the vault dwellers
 may be fine with a Khan coming in, the ones outside are outside for a reason
 (they shoot anything on sight). Once the vault is found, put on the Great Khan
 armor and head inside.

 Right at the start, a Fiend will stop the player for interrogation. If the
 player is wearing Great Khan armor, the dialogue will go smoother, and one
 will be allowed to visit Motor-Runner without having to slaughter everyone.
 [Just don't say you're only posing as a Khan -- this doesn't help anything!]
 Anyone not wearing Khan armor will have to pass a [Speech 64] check to get
 entry permission. Failing to convince the Fiend doesn't mean the player is
 shot on sight; leaving the vault safely is possible as long as one doesn't
 try to go further inside.

 Motor-Runner's in the maintenance wing -- down the hall, stairs on the right.
 As long as the player doesn't cause trouble while in the vault, the journey
 should be uneventful. Once the bossman is met, deliver the package via the
 dialogue option. You can also:

 • Sell the Jet, Psycho and Buffout [20 caps/per]
 • [Speech 25] Ask Motor-Runner what happened to the previous Vault residents
 • [Barter 65] Give Motor-Runner exclusive rights to your stash at a markup

 Note that initiating dialogue and then not doing the delivery may make Motor
 quit talking to the player, so prioritize, eh? After a successful delivery,
 Diane gives 300 caps and Great Khan fame. This effectively completes her
 portion of quest, and turns things over to Jack.

 Jack is the chem-maker and the player's job is to teach him some new recipes.
 Passing Jack's optional [Speech 66] or Diane's [Barter 50] checks convinces
 the duo to expand their business, allowing one to teach Super Stimpak and
 Hydra recipes. These all require certain checks, though. Also, if one starts
 doing the recipe-teaching portion before the deliveries, this starts the quest
 officially, also.

 • [Science 50] Super Stimpak
 • [Science 50] Slasher
 • [Science 50] Party-Time Mentats
 • [Science 50] Rocket
 • [Survival 75] Hydra

 After teaching each recipe, the player gets 50 XP, Great Khans fame, and an
 extra reward of one's choosing:

 • Caps ------: 50 caps
 • Pick-me-up : Psycho, Jet
 • Nothing ---: [K+]

 Each recipe taught expands Jack's stock, and convincing either to expand to
 helpful items adds Stimpaks and Med X too. The mission effectively ends when
 all Diane's runner jobs and any three chem recipes are taught to Jack. I've
 encountered a glitch though where, after finishing Aba Daba Honeymoon, having
 Jack learn a 4th recipe acts like it's completed again, from the XP to the
 reteaching of Khan Trick. Mostly beneficial, but who knows what effect that
 could have...

 Client -: Doctor Klein [Think Tank]
 Prereq -: Welcome to the Big Empty
 Precedes: Influencing People
 Missable: no
 Reward -: 400 XP (LV33)

 After finishing the Big MT's first quest, it's suggested one activates the
 Sink's central AI to deal with the Courier's day-to-day activites. The
 holotape to do so is given at this time, and the quest begins officially. In
 the main lounge, inspect the circular pedestal to reactivate the device
 ('Sonic Emitter - Revelation' can be purchased at this time, in case one
 misplaces the current one).

 In addition to bartering and (maximum) repair services, the AI also mentions
 it controls the other appliances' personalities. In addition to the Central
 Intelligence Unit just activated, there's nine (9) others to locate.
 |_| AUTO-DOC [Y-17 Medical Facility] - The facility is in the SE region, up
     the road from nearby Higgs Village. Holotape's in the first room's top
     area, near a desk's typewriter. Amazingly, explosions have a hard time
     knocking it loose, so that's a plus. [Christine's COS Recon Armor, a
     unique variant, is found down near the room's central auto-doc; it looks
     like rubble, so look closely.]

 The Auto-Doc is a medical marvel, and has several abilities accessible to
 start: basic physical exam (cure HP, crippled limbs, addiction, etc.) and
 install implants (once found). The psychological reevalutation allows one to
 choose different traits. This procedure is most notable for people who want
 to experience Wild Wasteland.
 |_| BIOLOGICAL RESEARCH STATION [X-22 Botanical Garden] - The garden's in the
     map's north-central canyon, its presence betrayed by the thick vines near
     its entry stair. The holotape's in the upper garden, near a hot plate.

 The BRS is a smooth-talking cultivator, able to break down generic plants
 (like Banana Yucca Fruit) into Salient Green, a handier substance that can
 "regrow" cloned plants at campfires/hot plates. If one locates seed packets,
 they automatically start growing in planters and can be harvested for extra
 ingredients (or mulch, as it were).
 |_| BOOK CHUTE [Higgs Village] - The Think Tank's former housing is located
     directly south of the main dome, then a little east -- it looks like a
     large square on the map. Holotape's in House #101; upstairs desk.

 The book chute's main purpose is breaking down "seditious material," that is,
 destroying literature. This allows one to scrap scorched, burnt & destroyed
 books (large or small), turning them into Blank Books (1:1 ratio). Said books
 can then be turned into skillbooks at the workbench, provided one found the
 particular recipe and has the ingredients (25 Blank Books, 2 Wonderglue). The
 skillbooks can only be created once, however.
 |_| JUKEBOX [Higgs Village] - Located in Dr. 0's house (#108), upstairs room.
     This is mentioned by Dr. 0 if one completes "On the Same Wavelength" by
     helping him, instead of stripping his voicebox's power cells.

 The jukebox stores the audio samples found in various places, allowing one to
 change the Sonic Emitter's special critical hit/kill function.
 |_| LIGHT SWITCH 01 [X-2 Transmitter Antenna Array] - The southernmost tower,
     visited during the main quest's "X-2: Strange Transmissions!" task. The
     holotape is on a ground-floor desk.
 |_| LIGHT SWITCH 02 [Big MT North Tunnel] - This is a NE tunnel naturally
     near the defunct railroad tracks. The holotape is just inside the closet
     by the front entrance's vending machine.

 Light Switches control the lights. They don't do much until one finds their
 Mood Lights/Smart Lights upgrades, however.
 |_| MUGGY [Securitron De-Construction Plant] - The NE area's main facility,
     looking like several rectangles on the map and "closed off" by the train
     track path. The holotape's in the back end of a military flatbed near
     the front entrance -- fighting the malfunctioning inner bots, including
     the missile-capable "berserk" variety, isn't required!

 Muggy, the friendly coffee robot, can break down certain dinnerware material
 into base components. For instance, a Coffee Mug is turned into 2 Wonderglue
 3 empty syringes; a Tin Plate becomes cases: 20 .357 Magnum and 15 .44 Magnum.
 |_| SINK [Magnetohydraulics Complex] - Not altogether far from the botanical
     gardens in the NE, this canyon-hidden facility is directly north of the
     Think Tank dome. Holotape is in the half-flooded plant's office.

 The sink (an actual sink) allows one to fill up water bottles if one finds
 an empty one.
 |_| TOASTER [The Cuckoo's Nest] - The Nest is a cemetery in the southwestern
     foothills, between X-2 Transmitter Antenna Array (SE) and the X-7a "Left
     Field" Artillery Launch (W). It's possible to miss the place's cave at
     first glance, but the holotape's within, on the lobotomites' makeshift

 The hot-blooded Toaster can do a couple cool things. Generic machines (like
 cameras and toasters) can be destroyed to earn base components, like MFC
 and Energy Cells. Additionally, if one has a Saturnine Fist, the Toaster can
 turn it into the super-heated version (STR 5/Unarmed 55) that sets a target
 ablaze on critical hits. It's stronger than a normal version, but a bit less

 Although these can be done in any order, the game's questlog updates them
 in groups of three: first the big names (Auto-Doc, BR Station, Sink), the
 secondaries (Jukebox, Light Switches) and the fun ones (Muggy, Toaster and
 Book Chute). Finding each gives a small amount of XP (50 at LV33).

 The quest finishes when all personalities are recovered and installed. The
 Sink CIU, Auto-Doc, and Book Chute are in the main lobby; the BR Station and
 (actual) Sink are in the kitchen; Light Switch 01, Jukebox and Toaster are
 in the room just off the lobby; Light Switch 02 and Muggy are in the bedroom.

 Note that while the XP finishing bonus is low, there's usually at least that
 much given total for just locating the upgrades. Plus, reinstalling all
 upgrades also completes the "Making Friends" challenge (500 XP), unlocking an
 achievement of the same name! 

 NOTE: There are several other upgrades affecting functionality, but these
 don't count towards the mission's quota (which only seeks out personality
 holotapes). I'll list 'em here because...well, gotta list 'em somewhere...
 |_| SCHEMATICS - K9000 FIDO [X-8 Research Facility] - On a desk in the kennel
     area. This is accessed by finding the key at the X-13 Research Facility,
     in a suitcase behind a forcefield-locked room.
 |_| WATER PRODUCTION [Construction Site] - This workman's area is located by
     the extreme NW border, up the road past the Little Yangtze prison. The
     holotape can be found next to a skeleton near a bulldozer. Construction
     drones (protectrons) and crazed Mr. Handys can be found here.

 Client -: Raquel [Nellis Air Force Base]
 Prereq -: Started "Volare!"
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: Yes [Killing Raquel]
 Reward -: 300 XP, Boomers Fame

 After starting the main Boomer quest "Volare!", the player is asked to help
 some of the base's major players. Raquel, who spends a lot of the daytime on
 a boxcar not far from Nellis' main entrance, has a bit of an ant problem.
 Seems some of the buggers tunneled into the generator room, knocking out the
 power and killing some of Raquel's extermination crew. Additionally, having
 consumed gunpowder, the ants are explosive when hit by weapons that set off
 their sparks (including laser weapons). If one has the Meltdown perk, note
 that the ants will explode twice, once during and after death.

 Before handing over the key, she mentions Loyal has been working on a device
 to assist. This part is optional but requires a [Speech 50] or [Science 50]
 check, which provides the right modifications to obtain the sonic emitter.
 Regardless of whether it's obtained, visit the Nellis Array in the NE area
 and enter the sealed doors.

 Take the tunnel down, mindful of what weapon you use on the giant ants (they
 aren't much stronger than normal ones). In the power chamber, two of the
 generators have been gnawed through, so activate the backups nearby -- the
 ones with orange-lit bulbs. Doing this will make another switch flicker on
 near the catwalk staircase. Once hit, all that remains is clearing out all
 remaining ants.

 If the player got Loyal's 24000hz device, they can put the emitter on the
 ant mound. Once turned on, it kills all ants on both levels of the room and
 prevents others from appearing. Without the emitter, the player must manually
 slay all insects, which spawn both down below and upstairs. NOTE: Sometimes
 no further ants appear to kill manually, so the only way to finish may be
 using Loyal's machine.]

 Before leaving, it's a good idea to grab the loot around here. The Boomer
 corpses upstairs have some goodies (assault carbine and grenade rifle), plus
 there is a unique grenade rifle Thump-Thump in-between destroyed generators
 downstairs. Finally, there's a crapload of ammo on the storage shelves near
 the entrance ramp -- but those are hard to miss.

 Client -: Private Renolds [highway south of Nelson]
 Prereq -: n/a
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: Yes [Private Renolds or any NCR hostage slain]
 Reward -: 200 XP, NCR fame

 • Apparently this quest has a hidden timer, as some have noted that they've
   gotten random "Anywhere I Wander" failed notifications. It may also be that
   Renolds is killed by local wildlife (gecko types, probably). Just sayin',
   it might not be a bad idea to do it early on.

 Nelson is the Legion-controlled town east of Novac, which is itself along
 Highway 95 (of the two main north-south highways that leads to New Vegas, 
 this is the furthest east). Once Nelson is reached, hop the southern ridge
 and follow the highway, along which Private Renolds will be walking. He'll
 accost the player once in proximity, saying his squad was attacked by Alexus'
 men and his buddy was taken into a nearby cave. Agreeing to help starts this
 tiny quest officially. Note that asking if they're still alive opens up a
 [Barter 45] check, which increases the final reward.

 Further down the highway is Techatticup Mine. There's two legionaries on
 watch duty at all hours, and over the eastern cliff is a small campsite that
 houses 4-7 more. [These ones sleep, though, and probably won't affect the
 mission.] Before entering, there's a hollowed-out rock containing a little
 ammo, too.

 Inside, it's a fairly standard cavern, as linear as they come. The troop
 spread is standard too, just normal legionaries and their mongrels. It's
 possible, even if if one's Vilified, the legionaries may be friendly. These
 guys still give infamy on death, unless one's hidden, though. There's a few
 (Hard) locked gates containing supply caches, the best of which contain super
 stimpaks, frag grenades/mines, a little gun ammo and a Boxing Times. There's
 also a perfect condition Legion Recruit Armor, if one cares.

 In the final cave is Alexus, accompanied by a bunch of his goons. There's no
 point talking to him since his dialogue tree is barely a sapling. Whether or
 not the player attains Alexus' key by killing or pickpocketing matters little,
 unless one is doing the "Against All Tyrants" Gun Runners' Arsenal challenge.
 Considering that, leaving a named Legion member alive might be worth it.

 The captured NCR squadmates are in the cave's NE dead end behind locked doors
 (use Alexus' key, yo). Once untied, they'll exit the cavern on their own --
 if either dies in the process, though, the quest fails. Try clearing out the
 Legion rabble first. The gated caches where the soldies were held contain a
 few items of use, notably a doctor's bag, Patriot's Cookbook, Lad's Life and
 some ammo cases. A max condition Legion Explorer Armor is also here.

 With both soldiers freed, return to Renolds' highway position.

 Client -: Ranger Milo [unmarked NCR checkpoint east of Novac]
 Prereq -: n/a
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: Yes [Ranger Milo slain]
 Reward -: 150 or 250 XP, 50 caps, NCR fame, Legion infamy

 Following the highway east of Novac, the player will come to a small NCR
 roadblock. When near, Milo will approach to warn the player of the Legion's
 nearby activity, specifically the crucifixion of NCR hostages in the overrun
 town of Nelson further down the road. Milo has a few optional checks: first,
 a [Speech 25] -- if one has neutral or bad karma, the Speech requirement ups
 by 10 and 20, respectively. Then, if one has 24+ doses of Psycho with, a check
 regarding that. The latter gives NCR fame, laughably.

 This conversation will mark several nearby locations on the map, assuming one
 hasn't found 'em. Failing the speech check, or refusing to act dishonorably,
 will cause the player to get shooed off, marking Camp Forlorn Hope on the
 map. Asking about nearby places marks Novac, Nipton and the 188 Trading Post.

 If the player passes the [Speech 35] check, Milo will be confident enough to
 ask the player to assist in performing mercy killings on the crucified. The
 goal is to snipe them from the nearby ridge, doing it quick and easy before
 the Legion can torture them. Follow Milo to the Nelson overlook just off the
 main highway and look for the men cruficied in the town center. The cliff
 the ranger leads to doesn't give a very good view, even with a sniper scope,
 so y'may want to move around a bit. There's three men in total, and if all
 goes right, a player won't need to engage the legionaries down below. [Note
 that leaving Milo to his own devices may get him killed, failing the task!]

 • Having Boone along contributes to unlocking his companion quest "I Forgot
   to Remember to Forget". Completing the quest by freeing the captives (as
   he suggests) helps more than neutralizing them.

 Naturally, there's an alternative to slaying the hostages. Should the player
 feel up to it, staining the soil with Legion blood is fine, too. [This will
 give Legion infamy though, regardless of stealth precautions, although Milo's
 kills avoid this end.] By my count, the outdoor vicinity has, at best, 2
 mongrels and 12 legionary types, not counting those indoors. Careful sniping
 can take 'em all out. Naturally one should be careful about using explosives
 near the hostages. Anyway, if freed, the hostages have a plotted route that
 exits Nelson via the SW exit, then up the west road to the checkpoint. There's
 at least one landmine in this route, so try eliminating it for good measure.

 When the crucified hostages are slain, or one rescues them, return to Ranger
 Milo to complete the mission. [Note: he may still be standing on the overlook
 where he was providing covering fire. This doesn't necessarily affect mission
 completion, though.] The Courier gets additional XP for saving the hostages,
 but everything else is the same. Also note that, if the player saves the
 hostages without meeting Milo, the next time they see him, the Speech check
 is replaced by an option reflecting one's valor. Eat it, sourpuss!

 • Legion infamy gained for finishing isn't enough to drop a full rep level.

 Client -: Heck Gunderson [Ultra-Luxe on Vegas Strip]
 Prereq -: n/a
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: Yes [Heck Gunderson slain]
 Reward -: 500 XP, 500 caps, Strip fame (ted returns alive)
         : 500 XP, 500 caps, Strip/White Gloves fame (play dumb to culprit)
         : 500 XP, 500 caps, Strip/White Gloves infamy (blame all White Gloves)
         : 500 XP, White Gloves fame (Carlyle given to Mortimer/Heck framed)
         : 100 XP, 250 caps (Ted dies)

 This quest occurs inside the Ultra-Luxe, a casino resort in the Strip's middle
 section (meaning one must get clearance to enter from Freeside's gate, usually
 by carrying 2000+ caps). Inside, talk with Heck Gunderson to learn he was
 doing business with the White Glove Society, only to find his boy Ted up and
 vanished. Offering to help look for him begins this quest. The main objective
 is to find the missing son and ensure his safety.

 In addition to the casino, the building also houses a bathhouse, hotel and
 dining area (The Gourmond) -- the latter is the destination, either by
 stumbling upon it or being directed there by Chauncey, a White Glove near the
 reception counter. Majorie states that she her Society has been plagued by
 rumors of cannibalism, something she told to the investigator earlier. Talk
 about him to learn he hasn't checked out of the complimentary room Mortimer,
 the maître d', gave him. [If you ask about cannibalism and say one also eats
 people, this earns White Glove infamy, haha.]
 Mortimer is found at the reception desk. He'll say the investigator is still
 around, and inquires if the player's found something to help his case before
 giving the investigator's room key -- it's located up one floor, first door
 on right. If one asks Mortimer about cannibalism and passes his very odd
 [Speech 62], he'll confide in what really happened: Ted Gunderson was stolen
 and was to be prepared as the main course, a move that only occured since the
 original target managed to get away. Mortimer suggests either convincing Ted
 it was all a mistake, convincing Heck it was all a misunderstanding or going
 after the original target (Carlyle St. Clair) at his shack. If one wants to
 do the latter option, Mortimer gives a Cattle Prod for the job. Obviously,
 with a lot to do, there's many ways this quest can be finished.

 Proceeding normally requires going upstairs and checking Jay Barnes' room.
 Unfortunately, he's been killed... After taking the Matchbook off his body,
 two White Gloves will enter and start beating the player with Dress Canes --
 one can fight back with fists or any holdout weapons. Both carry the Society
 attire and masks, but lack the special key other members have.

 The matchbook has a notice on it: Steam Room 4 PM. Follow the quest marker to
 the tiny sauna and wait until the appointed time (this can be done any day if
 one meets the requirements). The investigator's contact, Chauncey, will show
 and tell what he knows, namely that the missing bride was later found...on a
 plate. Mortimer is the one behind the attacks, and he wants to reintroduce
 the cannibalistic ways the Society had tried to leave behind. 

 Ted Gunderson is apparently being kept alive in the area below the kitchen,
 found in the members-only section. Chauncey says that the head chef Phillipe
 has been trying to approximate the taste of human flesh for years, and may
 have a recipe. This means one can expose Mortimer as the cannibal by taking
 out the chef, making a meat substitute, and then revealing that Ted wasn't

 After closing the conversation, an Assassin will open the door and gun down
 Chauncey (this always happens). Take out the gunman and consider taking his
 Silence .22 Pistol, which may help later. Enter the Gourmand restaurant and
 pick one's way into the kitchen beyond (Easy lock) -- this loses karma, but
 one can avoid that by stealing Mortimer's key.

 In any case, the food preparation area is beyond. Except the two men cooking
 meat slabs with Flamers, there are few enemies within -- the lower section
 only has one White Glove guard and the Phillipe. The freezer is where Ted
 is being kept; both Mortimer and the head chef have a key, although one can
 hack the Very Easy terminal to open it also.

 • OPTIONAL: Tamper with the dinner menu. If you're plan on having Mortimer
   upstaged, one'll have to do this. One can drug the White Gloves at their
   party by visiting the wine cellar, inspecting the selected vintage and
   dropping a Med-X inside (Medicine 25+ is an alternative). And, after taking
   the recipe Phillipe keeps on his person, one can cook "sweet veal" on his
   stove, supposing the head chef has been disposed of.

   To dispose of Phillipe, one can obviously kill him and hide his body in the
   pantry. There's a few speech options, though. Passing a [Barter 55] check
   convinces him one's writing a cookbook; the subsequent Barter check lets
   the player pay him 100 caps for the recipes, while the [Speech 55] check
   talks him into giving it free. Doing the [Medicine 55] check head-shrinks
   him, earning the recipes and his freezer key, not to mention making him run
   away like a wuss! Additionally, if one says he's not an employee, there's a
   [Speech 55] check that convinces him there's a radroach in the pantry; one
   can then lock him in there.

   Concocting the dish requires, at minimum, Survival 75 or INT 6. When one or
   both things are done, and it's 7-8 PM, summon the head waiter on the
   intercom and he'll take care of things. [He will be hostile if Phillipe's
   corpse is laying out in the open.]

   The waiter can only serve the food or serve the wine, not both. Also, one
   can only summon the guy (via intercom) if the wine/food is prepared, not
   before. This may to prevent blowing one's cover, since Phillipe will never
   prepare the food himself if left to his own devices.

   If you just want to drug the guests, only spike the wine and use the 'com.
   Note that if the chef's kitchen's door is open, the head waiter may stand
   there and not take the wine -- keep it closed to be on the safe side. Then
   just follow the waiter up to the dinner party, where everyone will be
   knocked out (lying on the floor).

 • OPTIONAL: Attend dinner party. If one cooks the meal and springs Ted, the
   option to disrupt the party by exposing Mortimer appears. Basically, bring
   Ted to the Members-Only section -- either by using the hotel lobby entrance
   (requires stealing appropriate key from a White Glove; Marjorie has one,
   for example) or the kitchen entrance, which is easier since it's unlocked.
   If one's a White Glove honorary member, done by talking to Marjorie with a
   decent Strip fame (Accepted+), then she'll sponsor the player herself and
   give the key.

   Once there -- if Ted Gunderson is in tow -- Mortimer'll be speaking to the
   other Society members. Stay hidden (otherwise the bouncer will come attack;
   Ted can't be told to wait like companions, note) until Morty finishes, then
   talk to him with the option to loudly expose him. One can mention that the
   penalty for cannibalism is death, causing all Society Members to kill him.
   If one was not accepted into the society formally, after Mortimer gets his
   upcommance, they may not be hostile.

   After Mortimer's killed, speak to Marjorie -- she'll give White Gloves
   fame for avoiding a potential scandal.

 If one doesn't care about exposing Mortimer, simply bring Ted upstairs via
 the door in the Gourmand's bartending area. Since most people aren't aware
 that Ted has been kidnapped, they won't become hostile upon seeing him --
 excluding Phillipe of course. All that leaves to do is reunite him with Heck.

 When Marjorie sends the player to Mortimer and one passes his [Speech 62]
 check, this option becomes available. Agreeing to help Morty locate his
 original main course (Carlyle) earns the player the Freezer, Penthouse and
 Kitchen Keys. It is no longer considered trespassing to enter the Gourmand's
 back kitchen area now.

 Downstairs, one of the White Gloves will stop the player if one's seen. One
 can use a [Repair 35] check by pretending to be a maintenance worker or by
 telling him Mortimer sent him (assuming he actually did). Otherwise, the
 remaining options are to turn him hostile immediately or slowly. Supposing
 things go well, the White Glove mentions Ted Gunderson is in the freezer.

 Unlock it with Mortimer's key and talk with Ted. He'll initially say the
 same jibber-jabber he usually does, only if one talked to Mortimer, there's
 a [Speech 38] check -- this tricks him into believing a third party is trying
 to play Heck against the White Gloves. If one can't convince him, the only
 remaining option is to kill him -- this leads to he "Frame Gunderson" path
 below, and automatically fails the "Pheeble Will" quest regardless if one's
 started it. Return to Heck and do his speech options, the only difference
 being one gets his reward (500 caps) but the mission continues.

 The next objective is locating Carlyle St. Clair in his unmarked shack,
 located along the northern mountains, between Fields' Shack and the Northern
 Passage; or, head north of Freeside's North Gate and it's almost a straight
 shot. Once conversation's initiated, there's quite a few ways to incapacitate
 the delectable dandy:

 • [Black Widow] Convinces him you want to have sex in the dumpster (ahahaha)
 • [Confirmed Bachelor] same outcome as Black Widow
 • [Guns 45] Pistol-whip KO
 • [STR 7] Sleeper hold knockout
 • [Medicine 45] Self-incapaciates with breathing maneuver
 • [Unarmed 45] KO using neck move
 • [Speech 45] Convince him to join the White Glove Society

 If one can't pass the skill checks, use Mortimer's backup plan: KO him with
 the Cattle Prod. It's probably possible to use other fatigue-inducing weapons
 like Boxing Gloves, too. Drag his body close enough to the dumpster near his
 house and the 'stash body' option appears. Doing this completes the portion
 sufficiently. Return to Mortimer to finish up. [In a post-quest follow-up,
 Marjorie will comment on the new cuisine.]

 This path opens up after agreeing to help Mortimer with his problem, but only
 if Ted Gunderson is slain. The option then becomes to frame his father Heck
 for the murder. This is done by harvesting Ted's blood (an 'item' found on
 his corpse), then heading toward his daddy's penthouse suite via the lift
 behind Mortimer's desk.

 Going up here is considered trespassing and Heck's bodyguards will shoot on
 sight if one's not careful. Moving around is easy enough for stealthy ninja
 types, given that much of the place has shadows in convenient spots. Reach
 the upper west bedroom and distribute Ted's blood on the bed and adjoining
 bathroom's sink.

 The next step is having someone uncover the "dirty deed". Exit the Ultra-Luxe
 and talk with the Securitron near the appointed gate; this'll kickstarts the
 investigation. Return to the hotel to see Heck gunned down by the robo, then
 finish up at Mortimer.

 The standard reward from Heck Gunderson is 500 XP and 500 caps -- this is
 received if one mentions only Mortimer, not the entire White Gloves society,
 is at fault. Strip & White Glove fame is obtained by playing dumb about the
 culprit; blaming the entire Society, though, gives infamy to those 2 factions.
 If one tries blaming the White Gloves, there's a [Speech 35] check that can
 convince Heck retaliation is a lost cause -- this gives the Strip/White Gloves
 fame that would've been lost otherwise. [If Ted died, one can complete the
 same options above, only the end reward is 250 XP and 100 caps.]

 If one helped Mortimer by bringing Carlyle St. Clair III on a silver platter
 (proverbial and figurative!), or by framing Heck Gunderson, the reward is
 just 500 XP and White Gloves fame.

 Client -: n/a
 Prereq -: Work against Legion interests during main questlines
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: no
 Reward -: 300 XP

 After completing "Ring-a-Ding-Ding!" one will be approached by Vulpes Inculta,
 Caesar's head frumentari -- he offers the Mark of Caesar, which resets one's
 Legion reputation to neutral, and guarantees save passage to Caesar's fort.
 If one starts working against Legion interests, this quest will appear as a
 warning shot to knock it off. Doing it once more after the quest appears will
 fail it, and all Legion-related questline tasks.

 Actions that cause BTWOC's appearance:

 • Complete "Wild Card: Change in Management" or "Wild Card: Side Bets"
 • Recruit the Boomers to Mr. House's side during "The House Always Wins III"
   or to the NCR during "Things That Go Boom".

 Actions that cause BTWOC's failure:

 • Complete the Omertas' segment during the NCR's "For the Republic, Part 2"
 • Complete any 2 of the following Yes Man Wild Card quests: "Side Bets,"
   "Change in Management," or "You And Whose Army?"

 If the Caesar questline is broken in any way, this quest will be added (if
 not already) and fail in the same breath. And, unlike the NCR, failing this
 doesn't just give the player the cold shoulder -- Caesar declares the player
 someone who should be killed in perpetuity, so hit squads will start showing
 up (perhaps again).

 Client -: Follows-Chalk [Zion Valley]
 Prereq -: Happy Trails Expedition
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: Yes [Any major DLC character slain]
 Reward -: 375 XP, .45 Pistol, .45 AP HP Rounds, War Club (best result)
         : 300 XP (bighorners all slain)

 Asking Chalk about the local wildlife (an option available from the start)
 has one learn the bighorners have been ornery lately, probably due to a lost
 calf. Agreeing to help officially starts the quest, although Chalk presses
 the player to avoid killing bighorners as it makes their hunts harder. He
 instead suggests luring the baby out with Banana Yucca Fruit. [If one talks
 about self-defense, he mentions rangers used to have "thunder sticks" -- i.e.
 cattle prods. These can be found at ranger substations, including Peregrine
 near the Eastern Virgin's turnoff. It's in a garage toolbox near the vehicle.]

 The next step is the cliffs near the Dead Horses Camp, which may also be the
 natural destination if one takes this quest early enough -- it's along the
 titular river. In the SE part of the camp is an incline leading up to the
 cliffs, then the natural bridges leading to the dead end where the calf is
 at. [It's not naturally hostile.] There's two ways to proceed:

 • Attack the calf: Doing this makes it hostile, and the only remaining path
   is to kill the remaining (9) bighorners lest they attack the villagers. All
   are contained in the mountainous region.

 • Feed the calf some banana yucca: once it's fed some, it'll follow the
   player a ways before requiring more, renewing its attention span. If one's
   good, only 3 or so should be needed. When one gets close to its mother,
   found just after the first natural bridge encountered, a game prompt will
   allow it to be returned. [This makes all bighorners docile.]

 It's highly recommended to save while the circumstances are favorable, 'cause
 many things can go wrong. A Dead Horse tribesman may spawn during the events,
 often causing a ruckus with the bighorners -- at best, they're just riled and
 he dies. [Nonfatal attacks don't affect the outcome.] Also, companions may
 end up attacking the beasts, which ruins the player's reward -- leaving them
 at a safe distance can solve that.

 When the deed's done, talk to Chalk to finish. If the herd was slain due to
 player (or companion) nonfeasance, the bare minimum reward is given. If one
 saved the calf and all bighorners survived, too, one gets a boosted XP reward
 and extra weapons. The .45 Auto Pistol/War Club are at max condition. [One's
 current level factors into the XP rewards, remember.]

 Client -: Gloria Van Graff [Silver Rush at Freeside]
 Prereq -: n/a
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: Yes [Gloria Van Graff, Jean-Baptiste Cutter or Simon slain]
 Reward -: 600 XP, 1000 caps, Van Graff Combat Armor, NCR fame, Freeside fame

 Freeside is the "entrance village" to the Vegas Strip, where inhabitants live
 in relative poverty. But, the Van Graff-run Silver Rush shop manages to hold
 its own by providing top-of-the-line energy weapons, not to mention frisking
 people who try to enter the establishment. It's very easy to fail this quest,
 either by doing others' quests like "Tend To Your Business" and "Heartache
 by the Number," or simply by making the Van Graffs mad -- such as by killing
 the storefront bodyguard, stealing from the premises, etc. They really don't
 need a reason to turn people into goo piles... [It's possible to sneak-kill
 the interior guards without auto-failing, though.]

 In any case, if one's on good terms, ask Gloria about a job position to learn
 a bodyguard slot's available. The outdoor bodyguard Simon will give Van
 Graff Combat Armor (automatically equipped) and a Van Graff Plasma Rifle or
 Laser Pistol, player's choice. One's job is to stay at the post, keep capless
 and dangerous riff-raff away, and allow potential customers inside. [Trying
 to run off with the armor and pistol will fail the quest! Having a companion
 doesn't affect anything in a negative way, though.] The first gig has a few
 occurances that Simon lets the player handle, and one can usually guess how
 it was supposed to be handled by how snarky his comments.

 • The first guy, obviously a drunken mendicant, wants to go inside for a new
   laser gun. Turn that no-cash clown away.

 • A gambler wishes to enter the shop. He can be let in without incident but
   should be given the once-over for weapons.

 • The third guy is a gambler who just won big at the Atomic Wrangler. He's
   eager to drop some coin, but takes issue with a patdown. Passing a [Speech
   65] check resolves the situation, but letting him in without a patdown is
   a bad move. Turning him away, even worse!

 • Fourthly, a merc approaches wanting to get a new weapon. Asking him for a
   patdown, or repeatedly asking if he's drunk, turns him hostile. Once he's
   dead, his corpse reveals he was a revenge-seeking suicide bomber. Letting
   the guy in causes him to detonate inside, failing the quest immediately.
   Additionally, after checking with Simon inside, he'll turn hostile. We all
   make mistakes, right? [One can keep the Van Graff Plasma Rifle on this end;
   there's a copy of the armor in the outdoor chest.]

 • The final encounter: Pacer, a high-ranking member of the Kings gang, comes
   over to chat with his "buddy" Simon. When Pacer condescendingly asks the
   player to confer his lovey-dovey reply to Gloria, either agree or initially
   reply rudely and back off afterwards. Killing Pacer doesn't lead to any
   implications in THIS quest, but will fail The King's "G.I. Blues" quest if
   it wasn't completed already. Simon disposes of Pacer's body, too, which
   prevents any infamy.

 Assuming the player didn't let in the bomber, this segment passes, and Simon
 will confiscate the Van Graff armor/weapon before heading inside. Speak with
 Gloria to get 200 caps, or 300 caps if one was nice to everyone and passed
 the third encounter Speech check. However, this ends the player's bodyguard
 career and starts another job: delivering a package to a discreet package.
 And who else is more qualified for a courier job?

 Agree to get the Van Graff package. The east Vegas rendezvous point is marked
 on the map, so there should be no problem finding it. However, this is a
 time-sensitive job, so dawdling isn't good. The 'Strange Man' will stand in
 the wilderness awaiting a package; passing a [Speech 75] check earns 200 caps
 for the exchange. Any funny business -- like shooting him or drawing hostile
 wildlife to him -- is a quest failure waiting to happen. It's impossible to
 NOT give him the package once dialogue is started, note. Killing him oneself
 earns Legion infamy, revealing the man's true affiliation. Report back for a
 nice 200-cap reward.

 Jean-Baptiste now a job needed done, and Gloria volunteered the player. JB's
 got a nice deal going, and the only loose end is finding a certain woman:
 Rose of Sharon Cassidy, i.e. Cass. One can mention she's at Mojave Outpost if
 she's already been found; otherwise, speaking with Alice McLafferty at the
 Crimson Caravan Company branch learns the tidbit. In any case, Cass must be
 the player's companion to do JB's job, meaning one must be far enough along
 in her "Heartache by the Number" quest, which requires having done a little
 of Alice McLafferty's "You Can Depend on Me" quest. In any case, once she's
 with, speak to JB and see their one-on-one chat; this earns 350 caps.

 • Bringing Cass here missions that relate to her, namely the 2 listed above,
   plus she can never be companion again.

 Gloria offers the final job in this quest, as her escort on a big deal. Agree
 to automatically visit the warehouse where the Van Graffs are brokering a
 Legion arms deal. Gloria's intention is to kill the guys, and after waiting
 on her signal, slaughter the remaining horde. The appearance of NCR troopers
 makes it clear Gloria betrayed the Legion for their support, so don't attack
 'em or things go south quickly. [Not to mention one gets infamy for killing
 either the NCR or Legion. It's possible to let the others do the dirty work
 and still finish fine, though.] Return to Gloria to revisit the Silver Rush,
 where she ends the quest.

 Client -: Lieutenant Markland [Bitter Springs]
 Prereq -: n/a
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: Yes [Cpt. Gilles or Lt. Markland slain]
 Reward -: 200 XP, NCR fame

 Bitter Springs is nestled in the red hills north of Lake Mead. If one can
 locate Callville Bay on the northern bank, going straight north still will
 lead to the refugee camp. Locate Captain Gilles and ask about helping the
 situation (this begins "No, Not Much"), then about medical supplies -- she'll
 direct one to Lt. Markland at the clinic tent.

 Asking him about assisting reveals he needs Doctor's Bags, plus texts on
 pediatrics and psychological trauma. [Note that completing "No, Not Much"
 may prevent Markland from giving this quest. Whether or not one can collect
 the necessary texts and still finish, I don't know.]

 • Both medicinal texts can be found at Crimson Caravan Company, a compound
   on the Strip's SE side. The books ("Tiny, Tiny Babies: All You Need to
   Know about Pediatric Medicine" and "Stress and the Modern Refugee: a
   Primer" can be bought from Blake for a low double-digit sum. One can also
   steal them, too.

 • Doctor's Bags can usually be bought/found in clinic-type places (Mitchell's
   house in Goodsprings, even one in Markland's tent, etc.). The New Vegas
   Medical Clinic is near Crimson Caravan's branch, too, so try looking there.
   One must find three total.

 Alternatively, if Arcade Gannon is the companion, a dialogue option appears
 that lets Markland learn the required smarts that way. This only finishes the
 book portion; the bags still need to be collected!

 The mission ends when the bags (and books, if sought out) are given. Markland
 also gives a reward based on the player's post-quest reply:

 - No reward: [K+]
 - Spare meds: 2 Stimpak, 4 Rad-X, 2 RadAway
 - Reimbursement: 2 Stimpaks, 4 Rad-X, 2 RadAway, 40 caps. Asking for even
   further compensation earns 100 caps. [K-]

 Client -: Red Lucy [The Thorn]
 Prereq -: n/a
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: Yes [Red Lucy slain]
 Reward -: 1650 XP (total), 5200-6400 caps (total), Dinner Bell

 Westside is a sheltered suburb nestled on the Strip's northwest side -- just
 follow the outer walls north until y'come across it. The Thorn, an arena
 where people compete against animals in mortal combat (i.e. a normal day in
 the wastes!) is south of town. In fact, it's right near the map-marked south
 entrance. Note that the place keeps certain hours, so if one isn't allowed
 in from the street, wait until daytime.

 Red Lucy, the Thorn's mistress, stands watch over the arena. Ask about her
 and there'll be several hilarious pickup line options, regardless of gender.
 However, bedding Lucy ain't simple -- she requires the player to pay tribute
 by finding her monsters for her fights. Agree to her first task and the
 quest begins appropriately.

 Although Lucy says her items can be found elsewhere, she notes that breeding
 grounds are the quickest ways to find them. Her suggested targets (which must
 be done sequentially) are listed below. Completing each delivery earns XP
 and gold, in increasing quantities; the latter can be improved with Barter
 checks. Declining the monetary reward doesn't do anything; weapon and ammo
 rewards can't be declined, however.

 • MANTIS EGGS: Vault 22 -- almost due west of Freeside, along the mountain
   range -- is the target. There are five levels to this place; the target is
   on Level 3 - Food Production. It requires a little work though. First, get
   down to Level 4 and use the eastern overseer's computer to unlock the
   crew quarters; or, pick the Average lock on the quarters yourself. Take the
   first door on the left to find a keycard on the shelf. With this, return
   back to Level 3 and the eastern door to the caves can be unlocked. Follow
   the tunnel to a dead end where the giant ootheca is found. [Vault 22 is
   part of the Camp McCarran quest "There Stands the Grass"; see that for more
   details on what's going on here.] REWARD: 100 XP and 200 caps; improved to
   300 caps by passing a [Barter 50] check.

 • RADSCORPION EGGS: Lucy suggests searching for the eggs in Goodsprings'
   northern mountains. The easiest way is to fast travel to town (or the
   Goodsprings Cemetery) and head over the east ridge. Radscorpions aren't
   very tough for players who've a few levels under their belt, but their
   thick hides can be a little more trying for new players. Plus, they can
   mob and poison a player, so take advantage of the high bluffs and wide-open
   coulees. It even possible to nab the eggs and hightail it out, if that
   appeals to one's sensibilities. REWARD: 150 XP, Hunting Rifle, .308 Rounds
   (9), 300 caps; improved to 400 caps with [Barter 60] check.

 • FIRE GECKO EGGS: Our fave redhead sends the player toward Ireteba Peaks, or
   in map terms, the mountain range in-between Novac and Cottonwood Cove. A
   few close map markers would be Ranger Station Echo, Snyder Prospector Camp,
   and the Toxic Dump Site. In any case, upon searching the quest marker, one
   finds the unmarked Bootjack Cavern...naturally its inhabitants are all of
   the gecko persuasion. There's usually around 8-9 near the egg cluster.
   REWARD: 200 XP and 500 caps; improved to 700 caps with [Barter 70] check.

 • NIGHTSTALKER EGGS: Bloodborne Cave, in the mountains east of the Strip and
   in the general Bitter Springs area, is a cave full of the nasty beasties.
   The path is mostly quite linear, but that means less likelihood of avoiding
   the prey. In general, expect to fight 12+ critters, including a few pups
   and a legendary. It's worth noting that there's a ton of decent weapons
   (12.7mm Pistol, Hunting Shotgun, Hunting Revolver) all near some skeletons,
   plus the booby-trapped 100 Lockpick gate hiding a suitcase with tons of
   caps and NCR/Legion currency. REWARD: 300 XP and 700 caps, Hunting Revolver,
   .45-70 Gov't (9); improved to 1000 with a [Barter 80] check.

 • CAZADOR EGGS: Lucy suggests looking near Red Rock Canyon for the reclusive,
   dangerous insects' eggs. In preparation, I would suggest bringing healthy
   doses of Antivenom (to combat cazador poison) and maybe even a companion,
   since they can take some heat and won't die on Normal difficulty. The best
   way to approach the nest is through the forest near Jacobstown and Ranger
   Station Foxtrot. Outside of the 4-5 cazadors near the pass' east entrance,
   there's only smaller groups from there 'til the nest, which has about 6-7
   clumping around the hive. Naturally, this should bring a smile to the face
   of any explosives users -- a well-placed missile can bring 'em all down!
   The super mutant corpse near the hive also carries a Fat Man launcher, so
   pick that sucker up! Also, if you haven't discovered Red Rock Canyon, the
   Great Khans' stronghold, continuing down the pass leads there, so why not
   visit? REWARD: 400 XP and 1000 caps; passing the [Barter 90] check cranks
   the reward to 1500 caps.

 • DEATHCLAW EGGS: Lucy's most sacred honor! There are actually two locations
   she suggests: Quarry Junction, the overrun construction site north of Sloan
   (NNE of Goodsprings), or Dead Wind Cavern south of the REPCONN Test Site,
   which is itself west of Novac. Each place has an egg cluster, although only
   one need be collected for the mission's purpose.

   Quarry Junction may be the most familiar, as it's closest to Goodsprings.
   It can be entered from the north or east, although both entrances are near
   deathclaw-infested territory. The Sloan entrance is probably the safest,
   as it allows one to use the quarry's E/SE fringe cliffs to snipe, and if
   the player already killed the deathclaws here, they won't have respawned.
   The Great Khan Encampment (where Melissa is) acts as a quick fast travel

   Death Wind Cavern is not a place beginners will want to visit. Everything
   is in close quarters here, and players not versed in sneaking are going to
   get mobbed big time. However, veritable ninjas can get sneak attack crit
   headshots to one shot everything, except maybe the Legendary Deathclaw found
   in the NE portion. [It's also near a BOS corpse containing a set of power
   armor, the unique grenade machine-gun Mercy, plus extra 40mm grenades.] The
   nest itself is guarded by some youngsters and their powerful mother, so be
   careful! Although the spread is roughly the same, it's the environment that
   makes this the harder of the two. REWARD: 500 XP, 2500 caps, Dinner Bell,
   12 Gauge Rounds (9).

 Dinner Bell is a unique hunting shotgun, better than a normal one with all
 its upgraded parts, in addition to being one of the few unique shotguns in
 the game, period. It tends to have a slightly worse durability, though, and
 has a smaller magazine (5) compared to the upgraded hunting shotgun (8). It
 does the job fine, but may not be enough to make one switch out that handy
 fast-loading Riot Shotgun and its 12-shell clip.

 Proving to be the greatest hunter adds another reward: naming Red Lucy as a
 sexual conquest -- one only has to ask. Or, I guess one could say...the Thorn
 demands it? Heh.

 Client -: Boxcars [Nipton]
 Prereq -: n/a
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: Yes [Boxcars or both captives slain]
 Reward -: 100 XP, Powder Gangers fame

 Boxcars is located in Nipton, the razed town along the map's SW highway. It's
 between Mojave Outpost (SW corner) and Camp Searchlight (by east crossroads),
 and is landmarked by its smoke plumes and water tower. Near the west entrance
 is a general store, now inhabited by the crippled ex-Powder Ganger, Boxcars.
 A little questioning reveals some of his "mates" were snatched by legionaries
 and marched into the hills. Saying one'll save them starts the quest.

 The sarcastic dope's only clue was they went east, but the quest marker's
 more helpful -- it carves a NE trail, to a Legion Raid Camp (near Wolfhorn
 Ranch, Ranger Station Charlie and Broc Flower Cave). The captive Gangers'll
 be near the campfire, bound hands and all, with a few sentries in and around
 the tents. The hills have several patrolling legionaries, and the west road
 has Legion ambushes, so depending on the entrypoint, things can go sour.

 Since the Powder Gangers flee south when freed, a southern insertion point
 works very well -- that leaves (at best) two guards to pick off. [Killing
 them gives infamy though, remember, so either snipe 'em or have a companion
 do the slaying.] Speaking of which, freeing the Gangers contributes to the
 hidden stat that unlocks Boone's companion quest, so having him along is a
 good idea...well, he'll kill Legion on sight, but it's still a good idea!

 If both captives die, the quest fails; if only one dies, untying the other'll
 fail the quest. Yup, success depends on both surviving! [Those who are on
 good terms with the Legion should avoid untying them in the guards' presence,
 as it turns 'em hostile. This was probably obvious though, yeah?] If both
 captives are freed but the quest hasn't been received from Boxcars yet, one
 can do his normal dialogue to unlock (and finish) it immediately.

 Client -: Lieutenant Monroe [Boulder City]
 Prereq -: n/a
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: no
 Reward -: 300 XP, NCR Fame (NCR-favored)
         : 300 XP, Great Khans Fame, Engraved Cigarette Lighter (Khan-favored)
         : 400 XP, NCR/Great Khans Fame, Engraved Cigarette Lighter (peace)

 Boulder City is a ways west of Hoover Dam, not too far from the north-south
 highway leading through the 188 Trading Post and up to Vegas' doorstep. The
 lieutenant will stop the player from entering the ruins, warning that Great
 Khans have taken shelter in there after firing upon an NPR patrol. A player
 can agree to broker peace between the two factions, or choose to sneak in
 and snag the hostages. [Killing the hostages results in a failure, note.]

 This makes three ways to complete the thing.

 • KILL KHANS: Choosing to sneakily extract the hostages, or freeing hostages
   in Khan presence (even if you're siding with them), causes them to become
   hostile -- the only course left is to eradicate with impunity. Accomplish
   this by taking out the few street-side Khans, plus Jessup and his mate in
   the hideout. Doing this is an easy way to get Jessup's unique bandanna,
   plus the engraved lighter.

 • KILL TROOPERS: For anti-establishment players, gunning down Monroe and the
   4-5 NCR troopers inside the ruins will give the free and clear. Those who
   don't want to incur NCR infamy can silently kill all inner-ruin targets,
   then do in Monroe the same way (he shouldn't be hostile at all) -- as long
   as one doesn't get seen by the troopers, they won't attack the Khans either.
   Give Jessup the good news and he'll split with his gang, after giving the
   Courier Benny's engraved lighter as a souvenir.

 • BROKER PEACE: Telling Monroe about peace talks should start the Khans out
   on friendly terms, i.e. they won't attack the player on sight. This may
   differ if one's already on awful terms with them. Additionally, killing
   Khans after offering a fake olive branch seems to give stiffer infamy
   penalties as well. Passing Jessup's [Speech 45] check can make him release
   the hostages; after, he can be convinced to leave peaceably or emerge guns
   blazin'. The flipside: after convincing Jessup to leave, return to Monroe
   and see if he'll honor the bargain. Leaving him to his own devices makes
   him revert to his previous orders, and he'll kill the Khans on their trek
   out. [This gives no Khan infamy, note.]

   If the player doesn't have enough Speech, the alternative, brought up by
   Jessup himself, is bribing the NCR. Monroe will suggest a 500-cap sum, but
   it can be pared down to 400 by passing a [Barter 45] check. Inform Jessup
   and the two groups will part ways.

 That ends the mission successfully. Note the bombed-out buildings contain a
 few magazines (True Police Stories, ¡La Fantoma!), and Jessup has a unique
 bandanna that can be looted from his corpse. There's ammo containers too,
 usually on the upper floors of the apartments. If one completes the mission
 in favor of the Khans, freeing Ackerman and Gilbert turns them hostile,

 Client -: Joana [Gomorrah on the Vegas Strip]
 Prereq -: n/a
 Precedes: How Little We Know
 Missable: Yes [Joana or Carlitos slain; complete "How Little We Know" first]
 Reward -: 200 XP + 400 caps (with Barter option) or Karma+ (forego reward)

 This mission occurs within Gomorrah, the hedonistic casino right inside the
 Vegas Strip. Once one enters from Freeside (usually by carrying 2000+ caps),
 head in and make for the Brimstone bar's upper level. From there, enter the
 Courtyard and a prostitute, Joana, will initiate conversation. One must pass
 a [Speech 50] check to use her services, a 75-cap expense; the subsequent
 [Speech 75] check makes it free. One can't go upstairs without attempting the
 latter, though.

 In her lovenest, inquire about her to get a [Medicine 50] or [Speech 75]
 check; pass it to learn her backstory, wherein her lover Carlitos was the
 only thing keeping her going...and he disappeared. Agreeing to help her find
 him starts the quest officially, although it doesn't necessarily have to be
 gratis -- 200 caps or a one-night stand are the other options. Until the
 quest ends, Joana can be found in her suite.

 Carlitos only spawns if the quest is successfully added, and can be found in
 the Vault 21 Hotel, located near the NCR Embassy in the Strip's deepest part.
 He'll convey the difficulty in helping Joana escape, and notes he can't do
 it by himself since the Omertas want him toe-tagged. Like Joana, Carlitos can
 be milked of 200 caps to hear news of his girl. Optionally, one can learn
 more about his croupier job by passing an [INT 7] check.

 Revisit Joana to convey Carlitos' wishes. She'll want to escape herself but
 won't leave the other hookers behind; one must convince her by completing the
 [Speech 40] and subsequent [Speech 50] checks. Once she agrees to ditch
 Gomorrah, tell Carlitos the good news. He'll pay 200 caps if one asked for it

 His suggestion for breaking out is to lead Joana to Freeside between 12 PM
 and 1 AM. She'll have to sneak out disguised or the Omertas may notice her
 exit. Like before, if one presses Carlitos to show some cash, he'll agree to
 another 200-cap fee.

 • OPTIONAL: Call in Carlitos' favor for bodyguards. He mentions there's two
   men who will come to his aid; they're found at Freeside's Atomic Wrangler
   casino. Speak with Big Beard about the assist, and he and his associate
   Little Beard will agree to help. This step is irrelevant if one plans on
   solving things diplomatically, or can handle 4 targets on one's own.

 Joana will agree to the escape. When the fated hour approaches, give her the
 word and she'll don her disguise -- this is done in the timeframe between
 midnight and 3AM. [She says it's not a good time if one asks otherwise. She
 reaches the Gomorrah lobby about an hour after the player says go. One can't
 wait during that window, note.] Jo and her gal pals will leave the casino on
 the player's command.

 At this point, it's one's duty to safely escort them to Freeside -- they've
 got a plotted route, so no fancy detours. In fact, there's very little danger
 to speak of, outside of faction-affiliated NPCs the player may have pissed off
 previously. Freeside Thugs are a wild card, but have little firepower...still,
 watch out for 'em. The girls will run to Carlitos in the vacant side street.

 Reuniting with Carlitos spawns 4 Omerta thugs will appear; one initiates a
 conversation, bragging about how they caught everyone red-handed. Resolving
 the conflict can be done by:

 - [Speech 75] Convince the thug he's ruining his boss' undercover operation
   [Speech 85] Say his boss didn't inform him due to the job's secretive nature
 - [Barter 85] 500-cap payoff
 - [Strength 8] Remind the thug his cohorts are wimpy twig boys
   [Strength 9] Remind the mouthy thug he'll be smashed by you if he attacks

 Big Beard and Little Beard will assist in the battle, supposing it occurs. In
 fact, it's impossible to fight the gangsters if one has Speech 85+, Barter 85+
 and STR 9+ -- this is 'cause it's normally done by failing a speech option.
 The thugs are pushovers, though, so it won't be too hard if push comes to
 shove...just remember Carlitos or Joana's deaths fail the mission, so be
 their guardian angel, eh? [The thugs give no infamy of any kind upon death.]

 The Omertas leave one way or another, and Carlitos asks how he can repay the
 player. The standard cash reward is 200 caps, and the [Barter 65] check kicks
 it up to 400. Or, one can hand-wave the reward away, earning positive karma
 instead. At the end, Joana will mention that Cachino was planning on getting
 even with Mr. House -- this automatically begins "How Little We Know".

 Client -: Disguised Frumentarius [various]
 Prereq -: Positive Legion reputation
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: Yes [Caesar slain or questline broken]
 Reward -: Fame-dependent items

 If the player has positive (non-neutral) rep with the Legion, it's possible
 a disguised frumentarius NPC will approach, giving this quest. Well, it's
 less of a quest and more of a thank-you: this marks a dropbox location on
 the map where contraband items are given to the player. If one fast travels
 to Cottonwood Cove, turning west up the highway (toward Searchlight) reveals
 a large east-facing promontory. This is in fact the same rock seen during
 "Caesar's Hire," although these caches are in a slightly different place.

 Once these boxes spawn, they stay here -- this means getting on the Legion's
 bad side may make the quest quit appearing, but the caches keep restocking
 anyway. How many caches are available depends on one's reputation: simply
 being 'Accepted' gives 3 boxes; becoming 'Idolized' bumps that to 10. For
 most people, just getting to 'Liked' may be enough, as the extra spawned box
 contain craploads of ammo.

 The boxes typically give medicinal and ammunition items, some in ridiculous
 quantities (9 Doctor's Bags!?). The contents are randomized, though, and if
 one leaves items inside, the Legion assumes they're unwanted and destroys
 'em. Having the Scrounger perk can make these looting trips very lucrative,

 NOTE: There is a glitch where additional boxes may not spawn after the first
       box contents reset. For this reason, reaching "Idolized" in a short
       period (giving tons of dogtags, for one) is highly recommended.

 The frumentarius will give the quest every few days, so long as one's rep is
 on the straight and narrow.

 Client -: Disguised Frumentarius [various]
 Prereq -: Have 'Mixed' Legion reputation
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: Yes [Caesar slain or questline broken]
 Reward -: n/a

 This quest can only be obtained if one's Legion reputation is 'Mixed,' which
 is about one step removed from neutrality. [This means if one's been super
 bad/good since obtaining the Mark of Caesar, this quest can't be triggered.]

 Sitting around waiting for the frumentarius to appear can take a long time.
 I personally suggest traveling the wastes near Legion hotspots, one being
 the highway near HELIOS One. [Teleporting to Gibson Scrap Yard can work.]
 Once the target appears, he'll say the Legion's aware of the player's
 mercenary ways, and offers a gift: a dropbox filled with Legion coin. The
 location is also marked.

 To find the metal boxes filled with booty, visit the sloping highway between
 Camp Searchlight and Cottonwood Cove. There's an east-facing promontory a bit
 SW of Sniper's Nest; the boxes are tucked against some rocks there. Shouldn't
 be too hard to find.

 These boxes don't spawn until this quest is given, but also don't despawn if
 one falls from the Legion's good graces. They'll continue to be restocked
 every 2-3 days, also!

 Client -: Ranger Jackson [Mojave Outpost]
 Prereq -: n/a
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: Yes [Ranger Jackson slain]
 Reward -: 100 XP, NCR fame

 Mojave Outpost is the NCR station on the desert's outskirt, and easy to find
 -- just follow the highway south of Goodsprings, past Primm, and continue
 SW when it turns that direction (east leads to Nipton). There's a gigantic
 commemorative statue atop the hill it's located on, making it hard to miss.

 Once there, find Jackson at the headquarters. Asking for any local work has
 him suggest clearing the crossroads nearby, since its infestation is hurting
 local caravan traffic. [This starts the quest officially.] The intersection
 in question is downhill a ways, near the Nipton Road Rest Stop, and happens
 to have a few (7) giant ants to kill. Shouldn't be too hard if one starts at
 up the embankment and is handy with a rifle, etc. [If you happen to have an
 NCR or Legion hit squad appear here, they may take out some of the enemies;
 or, get stuck on the broken bridge portion, making a nice clump for explosive

 With the insects irradicated, return to Jackson, which finishes the mission.
 Additionally, by reminding him about his reward, the player gets his "lost"
 supplies: 100 caps, Service Rifle, Weapon Repair Kit (2), Caravan Lunch (2),
 5.56mm Armor Piercing (72). The Service Rifle tends to be in good condition.
 If the player doesn't remind him about his reward, he doesn't give them --
 this can be done on subsequent conversations, though.

 Client -: n/a
 Prereq -: Kill Joshua Graham, Daniel, Follows-Chalk or friendly tribemembers
 Precedes: Happy Trails Expedition
 Missable: no
 Reward -: 3300 XP (apx. LV24)

 This is the Honest Hearts' fallback quest, the one a player gets committing
 heinous acts against the Dead Horses/Sorrows or by deep-sixing an important
 DLC character. "Chaos in Zion" can start at any stage in the DLC, even in
 the last mission. In any case, if this quest starts, the rest of the DLC
 questline fails, and all normally friendly targets become hostile. Truly,
 chaos in Zion.

 The mission then becomes traveling to the Sorrows Camp in the Narrows, the
 northernmost canyon system. Following the Virgin River north from any part
 of the national park leads there, actually. As one learns in the questline's
 normal course, leaving Zion without a map is suicide -- thus, in this
 mission, finding the map Daniel typically withholds is the key. [Said item
 only spawns during this quest.]

 Said map is kept in a clay pot deep within the camp, up near White Bird's
 Cave, near the sleeping mats. Of course, this is the Sorrows' stronghold and
 they'll all be hostile, forcing the player to put 'em down. [Their typical
 arsenal is yao guai gauntlets and thrown weapons.] Like all tribals, they're
 lightly armored; and, since they don't use firearms, hardly a threat at a
 distance. Daniel, the missionary staying with the Sorrows, carries the .45
 Auto SMG, though, and is a bit more formidable.

 After claiming the map, one can simply return to the Southern Passage and
 return to the Mojave that way, which finishes the DLC on a rather sour note.
 There is a DLC's worth of XP gained, though the post-questline footlocker
 will not appear, preventing one from getting several unique items.

 Client -: Follows-Chalk [Zion Valley]
 Prereq -: Deliverer of Sorrows
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: Yes [Any major DLC character killed]
 Reward -: 300 XP (apx. LV27)

 After hoofing it around the valley to find Daniel's supplies, which starts
 "Deliverer of Sorrows" in the natural course, a new option about civilization
 appears in Chalk's dialogue. He'll mention that in his youth, his tribe had a
 run-in with a singer (The Lonesome Drifter, probably) that made an impression
 on him -- ever since, he's wanted to explore the world. Unfortunately, he's
 kept this to himself, so he's unsure of its possibilities. The player can
 ask Joshua about it, which starts the quest officially.

 Speak to Graham to learn his opinion, then give your opinion to Chalk. One
 can convince him to stay with his tribe or, after the Valley events're over,
 to set out on his own. There are also two "lie" options that misinterpret
 Joshua's advice, but to the same end. Telling Chalk to stay or go will only
 affect his ending; the rewards are the same. [Picking a "lie" option earns
 negative karma, though.]

 Client -: Michael Angelo [Michael Angelo's Workshop at the Strip]
 Prereq -: n/a
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: Yes [Michael Angelo slain]
 Reward -: 200 XP, 500 caps

 Michael Angelo is the creative genius behind Vegas' neon signs, one of the
 hallmarks of the Strip. His studio is located inside the Strip itself, at
 road's end -- it's right across from the NCR Embassy.

 During the first conversation with the man himself, it's possible to extort
 300 caps from him. First off, misrepresent oneself as Mr. House's emissary
 with the initial [Speech 45] check, then use either subsequent [Speech 45]
 or [Repair 45] check; finally, pass a [Speech 55] check and follow through.
 One can let him in on the joke at the last minute, though, which is good if
 one just wants the challenge XP. Getting 300 caps earns negative karma.

 Speak with Michael (a.k.a. Sheldon) to learn his current job is draining him
 of creativity; he asks the player to keep it hush-hush. The [Medicine 55]
 check can diagnose him as agorophobic, while the [Speech 50] rattles him
 into thinking one's House's lackey. The Speech 50 check harkens back to the
 last Speech 55 check as it follows the same tree. Anyway, by passing the
 Medicine check, one can bounce fixes off him, until he hits upon the idea
 to get pictures of the wasteland to refill his mental wellspring.

 When pressed, he gives the Codac 9000 camera and a list of landmarks (signs)
 he'd like pics of. This starts the quest officially. The XP gained for doing
 each shot has a base of 100 and increases by 25 for each subsequent one; that
 makes a total of 750 XP!

 • Camp McCarran - the Mojave's main NCR base is south of the Strip, SW of
   NCR Sharecropper Farms and NE of the El Rey Motel. Like many landmarks, it
   has a notable feature, namely its sheer cement perimeter. The sign Sheldon
   wants is located at the main gate.

 • Dinky the Dinosaur - found in Novac, the pit stop along Highway 95 (of
   the two major north-south highways, it's the one furthest east, nearest
   the Colorado River). The picture one wants includes both Dinky and the
   thermometer it holds, not the 'no vacancy' sign or just Dinky.

 • Bison Steve - found in Primm, the roadside town south of Goodsprings. Very
   hard to miss since it's got a gigantic roller coaster around the Bison
   Steve Hotel. The target is the bright sign affixed to the pole.

 • HELIOS One - power plant north of Novac, in eyeshot of Highway 95. Like
   McCarran, the target sign is hanging right over the main entrance.

 • Sunset Sarsaparilla Headquarters - west of the Vegas Strip, across the
   major thoroughfare. Relatively, it's south of Monte Carlo Suites and north
   of the Fiends-controlled South Vegas Ruins. The oversized sarsaparilla
   bottle marks its location for miles around and is Sheldon's target.

 If one runs out of film, return to Mikey and he'll renew the roll, and if
 one turns in a landmark, he'll give caps equal to the XP earned (i.e. 125 XP
 is 125 caps). In short, the total XP one gets for the neon safari earns the
 same in currency, and that's in addition to the finishing rewards one gets
 for turning in all five. Now maybe he can get back to work for his overlord!

 Client -: Captain Gilles [Bitter Springs]
 Prereq -: n/a
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: Yes [Gilles is slain]
 Reward -: 100 XP, NCR Fame

 During Captain Gilles exposition on the camp's sorry state of affairs, one
 can inquire about the refugee killings. [This starts the quest officially.]
 Apparently someone has been picking off dissidents and soldiers alike from
 extreme range, always with a headshot. Looks like a sniper problem. Gilles
 thinks he's hiding in one of the mountain caves...

 There's a few holdover supply caves from the Great Khans' days in the area,
 and the terrain doesn't help exploring much. Surprisingly, the target cave's
 just over the west ridge! Start at Bitter Springs and head west through the
 red-rock canyon, past the graveyard. Climb the nearby hill and using its
 crest, proceed north through a gulch. When y'get as far north as possible,
 cross the next western mini-cliff. You'll know you're in the right spot as
 Vegas will be due west, and there's often geckos at the bottom. From here,
 hop down and check the northern ridge -- it looks like a bunch of rocks, but
 there's actually a tiny footpath leading up to an unmarked supply cave.

 Inside, regardless of Sneak prowess, a Great Khan named Oscar Velasco will
 accost the player, wondering who s/he is. Picking "Goodbye" will allow one
 to leave without any hostilities, although if the player encounters Oscar
 without first starting the mission properly, the only other dialogue option
 is "It's time to die." Additionally, given his hatred of NCR, flying blatant
 NCR colors will turn him hostile immediately. Velasco typically carries a
 grenade rifle and a knife.

 If the mission HAS been started properly, an option to interrogate him about
 the Bitter Springs raids (and his past) opens up. Doing this removes the
 option to peacefully part ways as with "Goodbye". Passing a [Speech 50] will
 allow the Courier to peacefully settle things, allowing one to either--

 • CONVINCE TO ATTACK: Persuading him to attack the higher-ups responsible for
   the Bitter Springs massacre will have Oscar leave and attack Camp McCarran,
   which is basically a suicide attack. [K-]

 • LEAVE FOR HOME: Putting his NCR loathing away, Oscar will pack up and head
   back to the Great Khan encampment at Red Rock Canyon. [This is located a
   good ways north of Goodsprings, past Spring Mt. Ranch State Park.] This
   journey is VERY long, and Oscar meanders quite a bit, going up through the
   NCR territory -- it's possible he dies in the wild, or gets killed en route
   thanks to the soldiers, animals and (especially near RRC) deathclaws that
   are along his route. It's quite possible to encounter him several days
   later in the wild, although he'll undoubtedly be hostile to the player. As
   someone who's spent a few hours safeguarding his passage back to RRC, it's
   kinda fun to help him get back home. =)

 As for the resolution, the player can get Oscar's supply cache key, either by
 settling things peaceably (given by the Khan himself) or looting his corpse.
 This unlocks the gate nearby, letting one get at his cache -- some drugs, a
 rifle, ammo and a Great Khan Supply Cache, the latter of which is useful in
 "Bitter Springs Infirmary Blues".

 When Oscar hits the trail, or lies bleeding in the dirt, return to Captain
 Gilles to finish up. If one kills Velasco before getting this mission, just
 talk to her again to report on the success.

 Client -: Vulpes Inculta [Nipton]
 Prereq -: n/a
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: Yes [Vulpes Inculta slain]
 Reward -: 150 XP

 Nipton is located along a highway in the southern part of the map, southeast
 of Primm and west of Camp Searchlight. Upon arrival, visit the town center.
 There, one of Caesar's henchmen, Vulpes Inculta, approaches the player to give
 this quest. [Even if your Legion infamy is at Vilified, they won't attack on
 sight for this part.] During the conversation in which the player can inquire
 about Nipton's fate, answering "sounds like they got what was coming to them"
 or "I admire the purity of the Legion's justice" gives Legion fame. Following,
 Vulpes and his retinue will leave Nipton, letting the player get about the
 task of spreading word of the atrocities.

 To complete the quest, visit Mojave Outpost in the map's southwestern corner.
 The highways meet at the interchange nearby, making it both a straight shot
 from Nipton and Primm. Once there, locate Sgt. Kilborn and inform him of the
 goings-on, finishing up the demoralizing dirty work.

 NOTE: This quest can still occur even if one already met Vulpes on the Strip
 (post-"Ring-a-Ding-Ding!") and he returned to Caesar's Fort.

 Client -: Manny Vargas or No-bark Noonan [Novac]
         : Jason Bright [REPCONN Test Site]
 Prereq -: n/a
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: Yes [Jason Bright or Chris Haversam slain]
 Reward -: 800 XP, Novac fame

 This quest can be started by speaking to Manny Vargas during the course of
 "They Went That-a-Way" -- in exchange for information on the man one's
 pursuing, he wants the ghouls in the nearby factory out of there. It's just
 too taxing on the town economy! [This adds it officially.] No-bark Noonan can
 be questioned about strange goings-on to mark the test center and start the
 quest, too.

 REPCONN Test Center is located due west of Novac, itself along Highway 95
 (of the two main north-south highways, this is the one farthest east). There
 will be a bunch of ghouls inhabiting the entry road and front stoop, Glowing
 Ones included. The main building has a main entrance in the south and a
 side door in the NW -- either suffices.

 Inside the quest is officially added (if not already), and an intercom voice
 will hurriedly suggest getting upstairs via the second-floor rocket factory
 in the east. The enemy mix is the same as outside, but there's a few dead
 Bright Followers and nightkin around, too, the former containing trademark
 1-handed energy weapons. The few safes around (Easy and Average) hold Stealth
 Boys in addition to currency and ammunition. The Easy safe will always have a
 skeleton holding a Hunting Revolver beside it. The simplest way to locate the
 factory is to, from the beginning, pick the lock behind the receptionist's
 desk, head straight north up the stairs to the hall's end, navigate the
 cubicles, and voila!

 Using the intercom allows one into the 3F science labs, where all the Bright
 Followers have holed up. After Haversam's delightful introduction, locate
 Jason Bright (a Glowing One who's kept his sanity) to learn that invisible
 "demons" have started nesting in the basement, impeding the group's ability
 to enact their main goal: travel to the Far Beyond, a land free of humanity's
 bigotry and hate. Inquiring about, and agree to irradicate, the demons will
 make the destination REPCONN's basement -- Jason gives the key as well.

 The basement entrance is right off the factory floor. As one can gather, the
 enemies within aren't invisible "demons," but Stealth Boy-using nightkin, and
 there's a whole lot down here. Most are invisible, although one of the
 branches in the west hallway leads down to the nightkin leader, Davison, who
 is not initially hostile. He says Antler (his split personality manifesting
 and projecting through a brahmin skull) told him to find an invoice listing
 the locations of Stealth Boys, but they're in the one room he can't get into
 -- a room he intentionally locked since a ghoul inside was killing his men.
 The player can either agree to get the invoice and leave on friendly terms,
 or refuse, making Davison hostile. [Also, continuous mentions that Antler's
 not real turns him hostile.]

 Either way, obtain Davison's Key and use it to unlock the barricaded south
 chamber to find the crackshot Ghoul (Harland) on an elevated platform. He'll
 only agree to leave if the player finds what happened to his "ghoulette"
 friend who ran further into the basement. If the player already visited the
 basement and searched the 'ghoul prisoner' corpse, one can notify him about
 her demise. [The nightkin jail is located via the northern hallway. The body
 is in a lower cell, accessible only after killing the nightkin jailer and
 getting its key.] Turning on the Pip-Boy light shows just how vast Harland's
 setup is, including tripwires, concealed mines and bear traps.

 • If you want to complete Davison's request, the computer containing the
   invoice information is in Harland's chamber, southeast corner (upper). There
   is another on the ground floor but it's booby-trapped to explode. Harland
   becomes hostile if the player goes upstairs; he'll give permission to search
   after learning what became of his companion, though.

 Davison's group will leave peacefully (other nightkin become docile) if the
 invoice is delivered. If the player is overtly killing the nightkin, though,
 Davison becomes hostile, as Antler "told" him about the occurances. Anyway,
 once things are settled diplomatically, or all six nightkin are dirtnappin',
 return to Jason. Settling his problem makes his Followers relocate to the
 basement rocket pad, which one can find past Davison's room, by flipping the
 electrical switch and navigating the subsequent tunnel.

 At launch control, Jason asks the Courier to help Chris prepare the rockets,
 as they still need slight tweaking to work. Haversam says he needs two last
 components to ready the Followers' vehicle; the player can pick which one to
 do first, but only one can be done at a time. [There is a convenient hatch
 nearby that leads out of the basement. It can only be opened from this end.]

 • ISOTOPE-238 IGNITING AGENT: Chris says REPCONN has been sacked repeatedly,
   so there's no telling where some of the facility's stuff has ended up. He
   suggests trying trading areas nearby. There's two ways to get the minute
   quantity needed: (1) go to the quest marker at Clark Field, near Novac, and
   locate the corpse of Mr. RADical; the isotope can be found on his person,
   in addition to a snazzy radiation suit. (2) At Novac's dinosaur gift shop,
   one can buy a storeroom key off Cliff Briscoe for a pittance, reduced even
   further by passing a [Barter 30] check. Or, just steal his key and break
   into the storeroom when he's not looking. Either way, five rocket tchochkes
   are needed to complete the objective. Note the unique pistol "That Gun" is
   also in the storeroom, if it wasn't bought from Cliff already.

 • THRUST CONTROL MODULES: Chris doesn't have any idea about those, only that
   most people wouldn't know their value. Again, the local junk dealers are
   the main target. Follow the marker to Gibson's Scrap Yard along Hwy 93 and
   speak with Gibson herself. She'll sell them for 500 caps initially, but
   the [Barter 50] or [Speech 50] check slashes it down to 250.
 Through dialogue, one can tell Chris that he isn't a human -- this is done by
 passing a [Speech 50] check, although if one has the Black Widow perk, an
 option for that appears instead. From here, one has several attempts to talk
 Chris out of his proposed rocket sabotage (K+), or convince him to go through
 with it (K-) -- whatever decision he picks is irrevocable through further
 dialogue. If Chris decides to kill 'em, he'll need a third component:
 • SUGAR BOMBS: Three doses. These are very uncommon among vendors, but can
   be found randomly in food containers like refrigerators. Cliff Briscoe's
   shop inventory also has more than enough needed, making him a good choice.
   Additionally, if one completed the Dead Money DLC, simply buy Sugar Bombs
   from the Abandonded BOS Bunker's vending machine, supposing there's Sierra
   Madre chips to spare. Note that Chris only accepts the Bombs after the
   player gives him the two main components.

 After giving all components and hearing Jason's goodbye speech, the final
 step is watching the liftoff. Return upstairs to the science labs and use the
 door that remained locked until now -- this leads to the viewing platform
 where the player can commence the launch. Before doing that, though, if one
 has Science 55+, it's possible to screw with the flightpath, either tweaking
 the flightpath to be more efficient (55 XP, K+) or sabotaging it to make the
 rockets crash (55 XP, K-).

 One's reward depends solely on whether the Followers lived or perished. If
 Chris sabotaged the rocket fuel, the Followers will always perish regardless
 of the player's efforts to correct the flightpath. Laughably, if the player
 talked Chris into helping the ghouls, then sabotaged the rockets anyway, one
 can admit it to him when he relocates to Novac, turning him hostile.

 Client -: Doctor Dala [Think Tank]
 Prereq -: Welcome to the Big Empty
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: yes [Doctor Dala slain]
 Reward -: 400 XP (LV35)

 Speaking with Dala a little will start this quest properly. The Pip-Boy log
 encourages the player to prod her biological fascination -- this is done by
 passing the [PER 8] check that appears naturally in her dialogue. If one
 can't pass it, try eating some of the Mentats layin' around. Simply showing
 an odd gesture to her completes the quest.

 After she admits her curiosity about the human body, one can either:

 • Saying you'll make a repeat visit allows Dala to scan oneself, earning a
   small variety of (drained) energy weapon ammunition.

 • Try to shame her by saying you'll tattle about her interests. This doesn't
   have quite the desired effect, but she gives hush money and items (Pre-War
   Money, Conductor, Wonderglue)

 Client -: Neil [Neil's Shack]
 Prereq -: n/a
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: no
 Reward -: 1000 XP (Tabitha slain ending)
         : 1000 XP, Karma+, Tabitha's Equipment Key (Rhonda fixed ending)

 Neil is a friendly mutant living in a shack at the base of Black Mountain, a
 gigantic landmark (easily visible on the mini-map thanks to the serpentine
 footpath) a ways east of Sloan. Upon approaching his shack, he'll stop the
 player and warn that Tabitha has commandeered the mountaintop retreat and
 uses a radio program to draw other mutants to the location. And if you have
 not listened to Black Mountain Radio, do so -- it's hilarious! [Also, it'll
 be deactivated after this mission, so don't hesitate.] A [Speech 50] check
 makes Neil complicit in the overthrow scheme: he'll run to the peak, waiting
 for the player to follow.

 Regardless of Neil's involvement, the player has to ascend to Tabitha's peak.
 The path is mostly switchbacks, and the few shortcuts available are booby-
 -trapped (the one leading to the satellite dish has a rockslide!). Those who
 choose not to stray from the main path will encounter roadblocks guarded by
 super mutants; there may also be nightkin in-between these.

 The summit is easily recognized by the constant radiation, -1/s at its fringe
 and a -3+ around its shell crater. Super mutants around here are what Tabitha
 calls "Dumb-dumbs," second-gen mutants without much intelligence. As such,
 it's fitting that some are only armed with "mediocre" melee weapons instead
 of heavy duty firepower. [There's always a mix, note.] Once they're dealt
 with, there's a few trunks in the sheltered area containing a decent amount
 of caps (500+).

 • If Neil agreed to help, he'll wait near this dome-like building. His plan
   is to act like a dumb follower, notifying the nightkin up the road that
   an intruder's in the village. If one stays hidden near the dome, they'll
   all run past, allowing one to visit the peak without interference. [Having
   a companion with can ruin this part's stealth. I suggest hiding alongside
   the dome building, near the fallen tin ramp.] The nightkin carrying the
   unique missile launcher 'Annabelle' may disappear at this point, so it's
   recommended to snipe it prior to the plan (sniper's platform is visible
   from many vantages down the mountain). Freeing Raul makes the errant 'kin
   appear, however, but whether or not Annabelle remains, this author doesn't

 Tabitha's compound is at road's end, and is free of radiation, thankfully.
 In addition to a nightkin on the road and a sniper on the tower platform (it
 carries the unique missile launcher Annabelle, usually at full condition) two
 more usually patrol the main grounds in a perma-Stealth Boy state. Fighting
 them in an all-out brawl works, although sneaky players can still see them in
 their shielded state -- just look for weird light refractions. [V.A.T.S. can
 also spot them but gives 0% chance to hit in that state.]

 Those who listened to Black Mountain Radio also know that Tabitha is holding
 a ghoul mechanic (Raul) hostage. In the prison building, a 100 Science compy
 blocks immediate access to the repairman; reading Entry 6 on the second
 computer reveals the needed password. Setting Raul free gives a 500 XP bonus.

 Aaanyway, there's two ways to solve the climax to this mission.

 • KILL TABITHA: Very obvious, very satisfying. Inside the broadcast building,
   hack the Easy terminal facing away from the door and read the "Safe!" file,
   learning Tabitha keeps a spare key hidden under a rock 'neath the stairway
   up to her chamber. [This is for continuity; a player who knows where the
   key is can just go get it.] Simply head up and kill Tabitha, whose only
   weapon is a Super Sledge. This ends the mission with standard XP only. One
   will have to take the equipment key off her corpse.

   Additionally, if one sets Raul free without first confronting Tabitha, she
   spawns near the radio tower with two nightkin flunkies.

 • FIX RHONDA: This is the robot Tabitha goes on about in her broadcasts. It's
   been broken for awhile, and is the reason she's keeping Raul around. Find
   the Mr. Gutsy in the storage room and pass the [Science 60] check to get
   it running. Then, when the player exits, Tabitha will be there and thank
   the player for fixing her robot. To show her gratitude, the Courier gets
   her personal equipment key.

 Said equipment key unlocks the special trunks in her broadcast booth and the
 storage room. These contain various ammunition and usually some kind of one-
 -handed firearm, like 9mm Pistols or .357 Magnums. [The storage room contains
 some well-hidden missiles, and C-4 behind one of the trunks, if y'wanna find
 'em.] Activating Rhonda after Tabitha's dead, and informing the robot of her
 fate, turns it hostile. Also, if Tabitha or Rhonda sees Raul out of his cell,
 they turn hostile too, even if the mission's completed.

 If one never got the quest from Neil, usually by scaling the northern side
 of the mountain, then killing Tabitha will add and finish the quest in the
 same few seconds.

 Client -: Jerry the Punk [Red Rock Canyon]
 Prereq -: n/a
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: Yes [Jerry the Punk slain]
 Reward -: 450 XP

 Visit the Khan camp's training grounds or nearby tents to find a scrawny noob
 waxing poetic to himself. Although he likes the Khans as family, he considers
 'em dumb jerks with no appreciation for his art. Passing a [Speech 33] check
 can suggest finding a home elsewhere. Since the Followers of the Apocalypse
 initially helped the Khans to history and science, he thinks there may be a
 home for him there. Agree to help by asking around the Old Mormon Fort at
 Freeside. This officially starts the quest.

 Freeside is the Vegas Strip's poorer residential district, and has both a
 north and east entrance. Once the Courier locates the Fort, speak to Julie
 Farkas and describe Jerry's talent, often to hilarious results. Any answer
 will do, and reporting the good tidings to Jerry causes him to leave Red
 Rock Canyon for the Fort. That also completes the mission.

 Client -: Francine Garret [Atomic Wrangler at Freeside]
 Prereq -: n/a
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: Yes [Francine Garret slain]
 Reward -: 500 XP, 150 caps, Freeside fame, free room & board at Wrangler

 Freeside is the neighborhood one must visit to enter the Vegas Strip, and it
 can be entered from the north or east. Locate the AW bar's hostess to learn
 that prior to their rule change, they allowed bar tabs...and some folk didn't
 take too kindly to paying 'em. The offer is to clear all tabs for a flat 25%
 cut of each, although with [Barter 35] or [Speech 35], that can be bumped to
 50%. Agreeing to help starts the quest officially.

 There's three ex-clients who need to cough up some change.

 • Grecks: This ghoul has wracked up a 138-cap tab, and Franny makes a note of
   not asking about his lazy eye. Grecks spawns specifically for this quest,
   in the abandoned lot behind the Old Mormon Fort. Punching him (via speech)
   earns the cash, and passing a [Speech 40] check gets an extra 41 caps. And
   to make matters funnier, one can pass a subsequent [Speech 60] check to get
   Grecks' clothes as well -- this gives negative karma, though. Making fun of
   the ghoul's eye twice turns him hostile, though.
 • Santiago: This smooth-talking wuss owes 212 caps. He's usually near in the
   park behind the bombed-out building near Mick & Ralph's, although if one
   completed James Garret's "Wang Dang Atomic Tango" quest, he may be working
   for the Wrangler. He'll mention that a Freeside VIP like himself does not
   owe anything, and offers to tell a secret password to get a discount at
   Mick & Ralph's. This costs 50 caps, or 25 with a [Barter 40] check, and is
   mandatory to pay. [One also learns the discount is bunk after speaking with

   After this, one still has to force the sleazy fool to pay up. A [Speech 50]
   check threatens him enough to get the full 256 caps he carries, and also
   reveals that his whole persona is an act. Punching him in the face makes
   him pay up, too, earning a smaller 212-cap sum; this same result occurs if
   one calls him a liar and hints at violence.

 • Lady Jane: This prospector with a high roller's mein has an outstanding
   debt of 250 caps. Franny doesn't know her whereabouts, but the quest marker
   does -- she's on a park bench near the Vegas entrance. She gives a sob story
   about losing a caravan, although with a [Speech 40] or [Barter 40] check,
   one can cut a hole in her tale -- she'll give 156 caps, 3 Sensor Modules and
   2 Cartons of Cigarettes as payment. If one offers to help find her caravan,
   she'll mark Broc Flower Cave on the map -- it's in the mountains between
   Novac and Camp Searchlight. If one searches the empty cavern to find her
   brahmin, there's 276 caps on it. A unique varmint rifle (Ratslayer) can be
   found in the cave's office dwelling, making the trip even more fruitful.

 Each character carries a "Bag of Bottle Caps" that can be looted upon death,
 and Francine doesn't really care if they live or die anyway... So, when
 diplomacy fails, let the bullets do the talking! After turning in the debts
 and getting one's cut -- 150 or 300 caps -- Franny's got a final job: hunt
 down Caleb McCaffery, the Wrangler's guard, who ripped the place off and went
 to Vegas.

 Unless one can already get onto the Strip (2000+ caps or more in tow), Ms.
 Garret suggests talking to the King for work, namely his "G.I. Blues" quest.
 This allows one to get a free passport from Ralph of "Mick & Ralph's" store
 in Freeside. Otherwise, passing a [Speech 50] check can convince Ralph to
 sell 'em even without the King's permission, for a sum of 500 caps, or 375
 with a [Barter 50] check.

 In any case, hunt down McCaffery at Gomorrah's front entrance. One can strike
 a deal with the thief via a [Speech 40] check -- this gives 57 caps and the
 quest item Caleb McCaffery's Hat. The only other option is having a nice
 shootout, then taking Caleb's caps and hat by force. He also wears the rare
 Bounty Hunter Duster, a badass garb that gives +1 CHR and +5 Guns. A lot of
 people lose their shirt on the Strip...it's just literal for McCaffery. =)

 Return to Francine to get the quest rewards, including the place's corner
 room (NE) free of charge. 

 Client -: Melissa [Great Khan Encampment]
 Prereq -: n/a
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: Yes [Melissa slain]
 Reward -: 200 XP, 100 caps, Buffout, Steady, Rebound, Great Khans fame
         : 200 XP, NCR Fame (only if given to Lt. Hayes)

 Melissa can be found at a small camp overlooking Quarry Junction, a rather
 vile construction site inhabited entirely by deathclaws. It can be found a
 ways north of Sloan, the town nearest Goodsprings (to the east, along the
 highway). Low-level characters may find reaching her quite difficult, as both
 the normal eastern entrance, and the alternate northern one, are also chock
 full of deathclaws.

 The cute Khan will say she's awaiting a shipment of chems from Sloan, but
 the deathclaw problem's put the kibosh on the deal. The player can volunteer
 to get them from town, supposing s/he isn't on bad terms with the faction.
 If Melissa agrees, the quest is given properly.

 Sloan is a ramshackle miner's "town" with very little going on. Search the
 mining office for a suitcase, only to find it's full of...emptiness. Speak
 with the foreman, Chomps Lewis, from his roadside vigil to learn the chems
 were supposed to come from a guy named Tyrone in Primm, but the cheater kept
 the merch despite payment. [The other options reveal Chomps' Khan views and
 his relation to Melissa, but this isn't important, just d'awww-worthy.]

 Supposing the player hasn't found Primm, it's south of Goodsprings, along the
 main highway -- hard to miss if y'get the direction right. The player can spy
 Tyrone in the NCR-controlled part of town, in the tent right next to Hayes'.
 His excuse for nondelivery is his superiors' suspiciousness (and he explains
 why he only appears for this mission -- he only crosses the border once per
 month.) He demands an extra 300 caps. The player's options are:

 • Pay the extra 300c
 • [STR 7] Use your muscle to force the deal
 • [Speech 40] Convince him through dialogue
 • [Barter 35] Note being a deal-breaker is a hard rep to shake
 • [Black Widow] Sleep with Tyrone in lieu of payment

 Whatever the deal, the Drug Chemical supplies are received. The optional
 branch of this quest now opens: report Tyrone's activities to Lt. Hayes,
 who'll confiscate the chemicals and complete the quest. The player has the
 option of ratting out Chomps or pinning it solely on Tyrone.

 Completing the deal normally means returning to Melissa for the reward, which
 is XP, caps and some chems. She also says she'll put in a good word for the
 player if they ever head to Red Rock Canyon, a matter that is required for
 completion of the Khan-related "Oh My Papa". If Lt. Hayes got the components,
 returning to Melissa is optional and results in no additional reward. Through
 dialogue, one can explain what happened -- admitting to aiding the NCR makes
 her and her pals hostile immediately. Oops!

 Client -: n/a
 Prereq -: Work against NCR interests during main questlines
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: no
 Reward -: n/a

 This "quest" is nothing more than a warning shot, attainable during the main
 plot by opposing the NCR's interests, i.e. working with Mr. House, Yes Man or
 Caesar. When the quest appears, it basically means further aggression against
 the NCR will break their questline permanently, so one may have to rethink
 allegiances before committing.

 Normally, reaching Vilified status has NCR-related NPCs begrudgingly speak
 to the player, offer services, and so on. Failing this quest makes most of
 them overtly hostile, just like other factions -- so much for civility! One
 can wear an NCR disguise to make some headway in NCR quests, but most named
 NPCs, rangers and guard dogs will see through the chirade. [Troopers on the
 Strip will be on their best behavior, though...heh heh.]

 Actions that cause DTOTB's appearance:

 • Complete "Wild Card: Change in Management"
 • Recruit the Boomers to Mr. House's side during "The House Always Wins III"
   or to the Legion during "Render Unto Caesar"

 Actions that cause DTOTB's failure:

 • Complete "The House Always Wins IV"
 • Finish the White Glove Society portion in "Render Unto Caesar"

 Like its Legion cousin, sometimes this quest's notification doesn't appear,
 so if one suddenly gains NCR infamy, check the questlog -- this may be the

 Client -: Johnson Nash [Primm] or ED-E [various]
 Prereq -: n/a
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: Yes [ED-E slain]
 Reward -: 100 XP, ED-E upgrade

 1) Repairs
 In the town of Primm, south of Goodsprings, the Mojave Outpost branch will
 have a beat-up ol' eyebot. Johnson Nash mentions a courier dropped it off,
 but the dang thing quit working. Apparently the damage isn't serious, and
 he mentions one can have it if it's put in working order. [This line of
 questioning adds the quest officially.] Inspecting the bot will reveal three
 ways to resurrect 'er:

 • Repair 65+
 • Science 65+
 • Scrap Metal (3), Sensor Module (2), Scrap Electronics

 ED-E will be in perfect working order at this point.

 2) Finding Triggers
 To kickstart the quest's main portion, one must -- like most companions --
 get ED-E to react to certain events in the wasteland. People like Boone and
 Arcade speak up when something helps their interests; ED-E speaks up when
 he hears certain people say keywords, which cues a pre-recorded message. Only
 two messages need to be heard, and some people only cue one. Finding any
 trigger adds the quest officially if it hasn't been yet.

 Keyword triggers tend to be about technology groups (Enclave, Brotherhood of
 Steel), tech-savvy locations (HELIOS One, Hoover Dam) or technology itself
 (Archimedes II, eyebot/ED-E). Here's some of the more common triggers:

 • [Camp Forlorn Hope] Quartermaster Hayes, about troops sent to HELIOS One
 • [Camp McCarran] Thomas Hildern, about "controlling the dam from here"
 • [Gibson Scrap Yard] Old Lady Gibson, about HELIOS One
 • [HELIOS One] Generic soldier dialogue sometimes acts as first trigger
 • [HELIOS One] Ignacio Rivas, about "ARCHIMEDES being a weapon build here"
 • [Hidden Valley Bunker] Apprentice Watkins, about Brotherhood at HELIOS
 • [Hidden Valley Bunker] Paladins may mention HELIOS One or comment on ED-E
 • [Lucky 38] Mr. House, about the Boomers (post-The House Always Wins II)
 • [Lucky 38] Mr. House, about the Brotherhoood (post-The House Always Wins IV)
 • [Jacobstown] Doctor Henry, about being a scientist
 • [The Strip] Michael Angelo, about sites he wants photographed.

 Some triggers (Mayes) may only work if one's started a related quest or
 haven't used up one-time-only dialogue (Old Lady Gibson). Others, like Mr.
 House's trigger, can still work even though ED-E won't be in the same room
 or town -- as long as he's a companion, it can work. Old Lady Gibson + HELIOS
 One triggers are in close proximity, and one of the more common twofers for
 this part of ED-E's quest. [For generic grunts triggering dialogue,
 button-mashing their lines until ED-E responds is fine.]

 Speaking of which, finding a trigger prevents ED-E from responding to further
 triggers, at least for 5-6 days. After that, find another (the above list
 helps but isn't exhaustive) to trigger the final one. Most people who spark
 the first trigger can't do the second, although there's some exceptions (like
 Dr. Henry, if one's doing "For Auld Lang Syne" too). Personally, I just use
 generic grunts for both; they have multiple remarks that work.

 3) Finishing
 Okay, both of ED-E's audio logs were played...now what?

 A few days later (waiting speeds this up), Senior Knight Lorenzo will patch
 in to the eyebot, expressing interest in his databanks -- the Brotherhood of
 Steel's stronghold at Hidden Valley is now map-marked if unfound. Another
 person (April Martimer) will radio in after, saying the Followers of the
 Apocalypse would have better use for that data, and that ED-E should be
 brought to Freeside's Old Mormon Fort. [If one hasn't found Hidden Valley,
 April radios in only upon its discovery.]

 The choice one makes will determine what upgrade ED-E gets, nothing more --
 no faction infamy, quests broken due to hurt feelings, etc.

 • Brotherhood: Lorenzo is found on the bunker's bottom level, although to
   get to him, one must first gain access to the bunker properly. [This is
   detailed in the "Still in the Dark" sidequest.] Needless to say, having
   Veronica tag along can avoid McNamara's preliminary test, allowing one to
   find the Knight easier. Agreeing to leave ED-E in Lorenzo's care makes both
   of them completely disappear for a few days (this may be an inconvenience
   timewise during the final part of "Still in the Dark").

 • Followers: April spawns during this quest, and getting to her requires no
   real hullabaloo -- y'just gotta be strong enough to make it to Freeside!

 Pick a choice and wait a few days; ED-E will be returned to Primm's Mojave
 Express branch. Entering it will automatically finish the quest, and the
 friendly eyebot will have a new veneer, plus a hidden upgrade: Lorenzo ups
 his damage threshold, while April increases his weapon capabilities! [He'll
 still have his "Enhanced Sensors" perk, too.]

 Client -: n/a
 Prereq -: n/a
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: Yes [if your rep is so low it becomes impossible to trigger]
 Reward -: Supply cache or temporary follower

 This quest has a little preamble: once one's NCR reputation is Accepted or
 higher, there will be (eventually) a ranger who runs over. He'll give the
 NCR Emergency Radio as a token of gratitude for good service. This is an Aid
 item that's usable every 24 hours, and allows the player to request 3 things:

 • Supply Support ----> Spawns nearby cache containing ammo
 • Trooper Support ---> Summons NCR Trooper as temp. follower
 • Ranger Support ----> Summons NCR Ranger as temp. follower

 The quest only officially starts when the radio is used, and ends when the
 supply cache's contents are taken or one's temporary serviceman follower is
 no dismissed by reselecting the radio. Unlike named companions, these ones
 can still die in Normal difficulty, and if one kills them, NCR infamy is
 received (even whilst hidden). There's little difference between the NCR
 followers, except the trooper uses a service rifle; the ranger uses a cowboy

 The supply cache can be a very hit-or-miss affair. It may contain any number
 of things, such as rare or expensive ammo (.45-70 Gov't, Missiles, etc.),
 armor, helmets, melee weapons (Power Fist, etc) or relatively useless junk
 items (pack of cigarettes, tin cans, etc.) There cache could contain 1 item,
 it could contain 5 items -- it's all randomized. One can reload a save and
 retry for a better effort, though. Also, using the cache respawns the ranger
 who gave the player the radio initially -- despite what he claims, an extra
 radio is not given. [Sometimes the cache may spawn underneath a road or
 something, so save before calling, just in case.]

 One must keep NCR reputation above Dark Hero rank in order to use the radio.
 Trying to call in for help with a poor reputation won't fly -- the NCR will
 withdraw its support in this case.

 Client -: First Sergeant Astor [Camp Searchlight]
 Prereq -: Discover Cottonwood Cove
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: Yes [Astor slain; Cottonwood Cove slaughtered pre-quest]
 Reward -: 1000 XP, 200/250 caps, NCR fame (complete entire quest)
         : 500 XP, 150 caps, Legion fame, K- (dupe Astor with false intel)

 Astor is the local leader of the troopers patrolling Searchlight, a heavily
 irradiated town east of Nipton, south of Novac. If one has discovered the
 Cottonwood Cove (a Legion-held encampment east of there), reporting this to
 Astor, and agreeing to help gather intel, starts the quest officially.

 Once one bypasses the nosy explorer guard -- claiming to be the Legion's
 friend or passing a [Speech 35] check is fine -- it's time to begin the

 • TROOP MOVEMENTS: There is actually two items of note here. The first set
   of raid plans is in the main building's ground-floor interior, in a cabinet
   near the radio [K-] -- these are the real ones. Giving the bug to Aurelius
   of Phoenix in the room above [Legion fame+] earns outdated notes, which he
   suggests using to trick Astor into an ambush.

 • NCR BUG: The main building has two floors, and inside the ground floor is a
   radio, the happy recipient of the tracker.

 Return to Astor after doing the two jobs to get a [500 XP, 150 cap] reward,
 plus NCR fame or Legion fame and bad karma, depending on whether one did the
 actual job or duped the sergeant. Note that getting paperwork from Aurelius
 overrides the actual intel option in Astor's dialogue!

 Choosing to assist the Legion in this quest ends the mission at this point;
 the NCR route opens up one last bit, the complete eradication of the Cove's
 legionaries. A high-leveled player can solo this place, but those who aren't
 sure of themselves should recruit a companion. Boone, the sniper in Novac,
 has a special hatred for Legion and nipping the Legion's bud here contributes
 to unlocking his personal quest. [Killing the Legion and later bringing him
 there isn't the same thing.] Long-ranger snipers can use the Overlook ridge
 for most of their trajectories -- especially in daytime -- while those with
 hunting rifles and other scopeless rifles will want to relocate closer.

 Note that killing legionaries in cold blood will give faction infamy, but
 companions who do the same thing don't share infamy with the player -- good
 news, eh? [There may be a few exceptions if one's in 'danger' status, like
 with mongrels or Aurelius; staying hidden can prevent them.] Another fun
 fact: the nearby Cottonwood Cove has a truck with waste barrels half-tipped
 over the cliff. With Lockpick 50+, one can open the back end and irradiate
 the entire camp, killing all legionaries. [This fails "Left My Heart" if one
 hasn't obtained the quest yet, or did but from the Weathers family below, so
 do that first!]

 Don't forget the secondary request: finding additional troop intel. This is
 stolen from Aurelius' desk on HQ's second floor. This can be done before or
 after eliminating the camp's targets.

 Report to Astor to get the high-EXP reward, caps and some NCR fame. He'll
 comment on the player's prowess for killing everyone the old-fashioned way,
 or if one eliminated the Legion camp in the same manner as Searchlight. [The
 latter earns 50 more caps for payback, apparently.]

 Client -: Elder McNamara [Hidden Valley]
 Prereq -: Complete "Still in the Dark" w/o ousting McNamara
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: Yes [Elder McNamara slain]
 Reward -: Power Armor Training perk, T-45d Power Armor, T-45d Power Helmet

 Finishing "Still in the Dark" is quite a task in itself, but upon asking the
 Elder to join the Brotherhood, it appears it wasn't quite enough. However,
 McNamara has a suitable task. The mutants of Black Mountain have a satellite
 dish equipped with radar function -- it was left alone previously, but with
 the lockdown recinded, it's fair game. Installing a remote signal transmitter
 in one of the consoles should suffice.

 Black Mountain is just north of Hidden Valley, a large mountain with a small
 winding road leading toward the irradiated summit. [This portion of the quest
 can be done concurrently with "Crazy, Crazy, Crazy" if one speaks to Neil at
 his base shack.] The entry road has patrols of super mutants and at least 1
 nightkin, and there's more at the mountaintop. The compound itself contains
 the radio tower grounds, a shack where Raul (another companion) is kept, a
 supply shed and the broadcasting center. Most opposition will carry a melee
 weapon only or a heavy weapon such as the incinerator or minigun. If this is
 one's first visit, the nightkin sniper on the radio tower carries the unique
 missile launcher Annabelle. [The mountains enemies respawn, but usually don't
 have the same numbers as before.]

 The receiver target is in the broadcast building's second floor. There is a
 spare key underneath the exterior stairwell; one learns this by hacking one
 of the indoor computers and learning about it in a data log. Activate the
 radar console to install the rig, then return to the Elder to finish up.

 Entering the Brotherhood gives substantial rewards.

 • Power Armor Training perk. There's only two ways to obtain it in New Vegas,
   and completing this mission is one of 'em. It's impossible to equip power
   armor/helmets without it, as one may know. This bulky, heavily fortified
   suit boasts some of the best defensive capabilities around, and the T-51b
   model gives bonuses to STR, CHR and Rad Resistance.

 • Full shop access. Outside of the combat armor and energy weapons previously
   available, power armor is available too, including the better T-51b model.
   Since the player's reward armor is "refurbished" -- i.e. a few hits from
   breaking -- consider selling it, putting the funds toward the better set
   which carries no AGL penalties. [At 100 Barter, one can buy the T-51b set
   in moderate condition for around 4250 caps total.]

 • Player can come and go as s/he pleases. This is more of a symbolic "mi casa
   su casa" gesture, since it was already obtained earlier by finishing the
   last quest.

 • Recycled ammo in a footlocker near bunker entrance. This is technically
   received before finishing, but I'll put it here anyway. The scribes will
   leave amounts of energy ammo (Electron Charge Packs, Microfusion Cells,
   etc.) here. The amounts are cumulative and don't overwrite each other, so
   it's handy for anyone going on long journeys, like in the Dead Money,
   Honest Hearts or Old World Blues DLC.

 Client -: n/a
 Prereq -: Influencing People
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: no
 Reward -: 400 XP (LV37)

 The final segment in the triple-header fetch quests requires doing both "All
 My Friends Have Off Switches" and "Influencing People" -- it's automatically
 added after finishing the latter. The first series of quest markings directs
 one to unfound audio samples for the Jukebox.
 |_| Gabriel's Bark [X-8 Research Center]
 |_| Giant Tarantula [Higgs Village, House #00; upstairs]
 |_| Opera Singer [Higgs Village, House #108; upstairs]
 |_| Mobius' Robo-Scorpion [Forbidden Zone Dome, interior; upper north deck]

 Opera Singer and Giant Tarantula have no real prerequisites. Gabriel's Bark
 is crucial to the main quest "X-8: High School Horror!" and finding it will
 finish that quest. Robo-Scorpion is inside Mobius' Forbidden Zone, unable to
 be accessed until Klein sends one there during the "Old World Blues" quest.

 The Sonic Emitter always has an EMP effect, but can use audio samples to
 change its effects on crits. "Revelation" inflicts paralysis, "Gabriel's
 Bark" knockback, "Robo-Scorpion" explosion, "Tarantula" incendiary. "Opera
 Singer" dismembers, but only on crit kills.


 The final batch is locating the Biological Research Station's seed packet
 upgrades, which are scattered near (W/SW) of Mobius' Dome. Found seeds will
 grow plants in the Sink, which can then be harvested for craft recipes or
 ground up into Salient Green (1:1). Salient Green can then be reformed into
 'cloned' fruit at campfires and hot plates.
 |_| X-22 Botanical Garden: The general canyon-ridden area north of the Think
     Tank dome. This red packet is within the destroyed, overrun building, on
     2F. There's several spore carrier enemies around, including the unique
     'Patient Zero' type. [Contains Dried Broc Flower, Jalapeño Pepper, Pinto
     Bean Pod, Xander Root]
 |_| Signal Hills Transmitter: This building is directly north of the X-22
     garden, only higher up on the cliffs. The packet in question isn't
     actually at that place, but one needs to travel NE from there, across a
     fallen antenna, to an isolated garden. Look around the decrepit fountain
     for the prize...after defeating the spore plants (the special 'Dionaea
     Muscipula' carries the Corrosive Glove) and whatever lobotomite/Mr. Gutsy
     foes spawn, too. [Contains Dried Cactus Barrel Fruit, Nevada Agave Fruit,
     Prickly Pear Fruit]
 |_| Finally, just north of that old fountain's cliff, across the gigantic
     pipe, is the remaining packet. It's only guarded by a single spore plant,
     thankfully. [Contains Dried Yucca Fruit, White Horsenettle, Honey Mesquite
     and Maize]

 When these final upgrades are installed, the quest completes. Whew...

 Client -: Sgt. McCredie [Camp Golf]
 Prereq -: n/a
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: Yes [Sgt. McCredie, Razz, O'Hanrahan, Mags or Poindexter slain]
 Reward -: 200 XP, NCR Fame

 Camp Golf is a former resort, now major NCR outpost, on the west edge of Lake
 Mead. Find McCredie around the grounds and talk to him about his service,
 which leads to the subject of whipping his undisciplined men -- nicknamed the
 Misfits -- into shape. Agreeing to help adds the quest officially.

 The group has their own tent near the shooting range, which they hang out and
 sleep in during the day and night, respectively. Each player has a suggestion
 on how to improve squad relations, and completing a suggestion ends the quest.

 • Poindexter wants to ride a wave of mediocrity to a high-paying, low-risk
   job, and doesn't mind if the player cheats. The squad readiness records're
   in Camp Golf's main building: one at the front desk, requiring no hacking
   but often near prying eyes thanks to the foot traffic; the other in a back
   of an oft-empty office, behind a Hard-grade lock. Both work to the same end,
   so it really comes down to stealth. Return to the 

 • O'Hanrahan suggests everyone needs a little more niceness; this allows one
   to convince the other squadmates on the subject. Razz, Poindexter and Mags
   each have a [Speech 40] check that warms them up to the idea (40 XP per).
   Return to the mama's boy to finish up.

 • Razz suggests all the team needs is some "juice," namely Psycho chems, to
   improve. Agreeing to the suggestion makes the destination Red Rock Canyon,
   the Khans' home turf (far north of Goodsprings). Find Jack at the drug lab
   and pick up the "Suspicious Package," then return it to Razz.

 • Mags has the only suggestion with practical battle application: practicing.
   Picking her method can get all the maggots onto the range, where the player
   can instruct them on proper battle technique. If they don't go there on
   Mags' orders, wait an hour and it should fix. To successfully teach one's
   wisdom, pass [Guns 25], [Guns 35] and [Guns 45] checks in sequence. That
   takes care of the shooting, but after further discussion, everyone needs
   grenade practice, too. One has to pass sequential Explosives checks, each
   25-35-45 like the previous ones. There is a Patriot's Cookbook magazine in
   the Misfits' tent if one needs a pick-me-up. Each check gives XP equal to
   its required skill, too, making a total of 210. Follow up with Mags after
   finishing the grenade test to clear the quest.

 Post-quest, McCredie may comment on the squad's efficiency. If one actually
 whipped the grunts into fighting shape, he'll note how their teamwork is
 impressive. Cheating via Poindexter's idea has him comment on how suspicious
 the circumstances are.

 Client -: Arcade Gannon
 Prereq -: n/a
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: Yes [Arcade or any of the 5 Remnants slain]
 Reward -: 500 XP

 This is the companion quest of Arcade Gannon, a Followers doctor working at
 the Old Mormon Fort in Freeside. Not much of a people person, he handles the
 "fantastic improbabilities" of research, and as such, usually has little to
 do. Recruiting him is naturally the first step to this quest, and it can be
 done by:

 - high Followers fame
 - completed "High Times"
 - passing a [Speech 75] check
 - using the Confirmed Bachelor perk

 However, he warns the player that the partnership will be brief if one is
 assisting Caesar, whom he despises.

 NOTE: Completing this quest makes Gannon quit being a companion PERMANENTLY.

 Similar to Boone's companion quest, one can trigger the quest by first
 gaining Arcade's trust, done via speech options and visiting certain locales.
 [He'll initiate conversation at these.] Doing the legwork allows one to cue
 the quest earlier than usual.

 • Silver Rush at Freeside (talks about energy weapons)
 • REPCONN Headquarters (SE of Vegas Strip, near railroad tracks)
 • Speak to Thomas Hildern (Camp McCarran)
 • Visit Caesar's Fort (and another after talking with Caesar the first time)

 • Crashed Vertibird (SW of Camp Searchlight). Just visiting here is fine,
   although there's a chance 6-7 hardened Mr. Gutsys and Sentry Bots flitter
   around here. Be careful when approaching at low levels!

 • That Lucky Old Sun: after questioning Ignacio Rivas about his thoughts on
   the rerouted power, Arcade chimes in to say Freeside and Outer Vegas should
   get the juice. Either option is fine for this quest's purpose, although
   suggesting power should be diverted equally gives an [INT 7] check to
   explain it. [The INT check won't show up if one's at INT 6 or less.] The
   third option "Noted." apparently has no function (thanks to wiki for
   this info).

 • The White Wash: when dealing with Tom Anderson in Westside, Arcade will
   make a comment after being party to the coverup or killing him. The former
   is the best decision for this quest's sake; the latter does nothing unless
   one passes an [INT 7] check. The check won't show if one's at INT 6 or less
   though, so it's easy to miss. Arcade doesn't comment on Tom turning himself
   in but apparently this also contributes to the quest (thanks to wiki for
   this info).

 If one already finished the two quests Arcade has a hand in, one can still
 do the easy visit-this-area places (including if the Silver Rush was already
 cleansed of its filth). Note that the quest can be started at certain points
 in the main questlines as well, supposing one's done a few of the above
 convo triggers. Simply pass the point listed and, if Gannon is in the party,
 he'll initiate dialogue:

 • [Wild Card: Change in Management] - install Yes Man into Lucky 38 network.
   This option can be done very early, although it obviously breaks the House

 • [The House Always Wins V] - after destroying Brotherhood of Steel. Quite a
   bit longer than "Change in Management," but the mandatory trip to Caesar's
   Fort provides a helpful convo with Arcade. Note that our friendly doc isn't
   that stealthy, and may ruin one's exit from the BOS Bunker. Since the job
   has to be turned in to get the conversation, dismissing him to the 38 can
   work out fine. Both the NCR and Legion questlines will have broken by going
   this far, though.

 • [For the Republic, Part 2] - after killing Mr. House and reporting the
   segment back to Colonel Moore. Naturally this ruins House's questline, and
   one is too far along to do Caesar's, too.

 Once one gains Arcade's trust, or passes a certain questline trigger, the doc
 will approach the player next time he's in the party. Seems the upcoming dam
 battle has him thinking about the past and how he can help. [Telling Arcade
 one's not interested repeatedly causes him to never mention the quest again,
 permanently missing it!] Gannon used to be associated with the Enclave, and
 while that group did terrible things, he thinks some of its personnel could
 assist in the fight against Caesar. Agreeing to help adds the quest properly.

 There's five Remnants scattered around the world, although Arcade knows their
 locations, having kept in contact with 'em. [He must also be present to open
 their dialogue options, mind you.]

 • Cannibal Johnson - Locate in his titular cave, west of Vegas, past Highway
   93's stretch (near Vault 34). He can be convinced of Arcade's intentions
   without much trouble, and even has an extra [Speech 30] check to learn the
   meaning behind his name. [Pswrd: 'old']

 • Daisy Whitman - Located in Novac, usually around the hotel. Simply asking
   her will get her onboard. [Pswrd: 'Dear']

 • Doctor Henry - Located in Jacobstown, the super mutant colony in the
   mountains far west of Vegas (where the only highway near there ends). He'll
   go to the bunker easily...supposing one's done his "Guess Who I Saw Today"
   quest already. [Pswrd: friends]

 • Judah Kreger - Located in Westside, the small village west (SURPRISE!) of
   the Vegas Strip. In the daytime, he can usually be found playing checkers
   in front of Miguel's Pawn Shop. Ask him to come and ye shall receive!
   [Pswrd: Navarro]

 • Orion Moreno - Has a house near NCR Sharecropper Farms (SE of Strip). This
   grump minces no words about his NCR hatred, and notes depending on what
   side one chooses to fight for, he may not participate. He'll agree to visit
   the bunker, though. [Pswrd: 'Remember']

 When all five players are met, it's time to visit the Remnants Bunker, found
 hidden in the mountains, located between Jacobstown & Ranger Station Foxtrot
 (to the east). The interior panel can't be activated without first obtaining
 the 5-word passphrase, though. Downstairs will be a hidden vertibird, plus
 some crates and lockers containing goodies, like reinforced combat armor.

 Speak to Judah Kreger to decide the team's deployment:

 - Choosing to side with the Legion will cause Cannibal to drop out, and will
   be a huge betrayal for Arcade, who quits being a companion permanently!
   [All his inventory is returned first, though.] Since Johnson won't be
   assisting, Kreger says to speak to Moreno for his Remnants Power Armor and
   Helmet set. Orion will also teach the player how to use power armor if one
   didn't learn from the Brotherhood of Steel -- this is the only other way to
   get the official training!

 - Choosing to side with the NCR will cause Orion to drop out, and one'll have
   to pursue him at the vertibird pad. A [Speech 80] option appeals to his ego,
   but failing that, one must fight him in order to get the door override code.
   If one convinced Orion, the player gets Daisy's power armor; if one slew
   Orion, one just loots it from his body. In either case, Daisy will teach
   one the power armor training required.

   After dealing with Moreno, Gannon will ask the player what he should do in
   the dam battle. Encouraging him to participate will have him leave as a
   companion, only to return a short while later (usually before one's even
   left the bunker) in his special power armor. Telling Gannon he doesn't have
   to help out causes him to return to the Followers, and his Gannon Family
   Tesla Armor set is given to the player instead (after a short delay). One
   of the two options will have a [Speech 80] check -- this is dependent on
   telling Arcade one thing during his convos in this quest, then suggesting
   he do the opposite in this particular dialogue, which strikes him as odd.

 Once one settles up with the Remnants, leaving their meeting room concludes
 the quest. [Also, one can't get back in.] Arcade also can't be re-recruited
 into the player's fold, having been talked out of helping or too disgusted
 by the Courier to assist.

 The Remnants Power Armor [45 WG/28 DT/+1 STR, Rad Res +15] and Power Helmet
 [5 WG/8 DT/-1 CHR, Rad Res +5] are pretty decent and look badass. If one
 claimed the Gannon Family Tesla Armor [35 WG/26 DT/E Weps +10, Rad Res +20]
 and Helmet [5 WG/6 DT/-1 CHR, Rad Res +5], that's fine also. Gannon's armor
 is lighter and a mite weaker, but has far more finesse than any other power
 armor in the game. Just look at those tesla coils...sparkly...!

 Client -: The King [The King's School of Impersonation at Freeside]
 Prereq -: n/a
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: Yes [The King or Pacer slain]
 Reward -: 1500 XP, Freeside Fame, good karma (troopers saved)
         : 1200 XP, Freeside Fame, NCR infamy (troopers slain)

 The King's School is on Freeside's main street, heading right toward the
 Vegas Strip's main entrance. Once inside, pass Pacer's [Speech 60] check or
 give him 50+ caps -- this allows one inside the stage area, where the man
 himself sits with his cyberdog, Rex. [Telling the King about Pacer's entry
 fee lets one recoup it, often with funny side comments.] Since the King has
 his fingers in many pies and pretty much controls Freeside, petitioning him
 for work ain't a bad idea. Agreeing to help adds the quest officially, and
 sets the first of two jobs in action (they must be done in sequence).

 • BODYGUARD TROUBLE: A man named Orris near Freeside's north gate is making a
   killing as a bodyguard, and the King thinks the insane repeat business is
   pretty fishy. He wants the player to find out what's really going on by
   hiring Orris; for this purpose, he gives one a 200 caps to cover costs.
   The King refuses to talk further until one hires the guy, however.

   Locate Orris and he'll accept the deal, not knowing anything's up. [NOTE:
   you can also kill Orris and report back to the King, no questions asked.
   That's rather bland though. Also, if you stray too far from his route, he
   quits being your bodyguard...] Follow Orris on his no-nonsense tour into
   Freeside's other half, at which point he'll suggest a detour to avoid some
   street thugs. If the player ignores the request and perseveres, Orris will
   lead the player down the main street, ending the bodyguard session. Report
   to the King and he'll say the result isn't good enough, and that the player
   will have to rehire him to see what's going on (without providing another
   covering cost!). Which is fine, since if you rehire him again, he winds up
   turning hostile, forcing you to kill him and his four goons.

   Taking the suggested detour leads to an odd encounter where Orris brazenly
   guns down some thugs. There's an optional [INT 7] check here, and if one
   suggests he's staging the tours, passing a [Barter 50] check extorts 348
   caps. Also oddly, he continues the tour after that! Inspecting the bodies
   and passing the [Medicine 30] check shows that the dead thugs are only
   pretending, although it doesn't give any XP or new dialogue, even if you
   inspect them before Orris' conversation.

   Report the findings to the boss man to start the last segment.

 • NCR TROUBLE: There's a storm brewing between native Freesiders and NCR
   carpetbaggers, and now that some of the King's friends have been injured,
   it's come to a head. Visit the Old Mormon Fort's recovery tents and talk
   with Roy, then the skittish Wayne. [Kind treatment gives Freeside fame;
   accusing him of lying subtracts it.] In the end, it becomes apparent that
   the perps are NCR soldiers.

   Notify the King and he'll want the Courier to investigate, saying rumors of
   the attack must've spread by now. In north Freeside, there'll be a couple
   quest markers. One is Julie Farkas' position in the Fort -- talking with
   her reveals her friend Elizabeth Kieran is giving food to the poor NW of
   there. The other two markers lead to missionaries who'll tell the player
   NCR citizens can get a free meal near the old train station around 6PM, if
   they tell the guards the password 'Hope'. Both missionaries will administer
   a short test to people they think're posing as citizens (answers: Tandi,
   Shady Sands, Two-headed Bear). The only differences between the two is that
   one can be bribed with a [Barter 70] check; the other has an optional check
   of [Speech 50], and his NCR test can be taken repeatedly until it's right.

   - Also, one can speak to the beggar ghoul Rotface near the east gate to
     forego the rigamarole and learn what the NCR's up to and the password
     required. This costs 150 caps and 250 caps, or 50 and 100 by passing
     the respective [Barter 25] and [Barter 50] checks.

   Optionally, head over to the train station. If one didn't get the password
   from the missionaries, the bodyguards won't give the store's key -- this can
   be solved with a little pickpocketing, though. [Julie doesn't give the
   password, remember!] Speak with Liz to get Purified Water and a food item.
   Through dialogue, one can inquire about their selective serving, learning
   that the NCR tried to make nice about a relief effort but their envoys were
   beaten -- and despite having little funding, Kieran still organized the
   supplies...there just wasn't enough for locals...

   Return to the King's School. Pacer will stop you if you learned the truth
   from Elizabeth, asking the Courier to keep his/her trap shut. Pacer'll give
   200 caps if one requires a sum for silence, but a [Barter 50] check ups it
   to 300. One can also take Pacer's money and then say the report's going
   through anyway (payback for the initial "jest"). Pacer leaves in any case.

   Finally, report to the King. Regardless of what one conveys, there'll be a
   shootout near the train station involving Pacer, and the player is sent
   there to help. In normal circumstances, there's an unavoidable firefight
   between the NCR (including Elizabeth) and Pacer; his allies are usually
   dead on Courier's arrival. Killing the troopers gives NCR infamy, however,
   even if done while hidden. Letting a companion mop 'em up should avoid any
   infamy by proxy, luckily. If the player told King about the soured envoy
   affair, one can approach the NCR watchtower on friendlier terms (they'll
   turn hostile by brandishing a weapon though). Tell Elizabeth about the
   "misunderstanding" will call a ceasefire.

 With the firefight concluded or defused, return to the King to finish. In
 addition to the normal reward, the King allows for one favor, letting the
 player ask whatever s/he wishes...assuming it's one of the preset options:

 • Join the Kings -----> Kings Outfit and free haircuts from Sergio
 • Get onto the Strip -> Mick (of Mick & Ralph's) will provide fake passport
 • I need some money --> 1000 caps

 Note that this favor can be called in during a future quest, so there's no
 point in cashing it on something dumb, like 1000 caps (you can make that much
 from selling weapons y'found on Fiend corpses!).

 Client -: Trudy [Goodsprings]
 Prereq -: Ain't That a Kick in the Head
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: Yes [Ringo, Sunny Smiles slain]
 Reward -: 150 XP, 100 caps, Goodsprings fame, Powder Gangers infamy

 • This is the flipside to "Run Goodsprings Run," where one helps the Powder
   Gangers in their town takeover. Doing this quest means failing that one.

 To start this mission, witness the altercation between Trudy and Joe Cobb at
 the town saloon -- this only occurs after Sunny Smiles directs the player
 there, after doing her tutorial missions or opting out of 'em. Cobb flees
 after the argument, letting one learn about Trudy's problematic guest: Ringo,
 a trader holed up at the nearby gas station...and one who's incurred Cobb's
 wrath. [Inquiring about her troubles starts the quest immediately.]

 One can now talk to Ringo up at the station, a little ways north of Doc's
 house. After a small misunderstanding, one can pledge assistance to getting
 Ringo out alive. [If one already pledged to help Cobb, Ringo's too suspicious
 and this quest fails. On the flipside, if one pledges to help Ringo and tries
 to do the same for Cobb, he'll be the suspicious one.]

 With Ringo onboard, it's time to recruit some of the other players to help
 in the unavoidable squabble. Speak to Sunny Smiles to get her assistance, but
 the other town players will need to be in lockstep, too.

 • Trudy: she can be brought into the fold by passing a [Speech 25] or
   [Sneak 25] check, and will round up other generic militiamen, too.

 • Chet: he runs the general store and is notorious for his stinginess. The
   idea of helping puts him off, but a [Barter 25] appeals to his businessman
   side, making him provide Leather Armor to the militia -- and one for the
   player, too.

 • Doc Mitchell: He'll mention his bum leg sidelines him in a fight, but gives
   three Stimpaks when asked.

 • Easy Pete: he's got a stock of dynamite buried somewhere, but won't give it
   to the cause without an [Explosives 25] check.

 When the prepwork is over, commence the attack with Ringo. There'll be about
 6 Powder Gangers to kill, including Joe Cobb, but it shouldn't be too trying,
 even if one skipped some of the optional bits. However, if the main NPCs ARE
 getting killed, convincing Chet to give up his armor will go a long way in
 extra longevity. [If one wants to avoid the heavy PG infamy obtained for
 soloing the competition, simply cripple/disarm the enemies and let the other
 NPCs kill 'em instead.] The mandatory infamy is enough to drop one a single
 level, although a huge slaughter can drop to Vilified.

 Before Ringo sets out, he'll give a 100-cap reward, and promises to pay even
 more if he gets back to the Crimson Caravan offices (can be marked on map).

 Client -: Doctor Henry [Jacobstown]
 Prereq -: n/a
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: Yes [Doctor Henry or Calamity slain]
 Reward -: 500 XP

 Jacobstown is a mutant colony in the far NW mountains, and the only highway
 in that area acts as a breadcrumb trail to its doorstep. Inside the main
 lodge, Doc Henry (and his assistant Calamity) are working on a cure for the
 nightkin's Stealth Boy-induced schizophrenia. Agreeing to help him starts
 the quest officially, making the destination Charleston Cave north of there.
 He also suggests letting Lily (nightkin grandma outside) come with, but it's
 entirely optional.

 Charlestone Cave is north of the lodge, and one'll have to go all the way
 'round the town palisade to get there. Inside is a specific strain of those
 ravenous nightstalkers, ones that are invisible until they take a certain
 amount of damage. That's where similarities end, though. Use the mattresses
 at the upper camp to sleep off damage if things get too thick. [Another
 notable tidbit is the lowest, water-filled area leads to a small Hard-lock
 bunker containing some ammo and goodies.]

 The destination is one of the lower caverns filled with dead brahmin and a
 nightkin containing the 'Chewed Stealth Boy' key item. [The unique super
 sledge "Oh, Baby!" is sitting right next to him, but may fly off if one uses
 explosives. Turn on the pip-boy light to find it.] Higher-tier nightstalkers
 may appear in this room if one's level has grown enough.

 After claiming the varmints' chewtoy, deliver the bad news to Henry. He'll
 note the only avenue remaining is trying the Mark II Stealth Boy on Lily,
 who's already agreed to participate in his trial. The risk of permanent
 damage exists, though. Remind Lily about the obligation and she'll go to
 the lodge lab; speak to Henry to start the test.

 Once Lily leaves, Keene, another nightkin, bursts in with a few followers and
 demands the Mark II prototype. Unless one passes a high [Speech 80] check,
 the only way to defuse the situation peaceably is caving to his demands. He
 and his minions turn hostile otherwise, forcing one to fight them all off. A
 high-level player can school these jokers, but low-level players may not be
 so lucky (they all use melee weapons). Doctor Henry runs from confrontation,
 so he shouldn't die during this. Lily typically won't be around either, and
 if one blocks her path so she is, grandma ain't helping...

 Following, speak to Henry to decide what to do -- let Lily wear the Mark II,
 cease testing, or with an enormous [Science 90] check, suggest nightstalkers
 as the guinea pigs. Regardless, the default reward is given for all options
 and Lily becomes a permanent companion.

 Client -: Morgan Blake [NCR Sharecropper Farms]
 Prereq -: n/a
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: Yes [Morgan Blake slain]
 Reward -: 100 XP, NCR fame (farm saved), 150 XP (vault dwellers saved)

 The sharecroppers' field is found along the Strip's southeast wall, near to
 Camp McCarran (south) and the Gun Runners' compound (north). Morgan Blake is
 one of the sharecroppers, and asks the player to investigate the shortages
 they've been getting. Agreeing to search the pump station begins the quest

 Right east of the farm is the East Pump Station, the destination. There's
 little to search 'cept the computer terminal (requires Science 50+) telling
 of a radiation leak in the filtration system. The quest marker now points to
 Vault 34, located in the mountains nearly due east of there. This place will
 be radioactive (as the front door's garbage suggests) so it's not a bad idea
 to have some armor that gives rad resistance; or, failing that, some Rad-X
 and Rad-Aways. It's also recommended to travel light as there's plenty of
 loot to find here.

 The quest-marked entrance leading to the vault's front door is prefaced by a
 gecko-infested cavern. One soon finds the hideaway's inhabitants are feral
 ghoul types and the security guard types have better armor than most, making
 this trip a little harder than normal.

 This first area of the vault has three tiers, with the destination being the
 lowest one -- this is done by stairway access or hopping into the convenient
 mid-tier hole. Enemies here (including glowing ones with security vests) tend
 to swarm a lot, so bypassing them all for a shortcut can be brutal for low-
 -level players. There's two main exits on the lowest floor: the southern one
 leads to the reactor/overseer's office (requires key) and the northern goes
 to the armory.

 A Very Hard terminal near the armory entrance allows one to pump the flooded
 east corridor. If one can't hack it, said corridor has a vault technician's
 corpse that carries the password. [In the same vein, search the flooded west
 corridor to find a security terminal password.] Once it's dry, the lower
 impassable door can be entered -- it leads to Security Station A. This is a
 very short area with another Very Hard computer; the security terminal pass
 listed above can be used to unlock the overseer's door.

 Return upstairs and enter the southern door leading to the overseer's office
 and reactor. It's not a bad idea to clear out the patrolling forces first
 (most are glowing ones) since they all tend to join in when assaulting the
 main office, which has a turret, too. [Plus, the inaccessible door across the
 hall lets loose reinforcements.] It's possible to sneak-attack the ghoulified
 overseer and his turrets, making things easier.

 The tunnel 'neath the overseer's desk leads to the radiated sewers, then a
 control terminal. There's two ways to complete this quest.

 1) Help NCR Sharecropper Farms, as one agreed to do. Open the reactor doors
    and, from the terminal within, close the external vents. This action can't
    be done from the first terminal.

 2) Read the first terminal's SOS log to learn there's human vault dwellers
    alive and well, but they're trapped thanks to the lockdown procedure. If
    one then chooses to reroute control of the terminal, they'll be saved, but
    dooms the sharecroppers.

 Picking either option on the main terminal completes the quest.

 • Going to the armory is optional, but well worth it -- all that's required
   is activating the overseer's terminal to unlock the place. There's a "Guns
   and Bullets" skillbook in the dead-end lounge, and the armory stronghold
   itself is a treasure trove: a missile launcher, sniper rifles, minigun,
   grenade launchers, C-4, marksman and assault carbines, 10mm pistols and
   submachine guns...whew! Most are in bad condition, but whatever. The real
   finds are the Pulse Gun (inside Very Hard gun case) and unique All-American
   assault carbine, found on the overturned table near the room's center. It's
   possible the AA gets jostled out of place due to explosions and such, so
   picking it up first thing can save a lot of wasted time!

 Client -: Doctor Dala [Think Tank]
 Prereq -: Welcome to the Big Empty
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: yes [Doctors Dala or Klein slain]
 Reward -: 400 XP (LV30)

 Asking Dala about her job and titles allows her to learn one's own profession,
 which reminds her of another courier she recently met. Inquiring about the
 question he asked reveals everyone partitioned it out of their memories; and,
 that Klein might have the logs still. [Quest officially starts here.] Ending
 the quest is simple as asking Klein about the visitor, revealing he doesn't
 remember. Yup, pretty short quest.

 Client -: Rose of Sharon Cassidy [Mojave Outpost]
 Prereq -: n/a
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: Yes [Cass slain]
 Reward -: 500 XP, NCR Infamy, Hand of Vengeance or Calm Heart perk

 NOTE: It's possible to get both perks for Cass instead of just one. See the
       bottom of this quest for details.

 Cass can be found in Mojave Outpost's barracks, the NCR checkpoint itself
 being in the far southwest corner of the map. (The landmark statue on its
 doorstep can be seen for miles and miles.) Speak with her to learn her
 opinions on the NCR, the giant statue, the outpost itself, and all manner of
 things. She'll suggest finding work with the Crimson Caravan Company, which
 is located right near the Vegas Strip.

 Once the location is found in NCR territory, mosey over to the main office
 and start Alice McLafferty's "You Can Depend On Me" quest by asking her about
 work. After finishing the first delivery, Alice asks the player to meet with
 Cass so she can arrange a buyout.

 Return to Mojave Outpost and speak to the lady, who's very hesitant about
 selling. This can be resolved in a few ways, and some of the options have an
 additional tidbit about 'em.

 • [Barter 50] - the player adds 750 caps out of one's own pocket
 • [Barter 75] - find 12 bottles of whiskey and drink Cass for the contract
 • [Speech 50] - do Ranger Jackson's "Can You Find It In Your Heart?" quest
 • [Speech 75]

 The funnest option is the drinking game, requiring the player to find a dozen
 bottles o' whiskey. Bartenders sell that stuff like hotcakes, and the result
 always convinces Cass. The Speech 50 check requires one to do Jackson's road
 clearance job, which is local and pretty easy. If one already did it, Cass'll
 sign without any trouble. The Barter 50 and Speech 75 options are pretty dry
 by comparison.

 Finishing this segment allows Cass to be a companion, if one asks and there's
 a slot open. But, the quest itself doesn't end, despite having no particular
 quest markers. Speak to Cass to learn she wishes to visit her caravan's
 wreckage, SSE of the Strip, in the expansive pasture country between REPCONN
 Headquarters and NCR Sharecropper Farms. [Searching it previously allows one
 to tell so, although Cass still wants to see it herself.] Searching the place
 gives Cass' permission to take anything that's salvageable.

 Try walking away and Cass should mention she's heard of a similar attack, and
 wonders if the methodology was the same. This marks Griffin Wares Sacked
 Caravan on the NE road leading away from Vegas, right near the old Horowitz
 Farmstead. Upon arrival, investigate at the companion's behest -- there's
 nothing much here besides a free plasma rifle. Cass will discover a map
 marking a third location, though.

 Durable Dunn's Sacked Caravan is under the crumbling overpass east of Vegas,
 and not too far from where Cass' own wagon was ambushed. After a little
 searching, it becomes clear that Crimson Caravan and the Van Graffs have been
 in cahoots, putting these merchants out of business. Cass wants to settle
 accounts her way, killing the perpetrators -- she can be talked into a more
 diplomatic method, though.

 • Killing the perpetrators (Gloria Van Graff and Alice McLafferty) won't take
   much doing, really. Alice is an old woman in a lightly guarded building;
   she won't put up much of a fight. However, Crimson Caravan Company has NCR
   affiliations, and killing her -- or the people therein -- will give infamy
   to that group. Naturally, "You Can Depend on Me" and "Pressing Matters"
   fail if Alice dies.

   The Silver Rush has a lot more security, and the doorman (Simon) won't let
   anyone inside without confiscating their weapons. However, if one's already
   started Gloria's "Birds of a Feather" quest, Simon will think the player's
   coming on friendly terms. Simply go inside and kill Gloria, Jean-Baptiste
   Cutting and the 4 guards -- this also turns Simon and the outdoor crier
   hostile. If one hasn't started "Birds of a Feather," killing Simon to avoid
   weapon confiscation is fine, but everyone inside will be hostile upon doing
   this. Turning the Van Graffs hostile, or killing the main players, fails
   the BOAF quest, too -- but since they're evil, no Freeside infamy!

 • Calming Cass into accepting NCR justice requires a little more finesse.
   The dirt on Gloria is in the Silver Rush's back room. Pick the Hard door
   (or take one of the guards' keys), then pick through a Hard safe to find
   the "Letter to Gloria" -- it only spawns during this branch of the mission.
   Alternatively, one can hack the Hard computer to disengage the safe's lock.
   Alice's self-incrimination is proved in much the same way, by picking her
   safe's Average lock to get the "Crimson Caravan-Van Graff Agreement". She
   also keeps the safe's key on her person, if y'wanna steal it.

   With the evidence in hand, Cass says the only NCR stiff she trusts is ol'
   Ranger Jackson back at Mojave Outpost. [His death can fail the mission if
   this path is chosen, note.] Turn the evidence into him.

 After picking a horse and sticking with it, speak to Cass to finish up. If
 one slew Gloria and Alice, our li'l Rose gets the Hand of Vengeance perk,
 improving her damage with Guns. Choosing the more peaceful solution earns the
 Calm Heart perk, giving her a permanent HP bonus. Given that NCR justice is
 mired in bureaucratic red tape, Alice McLafferty retains her position, so
 leaving her alive doesn't screw with her "You Can Depend on Me" or "Pressing
 Matters" missions. However, the Van Graff clan turns hostile upon completion;
 "Birds of a Feather" fails when one gets close enough to the Silver Rush.

 • As mentioned above, it's possible to get both Hand of Vengeance and Calm
   Heart for Cass. To do this, complete the quest in the peaceful manner for
   the latter, then kill Alice and Gloria afterwards, which (surprisingly) can
   earn the former. (Cass will wonder why they didn't just do a shootout in the
   first place, though.) This option's useful since it allows one time to do
   Alice and Gloria's related missions before they're sent to the hereafter.

 Client -: Julie Farkas [Old Mormon Fort at Freeside]
 Prereq -: n/a
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: Yes [Julie Farkas slain]
 Reward -: 500 XP, Freeside, Followers fame

 It's tough being a Follower in a rundown neighborhood, but Julie Farkas has
 some ideas on how to improve the community's standard of living. Unfortunately
 it requires getting some of the local characters back on their 'A' game.
 Asking Julie about Freeside's problems, and how to help the addicts, starts
 the quest proper.

 The two souls Julie's reaching out to also need the Courier's help. Note that
 they don't spawn until this quest. [Helping them also earns Freeside fame.]

 • Bill Ronte: This exceptional machinist is finding himself at the bottom of
   a bottle, at an abandoned building near the Atomic Wrangler. Ronte reveals
   through his dialogue that he's tried to stop drinking Dixon's whiskey, but
   there's something odd about it, and he has severe withdrawals each time he
   tries to quit. Locate the drug dealer Dixon near Freeside's eastern gate,
   and convince him to stop supplying Bill, either through a [Speech 35] check
   or paying him 300 caps. Killing him is also a possibility; this gives no
   infamy or bad karma.

   Inform the alcoholic about Dixon. The player can either pass a [Speech 50]
   or deliver the supplies -- 2 Fixer, 2 Rad-Away, Whiskey -- he requests. The
   [Science 50] challenge pares the supply list down to 2 Fixer and a Whiskey.
   Both items are fairly common commodities, and the Atomic Wrangler will sell
   the booze if needed. Curing Bill of his alcoholism relocates him to the
   Fort, finishing up his section.

 • Jacob Hoff: This brilliant chemist is now wallowing in the depths of his
   own addiction, thanks to the Garrets' chems. He can be found in the ruined
   building near Mick and Ralph's store. After talking to him, the player'll
   have to deal with Dixon -- if this was done in Bill's quest, one can just
   inform him of the findings. Passing a [Speech 50] check can solve things in
   a single shot, although the normal method is giving Bill 10 Fixer. Passing
   the [Science 50] check makes that 1 Fixer, Psycho and Buffout. Jacob will
   also relocate to the Fort to get his problem under control.

 Return to Julie when done to finish the mission. In addition to the normal
 reward, the new helpers allow her to, once a day, give the player a free chem
 item (Stimpak, Fixer, Rad-Away). If one fouled up so badly that Jacob AND
 Bill were killed, Julie gives no XP or once-a-day deal, and Followers infamy.

 Client -: Joana [Freeside]
         : Col. Moore [Hoover Dam]
         : Yes Man [The Tops on the Strip]
         : Mr. House [Lucky 38 on the Strip]
 Prereq -: Complete "Bye Bye Love"
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: Yes [Big Sal, Nero, Cachino, Troike or Clanden slain]
 Reward -: 400 XP, Strip fame (bosses eliminated)
         : 400 XP, 400 caps, Strip infamy (bosses helped)

 This quest can be started a few ways:

 - Complete "Bye Bye Love"
 - Yes Man during "Wild Card: Side Bets"
 - Colonel Moore during "For the Republic, Part 2"
 - Mr. House gives during "The House Always Wins IV"

 Yes Man, House and the colonel give the quests as part of the main storyline,
 depending on which faction one allies with. However, doing "Bye Bye Love" is
 the recommended choice, both for how early one can start it and finishing this
 quest automatically fails that one.

 The mission starts by tracking down Cachino, a low level Omertas lieutenant.
 Ask any of the thugs standing around the casino floor; this spawns him and
 his quest marker in Brimstone. If one got the mission from Mr. House, Cachino
 spawns after milking the receptionist for info; same for Col. Moore, except
 one must first speak to Liza O'Malley at the embassy. [As a fun tidbit,
 Cachino, once spawned, seeks the player out, as long as one remains detected
 and inside Gomorrah.] Mentioning Joana makes him angry enough to exit convo.

 One must now collect evidence on the slimeball. Cachino carries with him a
 journal that does the trick; simply pickpocket him for it. The alternative's
 searching his room -- it's behind a Hard door in the Suites level, guarded
 by one thug. The journal is found in his upstairs desk; it counts as theft,
 of course.

 Confront Cachino with the evidence. He'll offer 100 caps for it, although the
 [Barter 60] check can give a 200-cap bonus. The gangster mentions that he's
 interested in breaking up what the Omerta bosses (Nero and Big Sal) are
 planning, too, but turning the ledger in will mean his death. The player can
 pick one of two paths to walk.

 Sympathizin' with the tough guy? Sure, let's help 'im out. After returning
 his journal as a sign of good faith, he'll want the player's help in ousting
 the crooked Omerta bosses. Cachino mentions they've recently been arming
 themselves, using two new hands, Troike and Clanden. With the Zoara Club key
 in tow, and Cachino's pull letting the guards know one's cool, it's time to

 • Troike's in Lower Brimstone's restricted lounge. Drop Cachino's name and
   let the guy in on the planned coup, learning he wants no part of it while
   the Family's blackmailing him. Passing a [Speech 80] check can have one
   lie about reporting his smuggling to the NCR; this earns negative karma.
   Otherwise, one has to try to negotiate with Big Sal.

   If one learned from Cachino that Troike had a run-in with a dead hooker,
   one can ask the chemhead about it. Passing the [Medicine 30] check to cast
   doubt on his "murder" allows one to investigate further. Upstairs, one can
   search a side room with a Very Hard lock to find a dead hooker. [The key to
   this room is carried by Clanden, also.] Inspecting her with Medicine 35+ to
   learn she was tortured for hours by an experienced killer.

   If one can't pass the [Speech 80] check, find Big Sal in Upper Brimstone's
   Zoara Club -- he's usually standing around. One can get Troike out from
   under Sal's thumb by passing a [Barter 45] or [Speech 53] check, or buying
   his 300-cap contract outright. Alternatively, if one picks the Hard safe in
   Sal's office, taking the blackmail note foregoes Sal's horse trade. Return
   to the chem junkie with the good news.

   With Troike's assistance assured, he'll mention the Family is stockpiling
   weapons in the basement, and that his pet project (thermite) can burn 'em.
   One can pass a [Speech 70] check to have him do the destruction, or the
   player can do it. If the former's chosen, leave Gomorrah to make an alibi;
   otherwise, Troike gives the player the Thermite and utility room key before

   If one's doing the legwork, enter the utility room and inspect the 5 large
   freight containers to sprinkle the thermite. The light switch outside will
   act as the detonator, melting everything inside. Since the footlockers have
   some decent weapons (including sniper rifles and an assault carbine), loot
   'em before they're turned into slag. If Troike sets the thermite, these'll
   get burned up, meaning one has to pick the Very Hard utility door to get
   the firearms.

 • Clanden is upstairs in the suites, and Cachino doesn't know anything about
   his purpose. The "nice guy" will deflect questions about his purpose in the
   hotel, too. Great! However, Clanden does carry a key on his person -- this
   unlocks the well-hidden safe behind his bedside dresser. Inside, one can
   find snuff tapes proving Clanden's a sadistic, murdering deviant.

   Confronting Clanden with the evidence makes him a bit angry. One can either
   pressure him to leave Vegas forever or, with a [Barter 50] check, convinces
   him to pay 200 caps as well. Refusing to hand over the tapes turns Clanden
   hostile, forcing one to kill him. Optionally, one can show Cachino the
   evidence before the confrontation, but it changes nothing, really. Same
   goes for killing Clanden after paying him off.

 The next step can be done once the guns are destroyed OR Clanden is out of
 the picture (including his death). Cachino suggests moving to the next stage,
 killing Nero and Big Sal. He also mentions Troike sold the player out before
 he died, supposing one had him set the thermite. Even if one tries to put it
 off, Cachino relocates to Nero's office next-door to Sal's. Upon entering, the
 door is automatically sealed until the event ends (or the key is pickpocketed
 from Sal), and Cachino gives 3 Stimpaks, a Sawed-Off Shotgun and thirty 12
 Gauge Magnum rounds. I suggest making an alternate save before going in,
 because some times the two bosses turn hostile immediately.

 Sit on the couch to begin the meeting. Sal will come out and say that he
 knows about the player's actions; after, passing a [Speech 80] check has him
 reveal the grand scheme. Normally, the ensuing battle will have Cachino and
 the player against the two bosses (armed with sawed-off shotgun and assault
 carbine, respecitively). However, by passing the Speech 80 check, one can make
 Sal think Nero's double-crossing him. This causes Nero to die right at the
 battle's start, making it substantially easier. The quest ends when both the
 bosses are slain. Talk to Cachino afterwards to get 50 Gomorrah chips.

 The bosses aren't found on the main floor, rather the Zoara Club overlooking
 the main casino. In upper Brimstone, speak to the door guard and tell him
 one's got business with the bigwigs. One can divulge what the business is
 about, or pass a [Speech 50] check to intimidate him into letting one up.

 Locate Nero or Big Sal (latter's quest-marked and easiest to find) to start
 the Cachino discussion. One can get 100 caps for the trouble or double the
 amount with a [Barter 55] check. Turning the double-dealing lieutenant will
 begin a meeting in Big Sal's office, which one is to attend across the hall.
 [Sometimes Big Sal gets caught on his chair; sitting there and exiting should
 fix it.]

 After, speak with Sal about his "big plan" to learn he wants the player in
 on the action. Troike and Clanden need help and since one's stepping into
 Cachino's former role, it's one's job to supervise their part. Sal doesn't
 let on what the plan ("Racket") entails, so it's time to get to work. Getting
 this far makes one considered "family," earning access to Lower Brimstone's
 restricted parts...but still doesn't skip the greeter's confiscations...

 • Troike is found in a restricted lounge. After announcing oneself as Sal's
   go-between, he'll say his last shipment of smuggled guns was nicked by
   Fiends. Agree to get 'em back; this marks a gang encampment far west of
   the Strip, a stone's throw west of the Sunset Sarsaparilla Headquarters.
   There's only a couple Fiends there and, like all of their sort, they're
   lightly armored and only moderately equipped (on a good day!). Snatch the
   weapons shipment nearby -- gives no karma loss when taken -- and bring it
   back to calm Troike's troubled mind.

 • Clanden's up in the suites. When pressed, he'll say he needs to acquire
   explosives that'll kill quickly in a short timeframe. Passing a [Science 60]
   check suggests he use a chlorine-based nerve gas; he also mentions he'll
   do this regardless. To find a Container of Chlorine, one can either (1) buy
   it from Ralph of Mick & Ralph's store in Freeside (2) in the Ultra-Luxe
   resort casino; in a Easy-locked supply closet behind the reception desk.
   Only one dose is needed.

 With both jobs complete, return to Sal to finish up. If one earlier spoke to
 Mick (of Mick & Ralph's) about why the Omertas didn't buy from him anymore,
 one can make Sal reconsider with a [Speech 50] check. Conveying this to Mick
 earns some Freeside fame and the Pimp-Boy 3 Billion, a jazzy alternate skin
 to the Pip-Boy. One can switch between that and the original by talking with
 Mick. NOTE: The only way to get the PB3B is by completing the quest in favor
 of the Omerta bosses.

 Client -: Veronica [wherever player is]
 Prereq -: n/a
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: Yes [Veronica slain or Brotherhood of Steel Bunker destroyed]
 Reward -: 1000 XP, Causeless Rebel or Bonds of Steel perk

 Veronica is located at the 188 Trading Post, at the intersection of Highway
 93 and Highway 95 -- this is roughly west of Hoover Dam and north of Novac.
 Speak to the hooded lady and answer her questions; when she mentions seeing
 the Brotherhood of Steel, pass the [INT 6] check or pick any non-belligerent
 choice to make her joinable. [Picking "Yeah, I shoot them on sight" or the
 "you should turn them in" choice makes her permanently unselectable.]

 Like many companions, Veronica's quest appears by encountering how certain
 groups are surviving the Mojave, making her reflect on her own "family". She
 must be present for these to count towards her quest, naturally, and says
 her responses aloud. [One may have to wait a short period before she coughs
 up the remarks, though.]

 • [Camp McCarran] Enter the main terminal building, and Veronica should talk
   about the NCR's troop numbers and the BoS' inability to hold HELIOS One.

 • [Camp McCarran] Speak to Thomas Hildern; Veronica may talk about the NCR
   leaving the BoS in the dust by investing in new research.

 • [Casa Madrid Apartments] Found in Westside, the tiny suburb northwest of
   the Strip. Speak to Tom Anderson inside; Veronica should comment on how
   his cause is just without resources, but the BoS' is nearly a lost cause
   despite their plentiful resources.
 • [Cottonwood Cove] Located in the SE area, along the Colorado River. Just
   visiting should have her comment on the Legion: "just ordinary guys with
   knives and bullets taking over Nevada". This can also play if one visits
   Cottonwood Overlook, which is apparently close enough for the trigger.

 • [Nellis Air Force Base] This is the Boomers' hangout in the NE extremity
   of the map. Once one makes it through the howitzer fire and earns the right
   to wander 'round the base -- "Volare!" starts regardless of one's pledge to
   assist -- make for the museum. Have Pete show the Boomers' history mural;
   after, Veronica draws equivalency to another group of technology-hording
   shut-ins she knows... [This option is great, too, since, without shelling
   outside Nellis, one can locate the BoS paladin corpse. Veronica can wear
   the found power armor, making her even more of a powerhouse!]

 • [Nelson] Same comment as Cottonwood Cove. One may need to wander into town
   a ways to coax the remark out of her. If one already heard this at the Cove
   above, it isn't repeated and won't count toward her "unlock" total. Vice
   versa is true, also.

 • [Old Mormon Fort] This is found in Freeside, and has both an east and south
   gate at the Strip's NE area. Speaking to Julie Farkas may have Veronica
   note their selfless goals are impressive.

 • [REPCONN Test Site] A ghoul-infested place located west of Novac. Meeting
   with Jason Bright in the upper labs, and asking him about the Great Journey,
   has Roni mention the dream reminds her of an old mentor. [The quest "Come
   Fly With Me" begins just by entering the facility, regardless of whether
   Manny Vargas in Novac assigned it.]

 • [Silver Rush] This is the Van Graffs' Freeside energy weapon store. Speak
   to Gloria; after, Veronica comments on their wide selection and how the BoS
   dropped the ball on hording 'em.

 • [Vault 3] Approach the exterior entrance; Veronica notes how the Fiends're
   providing to be a nuisance even without high-tech weaponry or power armor.

 After three or so events are done, it'll trigger Veronica's new conversation
 about wanting to return to her BoS bunker in Hidden Valley. The dialogue
 trigger remains in her options if one downplays her request or says there's
 no time. Agreeing to revisit her home adds the quest officially and marks the
 destination on the map.

 Hidden Valley is in a westerly path from Goodsprings, and a dead-end highway
 goes right up to its south entrance. The place itself is an arid, fenced-in
 zone filled with bark scorpions; during the night, a massive sandstorm damps
 visibility. Veronica's bunker is closest to the western fence, and once at
 the gate, she'll use her special connections to get one inside. Onward!

 • That helpful BoS scribe also cuts off the "prove your loyalty" portion of
   Elder McNamara's "Still in the Dark" quest, which someone may not want to
   do. If that's the case, gain access to the bunker without Veronica's help.
   See the sidequest section for more details.

 With Veronica in tow, the destination is McNamara's office in Level 2. Roni
 will have a conversation with the Elder about the BoS future, but it doesn't
 end well. She suggests finding an indisputable sign the Brotherhood's on the
 wrong track. Elijah, the previous elder, had a terminal he'd use to message
 Veronica, and there may still be some clues left there.

 One may find the terminal at an unmarked shack near Gibson Scrap Yard, which
 is roughly north of Novac. Download the research notes to learn ol' Elijah
 had three entries that would prove the BoS' misguided priorities. The player
 has to decide then and there which one to pursue:

 • PULSE GUN: Elijah's notes suggest digging around Nellis AFB's files to
   locate the gun's whereabouts. In Mother Pearl's quarters is a cabinet,
   containing a key to the pulse gun's container and an invoice that details
   its current location: Vault 34. It's located south of Nellis, east of Vegas
   and NW of Camp Golf. [See the overlapping "Hard Luck Blues" sidequest for
   full details.]

   To make a long story short, one must unlock the armory from the overseer's
   terminal, which itself has a few other requirements. No big shortcut like
   in some other vaults! This place is also radioactive and has tons of ghoul
   types, so it's no cakewalk either. In any case, once one gets into the
   vault, the gun is found in a Very Hard (Lockpick 100) chest -- but that
   key found at Nellis opens 'er right up. The unique All-American assault
   rifle is also found within.

 • RANGEFINDER: Veronica mentions that Miguel's Pawn Shop at Westside might
   provide a clue; another lead is a place on the Strip. [This requires going
   to Freeside and passing inspection, either by having 2000+ caps on hand or
   having Ralph of "Mick & Ralph's" forge a passport. Science 80+ can also get
   one through.] At the Vault 21 Gift Shop, Sarah Weintraub will say she sold
   the antique to a nervous-looking man, who was probably directed to the old
   building across from "Mick & Ralph's" in Freeside. Find the man's corpse
   before asking around -- a vagrant will direct the player toward the nearby
   children with a [STR 7] check or 10 caps. Locate Max to find he's using a
   "toy" gun for his game: it can be bought for 1000 caps or, with [Barter 45],
   only twenty. This can also be pickpocketed, the best time for which is when
   he sleeps. [Getting this without doing the clue-following part is fine.]

   But, that's only one part. The player must also get HELIOS One in working
   order during "That Lucky Old Sun". [See that quest for more details.] The
   gist is getting the plant working with power redirected to the Archimedes
   II satellite, which Euclid's C-Finder controls. Killing the NCR soldiers
   via a test firing is purely optional, though, and doesn't affect Veronica's
   quest (doing it gives NCR infamy, though).

 • FARMING TECHNOLOGY: One is directed to the OSI branch at Camp McCarran, the
   NCR stronghold south of the Vegas Strip. Speak to Thomas Hildern to start
   his "There Stands the Grass" quest which overlaps with this segment of the
   mission. [See that quest for details, too.] The goal is to make it to Level
   5's mainframe: this requires Lockpick 75 or using the Level 4 overseer's
   computer. No hacking needed to download the data, luckily.

 Return the vault data, Pulse Gun or Euclid's C-Finder to the Elder and...he
 still won't listen. Veronica's pretty crest-fallen over it, and comes to a
 crossroads: stay with her dying clan or desert them for something better.
 Letting her choose will pick the former. Once the decision's made, exit the
 bunker to find the unhappy paladins from before.

 A [Speech 95] check convinces them to back down, and mentioning that Roni is
 leaving the Brotherhood does the same thing. [In fact, none of the dialogue
 options invoke hostilities. It's possible to kill these guys without messing
 up this quest; I've done it myself.] Resolve the event without bloodshed and
 Veronica will find piece in exile, and want to visit a Followers setup near
 her ol' scavenging grounds -- it's NW of the 188 Trading Post, along the
 railroad tracks.

 Ask Alvarez if Veronica can join up; she'll recommend waiting until Dr.
 Schiller arrives. Wait outside for 24 hours and reenter, only to find four
 snooty paladins slew everyone. [These are the same ones as at Hidden Valley,
 appearing in spite of dying since the game apparently didn't mean for one to
 fast-travel away to avoid their own exit.] After a conversation, they turn
 hostile and must be dispatched. This can be a tough fight since all paladins
 focus on the player; if one can survive long enough, Veronica can beat them
 down. Weapons that deal extra damage to power armor wearers (zap gloves,
 pulse ammo, etc.) help. There's no rep loss for the paladins' deaths.

 Like above, a [Speech 95] check can defuse the tension...but all other picks
 will result in a bloodbath. Note that, if one can't pass the Speech 95 check,
 it's possible to fast travel away before conversation is initiated. If done,
 the paladins will wait out front and accost the player next time they're
 approach. This band-aid maneuver gives time to boost Speech, etc. There's no
 faction loss for killing these members either.


 Killing the paladins at the Followers' Outpost gives the "Causeless Rebel"
 perk, boosts Veronica's unarmed attack rate. Convincing her to stick with the
 misguided robo-soldiers gives the "Bonds of Steel" perk instead, giving a big
 DT boost. This bunker is visited in most major questlines, so this quest'll
 never completely lock the player out. However, by choosing exile, Veronica'll
 never set foot back inside, choosing to remain at the upper door instead.

 Personally, I like the "exile" path since one can get tons of BoS loot, plus
 duplicates (especially if one kills the Hidden Valley accosters first). The
 faster attack speed is a good bonus too, since Veronica can inherently wear
 power armor -- schwing!

 Client -: Lieutenant Gorobets [Camp McCarran]
 Prereq -: n/a
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: Yes [Any 1st Recon member or Dr. Usunagi slain]
 Reward -: 250 XP, NCR fame, Karma+

 Camp McCarran, the Mojave's main NCR base, is located SW of the Vegas Strip,
 in the remains of an old airport. It's heavily fortified, making it quite easy
 to find. The old parking lot is where 1st Recon's squad (Corporal Sterling,
 Lieutenant Gorobets, 10 of Spades, Corporal Betsy, Sergeant Bitter-Root) can
 be found most of the day.

 Talking with Gorobets about his troubles reveals that Corporal Betsy was
 ambushed and raped by Cook-Cook, one of the Fiends' leaders. She made it back
 okay, but her behavior since the traumatic experience is getting worse. One
 can agree to help, officially adding the quest.

 Betsy, when asked, is immediately opposed to the idea of getting help. With a
 [Medicine 40] or [Speech 60] check, she can be convinced to visit Dr. Usunagi,
 the doctor at New Vegas Medical Clinic -- it's located near the Strip's NE
 Freeside entrance, not too far from the Crimson Caravan's compound. If one
 can't convince Betsy to get help on the first try, asking the other 1st Recon
 snipers (10 of Spades, Bitter-Root, Sterling) opens up a new option that'll
 do the trick.

 Report the good news to Gorobets, then make for Usunagi's clinic. The mission
 completes once she agrees to take Betsy on.

 Client -: Craig Boone [Novac]
 Prereq -: n/a
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: Yes [Boone slain]
 Reward -: 500 XP, NCR fame

 This is the companion quest of Boone, the former sniper now living in Novac, a
 town along Highway 95. To recruit him, find him during the nighttime watch
 in the dinosaur statue and complete his "One For My Baby" quest successfully.
 [For specifics, see that quest's section.]

 Like Arcade Gannon, before he gives his quest, he'll needs to warm up to the
 player -- this is done by having him participate in certain Legion- or NCR-
 -related missions (his former prey and employer, respectively), especially
 ones that favor violent ends to his long-standing rivals. Not all of the
 conversations are initiated by Boone, though.

 • [Camp McCarran] Kill Silus, a legionary held captive in the main terminal.
   This is part of an unmarked quest where one can interrogate him (at Hsu
   and Lt. Boyd's bequest) to get information. Silus' cell is locked after one
   finishes normally, so one may have to kill him and forego the rewards.

 • [Camp McCarran] Silus gives information on a spy, so it's no big surprise
   the related "I Put a Spell On You" quest applies to Boone, too. Outing and
   killing the spy, as well as preventing the monorail bomb from detonating,
   both count toward Boone's quest. [Boone has no comment about either.]

 • [Cottonwood Cove] Destroy the legionary presence here. Boone will actually
   stop the player on the camp's outskirts, notifying one of what's ahead, and
   that he'll kill any enemy he sees there -- a player can agree with him,
   pick not to go there yet, or part ways. [According to the Vault wiki, the
   carnage here doesn't count toward opening Boone's quest 'less it's done
   during the "Eye for an Eye" quest.] If completed right, Boone will comment
   on wishing there were more enemies to kill.

 • [Nelson] During "Back in Your Own Backyard," either perform mercy killings
   on the crucified NCR troopers, or save them all -- the latter is suggested
   by Boone. [Like Cottonwood Cove, Boone gives forewarning about approaching
   the town, and his intentions to slay any legionaries.] The sniper expresses
   exasperation at killing the troopers, or quiet gratitude at recognizing
   mercy killing was a last resort. [An extra conversation talks about how
   these put-down situations are expected of NCR snipers.]

 • [The Fort] Kill Caesar himself. One must have gotten an invitation from
   the leader (after "Ring-a-Ding-Ding!") in order to use the Cottonwood Cove
   raft. Boone will comment on the journey probably being the last one they
   take, and after the deed's done, he'll mention killing Caesar on his own
   turf sends a strong message.

 • [Legion Raid Camp] Save the Powder Ganger captives during "Booted". Boone
   has to be with for this to count, and after, will express happiness at
   meting out well-deserved justice. [An extra conversation shows frustation
   at slavers encroaching on NCR turf.]

 • [Various] Kill Vulpes Inculta, Caesar's greatest weasel...err, frumentarius.
   He can be found at Nelson during the first visit there; the Vegas Strip, in
   a mandatory post-"Ring-a-Ding-Ding!" scene; and the Fort, where he'll stay
   from then on. It's possible to sneak attack him at Nelson after he spawns,
   but it's the Vegas scenario that works best -- there's no helpers and his
   demise turns no one hostile. [Boone has no conversation about this.]

 If one's already done all his related sidequests (without him), and only has
 Vulpes/Silus/Caesar to kill, that won't be enough to trigger his quest, note.

 So, once one's done 3-5 of the above items, one can get a conversation from
 Boone about revisiting Bitter Springs. [One must first have pressed him about
 doing this in his dialogue, to which he'll be hesitant. The dialogue option
 opens after learning 1st Recon was deployed there, either from Novac's Manny
 Vargas or Camp McCarran's Sgt. Bitter-Root -- the latter requires a Speech
 30 check, though.] Agreeing to go finally adds the quest properly, although
 politely declining lets the option remain in his dialogue. If one rudely
 declines and makes Boone leave the party, the ex-sniper will make his way
 to Bitter Springs and stand near the entrance sign. [This takes 1-2 days to

 Step one is going to Bitter Springs, which is in the NE part of the map. If
 one finds Callville Bay on Lake Mead's north shore, going straight north'll
 lead to the refugee camp. Once there, he weaves a historical portrait of his
 deployment, mentioning Coyote Tail Ridge was where his band was set up --
 it's a straight shot around the west ridge, and the next destination. Climb
 the craggy slope to learn about his shoot on sight orders, and he'll suggest
 staying the night (agree).

 The next morning, talk to him to learn he's spotted a Legion raiding party
 that's coming toward Bitter Springs. Perhaps to make amends, he's chosen to
 stay despite their size, and wonders about the player's intentions. Agreeing
 to stay starts the main event; abandoning him (he leaves party) fails this

 Pledging to help starts the slavers' three-stage assault immediately. [To
 avoid catching the first wave late, it's recommended to visit Bitter Springs
 before kickstarting the event; doing it at Coyote Tail Ridge is silly.] There
 is unavoidable Legion infamy for each kill, also. Wave overview:

 1) Prime Legionary (3): They approach from the southern entrance and can be
    spotted a mile away. If one began the event at Coyote Tail, though, by
    the time one reaches Bitter Springs they'll have already infiltrated. The
    enemies usually carry weapons like hunting rifles.

 2) Prime Legionary (3), Mongrel (3), Vexillarius: same approach strategy as
    before, just with more bodies.

 3) Prime Legionary (4), Mongrel (3): A final pincer attack, with the human
    contingent having a SW approach and the mutts from the east. They'll both
    converge around the camp's center, but the dogs are a bit faster so it's
    not quite synchronized.

 The attack isn't too rough for a well-stocked player, but it still helps to
 have a pre-event save in case Lt. Markland or Sgt. Gilles perishes (which
 can fail a crapload of quests: Climb Ev'ry Mountain; No, Not Much; Bitter
 Springs Infirmary Blues). Most enemies will gun for the player, Boone and
 stray refugees, though.

 Boone will initiate conversation after baptizing the camp in a new, glorious
 slaughter. The final reply one gives determines Boone's reward:

 - "You can't take back what you've done" -> 1st Recon Survival Armor
 - "Get over it. It's war. People die." ---> 1st Recon Assault Armor

 The armor doesn't count against Boone's carrying capacity, and is unique to
 him, meaning it can't be looted from his inventory (it basically overrides
 his default armor). Personally, I'd say the assault armor looks better...

 Client -: Eddie [NCR Correctional Facility]
 Prereq -: n/a
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: Yes [Eddie slain]
 Reward -: 200 XP, 100 caps, Buffout, Psycho, Mentats (help Eddie)
         : 300 XP, Powder Gangers infamy (betray Eddie)

 The Powder Gangers' stronghold is the old penitentiary, a ways southeast of
 Goodsprings and NE of Primm. To get inside, speak with the gate guard, Dawes,
 and ask about entering -- he'll demand 100 caps for the privelege. [One can
 also pickpocket his visitor center's key to avoid this. Wearing a Powder
 Ganger disguise earns a special comment about it not fooling him.] Dawes did
 mention that Eddie, the prison's new "warden," is in the old office building,
 so that's the next stop. Ask the man himself about work -- and agree to it --
 to start the quest.

 1) Eliminate upstart
 So, Chavez, one of the underlings, has started his own crew, knocking off
 caravans and evading Eddie's grasp. His last known position was at the camp
 south of the prison and, surprisingly, he's still there! His hostility makes
 confrontation inevitable, unless one passes the [Speech 30] check, which has
 him give up his pursuits. Despite being Powder Gangers, there's no infamy for
 slaying 'em.

 2) Eliminate sketchy trader
 Deliver the good news to Eddie (Powder Ganger fame) to get a second task:
 investigate the odd merchant hanging around the prison, and either shake him
 down or rub him out. The destination is Jean Sky Diving, a small shack NW of
 the prison; or, at the intersection one arrives at by taking the Goodsprings
 highway south. Trying to get some coin out of him will cause a shootout, but
 a [Speech 30] or [INT 6] check will see the bounty hunter for what he really
 is, and defuse the situation without bloodshed. The guy does carry some good
 stuff, though, so new players may want to nix 'im. [The other Powder Gangers
 nearby probably won't assist, note.]

 3) Uncover NCR's plans
 Resolve the situation and return to Eddie, earning another helpin' of Powder
 Ganger fame. The final task sends one down the nearby highway to Primm, part
 of which is an NCR encampment. Eddie thinks they're planning something, and
 wants to know what -- the locals might have a clue.

 To uncover the NCR's plans, either:

 • Speak to Johnson Nash, either at the Vikki & Vance Casino or the next-door
   Mojave Express station. A 100-cap payoff works, although it can be mitigated
   to 20 with a [Barter 30] check, or even free with a [Speech 30] check.
 • Locate Lt. Hayes in his westside military tent, and pickpocket his orders.
   If questioned, he won't give any information, so this is the only option.

 Once one learns the NCR's amassing troops for a takeback operation, it's time
 to decide the course of action.

 1) INFORM EDDIE: Doing this ends the quest, with the option of participating
    in the raid. [The heads-up won't really give an edge, though some isolated
    groups may survive longer than normal.] The NCR is hostile to the player,
    although one can avoid damaging one's NCR rep by simply not killing any
    of the attackers. If one is 'hidden' and puts on an NCR disguise, they'll
    quit being hostile, also.

 2) BETRAY EDDIE: Uncovering the operation opens a new line of dialogue with
    Hayes, where one can pledge assistance -- one will then be sent toward a
    staging area about halfway between the NCRCF and Powder Ganger Camp South.
    Rendezvous with Sgt. Lee to learn the goal is Eddie's elimination; this
    starts the event, with a hole blown in the fence.

    All Powder Gangers will be hostile at this point, although one's faction
    rep won't change unless one is caught participating in the killing. That
    means, one can simply let the NCR batallion pave the way to the admin
    building's doorstep. When Eddie dies, the mission ends. The infamy gained
    from this result isn't enough to drop one a rank, though, assuming one's
    at true neutrality.

 The ensuing carnage leaves a lot of bodies, so make sure to loot 'em -- the
 watchtower guards typically have varmint rifles, while the NCR troops carry
 service rifles.

 Client -: Lucius [The Fort]
 Prereq -: Start "Render Unto Caesar"
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: Yes [Lucius slain or Caesar questline broken]
 Reward -: 100 XP, Legion fame

 The first time Caesar's fort can be visited is during "Render Unto Caesar,"
 which itself is possible by finishing "Ring-a-Ding-Ding!" in the main quest.
 After traveling to Cottonwood Cove along the Colorado's banks and visiting
 the fort's hilltop retreat, one can find the praetorian guard's leader near
 Caesar himself.

 Lucius, when asked, comments that a trader recently salvaged a howitzer from
 Arizona, and while the Legion wishes to use it, it's in disrepair. Apparently
 the Boomers may have a spare firing mechanism, making Nellis Air Force Base
 (Mojave's NE area) the next stop. While one can start the mission during the
 Fort's first visit, although the Platinum Chip will be confiscated on the
 way out supposing one hasn't visited the bunker.

 When the chance arises, travel to the AFB. Newcomers to Nellis have the
 dreaded task of surviving the mortar onslaught used to drive enemies away --
 a very effective way of dissuading, judging by how few people have ever come
 there! Near the entry road, by Fields' Shack, is a man named George who for
 300 caps, or 200 with [Barter 40], gives a note on correct timing. Despite
 the help, a nice supply of stimpaks helps.

 To wander freely in the Boomers' environment, one must first reach the base's
 front gate, and after a few scenes, talk with Mother Pearl to start "Volare!".
 Asking her about the mechanism notes that there may be one in the workshop
 nearby. This may depend on Boomer reputation, though -- in that case, one can
 visit the place (quanset along west fence) and take it from a gun cabinet.
 If one hasn't gotten permission, though, it's considered stealing.

 Finish by installing the mechanism oneself (gun is next to Caesar's tent)
 and then talking to Lucius. [Oddly enough, if one obtains the mechanism
 prior to Lucius' quest, it can't be installed until the quest's given...]

 Client -: Colonel Hsu [Camp McCarran] or Vulpes Inculta [The Fort]
 Prereq -: n/a
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: Yes [Hsu is slain]
 Reward -: 350/500 XP, 150/250 caps, NCR Fame [NCR Path]
         : 500 XP, 150 caps, Legion fame [Legion Path]

 This quest can be given from two people, and whichever person gives it will
 decide which faction one is expected to assist. Note that Vulpes will only
 give this at Caesar's fort if one did "The Finger of Suspicion" and learned
 Martina was in contact with McCarran.

 Camp McCarran is a massive airport on the Strip's southwestern outskirts, now
 functioning as NCR's main Mojave base. Hsu can be found just inside the main
 building, and after inquiring about his troubles, the player can ask to help
 quash the intel leaks. Captain Ronald Curtis is helming the investigation,
 and will send the player in Lieutenant Boyd and Sergeant Contreras' direction.

 Boyd is upstairs, watching over a captured legionary in the interrogation
 room. She can list several suspicious things of note, but the pertinent one
 is the break-ins -- someone's been using an access code to enter late at
 night. The lieutenant will even give the tower's entry key when asked. The
 sergeant (found in the shack between concourse and outer yard) doesn't have
 anything to say regarding this quest...oh well.

 That leaves the control tower bit as the only clue. If you hide near the
 tower's entrance, at around 1:00 AM, Curtis will approach. If he sees you,
 he'll ask what you're doing there -- mentioning the tower lead, or failing
 the [Speech 50] check, causes him to leave the premises. Otherwise, he'll
 head to the tower. Also, if Curtis sees you and you then hide, he probably
 won't go in either.

 Follow him in and eavesdrop on his Legion report, which reveals that there's
 a bomb on the monorail and it's set to detonate shortly. If you reveal your
 position to Curtis (or should I say "Picus"), then the dialogue options'll
 only make him hostile. It's possible to just leave if you want him alive,
 although his death can contribute to the "Against All Tyrants" GRA challenge.
 though. Note that the monorail portion is at the end of his message, and
 prematurely springing the tower trap will cut that part off -- in short, the
 player doesn't learn about the upcoming disaster.

 Hotfoot it to the monorail platform, located in the main terminal's upper
 east side (above Hsu's lower room, generally). Once there, locate the slot-
 -shaped vent housing the explosive and defuse it. This requires Explosives 35
 or Science 45, although if you got the activation code from Curtis (either by
 killing him or pickpocketing earlier), that can be used as a substitute. THE
 MONORAIL WILL ALWAYS BE DESTROYED if you reported to Hsu first after learning
 about the upcoming disaster; or, if you dealt with Curtis before the radio
 transmission revealed the monorail was the target.

 The final step is reporting to Colonel Hsu. The reward he gives doesn't
 depend on Curtis' wellbeing, but the monorail's status. If it's destroyed,
 the player gets a diminished 350 XP/150c reward; if it's intact, 500 XP and
 250c instead.

 NOTE: Completing this quest also allows one to have Hsu send aid to Bitter
       Springs as part of the "No, Not Much" quest (only needed if your NCR
       standing isn't Liked or above).

 With foreknowledge about the spy, one's first job at McCarran is to speak
 to Curtis, who reveals his plan: blowing up the monorail to weaken the NCR
 supply line. And, to cast suspicion off himself, he'll have the Courier plant
 the explosives. The bomb and incriminating documents have been left in the
 garbage can near the ticketing terminal, and Curtis recommends planting the
 device at 900 or 1800 hours (guard change). The patsy, Private Crenshaw, is
 a problem child and has been relocated to south tarmac guard duty. Curtis
 suggests killing him before planting the evidence in his locker.

 After the briefing, officially agree to help Colonel Hsu with the intel leak

 That can be a lot of info to take in. Here's the correct method:

 • Offer one's services to Colonel Hsu. Make sure to do all Curtis' dialogue
   first before this part; otherwise, it might start the quest as if one had
   gotten it from Hsu, and we don't want to do that.

 • Go pick up the explosives -- they're in a garbage can near the eastern
   staircase. This container is inaccessible until one tells Curtis (during
   dialogue) that one'll go pick it up. Take the components (Abraxo Cleaner,
   Conductor, Explosive Charge, Fission Battery, Wonderglue) and Monorail
   Sabotage Plans. [If one takes these before getting Hsu's help, checking
   the empty can again should clear this objective.]

 • Wait for the guard change at 9 AM or 6 PM. Get too close to their position
   and they'll open fire, including during their exit as the shift ends.

 • Enter the monorail and place the explosive charge in the small vent near
   the door -- just inspect it to do so. The train will almost immediately
   start leaving, so get off quickly or one'll be detonated along with it.

 • Visit the concourse and locate Private Crenshaw's footlocker, which won't
   be marked as such until this time. Place the bomb-making components and
   the sabotage plans inside.

 • Locate Davey Crenshaw on the south tarmac. One can initiate conversation
   with him first, learning about his puckish pranks, and there's two unique
   'attack' trigger that turn him hostile. Depending on where he is, though,
   watchtower guards may help out though (this shouldn't affect quest). The
   easier way is just sniping him stealthily.

 With the pieces in place, report to Hsu. Davey can be blamed by picking the
 plain Speech option that mentions "frumentarius," or by reporting the staged
 contents of his footlocker (assuming one did it). The hearsay confession in
 the other Speech option, or the bottom of the 4 replies, won't be good
 enough. Convincing Hsu earns 100 caps for the trouble. [There's also a funny
 option to turn Hsu hostile before trying to pin anything on Davey. Note that
 Hsu is involved in several quests, including "No, Not Much" which fails on
 his death. Plenty of troopers may also be hostile afterwards, including

 Report back to Curtis. Informing him of Hsu's death gives Legion infamy and
 fails the quest. All other options, including ones that don't provide caps
 from Hsu, complete the quest normally. [Vulpes Inculta briefly mentions the
 successful bombing in his dialogue, too, but that's the only reward from

 Client -: n/a
 Prereq -: All My Friends Have Off Switches
 Precedes: Field Research
 Missable: no
 Reward -: 400 XP (LV37)

 So you found recovered and reinstalled all ten Sink personalities? What, you
 think you're done? Get ready for round two, son! There's several auxiliary
 upgrades to locate -- these pertain to functionality, rather than just the
 Sink's personalities.
 |_| AUXILIARY RECHARGER CHIP [Big MT West Tunnel] - Located at the railroad's
     west end; the tracks look like an enclosed dotted line on the map. The
     tape's found on an interior shelf, next to a duffel bag. The area is
     guarded by wimpy protectrons.

 Like a few other mods, this allows the LAER to recycle every fourth shot,
 making it "free" in a sense.
 |_| BOOK CHUTE UPGRADE: MULCHING [Little Yangtze] - The Big MT prison is in
     the hills NW of the dome, although one need only enter the SE watchtower
     to find this upgrade (near coffeemaker).

 Never had much use for this myself, but I believe it allows the book chute
 to scrap garbage (like clipboards) and make components out of it, similar to
 how Muggy breaks down dinnerware.
 |_| COSMETIC ENHANCEMENTS [Y-17 Medical Facility] - This will have already
     been located in the SE in the previous quest. The Auto-Doc upgrade's on
     a mid-level catwalk shelf.

 Enables the Sink auto-doc to give cosmetic surgery -- basically, rechoosing
 facial features like one did at Doc Mitchell's house hours earlier.
 |_| HAIR STYLING ENHANCEMENTS [Signal Hills Transmitter] - Located NE of the
     main dome, in the black-rock hills past the railroad tracks. The upgrade
     is within the cement shack, next to a typewriter.

 This allows the Sink auto-doc to give haircuts, essentially like choosing a
 hairstyle at the game's beginning.
 |_| IMPLANT C-13 [Y-17 Medical Facility] - Same as the Cosmetic Enhancements,
     only on a ground-level desk.
 |_| IMPLANT M-5 [Z-14 Pepsinae DNA Splicing Lab] - Due east of the main dome,
     near the Securitron De-Construction Plant. Like the Crotalus lab, this is
     a bunker dedicated to cazadors, and the unique 'Specimen 73' enemy can
     be found here. The holotape is in 73's surgery room, on a table.
 |_| IMPLANT Y-3 [Z-9 Crotalus DNA Preservation Lab] - East of the main dome,
     generally between the main east road and the NE railroad tracks. The tape
     is found in the underground bunker's operation room, on a surgery table.
     The unique nightstalker Shadis is also here.
 |_| IMPLANT Y-7 [X-13 Research Facility] - This high-tech building's found
     due east of the main dome, at road's end. The mod in question is located
     in the stealth testing lab, and can be downloaded from one of the upper
     technician terminals. Note: to enter said lab, one must first don the
     Stealth Suit Mk II, obtained by finding 3 prototype parts in the nearby

 The four implants can be purchased from the Auto-Doc for a tidy sum: the
 lowest (C-13) gives +10% cazador damage for 8000 caps; the most expensive
 (Y-7) gives a bonus HP/AP regen effect from food for 20000 caps.
 |_| K9000 - MENTAT CHOW [X-13 Research Facility] - Same situation as Implant
     Y-7, only on a different computer.
 |_| K9000 - RESLA COIL [X-13 Research Facility] - Same situation as Implant
     Y-7, only on a different computer.

 The two K9000 mods apply to the Cyberdog gun. There are downsides, though,
 namely that they're removed if one upgrades to FIDO. There are only two
 Cyberdog guns in the game, although one is contingent on passing an early
 speech check. This can throw a wrench in the plans of those trying to have
 one of every weapon.
 |_| MOOD LIGHTS [Saturnine Alloy Research Facility] - Found SW of the dome,
     between Z-43 Innovative Toxins Plant (north) and X-7a "Left Field"
     Artillery Launch (south). This can be found near the start, in a shelf
     on the main factory floor. Several crazed Mr. Handys are here.

 Mood Lights are accessed via either light switch, and give a special 12-hour
 rest bonus: +2 CHA, +5 Barter, +5 Speech.
 |_| MUGGY UPGRADE: PARTS PRODUCTION [Securitron De-Construction Plant] - The
     large building near the NE boundary, not too far from the Z-14 Pepsinae
     DNA Splicing Lab and Waste Disintegration Platform. The holotape is on
     the person of '010011110110111001100101', a unique (berserk) securitron
     with rapid-fire missile capabilities.

 This allows Muggy to make spare parts for the player. Once per day, one can
 obtain: 50 Energy Cells, 50 Microfusion Cells and 5 Scrap Electronics.
 |_| PRISMATIC LENS [Signal Hills Transmitter] - Same location as the Hair
     Styling Enhancements. This item isn't inside the small building, though
     -- it's on top of it! One must climb the tiny peak alongside it and leap
     down. [One of Elijah's Advanced LAERs and a Torn Journal Page are here.]

 This LAER mod drastically increases damage (+30%).
 |_| SMART LIGHTS [X-12 Research Center] - At the facility's bottom, near an
     old projector. This is one of the few items that can't be picked up at
     once, instead requiring one have a Sonic Emitter capable of destroying
     forcefields. This is accomplished at the eastern X-8 Research Center. See
     "X-8 Data Retrieval Test" for more info. [Note that the lower facility
     also contains a unique Trauma Override Harness enemy equipped with its
     own K9000 Cyberdog Gun.]

 Smart Lights are accessed via either light switch, and give a special 12-hour
 rest bonus: +2 INT, +5 Repair, +5 Science.

 The quest marks these in "batches":

 1) LAER and K9000 upgrades
 2) All (6) Auto-Doc upgrades
 3) Light Switches and Muggy upgrades

 Client -: Ranger Ghost [Mojave Outpost]
 Prereq -: n/a
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: Yes [Ranger Ghost slain]
 Reward -: 200 XP, NCR fame

 Ghost has a perch at Mojave Outpost, an NCR checkpoint in the southwestern
 corner of the map -- a giant commemorative statue marks the location for
 miles around. The pale sniper has a problem: the nearby town of Nipton has
 smoke coming from it, and someone needs to investigate. She recommends coming
 back if the situation's life-threatening, though. Agreeing adds the quest
 properly. [If one already visited Boxcars in Nipton, one can report findings

 Nipton (marked on map if one hasn't been there before) is almost due east of
 Mojave Outpost, along the highway. Not a particularly dangerous stretch, but
 there may be some scorpions and Jackals gangmembers. At the town's west
 entrance is a small convo with Oliver Swanick, a Powder Ganger who won the
 "lottery" -- he runs off after it's over. [There may also be an unrelated
 convo with Jacklyn or Tomas around here, which has to do with carrying Sunset
 Sarsaparilla star caps. If one doesn't have any, it won't appear.]

 In town, one can see the carnage that befell the city of iniquity. One can
 take a detour into the general store, the current residence of Boxcars, a
 mouthy, recently-crippled Powder Ganger. Ask about what transpired to learn
 its the Legion's doing -- that's good 'nough quest-wise. [Giving Boxcars some
 Med-X for his pain earns good karma, and inquiring about the enslaved people
 starts the "Booted" sidequest. Don't kill him, though, or one fails "Booted"
 as well as "Wheel of Fortune".]

 Supposing Boxcars perished before coughing up his info, one must recon town
 hall instead. Speak to the Legion frumentari (Vulpes Inculta) to get his
 "Cold, Cold Heart" mission (whose destination is also the Mojave Outpost),
 which also completes Ghost's objective.

 Once the eagle-eyed ranger gets the lowdown, the quest concludes.

 Client -: Frank Weathers [Aerotech Office Park]
         : Kenny, Sammy or Mrs. Weathers [Cottonwood Cove]
 Prereq -: n/a
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: Yes [Any member of Weathers family slain]
 Reward -: 1000 XP, 50 caps (quest given from Frank + all survive)
         : 500 XP, 50 caps (quest given from Frank + one person dies)
         : 300 XP (quest not given from Frank + completed normally)
         : 100 XP (quest given from Frank + entire family dies)

 There's two ways to start this quest, and the first is talking to Frank
 Weathers at Aerotech Office Park, a refugee enclosure east of Camp McCarran
 (near South Vegas' farm country). Talking to Franky about his family reveals
 they were kidnapped by Legionaries; an [INT 5] check reveals he fled instead
 of fighting. The line of questioning automatically asks how one can help,
 which adds the quest officially and marks Cottonwood Cove on the map.

 Cottonwood Cove, a riverbank encampment in the SE part of the map, is run
 by the Legion as a slave-trading operation. Canyon Runner is a slavemaster
 found near the "capture pen," a place where potential slaves are kept to be
 assessed. The latest bunch of captives is the Weathers family: Kenny, Sammy,
 and the missus. Talking to any of them reveals their desire to escape (which
 starts the quest if one didn't talk to Frank).

 There's a few ways to go about this.

 • Simplest method is buying them from Canyon Runner. He has a 300-cap asking
   price, but one can whittle that down to 150 by passing a [Speech 50] check,
   making him think Sammy is diseased.

 • Deactivate their explosive collars. This can't be done through the fence,
   especially when guards are around (Mrs. Weathers actually suggests getting
   Canyon Runner's key). Canyon's rarely alone, but does sleep in the storage
   area at around midnight. It's either that or pick the Hard lock. Anyway,
   Explosives 50+ is required to disarm the bomb collars, and one can lie to
   the family with Explosives 35 and activate the explosives. Canyon Runner's
   key can disarm the explosives on its own, though, so giving the family that
   will finish the quest.

   Busting the family out this way turns the Legion hostile, and probably has
   the Weathers clan dying during egress. [This action alone gives no faction
   infamy, however.] If one previously killed legionaries around their pen,
   they'll have a better chance of escape. Sneak crits is a good way to pick
   off potential killers without making the camp aggro.

 • A barbaric way to do this is just killing all the Legion, perhaps in tandem
   with "Eye for an Eye," since Boone's special quest is helped along somewhat
   when he participates in the Legion slaughter. Then, just give the Weathers
   the Canyon's key, and voila! [Note that unleashing the radioactive barrels
   from Cottonwood Overlook truck kills the Weathers family, so don't do that,
   at least while they're in the vicinity.]

 When freed, the family will run out of Cottonwood Cove, hit the highway west
 of there, make for Novac, then go north towards Vegas. They have no weapons
 and little HP, so they can die pretty easily. The family's deaths fail "Left
 My Heart" automatically, unless one got the quest from Frank -- if he's the
 quest-giver, a player must report back (in all circumstances) to finish.

 Also, supposing at least one family member survived, there's the option to
 tell the abuser where they are. A [Speech 35] check mentions they don't want
 him around [K+]; two other [Speech 35] challenges convince him he's useless,
 making him commit suicide. One can also tell him their new location (Old
 Mormon Fort at Freeside) but this affects nothing, just like helping Frank
 sober up affects nothing. Oh well...

 Client -: Dr. Richards [Camp Forlorn Hope]
 Prereq -: n/a
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: Yes [Dr. Richards slain]
 Reward -: 400 XP, NCR fame, Karma+ (only if Stone turns self in)
         : 300 XP, NCR fame (standard reward)
         : 300 XP, NCR fame, Karma- (turn Stone in after telling him you won't)

 Forlorn Hope is an NCR outpost on the Colorado River's west cliffs, a ways
 south of Hoover Dam. One can usually find Dr. Richards in the medical tent,
 or in the one next-door during the night. After some prying, he mentions his
 supplies (Hydra) have gone missing from his locked cabinet. Asking about the
 specifics leads to a [Medicine 50] check where the doc explains the symptoms
 of Hydra addiction. Agreeing to help starts the quest officially.

 The next part is staking out the medical tent around 0200 hours (2AM) as it
 corresponds to the guard change. Note that this quest will usually have a
 quest marker in front of the command tent, leading to nowhere. Old versions
 of the game had a glitch where the perp wouldn't appear, so waiting in the
 tent was the only way to continue. Apparently this was patched so the thief
 would appear, just not at the marker (which keeps pointing to nothing).

 In the 2-2:30 AM range, one can catch Private Stone red-handed. Asking what
 he's doing there will cause him to leave, although on a subsequent chat, one
 can pass a [Medicine 50] check to diagnose him as an addict, getting him to
 confess. This diagnosis can be done any time of day, actually, which helps
 if y'hate stakeouts. Pickpocketing Stone's "Empty Hydra Syringe" is sufficient
 evidence as well. Asking Stone to turn himself in meets with resistance unless
 a [Speech 60] check is passed. The private will try to give his stolen stash
 of 5 Hydra to dissuade the player from tattling -- taking this is an implicit
 "I won't tell on you" gesture. The break-in scenario only happens once; on
 subsequent nights, it doesn't occur.

 Once the encounter ends, it's time to report the findings. Saying one didn't
 find anything (lying) finishes the quest with no reward. Snitching on Stone
 after ignoring his enticements earns the normal reward (300 XP, NCR fame) --
 going to Richards with the syringe evidence is the same deal. Telling Stone
 he won't be turned in and then doing just that gives negative karma. The best
 reward can only be obtained if Stone turns himself in, done by passing the
 [Speech 60] check mentioned above.

 Client -: Johnson Nash or Deputy Beagle [Primm]
 Prereq -: n/a
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: Yes [Johnson Nash, Lt. Hayes, Sergeant McGee or Major Knight slain]
 Reward -: 300 XP

 As a highway town south of Goodsprings, and one involved in several quests
 (including "They Went That-a-Way" and "Don't Make a Beggar Of Me"), it's
 hard to NOT find this place. Johnson Nash can usually be found at the Mojave
 Outpost office or the cross-street casino. Speaking to him about the town's
 convict troubles starts the quest.

 Turns out the sheriff's been murdered and the town deputy has been captured,
 taken to the large Bison Steve Hotel near the rollercoaster. The task then
 becomes saving Deputy Beagle, who's located in the ground-floor kitchen. The
 place is crawling with convicts (who'll attack regardless of Powder Gangers
 fame, note), but it shouldn't be a problem for most characters. The leader'll
 have a flame-based weapon if one's at a high enough level, though!

 Find Beagle in the kitchen and release him. [If one didn't start the quest
 from Nash, this starts it officially.] Passing a [Speech 25] check convinces
 him to assist in the convict massacre; otherwise, he'll make up an excuse and
 run to the exit. [If one is also doing "They Went That-a-Way," he won't give
 any info until he escapes successfully -- pickpocketing his journal removes
 that need, though.]

 Anyway, after Beagle makes it out alive, he'll suggest finding a new lawman
 for the town. [If Beagle died, Johnson Nash mentions this instead.] Either
 man suggests two possible candidates: an ex-sheriff incarcerated at the NCR
 Correctional Facility north of there, or having the NCR take the town under
 its wing. Here's all the possible candidates.

 • Meyers: This cowboy is found in the NCR prison's visitor center. Since he's
   typically friendly to the player (not a true Powder Ganger), he can often
   survive the massacre that erupts during "I Fought the Law". Be careful
   about bringing Boone or wearing NCR gear in his friends' presence, though!
   The old warhorse would agree to become Primm's lawman, but only if there's
   an NCR pardon in the deal. Visit Mojave Outpost's Major Knight and snag
   his support with a [Speech 30] option or a 200-cap fee. Deliver the news
   to Meyers, who should be hanging out behind Primm's casino, and seal the

 • NCR: Lt. Hayes over in the west NCR-controlled block comments on wanting
   to annex the town, but lacking the necessary firepower to hold it. He'll
   suggest getting another squad, which Major Knight at Mojave Outpost (SW
   corner of map) can set up. Speak to him at the main office -- he can be
   convinced to assist with a [Barter 20] option or good NCR reputation.

 • Primm Slim: This method is only briefly mentioned in Nash's dialogue, but
   can actually be accomplished! Slim is the casino robot and accepts his new
   job by either (1) reprogramming him with Science 30+ (2) using 3 fission
   batteries and 4 conductors.

 Quest ends when a sheriff's selected. Post-quest, Beagle will complain about
 all three candidates: Slim's logic is too steely, the NCR's too impersonal,
 Meyers' law is too hard... What a big whiner!

 Client -: Captain Gilles [Bitter Springs]
 Prereq -: n/a
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: Yes [Gilles, McCreadie, Hsu or Polatki is slain]
 Reward -: 400 XP, NCR Fame, varying reward (see below)

 Bitter Springs is nestled in the mountains NE of Camp Golf (or west of Ranger
 Station Bravo), a fact that has led to its isolation. The easiest way to find
 it is to look at the map and find the only marked highway in the area -- near
 the end, go due north and it'll be nearby.

 With the Legion's warfare causing refugees to flood in, Captain Gilles is in
 a pickle, what with the isolation and refusal of aid from her superiors. Ask
 about what one can do to assist to get the quest started properly. [Note that
 if Gilles slain, "Bitter Springs Infirmary Blues" and "Climb Ev'ry Mountain"
 fail as well.] She needs three things.

 • FRESH SUPPLIES: To finish this portion, one must give Gilles 2 clean supply
   caches. The mountains around her camp have 3 caves containing them, so it's
   generally a cinch.

   1) In cave just north of camp, up the slope
   2) In cave just slightly NW of camp, near #1
   3) In Oscar Velasco's cave (see "Climb Ev'ry Mountain")

   In addition to the quest item supply caches, each location also contains a
   few drugs, weapons and ammo. Excluding #2, which has a broken fence, all
   areas require one to lockpick through the entrance gate -- having Velasco's
   supply key bypasses this, though.

   Cave #2 contains a radioactive leak, making the supply cache irradiated.
   When handing this one to Gilles, the player can either (1) pass the dirty
   supplies off as clean, failing the quest and earning 300 XP (2) pass the
   [Science 25] check and show how to clean up the supplies. This counts as
   giving her a "clean" supply cache, for all intents and purposes. [+K]

 • MEDICAL RELIEF: Gilles says this is Lieutenant Markland's domain; he can be
   found at the mess tent. Speaking to him reveals he needs Doctor's Bags and,
   more than that, pediatric medical texts. [This starts "Bitter Springs
   Infirmary Blues". See that section for further details.]

 • NEW TROOPS: Gilles has requested aid from the major NCR outposts in the
   region, namely Camp Golf, Camp McCarran and Camp Forlorn Hope. If the player
   hasn't visited these regions, they'll can be marked on the map.

   Talking with Sgt. McCredie (Golf), Colonel Hsu (McCarran) and Major Polatki
   (F. Hope) isn't very hard in general...if your NCR reputation is sterling
   (Liked or better). In this case, simply asking the three men for troops will
   be sufficient to help out Bitter Springs. If you're not on good terms, one
   can do a camp-related quest in lieu of higher faction fame.

   - Hsu: complete "I Put a Spell On You"
   - McCredie: complete "Flags of Our Foul-Ups"
   - Polatki: complete "Restoring Hope"

   You can still do the missions normally, of course.

 Once all the relief is drawn in, return to Gilles to reap the benefits and
 finish the mission properly. Gilles will also give a token of appreciation
 depending on the final conversation, and how greedy the Courier acts. In
 descending order:

 • Nothing [K+]
 • $20, 2 Pork N' Beans, 2 Purified Water
 • $100 NCR, random amount of Case 5.56mm [K-]

 Client -: The King [The King's School of Impersonation at Freeside]
 Prereq -: n/a
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: Yes [The King, Rex, Julie Farkas or Dr. Henry slain]
 Reward -: 500 XP + extra perk

 The King is an amazing man to be sure, but he has an equally amazing pet: a
 cyberdog named Rex, who often tags along with him. Asking King about the
 situation reveals that Rex's brain is apparently going bad, giving him mood
 shifts. Asking to help in the matter adds the quest officially, and sends one
 to Julie Farkas at the Old Mormon Fort in north Freeside. [If the King has no
 option about Rex, complete the bodyguard portion of "G.I. Blues" first.]

 Unfortunately, she says there's not much that can be done there, since Rex
 requires brain surgery and advanced cybernetics -- the same diagnosis from
 months back. Julie does provide a glimmer of hope, though: Dr. Henry, now
 residing in Jacobstown, specializes in this field. Inform King about the good
 news, and thanks to the player's good work, will give Rex to the player for
 the journey. [As for his behavioral issues, Rex may chase rat-type enemies
 for long distances. Also, he doesn't like hats or people wearing them, and'll
 bark at them.] Rex can be taken along with the Courier even if s/he already
 has a human companion, too.

 Jacobstown is in the Mojave's northwestern extremity, and is easy to find --
 simply go northwest of the Strip and look for the only road leading in that
 direction, which eventually stops right at the town's front door. Once Marcus
 gives permission to enter, visit the main lodge and find Henry's ground-floor
 lab. [If Henry's "Guess Who I Saw Today" quest is active, that may need to be
 finished before he speaks on Rex's condition.] The doc will say that due to
 neural degradation, the only option left is a brain swap. He mentions a woman
 living in Novac as a possible candidate, but also that the Fiends and Legion
 use dogs, so that might work too.

 There's three brains Rex can get from this quest; the selection determines
 what reward perk is obtained. "Search and Mark" is still retained, note.

 • GIBSON: Going to Old Lady Gibson's junkyard near Novac and asking for a
   brain allows one to get Rey's brain...for 700 caps. Passing a [Barter 70]
   check gets it free, however, mentioning Rey's getting immortality of sorts.

 • FIENDS: In Fiend territory, SW of the Strip, is Poseidon Gas Station, and
   right nearby is a small construct where the Violet's gang resides. They use
   dogs alright and one in particular (Violetta) can have her brain donated to
   the cause...after you perform some shotgun surgery. [Violet's own head is
   part of McCarran's "Three-Card Bounty" quest.]

 • LEGION: Access to the fort is possible after finishing "Ring-a-Ding-Ding!"
   and subsequently starting "Render Unto Caesar". At that point, one can use
   the boat at Cottonwood Cove -- a SE encampment along the Colorado's banks --
   to visit. Atop the hill is a dog-fighting arena, and by talking to Antony,
   he'll permit the player to have Lupa's brain...if he can kill Lupa in fair
   combat. This means no armor and only a machete.

 When a proper brain is selected, return to Henry and implant it. Rey's brain
 gives the "Faithful Protector" perk, increasing Rex's attack damage. Sticking
 Violetta's brain in gives "Unshakeable Tracker" perk, increasing his movement
 speed. Finally, using Lupa's noggin gives "Blood of the Legion," increasing
 Rex's damage threshold. Putting any brain in finishes the quest, and also
 removes any other quest item brains from the inventory.

 Client -: Regis [Red Rock Canyon], Colonel Moore [Hoover Dam]
 Prereq -: n/a
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: Yes [Papa Khan, Regis, Jack, Diane or Melissa slain]
 Reward -: 500 XP, Great Khans fame

 Upon finding Red Rock Canyon, the player can visit the longhouse where Papa
 Khan holds sway over his tribe. One of Caesar's frumentarii, Karl, is also
 there, having previously told Papa the Khans will be promised great land
 rights in exchange for aid in fighting the NCR. Since Papa is a survivor of
 Bitter Springs' massacre, this plays off his hate for the group.

 To start the quest properly, ask Papa to break his allegiance with Caesar --
 he'll stubbornly refuse. The next time the longhouse is exited, Regis will
 talk with the player, saying he's of a similar mind. However, to make Papa
 see the light, he'll need his 4 advisors to speak out against the allegiance.
 Agreeing to help adds the quest properly.

 • Sometimes, Regis will appear outside the longhouse as normal, but won't
   have any additional dialogue or initiate dialogue with the player. It can
   usually be fixed by fast-travelling across the map, returning, then trying
   to enter the longhouse's front door. (Passage of time may work, too, but
   Regis won't move from his position, note.)

 Here's how to get everyone against the rotten deal:

 • Regis: Although Regis has misgivings, he says he won't publicly denounce
   the deal without proof that Caesar's real intention is to assimilate the
   Khans and use them as slaves. Finding the journal in Karl's room's trunk
   or slave ledger in Caesar's tent, and showing it to Papa, is enough to get
   Regis on the player's side. [This also has the added effect of the faction
   driving Karl out of the camp...not that he can even make it to the front
   door 'fore overdosing on hot lead!] Note that smearing Karl through his
   own dialogue options means the player MUST convince Regis via the ledger.

 • Melissa: Karl's talk of making her a speculatore has put her head in the
   clouds, although Regis mentions never having seen a woman serve in Legion
   armor. Talk with her at the Great Khan Encampment (marked on map if you
   haven't been there -- watch out for deathclaws!!) and relay the message
   about female soldiers. Merely mentioning the lowdown to her is enough to
   change her vote; doing the related "Don't Make a Beggar of Me" quest isn't

 • Jack & Diane: Regis says convincing one should convince the other as well,
   given how close they are. Both can be found at the drug lab past the slot
   canyon, the entrance to which is near the practicing grounds. Convincing
   Jack requires passing a [Speech 60] check; however, if the player rescued
   Anders during the duo's "Aba Daba Honeymoon" quest, Diane immediately
   pledges both their support, since she heard how the Legion treats drug
   runners. [If you haven't started Aba Daba Honeymoon yet, the option can
   be done now.]


 This can only be done during the NCR questline's "For the Republic, Part 2".
 After talking to Regis and learning he wouldn't mind doing an alliance were
 he chief, report that to Colonel Moore. She'll want Papa Khan assassinated,
 giving 5 Bobby Pins and a Locksmith's Reader for the job. The target retires
 to his Hard-locked room at midnight, so one will want to be in there -- try
 the back door for a good entry/exit point. [Killing Papa Khan automatically
 fails "Why Can't We Be Friends?" however.] Ask Regis about his new station
 to finish the quest.

 Regis also mentions that Karl has Papa's ear, and may have a less flattering
 opinion of the Khans than he's letting on -- finding a way to discredit him
 would help the proposed pact-breaking. This is done by either uncovering his
 journal in his room's trunk and showing it to Papa Khan; or, talking with
 Karl and passing successive Speech 25, 50 and 75 checks. Either way, Karl'll
 get toasted. For as enjoyable as this is, though, the rest of the quest must
 be completed normally, and Karl's death means Regis' vote can only be earned
 by the ledger option.

 Regardless of Karl's fate, after all 4 advisors have spoken out against the
 union with Caesar, Papa can be convinced himself by passing either [Speech 75]
 option in his new dialogue choices. These Speech 75 checks determine how the
 Khans act during the Hoover Dam battle, with the first option having the clan
 desert Caesar when he needs them most; the 2nd option has them do a suicidal
 attack against the Legion instead. If you cannot pass the Speech challenges,
 asking Papa Khan about drawing from past inspirations sends the player toward
 the Followers of the Apocalypse. These historians associated with the Khans
 in the past, and may know how to help.

 Visit the Old Mormon Fort in Freeside, the Strip's poor residential area --
 there's both an east and north gate, if y'haven't been there before. Inside,
 talk with Julie Farkas about the Khans' past, and she'll note that Ezekiel
 may know more about the cultural side. Julie's blind to his whereabouts, but
 the quest marker ain't -- find him at the 188 Trading Post, along the highway
 SE of Vegas. After some exposition, he'll give a book (Pretty Pretty Horsies)
 that explains the Mongol culture the Khans are based on. It can also be
 pickpocketed, perhaps as a shortcut to avoid visiting the Fort in the first

 Giving the book to Papa Khan completes the quest and breaks their alliance
 with Caesar. How the player describes the book's contents changes how the
 Khans act at Hoover Dam -- the meaner choice ("aping past glories") has them
 do a suicide attack against the Legion, while the kinder has them fleeing the
 canyon, essentially deserting Caesar in his hour of need.

 Client -: Doctor 8 [Think Tank]
 Prereq -: Welcome to the Big Empty
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: yes [Doctor 8 slain]
 Reward -: 400 XP (LV30), K+
         : 400 XP (LV30), K-, several Energy Weapons ammo (see below)

 In case it wasn't obvious from the Think Tank introduction, Eight's voicebox
 is malfunctioning, causing him to talk in babble. [Klein and 0 reveal this
 was done by a hostile visitor predating the Courier's visit.] Exhausting all
 of the mute medico's convos opens [Science 75] and [Perception 7] checks.
 Passing either starts the quest officially.

 A subsequent [Science 75] check gives a decision: fix Eight's code or hacking
 his "voice," robbing him of his ammo supply. The quest finishes whatever way
 one sides. For reference, the "evil" decision gleans:

 • 20 Electron Charge Packs
 • 20 Electron Charge Pack, Max Charge
 • 100 Energy Cells
 • 100 Microfusion Cells
 • 20 Microfusion Cell, Max Charge
 • Unlocks his room nearby
 • Forces him to side with Courier if need arises

 Finishing the quest (either decision works) allows further investigation 
 regarding the Sonic Emitter. Eight will also map-mark Higgs' Village, saying
 an emitter code and two Sink upgrades (jukebox, opera) are there. One of the
 silly options mentions Duct Tape and Cram -- picking it has Eight give two
 copies of each. 

 One's choice also affects subsequent visits a bit. Hacking his voicebox can
 allow one to take extra energy cell types (usually 10 of each), while coming
 on friendly terms can earn skill magazines (Programmer's Digest/Fixin' Things)
 and a sensor module.

 Client -: Boone [Novac]
 Prereq -: n/a
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: Yes [Boone slain]
 Reward -: 150 XP, Novac infamy (no evidence provided)
         : 150 XP, 100 caps, 1st Recon Beret, Karma+ (evidence provided)

 Boone, an ex-1st Recon member, is Novac's watchman, and can be found in the
 dinosaur building's sniper's nest at night. Talk with him a bit to learn his
 wife was kidnapped and given the efficiency with which the kidnapping was
 carried out, he knows it was an inside job. He tasks the player with sniffing
 out the culprit, and if one agrees, the quest is given officially. The object
 is to lure the perpetrator in front of the dinosaur while Boone's on watch;
 the player is to wear his special hat (Boone's Beret) as a sign.

 NOTE: If Boone refuses to talk to the player at all, this is because one's
       NCR or Legion rep is too low or high, respectively. One will have to
       correct them in order to get the quest!

 So, the investigation begins. Cliff Briscoe, Ranger Andy, Daisy Whitman,
 Manny Vargas, Jeannie May Crawford, Dusty and Alice McBride will all have
 something to say about Carla -- one can get a composite about her actions,
 showing that she was rather rude and didn't fit in well around this simple
 trade town. [Bruce Isaac, unnamed settlers/merchants and Chris Haversam, if
 he came here after "Come Fly With Me," have nothing to say on the matter.]
 That just leaves the town crackpot No-bark Noonan, who lives in a shack
 behind the Dino Dee-Lite Motel. Although he ain't quite lucid, he mentions
 seeing some shadowy folk snatch Carla, and one may have went into the hotel

 • If you're wondering about the constant quest markers, it's the game marking
   applicable NPCs for Boone's meet-at-the-dinosaur portions. They'll stay
   there until the quest's finished, not just that the player spoke to 'em.

 The motel lobby doesn't have any great hiding places besides the Easy-level
 floor safe -- lockpicking or pickpocketing its key from Jeannie May suffices.
 Inside, one can find a stash containing a Bill of Sale that proves she was
 the culprit. [Don't kill her yourself; this doesn't end the quest, and there
 isn't any dialogue with Boone to finish that way either.] If Jeannie May is
 slain before you buy the motel room -- either 100 caps or free, if one's town
 rep is Liked or better -- then Cliff Briscoe takes over the duties.

 Once dusk falls and Boone heads to his position (2230 hours or so), locate
 Jeannie May and tell her there's something she should see near the dinosaur.
 She'll hurry along to a set position and, if the player is wearing Boone's
 beret, he'll shoot her. At this point, return to Boone and show him the hard
 evidence, which finishes the mission properly and allows one to use him as a
 companion. His companion perk (Spotter) highlights hostile targets in view.

 Note that the Bill of Sale is the only evidence available, and only works
 for Jeannie May. Picking someone else requires passing a [Speech 55] check
 to convince Boone it was the right choice. Failing to convince him either
 (1) finishes the quest with the worst possible rewards, and prevents Boone
 from becoming a companion (2) turns him hostile, if when asked for evidence,
 one says s/he just wanted Boone to kill someone. Killing Boone will fail the

 Also, those wondering about the hotel room (safehouse) Jeannie May sells: if
 the quest goes as planned, Cliff Briscoe can take over that duty. While one
 has Novac fame of Accepted or higher, he'll give the motel room free next
 time he's spoken to.

 Client -: Walter or Ethel Phebus [Las Vegas Boulevard Station on the Strip]
 Prereq -: n/a
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: Yes [Walter or Ethel dies; Ted Gunderson slain in "Beyond the Beef"]
 Reward -: 300 XP (talk Walter out of revenge)
         : 100 or 200 XP, 500/1000/1500 caps (both Gundersons slain)
         : 200 XP and Karma+ (refused monetary reward)

 Walter and his wife Ethel sit outside of the Las Vegas Boulevard Station
 (also known as the monorail leading to Camp McCarran) near the Ultra-Luxe
 Casino Resort. Talking with either of them reveals two things: Heck Gunderson
 is a monopolizing bully and Walter wants to inflict some suffering on him.
 The quest starts officially through Ethel's conversation, or Walter's if one
 passes the rather steep [PER 7] check and agrees to help -- it's the only way
 he'll talk about the score he wants to settle. The [Barter 70] check in Walt's
 convo earns 400 caps for the hire.

 • In Ethel's conversation, she'll mention she wants her husband to give up
   his pointless revenge. Once Pheeble Will begins, talk with Walter again and
   tell him about it. Passing a [Speech 75] check finishes the quest with no
   harm done to anyone -- 375 XP total, counting the check's XP.

 Ol' Phebus wants to know what his arch nemesis is up to at the Ultra-Luxe,
 so head over and find out -- Heck's at the bar. Chat him up about his son to
 learn Ted is missing; agreeing to help starts "Beyond the Beef," although it
 isn't necessary to finish this mission.

 Report back to Walter for a 400-cap reward. Tell Phebus about Heck and his
 lack of security starts a conversation about killing both Gundersons, and
 the pricing. The [Barter 90] and [Barter 80] checks convince Walt only Heck
 or Ted is worthy of the choppin' block, for 1000 or 500 caps, respectively.
 Failing a check only earns half the wanted reward. If one doesn't negotiate
 at all, one MUST kill both targets.

 Time for payback. Despite weapons being confiscated inside the Ultra-Luxe,
 one can keep holdout weapons like revolvers and 1-handed pistols, supposing
 the Sneak 50+ requirement is met. Additionally, if one agrees to help Heck
 search for his son, some weapons can be obtained in the course of the quest,
 such as an assassin's Silence .22 Pistol. If one hides in a corner and pulls
 off a sneak crit, Heck should go fall like a brahmin on ice -- this fails
 the "Beyond the Beef" quest, however.

 Ted Gunderson is located in Ultra-Luxe's basement kitchen, and can be found
 by picking the door in the Gourmand restaurant. Alternatively, break into
 the Members-Only section (steal key from a member, such as Marjorie) and use
 the other kitchen entrance. There are plenty of ways to enter the downstairs
 freezer where Ted is kept -- a reader can learn them in the "Beyond the Beef"
 section -- but suffice to say that once one finds the sniveling brat, one
 between the eyes is enough.

 • This quest can be broken at this point. Ted Gunderson only spawns if one's
   started "Beyond the Beef," and killing Heck automatically fails it. This
   means if one carries out the hit on Heck before starting it, Ted doesn't
   spawn, and the quest marker just stays on his father; there's no dialogue
   with Walter to fix it since he's expecting both to die. If one does it
   right (start Beyond the Beef first), the quest updates accordingly.

 When the brahmin baron and his shavetail son are slain, return to Walter to
 finish. The amount of caps one earns is dependant on the prior negotiations,
 but each only gives 100 XP. Supposing one passed the Barter checks or didn't
 negotiate, the rewards are 1500 caps for both Gundersons, 1000 for Heck and
 500 for little Ted. Failing a previous Barter check halves the reward received
 (500 and 250 respectively). Foregoing Walter's monetary reward earns positive
 karma instead.

 Laughably, if you kill Ted/Heck before starting the quest, one can still turn
 it into Walter. In this case, Pheeble Will is automatically added and finishes
 in the same breath! And although it seems like "Beyond the Beef" and "Pheeble
 Will" cancel each other out quest-wise, it's possible to complete both:

 1) kill Ted in "Beyond the Beef"
 2) report back to Heck to complete that quest
 3) Kill Heck
 4) Report back to Walter to finish "Pheeble Will"

 This is possible because "Pheeble Will" fails if Ted is returned alive, and
 "Beyond the Beef" fails if Heck is slain. It's all about the right order.

 Client -: Any Think Tank doctor
 Prereq -: Welcome to the Big Empty
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: yes [Think Tank doctors slain before completion]
 Reward -: 400 XP (LV35)

 Speaking to any of the Think Tank doctors the first time will trigger this
 quest, basically a meet-and-greet with the minds. There's really little to
 this quest -- simply speak to each doctor at least once -- but it does serve
 as a springboard for the variety of sidequests involving the brains.

 Client -: Alice McLafferty [Crimson Caravan Company]
 Prereq -: Finish "You Can Depend on Me"
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: Yes [Alice McLafferty slain]
 Reward -: 100 XP, 500 caps, NCR fame

 Having proved one's worth by completing Alice's tasks in her other mission,
 she gives the player another task: finding out who's manufacturing new caps.
 The only place nearby capable of such a thing is the bottling plant at Sunset
 Sarsaparilla Headquarters -- it's found west of the Strip, between the Monte
 Carlo Suites (north) and the Fiends-controlled South Vegas Ruins (south). It
 has a gigantic brown bottle in its yard, so once one hits the thoroughfare,
 it should be easy to find.

 Near the main entrance is an animatronic robot (Festus) who, if asked about
 Star Info, starts "The Legend of the Star," the quest that requires one to
 collect 50 Sunset Sarsaparilla Star Caps. That has nothing to do with this
 quest, of course, but the bottling plant has a heap of sarsaparilla bottles,
 so they tend to go hand in hand. [In case one doesn't know, drinking a bottle
 gives the player a free cap; it has a chance to be a Star Cap.]

 Anyway, the only enemies here will be mediocre security robots, remodeled
 versions of the Protectron. Yup, those crappy hunkajunks. In any case, most
 of the building has collapsed, making the going rather linear. The factory
 floor is in the NW wing, "guarded" by two lethargic security bots, and the
 bottle cap press is near a giant crate stack.

 Now, unless one wants to loot as many sarsaparilla bottles as possible (start
 in bottling room, not factory), all that's left is to return to Alice.

 Client -: Joshua Graham [Zion Valley]
 Prereq -: Gathering Storms
 Precedes: Departing Paradise
 Missable: Yes [Any major DLC character slain]
 Reward -: 300 XP (apx. LV27)

 This quest is received from Joshua during "Flight From Zion," the concluding
 chapter on Zion's war. In addition to the desecrated cemetery ("Sanctity of
 the Dead") and an enemy-fortified route ("Retake the Bridge"), a remaining
 problem is captured Sorrows, held at Ranger Substation Osprey.

 This area is a stone's throw SW from the Narrows, albeit at a much higher
 elevation. The easiest way to find it is returning to the Zion Ranger Station
 and following the footpath upwards. There's four White Legs guards at the
 watchtower, a mix of Bone-Breakers and Storm-Drummers. At higher levels, they
 may be carrying Anti-Materiel Rifles and Brush Guns, in addition to normal
 melee weapons.

 Luckily for the POWs, their garage-cum-cell is locked (Hard), preventing
 them from most stray fire. [NOTE: Killing them by one's own hand fails the
 quest and makes Joshua hostile, making him leave the party permanently.] The
 key is in the upstairs toolbox, spawning only in this quest. Freeing them
 finishes this quest.

 Client -: n/a
 Prereq -: Welcome to the Big Empty
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: no
 Reward -: 800 XP (LV34)

 After pursuing "X-13: Attack of the Infiltrator!" a ways and earning the cool
 stealth suit, the option to upgrade its capabilities is give. By entering the
 testing lab and operating the lower terminal, one can complete a series of
 trials -- passing them earns a reward, tangible and armor-related.

 The goal of all tests is to stealthily enter the administrator's office and
 retrieve a document from the safe. Before starting the test, it's best to get
 acquainted with the layout, since it's used in all trials. Failing a trial
 (which occurs if detected) lets one retake it, resetting all lockpicked doors,
 turret defenses and robot patrollers. Hacked/disabled tripwires will NOT be
 reset, though. Also, getting detected by turrets won't fail the test...dunno

 • BASIC INFILTRATION TEST: The basic setup is three patrolling robots in the
   ground-floor testing area and a few turrets (nonfunctional unless shot at).
   Lockpickable doors are easy/average types. Attacking the enemies is fine,
   but it should be done stealthily to avoid detection (this also turns on
   turrets). REWARD: Stealth Suit Sneak effect raised to +25; safe contains
   some ammo and a skill magazine

 • ADVANCED INFILTRATION TEST: Same situation as before, except now laser
   tripwires are enabled -- these can be disabled with Repair or Science 50+,
   disabling them or changing their IFF, respectively. These can be found at
   nearly every juncture in the trial area. Enemies' perception gets a small
   boost too, although turrets aren't enabled yet. REWARD: Suit gets +1 PER;
   safe contains ammo and a skill magazine.

 • EXPERT INFILTRATION TEST: On top of things previously encountered, all
   eliminated robobrains respawn AND proximity mines are enabled. These are
   very hard to find without foreknowledge, but their beeping gives a general
   location. They can be disabled if found (no skill prereq). For instance,
   there's one behind the main desk in the first room, and another in the
   adjacent eastern hallway. [These don't detonate, but the quest fails if
   one 'sets' it off.] Luckily, one can seek these out in-between trails, so
   that's one way to familiarize oneself. REWARD: Suit gets +1 AGL; safe will
   contain skill magazines.

 • ROBOT COMPLIANCE TEST: This is essentially the Expert test, just with a
   different objective: disable all robots without being detected. This is
   possible by sneaking abaft a robobrain and inspecting it -- the same method
   one uses with the 'Robotics Expert' perk, really. There's three targets to
   do this on, and neither's too hard as they move slow and have set patrol
   patterns. If the proximity mines gave one trouble last time, though, and
   one still hasn't learned their patterns, this can be rather annoying. [The
   proximity mines seem to have larger ranges and faster fuses, too.] REWARD:
   suit gets +20% sneak speed effect; safe always contains 'Chinese Army: Spec.
   Ops. Training Manual' skillbook.

 Note that completing each test gives some XP, but the notification may not
 display for each. Three of the tests (first two, last one) overlap with the
 "VR the Champions" challenges, each of which gives 100 XP upon completion.
 To recap, the fully-upgraded Stealth Suit should have: +20% Sneak Speed, +1
 AGL, +1 PER, Sneak +25. Its base stats stay the same.

 If one chooses to replay any beaten test, it starts the "Project X-13 Redux"
 sidequest, which is no different from a normal trial. Rewards are slightly
 different, though, allowing one to earn Stealth Boys and the like.

 Client -: Major Polatli [Camp Forlorn Hope]
 Prereq -: n/a
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: Yes [Polatli, Mayes, Cooper, Dr. Richards or his patients slain]
 Reward -: 300 XP, NCR fame

 Forlorn Hope is an NCR outpost on the Colorado River's west cliffs, a ways
 south of Hoover Dam. Inside the main command center -- or, at night, a tent
 near it -- one can find Major Polatli, the leader 'round these parts. He'll
 mention he wants to take back the town south of there, Nelson, which was
 overrun by legionaries...but he can't spare the resources or men. Yet. Agree
 to help to get the quest added officially.

 Polatli has several tasks to do, and they must be done in sequence.

 • PART 1: Quartermaster Mayes has been griping about supply deficiencies.
   Ask what's to be done, learning the soldiers he sent on a supply run to
   HELIOS One never returned. The giant power plant in question is nearly due
   west of camp, across Highway 95. It's possible to find the NCR corpses on
   one's own though -- they're about halfway between Hwy 93 and the camp, in
   a small gulch. [If Lt. Haggerty at HELIOS One was slain, this is the only
   option to do. Otherwise, she can mark the killing field on minimap.] Once
   the supplies have been recovered, 3 Recruit Legionaries spring an ambush.
   They're not well-equipped by any means, plus give positive karma and (if
   witnessed) Legion infamy on death. It's possible to sneak past them with
   high enough stealth, or just make a break for camp and have the rangers
   earn their pay. Deliver the supplies to Mayes to finish.

 • PART 2: Dr. Richards may need some help with the wounded men. Talking with
   him about assisting allows one to inspect his patients, providing one can
   pass the miniscule [Medicine 20] check. The patients can be cured either
   with a doctor's experience or bootstrapping with various supplies, some of
   which can be found in the tent. Saving a patient gives 80 XP.

   - Medicine 35 -or- Med-X, Whiskey and Surgical Tubing
   - Medicine 50 -or- Med-X, Bonesaw and Medical Brace
   - Medicine 75 -or- Med-X, Super Stimpak and Tweezer

   Report back to Richards to finish this segment. Telling the doctor one has
   no medical knowledge in the initial conversation turns this segment into a
   minor fetch quest: deliver a status report to Polatli.

 • PART 3: (This only occurs if Nelson hasn't been retaken yet; if Nelson was,
   it's skipped entirely and the quest finishes immediately after dialogue.)

   Polatli says that retaking Nelson would be a blow to the Legion and
   give the place a nice morale boost, in addition to making the NCR a little
   better prepared for the upcoming Hoover Dam skirmish. The player can start
   the quest immediately, or earn more troops by completing additional quests
   around town. These include: (1) Richards' Medical Mystery quest (2) Mayes'
   unmarked quest for collecting NCR dog tags. He gives 2 caps per; bringing
   him 15+ earns 100 XP and a reward of 100 caps/6 Beers. Declining the reward
   gives positive karma instead. (3) Private Sexton has an unmarked quest for
   collecting Legion Ears, a killing competition to raise morale. After giving
   him about 35 ears, the player wins the competition.

   Once the player accepts, locate Sergeant Cooper north of Nelson in the
   minefield south of Hope. The player can choose to deploy everyone on the
   eastern ridge where the height advantage is strongest, or attack from the
   north, near the guard towers. The objective is to kill Dead Sea, the Legion
   commander at Nelson, and his location is added to the Pip-Boy. As for the
   actual fighting, if the player partially cleared out Nelson, either as an
   independent action or during "Back in Your Own Backyard," things'll be
   smoother. If said quest is done in tandem with this one, Ranger Milo can
   provide some covering fire as well from the western ridge.

   Dead Sea is located in the barracks. To get to him, one usually scrapes with
   the outer contingent, about a dozen legionaries (including surrounding area)
   and a few mongrels. If the player slew all the external forces earlier, the
   only foes around will be a mongrel or two, which may respawn. The quest'll
   fail if Cooper is killed, so if nothing else, help 'im out. In any case,
   once the opposition is slain, it'll be up to the player to slay Dead Sea.
   There's a little dialogue before he turns hostile, and his two flunkies'll
   back him up. DS uses a 10mm Machinegun and carries the unique melee weapon
   Liberator, essentially a better machete.

   Once Dead Sea is slain, return to Polatli to finish.

 Finishing this quest automatically fails Dead Sea's "We Are Legion" quest,
 although there's no notification if it wasn't started. Should one want to
 change horses midstream and switch to his side, do so before staging the
 attack on Nelson (i.e. telling Polatli you're ready to attack, spawning the
 helpers and Coop).

 Also note that Nelson will eventually be reoccupied by some NCR troops, so
 if you're fast-travelling there wearing Legion or Brotherhood colors (or have
 a companion wearing them), it can set off some hostilities.

 Client -: Joshua Graham [Zion Valley]
 Prereq -: Gathering Storms
 Precedes: Departing Paradise
 Missable: Yes [Any major DLC character slain]
 Reward -: 300 XP

 This sidequest is received from Joshua only during "Flight From Zion," the
 final chapter on the park's warring tribes. He mentions several lingering
 problems with the escape, one of them being the enemy-held East Fork Bridge.
 This is the main escape route towards Pine Creek Bridge, making it worth

 The enemies found here are three Bone-Breakers topside, all carrying melee
 weapons (mantis gauntlets) typical of their kind. Eliminating all of them
 completes the mission. It's worth noting this sidequest is very difficult
 to intentionally avoid, since the bottleneck is the only path to Pine Creek
 Tunnel. Going around won't work since the lower under-bridge path is blocked,
 and the sides are typically too steep to climb. [At best, one bypasses the
 enemy but alerts them in doing so.] Joshua may also become stuck if one goes
 up the hill.

 Client -: Tech Sergeant Reyes [Camp Forlorn Hope]
 Prereq -: n/a
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: Yes [Reyes slain]
 Reward -: 500 XP

 Reyes is found in the command center of Forlorn Hope, a dreary encampment
 on the Colorado's high west cliffs (between Hoover Dam to the north and the
 Legion-ruled Nelson to the south). It can be kind of annoying to reach in
 general, since cutting east from Highway 95 usually leads to cazador fights.
 Talk with her to learn she thinks the NCR's security codes are compromised,
 and needs someone to deliver replacements ASAP. Take on the task to add the
 quest officially.

 The job is to speak to the comm officers at various ranger stations -- these
 are marked on the map if previously undiscovered. In the event a CO perishes,
 one can manually update the codes at their ham radio. [This can't be done if
 they're alive.]

 • Alpha: [CO Castillo] Located in the NCR-controlled Lake Mead area, west
   shore -- this will be NW of Hoover Dam, and south of Camp Golf.

 • Bravo: [CO Tilden] Located in the reddish foothills north of Lake Mead and
   Hoover Dam, in veritable nowheresville. If one finds Callville Bay along the
   water's edge, then goes north to Bitter Springs, Bravo will be a ways NE of
   there. Tilden also mentions having extra ammo, and if one wants it, ask him,
   then Ranger Ericsen -- supposing one's in good NCR standing, she gives some
   (60 5.56mm Rounds, 30 .357 Magnum Rounds).

 • Charlie: [CO Stepinac] Found on a lonely stretch of highway SW of Novac, SE
   of REPCONN Facility, and north of Wolfhorn Ranch. The exchange here is
   generally quite simple, but it's possible for legionaries to attack this
   place, so be ready to help fend 'em off or manually change the codes! Mr.
   Stepinac also mentions getting spare medical supplies, which he'll give if
   one's reputation is good enough (Liked+). They can also be stolen when he
   isn't looking...

 • Delta: [CO Scheffer] The nearest location to Forlorn Hope, it's basically a
   stone's throw north, then over the east ridge. Players who can't find this
   should be busted back to boot camp!

 • Echo: [CO Green] Sandwiched between two Legion encampments at Nelson (north)
   and Cottonwood Cove (south), getting to Echo is problematic if one guesses
   the best entrypoint. Since the terrain is mostly cliffs and steep hills,
   the west and southwest areas near Highway 95 work best. It's possible to
   use the bluff north of there, too, but there's tons of geckos that way.

 • Foxtrot: [CO Lenk] Undoubtedly the most isolated of all posts. To uncover
   this mountainous retreat, one must take the Strip's NW highway into the
   Jacobstown basin, a forested area filled with bighorners, mantises and
   cazadors. Once one can turn left (SE) off the highway, it's just a matter
   of navigation -- the comm tower landmarks it. Kudlow will also mark the
   Great Khans' Red Rock Canyon on the map if asked about 'em.

 With all stations up-to-date, return to Reyes to receive another task: she's
 received disturbingly odd reports from some camps (Alpha, Delta, Foxtrot) and
 thinks their accuracy is suspect. These were already visited, so it's just
 a matter of talking with the rangers in charge (Lineholm, Pason, Kudlow).
 All confirm the reports as bogus, and when Reyes is told about the findings,
 she asks the player to investigate the source, Camp Golf. One also gets an
 advance reward (300 XP, 300 caps, NCR fame) for getting this far.

 Camp Golf is on the shores of Lake Mead and Lake Las Vegas, so it'd be easy
 to find even if it wasn't map-marked. Chief Hanlon is the person to talk to,
 and if it's light out, he'll probably be on the main resort's 2F balcony.
 When confronted, he'll relocate the conversation to his ground-floor office,
 where one can choose how to proceed.

 - Keep his secret safe. Agreeing to the coverup ends the mission.

 - Turn him in. He'll suggest going to get a ranger, then. When one leaves his
   sight a ways, he locks himself in the office and gives a broadcast, then
   commits suicide. [Note that the broadcast can often glitch and won't play
   the full thing, or any of it. When one hears the gunshot, the door unlocks.]

 - Tell Hanlon you're going to kill him, which turns him hostile the second
   time it's done. Offing the chief fails the quest, and will probably turn
   the rangers hostile (although it's possible they don't). He can be looted
   at this time, too.

 The XP reward is both dialogue options, but the incentive to tattle on the
 chief is simply getting his rare revolver, a Ranger Sequoia. A trooper will
 run to the office and watch over the body, though, so if one wants to steal
 the weapon, take it before he gets there or first carry it elsewhere. Is a
 cool NPC's death worth a 5-shot revolver? Only you decide... [Note that on
 occasion, the Sequoia glitches into the floor or disappears entirely.]

 Post-quest, one can inform Reyes of what went on or (depending on result)
 tell her to drop it, or outright lie to her. If Hanlon perished in a fashion
 other than suicide, Reyes gives an additional reward (800 XP, 300 caps, NCR
 fame). This can't be obtained in any other way, including the coverup method.
 Perhaps it's a way of keeping his sterling reputation unsoiled...

 Client -: Waking Cloud [Sorrows Camp]
 Prereq -: Deliverer of Sorrows
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: Yes [Any major DLC character slain]
 Reward -: 300 XP (apx. LV27), She's Embrace

 This quest is started by:

 • Asking Waking Cloud about her yao guai gauntlet
 • Talking to White Bird at any time
 • Accepting Waking Cloud as a companion

 When Waking Cloud joins, she says White Bird wishes the player's presence;
 she also map-marks the nearby cave (if 2nd or 3rd option chosen). In any
 case, when first speaking to him, he'll talk about visions, mentioning to
 return with Sacred Datura Root. This appears as a tiny cluster of white-
 -petalled flowers, often growing around roadsides and such. Those who don't
 want to undertake a botany expedition can buy them from Joshua Graham, too.

 Return to White Bird with 3 datura roots. It's recommended to save first,
 'cause agreeing to drink his 'vision tea' adds a hallucinogenic screen effect,
 one that's permanent until the next part is complete: defeating the Ghost of
 She. The map marks a dead end southeast of the Sorrows' colony. Fighting in
 the current state is very annoying; Waking Cloud's companionship can offset
 some of that annoyance.

 Following the Virgin southeast, then going north a bit leads to the defunct
 'Vault 22 Dwellers' Guard Camp'. It's noticeably empty, probably due to the
 Ghost Den's proximity just west of there. Enemies in this area include spore
 plants/carriers and geckos, plus (towards Ghost Den) several yao guai. If
 one cleared out the dwellers' camp and foothills earlier, the enemy forces
 may be considerably less. If one only finds yao guai cubs, too, good on ya!

 At the map-marked crevice, the spirit quest takes an interesting turn: She,
 a large flaming yao guai, appears to do battle. It's not much harder than a
 regular adult, but at low health, it does a ninja technique, splitting into
 multiple parts -- this forces one to find the real one. Each copy will have
 low health, though, so this is a pitiful distraction.

 With the fight ended, claim "Ghost of She's Paw" from the corpse and bring
 it to White Bird. He'll change the body part into "She's Embrace," a unique
 yao guai gauntlet. It has no special effects, other than being better than
 normal version and looking badass. [Quest ends now.]

 And yes, the trippy screen effects ends, too.

 Client -: Joe Cobb [Goodsprings]
 Prereq -: Ain't That a Kick in the Head
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: Yes [Joe Cobb slain]
 Reward -: 200 XP, Powder Gangers fame, Goodsprings infamy

 • This is the flipside of "Ghost Town Gunfight," where Goodsprings fights
   off the Powder Ganger attackers. Pursuing this one ends up fails that.

 To start this mission, one must first have witnessed the scene between Trudy
 and Joe Cobb at the Prospector Saloon -- this only occurs after Sunny Smiles
 has directed the player to Trudy, either after opting out of her tutorial
 missions (Back in the Saddle/By a Campfire on the Trail) or completing both.
 After the argument, Joe will run off, settling alongside a Goodsprings house
 near the highway.

 During a line of questioning -- including a [Speech 20] check to learn what
 got Joe locked up -- one can suggest helping Joe overtake Goodsprings. Pass
 the [INT 7] check or just suggest a normal incentive for the deed, and Joe'll
 want the player to knock off Ringo, the trader evading his sights. Agreeing
 to will start the quest officially. [It's worth noting that killing Joe fails
 the mission but gives no Powder Ganger infamy.]

 The quest marker directs one toward the hilltop gas station, unlocked for the
 purposes of this quest. Ringo will draw a gun immediately, but will put it
 away if one convinces him there's no harm. [Earlier connection to Cobb won't
 allow one to offer merc services, if one offers to help Ringo's plight, and
 fails "Ghost Town Gunfight" immediately.] In any case, eliminate Ringo.

 Return to Cobb to give the news (Powder Ganger fame+) and also see his allies
 have arrived. Joe admits his supplies aren't what they could be, and he'd be
 more comfortable if one gave Doc Mitchell and Chet a shakedown before the
 plan's sprung.

 • Doc is, of course, at his house. Lying about helping an injured man on the
   roadside gives a [Medicine 25] to dupe the doc, earning 'Spare Medical

 • Chet's the stingy proprietor of the store, and true to his nature, he won't
   want to give the Powder Gangers squat. A [Barter 25] or [Speech 25] check
   changes his mind, though, and he'll donate 9mm Ammo (30) and Leather Armor.

 Doing the "supply run" is optional, but each success gives faction fame, and
 delivering the meds earns some for oneself (5 Stimpaks, Super Stimpak, and a
 Buffout). When the optional parts are done or ignored, tell Joe the takeover
 is ready to begin.

 The next step is defeating the hostile militia at the saloon, namely the
 big names 'round town (Doc, Easy Pete, Sunny, Cheyenne, Trudy). There's no
 Goodsprings faction loss unless a player overtly kills one of 'em, although
 that's usually a necessary action -- the typically destroy the Powder Gangers
 while suffering little to no fatalities. [Chet won't participate, and Victor
 may not either, thankfully.] Mission concludes when all targets are slain.

 Afterward, speak to Joe to get a token of gratitude: passage into the NCR
 Correctional Facility, plus a word of warning about rogue Powder Gangers
 in Primm -- they'll fire on anyone.

 Client -: Joshua Graham [Zion Valley]
 Prereq -: Gathering Storms
 Precedes: Departing Paradise
 Missable: Yes [Any major DLC character slain]
 Reward -: 300 XP (apx. LV27)

 This sidequest is automatically added during the "Flight From Zion," one of
 the final mission in the park's storyline. Joshua will notify the player of
 several Sorrows-related issues, one of them being the desecration of their
 cemetery. The Burial Mound can be located SE of the Narrows, by following the
 Virgin south a ways and turning. There's two ways to proceed.

 • EVACUATE: Dancing Flame and his buddy are crouching near a tree, wanting to
   assist in the mound's cleansing. He can be told to wait or assist, which
   relates to the 2nd option. Or, passing a [Speech 75] check will convince
   him to get out while he still can.

 • KILL EVERYONE: There's usually five White Legs tribesmen lurking here, a
   Light-Bringer and four Pain-Makers. The latter force will use melee weapons,
   typically Shishkebabs at high levels; the former prefers guns, often 12.7mm
   or .45 Auto SMGs. [Try not to laugh too much at the thought of Joshua being
   set on fire again, eh?] Having Dancing Flame participate isn't necessary,
   but another body in the battle can't hurt...well, unless he dies, in which
   case the quest fails. Oops.

 When all five are killed, or Dancing Flame skidaddles, this finishes.
 Client -: Crandon [North Vegas Square]
 Prereq -: n/a
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: Yes [Crandon or Jules slain]
 Reward -: 150 XP (Alice stays); 280 XP, 500 caps (Alice stays + Barter check)

 North Vegas Square (NVS) is a small shantytown erected on the Strip's north,
 outer wall. It doesn't connect to the Strip, but can be entered from two
 upper entrances -- one is near Freeside's north gate, in fact -- and connects
 to the sewers as well. One of the main players 'round here is Crandon, who,
 along with Jules and other folks, try to keep the community clean of rabble
 who don't belong. Asking about his role allows one to inquire about work, and
 passing a [Speech 45] or [Barter 35] check earns enough of his trust to help.

 This is a three-part mission that must be done in sequence. Completing one
 segment unlocks the next when reporting to Crandon.

 • PART 1: Clear out the squatters in NVS' playground. Starting the quest'll
   spawn some rabble nearby, and Crandon wants 'em gone. Their head honcho is
   Squatter Bill, and how the player interacts affects how this portion goes.
   Passing a [Barter 45] or [Speech 45] check makes them leave peaceably. If
   a player can't do that, attacking is the only option outside of quitting
   conversation. Note that the belligerent first choice turns the squatters
   hostile, and killing them gives NCR infamy. [Reward: 50 XP, 50 caps]

 • PART 2: Quash the greaser threat. Some troublemakers have nestled into the
   sewers, and although their firepower is low, Crandon considers 'em a threat.
   Use the manhole on the NVS street and navigate the labyrinthine connecting
   tunnels (follow quest marker) to find the greasers. Like before, they have
   a leader, and talking to Greaser Johnny affects how the rest of the crew
   acts. Passing a [Speech 65] does the trick or the player can pay them a
   100 caps to vamoose. A [Barter 50] option will cut that down to 50 caps.
   Killing these four varmints gives positive karma, if one goes that route.
   The nearby New Vegas Citizens are NOT enemies in this scenario, even though
   they may turn hostile against Greasers when one attacks and remain in that
   state afterwards! [Reward: 100 XP, 100 caps]

 • PART 3: Save a daughter from herself: travel to the Hostetler stead a ways
   SE of town, past the Crimson Caravan Company and New Vegas Medical Clinic.
   Talk to the missus to learn her daughter Alice is hanging out with "street
   scum" in NVS, and she wants to know the lowdown. Agree, then return to NVS
   to talk with Jules, the sheriff-like figure -- he mentions Alice has been
   hanging out with Andy in The Gray, a crumbling building nearby.

   The mission objective now is to search the hotel for information. There's
   currently no sign of either person, but by breaking into Andy's room (an
   Average lock) and stealing a note on a small table, one can learn what's in
   store for her. [There's a guard posted outside Andy's door who has a key to
   Andy's room, but a sneaky character can get in and out, no sweat. If one
   stole the note earlier, the objective finishes automatically.] Upon leaving,
   Andy Scabb, Alice's ghoul friend, comes in wonders why the player's there.
   It's possible to ignore his questions and leave without hostility; choosing
   to reveal knowledge of the note can lead to belligerence, or the player can
   ask for a cut of the money Alice is acquiring.

   Return to the Hostetler's house, only to be accosted by Alice immediately.
   The player can either egg on her plan to rob the family's Crimson Caravan
   funds or try to talk her out of it. If the former is done, Alice will,
   reluctantly, shoot open the door, gun down her mom, and flee in horror at
   her actions -- this gives negative karma. Taking the 1000-cap prize off
   Mrs. Hostetler finishes the mission, but gives no XP. [Andy Scabb and his
   thugs disappear after this result, also.] Note that you can only tell Alice
   Andy sent you if you asked him for a cut of the action. Killing Alice and
   then her mother (who turns hostile anyway) is another way to finish, but
   letting Alice die gives negative karma.

   Talking Alice out of her heinous actions is a little more difficult. The
   initial [Speech 70] option can stop her plan dead in its tracks, although
   an [INT 7] check can be a nice backup. Showing her Andy's note makes her
   mad but doesn't affect much besides that. The INT check lets the player
   suggest Alice:

    • Stay: There's a few speech options that prod Alice in this direction,
      including a [Speech 75] check. If Alice ends up staying, the player gets
      good karma. Talk to Mrs. Hostetler at this time to get the 200 caps she
      promised. Letting her keep the money earns 50 XP and positive karma, but
      passing the [Barter 65] option bumps the reward to 500 caps and gives
      280 XP instead of 150. [This is likely because the game doesn't give the
      immediate speech challenge bonus until the final total.]

    • Leave forever: unlike the above option, this happens immediately and
      finishes the mission. Mrs. Hostetler can then be hit up for the money
      she promised (200 caps). Telling her Alice would've left anyway allows
      the player to take 500 caps; letting her kep the money earns 50 XP and
      good karma, like the option above.

 Even after finishing on a good note, Mrs. Hostetler has the 1000 caps on her
 person. Just in case y'get any ideas... =)

 Client -: Doctor Klein [Think Tank]
 Prereq -: Welcome to the Big Empty
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: no
 Reward -: 400 XP (LV35)

 Although this quest is doled out by Dr. Klein with several main ones, it's
 technically optional. Also, it's best done in tandem with "X-2: High School
 Horror!" since it overlaps somewhat. That X-2 Research Facility is nearly a
 straight shot east of the main dome, at road's end.

 Now for the overlap part: go down the southern stairway, eliminate any robot
 hostilities (Mr. Handy types) and operate the computer, choosing the Basic
 Test. After completing the test (see section OWB4 if details are needed), the
 overlap ends: "High School Horror" requires taking the Residential Cyberdog
 Test, whereas this quest requires doing the Advanced Test. [Note that each
 trial is represented as the minor "X-8 Data Retrieval Test" in the questlog.]

 Back in the simulated school, the nearby computer panel is now fair game, and
 downloads the Sonic Emitter upgrade (EM Pulse Wave function) automatically.
 This can occur regardless of whether a Sonic Emitter is in the inventory. To
 finish the quest, test fire the gun on any of those blue forcefields -- they
 disintegrate on contact!

 Note that, while this item isn't necessary for completion of OWB, it does
 help in several ways, including during the optional "Influencing People" or
 just getting the special suit from the Hazmat Testing Ground earlier.

 Client -: Elder McNamara [Hidden Valley]
 Prereq -: n/a
 Precedes: Eyesight for the Blind (McNamara), Tend to your Business (Hardin)
 Missable: Yes [Elder McNamara slain]
 Reward -: 1000 XP, Brotherhood of Steel Fame, Brotherhood Safehouse Key

 Hidden Valley is an odd barren zone in the shadow of Black Mountain, notable
 for the gigantic fence circling its perimeter and the nighttime duststorm
 that deters trespassers. It can be found ESE of Goodsprings, SE of Sloan,
 and NW of Primm, in addition to Black Mountain's looming northern presence.
 In addition to half the world's bark scorpion population (I kid, I kid), one
 can find three bunkers. Most have little to speak of, but the northwestern
 one... There's a couple ways to get into its depths.

 • Pick the Very Hard door (100 Lockpick required)
 • If Veronica's with, a short scene will allow entry
 • Use intercom after finding one of the BOS Holotapes on a dead paladin
 • In the main questline, it'll be unlocked when one needs to go here

 Additionally, a four-man paladin squad patrols the Hidden Valley region
 from about 0100 hours to dawn. Each carries a 'Hidden Valley Bunker Key' but,
 if encountered, will be hostile. Killing them earns negative karma and, if
 witnessed, BoS infamy -- this usually drops one to "Shunned" immediately. Not
 the recommended method of getting inside, usually.

 Downstairs, one learns this is a Brotherhood of Steel compound. Paladin Ramos
 will "suggest" visiting the elder, McNamara. Refusing to do so turns everyone
 hostile, so play along. If Veronica used her finesse to gain entry, Ramos'll
 cut the player slack, allowing him/her to wander around, mentioning the Elder
 wants to speak to the player on LV2. This -- finishing Ramos' dialogue --
 starts the quest.

 Entering McNamara's chamber happens automatically if Veronica's not with and
 officially starts the quest, too; the player will have no equipment at this
 time. Speaking with McNamara leads to the same end: despite the Brotherhood's
 rather extreme self-imposed isolation, he may have work for an outsider, and
 suggests taking care of an NCR ranger inhabiting one of the other bunkers.
 This is not optional, and to underscore the point, McNamara fits the player
 with an explosive collar that detonates if one runs off. Gotta focus on the
 mission, fella!

 • If Veronica is the companion during the Brotherhood portion, she'll vouch
   for the player. This skips the entirety of McNamara's 1st quest and jumps
   right to the 2nd: finding the holotapes. See below.

 All equipment is recovered after exiting the bunker, so it's time to search
 out the ranger. [Note that due to the collar, which cannot be unequipped, the
 fast travel option is also a no-go.] The target, Dobson, can be found around
 the arid bunker area of Hidden Valley or just south of there, along the
 highway. Passing the hilarious initial [Speech 30] check is just for fun;
 the only real ways to get Dobson to amscray are either killing him or making
 him think the Powder Gangers use the bunkers, the latter using a [Speech 50]
 check. Killing him doesn't give NCR infamy.

 The more interesting (easily missable) way to do Dobson in centers around the
 broken radio in his bunker base, nearest the highway he patrols. Smashing it
 will complete the current objective, but turns the ranger hostile if he sees
 one do it. Rigging it to explode will draw Dobson's attention, and if one
 passes the [Speech 40] check, he'll try out the "working" radio, only to get
 a face full of kaboom! If the player rigs it and tries it out, it only acts
 like one smashed it though.

 • Blabbing that the Brotherhood has a base here will automatically fail the
   quest, and Dobson reveals the explosive collar is a normal slave collar,
   which he then removes. Doing this spawns a 5-person Brotherhood hit squad
   nearby, which comes after the duo in full armor and with high-powered
   energy weapons, like Gauss Rifles. If Dobson survives, he'll start walking
   back to base; this gains NCR fame. It's still possible to return to the
   BOS bunker, but everyone will be hostile. VERY hostile.

 Once done, return to McNamara. He'll say something different depending on
 if one scared Dobson off, killed him after gathering intel or flat-out slew
 him like a barbarian. The kill-with-no-intel part has an optional [Speech 65]
 check that can convince Mac one's actions were just. The 'how' is irrelevant
 though; what matters is that the player passed the test. This removes the
 explosive collar, lets the player come and go at will, and allows the second
 task to start once Mac returns to the command center.

 SECOND QUEST: The elder sent out some special patrols recently and they have
 not returned, so to avoid worrying the Brothers, he wants the player to seek
 them out. Each has a holotape that must be recovered. This quest is actually
 the "first" quest if Veronica is with, since it skips the whole Dobson test.
 Also, McNamara allows the player to purchase some equipment from the store
 upstairs. This includes a lot of energy and heavy weaponry, like the Thermic
 Lance, Fat Man or Grenade Machinegun. No power armor available (just Combat
 Armor Reinforced mkII stuff), although one can steal a T-45d Power Armor &
 Helmet set from outside the vending window, by standing on the left-hand side.
 One can also pickpocket Knight Torres' shop key when she gets off work. The
 negative karma might be worth outfitting Veronica in some nicer threads.

 On the way out, Head Paladin Hardin pulls the player aside, mentioning that
 the compound has been on lockdown for years and it affects morale. Since the
 player is an outsider and won't be viewed as suspicious for asking questions,
 he asks if the player will help him oust McNamara. This part of the questline
 is completely optional, but here's how it goes.


 1) Speak with red-robed Scribe Ibsen in the main computer terminal area. He
    mentions the data is a little wonky at the moment thanks to a virus. One
    can volunteer to help, which starts a "fun" little "game". The computer
    bug has infected all terminals nearby and periodically moves around. To
    contain the sucker, one has to find all 3 terminals it's located on within
    one minute, and lock them down. Infected terminals will have a taunting
    message within their datastore; normal ones have gibberish. Ibsen will
    count down the 1-minute period, so wait for his signal to begin. Failing
    the "minigame" allows it to replay; just speak to Ibsen. Each "game" is
    randomized, so hopefully one'll get lucky in the spread.

    • Passing Ibsen's initial [Science 70] check makes it so one can isolate
      the virus by finding it 3 times total, not 3 times in one minute.

 2) Fixing the datastore gives access to non-classified topics, but there's
    nothing useful about elder dismissals. Ibsen'll note that part falls under
    Ramos' aegis; he also mentions any senior-level staffer could unlock the
    info, but only Ramos can do this. He'll skeptically allow access to the
    databank's history portion.

 3) View the second file in the new section to hear "The Chain That Binds"
    mentioned. One can ask Hardin about it, but it's really Ramos who helps
    on the issue, saying it's an old principle that amounts to "follow your
    superior's orders". He unlocks the terminal entry on the subject.

 4) Read the Chain's data entry and report to Hardin that the well-known BOS
    fundament has a lesser-known second part. Doing this will automatically
    end the mission, earning 1000 XP and Brotherhood fame. The only difference
    is the safehouse key is obtained during the next convo, not immediately.

 There are three missing patrols. If the player found any earlier and told
 the Elder as much, the rest still must be located.

 • Black Mountain: This is the one nearest Hidden Valley, found due east.
   Navigate the ridgeline to find a crater area, irradiated from a bomb in
   the olden days. There's centaurs and evolved centaurs here, including Moe,
   a named centaur living at the crater's bottom. There's two dead paladins at
   the crater's bottom.

 • REPCONN Headquarters: This building is in the southern reach of New Vegas'
   farm country. The easiest way to find it is to locate the train track near
   Goodsprings (appears as dotted line on map), and follow it as it runs north
   along the highway. When it bifurcates, take the track going east and the
   building'll be nearby.

   Once inside, pick the door or hack the computer (both Average) to gain
   access to an office. The far west door is Very Hard and is a shortcut to
   the Q-35 Matter Modulator, a unique plasma rifle; otherwise, one must go
   the long way around. The nearby stairway leads up to 2F. The robots here
   will turn hostile if the player refuses to leave, although if one snagged
   Jenny Millet's security passcard in the ground floor planetarium, they'll
   be docile. Using the main stairway, reach 3F and the paladin corpses will
   be right nearby.

 • Nellis Air Force Base: The main way to reach this place is to follow the
   main highway NE of Vegas, then branch off the trail towards the ruined
   town encircled by railroad tracks. Of course, it ain't that simple -- the
   area is controlled by the Boomer faction and they'll sling nonstop mortar
   rounds. To combat this circumstance, it's suggested to head towards the
   source, such as along the western ridge or through town, using buildings as
   shields. When close enough, they stop firing, and by talking to them, one
   can make them stop permanently, by starting the "Volare!" quest.

   When that's done, that leaves the player to search nearby without danger of
   getting blown to smithereens. [One can dash in and dash out, but that's a
   big risk, even with a quest marker.] In one of the bomb craters will be a
   paladin, usually a ways into the AFB's old "base town".

 Return to McNamara when finished, and he'll assign another task: three scouts
 were sent out with the other patrols, and when the patrols failed, the others
 were asked to maintain radio silence. Contact them in person and ask if "the
 bears are still hunting". [The scouts don't appear until this quest begins.]
 Each scout has a target to reconnoiter; here's their locations relative to it.

 • Nipton: cliff to the NE, near Coyote Den and Hidden Supply Cave
 • Camp Forlorn Hope: bluff between the camp and Nelson (to the south)
 • NCR Correctional Facility: east of prison, small hill

 All one need do is collect the reports from the scouts and bring them back to
 McNamara. If a scout "somehow" perishes, the report can be collected from
 their corpse. Blatantly killing a scout usually drops one's reputation to
 Vilified, though, and their positions usually prevent them from catching the
 foes' attention (unless one draws them close, that is). McNamara won't even
 mention the scouts' welfare, anyway.

 The fourth and final task is a very important one: fixing the bunker's air
 filtration system. The only other person to know about the problem is Senior
 Knight Lorenzo. Speak to SKL to learn that this mission is apparently a
 suicide mission, but who doesn't love proving an exception to the rule? The
 target locations are old Vaults that have technology similar to the bunker.
 If a quest marker doesn't appear on the map, it's probably because y'picked
 up the item without realizing it!

 • DIFFERENTIAL PRESSURE CONTROLLER: Vault 11 houses this sucker, and can be
   found a little NW of the El Dorado Dry Lake, between Novac and the 188
   Trading Post (all locations are near Highway 95). Outside of the stupid
   mantis and rat enemies inside, all that's left of the Vault's denizens is
   posters displaying their political climate. The goal is to reach the lowest
   level of the vault where the overseer's office is -- convenient signs'll
   point the way there. [Might wanna detour to the Security station, though;
   picking the Hard lock/computer gains access to some decent ammo, including
   a Mini Nuke.] One can find the DPC in a locker within the submerged south
   passage. It's not fully underwater, though, so no Rebreather necessary.

   And if one's curious about the vault's fate, locate the atrium terminal's
   ombudsman speech that tells the overseer's password. Operate the computer
   in the overseer's office to open the sacrificial chamber. [Save!] Continue
   down the path, sit in the chair when asked, and watch the film -- then
   fight off 2 Sentry Bots, 4 ceiling turrets, a Robobrain and Protectron. The
   eastern mainframe can override the lockdown, and the two messages tell just
   how things went down.

 • REVERSE PULSE CLEANER: Vault 3 is located in the South Vegas Ruins, itself
   SW of the Strip. This is Fiend-controlled territory and the vault is the
   domain of Motor-Runner, a player in the "Three-Card Bounty" and "Aba Daba
   Honeymoon" quests. I would suggest doing the latter before this portion.
   Anyway, enter the southern living quarters and track down Daniel near the
   southern flooded passages -- he carries the Vault 3 Maintenance Key, plus
   the prisoner key if y'want to help the poor guys caged in a previous room.
   Return upstairs and enter the northern maintenance wing. In Motor-Runner's
   room, in a locker, is the Reverse Pulse Cleaner. Killing everyone can be a
   drag, which is why coming here on friendlier terms in "Aba Daba Honeymoon"
   is recommended.

 • HEPA CARTRIDGE FILTERS: The six filtration cartridges are located in Vault
   22, due west of Westside, the NW suburb on the Strip. It's a cinch to find
   since it's got plantlife out the wazoo. I recommend heading due west rather
   than fast-traveling to a south position and heading north -- that is, unless
   y'like cazadors by the boatload. This is also the location of the McCarran
   quest "There Stands the Grass," so y'may wanna start that as well.

   Once inside, the goal is to reach Level 4 - Commons Area, conveniently
   accessible by the elevator (Repair 50) or by local stairways. In any case,
   make way to the overseer's eastern chamber and use the computer to unlock
   the crew quarters and data backup. Or, pick the Average lock to the crew
   quarters north of the level's garden area. The first door on the left has a
   shelf containing a cave access keycard. Head upstairs to Level 3 and unlock
   the east door to the caves. From here, take the right-hand branch that goes
   back up to Level 2. In the dead-end chamber, locate the cartridges in one
   of the lockers.

 Deliver the goods to Lorenzo, then speak with McNamara, to end this mother of
 all fetch quests. The reward is faction fame and the key to the Brotherhood's
 safehouse, located NNE of Camp Golf and ESE of Nellis AFB -- that is, the
 mountainous region leading toward the Bitter Springs area. [Deathclaws live
 right next door, but can usually be avoided by approaching from the E/SE.]

 Items within that safehouse include a Tesla Cannon, Gatling Laser, Missile
 Launcher, and a set of BoS wear (T-51b Power Armor, T-45d Power Armor, Recon
 Armor). It'll all be in disrepair, but with Jury-Rigging, it ain't so bad.
 The bunker also has beds, containers, a workbench and reloading bench. Still,
 annoyances exist: Paladin Sato, the safehouse's repairman, can take items
 sitting around, or in lockers if hostile. Plus, dropped items can glitch
 under the floor, or can't be picked up in 1st/3rd person POV, so be careful!

 Finishing things means Hardin's coup doesn't succeed. As long as the quest
 remains undone, one can oust McNamara, though, so keep that in mind.

 Client -: Loyal [Nellis Air Force Base]
 Prereq -: Started "Volare!"
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: Yes [Loyal slain]
 Reward -: 300 XP, Boomers Fame

 Loyal, Nellis' head mechanic, asks the player to fix the solar array atop the
 generator (the same one seen in Raquel's "Ant Misbehavin'" quest). When asked
 where to search, the old-timer draws a blank -- if there were parts laying
 around, he would've done the work himself. The player can suggest salvaging
 from the HELIOS One plant, if it was located earlier (north of Novac). There
 are two ways to finish Loyal's request:

 • SALVAGE: Even if the player's never visited HELIOS One, the quest marker'll
   direct one to that location. This power plant is part of "That Lucky Old
   Sun" quest, so for more information on getting in, read that quest. Anyway,
   the goal is simply to make it into the plant's backyard, fenced-off to keep
   intruders out. The quest markers denote 5 locations to pick up spare parts;
   this requires one's Repair to be 20+. If there's less than 5 marked, be
   mindful that the arrays can be salvaged before starting the quest, so some
   'Solar Array Parts' may be in the inventory already! Once found, head for
   the Nellis Array (NW of AFB) and fix the devices by viewing the broken ones.

 • JURY-RIG: Instead of runnin' around like a fool, picking up junk, a player
   with can manually repair the five broken panels if his/her Repair is 65+.

 Repairing the panels gives 30 XP per, and when everything's up and running,
 the computer nearby is operable. Passing the [Science 50] check allows one to
 optimize the array's alignment, giving an extra 50 XP. Return to Loyal to
 finish the mission. Note that in addition to the fame awarded on completion,
 informing Loyal of a satisfactory job gives fame as well.

 • If one repairs the array before receiving the quest, Loyal gives faction
   fame, then "Sunshine Boogie" finishes normally. Might be a way to earn a
   bit o' extra fame...

 Client -: Tommy Torini [The Tops Casino on Vegas Strip]
 Prereq -: n/a
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: Yes [Tommy Torini, Hadrian, Bruce, Billy or Lonesome Drifter slain]
 Reward -: 600 XP

 Tommy is an agent located at The Tops casino, and can often be found in the
 Aces Theater. Ask him about new acts and volunteer to find 'em for him, with
 a finder's fee of 3%. One can boost it to 5% with a [Barter 50] check. Each
 successful addition also earns Strip fame.

 • BILLY KNIGHT: This comedian can be found just inside the Vegas Strip after
   entering from Freeside -- he's standing on the sidewalk near a securitron.
   The guy is so desperate he's willing to work for 10 caps a night, but with
   a [Barter 25] check one can make him rethink his idiocy. If one skips the
   first check, it shows up again in Tommy's conversation as a [Barter 50]
   instead. Max reward: 150c

 • LONESOME DRIFTER: This troubador can be found along the highway east of
   Novac, camping underneath a giant billboard. After jawing awhile, tell him
   of Tommy's offer and he'll head there immediately. There's another reason
   to recruit him, though -- he carries the unique Mysterious Magnum revolver,
   and one can earn it through a [Barter 50] check. Max reward: 166 caps

 • BRUCE ISAAC: This singer inhabits in the Novac motel, living in fear of his
   old boss whom he robbed...and kinda sorta plowed his daughter. Telling him
   he's going to suffer in the initial dialogue turns him hostile; otherwise,
   informing him of Torini's offer is simple. Reward: 250 caps

 • HADRIAN: The ghoul funnyman can be found at Freeside's Atomic Wrangler bar,
   and after a few repartees, admits that Tommy's offer is entice -- too bad
   he's under James Garret's contract. One can break that "ironclad" contract
   by offering Jimmy 150 caps, or 100 with a [Barter 35] check. Alternately,
   one can pass the initial [Speech 50] or [Barter 50] checks; if one already
   did James' "Wang Dang Atomic Tango" quest, calling in a favor buys the
   contract for 75 caps. Max reward: 210 caps

 Mission ends when all Tommy pays the player for all four acts.

 Client -: Head Paladin Hardin [Hidden Valley]
 Prereq -: Finish "Still in the Dark" by ousting McNamara
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: Yes [Head Paladin Hardin slain]
 Reward -: Power Armor Training perk, T-45d Power Armor, T-45d Power Helmet

 After McNamara gets the boot for violating the Brotherhood's sacred tenet,
 Hardin will be in charge. During the first conversation with him after the
 switch, he'll give the Brotherhood Safehouse Key as a gesture of gratitude.
 Ask the new elder about joining the faction, and he'll offer a task that'll
 prove one's loyalty -- accept to start the quest officially.

 In Elijah's day, there was a group of upstart energy weapons dealers that
 evaded the Brotherhood, since their thoughts were more focused on holding
 HELIOS One. Now that Hardin's in charge, he'd gonna take a hard line against
 them. The job is to slay the Van Graff family in Freeside's Silver Rush shop,
 after which a cleanup crew will confiscate the merchandise.

 • NOTE: Killing the Van Graffs will fail the "Birds of a Feather" quest, but
   can gel with Cass' "Heartache by the Number". In addition, the confiscation
   part is mostly storyline-related -- if one already robbed the place blind
   and sold it, that's perfectly fine.

 Freeside is the first step into entering the Vegas Strip, and can be accessed
 from the north or south exits. Enter the southern sector and locate the shop,
 during which the gate guard will attempt to confiscate the player's weaponry.
 One can either agree and gain entrance, which allows for a stealthier bent;
 or, kill the guard, turning all people hostile inside immediately. In any
 case, Gloria Van Graff, Jean-Baptiste Cutting and their four guards all need
 to bite the big one -- she uses a plasma pistol while JB favors a laser rifle.
 In addition, there's no Freeside infamy for slaying the VGs or their thugs,
 nor is their a karma penalty for looting things marked as stolen. [Excepting
 the storefront chest containing the Van Graff Combat Armor, that is.]

 Return to Hardin to finish up, getting the same rewards as McNamara's quest.

 • Power Armor Training perk. There's only two ways to obtain it in New Vegas,
   and completing this mission is one of 'em. It's impossible to equip power
   armor/helmets without it, as one may know. This bulky, heavily fortified
   suit boasts some of the best defensive capabilities around, and the T-51b
   model gives bonuses to STR, CHR and Rad Resistance.

 • Full shop access. Outside of the combat armor and energy weapons previously
   available, power armor is available too, including the better T-51b model.
   Since the player's reward armor is "refurbished" -- i.e. a few hits from
   breaking -- consider selling it, putting the funds toward the better set
   which carries no AGL penalties. [At 100 Barter, one can buy the T-51b set
   in moderate condition for around 4250 caps total. Dead paladins found in
   the holotape fetch quest also carry T-51b types, although these variants
   have 'Brotherhood' in the name and are considered faction armor/disguises.]

 • Player can come and go as s/he pleases. This is more of a symbolic "mi casa
   su casa" gesture, since it was already obtained earlier by finishing the
   last quest.

 • Recycled ammo in a footlocker near bunker entrance. This is technically
   received before finishing, but I'll put it here anyway. The scribes will
   leave amounts of energy ammo (Electron Charge Packs, Microfusion Cells,
   etc.) here. The amounts are cumulative and don't overwrite each other, so
   it's handy for anyone going on long journeys, like in the Dead Money,
   Honest Hearts or Old World Blues DLC.

 Client -: Lt. Haggerty or Fantastic [HELIOS One]
 Prereq -: n/a
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: Yes [Fantastic slain]
 Reward -: 350 XP + (see below)

 This mission will take place at HELIOS One, due north of Novac; or, for those
 who haven't found Novac yet, find the Colorado River in the eastern part of
 the map -- Novac is along the highway running (roughly) parallel.

 Once the base is located, note that simply running to the plant's front door
 turns the NCR hostile, even on good terms. Instead, try the diplomatic route
 by speaking to Lt. Haggerty -- with a [Speech 30] or [Science 30] check, or
 with decent NCR rep (Accepted+), one can gain admission, officially starting
 the quest. If one has no particular NCR rep, a [Speech 35] option appears in
 place of its counterpart. Note that killing Haggerty doesn't fail the quest
 as one can just break into the side entrance. Also, breaking in and leaving
 via the main entrance while Haggerty lives still makes the NCR aggro.

 Now inside, head through the first-floor passageway, eventually entering a
 tall chamber with many catwalks. Continue further west to reach a lower area
 with two scientists, Ignacio Rivas and...Fantastic. Talking with the latter
 reveals the NCR has been trying to use the power plant to send power back to
 McCarran and the Strip...only problem is the solar dishes aren't aligned and
 pre-war security makes it too dangerous to try. Someone would have to use the
 two towers' panels and hook up the mainframe to get everything working right.
 If the player agrees to take on this mantle, Fantastic gives the western
 reflector terminal's password as a gift (this officially starts the mission
 if one broke in, also).

 Before going, make sure to talk to Ignacio as well. If the player has started
 the mission, a dialogue option ("The NCR asked me to help increase the plant's
 power output.") is added that lets one receive the east reflector terminal's
 password as well. Using the Confirmed Bachelor perk or [Speech 35] check also
 gets info out of Rivas. Said password can also be obtained at a 2nd-floor dead
 end room in the eastern part of the facility. The exit near Rivas' position
 leads into HELIOS' backyard.

 This place has a massive solar array, in addition to a few barracks and light
 NCR presence. Before ascending any towers, the smart play is to search the
 grounds for two small fenced-in areas containing computers for reconnecting
 the mainframe. Both must be used in the course of the mission, and both have
 backup -- one has 3 guard dogs nearby, the other has a rigged shotgun, bear
 traps and mines. With the computers switched on, the next step is ascending
 the solar collection tower. [Terminal 1 requires that e. terminal password,
 so if one hasn't gotten it, that's why it's locked.]

 The pre-war technology spoke of earlier is here en masse -- sentry bots and
 turrets in particular. Sneak-attacking the turrets at the beginning is a
 cinch, although the nearby booby-trapped room contains an computer (Easy
 hack) that deactivates 'em. A locked safe nearby contains Pulse grenades and
 mines, which are effective against robots. Using the western tunnel, one'll
 pass a few cots and encounter a room with a Mister Gutsy, which is equipped
 with a flamethrower and plasma ammo.

 The final stretch contains only Protectrons: slow, weak pushover robots. Just
 south of the room housing four of 'em is an empty room -- well, except for
 that Poseidon Energy ID Card we'll need. Take the lift to the observation
 deck to find the messed-up mainframe. It isn't operating right, so first
 restore power to the auxiliary generator by activating the 2nd-floor Python
 fixbot (requires Poseidon ID Card or Science 45). It'll repair the power, and
 with a few clicks, the Courier can distribute the plant's power how s/he sees

 With the grid configuration saved, exit onto the observation deck proper to
 lock it in. [The panel can only be operated during the 9AM-3PM peak sunlight
 hours.] If the player enabled the Archimedes Plant Defense System after the
 distribution target was chosen, flipping the switch burns all NCR soldiers
 alive, even the ones on the other side of the base or inside -- it also ends
 the quest immediately. No additional reward is gained, except NCR infamy, but
 Ignacio and Fantastic will have hilarious reactions to the atrocity. One can
 loot remains in the backyard as well (miraculously, dogs may survive).

 If the defense system isn't enabled, one has to speak to Fantastic or Rivas
 (depends) to end the quest. In addition to 350 XP, the player obtains items
 based on how generous s/he was diverting power.

 • McCarran and Las Vegas Strip --- NCR Fame
 • Full Region (Emergency Output) - 3 Stimpaks, 2 Doctor's Bags
 • ARCHIMEDES II ------------------ 2 Stimpaks, Doctor's Bag, Followers Fame
 • Fremont and Westside ----------- 3 Stimpaks, 2 Doctor's Bags, Followers Fame
 • Full Region -------------------- 3 Stimpaks, 2 Doctor's Bags, Followers Fame
                                    Big Book of Science

 Sending power to ARCHIMEDES II lets one use it as a weapon once per day, if
 they have the right weapon. Said device is Euclid's C-Finder, in the hands of
 a child (Max) in Freeside. The player can buy it off him (1K caps or 20, with
 Barter 45) or pickpocket him when he sleeps. This item also respawns on him.
 Either way, this is the only way to get the thing. The C-Finder doesn't fire
 projectiles, though; instead, it "lases" the target, painting an area for the
 orbiting satellite. After a few seconds, the satellite shoots its laser,
 decimating the target. This can only be used outdoors, however!

 Client -: Captain Parker [Aerotech Office Park]
 Prereq -: n/a
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: Yes [Captain Parker slain]
 Reward -: 250 XP, 150 caps

 Aerotech Office Park is located on the SE outskirts of the strip, SE of NCR
 Sharecropper Farms and NW of the Grub n' Gulp Rest Stop (on highway). Captain
 Parker is the ranger assigned to help the dissidents who try to make it on
 the Strip but end up washing out. Speak to him to learn he has a problem:
 some families have gone missing recently. Most seem to have had dealings with
 Dermot and Saint James, two scavengers living in Westside. [This adds the
 quest officially.]

 Westside is the "gated community" on the Strip's west perimeter, making it
 easy to find if one just follows the walls 'round. Once there, locate Saint
 James and ask him about the missing refugees; he'll accidentally mention more
 info that one said, incriminating him and Dermot. [Killing either before the
 quest marker moves to the nearby apartments fails the quest.]

 The next step is snooping around their rooms, both on the ground floor of
 Casa Madrid Apartments. Dermot's door might be hanging right open, allowing
 one to take his ledger on the table. Saint James' room has an Average lock,
 and picking it gives negative karma, naturally. Upstairs, if one asks Sweetie
 about Saint James, one can pay her 200 caps, or 100 with a [Barter 30] check,
 to learn that he's been bringing a teddy bear to their encounters...creepy!
 She can also give Saint James' key for a 250-cap sum. In any case, take the
 teddy bear from his room.

 With both rooms' evidence taken, one has either:

 • Confront the scavengers with the evidence they've been selling families to
   the Fiends. Saint James won't react if his teddy bear is revealed, but the
   ledger turns both hostile. No other Westsider turns hostile, though, so it
   isn't a massacre. Dermot uses a 9mm Submachine gun; his partner, a power
   fist. Neither has any useful armor, although Dermot has a RobCo Jumpsuit
   and Police Hat one may want to take for collection purposes.

 • Return to Parker without confronting anyone.

 The reward is the same either way, although the scavengers disappear after
 the mission concludes. Guess Parker made good on his promise...

 Client -: Vulpes Inculta [The Fort]
 Prereq -: Start "Render Unto Caesar"
 Precedes: I Put A Spell on You
 Missable: Yes [Vulpes Inculta slain or Caesar questline broken]
 Reward -: 200 to 300 XP, Legion fame

 Caesar's fort cannot be accessed until completing "Ring-a-Ding-Ding!", after
 which Vulpes Inculta will contact the player outside the Tops, conveying the
 invitation to visit. [This is done by way of Cottonwood Cove in the SE, along
 the Colorado's banks.] After talking with Caesar on the hilltop, Vulpes can
 give his own little mission: saving Martina Groesbeck, a Strip gambler with
 a knack for learning secrets, from Omertas who would do her harm. Agreeing to
 help adds the quest officially, and can be done during the first visit to
 the Fort. [If one still possesses the Platinum Chip, that will be confiscated
 supposing one leaves before doing the bunker events.]

 Martina can be sought out in the Strip's Vault 21 Hotel. Locating her room
 makes it clear one's stumbled onto a hit squad about to kill her. If one
 finished "How Little We Know" in favor of Cachino, mentioning connections to
 their boss makes the thugs leave. A [Speech 50] option scares them with Legion
 retribution, and telling the thugs they can if one can loot the place earns
 negative karma. Killing them outright is possible, too.

 Return to Vulpes to finish, regardless of Martina's health. If one learned
 from Martina that she's been in contact with Captain Curtis at McCarran,
 telling Vulpes will start the "I Put a Spell on You" quest. [If one finished
 it previously, nothing else happens.] Getting the quest from Vulpes places
 the player on the Legion side automatically, meaning if one completes it in
 favor of NCR, it betrays one's allegiances. Talking with Col. Hsu at McCarran
 can begin said quest on the NCR's side.

 • Note that sometimes the XP rewards don't seem to match up, and may give
   lesser values for the same accomplishment. [Ex: 100 XP for running the
   Omertas off with the Speech option or killing them outright.]

 Client -: n/a
 Prereq -: n/a
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: no
 Reward -: 500 XP

 This "quest" is more of a notification one gets for slaying Mr. House in his
 Lucky 38 control room (this is required in all non-House questlines). Doing
 the deed will trigger this quest and have it fail in the same breath. There
 is no reward for doing this, although news of House's death will have spread
 on the Strip, something most NPCs will now comment on.

 If one kills House first-hand, rather than using the PC, he counts toward the
 "Abominable" challenge. "A Slave Obeys," a GRA-specific challenge, completes
 if one kills House with a golf club. Finally, the "Meat of Champions" perk
 can be obtained if one consumes House (and other Mojave luminaries); this
 requires the Cannibal perk.

 Client -: Festus [Sunset Sarsaparilla Headquarters]
 Prereq -: n/a
 Precedes: A Valuable Lesson
 Missable: no
 Reward -: n/a

 This quest is started officially by Festus, an animatronic cowboy found near
 the Sunset Sarsaparilla bottling plant's front desk. Asking him about the
 contest reveals one has to collect 'Sunset Sarsparilla Stars,' a special type
 of bottle cap one can find by drinking the related beverage (rare), or by
 locating them in certain wasteland locations. Occasionally, a person will
 have one/some, but that's rarer.

 To complete the quest, one must find fifty (50) special caps -- these will be
 listed in the items' miscellaneous section. Many out-of-the-way shacks and
 such may have a star cap inside -- their bluish shine makes them easy to spot.
 There's really too many to list off the top of my head, so try mining the
 wiki's tally: fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Sunset_Sarsaparilla_star_bottle_cap

 One encounter that's nearly impossible to miss is Malcolm Holmes', though --
 after a few caps are collected, he'll run over and tell the player about the
 whole "legend" and that people are still searching. He himself carries 6-7
 caps. Later, near Nipton, one can encounter either Tomas or Jacklyn, who've
 had a shootout over the caps. He's a docile NPC who carries about 7 caps, and
 can be charmed out of them with a [Speech 50] check. Jacklyn appears friendly
 at first, but turns hostile out of dialogue, forcing one to put her down --
 she has 2 or so caps. [A common situation is the victor approaching the
 player, but without the player seeing the shootout; finding the loser's body
 in this case can be hard -- look by the highway first. This may precede the
 Malcolm Holmes encounter, too, depending on location.]

 Some other "renewable" star cap resources:

 • [Camp McCarran] Sometimes Sgt. Contreras sells them.

 • [Sunset Sarsaparilla HQ] Festus' blackjack-like "Lucky Horseshoes" game
   occasionally gives them out as rewards, instead of the usual bottlecaps or
   caravan cards.

 FINALLY, after collecting fifty caps, return to Festus and cash 'em in. [The
 quest won't update upon hitting 50, to wit.] He'll give the real prize: the
 history behind the sarsaparilla company. Afterwards, the quest automatically
 fails; when one inquires about the real prize, the follow-up "A Valuable
 Lesson" quest is added.

 Client -: Emily Ortal [The Vegas Strip]
 Prereq -: The House Always Wins I or killing House
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: Yes [Mr. House or Emily Ortal slain]
 Reward -: 500 XP, Followers fame + medical supplies (if Barter check passed)

 This event occurs after the Platinum Chip is delivered to House, requiring
 "The House Always Wins I" to be finished. Emily Ortal, a Follower of the
 Apocalypse, will petition the player (outside the Lucky 38) to bug House's
 network, since his life support technology is of extreme medical interest.
 Passing an [INT 6] check can inquire how Emily passed the Strip's 2000-cap
 credit check.

 If one agrees, the quest is added officially, and a packet sniffer is given
 for the bugging. Passing a [Barter 40] check earns medical supplies at the
 quest's conclusion, too. Declining can either give Followers fame (trying to
 preserve House's trust) or infamy (not caring about Followers' plight). Emily
 can be found in front of the Lucky 38 or at the Vault 21 Hotel.

 Assuming one agrees to help, the easiest bugging spot is the casino's VIP
 Lounge terminal, right inside up the stairs. Although it's a Hard-level hack,
 one can bug it without a proper Science rating (earning 50 XP). Note that one
 can actually tell Mr. House about the hack, at which point he doesn't mind if
 one tries, since it'll be removed promptly. [This conversation may not occur
 if one started "The House Always Wins II," since House will command one to
 visit Fortification Hill and allow no other conversations.]

 Return to Emily to finish. This earns the normal XP and fame, plus a lot of
 supplies if one dug into the Follower: 5 Stimpaks, 2 Doctor's Bags, 2 Super
 Stimpaks, 2 Med-X, 2 Today's Physicians. The bug always gets removed, note,
 even if one killed House already.

 Client -: Lt. Carrie Boyd [Camp McCarran]
 Prereq -: n/a
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: Yes [Lt. Boyd slain]
 Reward -: 500 XP, NCR MP Confiscated Goods Key

 The lieutenant is found in the main terminal at McCarran, the Mojave's main
 NCR base -- it's south of the Strip, surrounded by high concrete walls. Speak
 to her about missing soldiers, after she mentions Bryce Anders, ask again to
 learn about Corporal White. He was a promising soldier until his moonlighting
 made him disappear... Agree to help to start the quest officially.

 • Sometimes Boyd's convo trigger (within the 'seen anything suspicious?' line
   of questioning) doesn't appear. In this case, starting Colonel Hsu's "I
   Put a Spell on You" quest and getting redirected to Boyd from Curtis will
   do the trick.

 Boyd has two leads, the nearest of which is White's things. The concourse's
 left-hand barracks contains the enlisted men's lockers; White's is nearest
 the aisle. Within is a journal noting odd water outflow going to Westside,
 from both the North and South Cisterns. 

 The other lead is a Dazzle, a hooker working at the hedonistic Gomorrah on
 the Vegas Strip (first requiring access from the nearby suburb of Freeside).
 In the Brimstone bar's courtyard, Dazzle will reveal she hasn't seen White in
 awhile, but he droned on about water and a fella named Bascom.

 Trent Bascom is found at the NCR Sharecropper Farms, located SE of Vegas and
 just a little bit north from McCarran. The poor farmer reveals that White was
 here asking him about water and tech, things above his pay grade. Lieutenant
 Romanowski was the last one to see him, apparently, so locate him near the
 central building. He'll mention White's conspiracy about a water shortage is
 foolish speculation, and he went to find Tom Anderson in Westside. Passing
 the optional [INT 6] doesn't convince Romanowski of anything, though.

 Next stop: Westside. It's the fenced-in farming village on the Strip's NW
 side, which one can typically find by following the Vegas perimeter in that
 direction. If Tom ain't out and about, he'll be in the Casa Madrid Apartments.
 If one's on good standing with the Followers, or passes an [INT 6] check, Tom
 reveals he slew the corporal to protect Westside's self-reliance. He's the
 one who rigged the pipes to send water to the local cisterns.

 If one can't pass the INT check or lean on Tom due to Followers fame, it's
 time to find another eyewitness. The quest marker will go on Hector, a town
 youth, who will spill the beans with a steep [Speech 80] check. This check
 disappears in subsequent conversations, so get it the first time! Getting the
 kid to tattle is enough to confront Anderson about his dealings.

 The mission can be finished in a few ways:

 • Take out Anderson -- any option that flat-out says this, or if one doesn't
   agree to protect the town's secret, turns Tom hostile. A confession note's
   found on his corpse, but taking it isn't required, oddly 'nough.

 • Agree to secrecy on Westside's water theft in exchange for Anderson taking
   the rap. Boyd will mention he came in of his own volition, commenting that
   Dazzle must be "some girl" to make a man confess like that. :p

 • Help Tom's coverup by blaming White's death on the local Scorpions gang --
   this means lying to Lt. Boyd about the real culprit.

 If Arcade Gannon's with, he'll typically comment on the player's decision.
 Being party to the coverup with Tom surviving is the best option, although
 if one kills him, one can only get the point by passing an [INT 7] check and
 doing a subsequent explanation. The INT check doesn't appear if one the stat
 is at 6 or less! [I almost missed this myself thanks to the Claustrophobia

 In any course where the Courier protects Westside's secret, the option to do
 it free exists -- this alone gives Followers fame. However, one can muscle in
 on the co-op's profits, taking 10% initially; a [Barter 50] check bumps it up
 to 20%. The dirty money (usually around 300 caps or so) can be taken daily
 from Etienne at the co-op.

 Return to Boyd to finish -- what choice the player makes doesn't affect the
 rewards. If one agrees to keep Westside's secret, it's still possible to turn
 Anderson in. However, if one killed Anderson (only choice that returns water
 to the sharecroppers), post-quest one can return to Bascom to receive ten
 Maize, Banana Yucca Fruits and Coyote Tobacco Chews. 

 Also, for those wondering where the MP footlocker is, it's right across the
 hall from the cell Boyd usually stands in. The contents are randomized, but
 there's usually a bunch of skill magazines, maybe a few medicinal items like
 Stimpaks and Doctor's Bags, etc. This chest can also be picked with maximum
 Lockpick, too.

 Client -: Thomas Hildern [Camp McCarran]
 Prereq -: n/a
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: Yes [Thomas Hildern slain]
 Reward -: 1600 XP and 600/1200 caps (data retrieved)
         : 1300 XP and 800 caps (data erased, Keely saved)

 In the main airport building's ground floor, there's a small science lab run
 by the ambitious Mr. Hildern. He assumes the player is contacting him about
 a Vault 22 job, which, apparently, has discovered the secret of abundant
 vegetative growth. Thomas wants the player to go there and download whatever
 data there is from the central server, in addition to bringing back possible
 samples. Agreeing starts the quest officially.

 When the player turns to leave, Hildern's assistant (Angela Williams) sticks
 her nose in the situation, asking if the Courier's going to Vault 22. Turns
 out Hildern's didn't mention the previous mercs he sent out, none of which
 returned. Regardless of the player's response, the optional objective to
 locate Keely, one of the scientists sent to the vault, is given. [If Angela
 "accidentally" dies, the objective isn't added.]

 • This conversation opens up a new (one-time-only) dialogue branch with
   Hildern, letting the player question him about previous applicants. Pick
   "How many others have you sent to the Vault?" to open up the [Speech 45]
   check, doubling the amount of caps one receives as payment.

 Vault 22 is located due west of the Strip, and is almost directly west from
 Westside (basically NW extremity of Vegas' surrounding area). In fact, it's
 recommended to take a path that's a straight shot, rather than traipsing
 through the cazador-infested mountains. The vault will be situated in a li'l
 gully, easily identified by the verdant scenery and mantis welcoming party.

 Just inside is a small camp left by Keely, and down the first steps, a path
 branch. Fixing the broken lift (Repair 50) gives easy access to all five
 levels of this gigantic place; otherwise, the player'll have to hoof it the
 hard way.

 NOTE: Key items for other quests exist here, although claiming them now is
 the player's decision. The LV3 Food Additive is part of an unmarked quest at
 Camp McCarran's cafeteria. The six HEPA filters found on LV2, by way of LV3's
 caves, are part of Hidden Valley's "Still in the Dark" quest. Also, said
 caves contain the mantis egg cluster necessary for the "Bleed Me Dry" quest,
 given by Red Lucy at The Thorn near Westside. The eggs only appear during the
 course of that quest, however.

 • The goal is Level 5 - Pest Control, and will have to be reached on foot if
   the lift's a no-go. Vault technicians made easy-to-see placards directing
   one to the staircases, so reaching Level 2 - Oxygen Recycling, Level 3 -
   Food Production, and Level 4 - Commons Area is simple, if y'ignore most
   exploration. Note that Level 3 is the first area where spore carriers,
   creepy plant-like humanoids, appear. Additionally, Level 3 also contains
   the quest item Food Additive on a northern lab's computer desk.

   Once y'reach Level 4, the main thing to do is reach the eastern overseer's
   office and unlock the doors to Crew Quarters and Data Backup. [Cavern Access
   isn't available here.] From the eastern garden area, the southern room has
   a Flamer and fuel, while the northern Crew Quarters contains a Cave Door
   Keycard -- check first door on the left. With the keycard obtained, trek
   back to Level 3 and use the newly-opened SE room to visit the caves, which
   allow proper access to Level 5.

 NOTE: There is also a unique laser rifle, the AER15 Prototype, located on
       Level 5. After exiting the elevator, turn right and pick the door. The
       clogged between-floors stairway contains the rifle and some mantises.

 Once at LV5, make way to the NE cave tunnel, leading to a much larger chamber
 filled with mantises and spore plants. They're pushovers, but have advantage
 where numbers are concerned. Keely, the ghoul scientist, can be found in the
 southern recess. She'll say that something has to be done about the plants,
 and, regardless of the player's assistance, will relocate to Level 2's lab.

 Follow her up and she'll explain everything: the plants' spores are toxic to
 humans, and to combat it, she's pumped flammable gas into the vault. Any
 kind of explosion, fire (flamer, shishkabob, etc.) or laser would be enough
 for ignition. If the player didn't bring any, there's the Flamer on LV5 and
 the grenades in her bag nearby. Additionally, a quarantine is in effect,
 preventing passage in or out -- although Keely doesn't say SHE did this part,
 so one can pickpocket the password to operate her computer, if needed.

 Keely mentioned LV5 had the highest concentration of spores, so she pumped
 the gas there. Locate the quest marker and note that the mainframe chamber
 is right nearby. Use a preferred method of ignition (preferably one with
 a time delay, like grenades) and seal oneself in the mainframe door, letting
 the massive fireball clear the plantlife without killing the player...which
 it will do if you're in the hallway when it happens. [Use this time to get
 the mainframe's research data, completing the main objective in this quest.]

 Return to Keely to learn her intent: deleting the research files so no one
 may replicate the vault's "success". If one copied the files earlier, the
 log will report that to Keely, and she'll ask the player about it. Telling
 her about one's activities, then refusing to let her erase the Pip-Boy data,
 turns her hostile. [Lying about taking the data gives negative karma; letting
 her delete the data gives positive karma.] If one did not DL the data on LV5,
 passing a [Speech 50] challenge prevents her from deleting the files.

 In any case, once the files are dealt with, it's possible to leave and report
 back to McCarran. Angela Williams gives 800 caps if Keely survived the Vault
 ordeal; if Keely died, one can lie during a [Speech 50] for the cash. [No
 caps are received for confirming her demise.] Giving the retrieved data to
 Hildern gives 1600 XP and either 600 or 1200 caps, depending on the initial
 barter challenge. One can squeeze and extra 600 out of him by passing a final
 [Barter 50] challenge. Do note that the conversation tree with Hildern can be
 attempted ONCE, so make sure to save before doing it, in order to get all
 possible rewards.

 The quest finishes when the player reports to both scientists, or just Angela
 if the data was erased.

 Client -: Major Dhatri [Camp McCarran]
 Prereq -: n/a
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: Yes [Major Dhatri slain]
 Reward -: 500 XP, 500 caps

 Camp McCarran is a fortified NCR compound in the ruins of an airport -- it's
 southwest of New Vegas, and easily visible thanks to its high concrete walls.
 The major typically wanders around the parking lot-cum-encampment, although
 he doesn't hang out with 1st Recon, really, making him harder to find than
 most NPCs. Begin the search near the airport's main entrance, specifically
 the road leading up to it. He may be hanging out around here when night falls

 Dhatri's got an inborn hatred of Fiends and'll mention it often during his
 dialogue. Asking him about his problem lets one know he wants three players
 in the Fiends gang dead -- this starts the quest officially. Dhatri's lined
 up three victims, but will only pay the full bounty (100 XP, 250 caps, NCR
 fame) if one brings back their intact head -- that means no dome-splattering,
 cranium-exploding headshots! One can collect their quest item heads from the
 corpses if all goes well. [Beware if Boone is with -- he may snipe their
 domes, ruining the collection!]

 • VIOLET: Not much is known about her 'cept she's a lunatic who enjoys the
   company of wild dogs -- that makes up a good amount of her gang. Dhatri's
   in the dark to her location, but one can find her almost due west of Camp
   McCarran, near the Poseidon Gas Station a stone's throw from the mountains.
 • DRIVER NEPHI: He's found a bit southwest of McCarran, near the South Vegas
   Ruins' southern extremity, in a bombed-out apartment building. He'll have
   plenty of Fiend lackeys with him and may come after the player with his
   trademarked 9 Iron (technically a unique item).

 • COOK-COOK: This sadistic rapist/chef/torturer is found in circumstances
   similar to Nephi, only he's near the bombed-out building close to the South
   Vegas Ruins' west entrance. He's also got a couple lackeys, and his weapon
   of choice is a massive Flamer. If one kills his prized brahmin Queenie
   first (she's right nearby), he'll frenzy and start killing his own allies.
   The mad chef will usually kill everyone, leaving him at low enough health
   for a nice kill steal! Save before this, in case someone does manage to
   slay Cook-Cook with a headshot. Y'never know!

 Each bounty turned in earns 100 XP, 250 caps and NCR fame -- in addition to
 the finishing bonus. Here's some other tidbits about this quest:

 • Killing the target(s) before starting Dhatri's quest affects nothing
 • Corporal Betsy gives the player NCR $380 for killing Cook-Cook.
 • Completing two bounties moves the 1st Recon platoon to Camp Forlorn Hope.
 • Completing the quest may (eventually) make Little Buster, the mercenary
   near the McCarran entrance, turn up dead in Freeside, near the railroad
   tracks alongside the Old Mormon Fort. He carries the unique "Cram Opener"
   bladed gauntlet (both before and after relocation).
 Client -: Marcus [Jacobstown]
 Prereq -: n/a
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: Yes [Marcus slain]
 Reward -: 350 XP (enemy ran off w/o fighting) or 250 XP (killed mercs)

 Jacobstown is a super mutant colony in the far NW mountains, in what appears
 to be (from the in-game map) a large crater. The highway ends there, so it's
 quite easy to locate. Do note that cazadors are found in the mountains and
 the NW Vegas highway's farm country, so bring some Antivenom!

 After entering the main lodge, the next time one finds Marcus, he'll initiate
 dialogue about a problem: NCR mercs are camping on the road nearby, riling up
 the mutants in a hope they'll attack, just so they can exterminate 'em. But,
 Marcus is smarter than that, and wants a peaceable resolution. Agreeing to
 help adds the quest officially.

 Norton and his four allies can be found down the road a ways. There's a few
 ways to complete the quest:

 • Passing Norton's [Speech 65] check scares them off.

 • Pay Norton the rest of his job's fee (2500c) and they'll scram. This can
   be from the player's own pocket, or one can ask Marcus for the funds. Lying
   to Marcus about the mercs' fee (3000c) gives negative karma.

 • Kill 'em! Turning them hostile creates a shootout, and witnessed deaths
   give NCR infamy (all the more reason to have a companion do it!). Also, the
   mutants near the Jacobstown gate assist if the fight's in their proximity.
   Norton always cares a Sunset Sarsaparilla star cap, too.

 Marcus gives 350 XP for running the enemy off, either by buying cooperation
 with one's own funds or using the Speech check. However, the most lucrative
 course of action is milking Marcus for 3000 caps, then killing the mercenaries
 before delivery -- this lets one get their valuable loot (metal armor, sniper
 rifles, etc.). One can also take Marcus' dough and use the Speech option to
 settle things for the full XP reward; this can be boosted even further by
 stealthily slaying Norton's companions. As long as he's alive, the mission
 can conclude normally. [If one wanted to do the mission "right," then kill
 the mercs as they leave the Jacobstown basin, that'd be fine, too.]

 There's no long-term repercussions for dirty dealing, so may as well get rich
 off the backs of these mutants...

 Client -: Mother Pearl [Nellis Air Force Base]
 Prereq -: n/a
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: Yes [Pearl, Loyal, Jack, Raquel or Argyll slain]
 Reward -: 400 XP, Boomer Flightsuit, Boomers Helmet, Boomer fame

 The first step to doing this quest is simply reaching Nellis AFB, located in
 the high NE quadrant (near the highway that runs straight to northern edge).
 Since the southern road is the simplest way, a player usually goes right by
 Fields' Shack, and will meet George as he stands on the road nearby. He'll
 mention that Nellis is home to the Boomers, a faction of reclusive artillery-
 -slingers who bombard any trespassers on their land. Their aim is deadly
 accurate...and even when they miss, the explosive radius can make short work
 of most people! For 300 caps, or 200 by passing the [Barter 40] check, George
 will give a note on the artillery timing, which can help one proceed through
 the bombing range. Boomers quit firing when one approaches their fence, making
 it a nice safe zone.

 NOTE: One can also enter the Boomers' space by taking the abandoned train
       tunnel. This requires 100 Lockpick (on both ends) though, and the south
       entrance is near a bunch of deathclaws. The dotted line on the map
       represents railroad tracks, and by finding the segment immediately
       south of Nellis' area, one can locate the insertion point. This way
       gives no real benefits, though; it's simply more adventurous!

 After speaking to the gate guard, Raquel transports the player to Pearl's
 barracks inside Nellis. The enlightening chat reveals that the old woman has
 been waiting for an outsider to come for many years, and she wants the player
 to assist in a few minor things before letting the Courier in on the big plan.
 Passing a [Speech 20] check sheds light on Pearl's mindset. Regardless of
 whether the player pledges assistance, Volare! starts properly.

 Although "Volare!" resembles an overarching quest, it really isn't -- Pearl
 sending the player to help Jack, Loyal, Raquel and Argyll isn't necessary at
 all. What matters is increasing one's fame in the faction -- the goal is to
 reach Idolized status, unlocking the real mission. Anyway, the quest markers
 lead to the following, which, while not mandatory, do provide the fame needed
 to continue.

 • Young Hearts (Jack)
 • Sunshine Boogie (Loyal)
 • Ant Misbehavin' (Raquel)

 • Several chats with the Mini Boomer children (CHR 7+ checks). Note that
   other special options that appear, like giving chems, gives Boomer infamy
   instead. Which option is the "bad" option should be self-evident.

 • Talking with Pete at the museum reveals the storied history of the Boomers,
   as they left Vault 28 and travelled to Nellis, bombing savages along the
   way. This is an incredibly easy way to build up faction reputation, as even
   the normal flattering-type answers give fame. For reference, the checks are:
   Explosives 40, Science 35, Survival 40, Speech 40, Speech 55, Repair 40.

 • Doc Argyll will be (unsurprisingly) in the medical tent, and allows the
   Courier to inspect his patients, but only after passing a [Medicine 40] or
   [Speech 35] check. To cure each ant victim, one needs to pass checks of
   Medicine 40, 50 and 60. If the player took the Comprehension perk and has
   the minimum Medicine required, reading a "Today's Physician" gives the 20
   points needed to do everything sufficiently. Each patient cures gives
   Boomer fame, although the player need only cure two overall. [Argyll won't
   sell meds to the player unless his reputation's high enough, also.]

 Once the player gets enough fame to be Idolized, the player can return to
 Mother Pearl for the next step. [Boomer-related quests above can still be
 completed despite not being marked -- just speak to the appropriate person.]
 A quick way to gain fame is selling scrap metal and missiles to Jack and
 Raquel, respectively.

 Pearl sends the player to Loyal, who confides the Boomers' fondest dream --
 raising a fallen bomber from Lake Mead, transporting it back to base, and
 putting it into working condition. One can refer to the idea rather rudely,
 but it doesn't fail the quest. If the player's game, Loyal gives his special
 detonator and ballast, plus the destination is marked on the map. 

 OPTIONAL: Loyal mentions Jack was working on a Rebreather to help underwater
           exploration. The player gets it by passing a [Science 45] check, or
           by giving him a pressure cooker for repairs. This is a weightless
           quest item that can never be removed, though. Need a cooker? There
           is one on the stove at Doc Mitchell's house in Goodsprings. [This
           item can be obtained after completing "Volare!" also.]

 For the final stretch, visit the Crashed B-29 and dive down to attach the
 ballast, one under each wing. It's possible to do without the Rebreather's
 help, but that does make things a lot easier. When both are attached, land
 ashore at the designated spot (Callville Bay) and use the detonator when it
 starts beeping. If all goes well, the ballast will make the bomber surface.
 Pretty audacious considering the proximity to Hoover Dam and Caesar's fort!

 Finally, return to Loyal to deliver the promising news. If one inquires into
 the old-timer's tactics, passing an [INT 7] check makes him spill the beans.
 Once Pearl is informed, the long mission is finally in the history books.

 NOTE: If this mission is completed before the second Battle of Hoover Dam in
 the main questline, the Boomers will fly overhead and drop ordnance on the
 opposing faction!

 Client -: James Garret [Atomic Wrangler at Freeside]
 Prereq -: n/a
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: Yes [James Garret slain]
 Reward -: 150 XP 

 Mr. Garret runs the Atomic Wrangler casino in Freeside, which caters to a
 bunch of clients who want their fetish fulfilled. Three requests have come
 in as of late: a ghoul cowboy, a smooth talker and a sexbot. If the player
 demands 100 caps minimum for the finders fees, a subsequent [Speech 40] or
 [Barter 40] check can boost it up to 200 caps per. The quest starts for real
 when one agrees to help Garret.

 All the candidates can be found in Freeside! One earns 35 XP per recruitment,
 plus a reward (100 XP, 100 caps, Freeside fame) when reporting in.

 • GHOUL COWBOY: Beatrix Russell can be found working as a hired gun at the
   Old Mormon Fort, and she expresses boredom at her current surroundings. If
   the player explains the Garrets' dead, passing a [Speech 35] or [Barter 35]
   check seals the deal, sending her off to the Wrangler.

 • SUAVE TALKER: Santiago is a sleazy bum standing near a drum fire behind
   the ruined building at Freeside's east entrance. Informing him of James'
   offer sends him off there immediately. Alternatively, one can ask Old Ben,
   the man standing near the Strip's main entrance, if he'll return to the
   world of escorts. This will require passing a [Speech 50] check; using the
   Black Widow perk option is fine, too. 

 • SEXBOT: James suggests visiting Ralph of Mick & Ralph's store for info. He
   suggests searching Cerulean Electronics, a local business on Freeside's
   west side. [To get there, head west towards the town water pump, navigating
   the crumbling overpass to find it in a cul-de-sac.] Additionally, a player
   can have Ralph manufacture a holotape to program the bot's...services. This
   costs 150 caps normally; a [Barter 35] or [Speech 35] check cuts it to 100.
   Wait on the street for 24 hours, and the tape'll be done.

   After clearing out the rats, locate the working terminal -- it requires a
   Science 50 skill or the terminal access card in the Average-locked cabinet.
   The cabinet's key can be found underneath a skeleton near the TV, also,
   but it may be harder to find if y'killed some giant rats there. With this,
   the player can upload Ralph's holotape -- or program it oneself using with
   Science 60 -- to transform the poor Protectron into a dirty, dirty sexbot.
   Don't miss the "Lying, Congressional Style" skillbook on the floor near a
   desk either! Passing a [Barter 40] or [Speech 40] first gives an additional
   40 XP and 150 caps.

 Collecting all escorts' finder's fees finishes the mission. It's possible to
 complete the mission even if all (4) candidates have been slain, but failing
 to successfully fill all open positions results in no XP. Plus, one has to
 pass a steep [Speech 70] check to get the promised bonuses.

 Client -: Dead Sea [Nelson]
 Prereq -: n/a
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: Yes [Dead Sea slain]
 Reward -: 300 XP, Liberator, Legion fame

 Nelson is a town decimated and overrun by Legion, found west of Novac and
 south of Camp Forlorn Hope. If one has neutral/good Legion karma during the
 first visit, any legionary will order the player to visit the commander Dead
 Sea, or die for refusing. Accepting brings one to the barracks he stays in.
 Even if the player's has tons of infamy (Vilified even), he may be not be
 hostile on sight. Asking about his situation reveals that Caesar wants the
 area held and secured, despite Dead Sea's wish to attack the nearby NCR
 encampment. When he asks the player jokingly to attack Forlorn Hope all by
 oneself, agree to start the quest officially.

 The goal is to slay all four named officers in Forlorn Hope, which is quest-
 -marked if y'haven't found it. One can stroll right in if on good terms with
 the NCR. The targets' locations:

 • Dr. Richards - medical tent (day) or next-door tent (night)
 • Quartermaster Mayes - QM tent (day) or western sleeping areas (night)
 • Major Polatli - command tent (day) or next-door tent (night)
 • Tech Sergeant Reyes - command tent (always; she never rests)

 Note: Private Sexton is named but Dead Sea doesn't care about him. Boohoo. :(

 Stealth killing is crucial to avoiding NCR infamy and alerting the entire
 base. Slaying Dr. Richards stealthfully should be the first target since once
 one exits, no one else should know anything. Mayes' daytime placement in a
 tent is isolated enough that one can probably get away with it, despite the
 death turning everyone temporarily hostile. [Just wait a few minutes while
 hidden for things to return to normal.] Finally, Reyes and Polatli will be
 in the main center, which has enough places that a sneak crit master can
 pull off both jobs. [Additionally, fewer people means the move from caution
 to hidden is faster.]

 Note that killing these officers will fail a number of quests. Here's a list
 of what quests fail and what character's death makes them fail.

 • Medical Mystery (Dr. Richards)
 • Restoring Hope (Dr. Richards, Quartermaster Reyes, Major Polatli)
 • Return to Sender (Comm Officer Reyes)
 • No, Not Much (Major Polatli)
 • Mayes' unmarked dogtag-collecting quest (Mayes, naturally)

 Return to Dead Sea for congratulations, finishing the quest. Dead Sea also
 gives his personal weapon, the unique machete Liberator. The player can get
 a funny reaction by calling the weapon garbage, too, although none of the
 post-quest dialogue affect anything.

 Client -: First Sergeant Astor [Camp Searchlight]
 Prereq -: n/a
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: Yes [Astor slain]
 Reward -: 100 XP, Service Rifle

 Camp Searchlight is a truly awful place, completely irradiated thanks to a
 Legion attack years ago. Astor, who inhabits a small camp on the outskirts
 with his men, mentions that the soldiers in the town have turned into feral
 ghouls. He'd love to put 'em out of their misery, but hasn't a heart old
 comrades in himself. Agreeing to help starts the quest officially.

 As said before, Searchlight is irradiated -- the enemies within won't be very
 tough, but the constant rads (which increase toward the town center) is going
 to be annoying. Bringing some equipment with rad resistance, like power armor
 or radiation suits, helps, in addition to obvious supplies like Rad-Away and
 Rad-X. [Note that only 'Ghoul Troopers' carry Irradiated Dog Tags; the feral
 and glowing types don't apply.]

 Searchlight is (or was) a decent-sized town, and has a large bridge, police
 station, fire station, a church and some outbuildings. Luckily, both stations
 are locked, making the search area just the city streets. There's nine (9)
 ghoul targets to kill here, most of which have a similar constitution to a
 normal ghoul. Turret emplacements can be switched on by hacking nearby PCs
 (Very Easy to Average level), although this may hinder the search more than
 it helps.

 In Searchlight's southern part, one of the boarded-up homes is inhabited by
 Private Edwards, a survivor of the original attack. He also carries a dogtag
 for this quest, and one can get it in a few ways. [I'll just list all related
 situations here.]

 • Pickpocket it off him. He'll carry it on his person at all times, unless
   he gets relocated (it may disappear).

 • When Edwards reveals his fear of radscorpions, one can volunteer to cleanse
   his yard of them. Doing this spawns 3 Giant Radscorpions near his porch,
   in addition to the two normal ones around there. Kill 'em, report back, and
   it'll be possible to get his dogtag by asking. [Edwards cannot relocate if
   one gets it this way, though.] One can mention that Astor might welcome him
   into the platoon. Check with Astor and pass a [Speech 50] or [INT 7] check,
   then tell Edwards he's welcome aboard. Reward: 100 XP, 50 caps, K+.

   If one can't pass Astor's checks, he'll note there's a ranger station near
   Searchlight that accepts ghouls. Relay this info to Edward and he'll set
   off into the wilds, his destination being Ranger Station Echo (a location
   visited in the "Return to Sender" quest).

 • Edwards dies. Doing the deed oneself is simple enough and doesn't affect
   karma. Telling the private about Astor's intentions, and subsequently doing
   a [Speech 60] or [STR 7] check causes him to head for Astor's position with
   a ghoulish retinue he picks up along the way. They'll almost certainly die
   firing squad style. Lying to Edwards about killing the radscorpions, or
   that mindlessly saying Astor'd love to have him aboard -- both requiring a
   karma-reducing [Speech 60] check -- gets him sixed.

 Each tag turned in earns 25 XP and 25 caps. After all ten are given to Astor,
 the quest ends. Note that just because one solved Edwards' problem does NOT
 mean one got his tag -- it'll still have to be taken if he's relocatd. In
 fact, it's possible his tag disappears altogether. Thus, I suggest taking his
 tag before solving his issues. If Edwards' tag is the 10th received, which
 progresses the quest to the turn-in stage, it may not be possible to relocate
 him to Astor's unit or Ranger Station Echo.

 Client -: Doctor 0 [Think Tank]
 Prereq -: Welcome to the Big Empty
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: yes [Doctor 0 slain]
 Reward -: 400 XP (LV30)

 Asking the grumpy doctor about his name's origins starts this quest, although
 it takes a [Speech 65] check to proceed. Pass the subsequent [INT 7] finishes
 the quest, and the [INT 9] check reveals he should simply put a slash through
 his name to differentiate between 'O' and '0'. Picking any option (besides
 the one calling him an "incompetent") gives an optional Math Wrath perk check
 that brightens his spirits.

 Passing the INT 7 check allows one to, on subsequent visits, ask about new
 discoveries, earning Scrap Electronics and Scrap Metal. FREE!! Like 0 says,
 he wants the player to hold onto the junk...forever. Thanks, I guess...

 Client -: Logan [Camp Searchlight]
 Prereq -: n/a
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: Yes [Logan or Boxcars slain]
 Reward -: 100 XP

 Camp Searchlight is an irradiated town near a highway crossroads, east of
 Nipton and west of Cottonwood Cove. It's quite a dreadful place, not for the
 faint of heart or those without healthy doses of Rad-X and Rad-Away. Inside
 the western church's basement is an old NCR storehouse, also inhabited by
 some prospectors and their leader, Logan. He's quite rude, but questioning
 reveals that he's looking to get on the nearby computer (Average lock) as
 it gives locations of radiation suits. Report the logs' info to Logan and
 he'll allow one to come along, supposing the player recovers those suits.
 Passing a [Speech 50] check allows one to get a bigger share. Regardless, the
 quest starts officially at this point.

 The logs suggested looking in Nipton, so that's the next stop. Visit the
 general store and talk with Boxcars, a survivor of Nipton's lottery. When
 pressed, he mentions seeing some legionaries carrying boxes north. The north
 quest marker leads to the Hidden Supply Cave, where one may finds a "Radiation
 Suit Package". This quest spawns the item here, so it's not possible to fail
 the quest due to previous looting. Getting in does require Lockpick 50+,
 though. Bring the swag to Logan and tell him it's time to move!

 • Note that Camp Searchlight also plays host to the "We Will All Go Together"
   quest, wherein one performs mercy killings on the town's trooper ghouls.
   Each carries an Irradiated Dog Tag, nine of which are found on enemies who
   roam the streets. This quest is far easier if one methodically slays the
   ghouls, so if y'wanna get a leg up on it, tell Logan it's not time.

 Logan's got the only keys to the town's locked buildings, and the first stop
 is the police station. Everyone'll have put on radiation suits and follows
 one's lead there (the player does not get a free suit, however). The streets
 will have enemies on it regardless of "We Will All Go Together," although if
 one finished it, slightly tougher Glowing and Feral ghouls will have replaced
 the crappy Trooper Ghouls.

 Inside the police station, the looting begins -- Logan wants any NCR-branded
 item relating to weapons, computers or radios. In short, anything starting
 with "NCR" in its title. These items are quest items, so one can't use the
 weapons found in this way. There's ten (10) items to find, and they're found
 in/on desks and within the storeroom. One is also found in a jail cell. Once
 all are located, Logan will give the fire station's key, making it the next

 Fight through some respawned ghouls to reach the fire station. I highly
 suggest making a new save outside of it, because once inside, everyone is
 attacked by a radscorpion queen and its brood. This is an easy way for Logan
 to die; if that happens, the quest's kaput. [There's also dead legionaries
 here, an interesting reminder of how the town was irradiated.] The radiation
 here can reach upwards of 8rad/sec, so be sure to have mitigating equipment
 or chems working at all times.

 Once upstairs, it's time to start looting. Like before, there's ten "NCR"
 things to find -- they're on shelves in the fire chief's office, duffle bags
 in the quarters, and a pistol in the kitchen. Once all are returned to Logan,
 he thanks the player before turning hostile. One must then kill him and all
 prospectors. This "completes" the mission, although it's not much different
 than Logan dying some other way. [The police chief's computer also hints at
 the radioactive truck on the Cottonwood Overlook, which can be used to kill
 the legionaries down below.]

 All the items one gave to Logan can be looted from his still-warm corpse,
 only most aren't "NCR" brand anymore, they're normal. Here's the final list:

 • 10mm Pistol (2)
 • 9mm Submachine Gun (2)
 • Frag Grenade (5)
 • Grenade Rifle
 • NCR Computer Parts (6)
 • NCR Radio Parts (4)

 The computer/radio parts have a value, but they're still quest items, so why
 bother cluttering up the inventory with 'em? Also, don't forget to uncover
 "Knock-Knock," a unique fire axe in the 2F bathroom!

 Client -: Doctor Klein [Think Tank]
 Prereq -: Welcome to the Big Empty
 Precedes: He Came...and Went
 Missable: yes [Doctor Klein slain]
 Reward -: 400 XP (LV30)

 Asking Klein about the "strange passive sensation" and "anti-aggression
 programming" reveals previous visitors made the precautions necessary; asking
 about them starts the quest officially. Klein suggests talking to Dr. 0 and 8
 for more info.

 • EIGHT: His voicebox is screwed up and is worthless to the investigation...
   unless one finished his "On the Same Wavelength" quest, which breaks the
   language barrier with him. One can learn the visitor didn't damage his
   voicebox, he reprogrammed it. A [Speech 50] option sympathizes with him.

 • ZERO: After his preamble dialogue, one can ask him point-blank, learning
   the escapee broke out using the train system.

 The quest ends only when 0's information is learned, however.

 Client -: Philip Lem [Vault 19]
 Prereq -: n/a
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: Yes [BOTH Philip Lem and Samuel Cooke slain, Papa Khan slain]
 Reward -: 300 XP (Samuel); 250 XP and Powder Gangers Fame (Philip)

 Vault 19 is cleverly hidden in an abandoned parking lot's booth, between the
 nearby locations of Whittaker Farmstead (east) and Bonnie Springs (west). If
 the player follows the highway that cuts through Goodsprings north, and
 turns east at the first true intersection, it shouldn't be very hard to find.

 Inside, the player can find a group of Powder Gangers led by Samuel Cooke.
 [Even if one's reputation with the group is at Vilified, they won't attack on
 sight.] The only area available to start is the Overseer's Office -- where
 Philip Lem is -- and the cafeteria and adjacent hallways, which contain the
 bathrooms and clinic. There's a lot of medicinal items to take from these
 areas, plus some odd patient tapes in the clinic (usually discarded on the

 Talk with Phil to learn that a group of the Powder Gangers want to break away
 from Cooke, thinking he's leading them astray. To continue the plot, ask Phil
 who he is and if he's got any work -- he'll want the player to cut off access
 to the sulfur caves beneath the vault, since Cooke is planning to use it for
 larger, more dangerous explosives. Agreeing to help earns the player a Blue
 Sector Keycard and starts the quest properly.

 Next-door is another overseer's office where Samuel Cooke stays. Prying into
 possible work will have him ask if the player wants to kill some geckos down
 in the sulfur caves. Agreeing to get go genocidal on the geckos earns the
 Red Sector Keycard and also starts the quest, if not done previously.

 • If the quest isn't being added by doing the above, check your log to make
   sure it hasn't already failed due to Papa Khan's death.

 The northern Blue Sector and Red Sector doors both lead to small residential
 neighborhoods where Lem and Cookes' loyal men hang out. There's nothing much
 of use here outside of the computer logs and a few goodies. Each elevator
 leads down to the living quarters and is slightly different in design, but
 both have 2 things in abundance: frag mines and fire geckos. The paths will
 rejoin in the eastern lounge as it contains the sulfur caves' main entrance.

 There's two ways to finish the mission, depending on who one allies with.

 • SAMUEL: Slay every gecko in the caves, then report back to Samuel. [Note
   that informing him of the success kills Philip, so there's no going back.
   One can use the B2 tunnels and hack the overseer's computer to find his
   remains.] Checking in earns 50 XP, 75 caps and Powder Gangers fame. The
   next segment relates to Samuel wanting to seek refuge in the Khans' ranks.
   Agree to help by visiting Red Rock Canyon nearby and asking Papa Khan for
   assistance, which can be done easily as there's no speech challenges to
   pass. Report back to Samuel to finish up for the XP reward (no fame). 

 • PHILIP: After traversing the caves a bit, the quest marker leads to a large
   microcline rock. Here, the player can detonate C-4 and the caves, providing
   the explosives are on-hand. It requires 3 bricks to destroy the caves or
   5 to destroy both the caves and the vault. [Destroying the vault alongside
   the sulfur pits kills everyone inside, fails the quest and destroys the
   premises, preventing further access.] Note that a C-4 Detonator is NOT
   required for this mission.

   Destroying just the caves automatically transports to the B1 lounge. Return
   to Philip to report the findings (50 XP, 50 caps, Powder Gangers fame). One
   can also report the gecko kills to Samuel, although he naturally won't pay
   anything for the trouble one's caused. The plan to surrender to the NCR can
   go on as Philip planned, although passing the [Speech 40] check can
   successfully suggest joining the Great Khans as Samuel wanted. This follows
   the same guidelines listed above in Samuel's section.

 Not toting any C-4? That makes sense. The vault actually has four instances
 hidden around, but even attentive players can't be faulted for missing 'em.

 • 1F Cafeteria: between vending machines
 • 1F Clinic: between cabinets
 • B1 Blue Sector, suite farthest from elevator: underneath couch
 • B2 area near exit to Overseer's Office: on junk pile near door, floor level

 Note that the one under the couch can disappear completely, leaving the player
 screwed on that end. If one needs to turn to outside assistance where C-4 is
 concerned, try the NCR outpost near Nelson; Mick of Mick & Ralph's (Freeside)
 or the merchant at 188 Trading Post; hidden in the Black Mountain store room;
 many pieces in a crate in the Guardian Peak cave. Chet of Goodsprings may
 even have some! There's more of course, but those ones spring to mind.

 Client -: Doctor Klein [Think Tank]
 Prereq -: Welcome to the Big Empty
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: no
 Reward -: 400 XP (LV35), DNAgent perk

 This is the "main" portion of the X-8 Research Facility's testing grounds,
 overlapping somewhat with both "X-8: High School Horror!" and "Sonic Emitter
 Upgrade". Down the south stairway is a console that allows one to undertake
 several trials, all done within Doctor Borous' simulated high school. Each
 trial has to be completed in order, not dissimilar from "Project X-13" across
 the crater.

 • BASIC TEST: The goal is to traverse the high school simulacrum, retrieve
   the three student files and avoid...well, dying. Enemies are cyberdogs,
   basic turrets and a few lobotomites. The files needed are located on PCs
   in (1) a southern 1F classroom (2) northern 1F library (3) southern 2F
   ball storage.

 • ADVANCED TEST: Same as before, except (1) the Sonic Emitter upgrade can now
   be downloaded from the lobby's console (2) protectrons are mixed in with
   the normal enemy spread. All student records are in the same place. [All
   turrets will have respawned, too.]

 The final trial isn't available off the bat, and requires gaining access to
 X-8's kennel. This requires getting the Sonic Emitter upgrade, traveling to
 X-13 Research Facility, and taking the key from the workshop (behind pesky
 forcefield). The key's in a suitcase.

 To reach the kennel, one must travel into the observation hallway usually
 seen after completing the high school trial; or, use the lower entrance near
 the main testing door. [The latter allows for better, safer vantage points,
 plus a set of combat armor and ammo.] Inside, eliminate the vicious
 nightstalkers, then use the PC to release the 'unusual specimen'. The K9000
 FIDO schematics are found next to said PC.

 • BASIC TEST: With the specimen released, taking the first test again reveals
   some radical changes. There's now forcefields blocking many exits, turrets
   locations may differ, target terminals WILL differ, and all cyberdogs are
   replaced with nightstalkers! All the doors start closed by default, though,
   preventing the foes from swarming the player -- groups of 2-3 are the
   typical size. Reconfiguring the turrets' targeting parameters isn't a bad
   idea for these tests.

 • ADVANCED TEST: Generally the same as before, although one can avoid most
   of the hubbub by going to the nearby classroom, cutting upstairs through
   the clinic, and finally triggering the last terminal on 2F. Some of the
   nightstalker spawns may be protectrons, too, making things a bit easier.

 With all nightstalker tests complete, return to the lobby's terminal and
 download the results -- this ends the quest and grants the perk, giving a
 permanent (+10%) damage bonus against nightstalkers.

 Client -: Alice McLafferty [Crimson Caravan Company]
 Prereq -: n/a
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: Yes [Alice McLafferty slain]
 Reward -: 600 XP

 The Crimson Caravan Company is a caravaneer's compound near the Vegas Strip's
 northeast side. Alice, usually found in the head office, gives this quest if
 one agrees to help with her runner jobs. The first job:

 • Deliver an invoice to Dr. Hildern at Camp McCarran, an old airport the NCR
   transformed into their main base of operations. It's found south of the
   Strip, almost a straight southwest shot. Hildern's in the main terminal's
   ground-floor lab, pretty easy to miss in general. It's a simple delivery,
   although if one finished Hildern's "There Stands the Grass" quest by having
   his data erased, he may not speak to the player. 25 XP is gained just for
   the delivery. Reward: 25 XP + 150 caps. (If "Heartache by the Number" has
   started: after finishing this segment, the quest marker will point toward
   Cass' caravan site in the South Vegas farmland. This is an error and will
   probably correct after leaving McCarran or fast-travelling somewhere near

 After proving one's usefulness, Alice allows the player to pick his/her own
 task from the three available. They are: (1) deal with Henry Jamison (2) do
 a negotiation with Cassidy Caravans (3) steal weapons schematics from the Gun
 Runners' compound. Since the third quest above is optional, it's possible to
 decline it -- this affects nothing completion-wise, outside of the XP lost
 from not doing it.

 • BREAK-IN: Gun Runners is a weapon manufacturing compound located just 'round
   the bend from CCC. They are widely known for their crafting acumen and the
   trade secrets they keep. To complete this job, it helps to be companionless
   and of a sneaky sort, although there's ways around that (Stealth Boys in
   particular). Needless to say, if any guard or Gun Runner sees the player,
   they become immediately hostile. Pick the Average gate (K-) and sneak in
   when the guard rotation allows.

   The manufacturing specifications are located in the workshop, on a computer
   off to the side. However, there's a bunch of workers here, and it can be
   quite hard for a loud, un-stealthy person to get there without attracting
   attention -- try waiting for them to slumber. Getting out is hard, too,
   since one doesn't know the guards' placement. One thing that can be
   controlled though is the time of exit and if one's using a Stealth Boy -- at
   nighttime, one might be able to hide in a corner (or in broad daylight w/o a
   SB if one's good enough), waiting for the opportunity to leave. Reward: 500
   caps & NCR fame (perfect stealth) or 300 caps only (killed a Gun Runner
   guard or employee).

   If one did perfect stealth through this optional mission, Alice will start
   manufacturing Gun Runners merchandise, and allows one to purchase it at a

 • HENRY JAMISON: This screwup who only got work at the CCC due to family ties
   can be found at Freeside's Atomic Wrangler bar. Speak to him to learn he
   doesn't wanna leave his cushy job. Convincing him is done a few ways:

   - Henry's very untimely death
   - [Speech 50] Mention telling the Omertas about his debt
   - Strike a deal that has his debt paid off, plus a severance bonus
   - With significant NCR rep, throw your weight around to make him split

   If one chooses to have McLafferty do a severance bonus, a [Barter 50] check
   can convince him just having his debt paid is enough.

   Reward: 150 caps (Henry slain), 300 caps & NCR fame (severance bonus), 400
   caps & NCR fame (quit w/ no severance), 500 caps & NCR fame (Speech 50 or
   NCR rep option).

 • NEGOTIATION: Alice is interested in buying Cassidy Caravans, and its owner,
   Cass, is likely at Mojave Outpost, an NCR installment in the SW corner of
   the region. She's hesitant to sell, but with a little hounding, one can get
   her to come around -- this requires passing a [Barter 50], [Barter 75], 
   [Speech 50] or [Speech 75] check. The Barter 75 check challenges Cass to a
   drinking competition, the winner deciding who's right. One'll have to find
   a dozen bottles of normal Whiskey to do this -- most bartenders should have
   some. Reward: 500 caps, NCR fame.

 If one does both mandatory portions and chooses not to do the Gun Runners'
 bit, the quest automatically ends.

 Client -: Jack [Nellis Air Force Base]
 Prereq -: Started "Volare!"
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: Yes [Jack or Janet slain]
 Reward -: 300 XP, Boomers fame

 Jack, Loyal's protégé, can be asked if he needs help with anything -- and boy
 does he ever! In addition to buying any scrap metal the Courier can offer (it
 is a good way to increase Boomers fame), he has another problem...a girl
 problem. He won't admit this until the player passes a [Speech 35] check, or
 uses the Black Widow/Confirmed Bachelor perk to pull it out of 'im.

 Seems while watching a far-off Crimson Caravan Company outpost, Jack spotted
 a cute redhead, and she seemed to be watching him back. The Courier can offer
 to be liaison, which is the only real option since Boomers will shoot anyone
 who wanders too close. This starts the quest officially.

 The quest marker now goes to the main C.C. Company outpost on New Vegas'
 upper east side, not too far from where the highway goes toward Nellis AFB.
 Jack's dream girl (Janet) is usually working in the brahmin pen during the
 day. Telling her about the situation makes her ask what Jack's like; using
 the Black Widow perk here makes up Janet's mind quickly.

 At this point, she asks if things are prepared for her. Passing a [Speech 55]
 check assures her they are; lying during this, which is mandatory if one does
 not have requisite Speech, causes her to run off there, perishing at the end.
 If the player doesn't want to Janet's death, return to Pearl and ask her
 permission. Passing a [Speech 50] check gives Pearl's permission, although
 this can be gotten through normal dialogue as well.

 Once Pearl's convinced, return to Jack and inform him of the good news -- he
 will give a (quest item) Boomer Outfit for Janet. Return to the happy redhead
 to deliver the uniform -- a player can also take this time to lie to her face,
 sending to an explosive death by failing the previous [Speech 55] challenge.
 However, there's one final impediment: Janet's boss and head of the New Vegas
 CCC branch, Alice McLafferty. Since she's still under contract, Janet can't
 just pick up and leave without her wages! Talking with Alice lets one easily
 get her out by forfeiting the wages anyway, although passing the [Barter 65]
 or [Speech 75] checks gets the due pay. Inform Janet of the outcome and she
 will head for Nellis immediately.

 If y'wanna meet Janet at the AFB gate, fast-travel there and wait an hour or
 so. Otherwise, just go to the mechanics' hangar where Jack normally is, and
 finish there. [NOTE: Sending Janet to her death at any time fails the mission
 and gives negative karma.]
________________________________________________/ V. DLC WALKTHROUGHS [DLCW] |_
DEAD MONEY                                                               [DLC1]
 Dead Money is the first New Vegas add-on (released in December 2010), taking
 place at the Sierra Madre Casino and its isolated environs. It costs 800 MSP
 in the Marketplace, but comes "free" on the Ultimate Edition's 2nd disc.
 Installation also increases the level cap by 5. Here's an overview:

 ACHIEVEMENTS: The add-on contributes an extra 5 to the tally. Four relate to
 the main storyline (2 for final mission climax), plus another for collecting
 500+ SM chips.

 DIFFICULTY: This DLC isn't too hard, although the circumstances in which one
 starts it may add another layer of annoyance. It's usually recommended to do
 this add-on 1st or 2nd of the 4 available, depending on experience.

 ENEMIES: Debuting here, there's the creepy ghost people & security holograms.
 The former type can "revive" from the dead if they're not dismembered, while
 the latter are invincible fighters unless their Achilles' heel is located. A
 few old friends may appear (hi, radroach!) but the aforementioned types are
 the main opponents.

 REVISITABLE: No. After completing the DLC and leaving the Casino's general
 area, returning is impossible. This also means residual challenges & looting
 are impossible, too.

 VENDORS: Most vendors around may have 0 caps, which does crush the trading
 spirit somewhat, not to mention the circumstances one encounters soon after
 arriving (see walkthrough). The unexpected downside is carrying weapons around
 with no way to unload, short of dropping 'em.

 WEAPONS: Several new explosives (demolition charge, gas bomb), melee weapons
 (bear trap fist, cosmic knife types, knife spears) and guns (police pistol,
 holorifle, automatic rifle) get added in Dead Money. Since this add-on isn't
 revisitable upon completion, it's recommended to find all upgrades available
 before leaving. The Holorifle is also unique, so don't lose it.

                                                             TABLE OF CONTENTS
 01) Sierra Madre Grand Opening! ........................................ DM01
 02) Find Collar 8: "Dog" ............................................... DM02
 03) Find Collar 12: Christine .......................................... DM03
 04) Find Collar 14: Dean Domino ........................................ DM04
 05) Fires in the Sky ................................................... DM05
 06) Mixed Signals ...................................................... DM06
 07) Strike Up the Band ................................................. DM07
 08) Trigger the Gala Event ............................................. DM08
 09) Put the Beast Down ................................................. DM09
 10) Curtain Call at the Tampico ........................................ DM10
 11) Last Luxuries ...................................................... DM11
 12) Heist of the Centuries ............................................. DM12

 Unfortunately, Dead Money adds no sidequests. Bummer!

|¯¯¯¯\ (¯\_/¯)______ _____________________________
| |¯\ \|     |¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
| |  ) ) | | | DM01 | SIERRA MADRE GRAND OPENING! |============================
| |_/ /| | | |______|_____________________________|
|____/ |_|_|_|¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

 Client -: n/a
 Prereq -: Ain't That a Kick in the Head
 Precedes: Find Collar 8: "Dog"
         : Find Collar 12: Christine
         : Find Collar 14: Dean Domino
 Missable: no
 Reward -: n/a

 Like all DLC, after exiting Doc Mitchell's Goodsprings clinic, the game gives
 a notification, officially adding this quest. At the same time, the quest's
 first destination (Abandoned BoS Bunker) is map-marked. One can find this
 tiny bunker entrance on the Colorado's upper cliffs, between Camp Forlorn
 Hope (north) and Nelson (south). Low-level players seeking to visit here may
 wanna keep to the highway: from Goodsprings, follow south past Primm, turn
 east at Mojave Outpost, continue through Nipton, then north toward Novac.

 Without the DLC, this bunker is forever locked...but if one's installed the
 add-on properly, it should be open. Inside, the first door gives the "point
 of no return" prompt.

 • The game suggests being LV20+ before undertaking this place. It's not quite
   necessary (I've done it at LV8) but it can't hurt.

 • Leaving this DLC is impossible until it's finished, so coming in with as
   little weight as possible helps (mostly for post-DLC reasons).

 Upon entering the door, one can enter the side chamber ('Average' hack) to
 find a living quarters. There's little of use here now -- besides a copy of
 "Dean's Electronics" -- but that'll change post-DLC. Surprisingly, the chem
 set is usable (Science 25+) from the get-go, allowing one to harvest cloud

 When ready to commit fully to the Sierra Madre events, approach the empty
 room with the haunting radio to finish the quest.

 After the opening preview, the player awakens in a deserted plaza, in the
 presence of Father Elijah (well, his hologram). He explains the situation:
 the player has an explosive collar attached, and if one doesn't do what he
 wants -- namely finding other survivors for the casino heist -- then things
 won't go smoothly. He also mentions that, if one of the survivors perishes,
 all the others do too...quite an incentive for stayin' alive!

 As Elijah mentions, all one's equipment (sans quest items) was confiscated
 by casino defenses, returned to the starting bunker. In terms of firepower,
 ones as naked as a newborn babe! Since this wasn't Elijah's doing, he's
 given one a Holorifle, and urges the player to find other defenses since its
 ammo is limited. This weapon is good against the Villa's ghostly inhabitants,

 Finally, the captor mentions that radios and speakers can affect one's bomb
 collar, setting it off prematurely if too close. That infernal beeping (get
 used to it...it'll be heard often) denotes one's range, and the more it beeps,
 the closer one gets to becoming a human grenade. Some radios can be shot or
 punctured with throwing weapons; shielded ones, unfortunately, only cease to
 be a threat when deactivated via terminals. Supposing they have one...

 When Elijah's convo concludes, the three "Find Collar ____" missions are
 added officially. If asked, he suggests finding Dog first (in the western
 police station) although they can be done in any order. Personally, I usually
 go for Dean Domino since his perk helps with exploring the Cloud.

 • Exploring the villa at this time helps for two reasons: getting accustomed
   to the inhabitants and finding Sierra Madre Chips, the only 'currency' one
   has available. Those chips can be used to purchase items at vendors and the
   (more plentiful) vending machines. Certain items can also be traded in to
   said machines in exchange for chips, so finding junk (cigarettes for one)
   one may normally ignore helps. Locating vending machine codes expands all
   of their inventories, so search hard!

   As for safe resting places...THERE ARE VERY FEW. One cannot rest in areas
   exposed to the area's "Cloud," i.e. the red gas. This means relying on food
   and water items becomes more important, at least until one finds stimpaks
   and such. Crafting items (including weapons) at workbenches is recommended

   Additionally, Dean Domino has left secret stashes around the Villa and its
   side areas, 15 in all. A few can be found off the bat, and they offer food,
   stimpaks and weapons. They're marked with a glowing handprint, and some are
   better than others. Example: the NE store's 2F balcony leads to a Cloud-
   -filled courtyard; by taking the 2F tiled roof east, one can find a stash,
   plus a first aid kit and automatic rifle!

 One more thing about ghost enemies: they will revive eventually if one just
 shoots or stabs them. Dismembering them (before or after knocking 'em out)
 ensures their death. The Holorifle isn't good about doing this, though, so
 scoring melee kills is a good way to proceed in the early going, until one
 gets better weaponry.

|¯¯¯¯\ (¯\_/¯)______ _____________________________
| |¯\ \|     |¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
| |  ) ) | | | DM02 | FIND COLLAR 8: "DOG"        |============================
| |_/ /| | | |______|_____________________________|
|____/ |_|_|_|¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

 Client -: Father Elijah [Sierra Madre Casino]
 Prereq -: Sierra Madre Grand Opening!
 Precedes: Fires in the Sky
 Missable: no
 Reward -: 800 XP (LV43)

 The police station is located in the Villa's southwest reaches, accessed from
 the main road. There's a few accessible buildings along the way, most with a
 bit of ammo or weaponry (one gun cabinet has a laser pistol). Puesta del Sol
 has its access point en route, but can't be entered until much later. That
 said, south of there, in a tiny plaza, is one of Dean Domin's secret caches.
 Like most of his, they're found in suitcases and marked with a handprint.

 Working west from there, Elijah reminds one about killing the ghosts (blow
 'em up or disintegrate 'em), although if one explored the Villa's east end,
 using a throwing spear or police pistol can work, too. After encountering
 the Police Station (lit-up and has an annoying alarm that plays even while
 paused...ugh), make sure to search the surrounding areas too. For instance,
 the apartment south of there has a gun cabinet (Hard) and Sierra Madre Armor.

 The Cloud cloaks a couple buildings in this area, too: (1) A SE apartment,
 leading up to a supply-laden balcony with grenades (2) a NW workshop in a
 toxic alley. This one has grenades too, only in the form of a tripwire trap
 that causes a ginormous explosion. Coming through here with Dean later on is
 fine, too, if that extra damage ain't worth it.

 Upon entering (from either door) should reveal a caged mutant. BUT, hold on!
 As Elijah mentions again, radios can prematurely set off the bomb collar, and
 there's plenty of 'em here. Ham radios and the old-timey versions can only be
 deactivated and there's a few around here: two on desktops, one 'neath a desk
 and one near the jail cell table.

 With them neutralized, exploration is a cinch. Three vending codes (.308
 Rifle Rounds, Steady, Weapon Repair Kit) are found in the lobby, bathroom and
 atop the jail corridor cabinet, respectively. One of Dean's stashes is in the
 other bathroom. The locker room contains Sierra Madre Armor/Helmet, plus a
 Police Pistol -- multiples can be found in the surrounding desks, too. The
 'average' locker has C-4 and a Detonator. The kitchen has grub, a hot plate
 and a Cosmic Knife. (Cosmic Knives are used in crafting better melee weapons,
 so try to take all y'find. Same goes for Abraxo Cleaner.) By comparison, the
 jail has little loot, but it does provide a place to sleep.
 Finally, there's the contraband room, near the police chief's desk. Hacking
 that computer (Science 75+) can unlock it, plus has files contributing toward
 the "History's Sake" challenge. Inside the room is a treasure trove of chems
 (Med-X, Buffout), stimpaks, booze, an Automatic Rifle w/ ammo, Brass Knuckles
 and the .357 Magnum Rounds vending code. Oh, and grenades.

 AAANYWAY, back to Dog and his cell. It can't be picked and the captive can't
 be spoken to, so the player's left to find the correct method. Visiting the
 basement earns a chat with God (that is, Dog's split personality) who wants
 one to follow his voice -- at the corridor's end is a pesky radio and Dog's
 Command Tape. That's the only useful item to find down here, except an issue
 of 'Grognak the Barbarian' on the supply closet's floor.

 Upstairs, play the command tape (via Pip-Boy) near the holding cell to start
 a dialogue. Dr. Lecter--err, God reveals he's Dog's voice of reason, a part
 his savage other half keeps hidden. Some optional checks -- [Science 35],
 Medicine [35], [Lockpick 35] -- are found by chewing the fat. Inquiring about
 the radios in a separate [Science 35] check opens an [INT 8] and [PER 6]
 check, also. Asking about getting God out will allow one to free him as-is or
 bring out Dog. Either personality is fine, although bringing out Dog at any
 time affects a later quest.

 Letting the mutant out finishes things up. Dog/God can be a companion now,
 or told to wait at the fountain plaza, where all "freed" companions'll idle.
 Each has a special perk as well: Dog will devour unconscious ghost creatures,
 ensuring they never arise a second time; God gives a stealth bonus and one
 won't set off traps (like tripwires, bear traps, etc.) while he's with.

 Before leaving the police station into a Ghost Trapper ambush, make sure to
 grab the '8 of Spades' (for "Dead Man's Hand" challenge) in Dog's cell.

 • Playing the command tape and Elijah's "Prisoner Commands" recording allows
   one to switch between God and Dog's personalities, respectively. God has an
   optional [Speech 65] and follow-up [Speech 85] check that sheds light on
   Dog's susceptibility to conditioning, and his own protective nature.

 • Asking Dog about how he reached the Sierra Madre allows one to get a point
   for "The Whole Sad Story" challenge. This requires having 4 INT or lower,
   however, which may require some inebriation on one's part (one of the few
   things this DLC has in spades).

 • After seeing Dog consume a ghost creature, a new option appears in his
   dialogue. Inquiring about witnessing his feast grants one the "Ghost Hunter"
   perk, which has ghostly foes occasionally die instead of going unconscious.
   This can be granted without doing the optional [INT 6] check.

 • Dog/God has ridiculously high HP (as shown in the companion wheel) and it
   appears to be dependant on the player. At LV43, he had over 1500+! How do
   ya like them apples?

|¯¯¯¯\ (¯\_/¯)______ _____________________________
| |¯\ \|     |¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
| |  ) ) | | | DM03 | FIND COLLAR 12: CHRISTINE   |============================
| |_/ /| | | |______|_____________________________|
|____/ |_|_|_|¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

 Client -: Father Elijah [Sierra Madre Casino]
 Prereq -: Sierra Madre Grand Opening!
 Precedes: Fires in the Sky
 Missable: no
 Reward -: n/a

 As the quest marker and signposts'll tell a player, the clinic is in the
 Villa's western area, right near the fountain plaza, in fact -- its entrance
 landmarked with a vending machine. But, to reach Christine's location, one
 must first traverse the dangerous medical district. Unlike Dog's police
 station which had only a few speakers interfering, this place has tons, and
 Elijah regurgitates his prior speech about them.

 Right in the first tunnel is a wall-mounted speaker, glowing bluish in the
 Cloud's fog. Graffiti actually warns one of its presence, and will continue
 to do so throughout this annoying neighborhood. In any case, going north
 finds that the shortcut to the clinic is blocked off by a cave-in, forcing
 one to get creative...this means going east, the long way.

 A harvester is found in the first tiny square off the main street, and this
 sidewalked area also has some ammo (SE corner). Advancing north leads to
 another radio signal, this time in the adjacent square's upper balcony (south
 wall). It, too, can be shot. The correct way from here is west at street
 level, although one can venture up the north (cloud-infested) store and
 backtrack via balconies and apartments -- gives chips and ammunition, but
 not much besides.

 After slaying another harvester, one will be at the clinic's doorstep. But,
 there's a little exploring to do first. Street level's a wash, but another
 store gives 2F access -- a 'very hard' desk contains some lame junk. One can
 walk west across the decorative arch to an adjacent apartment, containing a
 hot plate and 3F access. From here, one can exit onto the next roof, giving
 access to one of Dean's stashes (NE corner) and a west gift shop. There's a
 radio here (street level, exterior wall), and a stairway that leads down to
 the clinic's back door.

 Regardless of ingress, the destination's the same, yo.

 Unsurprisingly, this place has radios. And, unlike the other companions'
 recruitment quests, security holograms! As Elijah's stated, these cannot be
 killed in any way, but can be deactivated permanently by (1) disabling them
 via PC or inspection; latter requires high Repair stat (2) shooting their
 projectors. Speaking of the latter, on 2F is a glowing blue bulb -- shooting
 it nixes the first patroller. [This is a preferable option compared to using
 terminals to change the patrol pattern.] Time for exploration! Notable things

 • Stimpak vending machine code (1F reception desk)
 • Assassin Suit (1F surgery room with all the headless corpses; on gurney)
 • Mentats vending machine code (2F office, on bookshelf)
 • Med-X vending machine code (download from 2F office computer)
 • Clinic Basement Key (2F office desk)

 The Assassin Suit has lower DT compared to Sierra Madre Armor, but boosts
 Sneak (+10) to offset it. Those with max Sneak may want to give it to Dean,
 if he's with -- Dog/God can't wear it, naturally. [It's also light armor, so
 it can be repaired with crappy pre-war outfits one finds.]

 A 1F corridor leads to Christine, but is "booby-trapped" with unbreakable
 radios en route -- it's impassable. To rectify this, visit the basement (use
 key or pick Hard lock) and operate the console. A 'D.C. Journal of Internal
 Medicine' skillbook is found on a nearby shelf, too.

 With the power disengaged, one can visit the auto-doc wing. These pieces of
 crap heal broken limbs, not restore health, making them nigh worthless. Once
 the malfunctioning machine is inspected, one uncovers Christine within. She's
 mute, so communicating is rather hard, not to mention a well-known glitch
 that messes up the camera during the first convo. [This may be tied to having
 a companion accompanying.]

 After some trouble with the language barrier, Christine will join up. [Saying
 one'll put her back in the auto-doc gives negative karma.] She begins with
 no weapon, but excels at melee/unarmed attacks. As usual, completing the
 mission spawns a few ghost people (harvesters) at main entrance.

 • Christine's perk is "Signal Interference," granting a grace period before
   outside signals screw with one's collar, plus a 50% longer delay until
   said collar explodes. Considering how many radios, speakers and other junk
   that lies ahead, she can make an excellent ally. A "conversation" hinting
   at the perk's origins occurs in the hallway outside her auto-doc, by
   passing an [INT 5] or [Science 60] check.

 • It's hard to talk to Christy without passing certain checks. [Medicine 75]
   deduces some of the surgery she's had; [INT 7] learns she's a Brotherhood
   scribe; [Speech 50] reveals Elijah separated her from someone, and the
   [Confirmed Bachelor] deduces it was her girlfriend. Separately, an [INT 7]
   reveals she can't communicate through writing, leading to a [Medicine 60]
   that diagnoses it as pre-war electrode therapy. Laughably, there's also a
   Math Wrath option that shows her skill with numbers is intact.

   Outside that, she has several [PER 6] checks admitting she isn't leaving
   the Villa area even after the heist, and she wonders why the player's here.
   A separate check has her inspect a Madre chip, leading to an [INT 6] check
   that bestows the "Coin Operator" perk. With a Fission Battery and 2 Scrap
   Metal, one can make counterfeit slugs worth 50 chips. The vending machines
   won't know the difference. Haw haw...

|¯¯¯¯\ (¯\_/¯)______ _____________________________
| |¯\ \|     |¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
| |  ) ) | | | DM04 | FIND COLLAR 14: DEAN DOMINO |============================
| |_/ /| | | |______|_____________________________|
|____/ |_|_|_|¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

 Client -: Father Elijah [Sierra Madre Casino]
 Prereq -: Sierra Madre Grand Opening!
 Precedes: Fires in the Sky
 Missable: no
 Reward -: 800 XP (LV43)

 Dean is located somewhere in the Residential District, its main entrance
 near (SE) from the Villa's fountain plaza. Entering coaxes a warning from
 Elijah, mentioning signals are interfering with one's collar transmitter --
 in other words, premature 'splosions. Speaking of which, there's an armed
 frag mine and un-armed gas bomb near the ghost seeker's corpse, a harbinger
 of what's to come. [A vending machine is nearby, as well as a 'hard' gate,
 allowing one to bypass much of the troubles ahead. The walkthrough will take
 the long way, though.]

 Up the stairway, rigged shotguns will trigger via the pressure plate. With
 them nixed, there's little to find here besides ammo, including a minor stash
 behind the couch. A grenade bouquet tripwire lurks outside the south stair,
 and can be robbed for 3 grenades. [If y'haven't started saving frequently,
 reconsider that position.]

 At street level, the wall lamp semi-cloaks an armed frag mine. With it gone,
 one can safely loot coins from the defunct fountain. SE of the first house
 is a similar one, with tripwired door -- oddly enough, the tripwire may not
 drop the bouquet hidden around the corner (bumping it certainly will though).
 Loot the first aid kit and make for the balcony, populated by a trapper. It
 can be blindsided if one's stealthy enough, i.e. no obnoxious companion. A
 frag mine is along the route, but it sure beats walking in the Cloud below.

 • Speaking of which, the lower sidewalk area (which is a dead-end location)
   has one of Dean's secret stashes, in the southern covered area. It's hard
   to miss, both for the handprint landmark and the frag mine guarding its
   entrance. [Those brave enough to enter the Cloud area can stockpiled ammo
   near the planters, plus a first aid kit. One is a 'hard' lock.]

 The balcony connects to a west room, unsurprisingly booby-trapped -- a gas
 canister propped in front of a shotgun rig. Speaking of rigging, if one has
 the "Jury Rigging" perk, one can use those crappy outfits one finds here (and
 anywhere) to repair Sierra Madre Armor, which is also 'light' classification.
 Same goes for SM Helmets and eyewear.

 Once again, the upper path provides protection from the Cloud, which is good
 since the main street is mined. Passing into the east apartment (entrance is
 tripwired) allows passage onto the west balcony, containing more magnum ammo.
 Eventually a player must get down to the lower sidewalk, though, and get past
 the patrolling trapper. [Backtracking at street level allows a little more
 loot, plus access to a vending machine near the north staircase.]

 Anyway, the east plaza is now encountered, and the quest marker will point
 to a nearby villa. 2F contains a hot plate and balcony ammo, and 3F has a
 meeting with Dean himself. After sitting alongside him, he'll mention the
 chair's rigged; an [Explosives 25] check allows a repartee. A [Speech 25]
 check can flatter him, and when he tries to convince one he's the boss, a
 [Barter 50] check sets him straight. These checks don't affect him joining,
 but they do bruise his ego, negatively impacting a later quest. [Note that
 he's not bluffing about the shaped charge...refusing to work with him leads
 to instant death. Hilarious!]

 Dean mentions a shortcut back to the district's entrance -- this is actually
 that 'hard' gate one saw at the beginning. It's also automatically opened if
 one couldn't pick it before. If one heads in that direction, make sure to
 inspect a NE apartment for one of Domino's stashes (behind couch). Finally,
 whichever way one takes to the entrance, reentering the main Villa streets
 spawns a few ghost people to fight

 Not much to say about him besides his "Unclean Living" perk. As its prompt
 states, one can briefly enter the Cloud without taking damage, allowing for
 better exploration. Additionally, when one DOES take damage, that pain and
 sufferin' is reduced by a quarter (25%).

 [Regarding Dean's optional conversations] After finding one of his secret
 caches, the option to question him about them arises, and can lead to one
 learning the Sierra Madre Martini "perk" -- basically just a special recipe
 for the chem. Running through his questions also gives a [Guns 50] check,
 revealing that shooting the ghost people's bombs is a quick way to eliminate

|¯¯¯¯\ (¯\_/¯)______ _____________________________
| |¯\ \|     |¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
| |  ) ) | | | DM05 | FIRES IN THE SKY            |============================
| |_/ /| | | |______|_____________________________|
|____/ |_|_|_|¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

 Client -: n/a
 Prereq -: Find Collar 8: "Dog"
         : Find Collar 12: Christine
         : Find Collar 14: Dean Domino
 Precedes: Trigger the Gala Event
 Missable: no
 Reward -: 1050 XP

 This quest is added automatically after recruiting the 3rd & final companion
 for Elijah's heist. [Getting this far respawns some ghost people in the main
 Villa streets, too.] Speak to Elijah's fountain hologram again to learn the
 Sierra Madre's doors were keyed into the opening itself...an opening that
 never took place, thanks to pesky bombs falling. 

 The object is now to get the three companions to their places -- the events
 cannot be done by one person. [Finishing Elijah's conversations begins "Mixed
 Signals" and "Strike Up the Band" officially, too.] The quests can be done in
 any order, each dropping a specific ally at a location. They won't be usable
 as companions from then on, so if y'wanna have fun with 'em, now's the time.
 Additionally, each companion has a specific task, so no mix-and-matching!

 No recommendation on order, really, although doing Dog's last works best --
 Dean and Christine both stay in the west village, and doing Dog's last'll
 ensure minimal backtracking for the preceding quest.

 Dog/God is the star of this job, and must be taken to Salida del Sol in the
 east. Passing a [Speech 65] check in Dog's dialogue reveals the Gala event
 was triggered once previously, and that's how Elijah entered the casino.

 This delightful sojourn begins with a street fight against some ghosts, and
 depending on which of the three new quests one does first, this may be the
 first time encountering Seekers -- the kind that throw gas bombs. Luckily,
 one can rely on Dog/God's brute strength, and simply thwacking unconscious
 bodies if his mighty fists don't do all the work.

 The first crossroads is mostly blocked off, its north courtyard-bound door
 (unpickably) locked, while the east route is irreparably barred. The first
 two apartments this south street brushes against are on its west and east
 sides. The west apartment can be accessed from the 2F balcony but also has a
 south entrance, found in the nearby alley. Unfortunately, that old pool hall
 has little of worth 'sides a little booze. The eastern house fares better,
 thanks to its hot plate and foodstuffs. Both areas also have bear traps, a
 common feature in the Salida del Sol area.

 • The west apartment's alley also opens into a dead-end building, accessible
   only from that side. Its gun cabinets can contain an Automatic Rifle and
   Laser Pistol; upstairs, another hot plate and miscellaneous/food items. On
   an end table nearby is another 'Journal' entry.

 Main street leads south to a vending machine's junction, although we can
 ignore the cloud-filled (east) route for now. Two of Dean's secret stashes
 are near here:

 1) the sidewalk tunnel SW of the vending machine, in an offshoot
 2) the 2F apartment NW of the vending machine (requires being on 2F ledge)

 The nearby villa contains an 'average' PC that turns off nearby speakers,
 making it a great detour. There's a gas leak here, though. For all intents
 and purposes, though, one need only go west along the sidewalk, through the
 tunnel, toward the destination. [Before that, though, go north a bit to the
 deserted store, using another vending machine if needed. No need to explore
 east yet -- that'll all be covered in the "Trigger the Gala Event" chapter.]

 Like all companions, once one nears the target (switching station), Dog/God
 will initiate conversation. To make God behave, either:

 • Pass the [INT 7] check relating to the diagram, getting God to stay here
   immediately. This appears regardless of whether one's inspected the diagram
   and/or passed its INT 7+ requirement.

 • Agree to bring back the remains of two ghost people, to sate Dog's hunger.
   These can only be collected from living foes, and going this route may
   actually despawn some of the previous corpses. [Targets are quest-marked.]

 • [Lie] Only pretend to go along with Dog/God's suggestion about gathering
   food, earning negative karma. Instead, use the outer terminal to bar the
   gate, trapping the super mutant inside, much to his chagrin. The terminal
   option can be done even if one does go food hunting, and earns no karma
   loss -- it still affects things later, though.

 If one tries to do this portion with Dog, he'll resist staying as it reminds
 him of the police station cage. This requires locking him inside via the PC.

 Getting Dog/God to cooperate, or shutting the gate, finishes the quest. Note
 that the "Bear Trap Fist - Heavy Duty Springs" code is on rubble within the
 switching area, and locking the gate prevents one from getting it now.

|¯¯¯¯\ (¯\_/¯)______ _____________________________
| |¯\ \|     |¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
| |  ) ) | | | DM06 | MIXED SIGNALS               |============================
| |_/ /| | | |______|_____________________________|
|____/ |_|_|_|¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

 Client -: n/a
 Prereq -: Started "Fires in the Sky"
 Precedes: Trigger the Gala Event
 Missable: no
 Reward -: 1000 XP

 With Elijah's ramblings done, it's time to bring Christine to the Puesta del
 Sol destination. Upon first talking to her, she has a [Science 75] check to
 determine if their captor is using a Pip-Boy himself, plus an [INT 6] that
 mentions the other companions lack her technical knowhow. A [PER 6] follows
 up that. All that's left is to get underway!

 Puesta del Sol North is the first part of the village encountered, and houses
 the Switching Station. To reach it, one simply loops "counterclockwise," from
 north to west. Upon finding a Cloud-soaked alley, head west through it and
 voila! The target building is just a bit north.

 • For in-depth info on all the junk found in Puesta del Sol's normal areas,
   see Dean's "Strike Up the Band" quest, which focuses on both halves of the

 Just inside, one will find a locked door with no possible key. It's instead
 opened by hacking a nearby fusebox -- this requires Repair 60+ or spare some
 spare parts. If one chooses the latter, the Electrical Box Fuses are found...

 • [Switching Station] In toolbox near the nearby shelf

 • [Puesta del Sol North] From the crossroads near the Villa entrance, head
   northwest at street level, using the nearby apartment to get 3F roof access.
   An EBF is in the central roof's toolbox.

 • [Puesta del Sol North] After getting the 3F fuse, take the 2F tiled roof
   counterclockwise -- that is, a southwesterly direction. Near the Switching
   Station's cloud-filled junction is a radio room with a safe inside -- a
   fuse can be found in the balcony toolbox.

 The fusebox restores power to the facility, opening the south passage. Wall
 graffiti betrays the wall radios' positions nearby, hidden near pipework and
 by the console further on. At corridor's end is the first factory floor.

 This is a three-floor area, with Cloud choking the lower reaches. Radios can
 also be found here, making players scramble for safe zones. One must traverse
 the toxic fumes below to reach the far staircase (there's an ammo cache
 hidden near the southern tank stack). On 3F, the southern operator's booth
 has a 'very easy' PC that can disable all radios here -- just watch for the
 tripwire hidden inside! [The grenade bouquet is hidden near the ceiling,
 between upper consoles, in case one wanted to preemptively nix it.] A "Dean's
 Electronics" is found near the merc's corpse.

 At the catwalk's north end, one can enter the lounge separating the first
 plant area from the second. Besides a first aid kit and ventilation console
 (removes Cloud from area), there's also a PC (for "History's Sake") and
 some lockers. One contains the 'Toxic Samples' note and Ennis' (very hard)
 contains the remote maintenance terminal password. Alongside the lockers is
 an Automatic Rifle and some ammo, too.

 Within the second plant, several more unbreakable radios are found. The goal
 is to reach the 3F operating booth, but getting there's a bit harder thanks
 to the broken walkways. [A "Chinese Army: Spec. Ops. Training Manual" can be
 found on one of said routes. A single Mark II turret exists here, and will
 be hostile unless its 'hard' console says otherwise...not worth it, really.]
 Near one of the computers here, Ennis' Key can be nabbed -- it unlocks the
 titular locker mentioned earlier.

 Christine must be brought to the other (very hard) PC, only possible after
 unlocking a door along the main route. This requires lockpicking (hard) or
 disengaging the lock via the northern booth. [The 'very easy' computer here
 will turn the speakers off.] In her automatic convo, she'll be hesitant to
 be left alone here. The only ways to proceed are:

 • [Say one'll find another way] This requires operating the 'very hard' PC
   near the elevator. Finding the password in Ennis' locker removes all its
   encryption. Relay the good news (manually) afterwards.

 • [Lie] Telling her to check upstairs puts her in the elevator, prompting
   the player to hit the "down" button into the manual override chamber.

 Making Christine cooperate finishes the quest. If one avoids sending her to
 the claustrophobic lower chamber, one can hold her hand before setting off
 (good karma). One can use the elevator as a shortcut to Puesta del Sol North.

 PS: The "Hologram Rifle - Reinforced Components" code sits on a west console.

|¯¯¯¯\ (¯\_/¯)______ _____________________________
| |¯\ \|     |¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
| |  ) ) | | | DM07 | STRIKE UP THE BAND          |============================
| |_/ /| | | |______|_____________________________|
|____/ |_|_|_|¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

 Client -: n/a
 Prereq -: Started "Fires in the Sky"
 Precedes: Trigger the Gala Event
 Missable: no
 Reward -: 1050 XP

 After Elijah lays down the next task, one can begin the quest to position
 Dean in Puesta del Sol, the western village. This is a good one to do first,
 as one never has to return there afterwards. Dean has an optional [Speech 25]
 check before tagging along, too, if one investigates.

 This massive village is split into two parts. Right inside is an encounter
 with some ~4 ghost people, all running around at street level. Seekers, the
 "strain" that uses gas bombs, appear here, and if one's smart, shooting their
 explosives in hand or midair is great for crowd control. With them gone,
 the only way forward is north, thanks to the crossroads' two locked doors
 (leading to service route and south sector).

 The storefront near the vending machine has two levels, but only the first
 can be explored at once. Part of it has a gas leak that, if ignited, explodes
 and burns those in its midst. With Repair 25+, one can deactivate it via the
 nearby pipe's valve. A radio here (on 2F) keeps the player in check, although
 there's little here -- even the 'very hard' safe is mostly junk.

 A little bit more about street level areas. The NE Cloud-filled square has an
 adjoining shop, containing a first aid kit and "Return Outfit Item" vending
 code (register). This is the same code found in several other registers, but
 it helps nonetheless. Further west, leads to another Cloud-smothered street,
 alongside which is a 'very hard' gate -- this leads to the service route's
 other entrance, and has little to speak of. Further west is the Switching
 Station, where Christine goes during her quest, and south of there, the
 exit to Puesta del Sol South. [Another service route exit is near there.]

 Okay, that covers 1F crap -- but that still leaves the upper areas, where all
 the radios are! And we can't be safe 'til they're exterminated, eh? Near the
 very first square (NW building) is stairway access up to 3F. This apartment
 contains cigarettes, a clever vertical shotgun trap and Mentats.

 The 3F roof nearby is worthless (although Elijah's 743.00hz and an Electric
 Box Fuse are up here), but the height advantage allows one to jump to the
 plentiful 2F roofs nearby. To start, one can enter the cloud-smothered 2F
 apartment above the east store, destroying its radio and gaining access to its
 safe (average). Similarly, the 2F tile roof allows one to reach a 2F house
 east of the square near the store, but there's little here besides booze and
 a 'Stained Note' on the desk. [The interfering speaker is built in to the 2F
 ornamental statue outside and can't be destroyed.]

 Continuing west at 2F height, one can make a pitstop in a room accessible
 only at this level -- it has a first aid box and usable terminal. [The wall
 hole opposite this place is a one-way drop accessible only from PdS South.]
 SW of there is a radio room with a safe (average) and PC (very hard), the
 latter of which can activate a hologam below. A tool kit near the entrance
 contains another 'Electric Fuse Box', needed later on.

 West, towards the switching station junction, is a gas-filled apartment with
 its own PC and shutoff valve. Going further west at this level isn't needed,
 as the only remaining room -- 2F, near the Cloud-filled dead end -- can be
 accessed from a ground-level staircase, near the switching station. The desk
 contains the Foreman's Key, letting one into the service route. [1F of that
 room has a few useful items, typically the med kit contents and Mentats.]

 With that, the only thing remaining to do in the north area is visit that
 service route, from any of its three entrances. Outside of acting as a
 shortcut, and having a terminal with the "Demolition Charge" vending code,
 there's little else to do here. Waste of a sheltered spot, man...

 Right on the first street, get ready to fight off a gaggle of seekers and
 harvesters, about 4-5 nearby and a few more in the vicinity. Eradicating the
 nuisances allows safer exploration this new district. 

 First off, the SE square, covered in Cloud. The buildings here can be
 accessed from the square itself or the crossroad south of the area's main
 entrance. The annoying radio here is on the 3F external statue's base,
 susceptible to well-placed shots. Another "Demolition Charge" vending code is
 in the 3F pool hall lounge, and several drained MFCs are near the beach
 chairs. Down one floor, in the maintenance area, is first aid kit and PC (very
 hard) -- the latter activates a hologram if hacked. By comparison, the
 quarters west of this building have little of interest.

 Eastward (still at street level) brushes along an old store, containing a
 vending machine, "Buffout" vending code and several registers to loot. Along
 the road, a large plaza with a spotlit tree is found. Most areas here are at
 2F, leaving only a SE route through the Cloud-ed alley. This building through
 this route gives 3F access, and leads to the spot Dean waits at during his

 • Before doing that, though, there's still optional places to explore. The
   ruined cafe near the start can be used to get outdoor 2F access, and whose
   west path can lead to a 3F tower. Here, one can find the "Hologram Rifle -
   Advanced Calibration" vending code, along with MFC, normal and drained. The
   NW balcony near here leads to a ruined building safehouse, and can't be
   accessed except by jumping to its platform. It also opens into PdS' north

 Reaching the designated spot gives a mandatory conversation in which Dean
 refuses to go on without some protection, namely holograms to distract the
 inevitable ghost people. The "mean" route is to tell him one'll break his
 legs and leave him here, finishing the quest easier -- but failing that, one
 really must activate the two sentries nearby.

 1) The building just NW of Dean's waiting spot: 2F terminal
 2) From cafe 2F (north) balcony, enter adjacent building; on terminal

 If one had to reactivate the sentries, Dean is only partially reassured, and
 has a few optional checks to steady his nerves: [Repair 35], [Barter 25] or
 [Speech 80]. Convincing Dean to stay, with or without holograms, finishes the
 quest, and prevents one from using him as a companion again.

 PS: The "Automatic Rifle - Upgraded Internals" code is near Dean's cables.

|¯¯¯¯\ (¯\_/¯)______ _____________________________
| |¯\ \|     |¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
| |  ) ) | | | DM08 | TRIGGER THE GALA EVENT      |============================
| |_/ /| | | |______|_____________________________|
|____/ |_|_|_|¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

 Client -: n/a
 Prereq -: Mixed Signals
         : Fires in the Sky
         : Strike Up the Band
 Precedes: Put the Beast Down
 Missable: no
 Reward -: 2100 XP

 As "Fires in the Sky" before it, this quest is automatically added after
 finishing the previous batch (i.e. all companions led to their destinations).
 This final piece of the puzzle relates to the Courier's actions alone, and
 speaking of "alone," without companions, one has to go it alone! Hooray...?

 The bell tower Elijah mentions is in the Salida del Sol area too, and the
 journey begins by heading eastward, through either of the toxic alleys. The
 northern route's radio interference is on the east side of an arch, right
 after exiting the Cloud; the southern route's radio is on a 2F balcony. These
 areas have also spawned extra enemies, usually Seekers.

 Near the third speaker (above northern arch passage) is a toxic store housing
 one of Dean's stashes and another "Return Outfit Item" code, in the register.
 Further up the street is a vending machine and entrance to the 'Salida del
 Sol House', essentially a minor saferoom entering into the courtyard area.
 Before that, though, be sure to loot the apartment opposite its entrance,
 as it contains a first aid kit, a PC (for "History's Sake") and the skillbook
 "Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor".

 Here's where the "fun" truly begins. A 'Torn Journal' page can be found atop
 the stair, which leads down to street level. The way west is blocked (a gate
 previously seen in the SDS South's first crossroads) but north and east are

 Let's go east first. Destroy the ghosts hanging around the stairway and keep
 an east course, entering a dilapidated bar with a radio (behind counter). One
 of Dean's stashes is here on the upper shelf. Rewind a bit and take the south
 staircase to the apartment. 

 • By jumping the staircase's railing, one can find several things: some MFC
   ammo (east), a Weapon Repair Kit (north through Cloud) and one of Dean's
   stashes in an apartment (west). Said apartment also contains the DLC's
   only snowglobe, on a crate -- finding it gives 2000 Sierra Madre chips
   automatically, not caps.

 Southward from the stairway, one can find the "RadAway" vending code in the
 downstairs bar (near fridge), along with a trapper. North leads to a plaza.
 Trying to take next tunnel reveals a radio signal from somewhere, and after
 some careful ghost killing, one can find its source near the north stairway,
 on the south upper wall. Heading further west leads to a Cloud-choked street
 adjacent to two stores. The eastern one has another "Return Outfit Item" code
 in its register.

 Destroy the radio in said store (wall near entry) and the one across the
 street (interior countertop) for good measure. Traveling west through this
 new shop leads to a 2F balcony overlooking a Cloud-drenched sitting area. It
 has a secret stash and automatic rifle, but there's no escape until one finds
 the key next to skeleton with a toolbox! [And even after that, the only way
 to return to Salida del Sol North is by taking the long way!]

 WHEN READY TO CONTINUE onwards, return to the tunnel near the "tree plaza".
 It should be radio-free now, allowing one to explore at leisure. That tiny
 stair tunnel leads to the adjacent courtyard's 2F balcony. To reach the 4F
 rooftop, though, one must enter the main building itself. [Interior: 2F has
 a vending machine, 3F a mine box; 4F has PC for "History's Sake" and "Rad-X"
 vending code.] A rooftop board stretches into the cross-street flat.

 • Failing the jump lands one in the alley behind the four-story complex. The
   lowest area leads into a bathroom (first aid kit in stall) and there's a
   handy plywood ramp leading up to the target, too. Also, a grenade box is
   sitting at the 2F roof's east end.

 Past the tripwire, navigate the building back down to a vending machine shop.
 Again, the register contains a "Return Outfit Item" code -- they're really
 hammering that crappy function home, aren't they? The double-stair promenade
 leads further north or back south (through Cloud), and contains several ghost
 stooges to bury. One of Dean's stashes is actually hidden past said Cloud,
 at the west end.

 Either way, the passage to the immediate east contains a terminal ("History's
 Sake" applicable) and a radio above its stair. Going further north along the
 main road leads to...

 Better known as the belltower's massive courtyard. At street level, the only
 places to go are east (dead-end office) and west, toward the church/funeral
 parlor. A few ghost foes are found in the basement wine cellar, a necessary
 stop en route to the 2F balcony. Reaching this height spawns a couple ghosts
 nearby, most in the lower courtyard. The proper way to go is further north,
 past decaying sleeping quarters, to a small courtyard.

 If one's a good shot, it's possible to snipe the radio visible in the 2F
 broken-wall "window". If not, one must race upstairs and deactivate it to
 make things safe. From the 2F balcony, collect any ammo nearby (average box
 near west door). All that's left is to climb the belltower!

 Collect the "Super Stimpak" and "Hologram Rifle - Focusing Lense" codes, and
 trigger the switch when ready. Starting the spectacle completes the "Having
 a Ball" challenge/achievement, but one must enter the Sierra Madre from the
 main Villa fountain to finish the quest. This means traversing Salida del Sol
 in full while tons of ghost people are roused! Not fun...luckily, those who
 know the terrain can simply run past them all. [I suggest taking a shortcut
 to the south district, via the SW "Dean's stash" courtyard mentioned earlier.] 

 Salida del Sol South's enemies won't have respawned, but the Villa's will
 have, in addition to that section having new (unbreakable) radios to mess
 with the collar. They'll glow red, so try to feel out their locations with
 that info.

 Anyway, entering the Sierra Madre prevents one from returning to previously
 accessible areas (for awhile), so if one wants to find Dean's stashes, weapon
 upgrades and the like, do so now! [See challenges section for most of their
 locations.] Creating extra Holorifle MFCs ain't a bad idea either.

 Onward to the heist!

|¯¯¯¯\ (¯\_/¯)______ _____________________________
| |¯\ \|     |¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
| |  ) ) | | | DM09 | PUT THE BEAST DOWN          |============================
| |_/ /| | | |______|_____________________________|
|____/ |_|_|_|¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

 Client -: n/a
 Prereq -: Trigger the Gala Event
 Precedes: Heist of the Centuries
 Missable: no
 Reward -: 1600 XP

 Bursting into the casino triggers the security, knocking out all companions
 and oneself. After coming to, Elijah mentions the comrades were shuffled
 around, and that one must first "wake up" the casino to gain access to the
 closed-off locales. This quest starts officially 'round this time.

 The lobby gives access to several places: the Tampico Theater (west), the
 Sierra Madre Casino floor (north 1F/2F), Executive Suites (north 2F) and the
 Cantina Madrid restaurant (1F east). All places except the casino's main
 entrance are closed now, however, and will gradually open as the remaining
 quests are unveiled. Searching around the lobby gives little of worth: the
 registration desk PC can activate hologram security, assuming one finds its
 code; and the 2F east bathroom has a Police Pistol, if one ain't packing.

 No speaker in this area can be destroyed, so it's best to learn their places
 (near Cantina Madrid and Tampico corridors) and avoid 'em. A vending machine
 can be found on the 2F balcony, if one needs to supply before proceeding.

 This establishment has several lobby entrances, but only the main one begins
 unlocked. Security holograms are stationed in a few places around here, and
 can be set on patrol via consoles (including the one nearby). Change the
 nearest guard's pattern to the west casino floor, which gives access to the
 upper food court. Near the bar itself is a breakable radio and first aid kit,
 plus the "Wine" vending code on a shelf. The Casino Security Passcode lays
 on the countertop. Finally, jump on the sitting area's west railing and snipe
 the hologram beacon, nixing the last one encountered.

 • It's possible to walk on the ornamental arches and leap into the cashier's
   SW area. It's closed off at the moment, but one can escape by jumping on
   the file cabinet. Loot its hard safe, cabinet (contains Cashier's Key), and
   "Guns and Bullets" issue on the floor. Then, the back office's gun cabinet
   (Automatic Rifle!) and 'average' Cashier's Terminal, which unlocks the
   floor safe. The south staircase leads up to the hallway behind the 2F food
   court, but can't be opened without that Cashier's Key!

 In any case, that hallway behind the bar has a patrolling hologram. The
 cashier's stairway bypasses a confrontation, which is very hard to do taking
 the behind-bar route. [Its deactivation beacon is in the hallway just west
 of the nearby computer, in an upper corner.] Anyway, with the bozo destroyed,
 exploration is easier.

 The security station around the 'hard' computer contains several items, like
 Reinforced Sierra Madre Armor, a Laser Pistol and Automatic Rifle. Further
 down the hall, the security chief's room contains a Reinforced SM helmet to
 complete the set. The 'very easy' lounge nearby has a first aid kit, some
 foodstuffs and the "Vodka" vending code. [A duffel bag in the bar-security
 station hallway has the 'Sierra Madre Office Key,' unlocking side entrances
 that connect to the main lobby.]

 Upstairs is the Cantina Madrid's emergency exit (currently locked), and two
 offices. The northern office contains two PCs, giving info for "History's
 Sake" and directing the 2F hologram, respectively. The "Scotch" vending code
 is also here. The southern office has a beeping radio and a "Tumblers Today"
 skillbook, both atop cabinets. The auto-doc here can only restore limbs.

 AAANYWAY, to continue with the main quest, one must operate the security
 station's "hard" terminal. Finding the code on the bar countertop removes
 its encryption, note. This PC can unlock the casino's 1F electrical closet,
 and send the (only remaining?) hologram on patrol. En route to the map-marked
 closet, be sure to destroy the holo emitter hidden at floor level. Its
 location is actually alluded to in the previous PC's security logs.

 This tiny room contains a first aid kit and electrical switch -- flipping the
 latter turns on the facility's power, and adds the other two companions'
 quests (Curtain Call at the Tampico, Last Luxuries) officially. They can be
 done now, too, in any order.

 • The power also restores the casino's gaming/cashier functions, allowing one
   a fun diversion from companion-hunting. It's highly suggested to win at
   least 7,500+ chips as it allows one to redeem the vouchers, one of the few
   post-DLC rewards worth having. [10,000+ chips won results in a ban.] This
   place has the usual games: slots, blackjack, roulette. Blackjack allows the
   highest max bet (200) however. High LCK helps win more often.

 Dog/God's quest can progress farther now. Return to the lobby and make for
 the east door. All speaker "emergency alarms" are turned off now, and Elijah
 will chime in to give his views: kill the teammates. Thanks, gramps... 

 The quest log wants one to find the emergency maintenance key, sitting on
 the the south booth's counter. The radio speakers interfering here are found
 on the lobby's upper north wall and the nearby bathroom. The east maintenance
 door to Dog/God is locked, forcing one to find another way.

 This way is in the Sierra Madre's casino, via the 3F hatch one may have seen
 earlier. A prompt mentions that, upon entering the kitchen, one cannot leave
 until the gas leak and Dog/God are dealth with. Proceed in when ready!

 One enters the preparation room without attracting Dog/God's attention. If
 one's heard the mutant's ramblings, it's evident that the inner struggle for
 control has made Dog suicidal, hence the gas leak. Revealing one's presence
 to Dog, without having first shut off the (3) valves, starts a scripted
 death, killing the player in a blaze of glory. Said valves are in the entry
 hallway, east freezer and near the southern doors. Garbage cans around here
 may give copies of "¡La Fantoma!" which can augment Sneak.

 Initiating dialogue before Dog can commit suicide allows one to intervene --
 this also happens upon revealing oneself if the gas leak threat is concluded.
 Passing the [Speech 50] and subsequent [Speech 85] checks allows the mutant's
 two personalities to combine, earning good karma. Telling Dog to imagine his
 inner voice as a ball allows him to devour the "God" personality, while the
 third option makes him commit suicide, too, only by breaking his neck, not
 exploding. If one called out "Dog" at any time while a companion, the [Speech
 75] option to have God assimilate Dog's personality won't occur.

 It's also possible to fight Dog, although most of the difficulty comes from
 the gas leak -- one spark (muzzle flash) sets the entire casino ablaze! Thus,
 it's imperative for firearm users to nix that problem before retaliating. As
 is expected, Dog is bare-handed and can have outrageous amounts of health.
 The kitchen's long tables and freezers provide excellent defenses against his
 short-range attacks.

 The quest ends after convincing Dog to assimilate/devour his personality, or
 after exiting the kitchen following his death. Remember: one cannot leave the
 place without first turning off all valves AND obtaining his Maintenance Pass
 keycard. There's only a short window to do all this if he dies outside his
 scripted event, so beware!

 As for the kitchen itself, it contains a workbench, several crafting items
 and a PC with the "Starlet Hologram Code Snippet," used later. A desk and
 tool cabinet can be opened with the new passkey, and near said desk is the
 8 of Clubs for the "Dead Man's Hand" challenge.

 A wave of ghost people will appear next time one's in the main lobby, too.

|¯¯¯¯\ (¯\_/¯)______ _____________________________
| |¯\ \|     |¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
| |  ) ) | | | DM10 | CURTAIN CALL AT THE TAMPICO |============================
| |_/ /| | | |______|_____________________________|
|____/ |_|_|_|¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

 Client -: n/a
 Prereq -: Power restored during "Put the Beast Down"
 Precedes: Heist of the Centuries
 Missable: no
 Reward -: 1500 XP

 As stated previously, the Tampico Theater is in the main lobby's west wing.
 Near the blocked double doors across the hall, one can find the PC password
 for the receptionist's computer, preventing one from the strain of hacking
 its 'easy' encryption. Within its files, the main lobby security password and
 an overview of the nearby stage's retained functionality. The north corridor
 vending machine is within a yet-unseen speaker's range, too.

 Take the south hallway to the stage, since it allows one to break a different
 (wall-mounted) speaker within eyeshot. There's four unbreakable speakers to
 find here, easily visible by standing in a safe zone, like the stage's east
 end. This shouldn't stop one from looting, though: the adjacent bar has a
 'very easy' safe and first aid box, while the quest-marked partitures in the
 spotlight contain the Backstage Key.

 Obtaining said key starts a convo with Dean Domino from his backstage perch.
 The [Speech 65] check reveals the exit key is backstage, which is helpful
 since, after the chat, one's locked in the theater with several reactivated
 security holograms. Great. Run for the NW stage-side door to avoid a crispy

 Right in this hallway, one of the holograms' emitters is found, on the east
 wall. Westward leads to Dean's old dressing room, although with the radio
 inside and one in the hallway too, it's a deathtrap for those rushing forward!
 In safer circumstances, one can loot the first aid kit and 'hard' safe -- the
 latter contains a blackmail tape. Vera's Backstage Key is found on his desk.

 Next up is wardrobe storage, a rather large room with entrances. The radio
 speaker's hidden on the inner east wall, and there's a cleverly hidden holo
 emitter behind the corner couch. The first aid kit and vending machine round
 things out.

 All the way south is Vera's dressing room, accessed by the key in Dean's. Be
 quick about using the hallway PC (disables theater speakers) and breaking the
 tabletop radio inside -- that should be it from all aural threats. Her room
 contains a 'hard' first aid box and a copy of Dean's "Saw Her Yesterday" song.
 Underneath it is Vera's Master Key, opening all unlocked doors, 'cept the
 backstage one leading to Dean.

 Visit the theater's upper east projection booth now, unlocked with the new
 key. It contains a "Lying, Congressional Style" skillbook and an 'easy' first
 aid kit, plus the holotape projector. Play "Saw Her Yesterday" to eliminate
 the onstage guard and unlock the backstage door. Confrontation time!

 The tone of this conversation depends on how one treated Dean during their
 first encounter. A [Speech 75] check reveals that the lounge fly keeps the
 exit key on his person, but all options result in battle from then on. Should
 one have found the blackmail tape, it can be brought up to learn Dean's past
 association with Vera, completing part of "The Whole Sad Story" challenge. It
 doesn't make Dean docile, though.
 If Dean is killed, one has to make a break for the exit. There's a rather
 lengthy grace period to do this, though, so be sure to take his unique tuxedo
 and the Ace of Clubs card (on ground backstage, not too far from entry door).

 The quest finishes upon convincing Dean to back down (if friendly) or exiting
 the theater safely (if he died). More ghost dudes spawn in the main lobby, as

|¯¯¯¯\ (¯\_/¯)______ _____________________________
| |¯\ \|     |¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
| |  ) ) | | | DM11 | LAST LUXURIES               |============================
| |_/ /| | | |______|_____________________________|
|____/ |_|_|_|¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

 Client -: n/a
 Prereq -: Power restored during "Put the Beast Down"
 Precedes: Heist of the Centuries
 Missable: no
 Reward -: 1500 XP

 Christine is located somewhere in the Executive Suites, accessible from the
 main lobby's upper north elevator. The "mute" herself should chime in (!) once
 Elijah's mini-briefing ends, mentioning there's holographic signatures around
 here. The two eastern doors near here are sealed, making the only path an
 eastward one.

 At hall's end is a destroyed NW suite, adjoining into the next-door eastern
 one, containing a Vera hologram. These are even less friendly than normal
 security bots, so don't get fooled by her looks! While she patrols, sneak
 into the north bathroom and destroy the emitter, cleverly hidden behind the
 door (or disable with Repair 75+).

 Traveling south through the suites, one can enter the hallway or pick access
 to the 'easy' locked bedroom. There's a radio on the bedroom north of here,
 affecting one's exploration -- explosives'll help nix it. The west corridor
 leads to a laundry room; its radio is on a large counter. The PCs here are
 great: one overrides the sealed doors; the other 'easy' hack can disable all
 loudspeakers, plus has a "Starlet Hologram Code Snippet" and a downloadable
 recipe for the Super-heated Knife! If one has a regular Cosmic Knife, the
 workbench and supplies near it can round out the rest. [On a computer desk
 is the Suites Maintenance Key, applying to the nearby locked door.]

 Return to the first hallway and move west -- the sealed door has retracted.
 From here, the NE door leads to a security station, with several lockers
 giving Sierra Madre Armor/Helmets and Police Pistols/Batons. A Hunting
 Shotgun can be found on the inner shelf. The 'average' hack PC nearby can
 unlock the keyless security closet, containing even more weaponry: a shotgun,
 reinforced SM armor set and extra ammo. Finally, that PC can recalibrate the
 holograms' IFF, turning them all docile. Nice!

 West leads to the hologram-infested suites, although they shouldn't be a
 problem with their IFF tweaked. A password note is found in the dining area,
 as well as a holo-emitter (behind open west door) if needed. South leads to
 a separate suite, perhaps with its own hologram -- its emitter is found in
 the bathroom's adjoining bedroom, also behind a door. The pesky radio can be
 found in the southernmost room atop a table.

 The east corridor is now open. A vending machine can be found here, as well
 as a kitchen. There's a radio on the floor here and a gas leak; neutralizing
 the latter opens the sealed door to the workshop's hallway. [A Cosmic Knife
 is found here, too, in case one wanted to make a super-heated version.] The
 destination is the double doors in that east corridor, but going further
 east reveals a skeleton holding the Suites Security Pass, plus a Cloud-filled
 bedroom. [Said bedroom contains a radio, 'easy' closet with medical supplies,
 Metal Armor and a reinforced Metal Helmet. The bathroom has a first aid kit.]

 When ready, enter the double doors to find Vera's old quarters. It contains a
 chemistry set and, on the bookshelf, a "Big Book of Science" skillbook.
 Entering Vera's bedroom, where Christine is, finishes the quest immediately.

 In the ensuing dialogue, one can get Christine's part of "The Whole Sad Story"
 challenge by picking the "sounds personal" option and exploring it. This also
 leads to her visit to the Big Empty, which gives a point for the "Things to
 Come!" challenge. If she's on good terms with the player -- typically done by
 having successful past conversations, i.e. passing her skill checks -- she'll
 give "Vera's Key" over without qualms.

 Vera's room contains her corpse (wearing the special "Vera's Outfit" dress)
 and some meds. In a corner near a dresser, the "Queen of Clubs" card lies,
 potentially the last one needed for the "Dead Man's Hand" challenge. The key
 Christine gives also unlocks the other dresser, used in the following quest.
 Using the living room terminal gives access to a safe and the vault elevator,
 the latter of which has a 2nd "Vera's Outfit".

|¯¯¯¯\ (¯\_/¯)______ _____________________________
| |¯\ \|     |¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
| |  ) ) | | | DM12 | HEIST OF THE CENTURIES      |============================
| |_/ /| ) | |______|_____________________________|
|____/ |_|_|_|¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

 Client -: n/a
 Prereq -: Last Luxuries
         : Put the Beast Down
         : Curtain Call at the Tampico
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: no
 Reward -: 3000 XP

 This quest is automatically added when the three companions are found and
 taken care of, one way or another. As stated, Vera's suite gives access to
 the vault's elevator...but there's a problem: her voice is the literal key!
 Revisit the main lobby (ghosts'll have spawned from finishing Last Luxuries)
 and use the receptionist desk's PC to download the 3 ambient tracks. Doing
 this stitches together a copy of Vera's "Begin Again" tune.

 Return upstairs and speak with Christine. Through dialogue, she can open the
 vault by mimicking Vera's voice. As for her Elijah vendetta, mentioning that
 oneself will put him down calms her mind. Asking her to let him pass through
 the Suites unimpeded raises a problem, one that can turn her hostile. An
 optional [PER 7] check reveals her intentions, but doesn't affect anything.

 Her technical acumen allows her to scan enemies' collars and remotely detonate
 them. Also, getting in too close a proximity (while noticed) allows the same
 fate. In the event one has to flee from her scanning range -- which only
 offers a little leeway -- run toward the normal elevator. Returning back up
 will have reset the beeping, but Christine will still turn hostile when she
 sees the player again. That leaves no choice but to put 'er down... Sneak
 crits work best since she uses reinforced Sierra Madre Armor.

 Back to the Vault. Christine will open it if her dialogue goes well; if not,
 one can play "Begin Again" by inspecting the intercom mic. [Leaving is still
 possible upon descending.] The Suites can be used as

 From the very first chamber, one can spy the fortified vault from afar --
 those pesky forcefields prevent quick access, though. A terminal nearby'll
 open west maintenance access, and give an interesting tidbit about the lift's
 emergency procedures. At the south juncture, west goes to a dead end with a
 gun case, east toward the maintenance chamber #1.

 One must step lightly in here -- if the speakers don't get one, the rather
 high falls can. There's one speaker here (wall-mounted, along staircase's
 twisting path) that can be shot from the corridor, but the next-door area's
 also impacts the journey. A safe zone is the lit-up booth halfway through,
 where the ammo box and 'Worker's Note' are sitting.

 Maintenance Chamber #2, that next-door area, has several speakers impeding
 the ascent. The first one to go is located right on a wall right above the
 entrance booth; it can be shot from the NE mini-stair. [This is the one that
 affects the previous room.] Another speaker, atop the upper NE exit's door,
 can be plinked from down here, too. The other two -- at top level on the SE
 and SW walls -- cannot be broken. Thus, the way forward entails ascending
 as quick as one can, toward the exit. If needed, avoid the path's bend toward
 the PC (which disables the alarm) and hop the girder instead.

 Working north, one finds a security chamber with active holograms. The quick
 way in involves ducking left (west) and leaping the broken catwalk, away
 from the unbreakable speaker. When the coast's clear, activate the west PC
 and toggle the nosy hologram's patrol to the previous corridor's water valve.

 The goal now is to reach the east control booth, and the compy just east of
 the last can give it a patrolling routine. [It also contains an entry for
 "History's Sake" the last one needed.] Sneaking east across the middle-ish
 catwalk, then jumping onto the target booth gives sightlines to the west --
 in particular, the tiny blue emitters that control the north door guard and
 the water valve patroller. With them gone, that leaves just one holo-moron
 to deal with, and its emitter is on the NE booth's ceiling. Peace and quiet!

 Upon infiltrating said east booth, one can turn off alarms (including the
 unbreakable speakers) and deactivate the north forcefield. Giving the 'gram a
 new route to patrol makes exiting north easier. Before leaving, it's possible
 to find a Turret Control Password holotape, underneath the NW walkway in the
 Cloud-draped area (it's next to a toolbox). It requires some tricky jumping
 to get back up, but can be worth it.

 The north corridor loops back around to the Vault's doorstep, still filled
 with forcefields. Use the terminal close by to disengage security protocols,
 which removes all security measures but sends the lift upstairs...that means
 no escapin'! Get the first aid kit nearby and enter the vault via the wall

 • Before going in, one can find Frederick Sinclair's skeleton opposite the
   vault entrance, on some southern pipework in the Cloud. A duffel bag near
   him contains a "Nikola Tesla and You" skillbook. Getting back to the
   upper walkway requires ducking under the overhang and hopping up the bend
   in the pipes.

 Going inside locks the door afterwards. Within is a gun cabinet with tons
 of armor and a few weapons, a first aid kit, and vending machine. Terminals
 include a redundant security disengager (toggle turrets' IFF) and a 'very
 hard' hack (no hack required if one found password). Let's see...what else
 is there...ahh yes! The TONS OF GOLD BARS. Each can be sold for 10,000+ caps,
 but a single one weighs 35 pounds! Additionally, one cannot "field carry" the
 item as one would a dead body, due to their heaviness. [There's 36 total.]

 When ready to continue, disable security outside and access the vault's main
 terminal. There's a message to Vera from Sinclair, although the important
 thing it mentions is not to view his personal accounts log -- doing so is a
 trap meant to permanently lock the interloper inside. [Doing this anyway gives
 a premature ending about the Courier's death. D'oh.]

 Exiting the convo after reading Frederick's note starts a scripted Elijah
 convo. He's up to fielding questions this time, and inquiring about his own
 desires and where he's travelled racks up points for "The Whole Sad Story"
 and "Things to Come!" challenges. Asking whether Elijah's coming down will
 reveal he isn't -- this gives an opening to tempt him. 

 Several options can arise from this path, most having duplicate checks.

 • [Barter 75] Strike a deal: "you" get to leave, he gets the rewards
 • [Speech 75] Butter him up, mentioning he's waited too long
 • [Lockpick 75] Mention having already breached the vault
 • [Sneak 75] Mention how easy it is to hide within the vault's basement
 • [Explosives 75] Mention using the collar to roast the vault's contents
 • [Science 75] Say destroying a single holotape can prevent his access
 • [Repair 75] Note the elevator's make, and how easy it'd be to sabotage it
 • Saying one has no interest in the casino convinces him of one's compliance

 After Elijah agrees to come down, the vault's door unlocks. There's two main
 options on how to proceed.

 1) TRAP ELIJAH IN VAULT: This is by far the easiest method. Simply run toward
    the SE booth and hide there. When Elijah's curiosity makes the forcefields
    reactivate, he'll be trapped -- the player can't get to him either. Doing
    this method earns the "Safety Deposit Box" achievement.

 2) CONFRONT ELIJAH: Standing one's ground when Elijah descends has the foe
    hide behind a forcefield after reactivating the 4 turrets. If Christine's
    alive upstairs, she'll be able to short circuit two of 'em, but the others
    require the player's shootin'. Eventually Elijah will scurry from his
    safe zone -- his only method of firepower is a Gauss Rifle, actually in
    poor condition. Depending on what level and skill one's acquired, it's
    very easy to destroy Elijah. Doing so earns the "Cash Out" achievement.

 Regardless of how the quest log advances, one's collar is still a problem --
 the only option remaining is fleeing, retracing one's steps to revisit that
 pesky vault elevator a few yards away. Elijah obviously wanted to kill the
 player immediately, but the collar's delay (a few minutes) allows one a clean
 getaway...supposing they're not lugging 35 gold bars around!

 Leaving the vault area returns the player to the main fountain area, which
 also completes the quest. The explosive collar is automatically removed at
 this time, too.

 Leaving the villa -- south of the main fountain -- completes the DLC, and
 prevents one from ever accessing it again. Use this time to round off stray
 tasks, all much easier without the pesky collar.

 • Challenge: Dead Man's Hand
 • Challenge: Dean's Secret Stash
 • Challenge: any ghost-slaying ones (they don't exist outside the DLC)
 • Missing Sierra Madre playing cards
 • Missing skillbooks
 • Missing snowglobe (in Puesta del Sol North)
 • Missing DLC-specific weapon upgrades
 • Have a net win of 7500+ chips at the hotel's casino

 Here's a list of all vending machine codes, since I put it nowhere else. Some
 appear in duplicates, but need only be found once for functionality.
  |_| .308 Rifle Rounds [Police Station: bathroom]
  |_| Auto. Rifle Upgr. Internals [Puesta del Sol South: Dean's waiting spot]
  |_| Bear Trap Fist HD Springs [Salida del Sol, switching station; on rubble]
  |_| Buffout [Puesta del Sol South: street-level store, SE of main entrance]
  |_| Demolition Charge [Puesta del Sol North: service route, from terminal]
  |_| Demolition Charge [Puesta del Sol South: Bldg SW of entrance, 3F lounge]
  |_| Holorifle Adv. Calibration [Puesta del Sol S.; 3F tower, SW of Cafe]
  |_| Holorifle Focusing Lense [Campanas del Sol: bell tower]
  |_| Holorifle Reinf. Components [Puesta del Sol: switching station, by lift]
  |_| Med-X [Medical District: villa clinic, 2F office; download from PC]
  |_| Mentats [Medical District: villa clinic, 2F office; on bookshelf]
  |_| Rad-X [Salida del Sol North: NE 4-story apartment; 4F shelf, near bed]
  |_| RadAway [Salida del Sol North: east bar, on floor near counter]
  |_| Return Outfit Item [Villa; hologram's store, NE of plaza; in register]
  |_| Return Outfit Item [Villa; store S of Salida del Sol entrance; register]
  |_| Return Outfit Item [Puesta del Sol North: NE store, in register]
  |_| Return Outfit Item [Salida del Sol South: eastern toxic store; register]
  |_| Return Outfit Item [Salida del Sol North: NE apartment's 1F store; rgstr]
  |_| Scotch [Sierra Madre Casino: actual casino, 3F office; on shelf]
  |_| Steady [Police station, on desk near coffeemaker]
  |_| Stimpak [Clinic, on reception desk]
  |_| Super Stimpak [Campanas del Sol: bell tower]
  |_| Vodka [Sierra Madre Casino: actual casino, 2F security lounge; by fridge]
  |_| Wine [Sierra Madre Casino: food court, on shelf near bar]

 Other challenges are either undoable since the plot's over or can be done
 outside the DLC (like "Big Winner" and "Kiss of Death"). Anyway, upon leaving
 the Villa, one is treated to the ending, giving info about...

 • Overview (fates of companions & Courier)
 • Dog/God
 • Dean Domino
 • Christine

 Endings are typically affected by whether the companions/Elijah lived or
 died, and the outcome of Dog's personalities.

 Finishing the DLC puts one back in the Abandoned BoS Bunker...so now what?
 Well, there's a few things available. Firstly, Elijah's side room is unlocked,
 allowing access to his living quarters. The footlocker at the end of his bed
 contains a copy of his unique garb ("Father Elijah's Robes"), and his unique
 chem set allows a daily Jar of Cloud Residue for crafting. Furthermore, his
 vending machine still works on the Sierra Madre's inventory, allowing one to
 redeem chips at leisure -- it can be a cheap way to get some of these things,
 too! [There's also the "Dean's Electronics" skillbook near his shelf.]

 Also new is the dropbox near the quarters' terminal. Every couple of days, a
 Complimentary Voucher will be placed here, which can be redeemed for 1000
 chips at the vending machine. The catch? Unless a player won 7500+ chips at
 the Sierra Madre and unlocked the comped voucher, one can't use them!

 And the last item. The desktop PC across the room is now accessible, and will
 have a message for his "disciple," Veronica...the girl at the 188 Trading
 Post...likes punching things. She's very unforgettable! After questioning
 about Elijah in general, an option appears in her default dialogue, telling
 her he's been found. This allows one to pass along the downloaded holotape.
 Suggesting she watch it gives her the "Elijah's Last Words" perk; suggesting
 she unlock it first, then refusing to give it over, gives "Elijah's Ramblings"

 [All confiscated equipment is returned to the player upon approaching the
 bunker's exit ladder. Unless one has Long Haul, it almost certainly causes
 some big overencumbrance problems. It's quite a distance, but visiting Novac
 or the 188 Trading Post can alleviate that gold bar problem...]

HONEST HEARTS                                                            [DLC2]
 Honest Hearts is the second New Vegas add-on (released May 2011) regarding
 the Burned Man legend and events at Utah's Zion National Park. It costs 800
 MSP in the Marketplace, but comes "free" on the Ultimate Edition's 2nd disc.
 It, like Dead Money, ups the level cap by 5 when installed. Here's a small

 ACHIEVEMENTS: Five new ones are added, and are gained during the natural
 course of the events. How one finishes decides whether one gets "May My Hand
 Forget Its Skill" or "O Daughter of Babylon," meaning one has to reload and
 pick the alternate path to get both. [Note that breaking the DLC by killing
 a major character, or committing overt hostilities against friendly tribals,
 nixes the questline, preventing one from getting any further achievements.]

 DIFFICULTY: The enemies in this DLC get better weaponry at higher levels, so
 many players like to do this content at lower levels. Battle-hardened vets
 and weapon collectors will enjoy squaring off against foes using Shishkabobs,
 Riot Shotguns, Anti-Materiel Rifles, Hunting Revolvers, etc. though.

 ENEMIES: National parks are breeding grounds for critters, and one'll see old
 friends (radscorpions, cazadors) and new (green geckos, zion mantises, yao
 guai). Yao Guai, ferocious bear-like animals that often appear in packs, are
 especially dangerous, and haven't been seen since Fallout 3. Human enemies
 are reserved for the White Legs, the DLC's enemy tribe. [DLC encounters can
 spawn out of nowhere, too, so having backup saves helps.]

 NEW WEAPONS: Guns debuting include the .45 Auto Pistol and .45 Auto SMG, both
 having mods. Melee-wise, War Clubs and yao guai gauntlets; the former also
 has mods. New throwable weapons include the tomahawk and fire bomb (similar
 to a molotov cocktail). There's also several unique variants of preexisting
 guns, like the Survivalist's Rifle and Compliance Regulator. [Finishing the
 DLC correctly gives some of the character-specific variants.]

 REVISITABLE: Yes, but only after completing the DLC. Leaving is impossible
 until one completes the content, or finishes the questline-breaking "Chaos in
 Zion" sidequest.

 VENDORS: Daniel and Graham sell medicine and weaponry, respectively, but
 neither carries much change. This clogs one's cashflow, typically, forcing
 one to lug it all around, or stash it somewhere, until the DLC finishes.

                                                             TABLE OF CONTENTS
 01) Happy Trails Expedition ............................................ HH01
 02) Arrival at Zion .................................................... HH02
 03) Tourist Trap ....................................................... HH03
 04) Gone Fishin' ....................................................... HH04
 05) Roadside Attraction ................................................ HH05
 06) Deliverer of Sorrows ............................................... HH06
 07) The Grand Staircase ................................................ HH07
 08) The Advance Scouts ................................................. HH08
 09) The Treacherous Road ............................................... HH09
 10) River Monsters ..................................................... HH10
 11) Gathering Storms ................................................... HH11
 12) Flight from Zion ................................................... HH12
 13) Crush the White Legs ............................................... HH13
 14) Departing Paradise ................................................. HH14

 01) A Family Affair .................................................... HHS1
 02) Bighorners of the Eastern Virgin ................................... HHS2
 03) Chaos in Zion ...................................................... HHS3
 04) Civilized Man's Burden ............................................. HHS4
 05) Prisoners of War ................................................... HHS5
 06) Retake the Bridge .................................................. HHS6
 07) Rite of Passage .................................................... HHS7
 08) Sanctity of the Dead ............................................... HHS8

|¯| |¯||¯| |¯|______ ______________________________________
| |_| || |_| |¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
|     ||     | HH01 | HAPPY TRAILS EXPEDITION              |===================
| |¯| || |¯| |______|______________________________________|
|_| |_||_| |_|¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

 Client -: n/a
 Prereq -: Ain't That a Kick in the Head
 Precedes: Arrival at Zion
 Missable: no
 Reward -: n/a

 This quest is automatically added after the first mission, directing one to
 visit the Happy Trails Expedition at the Northern Passage. True to its name,
 it's a craggy cavern, almost a direct shot north from the Vegas Strip. There's
 little in the way of hostilities between there, but for players wanting to
 undertake the DLC immediately upon a new game, it's clear across the map...and
 there's plenty of dangers in that respect.

 Inside the cave is the leader (Jed Masterson), a few guards (including Stella)
 and Ricky, the navigator. The latter has several funny dialogues:

 - Psycho: [Medicine 45] -- can sell him Psycho and Fixer (80 and 30 caps per)
 - Pip-Boy: [Science 45] or [Speech 50]
 - Vault 22: If one's been there, one can call him out on his BS
 - His function: [Survival 20], [Guns 45]

 The "Storm of Death" can be convinced to leave the caravan if (1) after outing
 his habit, telling him there's no Psycho on the trail (2) threatening to tell
 the caravan master his Pip-Boy is broken.

 Jed can tell about the mission and what's in store, including a [Barter 45]
 check to learn about the caravan's woes. The job can get under way once one
 is companionless -- must be dismissed, not told to wait -- and one's carrying
 under 75 pounds. A [Survival 50] check or having the Strong Back perk can
 convince him to raise the weight limit to 100. If one blackmailed Ricky into
 carrying some weight, the limit raises to 100, also.

 • Note that traveling light is still recommended -- as said above, there's
   no leaving until the DLC concludes. Dump all unneeded weapons, misc items,
   and heavy chems/meds first! There will be places to sell items, however.

 When the job is underway, the 175-cap pay is given and the intro vid starts.

|¯| |¯||¯| |¯|______ ______________________________________
| |_| || |_| |¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
|     ||     | HH02 | ARRIVAL AT ZION                      |===================
| |¯| || |¯| |______|______________________________________|
|_| |_||_| |_|¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

 Client -: Jed Masterson
 Prereq -: Happy Trails Expedition
 Precedes: Tourist Trap, Gone Fishin' and Roadside Attraction
 Missable: Yes [Any major DLC character slain]
 Reward -: n/a

 After a long journey, one will finally enter Utah's Zion Valley (earning a
 hefty 50-cap pay) with the rest of the caravaneers. As the squad makes its
 descent to the canyon-spanning bridge, terror strikes: White Legs ambush the
 team. The friendlies are all gunned down (these are scripted deaths that
 can't be avoided), leaving the Courier to waste the hostiles. Most will be on
 unreachable cliffs, making looting rather hard.

 This is as good a time as any to talk about the White Legs. These tribals are
 lightly armored but often bring heavy firepower. Storm-Drummers, a common
 footsoldier, often carry the DLC-specific .45 Auto Submachine Guns and at
 higher levels, Anti-Materiel Rifles or Brush Guns. Bone-Breakers use
 unarmed/melee weapons, including normal weapons (fire axes, mantis gauntlets)
 and Shishkebabs at higher levels. Light-Bringers tend to use 12.7mm SMGs, and
 usually carry some type of explosive (frag grenade, fire bomb). Most tribals
 will also carry antivenom and/or Dark Datura poison.

 Once the corpses are looted (don't forget those duffel bags either), descend
 to the bridge to find a few more White Legs. They may fall down into the
 river if propelled backwards too far, so be careful. Across the bridge, one
 will enemy, only he's cut down by Follows-Chalk, a Dead Horses tribesman.

 • If Follows-Chalk dies -- or any major story-related character, really --
   the DLC essentially fails, which starts the "Chaos in Zion" replacement
   quest. The circumstances make both the White Legs and normally friendly
   Dead Horses hostile, and they'll be fighting it out around Zion. The goal
   then becomes traveling to the northern Sorrows Camp and recovering a map
   from a clay pot deep in the canyon. [This requires killing Daniel and most
   of the Sorrows, though.] Once the map is recovered, leaving Zion Valley is
   possible. Returning to the Mojave gives the bad endings for everyone in
   general, except the White Legs...yeah, they're livin' it up. [3300 XP]

 Approaching Follows-Chalk will start a conversation, noting that (THE) Joshua
 Graham would be interested in talking to the massacre's survivor. He will
 join as a follower if one's friendly, or leave if one asks him to -- either
 way, the Dead Horses Camp in the eastern area is map-marked. Having him with
 won't hurt, though: he gives some insight into the area, pointing out both
 scenic treasures and hollow logs. It's also possible to begin his sidequest
 "Bighorners of the Eastern Virgin" from the get-go; just talk to him! [Chalk
 may disappear or get stuck, so have a backup save.]

 Following the marked trail, there'll be a scripted yao guai (mutated bear)
 encounter. Remember these suckers from Fallout 3? It'll run off if left alone,
 but there's a challenge for killing 10 of 'em, so why not start now? The path
 will eventually move east along the old road, then down to the Virgin's east
 canyon, where the Dead Horses' digs. [The Spine & Ranger Substation Peregrine,
 two locations that activate Chalk's "Well-Stacked Cairns" perk, are near the
 main path. The latter may have lots of yao guai or none, though.]

 Once one finds the Eastern Virgin map mark, simply follow the channel. It's
 got beartraps in its "depths," though, so watch yer tarsi, yo. Once the camp
 is located, enter Angel Cave nearby to speak with Joshua. [If Follows-Chalk
 was dismissed before arriving, he'll remind the player. If one has the
 Sneering Imperialist perk, one can insult the woman just inside Angel Cave

 Graham'll mention the Dead Horses are under continuous threat of attack, and
 without assistance from Daniel, a Canaanite missionary, the player won't be
 able to leave. Even if one's reluctant to help, there's no progress made
 without pledging assistance. Doing so finishes this mission and adds the next
 three (can be done in any order).

 • Note that Joshua can be asked to trade, and has plenty of interesting
   things. In addition to rare explosives (Bottlecap Mine, Time Bomb, Fire
   Bomb) one's not used to seeing in normal vendors, he also sells all mods
   for .45 Auto Pistols, .45 Auto Submachine Guns and War Clubs. Joshua can
   also fully repair equipment. Truly a jack-of-all-trades! Perhaps due to his
   humble surroundings, he hasn't got many caps to trade with though, usually
   about 900-1000.

 For those wanting Joshua to field personal questions, he puts that off until
 the Daniel's helped. Shucks.

|¯| |¯||¯| |¯|______ ______________________________________
| |_| || |_| |¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
|     ||     | HH03 | TOURIST TRAP                         |===================
| |¯| || |¯| |______|______________________________________|
|_| |_||_| |_|¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

 Client -: Joshua Graham [Angel Cave]
 Prereq -: Arrival at Zion
 Precedes: Deliverer of Sorrows
 Missable: Yes [Any major DLC character slain]
 Reward -: 500 XP (apx. LV27)

 The goal here is to visit the Zion Ranger Station and General Store, both of
 which're on the Virgin's far NW riverbank. This is the location farthest
 from the Dead Horses' camp, so even if one starts at the Zion Fishing Lodge,
 it's still a long walk. [The concept of swimming as close as possible to the
 destination is fine in general, but hoofing may be faster -- the old trails
 still lead right near there. Sun Sentinels, a location that triggers Chalk's
 "Well-Stacked Cairns" perk, is a ways west of said fishing lodge, also.]

 First up, the General Store: the goal is to find 5 "Li'l Scout Lunchboxes".
 After clearing out the denizens (usually a few mantises and a mole rat), and
 getting the Zion National Park snowglobe (shelf behind counter), the search
 can begin.
 |_| On main counter
 |_| On main counter
 |_| Small crate opposite vending machine
 |_| Back office; behind broom
 |_| Back office; inside Average-locked desk / Key is in front cash register

 With all five in tow, head to the ranger station up the slope -- there'll be
 a few critters inside (bark scorpions typically), but nothing too difficult.
 Like the Zion Fishing Lodge, there's some ammo crates scattered around, and
 another "hidden" stash behind the couch; this time it's a locked gun case.
 There's also ammo hidden behind the mantelpiece teddy bear display.

 The aid supplies can be found near the back bunk...only they're contaminated!
 • [Medicine 30] Salvage the supply kit
 • [Medicine 30] Replace contaminated components (1 Turpentine, 1 Duct Tape)
 • [Medicine 30] Sterilize kit with alcohol (1 Scotch, Whiskey or Vodka)
 • Take incomplete kit

 If one can't pass the default Medicine check, taking the kit to a campfire
 (the game suggests the one near Angel Cave, but any suffices) allows one to
 salvage it without required skills. Either way, getting the kit, as well as
 the lunchboxes, fixed finishes the quest.

|¯| |¯||¯| |¯|______ ______________________________________
| |_| || |_| |¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
|     ||     | HH04 | GONE FISHIN'                         |===================
| |¯| || |¯| |______|______________________________________|
|_| |_||_| |_|¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

 Client -: Joshua Graham [Angel Cave]
 Prereq -: Arrival at Zion
 Precedes: Deliverer of Sorrows
 Missable: Yes [Any major DLC character slain]
 Reward -: 400 XP (apx. LV27)

 The search for walkie-talkies leads to the player to Zion Fishing Lodge, an
 area in the NE region. Although Zion's highways have long since fallen in
 disrepair, the Virgin itself is the best route: swimming north's a surefire
 way to reach the destination. Of course, there'll probably be White Legs
 activity in-between, so be prepared.

 With the geckos cleaned out, one can start the search. Some notable items're
 ammo crates & magazines (including one behind the couch), a gun cabinet,
 and a Hunting Shotgun behind the bar. The walkie-talkies are in the Average
 cabinet (also behind bar), the key to which is inside the bathroom crate.
 Taking 'em finishes the mission.

|¯| |¯||¯| |¯|______ ______________________________________
| |_| || |_| |¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
|     ||     | HH05 | ROADSIDE ATTRACTION                  |===================
| |¯| || |¯| |______|______________________________________|
|_| |_||_| |_|¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

 Client -: Joshua Graham [Angel Cave]
 Prereq -: Arrival at Zion
 Precedes: Deliverer of Sorrows
 Missable: Yes [Any major DLC character slain]
 Reward -: 400 XP (apx. LV27)

 The quest is named for a wrecked vehicle (Crashed Scout Bus), the closest to
 the Dead Horses Camp. There's several ways to find it, the easiest of which
 is returning to the East Virgin and going counterclockwise north -- this'll
 lead to the bus' shallows. The more scenic route can be found on dry land:
 near Ranger Station Peregrine is a thin scenic "trail" that descends right
 to the husk. Enemy-wise, there's usually a few geckos around, but nothing
 too difficult.

 The wrecked bus is cracked in two, and contains items (Lunchboxes, Cherry
 Bombs) befitting its former passengers -- these are also crafting components
 for Bottlecap Mines. However, the real target is the broken compass near one
 of the skeletons. Inspect it to get several options

 • [Repair 30] Fix the item on the spot
 • [Repair 30] Use the 'compass sensor module' near another skeleton to fix it
 • Take the compass with

 If one lacks the necessary Repair skill, the Broken Compass can be repaired
 at a workbench (such as the one in Angel Cave, which the game suggests) with
 no skill requirements. [Do not repair the Compass and pick up the sensor
 module, however; it's a space-wasting quest item and cannot be removed...]

 Quest ends when the item's repaired.

|¯| |¯||¯| |¯|______ ______________________________________
| |_| || |_| |¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
|     ||     | HH06 | DELIVERER OF SORROWS                 |===================
| |¯| || |¯| |______|______________________________________|
|_| |_||_| |_|¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

 Client -: n/a
 Prereq -: Tourist Trap, Gone Fishin', and Roadside Attraction
 Precedes: The Grand Staircase, River Monsters
         : The Advance Scouts, The Treacherous Road
 Missable: Yes [Any major DLC character slain]
 Reward -: 800 XP (apx. LV27)

 With the supplies collected, this quest is automatically added, directing
 one to the Sorrows' camp in the northernmost canyon. This area is similar to
 the Dead Horses' canyon, except this one's much more complex, containing
 criss-crossing bridges and several caves:

 • Crossroads Cavern        • Half Mouse Cave       • Sweet Flower Cave
 • Glass Chime Cave         • Stone Bones Cave      • White Bird's Cave

 All of these can be map-marked, although Crossroads Cavern requires visiting
 the lowest cave to do so. Visiting them all isn't necessary, but it's worth
 noting 'em somewhere in the guide. Speaking of which, Stone Bones Cave has a
 survivalist's cache, and also the Desert Ranger Combat Armor/Helmet sitting
 near a PC.

 Anyway, when one enters the Narrows a ways, Waking Cloud will welcome the
 Courier, stating that Daniel awaits. [Asking her about her yao guai gauntlet
 starts the "Rite of Passage" sidequest.] The missionary can usually be found
 near the lower sleeping mats or up near White Bird's Cave, and says he'll
 try to help the Courier escape...but he needs help too. Learning about the
 New Canaan attack also gives a [Speech 40] check; asking about Mordecai gives
 a [Speech 50] check. These don't matter in the long run, but they add flavor.
 Demanding the map will have the player told off, with a [Speech 40] option to
 reconcile a bit.

 Daniel, as one may have learned from Waking Cloud, helped the tribe with past
 medical issues, and befitting his experience, can:

 • Fully heal (150 caps)
 • Remove all radiation (300 caps)
 • Sell medical supplies; requires a [Barter 50] or [Speech 65] check first

 His supplies include typical things like Stimpaks and Purified Water, plus
 DLC-specific Blood Shields and Healing Poultices. He doesn't sell weapons,
 but have spare .45 AP casings. Unfortunately, Daniel carries even less cash
 than Joshua (barely 100).

 Delivering the supplies finishes the quest, adding the next four. Also, if
 Follows-Chalk is along, he'll permanently leave as companion, saying Joshua
 wants him back home. [Non-default things in his inventory are returned at
 this time.] His absence has a silver lining, because it allows Waking Cloud
 to join. This isn't mandatory, and one may have to find her deeper in the
 camp for the auto-trigger convo. [Daniel also gives 3 Mining Explosives and
 a Mining Detonator, all key items for tunnel-collapsing purposes.]

 Waking Cloud is known for evading the White Legs, and her perk "Quiet as the
 Waters" plays off that, reducing the sworn foes' PER while she's along. Like
 Chalk, her presence is optional...but when one's getting swarmed by yao
 guai, who doesn't want an extra target, eh? [Letting her join the party will
 also start the sidequest "Rite of Passage" automatically.]

 If one leaves through the canyon entrance, Joshua will initiate convo, trying
 to pick the player's brain about eliminating the White Legs, rather than
 Daniel's plan to flee. No decision need be made now, though. [Fast travel is
 blocked until the conversation concludes.] Graham also stays in Sorrows Camp

|¯| |¯||¯| |¯|______ ______________________________________
| |_| || |_| |¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
|     ||     | HH07 | THE GRAND STAIRCASE                  |===================
| |¯| || |¯| |______|______________________________________|
|_| |_||_| |_|¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

 Client -: Daniel [Sorrows Camp]
 Prereq -: Deliverer of Sorrows
 Precedes: Gathering Storms
 Missable: Yes [Any major DLC character slain]
 Reward -: 800 XP (apx. LV27)

 The "let Waking Cloud join" portion is actually an optional bit in this
 quest, which is on by default after getting the Daniel's mission four-pack.
 Her perk directly relates to fighting the White Legs, so having her with is
 recommended, even if it's just so the enemies have another target.

 This mission's objective is to locate a map of Grand Staircase, an unseen
 area east of Zion National Park where the Sorrows hope to settle. Far SW of
 camp, along the western border mountains, is Morning Glory Cave, where the
 map is thought to be.

 Without a doubt, this is the easiest of Daniel's four quests -- it simply
 requires one to visit the souther chamber and find the survivalist cache's
 holotape. [It spawns only during this quest.] The front door will be locked,
 though; its key can be found in a duffel bag atop the northern rock formation.
 Enemies here are spore plants...lame, lame spore plants.

 Taking the map finishes the quest.

|¯| |¯||¯| |¯|______ ______________________________________
| |_| || |_| |¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
|     ||     | HH08 | THE ADVANCE SCOUTS                   |===================
| |¯| || |¯| |______|______________________________________|
|_| |_||_| |_|¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

 Client -: Daniel [Sorrows Camp]
 Prereq -: Deliverer of Sorrows
 Precedes: Gathering Storms
 Missable: Yes [Any major DLC character slain]
 Reward -: 800 XP (apx. LV27)

 This mission leads the player to Bighorn Bluff, an isolated western area
 that's firmly in White Legs territory. When nearby, Waking Cloud will mention
 stealing the enemy's superstitious, and if their war totems vanished, they
 would be in disarray. This gives two ways to continue:

 • KILL CONTINGENT: The simplest method is just going into each encampment to
   slay the 2-3 White Legs therein. No fancy tricks, no burial rites --- just
   lots and lots of pain.

 • TAKE TOTEMS: This is the optional, nonviolent way to proceed. The White
   Legs' camp is split into two sections, and each has a totem on the camp's
   outskirts that can be stolen. This portion is much easier without a loud
   companion in tow, so leave Waking Cloud nearby before sneaking. Naturally
   stealthy characters can do this fine at night, but Stealth Boys help, too.

 Doing either finishes the mission.

|¯| |¯||¯| |¯|______ ______________________________________
| |_| || |_| |¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
|     ||     | HH09 | THE TREACHEROUS ROAD                 |===================
| |¯| || |¯| |______|______________________________________|
|_| |_||_| |_|¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

 Client -: Daniel [Sorrows Camp]
 Prereq -: Deliverer of Sorrows
 Precedes: Gathering Storms
 Missable: Yes [Any major DLC character slain]
 Reward -: 800 XP (apx. LV27)

 Daniel intends to relocate the Sorrows to a more receptive area, but standing
 in his way are the White Legs, planting traps on the main highway. More
 specifically, the stretch between the Old Rockville and East Fork Bridges,
 located toward the map's central region.

 There's two ways to proceed:

 • Disarm the traps: These (being 6 bear traps) are exclusively on the Old
   Rockville Bridge, and are currently unguarded -- although the enemies can
   close in if one dallies. Repair 25+ is needed to disarm them.

 • Kill the White Legs: The enemies setting the traps start on the roadside
   nearest the East Fork Bridge, sneak south to the Virgin Fork Campground,
   then westward to the remaining bridge. Killing them (usually two White
   Legs and their mutt) is all that's required.

 If Waking Cloud's with, she'll mention the Sorrows can disarm the traps if
 one eliminates the White Legs setting them (the reason why that step's purely
 optional). Completing either step will finish the mission.

|¯| |¯||¯| |¯|______ ______________________________________
| |_| || |_| |¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
|     ||     | HH10 | RIVER MONSTERS                       |===================
| |¯| || |¯| |______|______________________________________|
|_| |_||_| |_|¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

 Client -: Daniel [Sorrows Camp]
 Prereq -: Deliverer of Sorrows
 Precedes: Gathering Storms
 Missable: Yes [Any major DLC character slain]
 Reward -: 800 XP (apx. LV27)

 Like "The Treacherous Road," this too deals with clearing an exit...the only
 difference one isn't nixing bear traps, one's trapping bears! The East Fork
 Bridge leads to the Pine Creek Tunnel, the Sorrows' planned escape route,
 and yao guai infest this place. [Geckos, Zion Mantises, Radscorpions and
 Cazadors may appear, too.] There's two ways to proceed:

 • COLLAPSE THE NEST: The method suggested by Waking Cloud (if she's with) is
   to find their home and trap the brutes inside. On the bridge's east side,
   go north along the cliffs to find the Yao Guai Cave. Inside, visit the 3
   map-marked explosives sites: two are in dead-end tunnels, the latter is
   near the populated center. [It's possible to avoid all fighting, however.]
   With the charges set, leaving automatically equips the Mining Detonator
   to finish. Normal detonators won't work, FYI.

 • SLAUGHTER: This route requires less time, but is slightly more strenuous.
   It's also arguably easier, since the eastbound highway's 3 yao guai targets
   are map-marked...and where there's markers, there is stealth missiles! But
   seriously, the situation breeds potshots.

 Completing either path will finish the mission. Destroying the cave isn't a
 possibility, but the road yao guai aren't despawned.

|¯| |¯||¯| |¯|______ ______________________________________
| |_| || |_| |¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
|     ||     | HH10 | GATHERING STORMS                     |===================
| |¯| || |¯| |______|______________________________________|
|_| |_||_| |_|¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

 Client -: n/a
 Prereq -: The Grand Staircase, River Monsters
         : The Advance Scouts, The Treacherous Road
 Precedes: Flight From Zion -or- Crush the White Legs
 Missable: Yes [Any major DLC character slain]
 Reward -: n/a

 This quest is added after completing all four scouting missions, beckoning
 one back to Daniel. [Joshua Graham is still at the Sorrows Camp, and fields
 personal questions about his past and thoughts on the Mojave. Asking about
 his burns requires Speech 70+. Asking about "liking Caesar" foreshadows both
 Old World Blues and Lonesome Road, so it's fun to read.] Informing Daniel
 completes the "In a Foreign Land" challenge and removes any key items gotten
 in the latest quests, like the mining detonator/charges and map holotape.
 [1700 XP]

 A prompt will notify the player that deciding if the Sorrows should stay or
 flee is the point of no return. This goes back to Joshua's previous convo
 (post-"Deliverer of Sorrows") about helping Daniel see the value in fighting
 back. Now's the time to finish sidequests!

 When a choice is decided, this quest concludes and begins the next one. Our
 hearty midwife will also leave the party permanently, so if one wanted to do
 her "A Family Affair" quest (affects her ending), do that before deciding.

|¯| |¯||¯| |¯|______ ______________________________________
| |_| || |_| |¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
|     ||     | HH11 | FLIGHT FROM ZION                     |===================
| |¯| || |¯| |______|______________________________________|
|_| |_||_| |_|¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

 Client -: Joshua Graham [Caterpillar's Mound]
 Prereq -: Gathering Storms
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: Yes [Any major DLC character slain]
 Reward -: 2500 XP (apx. LV28)

 Confirming Daniel's escape plan teleports the player to Caterpillar's Mound,
 right outside the Narrows. Joshua Graham will confirm that Daniel's probably
 made it to Pine Creek Tunnel, but there's still many Sorrows scattered around
 Zion that need assistance. He also joins as companion, even if the player
 declines...yes, he's that awesome.

 Back to the Sorrows' plight for a moment. This relates to several optional
 quests added at this time.

 [HHS5] - Prisoners of War
 [HHS6] - Retake the Bridge
 [HHS8] - Sanctity of the Dead

 Fast-travelling is disabled in the final quest, meaning Joshua and oneself
 must hoof it to Pine Creek Tunnel, far southeast from the Sorrows' domain.
 During this fun journey, most monster encounters will cease, often replaced
 by White Legs ambushes. At higher levels, these skirmishes are (slightly)
 harder than normal, as the tribals can carry Riot Shotguns, Anti-Materiel
 Rifles, Brush Guns, Shishkebabs.

 When one nears Pine Creek Tunnel itself, there will be a battle brewing
 between Daniel, Salt-Upon-Wounds, and general enemies/allies from the tribes.
 The White Legs' war chief will initiate dialogue when approached, threatening
 to kill the player. A [Speech 75] option allows one to drive the White Legs
 off, reminding him his allies have perished or cajoling him, saying Sorrows
 aren't a worthy match for great warriors. Driving Salt off makes generic
 White Legs docile; those related to sidequests aren't, however.

 Speak to Daniel afterward. He'll urge the player to do everything he can for
 the Sorrows (i.e. related sidequests). Joshua Graham leaves the party if one
 tells Daniel to continue his evacuation; all related sidequests also end at
 that point. Before leaving, Daniel will comment on one's efficient assistance
 or disgusting neglect, depending on how many sidequests were done.

 Then, all that's left is to detonate the tunnel and watch the endings. This
 also completes the "May My Hand Forget Its Skill" challenge, and earns that
 same achievement.

|¯| |¯||¯| |¯|______ ______________________________________
| |_| || |_| |¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
|     ||     | HH12 | CRUSH THE WHITE LEGS                 |===================
| |¯| || |¯| |______|______________________________________|
|_| |_||_| |_|¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

 Client -: Joshua Graham [Caterpillar's Mound]
 Prereq -: Gathering Storms
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: Yes [Any major DLC character slain]
 Reward -: 3300 XP (apx. LV28)

 Agreeing with Joshua's attack strategy teleports one to Caterpillar's Mound
 just outside the Narrows. Here, Graham explains the goal (infiltrating Three
 Marys and eliminating Salt-Upon-Wounds) before signing on as companion -- a
 mandatory companion, at that.

 In "Flight From Zion," there's several tiny sidequests that facilitate the
 Sorrows' exit from the park -- these do not exist in this chapter, mainly
 because it's that egress that leads to the problematic events. This makes
 the trek to the SW canyon (not altogether far from Southern Passage) easier
 in a way. However, fast traveling is still disabled, meaning there's tons of
 legwork to do. Following the Virgin's main west branch is a natural shortcut,
 but may not give the best vantage for riverbank enemies.

 White Leg ambushes now replaced nearly all monster spawns, reflecting how
 gigantic the ongoing battle can be. At higher levels, expect to see these
 brutes carrying Anti-Materiel Rifles, Brush Guns, Riot Shotguns, Shishkebobs,
 Plasma Grenades, etc. [The arsenal depends on the type of enemy, of course.]
 Groups are never more than 3-4 in size, and are usually varied in "class".

 Three Marys is located in the SW Virgin's meandering canyons, and Sorrows and
 Dead Horse allies engaging the belligerent enemy. [Be very careful with the
 aim here, as friendly fire makes the good tribals turn. Killing a friendly
 also makes Joshua hostile, and he leaves the party permanently.] In any case,
 neither allied tribe favors guns, so they tend to die a lot...oh well...

 A ways into the level, after swimming under a natural arch, Joshua mentions
 the time factor, leaving the party permanently. [Crap he picked up, like
 tomahawks and pears, are deposited into the player's inventory. Hooray?] The
 latest explosion blocked the waterway, forcing one to enter Three Marys Cave
 above instead. This functions as living quarters, although there's only a
 handful of White Legs within. Sleeping here makes for a nice pick-me-up, and
 there's some ammo/explosives crates in a far corner.

 The other side's garbage-lined stream is usually empty at first, revealing
 a little fighting as one treks west. The rising topography and bottlenecked
 waterways can really assist explosives users. Just be careful to scan the
 surroundings in the westernmost area, because there'll be Dead Horse NPCs
 around there. [In fact, if one scopes from far enough away, one can find
 White Legs cowering; approaching has the disciples execute 'em. This will
 occur even if one takes 'em out first...weird.]

 Finally, approaching the deepest clearing will reveal that Joshua captured
 Salt-Upon-Wounds single-handedly. After a few executions, Salt begs one to
 intervene. There's a few ways this can play out.

 • Telling Joshua "no objections" lets Salt die as usual.

 • [Speech 65] and [Speech 90]: Convince Joshua that Salt doesn't need to die
   in front of the Sorrows, letting him escape like a whipped puppy instead.
   Honestly, the insight into Joshua's vengeance this option gives is worth
   the steep speech challenge.

 • Telling Salt to defend himself lets one fight him in mortal combat, without
   the anticlimax of Joshua's executions. Salt is well-known for his melee
   prowess, and his special power fist has a -3 HP/10s effect. Two minions'll
   join to help out, too. The only difference between the initial option and
   the "let them die on their feet" option in Joshua's dialogue? Salt guns for
   Joshua in the former and the player in the latter.

 The chosen option won't change the quest reward, but does change Joshua's
 ending. [Sparing Salt changes the Sorrows' too.] The larger XP reward is no
 doubt due to the missing sidequests found only in "Flight From Zion".

|¯| |¯||¯| |¯|______ ______________________________________
| |_| || |_| |¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
|     ||     | HH13 | DEPARTING PARADISE                   |===================
| |¯| || |¯| |______|______________________________________|
|_| |_||_| |_|¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

 Client -: n/a
 Prereq -: Flight from Zion -or- Crush the White Legs
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: no
 Reward -: 100 XP
 This quest is added after the main story's ended and the credits have rolled.
 The player's actions are reflected in the Honest Hearts ending, showing the
 fates of:

 • White Legs
 • Sorrows
 • Dead Horses
 • Happy Trails Caravan Company
 • Follows-Chalk
 • Waking Cloud
 • Joshua Graham
 • Daniel

 Waking Cloud's ending is only shown if one did "A Family Affair". Joshua
 Graham has no ending if one does "Flight From Zion"; one must do "Crush the
 White Legs" (or kill him, if one's evil) for it to appear.

 After completion of the DLC, one is teleported back to Zion's Southern
 Passage, in front of a newly-spawned footlocker containing goodies from the
 Zion adventure:

 • A Light Shining in Darkness (1.2 WG/.45 Auto)
 • Chalk's Headdress (DT 1/Light/WG 3/Melee Weapons +5)
 • Daniel's Hat (DT 1/Light/WG 1/PER +1, Speech +5)
 • Daniel's Outfit (DT 2/Light/WG 2/Barter +5, Medicine +5)
 • Joshua Graham's Armor (DT 15/Light/WG 8/Crit Chance +3)
 • Salt-Upon-Wounds' Helmet (DT 4/Light/WG 3/Sneak +5, Crit Chance +2)
 • Salt-Upon-Wounds' Power Fist (WG 6/HP -3 for 10s effect)
 • Scripture (WG 1)

 NOTE: Taking Salt's equipment won't be in here if taken from his corpse.

 As for the park's fate, all friendly tribes and main NPCs/companions have
 vacated, leaving only the unwavering majesty of the place and (perhaps) some
 lingering White Legs tribesmen. The ones remaining, if any, won't respawn,
 though, although they've been known to if one screwed up the DLC by doing
 "Chaos in Zion".

 Exiting Southern Passage finishes this mission. Enjoy the "weeks-long" trek
 back to the Mojave! [.45 Auto Pistol and War Clubs can now be purchased from
 merchants, typically Vendortron at the Gun Runners compound. This applies to
 their upgrades, also.]

OLD WORLD BLUES                                                          [DLC3]
 Old World Blues (OWB) is the third DLC add-on, taking place at a scientific
 compound at the Big MT. It was released in July 2011 and retails 800 MSP in
 the store, but is also on the Ultimate Edition's 2nd disc. 

 ACHIEVEMENTS: OWB adds five achievements, all related to the main questline.
 Four can be completed in the normal course of events, while one ("Make Up
 Your Mind") requires doing a specific action during the final quest.

 DIFFICULTY: Many players who wreck Dead Money and Honest Hearts have gotten
 a wakeup call with this'un -- many enemies (robo-scorpions, trauma harnesses)
 are quite formidable, and more than ever, swarm factors abound. It's not
 uncommon to fight off, say, a gang of nightstalkers only to find cazadors or
 nearby lobotomites have joined in. DT-ignoring ammunition and weaponry with
 damage bonuses v. machines help -- for the latter, the game gives tons,
 particularly the Proton Axe.

 ENEMIES: Plenty of new ones this time. Although there's a few human types
 (lobotomites), most that debut are machines (Y-17 Trauma Override Harnesses,
 robo-scorpion types, cyberdog and turret variants). Some old friends show up
 too: protectrons, securitrons, robobrains, nightstalkers... And cazadors. No
 DLC would be complete without extra cazadors, right?

 REVISITABLE: Yes. Although one can't leave until the main questline ends, a
 quest item "gun" is received after, allowing one to "teleport" between Big MT
 and the Mojave. This only requires being outdoors and outside combat.

 VENDORS: The only vendor is the Sink's Central Intelligence Unit (CIU), and
 while it starts out with tons of cash and a decent stock, one soon finds the
 downside: it takes a long time to restock! Usually 3-4 days outside its cell.
 The CIU's master-level repair function ensures one's equipment is at maximum
 health, too.

 WEAPONRY: This being a science-y add-on, a lot of new weapons deal with cool
 sci-fi stuff. The addition of robot-slaying Proton Axes is a big help, while
 the silly K9000 Cyberdog Gun and Sonic Emitter (minigun and 1-handed energy
 weapon, respectively) are hilarious to test. Major firepower is given in the
 form of the LAER (laser-assisted electrical rifle) and the cyberdog gun's
 upgrade, FIDO. Unique weapons include Christine's COS Sniper Rifle, glove
 weapons specific to certain scientists, and several energy weapons Elijah
 tampered with. All in all, it's one heck of a spread.

                                                             TABLE OF CONTENTS
 01) Midnight Science-Fiction Feature! .................................. OWB1
 02) Welcome to the Big Empty ........................................... OWB2
 03) X-13: Attack of the Infiltrator! ................................... OWB3
 04) X-8: High School Horror! ........................................... OWB4
 05) X-2: Strange Transmissions! ........................................ OWB5
 06) Old World Blues .................................................... OWB7

 A Brain's Best Friend .................................................. OW01
 All My Friends Have Off Switches ....................................... OW02
 Coming Out of Her Shell ................................................ OW03
 Field Research ......................................................... OW04
 He Came...And Went ..................................................... OW05
 Influencing People ..................................................... OW06
 On the Same Wavelength ................................................. OW07
 Picking Your Brains .................................................... OW08
 Project X-13 ........................................................... OW09
 Sonic Emitter Upgrade .................................................. OW10
 What's in a Name? ...................................................... OW11
 When Visitors Attack! .................................................. OW12
 X-8 Data Retrieval Test ................................................ OW13

 _____ _ _ _ _____
|  _  | | | |  _  |______ ___________________________________
| | ) | | | | |_| )¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
| |/| | | | |  _ (  OWB1 | MIDNIGHT SCIENCE-FICTION FEATURE! |=================
| (_| | | | | |_| )______|___________________________________|
|_____(_____)_____|¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

 Client -: n/a
 Prereq -: Ain't That a Kick in the Head
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: no
 Reward -: 0 XP, Patient Gown

 The first quest is automatically added after viewing the instillation prompt
 (exiting Doc Mitchell's house in tutorial), directing one to visit the Mojave
 Drive-In. This defunct pitstop is south of Nipton, accessed easiest by going
 south from Goodsprings, then turning east with the road near Mojave Outpost.
 Geckos, mole rats and, more commonly, Vipers infest this area.

 An odd satellite will have crashed here, playing a creepy "film" between
 2300-0300 hours (11PM to 3AM). Inspecting it during that special window will
 give the option of continuing to the Big MT, where the DLC takes place. But,
 before that, a few words:

 • Many players find this DLC to have a rather big difficulty spike. This may
   not hold up for hardcore vets, but unprepared newcomers will find this an
   annoying situation: once it's started officially, there's no leaving until
   things are over! [Recommended level: 15+]

 • Science plays a big part in this DLC, and appropriately, there's lots of
   speech checks for that category. For the full brunt of the DLC's kickass
   awesomeness, it's recommended to have decent Science/Speech/Medicine levels,
   or plenty of magazines to temper those values.

 • Like Honest Hearts, there's few vendors -- BUT, these ones will be able to
   handle tons of loot. Thus, although it's recommended to travel light coming
   in, it's not as detrimental as in other DLC.

 • A backup save is recommended as a general fallback measure, in case the
   thing glitches, gets too hard, etc. No harm in doing it, so might as well.

 Sound good? Then commit to the greatest undertaking ever experienced! Ever!

 _____ _ _ _ _____
|  _  | | | |  _  |______ ___________________________________
| | ) | | | | |_| )¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
| |/| | | | |  _ (  OWB2 | WELCOME TO THE BIG EMPTY          |=================
| (_| | | | | |_| )______|___________________________________|
|_____|_____|_____|¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

 Client -: n/a
 Prereq -: Midnight Science-Fiction Feature!
 Precedes: X-2: Strange Transmissions!
         : X-8: High School Horror!
         : X-13: Attack of the Infiltrator!
         : Sonic Emitter Upgrade
         : All My Friends Have Off Switches
 Missable: no
 Reward -: 1600 XP (apx. LV30)

 Inspecting the creepy satellite teleports the player to the Big MT's Think
 Tank facility (as the map shows). A notification mentions the player feels
 heavier and, sure enough, checking one's perks reveals several new ones:

 • Brainless [Head can't be crippled; +25% addiction resistance, +5% DT]
 • Heartless [Healing items more potent; Robots' crit chance -50%]
 • Spineless [Torso can't be crippled; STR and DT +1]

 Seems someone stole our body parts! This makes the first quest investigating
 these circumstances. Exit the balcony to find a technology-filled chamber,
 including a bedroom one can use for storage and rest. [Unique "Mad Scientist
 Scrubs" sit on a shelf.] There's some lootable stuff here, mostly Mentats --
 hope y'like 'em, 'cause this crater's plum full of the chewables. Other than
 that, don't worry too much about the broken devices laying around.

 To proceed, enter the Think Tank's chamber -- it's the only option allowed
 currently. [Entering won't allow weapons to be drawn, through some strange
 "power".] Up the stairs, find the scientific/comedic geniuses of this dome:
 Klein, Dala, Borous, 8 and 0. In one of the longest sequences in the game,
 the Think Tank members eventually explain one's purpose: salvaging some lost
 items to defeat their nemesis, Dr. Mobius.

 There's several checks during the dialogue, some of which can be missed if
 one doesn't explore all the possible options.

 • [Science 55] Show one has self-awareness and is not a lobotomite
 • [Speech 55] Wave at them and nod, showing one understands
 • [Medicine 55] Talk one's laser-sutured chest and spine
 • [INT 6] Mention the doctors' plan's generalities

 The next three quests are added at this point. The collective wishes the
 player to fetch the ancient technologies they can't get at, handing one the
 "Sonic Emitter - Revelation" gun and 150 Energy Cells. Additional challenges
 can milk extra supplies:
 • [Energy Weapons 50] 150x of: Energy Cells, EC Overcharge, EC Max Overcharge 
 • [Guns 50] K9000 Cyberdog Gun, .357 Magnum Rounds (150)
 • [Guns 75] .357 Magnum Rounds and .357 Magnum Rounds (JFP, Hand Loaded)(150)

 Agreeing to help ends the quest and adds the next three. Near conversation's
 end, "Sonic Emitter Upgrade" also begins. On the way out, it's suggested one
 restart the Sink's AI for bartering and other "crude biological demands" --
 this begins "All My Friends Have Off Switches". Subsequent [Barter 25, 50, 75]
 checks give 250 caps each; the [INT 8] check reveals several facilities have
 extra holotapes for the Sink appliances' AI.

 Following dialogue, the scientists return to their stations and can be
 talked to at leisure. "All My Friends Have Off Switches" has started by this
 time, and although it's technically optional, it's definitely something one
 will want to do -- without it, no bartering and such!

 _____ _ _ _ _____
|  _  | | | |  _  |______ ___________________________________
| | ) | | | | |_| )¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
| |/| | | | |  _ (  OWB3 | X-13: ATTACK OF THE INFILTRATOR!  |=================
| (_| | | | | |_| )______|___________________________________|
|_____|_____|_____|¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

 Client -: Dr. Klein [Think Tank]
 Prereq -: Welcome to the Big Empty
 Precedes: Old World Blues
 Missable: no
 Reward -: 1000 XP (LV33)

 One of the artifacts needing recovery is an amazing stealth suit prototype.
 The search leads one to the X-13, due west of the main dome, at road's end.
 Once inside, a player must collect the prototype parts (boots, chestplate,
 gloves) displayed in the anterooms -- finding them all earns the 'Stealth
 Suit Mk II' [14 DT/Medium/25 WG/Sneak +15]. While wearing this item, the
 built-in computer will use stimpaks and medicinal items when health worsens,
 helping one along...usually.

 With the suit recovered, the next step is upgrading it -- this part occurs
 in the western Stealth Testing Lab. Entry is only permitted if the stealth
 suit has been collected fully (door terminal tests for its signatures).
 Beginning the test at the quest-marked computer also begins the sidequest
 "Project X-13".

 • BASIC INFILTRATION TEST: The basic setup is three patrolling robots in the
   ground-floor testing area and a few turrets (nonfunctional unless shot at).
   Lockpickable doors are easy/average types. Attacking the enemies is fine,
   but it should be done stealthily to avoid detection (this also turns on
   turrets). Reward: suit Sneak effect raised to +25

 Completing the first test also finishes this quest, as well as the first "VR
 the Champions" challenge. Completing the rest of the trials is optional, but
 will further increase the suit's capabilities. See "Project X-13" for extra

 Also, since this is a story mission, completing it will spawn some of Mobius'
 robo-scorpions in the testing area, forcing a small battle.

 _____ _ _ _ _____
|  _  | | | |  _  |______ ___________________________________
| | ) | | | | |_| )¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
| |/| | | | |  _ (  OWB4 | X-8: HIGH SCHOOL HORROR!          |=================
| (_| | | | | |_| )______|___________________________________|
|_____|_____|_____|¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

 Client -: Doctor Klein [Think Tank]
 Prereq -: Welcome to the Big Empty
 Precedes: Old World Blues
 Missable: no
 Reward -: 2000 XP (LV36)

 X-8 Research Facility is almost a straight shot east of the dome, at road's
 end. Inside, head down the south stairs, clear the psycho orderly robots and
 prepare to enter the Institutional Test Area. If one already did the stealth
 suit tests of "X-13: Attack of the Infiltrator," the pick-a-test format will
 already be familiar.

 • BASIC TEST: The goal is to traverse the high school simulacrum, retrieve
   the three student files and avoid...well, dying. Enemies are cyberdogs,
   basic turrets and a few lobotomites. The files needed are located on PCs
   in (1) a southern 1F classroom (2) northern 1F library (3) southern 2F
   ball storage. Note that cyberdogs can't open doors, so they can be used as
   natural barriers if one wanted to breeze through.

 • RESIDENTIAL CYBERDOG TEST: This allows one to fight Gabriel in Borous'
   imagined neighborhood. He's essentially a large cyberdog, and isn't that
   hard...but he is fast and clears tons of ground, so it helps to have a
   quick plan. 

 After defeating Gabe, Borous reveals his atomic core is going to explode in
 "10" seconds. The countdown is rather silly and slow, giving one plenty of
 time to search the digging spots (essentially graves that need no shovel)
 for the "Gabriel's Bark" upgrade. This is used with the Sonic Emitter and
 is found in a random grave each time, so trial and error's required. [Note
 that Gabe's explosion can be avoided if one's far enough away; it's not as
 life-threatening as everyone makes it out to be.]

 Naturally, finishing the quest reveals some of Mobius' robo-scorpions, both
 in the "neighborhood" and the facility's lobby. Oh, and exterior entrance.
 Mobius thinks of everything.

 _____ _ _ _ _____
|  _  | | | |  _  |______ ___________________________________
| | ) | | | | |_| )¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
| |/| | | | |  _ (  OWB5 | X-2: STRANGE TRANSMISSIONS!       |=================
| (_| | | | | |_| )______|___________________________________|
|_____|_____|_____|¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

 Client -: Doctor Klein [Think Tank]
 Prereq -: Welcome to the Big Empty
 Precedes: Old World Blues
 Missable: no
 Reward -: 800 XP (LV35)

 One of a handful of quests received from Klein, this has one seeking out an
 artifact at the X-2 Transmitter Antenna Array, a tower located due south from
 the Think Tank dome. This area is often populated by lobotomies and those
 annoying Trauma Harness Override foes, but there's only protectrons inside.
 If one cleared out the latter in an earlier adventure, they won't respawn.

 The goal is to reach the satellite's apex, accomplished via the interior
 ladder and exterior ascending walkway. The X-2 Antenna isn't a quest item,
 but a melee weapon with the EMP effect (bonus damage vs. robots, power armor),
 not dissimilar from the protonic axe. The only difference is this one has
 higher STR and Melee requirements and poorer DPS/DAM overall. In short, don't
 trade an inversal axe for this sluggish nightmare.

 Taking the antenna concludes the quest, but also spawns some of Dr. Mobius'
 robo-scorpions inside the tower and at the lower entrance's stoop. Shouldn't
 be too hard in general, but it's (very) possible lobotomites or THOs join in
 the fun. If one was thinking of fast-traveling away from the upper dish area,
 sorry -- that's not in a separate cell, so spawned foes below prevent it.

 _____ _ _ _ _____
|  _  | | | |  _  |______ ___________________________________
| | ) | | | | |_| )¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
| |/| | | | |  _ (  OWB6 | OLD WORLD BLUES                   |=================
| (_| | | | | |_| )______|___________________________________|
|_____|_____|_____|¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

 Client -: n/a
 Prereq -: X-2: Strange Transmissions!
         : X-8: High School Horror!
         : X-13: Attack of the Infiltrator!
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: no
 Reward -: 1066 XP (LV38)

 The DLC questline's final mission is automatically given after recovering the
 "artifacts" in the previous three tasks. One is then directed back to Klein.
 During his dialogue, there's several optional checks -- first [Science 65],
 [Repair 75], [Sneak 45] and [Lockpick 75]; then, [Science 85] & [Medicine 85].

 Proving one's intellect to Klein won't change the facts: after conversation,
 one can now access Mobius' Forbidden Zone dome! The entrance is located NNE
 of the Think Tank, in the craggy, robo-scorpion-filled canyon. If one already
 did some optional quests, nearby areas like the Magnetohydraulics Complex or
 X-22 Botanical Garden can serve as fast-travel points.

 Inside the dome (X-42 Robo-Warfare Facility), Mobius sics his prizefighter
 on the player: a X-42 Giant Robo-Scorpion! Quite a shocking revelation, I'm
 sure. Although engaging the behemoth in normal combat is possible, there's
 several other options to carry some combat-related weight.

 • Activate target drones (observation area near entrance). The robo-scorpion
   will be be distracted by these, allowing one to move around easier.

 • Activate backup generator (upper east observation area). This overloads
   said machine, causing it to explode and damage the prototype somewhat. Not
   a lot, but it's noticeable. [Sonic Emitter Upgrade required to enter room.]

 • [Science 50] The upper western console controls the turret control system,
   and can be reprogrammed to fire upon the boss. Although there's only two
   turrets, their rapid-fire capabilities can really stack up the damage,
   especially if the boss is preoccupied with the protectron drones.

 • [Science 100] In the upper NW observation deck, hacking the Very Hard PC
   allows one to initiate emergency shutdown on the scorp, 

 As for attacks, the boss is like any other robo-scorpion: it attacks with its
 pincers at close range and uses a laser at mid- to long-range. The only
 difference with the latter is this EMP blast is massive and carries heavy,
 semi-lingering radiation (decreasing over a few seconds). It probably won't
 OHKO anyone, but just remember the stat penalties that come with incurring
 radiation sickness.

 Actually combating the scorpion ain't so hard, as long as one has cover. The
 EMP laser tail blast can "pierce" a bit, but is avoidable as long as one
 keeps away from window slots. Additionally, it's possible to hide from the
 baddie (hello, Stealth Suit!) and plink away with sneak crits. Mobius will
 give different dialogue depending on how one tackles the problem, and it's
 enjoyable to replay the fight a few times to see his snippets.

 Dealing with the overgrown machine earns a hefty reward, usually 1100-1200 XP
 plus whatever can be looted from it (usually the same type of stuff Gabriel
 was carrying: a LAER, Valence Radii-Accentuator, machine parts and energy
 weapon ammo). Note that it can only be looted if its HP is brought to zero --
 initiating the shutdown command doesn't count, although it allows one to
 attack without repercussion.

 Mobius can be confronted afterwards via the northern deck's passage. He's
 initially quite friendly and has interesting dialogue, including several
 speech checks (listed below) that reveal his motives. Announcing one's going
 to kill him a few times will turn him hostile, however: he engages a stealth
 field (un-V.A.T.S.-able) for awhile and has 4-5 robo-scorpion helpers attack.
 The Forbidden Zone has no pacification field, meaning one can also sneak-crit
 Mobius, preventing him from summoning minions.

 • [Repair 75] - Fix his monitor's ghost reception
 • [Science 50] - Learn Mobius reprogrammed the Think Tank's processors
 • [INT 7] - Deduce the reasoning behind Mobius' renaming
 • [INT 7] - Point out it's "Ouro-borus" not "Ouro-borous"
 • [PER 7] -------.
 • [Medicine 65] -+- Deduce it's one's cranial injury that makes one special
 • [Guns 75] -----'
 • [INT 7] - Deduce that Klein had a special ulterior motive for his quests

 After killing Mobius, or talking with him about retrieving one's brain, the
 quest updates [apx. 1100-1200 XP], allowing one to speak to said brain --
 it's up the central staircase. The general gist of this conversation is to
 convince the brain to return to one's body, an act that can be done through
 normal dialogue (no speech checks). Still, there's several optional checks
 that punctuate one's argument, speeding things along:

 • [Medicine 55] - Tell the brain most glandular problems is its own fault
 • [Speech 75] - Convince the brain it's only honery because it lacks hormones
 • [Science 75] - Remind the brain of biogel's long-term corrosive effects
 • [Confirmed Bachelor] - Flirt with brain (ahaha)
 • [Speech 75] - Say one doesn't want the Think Tank overrunning the Mojave
 • [Guns 75] -----------.
 • [Energy Weapons 75] -|
 • [Explosives 75] -----+- Convince brain of a method of destruction
 • [Melee Weapons 75] --|
 • [Unarmed 75] --------'

 Making the brain come around completes the "Make Up Your Mind" challenge, and
 allows the wrinkled mass to come with. Leaving behind is also an option; it
 doesn't immediately change one's brain-related perk, since the necessary
 surgery's only possible in Klein's lab.

 After having one's Brain come around, the option to take it with or leave it
 behind (temporarily) exists. Regardless, it allows one to also reclaim the
 errant Heart and Spine extracted upon arrival -- this procedure's done with
 the Sink's Auto-Doc. Also, Mobius, supposing he's still alive, suggests one
 can dupe the Think Tank researchers through lies, or by appealing to their
 long-lost humanities. Interesting...

 Return to the Think Tank researchers when ready -- a prompt will notify one
 to prepare first. [Note that despite the creepy setup, the other researchers'
 sidequests can still be done; it's only talking to Klein that begins the
 real dialogue.]

 First, the less interesting option, the fallback outcome: killing the Think
 Tank. If one can't pass the requisite speech checks (detailed below), there's
 nothing to do but initiate violence. The brains all use energy "brainial"
 beams, but aren't that tough in general. [This is especially true if one
 decides to sneak-crit 'em with explosives, a real possibility now that the
 pesky pacification field is ineffectual.]

 Tricking Klein is possible, by first passing a [Speech 75] check, then the
 subsequent [Medicine 85] or [Science 100] check. This convinces Klein that
 the player has Mobius' brain, and they back down from their position easily.

 Additionally, Klein's directive can be overruled by the other doctors, if one
 gained their trust (doing their sidequests). This requires doing 3 out of the
 4 following quests:

 • 0's "What's in a Name?"
 • 8's "On the Same Wavelength"
 • Borous' "A Brain's Best Friend"
 • Dala's "Coming Out of Her Shell"

 This gives majority rule, although technically, all four will speak up about
 the player's awesomeness, not just the 3 one helped. In general, it makes a
 good alternative to passing the steep speech options.

 With the Think Tank matter settled, leaving the room starts the ending. And,
 as long as the robo-scientists survive, their related quests are finishable.
 Whether one convinces them to stay at Big MT through reawakened humanity or
 fear changes nothing, really.

 • Big MT overview
 • Sink CIU
 • Doctor Mobius
 • Sink appliances
 • Biological Research Station
 • Book Chute
 • Light Switches
 • Sink
 • Toaster
 • Muggy
 • Jukebox
 • Auto-Doc
 • X-8 Research Facility (if one did all high school test trials)
 • X-13 Research Facility (if one fully upgraded the stealth suit)
 • Roxie (if created at X-8 Research Facility)
 • Brain
 • Think Tank's fate

 Many of the endings change depending finding Sink personalities and
 discovered locations. Example of the latter: the (actual) Sink's ending
 changes if one discovers the Magnetohydraulics Plant and Z-43 Innovative
 Toxins Plant. Thus, if one finds all 35 locations, the ending details some
 of the funnier adventures the Sink appliances have.

 After the ending, one gains the "Big Mountain Transportalponder!", a quest
 item 'weapon' that allows one to teleport between the Big MT and Mojave. It
 requires certain conditions though, such as being outdoors and outside of

LONESOME ROAD                                                            [DLC4]
 Lonesome Road, the last of four DLC add-ons, regards the hellish wasteland of
 the Divide, and the mystery person beckoning the Courier to find him there.
 It hit the market in September 2011, retails 800 MSP like its brethren, and
 is also on the Ultimate Edition's second disc.

 ACHIEVEMENTS: Lonesome Road adds five more achievements, although only two
 are completed through normal gameplay. The others require finding a number
 of objects (3/5/30), either for keeps or demolition.

 DIFFICULTY: With tough new enemies and some old acquaintances (deathclaws)
 lurking, it's recommended to do this quest last. Many people may end up doing
 that anyway, since its story works best when completed last. This DLC can
 affect one's Mojave reputation (particularly Legion and NCR), so doing it
 before the main quest (pre-"Render Unto Caesar") is a good idea.

 ENEMIES: Two new foes appear in this add-on: the Marked Men, ghoul survivors
 of the region's destruction, and tunnelers, quick-moving predators who prefer
 ganging up on their targets. At high levels, the former types can use rather
 powerful arsenal, including Anti-Materiel Rifles, Riot Shotguns and a host
 of heavy weapon types (including the new SMMG and Arc Welder).

 REVISITABLE: Yes. One can come and go from the Divide at will, and post-DLC,
 that fact remains. This allows one to put off most challenges/achievements
 until the end, when one's already familiar with the location.

 VENDORS: The only vendors within the game are commissaries, electronic shops
 that can be found in certain (formerly) civilized places. These all start as
 nonfunctioning devices, though, and require a certain companion to operate...

 WEAPONS: Tons of good stuff this time. The Shoulder Mounted Machine Gun (SMMG)
 and Red Glare, a rocket launcher, are two big-time guns now available. Melee
 experts may find some use in the Blade of the West, Industrial Hand and Bowie
 Knife (including unique variant Blood-Nap). Bombers will appreciate the new
 flashbangs and satchel charges, plus the two unique Grenade Rifles attainable
 post-DLC (if y'play the cards right). And, of course, the H&H Tools Nail Gun,
 which is just pure fun.
                                                             TABLE OF CONTENTS
 01) The Reunion ........................................................ LR01
 02) The Silo ........................................................... LR02
 03) The Job ............................................................ LR03
 04) The Launch ......................................................... LR04
 05) The Divide ......................................................... LR05
 06) The Tunnelers ...................................................... LR06
 07) The Courier ........................................................ LR07
 08) The End ............................................................ LR08
 09) The Apocalypse ..................................................... LR09

 Lonesome Road has no official sidequests. Man, that IS lonesome!

|¯|   |¯¯¯¯\______ _______________________________________
| |   | |¯) )¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
| |   |  ¯ / LR01 | THE REUNION                           |====================
| |___| (\ \______|_______________________________________|
|_____|_| )_)¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

 Client -: n/a
 Prereq -: Ain't That a Kick in the Head
 Precedes: The Silo
 Missable: no
 Reward -: 10 XP

 Supposing the DLC is properly installed, this quest kicks in after first
 leaving Doc Mitchell's Goodsprings clinic. [A notification plays to let one
 know this.] The destination for this quest is the Canyon Wreckage, a gorge
 west of the highway town Primm, south of Goodsprings. Without Lonesome Road
 running, this place has little to offer, besides a few nearby graves...but
 with it, passage into the Divide is accessible.

 Inspecting the trashed bus gives the overview prompt, saying that this quest
 series is recommended for LV25+ players. Unlike some previous DLC, though,
 there's no weight limit or item confiscation off the bat. Some other general

 • Traveling light is still recommended, but not as important (extra vendors!)
 • Companions can't come with into the Divide
 • One can leave the Divide at any time if it gets too tough!

 If ready, put on those walkin' shoes and visit beyond. Discovering the "Pass
 to Canyon Wreckage" on the other side finishes the quest.

|¯|   |¯¯¯¯\______ _______________________________________
| |   | |¯) )¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
| |   |  ¯ / LR02 | THE SILO                              |====================
| |___| (\ \______|_______________________________________|
|_____|_| )_)¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

 Client -: n/a
 Prereq -: Ain't That a Kick in the Head
 Precedes: The Job
 Missable: no
 Reward -: 1900 XP

 Hey, what a swell place! ...well, at least until one peers over the first
 cliff, seeing an massive, eerie fissure in the earth, miles and miles wide.
 This rocky path is quite short and leaves little exploration-wise, although
 there is a large pipe that leads to an upper duffel bag. The north route
 leads to...

 Follow the taunt-ridden walls into the silo's upper chamber. Both side doors
 begin locked, and inspecting the blast doors' panel gives a prompt to find
 something with advanced hacking expertise. Once the southern passage is
 opened (via wall terminal), one can dig around the utility room. In addition
 to the Arc Welder and rad-resistable Breathing Mask on a shelf, there's also
 a first aid kit, duffel bag near the blocked entrance, and some miscellanea
 in the main desk.

 But the star is definitely that maintenance bot stuck in its pod. Its name?
 Why, it's ED-E! Not the same one found in Primm (technically), but definitely
 ED-E! Its first conversation contains optional [INT 6] & [Science 35] checks.
 Its presence as a companion is required, though, and it gives the same
 Enhanced Sensors perk that the Mojave ED-E gives.

 • ED-E can also unlock commissaries, slot-like devices found inside certain
   buildings. These function as vendors, and are in fact the only ones within
   the Divide. ED-E is required to unlock them, however, and automatically
   does so if in range. The electric shopkeeps all draw from the same stock,
   so visiting many in rapid succession isn't worthwhile. [This is actually
   mentioned in the utility PC, due to soldiers trying to score whiskey.] They
   will replenish their items eventually, though. Additionally, commissaries
   have max repair functions.

 With the eyebot in tow, one can activate the blast doors, restoring power to
 the facility. Make sure to inspect the destroyed eyebot's circuitboard, as
 finding it gives ED-E the extra "Camarader-E" perk. Each of the 5 boards will
 give ED-E a new function, so they're quite worth locating! [The Easy terminal
 nearby leads to the hydraulics room, containing general craft components, a
 bit of energy weapon ammo and a first aid box.]

 The adjacent silo has several levels, accessible by the spiral staircase. A
 flipped desk (Easy lock) contains the 2nd Level security code, letting one
 disable the hostile sentry bot. [Near it is a "Dean's Electronic" skillbook,
 found on the same rubble pile.] A 'Hard' desk in this chamber contains the
 LV1 security codes, helping a bit later.

 Ascending to Level 3, one finds the first traces of humanity -- dead ghouls,
 part of the Marked Men gang, laying around broken sentry bots. Seems like a
 battle took place, ol' chap! Speaking of pinning things to walls, within the
 nearby cabinet (Easy lock) is an H&H Tools Nail Gun, a silent gun with bonus
 crit chance and limb damage. It uses nails for ammo, something that's already
 readily available in most major vendors.

 The silo's third level is slightly radioactive, and contains another hostile
 sentry bot. It can be quickly eliminated by reactivating the turret controls
 via the wall terminal (Repair 50+ required). It may not kill the bot itself,
 but it'll do most of the work. The large western door leads to the base
 commander's office -- Martin Retslef's corpse is here, containing the unique
 'US Army General Outfit', plus his desk contains the silo network security
 codes. [The PC can deactivate his personal security bots and open their nooks,
 allowing for extra looting.]

 Moseying into 3F's south chamber, one finds a locked door and the mainframe,
 which can be activated with Retslef's codes. [ED-E does this automatically.]
 Opening the door turns the north antechamber's sentry bots hostile, and
 they'll immediately start attacking in the bunker's west area. If one picked
 up the LV1 security clearance, the turrets will be friendly, and help attack
 the rogue bots.

 After looting everything, emerge into the sunshine via the east tunnel.

 This place is discovered upon exiting. ED-E will then be 'hacked' to play a
 mysterious man's dialogue. The conversation can reveal him as Ulysses, a.k.a.
 Courier Six. His 'welcome' contains several optional checks

 • [PER 6]                • [Speech 75]
 • [Science 50]           • [Survival 35]
 • [Explosives 50]        • [Medicine 35]
 • [INT 7]                • [Survival 75]
 • [NCR]                  • [Speech 55]

 However, only the missable [PER 6] check is of any real use, as it's part of
 the "Most Likely To..." challenge. Luckily, even failing the check does the
 trick. Following Ulysses' speech, the quest ends.

|¯|   |¯¯¯¯\______ _______________________________________
| |   | |¯) )¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
| |   |  ¯ / LR03 | THE JOB                               |====================
| |___| (\ \______|_______________________________________|
|_____|_| )_)¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

 Client -: n/a
 Prereq -: The Silo
 Precedes: The Launch
 Missable: no
 Reward -: 1800 XP

 Ulysses' cryptic language suggests there's a 'trigger' one must find to get
 through the Divide. But, in a foreign land, that ain't much of a help. The
 only thing to do is explore the nearby area of Hopeville. If y'wanna skip the
 surroundings' explanation, just skip to the bottom mandatory stuff.

 This place is a bit NE of the bunker's exit, and has a few Marked Men near
 the rooftops. The exterior has some low crates and containers, and the roofs
 can be accessed via a makeshift ramp. The highest ledge has a sniper rifle in
 a crate, befitting the large sightlines given up there.

 Inside is one of the Divide's few commissaries and working auto-docs (last
 seen in Old World Blues). A northern office also contains the second eyebot
 upgrade for the "Camarader-E" perk, so that's worth finding, too. A couple
 Marked Men will inhabit this place, but don't respawn.

 Finally, outside of a few chems and skill magazines laying around, one can
 crack a 'Hard' safe to get the base's armory codes. [Don't forget to claim
 the first aid boxes' goodies; they're in the bathrooms.] Cleverly hidden in
 the lobby's large bookcase is a 'Nikola Tesla and You' skillbook, underneath
 a destroyed book.

 This is the region's main location, having both a (fast-travellable) east
 and west entrance. 

 Its northern armory can be accessed by lockpick (Very Hard), hacking (Hard)
 or by finding the aforementioned HQ codes. There's a ton of ammo here, most
 of it for the Red Glare rocket launcher. Other things: (1) two lockers keep
 sets of Riot Gear, although the Very Hard locker's is at better quality and
 has a Riot Shotgun (2) a 'Guns and Bullets' skillbook under a desk (3) an
 extra Breathing Mask near the Marked Man's corpse.

 The men's barracks contains a commissary and a 'Very Hard' locker housing
 US Army Combat Armor, plus a 'Tumblers Today' skillbook under a bathroom
 crate. The women's barracks can't be accessed until the warhead outside is
 cleared (very soon), but when done, can be taken for its notable loot, namely
 more US Army Combat Armor and a 'Grognak the Barbarian' skillbook, hidden
 underneath some bathroom literature. Two M.M. Marauders'll spawn if one visits
 the southern side, note.

 This is on the southern of the two roads, accessed by an 'Easy' gate. There's
 little here besides military crates, although an overturned truck's toolbox
 does hold Ulysses' Y-17.35 recording (part of "Ulysses' Odyssey" challenge).
 A small alley is mined, and getting through the traps leads to several boxes
 containing extra mines.

 This is a broken building along the base's eastern exit. A few scouts will
 watch the road, and can be picked off if one's crafty enough. The decimated
 store contains both a reloading and normal workbench, and upstairs, extra
 ammo cases (usually for Red Glare).

 Just east of the guard outpost, this place is through the destroyed cement
 buildings. Once its titular inhabitants are cleared, one can explore at
 leisure. There's two main reasons to come here: (1) the southern warhead (2)
 the NE (Average) gated area, containing some ammo and Ulysses' Y-17.21 tape.
 The 'warehouse stash key' in a truck near the warheead unlocks said gate.
 One can find a free sniper rifle on the building husk's upper "floor," plus
 extra explosives in the truck near the warhead.

 When ready to continue the story, one must access the base's northern city
 block, currently blocked off from all angles but the west. This means finding
 the Hopeville Missile Base HQ and trekking east across the rubble "bridge".
 The destination is NE three-story complex, occupied by two Marked Men, one
 of whom is using a Red Glare rocket launcher. [They can be picked off with
 decent enough stealth, but ED-E ain't made for that sorta thing. The latter
 test fires his weapon regardless of one's stealth, also. Fast travel is
 disabled after jumping down to street level.]

 Atop said building is a cache containing Ulysses' gift: the key item 'Laser
 Detonator'. This 'gun' paints warheads as targets, detonating them and debris
 around 'em -- its road-clearing effect is required to reach Lonesome Road's
 conclusion. [There's also an extra Red Glare rocket launcher here, in better
 condition than the enemy was using. Surrounding buildings contain some good
 loot too, particularly the southern store's ammo dump.]

 Taking the Laser Detonator cues a Marked Men squad who, if undisturbed, will
 hang out at street level. [A few will ascend the building, though.] At high
 levels many of these guys can carry Anti-Materiel Rifles and Thermic Lances,
 so try to ambush 'em (or leave traps ahead of time) for a simpler skirmish.

 Test out the new detonator on the street's southern warhead -- just keep the
 target 'painted' to cause a Fat Man-like explosion, leaving lingering (and
 diminishing) radioactivity in its wake. There's a few other warheads to
 destroy 'round here (near women's barracks and at Marked Men Supply), but
 the main one -- along the eastern highway -- is quest-marked.

 Destroying the impediment spawns a few more Marked Men; at least one will
 rush to the player's location (regardless of stealth). Sniping 'em from the
 roadside or the Marked Men Guard Outpost is possible, too. Closer to the
 new path, one finds Blister (so named for his Flamer weapon) and some M.M.
 cohorts. Unlike the explosion's vanguard, these can be safely sniped from
 leagues away without drawing them closer.

 Outside of Blister's goods (rare 'Marked Beast Helmet') and the bevy of ammo
 pickups inside the complex's battered shell, it's back down the highway. One
 more nuke blocks the way to the Collapsed Overpass Tunnel, which is itself a
 large level.

 • This is a good time to revisit the Mojave, selling junk and stashing those
   rarities for load-lightening purposes. There's a ton of expensive (and
   heavy!) items to get, and the commissary's meager 6000-ish funds doesn't
   cover much. ED-E'll wait near the canyon wreckage, automatically rejoining
   upon return.

 Entering the creepy dwelling starts an ED-E playback. Further in, past the
 deathclaw wandering around, one can find an odd, quick monster (a tunneler)
 fleeing. Inspect the corpse near where it was to find an NCR grunt carrying
 flashbangs. These items inflict fatigue damage, reduce weapon skills and can
 frenzy tunnelers -- it's no wonder more are nearby. [A separate save here's
 nice in case one encounters the glitch where the enemy spawns underground
 and can attack without being visible or VATS-able.]

 Traveling eastward, one finds a tunneler pit -- the place they spawn into the
 area. Walking past that opening will spawn a few tunnelers on either side,
 typically forcing a battle. Weave through the wreckage (military crates are
 hidden south of toppled red truck) towards a NE hill; several tunnelers of
 all kinds spawn around here. The main path upwards is radioactive, thanks to
 fallen waste barrels, and a tiny N offshoot may have some medical supplies.
 If y'need to rest before the upward path, there's a mattress behind sandbags
 near there ('Duck and Cover!' skillbook in the teddy bear crate here).

 Entering the High Road finishes the mission.

|¯|   |¯¯¯¯\______ _______________________________________
| |   | |¯) )¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
| |   |  ¯ / LR04 | THE LAUNCH                            |====================
| |___| (\ \______|_______________________________________|
|_____|_| )_)¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

 Client -: n/a
 Prereq -: The Silo
 Precedes: The Divide
 Missable: no
 Reward -: 3600 XP

 Being back in the sun sure is great, enough that Ulysses again radios in for
 a chat. There's several speech checks here: [Science 65], a few[Survival 35],
 [PER 6], and either NCR/Legion ones. If one found the man's old logs, there's
 a [Speech 75] check to convince him of their importance. The dialogue about
 one's home always counts toward the "Most Likely To..." challenge, regardless
 of chosen option.

 The destination is also revealed: the Ashton silo, far east at road's end.
 Might as well get goin'...

 ED-E's sensors will have picked up trouble down the street, and sure 'nough,
 there's a Marked Men ambush party waiting. With them is Beast, a unique foe
 carrying a SMMG (shoulder-mounted machine gun)...not something to mess with!
 Watch out for using explosives, too -- they can blow corpses off the highway
 into the unreachable abyss. [It's happened to me before with Pushy, haha...]
 After his defeat, the eyebot will unlock the flatbed's commissary, easily
 missed if one runs off ahead. [There's usually another SMMG in a crate near
 here, so big gun users can take this time to buy some upgrades for it.]

 The cracked highway leads east, curving underneath a skyscraper now bending
 over it. ED-E can pick up any distant threats, including a certain surprise
 visitor in the inaccessible building's window (he appears on-screen as a
 friendly). There's a warhead to destroy near the northern bend.

 But before doing that, the building's curvature allows the Courier to ascend
 a rickety, makeshift staircase. There's a boobytrap up here, but it shouldn't
 be that troubling, considering this is a safe, fast-travellable rest area.
 The hideout reeks of Ulysses' presence: he's left a log (Y-17.16), several
 batches of medical supplies, a sniper rifle in good condition and a campfire.
 Additionally, an NCR corpse carries a set of Advanced Riot Gear! This can be
 repaired with normal Riot Gear or, with Jury Rigging, comparable armor (like
 the kind unique Masked Men wear). 

 Alright, back on the east road. This area will have several deathclaws and
 another warhead -- detonating the latter from long range may help clear the
 path a bit. There's an unavoidable encounter if one fully enters the wrecked
 trailer, but it'll be worth it: there's a large cache of nonstandard ammo
 types within.

 Said interchange is located where the overpasses overlap, and a warhead'll be
 here if not detonated earlier. There's always one deathclaw hiding behind a
 freight container, emerging when one approaches, so don't get taken unawares.
 The scrapped supply trucks around here can contain decent supplies (one even
 has a bed), and the toxic waste truck's lead-lined containers keep rad-related
 supplies. [ED-E has another playback event further down the way.]

 After nixing the final deathclaw (the median wreck makes a good obstacle for
 it), the path bifurcates: NE goes toward Ashton, E turns around toward the
 pitstop remnants below the bridge. [The western cliffs contains a suitcase
 with extra medical supplies, if needed.]

 • A well-hidden safe area is the High Road's east tunnel collapse nearby,
   notable for its half-buried truck and campfire. If one jumps all the way
   up, one can snag Ulysses' Y-17.22 tape ("Ulysses' Odyssey" challenge) and
   his normal goodies.

 This below-bridge area is now a dim wasteland inhabited by tunnelers. Very
 little of interest remains here, although, true to its name, there is a bed
 available. The Lonesome Road snowglobe is also hidden here, in the upturned
 shelf. A bit north is an old garage containing ammo and crafting parts;
 behind it, some military crates. This small detour'll spawn 1-2 deathclaws,
 so watch out (or put those satchel charges to good use, heh). One of those
 deathclaws may spawn on the upper bridge instead, ambushing when one returns
 to the main road.

 Note that it's possible for some tunnelers to never emerge -- this means they
 aren't a threat, but still appear as one, preventing waiting/sleeping/fast

 Northeast leads toward the mountain silo. It's an uneventful hike, excluding
 the 7 satchel charges lying en route. Sneaking straight to the destination's
 very possible, but there's no reason to skip the Marked Men's last outpost
 in this section. The unique 'boss' Bonesaw appears here, carrying a trademark
 chainsaw for choppin'. He can be pretty formidable, so it helps to eliminate
 any helpers at long range (ED-E's sensors can pick up baddies hiding in the
 far building). Slaying Bonesaw should also give the "Marked" perk, giving a
 10% damage bonus against all Marked Men.

 Before continuing, it's time to loot! The tiny hut near Bonesaw's campfire
 contains some satchel charges, plus a "Roughin' It! Bedroll Kit" which can
 be used to sleep in outdoor areas. The lookouts' building contains several
 military crates, in addition to a free sniper rifle. South of said structure
 is a dumpster cache containing much energy ammo, although Lockpick 75+ is
 required to get it all. Lastly, the southern blockage contains an easy-to-miss
 warhead; behind it is some lead-lined boxes with a significant ammo dump.

 At the roofless control station, ED-E will unlock the terminal. Operate the
 terminal to see the launch (finishes "Condemned to Repeat It" challenge) --
 this finishes the quest.

|¯|   |¯¯¯¯\______ _______________________________________
| |   | |¯) )¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
| |   |  ¯ / LR05 | THE DIVIDE                            |====================
| |___| (\ \______|_______________________________________|
|_____|_| )_)¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

 Client -: n/a
 Prereq -: The Silo
 Precedes: The Tunnelers
 Missable: no
 Reward -: 3600 XP

 After ED-E's triggered convo (contains an optional Survival 55 check), the
 lockdown is lifted, allowing the duo to enter the silo's lift. A notification
 also mentions the launched warhead opened a new location -- the Courier's
 Mile -- near Hopeville. This doesn't have to be explored now, but will count
 toward the "Ends of the Earth" and "The Courier's Mile" challenges.

 The objective is to use the elevator to reach the lower bunker, and that
 requires fighting off tunnelers for awhile. [There's also mild 1r/s radiation
 to deal with.] Said foes usually emerge in pairs, and with cramped quarters,
 explosives are generally out of the question. It can get a bit hectic, but
 constantly moving allows ED-E to get some potshots in, too. This event need
 only be done once -- after finishing, it skips right to the surface.

 Inside, the Courier begins on the highest floor (LV1). This floor contains a
 clinic (sentry bot, auto-doc, commissary) and presumably a quartermaster's
 office (Science 50+ required) containing several US Army Combat Armors and
 medical supplies. In the silo's top level is a 'Hard' hack terminal, leading
 into a workspace with a broken eyebot, i.e. ED-E's third upgrade. Out of the
 five upgrades to get, this is the only one with a steep skill requirement.

 Next stop: one floor down, to LV2! There's little here except a lockpickable
 door (Average) leading to a junk closet -- tons of crap/crafting components
 strewn on the floor, plus a locker with a Riot Gear set. The only thing
 remaining is descending the silo's burning shaft, steering a NE course to
 the exit.

 Before doing that, there's a few 'Hard' safes: one below the silo's lowest
 ramp, and another on the flaming "rim" of the pit. It's the last one that's
 of interest, because there's a "Big Book of Science" skillbook hidden in that
 northeast corner. It's just hard to find because when people give directions,
 they mention the "Hard" safe but don't specify the upper one. :p

 Adjacent to the silo is an old hotel, its base now connected due to the
 Divide's tragic circumstances. Inhabitants are only tunnelers, but they can
 appear in greater numbers -- ED-E makes a good distraction in these cases.
 The first (lowest) room has a wall safe behind a waist-high bookshelf, while
 the next-highest has a few skill magazines. Very little here to recommend a
 repeat visit...

 Ulysses makes radio contact for a third time here, giving his usual cryptic
 dialogue and telling one to make for the horizon's tower. The final four
 triggers for the "Most Likely To" challenge occur here:

 - Inquiring about package origins (several triggers for this)
 - Asking "Why would I have brought it here?"
 - Asking about Ulysses' promise not to kill the Courier
 - Asking "what's our history? How do you know me?"

 Several of these options are missable in this conversation, but all four can
 be obtained by playing the cards right. One can also make Ulysses talk more
 about his recordings, if the two [Speech 75] checks are passed. There's few
 other speech checks, though, besides NCR/Legion-affiliated ones, supposing
 the player fell in their ranks.

 After the chat, it's time to descend back into the Divide, this time working
 west towards Ulysses' stronghold. This sniping spot allows one to pick off
 most Marked Men below, including "death by warhead detonation" -- always a
 good one! [One can find Ulysses momenatarily during the descent as he walks
 past an unreachable window in a high-up building; he appears as a friendly,
 so it's easy to spot him. Damaging him is impossible, though.]

 Speaking of which, down the first antenna ramp, the NE office contains one
 of Ulysses' recordings (Y-17.23), plus some a wall safe, some ammo and his
 old duffel. The rest of the descent is uneventful, although a lower kitchen
 area has a locked (Hard) cabinet with some skill mags within. [Another ED-E
 playback log event occurs halfway down.]

 Supposing one sniped the dickens out of the noobcake Marked Men below, this
 entire clearing should be safe to explore. The southern warhead blocks a
 culvert's cache, and a little SE of there, some critters scamper around a
 skeleton's duffel/remains. [Journal counts towards "Nostalgia" challenge.]
 Note that approaching the lower Marked Men camp -- near the warhead -- always
 spawns some rooftop enemies nearby; avoiding the area evades the encounter.
 Feel free to rest on the southern building's mattress, if needed.

 To continue, detonate the west pass' warhead. Without the blockage, one can
 gain access to the nearby (unmarked) gang hideout, plus some of the smaller
 surrounding areas. Two more warheads can be found in this west area: one
 blocking access to Cave of the Abaddon (mandatory) and another within eyeshot
 of it, which can give easier access to a destroyed eyebot. It just requires
 going around and entering a newly-fallen pipe. [The eyebot can be acquired
 before detonating the warhead, if y'wanted.]

 The makeshift ramp to this area is on the SW cliffs, not too far from the
 Marked Men's hideout. The treasurer's terminal (Easy hack) contains notes
 that count toward the "Nostalgia" challenge, and there's emergency supplies
 hidden carefully behind a bookshelf. An easy part to miss is the entrance to
 the municipal sewers, slightly west of there -- they contain an eyebot
 circuitboard upgrade, plus passage to the previous building's upper floor.
 Here, one can find another set of Elite Riot Gear (with sniper rifle) and,
 east, under a physician's desk, is a "Lying, Congressional Style" skillbook.

 Advance to "The Tunnelers" section now, and look return when it's concluded.

 Now that ED-E's gone, one must advance to Ulysses' Temple. If the eyebot's
 absence is causing inventory weight issues, return to a previous commissary
 (or even the Mojave) to rectify the problem. Speaking personally, I ended up
 with a lot of Riot Gear sets to be kept for posterity, in addition to stuff
 I was already wearing (Honest Hearts' Desert Combat Armor).

 Descending again, this time visiting the hotel and its exposed hallways is
 optional, with neither floor giving much of interest (including usable beds).
 On the Boxwood's lower east side is a telltale sign for FO3 players: a large
 deathclaw cage. Its empty of monsters (supplies inside) but sure 'nough, one
 can see the former residents a ways south. Sniping works, or getting to an
 out-of-reach area makes 'em flee. [On that subject, near the cages is a blue
 truck, and on its east side is a duffel bag containing a report, part of
 the "Nostalgia" challenge.]

 Also around this time, three Marked Men will appear on the west building's
 upper catwalk. It's possible to eliminate the deathclaws first without them
 taking potshots, just in case one was curious.

 • OPTIONAL: Rawr's Cave! The wastewater pond leads to a tiny dwelling, half-
   -hidden by the terrain. A duffel bag here contains the 'NCR Radio Distress
   Beacon', part of the "Nostalgia" challenge. Additionally, advancing inward
   blocks the entrance, forcing a showdown with the titular resident, a
   ferocious deathclaw. It's possible to outfight the brute with sheer power
   (Med-X and Psycho help), but sneak crits are always one's best friend. The
   enemy leaves behind "Rawr's Talon," which can be fashioned into a unique
   deathclaw gauntlet at the workbench (Survival 75+ required). Other than
   destroying both warheads (one required to exit) and a few containers, not
   much to speak of.

 Clearing the western warhead allows access to a lower drainage area. Two
 things happen here: (1) approaching the Waste Disposal Station spawns a pair
 o' gangmembers behind the player, with the marauder using a Stealth Boy. (2)
 climbing the antenna ramp to where the previous batch of Marked Men were
 spawns the unique enemy 'Blade,' on the disposal site's NW cliff. He'll be
 using a Stealth Boy also, but can be spotted with V.A.T.S. just the same.
 He uses a Blade of the West. If one skipped the Bonesaw encounter earlier,
 this fella's death confers the "Marked" perk instead.

 Said antenna ramp is a dead-end path but has several articles contributing
 to the "Nostalgia" challenge -- two are near the irradiated minor campsite
 in duffel bags (NCR Ranger Action Report and its addendum); the remaining is
 on a PC a little ways opposite, in a debris-ridden corridor.

 The disposal plant's runoff pond has a lot of buildings to explore. The NW
 building has only a bottom floor to search, but has a few duffel bags (one
 hidden behind bookshelf). South of there is a workbench area containing some
 meds/chems; approaching here spawns two Marked Men assailants. If y'want to
 craft that deathclaw gauntlet, though, that's the quick path.

 After detonating the cliff-embedded warheads (NW, W, SW), climb the southern
 cliff, moving north. This'll take one along the building the 3 Marked Men
 previously patrolled, and gives access to the Wastewater Treatment Plant. A
 warhead sits in front of it, revealing lead-lined boxes when destroyed (and
 creating a makeshift ramp to the pond near Rawr's cave).

 Proceeding to Ulysses' Temple is done by going north over the tilted building
 by the treatment plant and trekking SW on the cliffs (past disposal station).
 This leads to one last building husk, spitting the player out at the final
 Marked Men camp in front of the temple entrance. Finding this location may
 finish "Ends of the Earth," supposing one found "Path to the Courier's Mile"
 and all other optional map locations (excluding Courier's Mile itself, which
 doesn't count).

 This is a large toxic waste dumping ground. Inside, the radioactive barrel
 pile has a lead-lined box, containing the usual stimpaks, flamer ammo and
 flare gun; next to it, a Wasteland Survival Guide. In the back caves, another
 lead box and a skeleton; the latter contains a note for the "Nostalgia"
 challenge. Taking it spawns four tunnelers, however, including one who'll
 approach immediately.

 A ways down the filthy pipe, one can spy a Marked Men raiding band fighting
 off some tunnelers. If one leaves the foes alone, a player can just pick off
 the victor (typically the ghouls). Exploring the adjacent office is much
 easier with the rabble gone, revealing some ammo piles and maybe a skill
 magazine. Other than that, a 'Pugilism Illustrated' is hidden behind the
 mass of lockers, and the manager's terminal counts toward the "Nostalgia"


 Entering Ulysses' Temple completes this quest.

|¯|   |¯¯¯¯\______ _______________________________________
| |   | |¯) )¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
| |   |  ¯ / LR06 | THE TUNNELERS                         |====================
| |___| (\ \______|_______________________________________|
|_____|_| )_)¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

 Client -: n/a
 Prereq -: The Divide (started)
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: no
 Reward -: 1800 XP
 This quest is automatically given after approaching Cave of the Abaddon, the
 only way out of the Sunstone Tower canyon since the west road has collapsed.
 A short ED-E playback occurs here, giving optional [Guns 50] or [Repair 50]
 checks to deduce what happened in his log.

 Further in, the cave is revealed to be part of the collapsed landscape, not a
 natural cave -- that explains the debris and manmade containers around. The
 presence of tunnelers ain't surprising either, but the spacious sightlines
 play to any sniper's advantage. [Sunflower Summers' diary, near a corpse by
 some northern debris, counts towards the "Nostalgia" challenge.]

 The western expanse has a few tunnelers in it, and when approached, spawns
 about 5-7 more, including a Tunneler Queen (contains many more items than a
 normal one). Past the wrecked clinic's auto-doc, the destination becomes...

 Just a small enemy-less area acting as a passage to the surface. Befittingly,
 there's also a usable bed near the top. Half-hidden by the nightstand is a
 "D.C. Journal of Internal Medicine" skillbook. ED-E gives a minor playback
 near the exit.

 Here, Ulysses radios in again, only the terms are far less friendly: using an
 access code, he commandeers ED-E, who leaves as a companion. All its carried
 items are returned, although it's a double-edged sword due to overencumbrance.
 With this quest ended, "The Divide" is back to being the main task, so return
 to that section.

|¯|   |¯¯¯¯\______ _______________________________________
| |   | |¯) )¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
| |   |  ¯ / LR07 | THE COURIER                           |====================
| |___| (\ \______|_______________________________________|
|_____|_| )_)¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

 Client -: n/a
 Prereq -: The Divide (finished)
 Precedes: The End -or- The Apocalypse
 Missable: no
 Reward -: 1900 XP

 A maintenance wing makes up the temple's lowest floor. Loot the entryway and
 move to the corridor, containing a 'Hard' terminal -- this leads to a storage
 room packed with junk items, explosive (pulse & plasma) grenades/mines, and
 a 'Very Easy' locker typically holding an energy weapon (Laser RCW, etc.).
 In any case, the way forward is south of there.

 Past the first security bot, a terminal reveals that ED-E is being kept in
 the adjacent room. The player has a decision here: (1) access the main
 corridor without rescuing ED-E, and go upstairs alone (2) rescue ED-E after
 putting down the 2nd security bot, and face Ulysses together. Going upstairs
 without ED-E will grant the "Lonesome Road" perk immediately, giving a damage
 V.A.T.S. accuracy boost (both +10%) while companionless. Of course, the
 tradeoff is that final commissary isn't unlocked. Decisions, decisions!

 If one rescues ED-E, he'll automatically rejoin as companion after dialogue
 (contains optional Science 60 check). Either way, use the auto-doc if needed
 before heading up to the temple proper -- the game prompts the player that
 once upstairs, leaving is impossible until the showdown ends. As expected,
 Ulysses can be confronted, although since he's initially 'friendly,' one may
 want to snoop around the room first. [This is a perfect time to detonate the
 stray warheads, for instance.]

 Ulysses reveals the grand plan his prior radio encounters hinted at. If one
 has decent NCR or Legion faction, it's possible to pursue a [Speech 90] check
 that gives an option to settle things peaceably. This route can also be taken
 by suggesting Ulysses listen to ED-E's logs of old America -- although this
 only works if one found all Ulysses' holotapes. [Speech options that try to
 trick Ulysses make him hostile, however.]

 In the best circumstances, Ulysses will remain friendly, helping the player
 and ED-E destroy the Marked Men infiltrators who flood in. He (Ulysses) has
 a 12.7mm SMG, for reference. In addition to the thuggish ghouls, the eyebots
 near the launching platform will be released. They'll be friendly toward
 Ulysses (as expected), but are capable of turning hostile to oneself. Also,
 they can't be hacked to help oneself...shucks.

 If one can't get Ulysses off the warpath, there's no alternative but puttin'
 up them dukes. Our facemasked friend favors the 12.7mm SMG, Anti-Materiel
 Rifle, Flashbangs and, when damaged, Stealth Boys for a getaway. Those
 camouflaged exits allow his Marked Men lackeys to waste one's precious time.

 As for the eyebots, they'll heal Ulysses and fight back a bit, too. Shooting
 'em outright works, but is by no means favorable -- that honor belongs to the
 better method: hacking 'em. Alongside the launching pad are two parallel
 walkways, each containing laser tripwires (Repair 90+ deactivation) and an
 eyebot console. With Repair 100 or Science 100, one can deactivate the bots;
 with a Science 100 follow-up, the bots' IFF is deactivated, making Ulysses
 their target! [Of course, they can turn on the player/ED-E as well...]

 Killing Ulysses doesn't stop Marked Men from spawning, but the quest will
 finish after 'x' amount have been killed. It's possible for Ulysses to get
 blown into the launch pad's "bottomless" pit, so be careful if one's walking
 the sneak-crit/explosives route. At the very least, make sure to loot him
 before dropping him in there!

 Speaking of sneak-crits, those who want an anticlimactic finish can just
 hide from the get-go, pop off a few .50 MG explosive rounds, and neutralize
 the remaining hostiles in relative piece.


 After eliminating Ulysses and his Marked Men, or helping the ex-courier in
 one final push against those hoodlums, the quest automatically ends.

|¯|   |¯¯¯¯\______ _______________________________________
| |   | |¯) )¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
| |   |  ¯ / LR08 | THE END                               |====================
| |___| (\ \______|_______________________________________|
|_____|_| )_)¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

 Client -: n/a
 Prereq -: The Courier
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: yes [launch the missiles]
 Reward -: 3600 XP, various faction fame/infamy, possible access to the Long
           15 or Dry Wells, post-DLC footlocker

 With Ulysses dealt with, the task falls to stopping the missile launch -- a
 flashing console near the main walkway loudly punctuates this. In addition to
 a full cancellation, several other options exist.

 • Redirect missiles to NCR territory: Giving the Long 15 an "Old World gift"
   turns it into rubble, and allows one to visit it post-DLC from the Mojave
   Outpost road. NCR and Legion rep plummets and rises, respectively, and one
   gains the "Bear-Slayer" perk for the heinous bombing.

 • Redirect missiles to Legion territory: Bombing Caesar's lands east of the
   Colorado allows one to visit the Dry Wells area (accessed from Cottonwood
   Cove), a hellish irradiated camp of the Courier's creation. Additionally,
   one gains NCR fame, heavy Legion infamy and the "Scourge of the East" perk.

 • Redirect missiles to Legion and NCR territory: This is a combination of
   the two methods above, allowing one to visit both the Long 15 and Dry
   Wells are, in exchange for heavy NCR/Legion faction penalties. On the
   flipside, one gets Boomers and Powder Gangers fame, plus the "Dead Man's
   Burden" perk.

 • Cancel launch: This option requires ED-E's elite hacking skills so, as one
   expects, it's off-limits unless he's with. Through a log playback, it's
   revealed such heavy usage will destroy ED-E, however. The option to change
   the target is given again (via dialogue) or to let ED-E sacrifice itself.
   This choice gives Brotherhood and Followers fame.

 It's possible to have one's NCR and Legion reputations reset during the main
 quest, but nuking a faction typically ruins their questline. Example: letting
 a warhead plop down at Dry Wells after getting "Render Unto Caesar" will fail
 all related quests. Gotta think ahead! [Note that ED-E will always transfer
 his "Camarader-E" powers to the Mojave version, regardless of the missile

 So what do the unlocked post-DLC locations offer? Well, the Long 15 contains
 irradiated troopers and Royez, a ghoulified NCR colonel wearing unique
 Scorched Sierra Power Armor (DT 24/Heavy/WG 40/HP +2 per sec, Fire res. +25,
 STR +1). This is actual power armor requiring the training perk, not junky
 salvaged armor normal heavy troopers carry. Near Royez is a fancy gun case
 containing the Great Bear Grenade Rifle, also unique -- it fire 40mm 'nades
 and weights 5 pounds.

 Nuking Legion lands opens Dry Wells, a riverside encampment turned into a
 nightmarish hellscape thanks to the Courier. All enemies here are irradiated
 legionaries, including Gaius Magnus, the head honcho wearing the "Armor of
 the 87th Tribe" (DT 22/WG 35/CHR +1, AP +10, Crit chance +3). This isn't
 considered faction armor, either. As for unique weapons, one can find the
 "Red Victory Grenade Rifle" in a crate on the western cliff. Like its sister
 at the Long 15, it fires 40mm shells, but weighs less and has a better firing
 rate in exchange for reduced damage.

 Both of these areas can be rather hard, due to the enemies' arsenal and
 the fact they're all ghouls -- they'll be regenerating health the entire
 time. Similarly, both areas have scores of powerful weapons and specialized
 ammo, making both trips well worth it. It's also possible to find weapon mods
 within certain crates, too!

 After committing to a choice, the facility will start imploding, and once
 one leaves, returning is impossible. [So pluck weapons from those goo piles
 if y'want the heavy weapons, eh?] Going down the temple lift makes ED-E
 permanently leave, rolling the credits to show the fates of:

 • The Divide
 • ED-E
 • Ulysses
 • Courier 

 After the credits, the quest (and "Hometown Hero" challenge) ends, plus one
 can loot the crate Ulysses left at the Canyon Wreckage. This contains:

 • Bitter Drink (3)
 • Bitter Drink Recipe
 • Courier Duster (effect decided by allying with Legion/NCR/House/no one)
 • Old Glory (Ulysses' unique melee weapon; has bonus crit chance & damage)
 • Red Glare (extra copy)
 • Rocket (100)
 • Snakebite Tourniquet (2)
 • Ulysses' Duster (DT 13/WG 3/Light/CHR +1, Crit chance +5)
 • Ulysses' Mask (DT 3/WG 2/Light/Rad resistance +50)
 • Ulysses' Final Message

 The footlocker will contain these items even if one slew Ulysses and took his
 loot, so that's at least one incentive to put the rabid dog down. All items
 are in above-average condition.

|¯|   |¯¯¯¯\______ _______________________________________
| |   | |¯) )¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
| |   |  ¯ / LR09 | THE APOCALYPSE                        |====================
| |___| (\ \______|_______________________________________|
|_____|_| )_)¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

 Client -: n/a
 Prereq -: Fire warheads during "The End"
 Precedes: n/a
 Missable: yes [cancel the launch]
 Reward -: 3600 XP, various faction fame/infamy, possible access to the Long
           15 or Dry Wells, post-DLC footlocker

 This a perfunctory section, accessed only by launching the missiles at a
 target(s) rather than cancelling 'em. Doing this fails "The End" and adds
 this quest in its stead -- everything else is the same, however. [If one
 fights Ulysses without ED-E, the launch cannot be cancelled and this mission
 becomes "mandatory".]
_____________________________________________________/ VI. APPENDICES [APPN] |_
ACHIEVEMENTS                                                             [ACHV]
 Achievements are Xbox 360-specific feats that recognize in-game prowess or
 accomplishing certain tasks/missions. The main game has 55 and with each of
 the add-ons adding five of its own, the grand total becomes 75! Here's the
 main overview, tweaked a little bit better than the in-game descriptions.
  ________________________________ _____ ____________________________________
 | ACHIEVEMENT                    | PTS | OBTAIN                             |
 | Ain't That a Kick in the Head  |  10 | Complete quest of the same name    |
 | All or Nothing                 |  15 | Complete quest of the same name    |
 | Arizona Killer                 |  20 | Complete quest of the same name    |
 | Artful Pocketer                |  15 | Pick fifty (50) pockets            |
 | Blast Mastery                  |  15 | Deal 10,000 damage w/ Energy Wepns |
 | Caravan Master                 |  30 | Win thirty (30) games of Caravan   |
 | Come Fly With Me               |  20 | Complete quest of the same name    |
 | Crafty                         |  15 | Craft 20 items                     |
 | Desert Survivalist             |  15 | Heal 10,000 damage with food items |
 | Double Down                    |  10 | Play ten (10) hands of blackjack   |
 | Eureka!                        |  15 | Complete quest of the same name    |
 | For the Republic               |  30 | Complete For the Republic, Part 2  |
 | G.I. Blues                     |  20 | Complete quest of the same name    |
 | Globe Trotter                  |  25 | Discover all snow globes           |
 | Hack the Mojave                |  15 | Hack twenty-five (25) terminals    |
 | Hardcore                       | 100 | Play start to finish on Hardcore   |
 | Jury Rigger                    |  15 | Repair 30 items                    |
 | Know When to Fold Them         |  10 | Win three (3) games of Caravan     |
 | Lead Dealer                    |  15 | Deal 10,000 damage with Guns       |
 | Little Wheel                   |  10 | Play ten (10) roulette spins       |
 | Love the Bomb                  |  15 | Deal 10,000 damage with Explosives |
 | Master of the Mojave           |  25 | Discover 125 locations             |
 | Mod Machine                    |  15 | Install twenty (20) weapon mods    |
 | New Kid                        |  10 | Reach Level 10                     |
 | New Vegas Samurai              |  15 | Deal 10,000 damage with Melee Weps |
 | No Gods, No Masters            |  15 | Complete quest of the same name    |
 | No Tumbler Fumbler             |  15 | Pick 25 locks                      |
 | Ol' Buddy Ol' Pal              |  10 | Recruit a companion                |
 | Old-Tyme Brawler               |  15 | Deal 10,000 damage w/ Unarmed Wpns |
 | One Armed Bandit               |  10 | Play ten (10) slot machine cranks  |
 | Outstanding Orator             |  15 | Pass fifty (50) speech challenges  |
 | Render Unto Caesar             |  20 | Complete quest of the same name    |
 | Return to Sender               |  20 | Complete quest of the same name    |
 | Ring-a-Ding-Ding!              |  25 | Complete quest of the same name    |
 | Stim-ply Amazing               |  15 | Heal 10,000 damage with Stimpaks   |
 | Talent Pool                    |  20 | Complete quest of the same name    |
 | That Lucky Old Sun             |  20 | Complete quest of the same name    |
 | The Boss                       |  30 | Reach Level 30                     |
 | The Courier Who Broke the Bank |  30 | Get banned from all Strip casinos  |
 | The House Always Wins          |  30 | Finish The House Always Wins VIII  |
 | The Legend of the Star         |  20 | Complete quest of the same name    |
 | The Whole Gang's Here          |  25 | Recruit all companions             |
 | They Went That-a-Way           |  25 | Complete quest of the same name    |
 | Up and Comer                   |  20 | Reach Level 20                     |
 | Veni, Vidi, Vici               |  15 | Complete quest of the same name    |
 | Volare!                        |  20 | Complete quest of the same name    |
 | Walker of the Mojave           |  10 | Discover fifty (50) locations      |
 | Wild Card                      |  30 | clear Wild Card: Finishing Touches |
 | You Run Barter Town            |  25 | Sell 10,000 caps worth of items    |
 | You'll Know It When It Happens |  20 | Complete quest of the same name    |

 The Dead Money add-on adds five more achievements.
  ________________________________ _____ ____________________________________
 | ACHIEVEMENT                    | PTS | OBTAIN                             |
 | Assemble Your Crew             |  20 | Find Dean Domino, Christine & Dog  |
 | Cash Out                       |  30 | Confront Father Elijah @ the Vault |
 | Having a Ball                  |  20 | Complete "Trigger the Gala Event"  |
 | Safety Deposit Box             |  40 | Trap Elijah in the casino's vault  |
 | Sierra Souvenir Aficionado     |  30 | Collect 500 Sierra Madre chips     |

 Honest Hearts adds some more, too...
  ________________________________ _____ ____________________________________
 | ACHIEVEMENT                    | PTS | OBTAIN                             |
 | In a Foreign Land              |  20 | see below                          |
 | May My Hand Forget Its Skill   |  40 | Complete "Flight from Zion"        |
 | O Daughter of Babylon          |  30 | Complete "Crush the White Legs"    |
 | Restore Our Fortunes           |  30 | Complete "Deliverer of Sorrows"    |
 | When We Remembered Zion        |  20 | Complete "Happy Trails Expedition" |

  • IN A FOREIGN LAND: This requires finishing several missions for Daniel at
    Sorrows Camp, namely: The Advance Scouts, The Grand Staircase, The
    Treacherous Road, and River Monsters.

 Old World Blues also adds more -- who would've guessed?
  ________________________________ ____ _____________________________________
 | ACHIEVEMENT                    | PT | OBTAIN                              |
 | Cardiac Arrest!                | 20 | Recover the Stealth Suit Mk II      |
 | Make Up Your Mind              | 20 | Convince your brain to come back*   |
 | Making Friends                 | 30 | Reactivate all Sink assistants      |
 | Outsmarted                     | 35 | Finish "Old World Blues"            |
 | Spinal-Tapped!                 | 30 | Finish "X-8: High School Horror!"   |
   * - this step is done during "Old World Blues"

 Lonesome Road, naturally, wants to round things off.
  ________________________________ ____ _____________________________________
 | ACHIEVEMENT                    | PT | OBTAIN                              |
 | Condemned to Repeat It         | 20 | Complete "The Launch"               |
 | ED-Ecated                      | 20 | Locate all 5 of ED-E's upgrades     |
 | Hometown Hero                  | 30 | Complete Lonesome Road*             |
 | Rocket's Red Glare             | 25 | Purchase all 3 Red Glare upgrades   |
 | Warhead Hunter                 | 30 | Detonate all 30 Divide warheads     |
  * - done by finishing either "The End" or "The Apocalypse" mission

 Gun Runners' Arsenal (GRA) has a few achievements as well.
  ________________________________ ____ _____________________________________
 | ACHIEVEMENT                    | PT | OBTAIN                              |
 | Combat Veteran                 | 25 | Complete 3 GRA 2-star challenges    |
 | Curios and Relics              | 15 | Do 10,000+ damage w/ unique weapons |
 | Master of the Arsenal          | 25 | Do 10,000+ damage w/ GRA weapons*   |
 | Pros Only                      | 40 | Complete 3 GRA 3-star challenges    |
 | Up to the Challenge            | 20 | Complete 3 GRA 1-star challenges    |
  * - any weapon with (GRA) in the name, including unique weapons

AMMUNITION                                                               [MMNT]
 Here's a list of ammunition and their effects. I thought about skipping this
 section, but it's worth listing the ammo Ctrl+F-able, and effects should be
 listed somewhere. 

 Note the in-game menu doesn't list all extra effects. For instance, some may
 be too self-explanitory (explosive, incendiary/flamer fuel, timed). Pulse
 ammo gives an EMP effect, doing extra damage vs. robots and BoS power armor,
 and would count, too.

 DAMGE: Damage multiplier
 CNDTN: Condition (of weapon)
 TgtDT: Target's DT
 FATIG: Fatigue damage
      ___________________________________ _______________________________
     | AMMUNITION                        | DAMGE CNDTN TgtDT SPRED FATIG |
     | .223 Round                        | x0.90 x0.80 ----- ----- ----- |
     | .22LR Round                       | ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- |
     | .22LR Round, Hollow Point         | x1.75 ----- x3.00 ----- ----- |
     | .22LR, Plinking                   | x0.85 ----- ----- ----- ----- |
     | .308 Round                        | ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- |
     | .308, Armor Piercing              | x0.95 ----- -15.0 ----- ----- |
     | .308, Hollow Point                | x1.75 ----- x3.00 ----- ----- |
     | .308, JSP (Hand Load)             | x1.30 x1.50 ----- ----- ----- |
     | .357 Magnum Round                 | ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- |
     | .357 Magnum, Hollow Point         | x1.75 ----- x3.00 ----- ----- |
     | .357 Magnum, JFP (Hand Load)      | x1.25 ----- -3.00 x0.80 ----- |
     | .38 Special                       | x0.75 x0.75 ----- ----- ----- |
     | .44 Magnum                        | ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- |
     | .44 Magnum, Hollow Point          | x1.75 ----- x3.00 ----- ----- |
     | .44 Magnum, SWC (Hand Load)       | x1.20 ----- -6.00 ----- ----- |
     | .44 Special Round                 | x0.75 x0.75 ----- ----- ----- |
     | .45 Auto                          | ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- |
     | .45 Auto, +P                      | x1.10 x1.20 -2.00 ----- ----- |
     | .45 Auto, Hollow Point            | x1.75 ----- x3.00 ----- ----- |
     | .45 Super (Hand Load)             | x1.30 x2.50 -3.00 ----- ----- |
     | .45-70 Gov't                      | ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- |
     | .45-70 Gov't, Hollow Point        | x1.75 ----- x3.00 ----- ----- |
     | .45-70 Gov't, SWC (Hand Load)     | x1.20 x3.00 -6.00 ----- ----- |
     | .50 MG                            | ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- |
     | .50 MG, Armor Piercing            | x0.95 ----- -15.0 ----- ----- |
     | .50 MG, Explosive (GRA)           | ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- |
     | .50 MG, Incendiary                | ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- |
     | .50 MG, Match (Hand Load)         | x1.50 ----- ----- x0.65 ----- |
     | 10mm Round                        | ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- |
     | 10mm, Hollow Point                | x1.75 ----- x3.00 ----- ----- |
     | 10mm, JHP (Hand Load)             | x1.65 ----- x2.00 ----- ----- |
     | 12 Gauge Round                    | x1.20 ----- ----- ----- ----- |
     | 12 Gauge, 4/0 Buck (GRA)          | ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- |
     | 12 Gauge, 4/0 Buck Magnum (GRA)   | x1.30 x1.15 -2.00 ----- ----- |
     | 12 Gauge, Bean Bag                | x0.05 ----- ----- ----- + 250 |
     | 12 Gauge, Coin Shot               | x1.30 ----- -2.00 ----- ----- |
     | 12 Gauge, Dragon's Breath (GRA)   | x0.90 ----- ----- ----- ----- |
     | 12 Gauge, Flechette (GRA)         | x0.90 ----- -6.00 ----- ----- |
     | 12 Gauge, Magnum                  | x1.30 x1.15 -2.00 ----- ----- |
     | 12 Gauge, Pulse Slug (GRA)        | x0.70 ----- ----- x0.35 ----- |
     | 12 Gauge, Slug                    | ----- ----- ----- x0.35 ----- |
     | 12.7mm Round                      | ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- |
     | 12.7mm Round, Hollow Point        | x1.75 ----- x3.00 ----- ----- |
     | 12.7mm Round, JHP (Hand Load)     | x1.65 x2.00 ----- ----- ----- |
     | 20 Gauge Round                    | x1.20 ----- ----- ----- ----- |
     | 20 Gauge, 3/0 Buck (GRA)          | ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- |
     | 20 Gauge, 3/0 Buck Magnum         | x1.30 x1.15 -2.00 ----- ----- |
     | 20 Gauge, Magnum                  | x1.30 x1.15 -2.00 ----- ----- |
     | 20 Gauge, Pulse Slug (GRA)        | x0.70 ----- ----- x0.35 ----- |
     | 20 Gauge, Slug                    | ----- ----- ----- x0.35 ----- |
     | 25mm Grenade                      | ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- |
     | 25mm Grenade, High Explosive      | x1.35 ----- ----- ----- ----- |
     | 25mm Grenade, Plasma (GRA)        | x1.30 ----- ----- ----- ----- |
     | 25mm Grenade, Pulse (GRA)         | ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- |
     | 25mm Grenade, Timed (GRA)         | ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- |
     | 40mm Grenade                      | ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- |
     | 40mm Grenade, Incendiary          | ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- |
     | 40mm Grenade, Plasma (GRA)        | x1.30 ----- ----- ----- ----- |
     | 40mm Grenade, Pulse (GRA)         | ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- |
     | 5.56mm Round                      | ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- |
     | 5.56mm, Armor Piercing            | x0.95 ----- -15.0 ----- ----- |
     | 5.56mm, Hollow Point              | x1.75 ----- x3.00 ----- ----- |
     | 5.56mm, Match (Hand Load)         | x1.15 ----- ----- x0.65 ----- |
     | 5.56mm, Surplus                   | x1.15 ----- x3.00 ----- ----- |
     | 5mm Round                         | ----- ----- -10.0 ----- ----- |
     | 5mm Round, JSP (Hand Load)        | x1.30 x1.50 -10.0 ----- ----- |
     | 5mm Round, Hollow Point           | x1.75 ----- x2.00 ----- ----- |
     | 5mm, Armor Piercing               | x0.95 ----- -25.0 ----- ----- |
     | 5mm, Surplus                      | x1.15 x3.00 -10.0 x1.20 ----- |
     | 9mm Round                         | ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- |
     | 9mm Round, +P                     | x1.10 x1.20 -2.00 ----- ----- |
     | 9mm Round, JHP (Hand Load)        | x1.65 ----- x2.00 ----- ----- |
     | 9mm, Hollow Point                 | x1.75 ----- x3.00 ----- ----- |
     | Alien Power Cell                  | ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- |
     | BB                                | ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- |
     | Camera Film                       | ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- |
     | Electron Charge Pack              | ----- ----- -2.00 ----- ----- |
     | Electron Charge Pack, Bulk        | x0.85 x0.85 ----- ----- ----- |
     | Electron Charge Pack, Optimized   | x1.30 x1.10 -5.00 ----- ----- |
     | Electron Charge Pack, Over Charge | x1.25 x1.50 -5.00 ----- ----- |
     | Energy Cell                       | ----- ----- -2.00 ----- ----- |
     | Energy Cell, Bulk                 | x0.85 x0.85 ----- ----- ----- |
     | Energy Cell, Max Charge           | x1.50 x2.50 -10.0 ----- ----- |
     | Energy Cell, Optimized (GRA)      | x1.30 x1.10 -5.00 ----- ----- |
     | Energy Cell, Over Charge          | x1.25 x1.50 -5.00 ----- ----- |
     | Flamer Fuel                       | ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- |
     | Flamer Fuel, Homemade             | ----- x3.00 ----- ----- ----- |
     | Flamer Fuel, Optimized (GRA)      | x1.30 x1.10 -5.00 ----- ----- |
     | Microfusion Breeder               | ----- ----- -2.00 ----- ----- |
     | Microfusion Cell                  | ----- ----- -2.00 ----- ----- |
     | Microfusion Cell, Bulk            | x0.85 x0.85 ----- ----- ----- |
     | Microfusion Cell, Max Charge      | x1.50 x2.50 -10.0 ----- ----- |
     | Microfusion Cell, Optimized (GRA) | x1.30 x1.10 -5.00 ----- ----- |
     | Microfusion Cell, Over Charge     | x1.25 x1.50 -5.00 ----- ----- |
     | Mini Nuke                         | ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- |
     | Mini Nuke, Big Kid (GRA)          | ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- |
     | Mini Nuke, Low Yield (GRA)        | ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- |
     | Mini Nuke, Timed (GRA)            | ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- |
     | Mini Nuke, Tiny Tots (GRA)        | ----- ----- ----- x20.0 ----- |
     | Missile                           | ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- |
     | Missile, High Explosive           | x1.35 ----- ----- ----- ----- |
     | Missile, High Velocity            | ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- |
     | Missile, Hive (GRA)               | ----- ----- ----- x20.0 ----- |
     | Nails                             | ----- ----- -5.00 ----- ----- |
     | Rocket                            | ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- |
     | Rocket, High Explosive            | x1.35 ----- ----- ----- ----- |
     | Rocket, Incendiary                | ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- |

CHALLENGES                                                               [CHLL]
 Challenges are special feats one accomplishes through prowess or blundering.
 Completing a challenge earns XP and/or may unlock perks or other challenges.
 There's a crapload to uncover, so go experiment! Table of contents:

 [C-DMGE] - Damage Challenges
 [C-KLLS] - Kill Challenges
 [C-OTHR] - Other Challenges
 [C-GRAC] - Gun Runners' Arsenal Challenges
 [C-DDMN] - Dead Money Challenges
 [C-HNST] - Honest Hearts Challenges
 [C-OWRB] - Old World Blues Challenges
 [C-LNSM] - Lonesome Road Challenges

 DLC-related challenges are listed in the 'Other' section, but will be shown
 separately for clarification's sake.

 ¹ - Repeatable
 ² - Non-Repeatable
------------------------------| DAMAGE CHALLENGES |----------------------------
                              |___________________|                    [C-DDMN]
 There's thirty challenges in this category, and as the name suggests, one
 advances by slicin', stabbin', shootin' and splodin'.

   - Deal 100,000 damage with Unarmed weapons

   - Score 100 critical hits with one-handed pistols. This is easy for those
     with high Luck, or sneaky types who use sneak crits.
   - Cripple 100 torsos

   - Cripple 100 heads

   - Deal 10,000 damage with Explosive weapons

   - Deal 25,000 damage with rifle-grip Energy Weapons

   - Deal 10,000 damage with Energy Weapons

 • CLICK² [75 XP]
   - Deal 20,000 damage with SMGs, Light Machine Guns or Miniguns

   - Score 100 critical hits with rifle-grip Guns

   - Score 128 critical hits with two-handed Energy Weapons

   - Deal 10,000 damage with Unarmed weapons

   - Cripple 100 heads with Unarmed weapons

   - Deal 6000 damage to targets' heads with Unarmed weapons

   - Deal 10,000 damage with grenades and mines

   - Cripple 100 torsos with Unarmed weapons

   - Cripple 100 Right Arms

   - Deal 10,000 damage with one-handed Melee Weapons

   - Deal 20,000 damage with Shotguns

   - Deal 10,000 damage with Guns

   - Score 64 critical hits with one-handed Energy Weapons

   - Score 100 critical hits with Unarmed Weapons

   - Cripple 100 limbs (any arm/leg)

   - Deal 10,000 damage with Explosives

   - Deal 10,000 damage with Melee Weapons

   - Deal 10,000 damage with Unarmed Weapons

   - Deal 16,000 damage with one-handed Energy Weapons

   - Deal 18,000 damage with rifle-grip Shotguns

   - Deal 10,000 damage with one-handed Melee Weapons

   - Criple 200 limbs with two-handed Melee Weapons

   - Deal 4096 damage to heads with rifle-grip Energy Weapons
------------------------------| KILL CHALLENGES |------------------------------
                              |_________________|                      [C-KLLS]
 There's 21 Kill challenges which, of course, relate to the demise of enemies.
 Since these are intertwined in the damage-dealing perks, it comes as no
 surprise that some of these unlock some of those. Basically, the more one
 uses a weapon type, the more challenges are unlocked relating to that type.
 In cases where a challenge has multiple ranks, each rank gives the XP reward
 and boosts the related perk's strength (if any).

   - Score 42 kills with Unarmed weapons
   - Unlocks "For a Few Hollars More"

   - Kill 50 abominations per rank (max 3)
   - Grants Abominable perk (increases damage vs. Abominations)
   - Feral ghoul kills do not count, for some reason

   - Kill 50 mutated animals per rank (max 3)
   - Normal animals (coyotes, dogs, etc.) do not count
   - Grants Animal Control perk (increases damage vs. mutated animals)

   - Kill 50 insects per rank (max 3)
   - Grants Bug Stomper perk (increases damage vs. mutated insects)

   - Kill 50 robots (max 3)
   - Grants Demise of the Machines perk (increases damage vs. robots)

   - Score 64 kills with Energy Weapons
   - Unlocks "More Energetic"

   - Score 75 kills with Unarmed weapons. Barehanded kills apply, too.

   - Score 250 kills with one-handed Guns

   - Score 250 kills with heavy weapons. Miniguns are usually easiest to find,
     since super mutant types can carry them even at low levels.

 • KABOOM² [50 XP]
   - Score 25 kills with Explosives
   - Unlocks "Kaboom-Boom-Pow"

   - Score 50 kills with Explosives
   - Unlocks "Aiming is Optional"
   - Unlocks "Gotta Hand Grenade It to You"

   - Score 64 kills with Energy Weapons
   - Unlocks "Beam (Weapon) Me Up"

   - Score 25 kills with throwable (non-explosive) weapons

   - Score 250 kills with shoulder-mounted weapons (missile launcher, etc.)

 • SHOOT 'EM UP² [75 XP]
   - Score 75 kills with Guns
   - Unlocks "I've Got Shotgun"
   - Unlocks "Shoot 'Em Up Again"

   - Score 75 kills with Guns
   - Unlocks "The Big Squeezy"
   - Unlocks "Click"
   - Unlocks "Condition Critical"

   - Kill 50 super mutants per rank (max 3)
   - Unlocks Mutant Massacrer perk (increased damage vs. super mutants)
   - Nightkin count toward total

   Mojave super mutants are in short supply, actually, only appearing in a
   handful of places. Outside of the friendly Jacobstown colony, most targets
   are centered at Black Mountain near the map's center. Several smaller
   campsites (south of Prospector's Den, north of the Devil's Gullet) may
   have apx. 2-4 mutants that respawn. Nightkin-wise, Black Rock Cave and the
   REPCONN Test Site basement have them, although only the former respawns.
   Basically, Black Mountain is the surest and most plentiful hunting ground.

   - Score 250 kills with rifles. Grenade rifles also count to the challenge,
     but energy weapon rifles don't.

   - Score 100 kills with one-handed Melee Weapons

 • UP CLOSE² [75 XP]
   - Score 50 kills with Melee Weapons
   - Unlocks "Not So Up Close"
   - Unlocks "Up Closer"

 • UP CLOSER¹ [75 XP]
   - Score 50 kills with Melee Weapons
   - Unlocks "I Can Do It One Handed"
   - Unlocks "This Is Hacking"
   - Unlocks "Were You Using That?"

-----------------------------| OTHER CHALLENGES |------------------------------
                             |__________________|                      [C-OTHR]
 There's fifty miscellaneous challenges, usually related to things outside of
 combat or too general in nature for other categories. The DLC challenges are
 also listed in this section, but have been put in their own sections to set
 them apart from the original 50. Many of these aren't repeatable.

   - Disintegrate 32 targets with beam weapons

   - Drink 100 consumable water items (dirty water, purified water, etc.).
     Only water items in inventory count, including the Vault 13 Canteen.
   - Gives "Camel of the Mojave" perk (water heals/hydrates more efficiently)

   - Reverse pickpocket grenades/mines onto targets 25 times

   - Tweak 20 weapons using mods

   - Kill 1000 enemies
   - Gives rank to "Lord Death" perk

   - Successfully pick 50 pockets. Counter goes up by 1 for each item (or
     bundled item, like ammo) stolen. Reverse pickpocketing an item doesn't
     work; neither does stealing one's planted item back.

   - Fail 100 Speech checks/challenges. Only works once per check.

 • CRAFTY² [no XP]
   - Craft twenty items at campfires, workbenches, or reloading benches. This
     is done easily by creating (or recycling) ammunition en masse.

   - Craft 100 items at campfires, workbenches or reloading benches. This is
     done easily by creating (or recycling) ammunition en masse.

   - Use 25 addictive chems
   - Unlocks "I Can Stop Any Time I Want"

   - Heal 10,000 HP using food items (must be hurt for it to count; no drinks!)

   - Eat 200 corpses
   - Requires Cannibal perk

 • DINE AND DASH² [100 XP]
   - Eat 25 corpses
   - Requires Cannibal perk
   - Unlocks "Devourer of Nations"

   - Disarm 25 active mines. Other enemy mine types, like powder charges,
     count toward the challenge, too. Note that, despite most mines being
     "owned," they can be blatantly disarmed and taken without repercussions.
     A high Explosives skill helps as bombs take longer to detonate once a
     proximity alarm is triggered.

 • DOUBLE DOWN² [100 XP]
   - Play 10 hands of Blackjack (winning isn't required)

 • DR. WASTELAND, M.D.¹ [75 XP]
   - Use 25 Doctor's Bags. An easy way to get spare DBs is by doing "Caesar's
     Favor," spawning several Legion dropboxes along the east Searchlight
     highway. One of the boxes typically contains huge numbers of 'em.

 • FAST TIMES² [no XP]
   - Take 20 Turbo
   - Unlocks Fast Times perk (increased Turbo duration)

 • FIND VAULT 3²  -.
 • FIND VAULT 11²  |
 • FIND VAULT 19²  |- No XP (normal discovery XP bonus still given)
 • FIND VAULT 22²  |
 • FIND VAULT 34² -'

   - Repair 30 items yourself

   - Use RadAway 20 times
   - Unlocks "Free Radical" perk [RadAway more effective]

 • H4X SUPR3M3¹ [50 XP]
   - Hack 25 computer terminals

   - Have 15 Mysterious Traveler visits
   - Unlocks "Friendly Help" perk [Mysterious Traveler/Miss Fortune chance+]

   - Take 25 more addictive chems

   - Dismember 1,000 limbs. This can be done with any weapon, but explosives
     tend to give surefire results.

 • KNOCKED UP¹ [75 XP]
   - Knock down 100 enemies (Ranger Takedown, "And Stay Back" perk, etc.)

   - Lose 5 games of Caravan

   - Win 3 games of Caravan

   - Play 10 spins of roulette (winning isn't required)

 • LORD DEATH² [100 XP]
   - Rack up 100 kills
   - Grants "Lord Death" perk [increased damage vs. everything]
   - Unlocks "Lord Death of Murder Mountain"

   - Rack up 700 kills
   - Grants rank to "Lord Death" Perk [increased damage vs. everything]
   - Unlocks "Apocalypse Ain't Got Nothin' On Me"

   - Pick 25 locks

   - Uncover 125 world map locations

   - Have 10 separate chem addictions

   - Have 15 Miss Fortune visits
   - Unlocks "Friendly Help" perk [Mysterious Traveler/Miss Fortune chance+]

   - Play Slots 10 times (winning isn't required)

 • QUESTIN' MARK¹ [100 XP]
   - Complete any 5 quests. Repeatable quests (like "Caesar's Favor") count
     each time they're finished.

 • RADICAL² [75 XP]
   - Use Rad-X 20 times

   - Pass 50 Speech challenges/checks

   - Heal 10,000 damage with Stimpaks

   - Use 100 Stim-Paks

 • TOUGH GUY² [no XP]
   - Have limbs crippled 50 times
   - Grants "Tough Guy" perk [limbs more resistant to damage]
   - Repeatedly incurring fall damage can help speed things up

   - Complete any 50 challenges

   - Find 50 world map locations
   - Unlocks "Master of the Mojave"

   - Sell 10,000 caps worth of items

----------------------| GUN RUNNERS' ARSENAL CHALLENGES |----------------------
 The Gun Runners' Arsenal pack adds twenty-one new challenges, most given a
 difficulty (star) rating of 1 to 3. Completing 'x' amount of any type will
 unlock an achievement, too. Some of these challenges are questline-related,
 meaning they can be permanently missable (ex: Caesar dies but not with one's

   - Kill 10 named Legion members with Brush Guns, Cowboy Repeaters, Hunting
     Revolvers, Hunting Rifles, Ranger Sequoias or Service Rifles. The reason
     one kills 10 instead of 15 is because there's fewer named legionaries,
     so being prepared early helps.

 • ARMED FOR BEAR [1000 XP/***]
   - Kill 15 named NCR members with Ballistic Fists, Chainsaws, Machetes,
     Rippers or Throwing Spears. Word of warning: many quests in the game are
     NCR-related, and slaying important NCR personnel can break several of 'em
     at once! Knowing who to kill and when to kill 'em (after their related
     quests, etc.) is important.

 • A SLAVE OBEYS [250 XP/*]
   - Kill Mr. House with a 9 Iron or Nephi's Golf Driver. Pursuing this path
     means breaking the House questline, a requirement to even get into the
     control room.

   - Kill 15 robots with 5.56mm Pistols ('That Gun' counts)

   - Kill 10 cazadors with Long Fuse Dynamite, Time Bombs or Tin Grenades. To
     do this, it helps to stealthily throw these at cazador hives, such as the
     nest NW of Camp Forlorn Hope. Drop a bomb down the hill and hope to get
     multiple sneak crits. No one in their right mind would attempt to use
     long fuse dynamite in close quarters combat...would they?

   - Deal 10,000 damage with unique weapons (GRA additions included). This
     challenge can overlap with "Master of the Arsenal".

   - Kill 5 deathclaws with .22 Pistols, Boxing Tape, Dynamite, Recharger
     Rifles and Switchblades. Only the deathblow counts toward the challenge,
     so one can weaken them first with more powerful weaponry. [Only adult
     deathclaw kills count, also.]

   - Kill 5 Legion/NCR hit squad opponents with weapons affected by the Cowboy
     perk (dynamite, knives, hatchets, lever-action firearms and revolvers).
     Hit squads are only sent out if one achieves poor NCR/Legion reputation,
     although only the NCR rangers give a 3-day period to improve that rep.
     Legion assassins always kill on sight...well, following an announcement
     from their "pack leader".

   - Cripple Caesar's head with Throwing Spears

   - Kill Caesar with a Knife or Combat Knife

   - Kill 10 Mr. Gutsys and Sentrybots with Brass Knuckles, Lead Pipes, Spiked
     Knuckles or Tire Irons. Since only the kills matter for this, one can
     tenderize the enemies with powerful blows first, then follow up with the
     weaker weapons' lovetaps.

   - Deal 10,000 with GRA weapons (those that have a 'GRA' tag in name). This
     challenge can overlap with "Curios and Relics" if one uses a unique weap
     included in this add-on, like Two-Step Goodbye or Bozar.     

 • NE NE NE NE... [250 XP/*]
   - Cripple 5 right arms with Shotguns. This also works for creatures that
     have a right arm equivalent (forearm, etc.)

 • NYAH! SEE? [500 XP/**]
   - Kill 10 Chairmen, Omertas or White Gloves with SMGs, Light Machine Guns
     or Miniguns. Sleepytyme, a unique 10mm SMG in the GRA pack, is the only
     weapon out of those three categories considered a holdout weapon, meaning
     one must either (1) retrieve the confiscated goods from the casino "bank"
     (2) kill the doorman ahead of time, ensuring no confiscation occurs.

 • OVERKILL [250 XP/*]
   - Kill 20 mutated animals with a Fat Man/Esther or Fat Mines. Any new GRA
     variant works for this, but the cost-efficient "low yield" variant may be
     the best. Seeking out coyotes or brahmin can work: they're weak and travel
     in groups. [One can also cluster other enemies by sneak-killing one, then
     waiting for nearby comrades to come inspect.] Note that other commonplace
     creatures like geckos, scorpion types, and cazadors are not considered
     "mutated animals" and will not work with this challenge.

   - Kill President Kimball with a one-handed pistol. The only time Kimball
     appears is during "Arizona Killer" or "You'll Know It When It Happens,"
     part of the main questline. The president's death is already part of
     "Arizona Killer," so it works out easier on the Legion path.

   - Kill Benny with his own gun, Maria. This can be done at the Tops Casino
     on the Strip after first confronting Benny, or at Caesar's Fort if one
     lets him abscond New Vegas with the Platinum Chip -- pickpocketing is
     required for both.

   - Kill feral ghouls with Maria, Gehenna or Holy Frag Grenades. Gehenna is a
     unique shishkebab added in the GRA pack and can typically be purchased
     from Vendortron (Gun Runners' compound). This is usually the easiest and
     earliest option, supposing one has the funds. Maria requires knocking off,
     or stealing from, Benny; Holy Frag Grenades are only attainable from the
     Camp Searchlight east church basement if one has the Wild Wasteland trait.

     Only ghouls with "feral" or "glowing" in their name count, also -- Camp
     Searchlight trouper ghouls and normal folk, like Rotface or Jason Bright,
     won't. The Old Nuclear Test Site in the map's south-central area is a
     great place to find targets, and the Searchlight countryside has more.

 • VAULT 13'S REVENGE [500 XP/**]
   - Kill 15 super mutants with 5.56mm Pistols, Plasma Defenders, Plasma
     Grenades, Power Fists, Rippers or the Bozar. Nightkin deaths in this
     fashion count, and kills with unique variants (like 'That Gun') should
     count, too.

   - Kill 20 Fiends, Jackals and Viper gangmembers with .44 Revolvers, Baseball
     Bats, Lead Pipes, Machetes, Sawed-Off Shotguns and Tire Irons. [Kills with
     the Broad Machete don't count, but Mysterious Magnum kills will.]

   - Kill 10 abominations with Dynamite, Katanas, Machetes, Throwing Hatchets,
     Throwing Knives or Throwing Spears. [Dead Money's ghost people count as
     abominations, but throwing knife spear kills don't count.]

---------------------------| DEAD MONEY CHALLENGES |---------------------------
                           |_______________________|                   [C-DDMN]
 Dead Money adds eighteen specific challenges. Unlike Lonesome Road and Honest
 Hearts, once the DLC is completed, it's impossible to return -- thus one has
 to know what s/he's doing to get all completed!

 • ALL FOR ONE [100 XP]
   - Save all companions during Sierra Madre Casino break-in

   - Recruit Dean Domino, Christine and Dog/God. This is mandatory to proceed.

   - Make 20 Sierra Madre holograms hostile towards you

   - Use Sierra Madre vending machines fifty (50) times

 • CASH OUT [200 XP]
   - Confront and kill Father Elijah at the casino's vault

   - Find all fifteen of Dean's secret stash suitcases
  |_| Villa: store south of (east) Salida del Sol entrance, in a suitcase
  |_| Villa: plaza south of Puesta del Sol entrance; in a suitcase
  |_| Villa: NE store's 2F east balcony doorway: across cloud-filled courtyard
  |_| Police Station: bathroom
  |_| Residential District: first balcony area, street level; south dead end
  |_| Residential District: NE apartment, 2F; behind couch
  |_| Medical District: north of clinic entrance, 3F; on red-tiled roof
  |_| Medical District: clinic interior, in ground floor waiting room
  |_| Salida del Sol South: NW of 1st vending machine (at 2F)
  |_| Salida del Sol South: SW of 1st vending machine (sidewalk tunnel)
  |_| Salida del Sol South: eastern Cloud-filled store, near counter
  |_| Salida del Sol North: westmost courtyard
  |_| Salida del Sol North: eastern bar, on shelf
  |_| Salida del Sol North: above SW entry house, accessed from 2F tiled roof]
  |_| Salida del Sol North: double-stairway route S of Campanas del Sol, alley

  The west courtyard stash [Salida del Sol North] requires entering from the
  store east of there, then jumping down into the Cloud-filled sitting area.
  Leaving is impossible 'til one finds the key by a skeleton with a toolbox.

   - Form the Dead Man's Hand with 5 Sierra Madre Casino cards
  |_| Ace of Clubs [Tampico Theater: backstage, on ground behind curtain]
  |_| Ace of Spades [Villa: in central plaza fountain]
  |_| Queen of Clubs [Executive Suites: Vera Keyes' room, floor by dresser]
  |_| 8 of Clubs [Sierra Madre: Cantina Madrid kitchen, near manager's desk]
  |_| 8 of Spades [Police Station: in Dog/God's cage]

   - Kill ten of the given kind -- this is repeatable. Companion kills count.

   - Complete "Trigger the Gala Event". This is mandatory to proceed.

   - View all 8 references to the Sierra Madre's past
  |_| Police Station: police chief's terminal (Science 75+ required)
  |_| Villa Clinic: terminal in 1F room with the headless corpses
  |_| Puesta del Sol North [Switching Station: 3F lounge area, on PC]
  |_| Salida del Sol South [east area, flat opposite door to north district]
  |_| Salida del Sol North [NE four-story apartment: 4F terminal]
  |_| Salida del Sol North [NE street-level room, south of Campanas Del Sol]
  |_| Sierra Madre Casino [actual casino, 3F PC near hologram control terminal]
  |_| Sierra Madre Casino [Vault area, hologram room; on computer near N door]

  This challenge is bugged, mistakenly thinking there's ten entries instead of
  its normal eight. This means finding all 8 won't complete the challenge...

   - Apply and use Poisonous Coating ten times. Although this is added by Dead
     Money, using poisons available in the normal game apply, too.

 • LOOSE ENDS [100 XP]
   - Destroy/kill all companions during the Sierra Madre Casino break-in event

   - Seal Father Elijah in the Sierra Madre's vault

   - Collect 500 Sierra Madre Chips. This doesn't just apply to found chips.

   - Listen to Dean Domino, Christine, Dog/God and Father Elijah's stories
  |_| Dog: normal dialogue, ask how he got to Sierra Madre (4 INT or under)
  |_| Dean Domino: "Curtain Call at the Tampico" - via blackmail tape option
  |_| Christine: after "Last Luxuries" - pick "sounds personal" option
  |_| Elijah: during scripted inner Vault convo - inquire about what he wants

   - Hear 5 references to what the upcoming future (Lonesome Road foreshadow).
     There are a few individual triggers, like Christine mentioning meeting a
     courier at Big MT in Vera's suite, but it's easiest to just finish the
     DLC -- any missing references are filled in during the final slideshow.

-------------------------| HONEST HEARTS CHALLENGES |--------------------------
                         |__________________________|                  [C-HNST]
 This add-on gives seven specific challenges, most being self-explanitory. I
 will say that, for the yao guai hunt, only the Courier's kills count; don't
 let companions beat y'to the punch.
  ______________________________ _____ ______________________________________
 | HONEST HEARTS CHALLENGES     | EXP | OBTAIN                               |
 | In a Foreign Land            | 100 | Finish all of Daniel scouting tasks  |
 | May My Hand Forget Its Skill | 100 | Complete "Flight From Zion"          |
 | O Daughter of Babylon        | 100 | Complete "Crush the White Legs"      |
 | Restore Our Fortunes         | 100 | Complete "Deliverer of Sorrows"      |
 | Survivalist's Bounty         | 100 | Find all 6 Survivalist hidden caches |
 | When We Remembered Zion      | 100 | Complete "Happy Trails Expedition"   |
 | Yao Guai Hunter              | 100 | Slay 10 yao guai                     |

 SURVIVALIST'S BOUNTY (* - contains workbench crate)
  |_| Angel Cave* [in eastern Dead Horses Camp; Joshua Graham's stead]
  |_| Cueva Guarache* [NW riverbank cave, past nearby North Fork Bridge]
  |_| Fallen Rock Cave* [in eastern Dead Horses camp; opposite Angel Cave]
  |_| Morning Glory Cave [W mountainside, west of North Fork Bridge]
  |_| Stone Bones Cave [Sorrows Camp in N canyon; upper cliffs]
  |_| Two Skies Cave [river fork by central area; west of Old Rockville Bridge]

 Most of the caves are pretty basic booby-trap dungeons, containing rigged
 shotgun tripwires, mines and such, often hidden by brush. A few differ are
 worth talking about though: (1) Fallen Rock Cave contains the unique laser
 pistol 'Compliance Regulator', which may paralyze targets for 10s on crits.
 (2) Two Skies Cave has an electrified door, requiring one to hack the nearby
 computer or destroy the generator on the other side; req. Melee/Unarmed 50+
 for the latter. (3) Angel Cave is the only location where the survivalist
 cache is outdoors; in this case, exiting the cave onto the upper cliff.

 All survivalist caches are green duffel bags, containing hefty amounts of
 ammo and maybe explosives/armor/hat. The duffel bag at Red Gate (on top of
 landmark, near the pines) is not a true cache, although it does contain the
 unique Survivalist's Rifle and the 'Year: 2124' holotape. [Enemies and
 companions have been known to take this rifle, so it helps to seek it out
 early if y'want it. Red Gate is generally near the Red Rapids Docks, itself
 north of Southern Passage.]

------------------------| OLD WORLD BLUES CHALLENGES |-------------------------
                        |____________________________|                 [C-OWRB]
 OWB adds fifteen challenges. Like each DLC except Dead Money, its world of
 the Big MT can be revisited, allowing most of the challenges to be completed
 without the plot constraints bearin' down.

   - Build a robot at the X-8 Research Center

   - Complete "X-13: Attack of the Infiltrator!" to recover the sneaky suit

   - Kill 2/5/10 cazadors in the Big MT. No XP given, but upon completion of
     first rank, one gets the DNAvenger perk (+10% damage v. cazadors). Each
     subsequent rank adds another +10% to the perk's effect. Only cazadors in
     Big MT count!

   - Complete the Basic Test at X-8 Research Facility

 • DOG RUN II: WHO LET THE... [100 XP]
   - Complete the Advanced Test at X-8 Research Facility

   - Complete the Advanced Test at X-8 Research Facility...with nightstalkers!
     To change the cyberdogs into the vicious-er foes, one must operate the
     facility's PC in the kennel area (the key to which is behind a forcefield
     at the X-13 Research Facility across the crater; item's in a suitcase).
     Then, complete both the basic and advanced test to finish.

   - Create an abomination at the X-8 Research Center. This is done in the NE
     lab, by using the computer to splice a lobotomite and robot (creating a

   Dress up in a complete Dr. Klein outfit
  |_| Dr. Klein's Glasses [Think Tank main area; chem set table]
  |_| Dr. Klein's Glove [Higgs Village, House #101; 2F bookshelf]
  |_| Dr. Klein's Scrubs [Higgs Village, House #101; on 2F bed]

   - Mess up an experiment at the X-8 Research Center

   - Convince your brain to return to your body

   - Reactivate all ten robotic assistants in the Sink [Think Tank's dome].
     See "All My Friends Have Off Switches" sidequest for full details.
  |_| Auto-Doc: Y-17 Medical Facility
  |_| Biological Research Station: X-22 Botanical Garden
  |_| Book Chute: Higgs Village
  |_| Jukebox: Higgs Village
  |_| Light Switch 01: X-2 Transmitter Antenna Array
  |_| Light Switch 02: Big MT Tunnel North
  |_| Muggy: Securitron De-Construction Facility
  |_| Sink: Magnetohydraulics Complex
  |_| Sink CIU: Doctor Klein (always given post-"Welcome to the Big Empty")
  |_| Toaster: The Cuckoo's Nest

   - Dress up in a complete Dr. Mobius outfit
  |_| Dr. Mobius' Glasses [Think Tank, easternmost room; on floor by cabinet]
  |_| Dr. Mobius' Glove [Forbidden Zone Dome; on a table near mid staircase]
  |_| Dr. Mobius' Scrubs [Forbidden Zone Dome; in a trunk near mid staircase]

 • MT SPACE [100 XP]
   - Visit all thirty-five locations in Big MT

   - Try to go beyond Big MT's perimeter, only to be teleported back...twice!

   - Complete Old World Blues

   - Complete "X-8: High School Horror!"

   - Complete the Basic Infiltration Test at X-13 Research Facility

   - Complete the Advanced Infiltration Test at X-13 Research Facility

   - Complete the Robot Compliance Test at X-13 Research Facility

-------------------------| LONESOME ROAD CHALLENGES |--------------------------
                         |__________________________|                  [C-LNSM]
 This add-on includes eleven particular challenges. The Divide can be entered
 or left at any time, including after DLC completion, so many of the niggling
 challenges (like the Ralphie posters) can be done at one's leisure.
  __________________________ _____ __________________________________________
 | LONESOME ROAD CHALLENGES | EXP | OBTAIN                                   |
 | Condemned to Repeat It   | 500 | Complete "The Launch"                    |
 | ED-Ecated                | 500 | Find all (5) of ED-E's Divide upgrades   |
 | Hometown Hero            | 500 | Complete "The End" or "The Apocalypse"   |
 | Rocket's Red Glare       | 500 | Buy all (3) upgrades for the Red Glare   |
 | Warhead Hunter           | 500 | Destroy all (30) Divide warheads         |
 | Ends of the Earth        | 100 | Discover all (25) Divide locations       |
 | Most Likely to...        | 100 | Uncover all (6) references to your past  |
 | Nostalgia                | 100 | Find all (10) Divide journal entries     |
 | Feel Like a Kid Again    | 100 | Find all (20) Ralphie the Robot posters  |
 | The Courier's Mile       | 100 | Step foot in the Courier's Mile          |
 | Ulysses' Odyssey         | 100 | Find all (6) Ulysses holotapes           |

  |_| Hopeville Silo Bunker [hallway near control room, after getting ED-E]
  |_| Hopeville Missile Base Headquarters [north office, under desk]
  |_| Ashton Missile Base [silo, LV1 top floor; Science 75 required to get in]
  |_| Sunstone Tower Roof [lower clearing, accessed by pipe; destroy wrhd 1st]
  |_| Third Street Municipal Building [sewers]

   _                                            _
  |_| Pass to Canyon Wreckage                  |_| Junction 7 Rest Stop
  |_| Hopeville Silo Bunker Entrance           |_| Ashton Silo Control Station
  |_| Hopeville Missile Silo Bunker            |_| Path to the Courier's Mile
  |_| Hopeville Missile Base - West Entrance   |_| Sunstone Tower Roof
  |_| Hopeville Missile Base - East Entrance   |_| Third Street Municipal Bldg.
  |_| Hopeville Missile Base - Loading Station |_| Cave of the Abaddon
  |_| Hopeville Missile Base Headquarters      |_| Boxwood Hotel Roof
  |_| Marked Men Camp                          |_| Waste Disposal Station
  |_| Marked Men Guard Outpost                 |_| Wastewater Treatment Plant
  |_| Marked Men Supply Outpost                |_| Ulysses' Temple
  |_| Marked Men Base
  |_| Collapsed Overpass Tunnel Entrance     |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
  |_| High Road Entrance                     | Courier's Mile does not count |
  |_| The Crow's Nest                        | toward this challenge!        |
  |_| Ruined Highway Interchange             |_______________________________|

  |_| Hopeville Missile Silo Bunker [top level, next to ED-E's pod terminal]
  |_| Hopeville Missile Base [unmarked garage, north of bunker's low entrance]
  |_| Hopeville Missile Base Headquarters [north exterior]
  |_| Hopeville Missile Base [women's barracks, wall opposite entrance]
  |_| Marked Men Camp [SE building exterior, near east fence]
  |_| Marked Men Guard Outpost [main bldg, 2F exterior scaffolding]
  |_| Marked Men Guard Outpost [cellar accessed from east side; on east wall]
  |_| Marked Men Supply Outpost [SE gated area; requires key or Lockpick 50+]
  |_| Collapsed Overpass Tunnel [inside trailer nearest west entrance]
  |_| The Crow's Nest [south wall]
  |_| Junction 7 Rest Stop [SWmost building, east exterior wall]
  |_| The High Road [unmarked Marked Men bldg near Ashton Silo; on 2F pillar]
  |_| Sunstone Tower [interior office, north wall]
  |_| Cave of the Abaddon [unmarked gang building prior to cave; 2F, west side]
  |_| Third Street Municipal Building [upper floor, near physician's desk]
  |_| Buried Buildings [near upper bed]
  |_| Waste Disposal Station [exterior wall, near entrance]
  |_| Waste Disposal Station area [SW building with workbench]
  |_| Wastewater Treatment Plant [interior office, near beds]
  |_| The Courier's Mile [bombed-out southern building, near desk]

  |_| Hopeville Missile Silo Bunker (PER 6 option)
  |_| The High Road (dialogue about home triggers this)
  |_| Sunstone Tower Roof (ask about package's origins)
  |_| Sunstone Tower Roof (ask about package delivery reason)
  |_| Sunstone Tower Roof (ask about Ulysses' promise not to kill)
  |_| Sunstone Tower Roof (ask about one's history with Ulysses)

  |_| Sunstone Tower area [low S campsite; Pvt. Foster's journal in duffel]
  |_| Third Street Municipal Building [treasurer's terminal; Science 25+]
  |_| Cave of the Abaddon [northern nook, Sunflower Summers' diary]
  |_| Boxwood Hotel area [low E area near blue truck; duffel bag w/ report]
  |_| Boxwood Hotel area [Rawr's Cave to the south; distress beacon in duffel]
  |_| Boxwood Hotel area [west Marked Men minor cliff camp; duffel w/ report]
  |_| Boxwood Hotel area [west Marked Men minor cliff camp; duffel w/ addendum]
  |_| Boxwood Hotel area [west Marked Men above-warhead catwalk; Jackie's PC]
  |_| Waste Disposal Plant [interior; note carried by skeleton, back caves]
  |_| Wastewater Treatment Plant [interior; on manager's PC]

  |_| Marked Men Camp* [southern street]
  |_| Hopeville Missile Silo Bunker [exterior; roadside, near old gas station]
  |_| Marked Men Supply Outpost [south side, next to overturned truck]
  |_| Marked Men Base* [along main road; required to enter base properly]
  |_| Marked Men Base* [along main road]
  |_| The High Road [roadside, underneath the Crow's Nest.]
  |_| Ruined Highway Interchange [roadside flatbed, past Crow's Nest]
  |_| Junction 7 Rest Stop [near old hotel]
  |_| Ashton Silo Control Station [south Marked Men hideout area; by truck]
  |_| Sunstone Tower area [lower west grounds, near Marked Men camp]
  |_| Sunstone Tower area [lower south grounds, alongside tilting building]
  |_| Sunstone Tower area* [lower west pass]
  |_| Sunstone Tower area [western Marked Men hideout area, in rock formation]
  |_| Sunstone Tower area* [western Marked Men hideout area, NW cave area]
  |_| Rawr's Cave [unmarked; south of Boxwood Hotel Roof, by pond; interior]
  |_| Rawr's Cave [unmarked; south of Boxwood Hotel Roof, by pond; interior]
  |_| Boxwood Tower area* [blocks western path, near Marked Men's camp]
  |_| Waste Disposal Station area [north cliff face; near Marked Men lookout]
  |_| Waste Disposal Station area [cliff above SW building]
  |_| Waste Disposal Station area [southern pond area; next to blue truck]
  |_| Waste Disposal Station area [cliff above Ulysses' Temple entrance]
  |_| Wastewater Treatment Plant [in front of exterior sewer grate]
  |_| Ulysses' Temple -.
  |_| Ulysses' Temple -|
  |_| Ulysses' Temple -+- All located in upper temple area, where Ulysses is.
  |_| Ulysses' Temple -|  Can be detonated before confronting him.
  |_| Ulysses' Temple -|
  |_| Ulysses' Temple -'
  |_| The Courier's Mile [Marked Men's hideout area]
  |_| The Courier's Mile [southern boundary, near deathclaws' area]

  |_| Y-17.15 [Hopeville Missile Base - Loading Station] - in a truck toolbox
  |_| Y-17.21 [Marked Men's Supply Outpost] - in NE gated area, on shelf
  |_| Y-17.16 [The Crow's Nest] - upper skyscraper area, on rubble near bed
  |_| Y-17.22 [The High Road, E dead end tunnel collapse; by truck & campfire]
  |_| Y-17.23 [Sunstone Tower Roof] - exterior descent, NE dead-end office
  |_| Y-17.17 [Sunstone Tower Roof] - west Marked Men bldg area, in truck

COMPANIONS                                                               [CMPN]

 Roving the Mojave by one's lonesome can get pretty tiresome, so why not pick
 up a friend along the way? There's several allies who can be recruited, all
 with their own quirks, abilities and quests.

 Companions have some similarities. All have "speech wheels" that allow one
 to give simple commands (wait/follow, back up, use melee/ranged weapons), and
 all have inventories one can dig in, making them effective pack mules.

 On normal mode, companions cannot die from enemy fire alone -- they'll simply
 be knocked unconscious, and get up after a set time (usually after hostilities
 end). A player can still kill them, however, especially if one's careless with
 AoE damage. [On Hardcore mode, companions can die from enemies, too.]

 Equipment -: Plasma Defender, Ripper, Lab Coat, Eyeglasses, Stimpak (3)
 Located ---: Old Mormon Fort
 Perk ------: Better Healing [All healing
 Comp. Quest: For Auld Lang Syne
 Recruitment: see below

 Arcade is a Followers researcher who hangs out at Freeside's Old Mormon Fort,
 and can be recruited in several ways.

 - passing a [Speech 75] check
 - very low (1-3) Intelligence
 - using the Confirmed Bachelor perk
 - high Followers fame (offshoot of "Do you need any help?")
 - completed "High Times" and secured medical supplies for Julie Farkas

 NOTE: If one has positive Legion reputation during the recruitment dialogue,
 Arcade won't agree to help, even if one did overwhelmingly positive actions
 in Freeside. Wearing a disguise (like NCR armor) can trick Arcade, however.

 Securing supplies for Julie is done by striking a devil's bargain with James
 Garret at the Atomic Wrangler bar (also in Freeside). No speech checks to
 pass or anything, just a bit of legwork. Completing the unmarked quest earns
 300 XP, plus Followers/Freeside fame. [Recruiting Arcade via this method is
 done with the "need any help?" option, not his usual one.]

 Arcade's standard equipment is Eyeglasses and some stimpaks, plus his default
 (can't be taken from inventory) lab coat, ripper and plasma defender. If one
 does his optional "For Auld Lang Syne" quest and convinces him to aid in the
 Hoover Dam battle, he'll wear the Gannon Family Tesla Armor set instead (a
 player gets this by convincing him to return to Freeside).

 Gannon can permanently quit the party if the player's working against the
 Followers' ideals (usually via rude replies in his dialogue triggers during
 "The White Wash") or by advancing too far in the Legion questline (he admits
 his dislike for Caesar). The game keeps track of replies one makes to Arcade
 regarding things he despises, and he'll eventually leave if one gets too many
 of 'em -- his exit's prefaced by a warning, though, so it shouldn't come out
 of left field. Other things that make him leave immediately:

 - [Et Tumor, Brute?] Selling him to Caesar
 - [That Lucky Old Sun] Firing ARCHIMEDES II laser on NCR
 - [For Auld Lang Syne] Convincing Remnants to assist the Legion

 Equipment -: Scoped Hunting Rifle, Machete
            : 1st Recon Beret, Sunglasses, Merc Grunt Outfit
 Located ---: Novac
 Perk ------: Spotter [when using scoped weapons, foes are highlighted in red]
 Comp. Quest: I Forgot to Remember to Forget
 Recruitment: Complete "One for My Baby"

 Boone is an ex-1st Recon sniper living out his days in Novac, a trading town
 along Highway 95. He gives the "One For My Baby" quest when spoken to during
 his nightwatch, and completing it to his specifications makes him recruitable.
 Note that same quest can make him UNrecruitable. That's done by duping him
 into killing an innocent and (1) failing the Speech 55 check (2) revealing one
 just wanted to see him kill someone.

 Craig's equipment is a scoped hunting rifle and machete (can't be removed
 from inventory), plus a 1st Recon Beret, a generic grunt outfit and some
 sunglasses. Completing his optional "I Forgot to Remember to Forget" quest
 will give him a new outfit -- 1st Recon Survival Armor or 1st Revival Assault
 Armor -- depending on the final dialogue choice. This, too, can't be removed.
 By his own admission, he's best at long-range combat, and rifles are his
 weapons of choice.

 Like Arcade, Boone dislikes the Legion -- the only difference is he hates
 them so strongly, he'll kill any he sees. [This relates to the circumstances
 in his companion quest.] While traveling with him, all legionaries in his
 proximity are automatically hostile, so he can't be brought to certain areas
 like the Fort without spilling blood. [Making him wait in a location apart
 from the Legion activities should be fine.] Boone will also warn the player
 when approaching the Legion-controlled locations of Nelson and Cottonwood
 Cove, making his "shoot first, ask questions later" mindset clear.

 Boone will leave the party if one's Legion and NCR reputation is too high
 or low, respectively. If he's a companion when one's reputation rises or dips
 past those ranges, he'll give an ultimatum on the subject -- a second rep
 change in that manner has him leave forever.

 His companion quest "I Forgot to Remember to Forget" is unlocked after he
 participates in certain activities, typically NCR-aiding or Legion-killing
 missions. [See that particular section for details.] He must be present to
 get the benefits, and it's possible to permanently miss IFTRTF by doing all
 the related quests without him (killing the Caesar and Vulpes isn't enough).

 Equipment -: Zapper (Mojave version), Arc Welder (Lonesome Road version)
 Located ---: Primm
 Perk ------: Enhanced Sensors [targets shown as if player had maximum PER]
            : Camarader-E [various; see below]
 Comp. Quest: ED-E My Love
 Recruitment: repair him

 ED-E is an old Enclave eyebot that's broken down near Primm. Johnson Nash
 has put it into the Mojave Outpost building and allows the player to have it
 if repaired. [Shooting it a few times prior to repair causes it to explode,
 permanently killing ED-E.] There's three ways to do that:

 • Repair 65+
 • Science 65+
 • Scrap Metal (3), Sensor Module (2), Scrap Electronics

 Our friendly robot floats in the air and has a built-in beam weapon, plus
 all the normal companion wheel selections. Note that he cannot wear or carry
 any disguises; attempting to put them in his inventory makes them drop to
 the ground instead.

 ED-E, being a robot, has no special hatred for any particular group, and thus
 has no inborn hostility towards anyone, and no quirk that causes him to
 leave permanently. This makes him an ideal companion, especially considering
 he's often the earliest one available (Primm is just south of Goodsprings).

 His special quest "ED-E My Love" can be started any time he's with, as all
 it takes is hearing a special keyword from an NPC to trigger his playbacks.
 [See that section for more info.] The reward for completing that quest is
 either additional armor or improved weapons functions. His inherent "Enhanced
 Sensors" perk ramps up a player's target detection abilities -- just note it
 doesn't actually give one 10 PER, for purposes of skill/speech checks.

 With the addition of Lonesome Road, ED-E gets several other special perks.
 Now, even before one does that DLC, he has an inherent crafting/reloading
 bench option. [Opening those in the DLC version requires a Repair 25 and Guns
 25 check first.] Finding the 1st eyebot circuitboard upgrade in Lonesome Road
 also bestows the "Camarader-E" perk, which adds another ability for each one

 1) Can repair current weapon +25% durability once daily
 2) Can manufacture energy & microfusion cells, flamer fuel (Explosives 35)
    and satchel charges (Explosives 65); can make more energy ammo (Repair 65
 3) +2 DT (for ED-E and player)
 4) All beam weapon damage +5 (for ED-E and player)
 5) Increases V.A.T.S. accuracy (for ED-E and player)

 Camarader-E applies to the Lonesome Road version of ED-E and, after that's
 finished, the perks transfer to the Mojave version as well.

 Equipment -: Assault Carbine, Vertibird Blade
 Located ---: Jacobstown
 Perk ------: Stealth Girl [Stealth Boy duration +200%, Sneak crit damage +10%]
 Comp. Quest: n/a
 Recruitment: complete "Guess Who I Saw Today"

 Lily is a grandmotherly nightkin tending bighorners in Jacobstown, a super
 mutant colony in the NW mountains. [It's easy to locate as there's only one
 highway near there and it ends at the town limits.] To recruit her, one must
 complete Doctor Henry's "Guess Who I Saw Today" quest -- Lily can be a temp
 companion during it, and a full-time one after, regardless of outcome.

 The friendly gram wields a very unfriendly arsenal: a gigantic vertibird
 blade (not unlike a bumper sword) and an assault carbine, neither of which
 can be taken from her inventory. As she may mention herself, melee assaults
 are her forte, so any good super sledge would do the trick. [Remember, there's
 a unique one in Charleston Cave, where "Guess Who I Saw Today" takes place!]
 Due to her size, though, she can't equip faction armor...or any armor!

 Such an affable old-timer can't have any natural enemies, can she? Like ED-E,
 Rex and Raul, there's no special circumstance that permanently makes her quit
 the party. She's here to stay, baby!

 Lily doesn't have her own sidequest per se, but there is a special event one
 can see if she's around long enough. Like all nightkin, she suffers from
 schizophrenia -- her "other half" is Leo, whom she thinks is her grandson.
 There's two main events one must witness:

 - Asked her about Leo -- this may be available by default. If not, try doing
   all of her recruitment quest.

 - Witness her taking her medication. She may preface it by saying "there's
   my alarm!" or "medicine time!". This opens up a dialogue option deep within
   her "let me ask you some questions" set.

 - Witness her have a psychotic break. This occurs when her health hits a
   low amount (~25%) and persists until it ends of its own accord. [This will
   be obvious since the game plays a notification.] Basically, it's like her
   "berserk mode". After seeing it, a dialogue option opens up, revealing that
   Leo takes over at low health, due to her not taking her pills (affects her

 After doing those, and then sleeping/waiting, Lily will listen to a recording
 of her grandkids, a remnant of her human past. Once the whole thing's over,
 talk to her about it (manual convo initiation) -- this opens up a subsequent
 option about changing her meds. This selection can only be done once!

 • Keep current med plan -> Psychotic breaks at 25% HP; sneaking quits battle
 • Always take meds ------> Psychotic breaks never occur, lower combat skills
 • Never take meds -------> Psychotic breaks at 50% HP, higher combat skills++
 A few other things worth noting: (1) Lily has a tendency to walk in front
 of the player's shots, so beware the friendly fire! (2) Granny can't crouch;
 instead, she activates her Stealth Boy field, giving a bit of sneakiness to
 her otherwise obnoxious movements. 

 Equipment -: Petro-Chico uniform, .44 Magnum Revolver, Lead Pipe
 Located ---: Black Mountain
 Perk ------: Regular Maintenance [Weapons and armor condition decays slower]
            : Old Vaquero [Rate of fire w/ Revolvers & Lever-action guns +33%]
            : Full Maintenance [Weapons/armor decay 75% slower]
 Comp. Quest: Crazy, Crazy, Crazy
 Recruitment: free him from his 'prison cell'

 Raul is a ghoul mechanic encountered during "Crazy, Crazy, Crazy" -- the
 mission where one ascends Black Mountain (east of Goodsprings) to disrupt
 Tabitha's broadcasts. After defeating the minions on the switchbacks, one
 can locate Raul's prison building. He's behind a Very Hard door which can be
 opened with a Very Hard terminal hack...but that's just fluff. The other
 computer nearby has an entry log, the final one of which tells the password.
 If one can't make him a companion right then, setting him free will map-mark
 the house (east of Vegas, north of Camp Golf) he returns to. Saving Raul will
 earn 500 XP and spawn two nightkin brawlers outside, however.

 His default equipment (uniform, .44 Magnum, Lead Pipe) can't be removed from
 his inventory. The heat he's packing suggests his prowess with pistols, and
 he'll say as much after a little pressing. Raul has a max Repair stat, and
 if he's been dismissed, talking to him at his shack presents the option to
 fix things. [There's no discount or anything for saving him, though...] He
 can't do repairs while on the road, but his perk helps.

 As for circumstances that force Raul to leave...there ain't any! Yup, Raul
 appreciates that employer-employee relationship too much to split...maybe.

 Raul also has an unmarked sidequest. Although he puts himself down for being
 an old man, the player can suggest via dialogue that plenty of people are
 still active in their communities at that age. Raul is skeptical, wondering
 if people like that still exist. Thus, it becomes one's goal to locate those
 old-timers. There's three that are going through what he is:

 • Ranger Andy [Novac]
 • Loyal [Nellis Air Force Base]
 • Corporal Sterling [Camp McCarran or, later, Camp Forlorn Hope]

 Basically, read all of their dialogue options; after, Raul will initiate
 conversation, commenting on how they're holding up in their years, and
 reminiscing about his life in Mexico City. [Raul may not strike up a convo
 until one leaves the room/area/building one talks to the person in. If a
 player tells him there's no time for his stories, the option remains in his
 dialogue to pick it back up.] Ranger Andy's [Speech 30] check for his special
 unarmed maneuver isn't necessary to pass; just learning his backstory leading
 up to it is fine.

 After his story's completed, Raul asks the player's advise on what career
 opportunity he should pursue: his current job or his old one. [A Speech 66
 is present on the choice least in tune with what one's told him in the quest.]
 Raul will either get the Old Vaquero or Full Maintenance perk, depending on
 whether he returns to the gunslinging life or remains a handyman. The latter
 perk will overwrite 'Regular Maintenance' also. [Raul's default appearance
 also changes: a vaquero outfit or an armored version of his work uniform.]

 NOTE: It's possible to give Raul mixed signals in his post-event dialogue
 options, making both final choices only give 'Full Maintenance'. Also, it
 seems there's a glitch where learning 'Ranger Takedown' before doing this
 quest may screw things up. [Siding with the Legion at endgame may also make
 Andy irreparably hostile.] Having a backup save helps.

 Equipment -: n/a
 Located ---: The King's School of Impersonation [Freeside]
 Perk ------: Search and Mark [if zoomed: nearby chems/guns/ammo highlighted]
            : Blood of the Legion [increased DT]
            : Faithful Protector [increased attack]
            : Unshakeable Tracker [increased move speed]
 Comp. Quest: Nothin' But a Hound Dog
 Recruitment: see below

 Rex is a cyberdog companion owned by the King, leader of the titular gang in
 Freeside. After helping the King with his bodyguard problem in "G.I. Blues,"
 one can ask about Rex's troubles, starting "Nothin' But a Hound Dog." Rex
 officially becomes a companion after his master allows him to be brought to
 Doctor Henry in Jacobstown.

 Like ED-E, Rex is robotic (doesn't take up humanoid companion slot) and can't
 wear faction armor -- I mean, he's a dog! His attack abilities are simple as
 well: he'll bite people. Unlike normal dogs, however, he also has a unique
 attack: a knockdown pounce. Considering his attack strength already, it's not
 surprising that he carries his weight in battle. [Even during "Kings' Gambit,"
 if he's turned hostile, he can solo the enemy swarm around him!]

 Rex has four possible perks: his default (Search and Mark) and that gained
 from completion of "Nothin' But a Hound Dog". Only one extra perk can be
 obtained from the brain swap. All have their usefulness, although a straight
 attack or move speed upgrade may be pay off in the long run -- Rex is quite
 battle-hardened as it is, and his survivability's not in much question...

 Rex ain't without some quirks, though. He has a dislike for rats: if he sees
 a molerat or giant rat, he may sprint off after it. The King also mentions the
 pup despises hats, probably because of it rhymes with 'rat'. This is less
 important: he'll only bark at hat-wearing people. [There's a funny dialogue
 where one can tell him to quit it or get turned into a hat himself.]

 If one has the Wild Wasteland trait, there's a special Lassie-esque scenario
 that can play while Rex is a companion. Randomly, he'll initiate "dialogue"
 and one can ask if Jimmy's fallen down a well. This marks Jimmy's Well on the
 quest map, near Fields' Shack. [This map doesn't spawn without that trait.]
 Inside the well is a skeleton with the unique Abilene Kid LE BB Gun, which is
 normally located inside Fields' Shack for non-Wild Wastelanders.

 Equipment -: Caravan Shotgun, Combat Knife, Empty Whiskey Bottle, Bottlecaps
 Located ---: Mojave Outpost
 Perk ------: Whiskey Rose [Drinking booze has no negative effects & it ups DT]
            : Calm Heart [+50 HP]
            : Hand of Vengeance [Guns damage+]
 Comp. Quest: Heartache by the Number
 Recruitment: see below

 Cass is found at Mojave Outpost (SW corner of map), getting sauced at the
 watering hole. To recruit her, one must first visit the Crimson Caravan
 Company on Vegas' NE side, then start Alice McLafferty's "You Can Depend On
 Me" quest. [Cass will direct the player to this location if she's encountered
 first.] A little ways in, Alice will ask the player to find Cass and buy out
 her caravan, which has been ruined by raiders.

 Though Cass is hesitant, she can be convinced in a few ways:

 • [Barter 50] - the player adds 750 caps out of one's own pocket
 • [Barter 75] - find 12 bottles of whiskey and drink Cass for the contract
 • [Speech 50] - do Ranger Jackson's "Can You Find It In Your Heart?" quest
 • [Speech 75]

 The drinking game is by far the most enjoyable option, but requires a little
 extra legwork to find the bottles (most bartenders sell 'em). The Speech 50
 directs one to Jackson's easy ant-clearing quest down the road, and makes a
 good second option. The other choices are simplest, but rather dry.

 This firecracker totes a caravan shotty and knife by default (can't be taken
 from inventory), and mentions she's good with dynamite and pistols. It's
 known that Cass has a "Shotgun Surgeon"-like perk, so having her focus just
 on shotguns isn't a bad idea. Her default caravan shotgun has awful range,
 so bumping her up to a hunting shotgun can work better. [Just make sure to
 give her ample ammunition for it; she won't use it otherwise. Slugs are
 more expensive but preferable.]

 Cass' "Heartache by the Number" quest has her uncovering the deadly secret
 behind her caravan's demise, then staging a killing blow on those who wronged
 her; one can also turn the perpetrators into Ranger Jackson. She'll get the
 Calm Heart (turn 'em in) or Hand of Vengeance (put 'em down) perk, depending
 on the quest's result. Her companion quest is pretty cut and dry compared to
 some others', but that's usually a plus.

 Speaking of which, Cass' perks! Her default (Whiskey Rose) removes negative
 side effects from booze, and drinking the stuff gives a temp DT boost! Her
 other two result from completion of "Heartache by the Number," either by
 settling things civily (Calm Heart) or taking up arms (Hand of Vengeance).
 Only two perks are supposed to be allowed, but there's a well-known glitch
 that lets one get all three: solve "Heartache" by letting those who wronged
 her live, then after it's over, go kill them anyway.

 Also, unlike other companions, Cass reacts to players with low karma. If one's
 evil (sub-neutral) and getting eviler, she'll speak up to state her dislike,
 eventually leaving if one's ways aren't changed.

 Equipment -: Hood, Robes, Power Fist, 10mm Pistol
 Located ---: 188 Trading Post
 Perk ------: Scribe Assistant [can access workbench through her dialogue]
            : Bonds of Steel [increases DT]
            : Causeless Rebel [+30% Unarmed attack speed]
            : Elijah's Last Words [Melee: 150% speed, 25% knockdown chance]
            : Elijah's Ramblings [150% melee crit damage]
 Comp. Quest: I Could Make You Care
 Recruitment: via dialogue

 Veronica is located at the 188 Trading Post, a small overpass along Highway
 93 (north of Novac, west of Boulder City). Getting her pleasant company is
 an easy feat: simply answer favorably when she 'stealthily' asks about the
 Brotherhood of Steel. [Answering poorly prevents her from being a companion,

 Her standard loadout is hoods, robes, a power fist and 10mm pistol -- none
 of these can be removed from her inventory. True to her fun, cavalier spirit,
 she enjoys punching things, and is at her best when given the go-ahead for
 melee attacks (on by default). Giving her powerful melee weapons (Paladin
 Toaster, Pushy, Super Sledge, etc.) makes her a wrecking ball, accentuated
 by the fact she can equip Brotherhood Power Armor, a defensive nightmare...
 for enemies, that is.

 As for perks, Veronica's one of the few that can have 3! There's her default
 (Scribe Assistant), the one she gains from completing her companion quest
 (Causeless Rebel/Bonds of Steel) and the one gained from completion of Dead
 Money (Elijah's Ramblings/Elijah's Last Words). Note that all of the melee
 boosts gained thusly are specific to her -- the player's out in the cold!

 Veronica has a pretty lackadaisacal attitude toward most things, but overtly
 poor (Vilified) reputation with the Brotherhood makes her leave. [Destroying
 the BoS bunker may not drop one to Vilified, supposing one's rep was high
 enough already.] 

 Sometimes the scribe will mention her dream of having a dress -- this is
 actually part of an unmarked sidequest. Putting a pre-War outfit or Society
 Attire (White Gloves' outfit) in her inventory will earn her gratitude, and
 she'll teach one the 'Scribe Counter' unarmed maneuver. [Note that sometimes
 Veronica doesn't teach this after the prerequisite's done, instead doing it
 way later; or, not at all. If this happens, try giving her the Formal Wear
 instead of the junky pre-War stuff.] 

 Equipment -: .45 Auto Pistol, War Club
            : Dead Horses Stalker Armor, Chalk's Headdress
 Located ---: Zion Valley [Honest Hearts]
 Perk ------: Well-Stacked Cairns [Visiting peaks reveals markers, +3 PER (3m)]
 Comp. Quest: Civilized Man's Burden
 Recruitment: during "Arrival at Zion"

 Follows-Chalk is a Dead Horses tribal found shortly into the ill-fated trip
 to Zion Valley, and can remain a companion for much of the early missions.
 Upon meeting him, he'll notify the player of the Dead Horses Camp, and then
 accompany (or run off, if told to scram).

 Chalk has a pretty standard Dead Horses arsenal: the .45 Auto Pistol favored
 by Graham's disciples, plus the primitive War Club, a tribe hallmark. Same
 goes for his armor, although his headdress is unique (+5 Melee Weapons) -- it
 can be obtained by killing him during the first meeting, but the better option
 is just finishing the DLC normally; it's then placed in a chest outside the
 Northern Passage. [Chalk also carries several plants that grow around the

 This friendly guy's perk isn't of too much use, but can still be cool for
 new players. When reaching certain summits (The Aerie, Ranger Substation
 Eagle, Ranger Substation Osprey, Ranger Substation Peregrine, The Spine, Sun
 Sentinels) nearby map markers are automatically revealed. Additionally, one
 gets a +3 PER bonus for three minutes after. Just finding a listed location
 may not be good enough, however -- one must see the scenic view from that
 location (which is always nearby). For instance, going to RS Peregrine may
 give the PER bonus at once, while the Spine may require a little extra work.

 Although he has no recruitment quest, Chalk is involved in several quests in
 the DLC, including one (Civilized Man's Burden) that affects his ending. If
 Chalk perishes at the player's hand, the DLC is effectively broken, starting
 the booby prize quest "Chaos in Zion" instead. Chalk also leaves permanently
 after completing "Deliverer of Sorrows".

 Equipment -: Throwing Spear, Yao Guai Gauntlet
            : Datura Antivenom (4), Daturana, Purified Water (6)
 Located ---: Sorrows Camp [Honest Hearts]
 Perk ------: Quiet as the Waters [Lowers White Legs' PER]
 Comp. Quest: A Family Affair
 Recruitment: complete "Deliverer of Sorrows"

 Waking Cloud is the Sorrows' midwife, and volunteers as the player's helper
 after the supply drive in "Deliverer of Sorrows". Like Chalk, she isn't a
 mandatory companion, and can be turned down; if this occurs, she waits near
 the camp's lower waterfall for reconsideration.

 Sorrows aren't known for warlike tendencies, but Cloud can hold her own quite
 well at close range, thanks to her massive gauntlet; she uses throwing spears
 for her default ranged weapon. Naturally, this kind of mismatch sucks in a
 firefight. Since she'll only use guns if she's got ammo for 'em, the easiest
 choice is a .45 Auto Pistol/Submachine Gun -- Joshua sells tons of ammo for
 the Canaanite's choice weapon. [Josh also sells plenty of 12 Gauge ammo,
 so if one's high enough level, White Legs' Riot Shotguns can fit the bill.
 They also carry Shishkebabs that play on Cloud's love of meleeing.]

 Her perk (Quiet as the Waters) directly relates to her stealth abilities,
 significantly lowering the White Legs' PER stat. The player also benefits
 from this, so it's perfect for sneaky players who wanna get the jump. After
 all, with how many White Leg ambushes there are, why can't the Courier get
 in on that action?

 In DLC terms, Cloud's only companion for a short while, spanning the four
 scouting missions between "Deliverer of Sorrows" and "Gathering Storms". When
 one chooses whether to hold Zion or run, she permanently leaves.

 Equipment -: A Light Shining in Darkness, Joshua's Pistol Whippin' .45
            : Joshua Graham's Armor
 Located ---: Zion Valley [Honest Hearts]
 Perk ------: Way of the Canaanite [.45 Auto Pistol spread down, crit% doubled]
 Comp. Quest: n/a
 Recruitment: during "Flight from Zion" or "Crush the White Legs" only

 With all the prepwork done, Joshua Graham (a.k.a. the Burned Man and Malpais
 Legate) joins as companion. Surprisingly, he can be given commands like any
 other, perhaps showing a little humbleness. However, he cannot be told to
 wait, carry anything or (during final quest) talked to normally.

 Graham's arsenal is certainly enjoyable. He carries "A Light Shining in
 Darkness," a unique .45 Auto Pistol with higher damage but a slightly smaller
 magazine. [This is found in the post-Honest Hearts footlocker; it's also on
 Josh's corpse if he's slain.] His melee weapon is, hilariously, a .45 Auto
 Pistol, only used for whippin' tribals. His unique titular armor carries 15
 DT and gives +3% crit chance...although wearing it won't give the player any
 head bandages. [This, too, is obtained in the post-DLC footlocker.]

 "Way of the Canaanite," Joshua's perk, increases ability with the trademark
 auto pistols, doubling their crit chances while decreasing their spread. They
 are quite reliable and found rather plentifully thoughout the DLC (plus have
 mods), so partaking in the 'gift' isn't a bad idea.

 The downside is that Graham only accompanies one during the final mission.
 Like other major characters, his death -- at any time -- fails the DLC and
 begins the substitute "Chaos in Zion" quest. One can loot his corpse for
 his unique items, but this also prevents one from getting Daniel's post-DLC
 footlocker, so it's not worth it.

 Equipment -: 
 Located ---: Sierra Madre Casino Villa [Police Station]
 Perk ------: Ravenous Hunger [Dog: eats KO'd ghost creatures, ensuring death]
            : In My Footsteps [God: won't set off floor traps, stealth bonus]
 Comp. Quest: n/a
 Recruitment: complete Find Collar 8: "Dog"

 It's interesting to call Dog one of Dead Money's companions, because he is
 in fact two: a docile slavish personality (Dog) and a protective intellectual
 (God). He is recruited during a main mission, after being sought out in the
 Police Station's holding cell. Thereafter -- for the DLC's 1st half anyway --
 he can tag along on Villa quests.

 Dog/God carries no weapons and, unsurprisingly, prefers hand-to-hand combat.
 Since one's Mojave arsenal is stripped upon entering the Sierra Madre area,
 and there's few weapons that suit him available, relying on his natural
 affinities is best.

 The player gets a different perk depending on what personality is in control.
 God mentions it's hard to fight when he's "out," and his "In My Footsteps"
 perk plays off that, giving a stealth bonus and ability to bypass pesky traps
 (helpful for those hidden in the Cloud). Meanwhile, Dog's "Ravenous Hunger"
 has him consume unconscious ghost enemies, ensuring they never get up again.
 Additionally, after seeing Dog have a meal, an option arises in his dialogue
 regarding his action, giving the "Ghost Hunter" (fallen ghost creatures may
 die instead of going unconscious) perk afterwards.

 Dog/God ceases to be a companion upon completion of "Fires in the Sky".

 Equipment -: 9mm Pistol, Authority Glasses, Dean's Tuxedo
 Located ---: Sierra Madre Casino Villa [Residential District]
 Perk ------: Unclean Living [Can briefly move safely in Cloud; Cloud dmg -25%]
 Comp. Quest: n/a
 Recruitment: complete "Find Collar 14: Dean Domino"

 Dean Domino is a once-famous lounge singer, now a ghoul kept prisoner by
 Elijah's collar. He lives in the villa's Residential District, a perilous
 region filled with ghost trappers and his own booby traps. Once his 'boudoir'
 is located, he'll join without much fuss...although refusing to work with him
 gives the player a bloody death.

 Unlike Dog who gets outrageous HP values, Dean doesn't, so upgrading his
 armor and weaponry is almost required to make him useful. [Dean also has no
 melee weapon, so if one wants him to perform on that end, he'll need a Knife
 Spear or somethin'.] The one good thing about him is he's the only companion
 in Dead Money who has a default firearm (9mm Pistol), so even if one can't
 up his firepower much, his long-range capabilities come in handy.

 His perk "Unclean Living" is fantastic for exploration. As a ghoul, he can
 protect the player from some of the cloud's toxic effects, although it's only
 for a short while. Additionally, if one does take Cloud damage, it's reduced
 by a quarter. Due to his overwhelmingly awesome effect, second only to
 Christine's (at least for new players), recruiting him first makes sense.

 After finding one of Dean's special stashes (before or after he's with), one
 can ask him about his supply-gathering habits. This leads to an option about
 his Sierra Madre Martini recipe, which is then taught to the player in "perk"
 form. Campfires are in short supply, so use electric hot plates -- like the
 one in Dean's quarters -- instead.

 Dean ceases to be a companion after "Strike Up the Band" finishes.

 Equipment -: Wasteland Doctor Fatigues
 Located ---: Medical District [Villa Clinic]
 Perk ------: Signal Interference
 Comp. Quest: n/a
 Recruitment: complete "Find Collar 12: Christine"

 Christine is a former Brotherhood scribe held captive in the Villa's clinic,
 within its own medical district. She can be found within a malfunctioning
 auto-doc on the ground floor, although, since the corridor has many speakers,
 one must turn them off in the basement.

 She reveals herself to be a well-trained individual, and excels at energy
 weapons (duh?), explosives, melee, unarmed, guns... Unfortunately for the
 player, she starts with NONE OF THAT. Argh. The good news is Dead Money has
 tons of items that cater to her proficiencies: Bear Trap Fists, Knife Spears,
 Gas Bombs, etc. etc.

 Her "Signal Interference" perk has tons of use, as it combats one of the
 Villa's homegrown annoyances: radios and speakers. When Christine's along,
 these deadly devices take extra time to affect one's collar, and when they
 do, the collar's telltale beeping has an extended duration (x1.5).

 Christine's dialogue is notable for its bevy of skill checks, resulting from
 her unfortunate vocal surgery. One of the more useful conversations has her
 learning about the vending machines -- passing an [INT 6] check bestows the
 "Coin Operator" perk. [Passing said check is mandatory for this; the other
 PER 6 isn't.] With this "perk," one can transform a Fission Battery and 2
 Scrap Metal into 50 counterfeit chips. This is arguably useless during the
 DLC's course (battery scarcity, generally) but can be worthwhile afterwards.

 Upon completion of "Mixed Signals," Christine ceases to be a companion.

PERKS                                                                    [PRKS]
 Perks are special, often permanent abilities a character gets, usually via
 level-up selection, completion of quests or NPC interactions. Followers grant
 temporary perks while they accompany a player, and implants provide permanent
 augmentations. In addition to normal New Vegas perks, all 4 DLC add-ons give
 perks as well. In short, there's a crapload to find!

 [LVLR] - Level-Related Perks
 [CMPP] - Companion Perks
 [CHLP] - Challenge Perks
 [GNRP] - Gun Runners' Arsenal Perks
 [NRMD] - Unarmed Perks
 [MPLN] - Implant Perks
 [DDMN] - Dead Money Perks
 [HNST] - Honest Hearts Perks
 [OWBP] - Old World Blues Perks
 [LNSM] - Lonesome Road Perks

 To avoid overlap, companion perks are listed only in the [CMPP] section.

¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|                                                    [LVLR]
LEVEL-RELATED PERKS |----------------------------------------------------------
 These are available after leveling up, and are always dependant on a player's
 level, although some (well...most) have additional proficiency requirements.
 Level-related perks MUST be taken every other level (2, 4, 6, 8, etc).

   Requirement: Level 2 (female only)
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: +10% DMG vs. males. Can use special dialogue with some females.

   Requirement: Level 2 (female only)
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: +10% DMG vs. females. Can use special dialogue w/ some females.

   Requirement: Level 2 (male only)
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: +10% DMG vs. males. Can use special dialogue with some males.

   Requirement: Level 2, PER 6, Sneak 30
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: See better at night (permanent low-light vision)

   Requirement: Level 2, STR 5, Explosives 30
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: Thrown weapons (grenades, spears, etc.) fly farther and faster

   Requirement: Level 2, Survival 30
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: +75% crit damage vs. animal types (abominations don't count)

   Requirement: Level 2, Repair 20, Science 70 (Dead Money DLC)
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: +5 DT when using metal armor, +2 DT for reflective eyewear

   Requirement: Level 2
   Ranks -----: 10
   Perk Effect: +1 to a S.P.E.C.I.A.L. attribute of your choosing

   Requirement: LCK 6, Repair 45 (Dead Money DLC)
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: Can craft certain "junk" rounds with 5 Tin Cans, 1 Scrap Metal
                and a specific casing. Applicable ammunition:

   - .308 Rounds                 - 5.56mm Rounds
   - .44 Magnum Rounds           - 9mm Rounds
   - .45-70 Gov't                - 10mm Rounds
   - .50 MG                      - 12 Gauge
   - 5mm Rounds                  - 20 Gauge

   Requirement: Level 2 (male only)
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: +10% DMG vs. females. Can use special dialogue with some males.

   Requirement: Level 2, AGL 6, Repair 45 (Dead Money DLC)
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: In all light armor, +5% crit chance & foes get -25% crit chance

   Requirement: END 6, Survival 45
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: +25% Addiction resistance, +50% snack food item health bonus,
                and some alcoholic drinks (wine, scotch, etc.) now restore HP

   Requirement: Level 2, AGL 5, Guns 30
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: +25% reload speed with all weapons

   Requirement: Level 2, INT 5
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: Skill book duration increased from 1 minute to 3 minutes

   Requirement: Level 2, INT 4
   Ranks -----: 3
   Perk Effect: +10% experience bonus

   Requirement: Level 4
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: Can eat corpses to restore health, but it reduces karma, and
                friendly (non-follower) NPCs who witness the meal turn hostile

   Requirement: Level 4, INT 4
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: Doubles magazine skill boost (to +20); skill books read after
                perk is taken give an additional point (+4 total)

   Requirement: Level 4, INT 4
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: +2 skill point allocation during level-up

   Requirement: Level 4, INT 4, Science 40
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: +50% DMG vs. insect types (radscorpions, cazadors, etc.)

   Requirement: Level 4, Survival 70
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: As radiation sickness worsens, character regens more & more HP

   Requirement: Level 4, Guns 45 or Energy Weapons 45
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: Reduces accuracy penalties while moving with 1-handed firearms

   Requirement: Level 4, Survival 45
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: +10% faster moving speed in all light (or if using no) armor

   Requirement: Level 6
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: +5% DMG (all weapons) and increases chance of dismemberment

   Requirement: Level 6, Explosives 50
   Ranks -----: 3
   Perk Effect: +20% DMG with explosive weapons per rank. Note this perk is
                glitched: after getting 3 ranks, it still shows up in the
                level-up perk menu. Taking it a 4th time is a complete waste!

   Requirement: Level 6, CHA 6
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: Ups companion DMG resistance when one's health is 50% or less

   Requirement: Level 6, LCK 5
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: Containers carry more bottle caps than normal

   Requirement: Level 6
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: One-handed weapons are more accurate in V.A.T.S.

   Requirement: Level 6, Repair 70
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: Twice as likely to recover spent ammo casings; also unlocks
                special ammo crafting recipes at workbenches

   Requirement: Level 6, END 5
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: Halves radiation intake from water sources

   Requirement: Level 6, Explosives 45, Repair 45 [Gun Runners' Arsenal DLC]
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: Unlocks special bomb recipes at workbenches, all of which have
                "Mad Bomber" and "GRA" in their names. Added items are...

   - Bottlecap Mine, Efficient        - Nuka-Grenade
   - Fat Mine                         - Time Bomb, High Yield
   - MFC Cluster                      - Tin Grenade
   - MFC Grenade

   Requirement: Level 6, Sneak 70
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: +20% sneak attack critical damage

   Requirement: Level 6, Guns 45
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: Shotguns ignore an extra 10 points off a target's DT

   Requirement: Level 6, END 5
   Ranks -----: 2
   Perk Effect: Each rank gives permanent +3 DT

   Requirement: Level 6, Science 70
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: Recover drained energy weapon cells twice as often; unlocks all
                recycling recipes at workbenches.

   Requirement: Level 8
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: Increases V.A.T.S. accuracy with 2-handed guns

   Requirement: Level 8, Guns 45, Melee 45
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: Damage +25% when using revolvers, lever-action rifles, knives,
                hatchets and dynamite.

   Requirement: Level 8, Explosives 20, Guns 45 (Honest Hearts DLC)
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: Damage +25% when using 9mm & .45 Auto Pistols/SMGs, Service
                Rifles, Assault & Marksman Carbines, Light Machine Guns, Frag
                Grenades, Grenade Rifles/Launchers and Combat Knives

   Requirement: Level 8, Survival 70 (Honest Hearts DLC)
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: Allows one to sleep when interacting with campfires

   Requirement: Level 8, Medicine 70
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: Shows HP and DT for all characters, creatures and ghouls. +5%
                damage vs. humans and non-feral ghouls

   Requirement: Level 8, INT 5, Barter 70
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: Halves weight of items originally weighing 2 or less

   Requirement: Level 8, AGI 5
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: Un/holstering weapons is 50% faster

   Requirement: Level 8, END 5
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: Permanent +25% radiation resistance

   Requirement: Level 8, LCK 5 
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: Increases ammo found in containers

   Requirement: Level 8 (Honest Hearts DLC)
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: +15% damage and V.A.T.S. accuracy bonus against dirty raider
                (Vipers, Fiends, etc.), junkie and Zion tribal types

   Requirement: Level 8, STR 6, END 6 
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: +5 DT vs. unarmed & melee attacks. Can't be knocked down.

   Requirement: Level 8, STR 5, END 5
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: Increases carrying capacity by 50

   Requirement: Level 8, STR 6, Melee Weapons 45
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: Unarmed & Melee attacks may knock an opponent down

   Requirement: Level 8, Speech 70
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: Enemies flee for 5 seconds after leaving dialogue. May have
                special persuasive options in dialogue.

   Requirement: Level 8, Survival 70 (Honest Hearts DLC)
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: -50% Limb Damage vs. animal, mutated animal and insect types;
                +25% poison resistance; Can eat dead insects while sneaking

   Requirement: Level 10, Guns 70 (Dead Money DLC)
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: Shotgun blasts may knock targets down

   Requirement: Level 10, CHR 6, Survival 45
   Ranks -----: 2
   Perk Effect: First rank makes normally hostile animals docile to player;
                next rank has nearby animals aid player during battle

   Requirement: Level 10 (Honest Hearts DLC)
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: +2 DT and +5% crit chance v. NCR, Legion and Brotherhood foes

   Requirement: Level 10
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: Crit chance boosted (equivalent to +5 Luck)

   Requirement: Level 10 
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: Immediately gain another level

   Requirement: Level 10, Science 70
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: AP costs -10%

   Requirement: Level 10, LCK 6 
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: Miss Fortune may appear to assist during V.A.T.S.

   Requirement: Level 10, Sneak 60
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: Can silently kill any sleeping character while sneaking. This
                always earns 50 XP.

   Requirement: Level 10, LCK 6
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: The Mysterious Stranger may appear to assist in V.A.T.S.

   Requirement: Level 10, INT 5, Science 50
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: +15 DT and STR raised to 10 when HP is >20%

   Requirement: Level 10 
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: +2 INT & PER during nighttime

   Requirement: Level 10, Energy Weapons 70
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: Plasma weapon AP costs -20%

   Requirement: Level 12, PER 6 (Lonesome Road DLC)
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: +2 PER while crouched and immobile

   Requirement: Level 12
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: Stimpaks heal 20% more

   Requirement: Level 12, Cannibal perk
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: Can eat ghoul and super mutant corpses, but if witnessed, one
                earns negative karma and may turn witness(es) hostile

   Requirement: Level 12, STR 7
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: Weapons of 10+ pounds have weight halved

   Requirement: Level 12, Explosives 70
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: +25 DT vs. all explosives

   Requirement: Level 12, PER 7 (Dead Money DLC)
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: Hit an enemy's legs in V.A.T.S. easier

   Requirement: Level 12, END 6
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: +30 HP

   Requirement: Level 12, END 6, Barter 70
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: Can fast travel even while overencumbered

   Requirement: Level 12, Unarmed 70
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: Melee/unarmed attacks ignore 15 of target's DT

   Requirement: Level 12, Explosives 60
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: Fire-based weapons (flamer, shishkabob, etc.) do +50% damage

   Requirement: Level 12, Science 50
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: +25% v. robots, and can permanently disable those enemies by
                sneaking (undetected) behind them and activating them.

   Requirement: Level 12, AGL 6, Sneak 50
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: No sneak penalty while running

   Requirement: Level 12, PER 6, AGL 6
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: Hit targets' heads easier in V.A.T.S.

   Requirement: Level 12, Explosives 70
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: Explosives blast range +25%. An unintended side effect is the
                blast radius being large enough to jostle items in adjacent
                rooms. Very annoying if looking for small key items!

   Requirement: Level 12, STR 7, Melee Weapons 90
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: Do extra damage when an foe blocks one's melee/unarmed attack

   Requirement: Level 14
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: Limbs only receive 50% damage they normally would

   Requirement: Level 14, Guns 70
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: Do +15% damage to target's torso in V.A.T.S.

   Requirement: Level 14, Medicine 60
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: Increases duration of chem effects

   Requirement: Level 14, Repair 90
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: Can repair items with roughly similar items (i.e. revolvers
                with most one-handed Guns, laser pistols with one-handed
                Energy Weapons, etc). Armor and helmets require other gear of
                similar weight.

   Requirement: Level 14, PER 6, AGL 6
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: Won't trigger floor-based traps or mines

   Requirement: Level 14
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: +50% melee/unarmed damage vs. centaurs, nightstalkers, spore
                plants/carriers, deathclaws, super mutants and feral ghouls

   Requirement: Level 16, AGL 6
   Ranks -----: 2
   Perk Effect: +15 AP per rank

   Requirement: Level 16, PER 6, LCK 6
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: +50% critical hit damage

   Requirement: Level 16, Medicine 60
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: 50% less likely to develop chem addiction

   Requirement: Level 16, Energy Weapons 90
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: Killing a target causes an explosion; if the explosion kills
                a target, that target explodes, too, like a chain reaction.
                Incidental kills resulting from explosions give no XP. Be
                careful when using short-range energy weps (like flamers)!

 • TAG!
   Requirement: Level 16
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: Select a fourth Tag skill (raising it by +15 points)

   Requirement: Level 16, STR<10
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: Weapons' STR requirements -2

   Requirement: Level 18, INT 7, Science 70
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: Gain another hack attempt on locked-out terminals

   Requirement: Level 18, Guns 60, Energy Weapons 60
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: Chance to hit body part in V.A.T.S. rises with each successive
                hit on that body part.

   Requirement: Level 18, PER 7, Lockpick 70
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: Gain another lockpick attempt on broken locks

   Requirement: Level 18, Unarmed 70
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: Unarmed attacks have chance to paralyze target for 30 seconds

   Requirement: Level 18, Survival 50 [Lonesome Road DLC]
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: PER/AGL +1 while outdoors

   Requirement: Level 20, END 6 [Old World Blues]
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: Ups run speed and AP regeneration with each level of radiation

   Requirement: Level 20
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: Reveals all undiscovered areas on world map, all downloadable
                content nonwithstanding.

   Requirement: Level 20 [Honest Hearts DLC]
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: +10% damage with each crippled limb

   Requirement: Level 20
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: Getting a V.A.T.S. kill restores 20 AP upon exiting V.A.T.S.

   Requirement: Level 20, Survival 25 [Old World Blues DLC]
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: After consuming Nightstalker Squeezin's, +1 PER, +5 Sneak and
                +5 Poison Resistance for 4 minutes

   Requirement: Level 20, Melee Weapons 80, Sneak 80
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: Melee/Unarmed attacks' crit chance +15%, and sneak attack crits
                do +25% damage

   Requirement: Level 20, END 7
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: +2 STR and HP regeneration (1 HP/s) while outdoors in daytime.
                Increasing STR also ups one's carrying capacity (+20 max), so
                one should be careful at night -- the sudden STR drop can lead
                to encumbrance issues.

   Requirement: Level 20, Survival 55 [Old World Blues DLC]
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: Slain living creatures may have 'blood sausage' or 'thin red
                paste' healing items when looted

   Requirement: Level 22, END 8 [Lonesome Road DLC]
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: Sleeping removes all radiation (as well as its normal perks)

   Requirement: Level 22, Energy Weapons 90
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: Laser weapons do +15% damage and gain +10% crit chance

   Requirement: Level 22, Science 90
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: Can create Nuka-Cola Victory/Quartz and Ice Cold Nuka-Cola at

   Requirement: Level 22
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: Companions take less damage from player's attacks

   Requirement: Level 22, INT 7 [Lonesome Road DLC]
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: Damaged books become blank magazines, and a player can copy
                existing magazines into the blank ones (at workbench)

   Requirement: Level 24, AGL 7, Unarmed 90
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: Melee/Unarmed attack speed +30%

   Requirement: Level 26, INT 6 [Lonesome Road DLC]
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: +1% XP gained per level (i.e. Level 26 gives 26% bonus)

   Requirement: Level 26, AGL 7
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: Faster AP regeneration

   Requirement: Level 26, AGL 8 [Lonesome Road DLC]
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: Sneaking in light or no armor increases crouch-walking speed

   Requirement: Level 28, END 7
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: Radiation level slowly decreases over time

   Requirement: Level 28, Survival 100 [Lonesome Road DLC]
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: Get well-rested XP bonus from any outdoor bed

   Requirement: Level 30, STR 6, END 6 [Lonesome Road DLC]
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: Carrying capacity +50 lbs.

   Requirement: Level 30, END 8 [Old World Blues DLC]
   Ranks -----: 2
   Perk Effect: Gives a non-addictive Turbo-like drug in the inventory's Aid
                section, which refills gradually each day. Rank 2 of perk ups
                daily use number and duration.

   Requirement: Level 36 [Lonesome Road DLC]
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: Pip-Boy's light does not affect sneaking

   Requirement: Level 40 [Lonesome Road DLC]
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: +25% damage v. robots; player-destroyed robots have more loot

   Requirement: Level 50, Evil Karma [Lonesome Road DLC]
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: Resets karma, 25% AP regen speed, 20% attack speed, crit-immune

   Requirement: Level 50, Neutral Karma [Lonesome Road DLC]
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: +50% crit damage, crit-immune; ending battle with >20% HP
                gives +4 Luck for 3 minutes after

   Requirement: Level 50, Good Karma [Lonesome Road DLC]
   Ranks -----: 1
   Perk Effect: Karma reset, crit-immune, +10% damage; increasing one's karma
                gives "permanent" HP boost (100 karma = 10 HP)

¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|                                                        [CMPP]
COMPANION PERKS |--------------------------------------------------------------
 Wouldn't it be nice if allies had perks? Well, they do! While they're tagging
 along, they give a player a special ability (most viewable in 'perks' menu
 section). Some even have more than one, upgrading their own stats/abilities
 instead of the player's.

  __________ _____________________ __________________________________________
 | COMP.    | PERK                | FUNCTION                                 |
 | Arcade   | Better Healing      | All healing sources 20% more effective   |
 | Boone    | Spotter             | While scoped, foes highlighted in red    |
 | Cass     | Calm Heart          | +50 HP                                   |
 |          | Hand of Vengeance   | Guns damage +15%                         |
 |          | Whiskey Rose        | Drinking booze has no bad side effects   |
 |          |                     | and increases DT temporarily             |
 | ED-E     | Enhanced Sensors    | Targets shown as if one has maximum PER  |
 | Lily     | Stealth Girl        | Stealth Boy duration doubles; sneak crit |
 |          |                     | damage +10%                              |
 | Raul     | Full Maintenance    | Equipment decays 75% slower              |
 |          | Old Vaquero         | Revolver/lever-action gun fire rate +33% |
 |          | Regular Maintenance | Equipment decays 50% slower              |
 | Rex      | Blood of the Legion | Increased DT                             |
 |          | Faithful Protector  | Increased attack damage                  |
 |          | Search and Mark     | Highlights ammo/items/chems while zoomed |
 |          | Unshakeable Tracker | Increased movement speed                 |
 | Veronica | Bonds of Steel      | Increases Veronica's DT                  |
 |          | Causeless Rebel     | +33% Unarmed attack rate                 |
 |          | Elijah's Last Words | Melee: 150% speed, 25% knockdown chance  |
 |          | Elijah's Ramblings  | Melee: 150% crit damage                  |
 |          | Scribe Assistant    | Can use workbench through her dialogue   |

 The companions found in the DLC also have special perks! [None are available
 outside the DLC, though, so their perks may not be as all-around useful.]
 Both Dead Money and Honest Hearts have 3 possible companions; Lonesome Road
 has 1 (ED-E). Old World Blues has none that give perks.

  _______________ ______________________ ____________________________________
 | DLC COMPANION |  PERK                | FUNCTION                           |
 | Dean Domino   | Unclean Living       | Temp protection from Cloud damage  |
 |               |                      | Reduces damage from Cloud sources  |
 | Dog/God       | Ravenous Hunger      | KO'd ghost people consumed by Dog  |
 |               | In My Footsteps      | Won't set off traps; Stealth upped |
 | Christine     | Signal Interference  | Can escape collar alarms easier    |
 | Follows-Chalk | Well-Stacked Cairns  | Finding certain Zion summits will  |
 |               |                      | reveal nearby map areas & ups PER  |
 | Joshua Graham | Way of the Canaanite | .45 Pistols: crit chance+, spread- |
 | Waking Cloud  | Quiet as the Waters  | Reduces White Legs' PER            |
 | ED-E          | Camarader-E          | 1: Repair current weapon 25%       |
 |               |                      | 2: Can produce certain ammo daily  |
 |               |                      | 3: DT +2 (*)                       |
 |               |                      | 4: Beam weap. dmg +5 (*)           |
 |               |                      | 5: V.A.T.S. accuracy+ (*)          |
  * - applies to both player and ED-E

¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|                                                        [CHLP]
CHALLENGE PERKS |--------------------------------------------------------------
 Completion of challenges (viewable in Pip-Boy menu) occasionally results in
 a perk. Many have to do with inflicting 'x' amount of damage or kill 'x'
 amount of enemy types, so they can be learned in the normal course of one's
 playthrough. A few of these are harder to get...

 - Dine and Dash: requires the Cannibal perk
 - Meat of Champions: eat Mr. House, Caesar, The King and Pres. Kimball
 - Power Armor Training: complete "Still in the Dark" or "For Auld Lang Syne"

 Power Armor Training isn't really done by an in-game challenge, but it fits
 this category more than others.

 Some perks are repeatable to a point -- the amount of times is listed in the
 middle column. Apparently 'Machine Head' is glitched on console versions,
 though, so its final rank is unobtainable (PC users have a fix, however).
  ______________________ ___ ________________________________________________
 | PERK                 | R | FUNCTION                                       |
 | Abominable           | 3 | Increases damage vs. abominations              |
 | Animal Control       | 3 | Increases damage vs. animals                   |
 | Beautiful Beatdown   | 1 | Unarmed attack AP cost -10%                    |
 | Bug Stomper          | 3 | Increases damage vs. mutated insects           |
 | Camel of the Mojave  | 1 | Water hydration/healing potency increased      |
 | Day Tripper          | 1 | Addictive chems' duration +33%                 |
 | Dine and Dash        | 1 | Can harvest human remains from (human) corpses |
 | Fast Times           | 1 | Turbo duration +50%                            |
 | Free Radical         | 1 | RadAway effects increased                      |
 | Friendly Help        | 1 | Miss Fortune/Mysterious Stranger visit chance+ |
 | Lord Death           | 3 | Increases damage vs. everything                |
 | Machine Head         | 3 | Increases damage vs. robotic foes              |
 | Meat of Champions    | 1 | Eating corpses gives temp STRLCK/INT/CHR bonus |
 | Melee Hacker         | 2 | Melee attack speed increased                   |
 | Mutant Massacrer     | 3 | Increases damage vs. super mutants & nightkin  |
 | Power Armor Training | 1 | Can wear all power armor                       |
 | Set Lasers For Fun   | 2 | Energy weapon crit chance increased            |
 | Tough Guy            | 1 | Limbs incur 20% less damage                    |

¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|                                             [GNRP]
GUN RUNNERS' ARSENAL PERKS |---------------------------------------------------
 GRA only adds one perk: Mad Bomber (LV6, Explosives 45, Repair 45). This
 unlocks several unique explosives recipes at the workbench, easily identified
 by the (GRA) denotation in their names. Here's a list of the new additions,
 their required Explosives skill and the needed components.

 • Bottlecap Mine, efficient
   - Explosives 85
   - Cherry Bomb (3), Bottlecap (8), Lunchbox, Sensor Module
 • Fat Mine
   - Explosives 80
   - Mini Nuke, Scrap Electronics, Scrap Metal, Sensor Module
 • MFC Cluster
   - Explosives 70
   - Microfusion Cell (18), Scrap Electronics (2), Duct Tape
 • MFC Grenade
   - Explosives 50
   - Microfusion Cell (3)
 • Nuka-Grenade
   - Explosives 60
   - Abraxo Cleaner, Nuka-Cola Quartz, Tin Can, Turpentine
 • Time Bomb, high yield
   - Explosives 70
   - Dynamite (6), Duct Tape, Egg Timer, Scrap Electronics
 • Tin Grenade
   - Explosives 25
   - Pistol Powder (50), Duct Tape, Tin Can

¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|                                                          [NRMD]
UNARMED PERKS |----------------------------------------------------------------
 Certain NPCs can teach a player special unarmed maneuvers, executed by doing
 a power attack in a certain direction.
  _________________ _________________________________________________________
 | PERK            | FUNCTION                                                |
 | Khan Trick      | Lateral power attack: blinds enemy with thrown dirt     |
 | Legion Assault  | Running power attack: can knock down opponents          |
 | Ranger Takedown | Backwards power attack: trips enemy, knocking them down |
 | Scribe Counter  | Retalitory maneuver: attack right after blocking enemy  |

 Khan Trick is automatically obtained after completing "Aba Daba Honeymoon,"
 the Great Khans' drug-running mission. Legion Assault is taught only by
 Lucius at Caesar's tent, by having positive (non-neutral) Legion rep and
 passing his [Unarmed 50] check. Ranger Takedown is taught by Ranger Andy in
 Novac by passing a simple [Speech 30] check. Scribe Counter is taught only
 by Veronica, after putting a dress -- White Glove Attire, for one -- in her

 Khan Trick won't work if one's not fighting on dirt/sand (obviously), but
 'sides that, the techniques require no special environment.

¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|                                                          [MPLN]
IMPLANT PERKS |----------------------------------------------------------------
 Implants can be bought from Dr. Usunagi at the New Vegas Medical Clinic or
 from the Big MT auto-doc at the Sink (Old World Blues required). The number
 of implants one can have is equal to the character's END stat. Usunagi's all
 cost 4000 caps, except Sub-Dermal Armor (8000) and Monocyte Breeder (12000).

 With the above two exceptions, Usunagi's implants are pretty straightforward:
 they increase the related S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stat by one. Each implant can only
 be taken once, although the END implant doesn't count toward the maximum, so
 it's basically a freebie. [Also, implants can't be removed.]

 • Agility Implant
 • Charisma Implant
 • Endurance Implant
 • Intelligence Implant
 • Luck Implant
 • Monocyte Breeder [health restores very slowly, 1 HP/10s]
 • Perception Implant
 • Strength Implant
 • Sub-Dermal Armor [+4 DT]

 Old World Blues takes the same approach, except the implants are a lot more
 interesting. To get them, though, one must first find the Sink auto-doc's
 implant holotapes, scattered around the crater. The tradeoff is none of the
 OWB implants count against the (END-related) implant maximum.
  ______________ _______ ____________________________________________________
 | PERK         | COST  | FUNCTION                                           |
 | Implant C-13 |  8000 | Increases damage vs. cazadors                      |
 | Implant M-5  | 10000 | Increases crouch-walk speed                        |
 | Implant Y-3  | 12000 | Removes radiation when drinking irradiated water   |
 | Implant Y-7  | 20000 | Eating food restores extra HP and AP               |

¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|                                                       [DDMN]
DEAD MONEY PERKS |-------------------------------------------------------------
 First, a recap of the perks accessed through leveling up:

 • In Shining Armor [LV2, Repair 20, Science 70]
 • Junk Rounds [LV2, LCK 6, Repair 45]
 • Light Touch [LV2, AGI 6, Repair 45]
 • Old World Gourmet [LV2, END 6, Survival 45]
 • And Stay Back [LV10, Guns 70]
 • Heavyweight [LV12, STR 7]
 • Hobbler [LV12, PER 7]

 Here's the others gotten through DLC-specific actions.
  ______________________ ____________________________________________________
 | PERK                 | EFFECT                                             |
 | Coin Operator        | Obtained through dialogue with Christine           |
 | Ghost Hunter         | Obtained through dialogue with Dog                 |
 | Sierra Madre Martini | Obtained through dialogue with Dean Domino         |

 The martini perk opens up a unique craft recipe (2 Junk Food, Jar of Cloud
 Residue, Tin Can) that's special in that it has no skill requirement to
 make. I guess dumping everything into a glass and shaking it is something
 anyone can do?

¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|                                                    [HNST]
HONEST HEARTS PERKS |----------------------------------------------------------
 Honest Hearts adds no lingering player perks, but does add several attainable
 via level-up:

 • Grunt [LV8, Guns 45, Explosives 20]
 • Home on the Range [LV8, Survival 70]
 • Sneering Imperialist [LV8]
 • Tribal Wisdom [LV8, Survival 70]
 • Fight the Power! [LV10]
 • Eye For An Eye [LV20]

¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|                                                  [OWBP]
OLD WORLD BLUES PERKS |--------------------------------------------------------
 Level-up perks added by this add-on:

 • Atomic! [LV20, END 6]
 • Implant GRX [LV30, END 8]
 • Mile in Their Shoes [LV30, Survival 25]
 • Them's Good Eatin' [LV30, Survival 55]

 For the rest...
  __________________ ___ ____________________________________________________
 | PERK             | R | FUNCTION                                           |
 | Big Brained      | 1 | Head cannot be crippled; +10% addiction resistance |
 |                  |   | and +10% DT                                        |
 | Brainless        | 1 | Head cannot be crippled; +15% addiction resistance |
 |                  |   | and +05% DT                                        |
 | Cardiac Arrest   | 1 | +50% poison resistance; Robots have -25% crit      |
 |                  |   | chance; +50% healing item bonus                    |
 | DNAgent          | 1 | +10% damage vs. nightstalkers                      |
 | DNAvenger        | 3 | +10% damage vs. cazadors (per rank; cumulative)    |
 | Heartless        | 1 | Cannot be poisoned; +25% healing item bonus; all   |
 |                  |   | robots have -50% crit chance                       |
 | Reinforced Spine | 1 | +2 STR and DT                                      |
 | Spineless        | 1 | +1 STR and DT; Torso cannot be crippled            |

 Brainless, Spineless and Heartless are all automatically obtained during the
 DLC's first mission (organs replaced with machines). Having one's natural
 organs returned during the course of the DLC will add the other perks (Big
 Brained, Reinforced Spine, Cardiac Arrest respectively), overwriting their
 counterparts. DNAgent is obtained by doing the "X-8 Data Retrieval Test"
 sidequest in full, while DNAvenger is done by killing Big MT cazadors (only).

¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|                                                    [LNSM]
LONESOME ROAD PERKS |----------------------------------------------------------
 Level-related perk recap:

 • Alertness [LV12, PER 6-9]
 • Walker Instinct [LV18, Survival 50]
 • Irradiated Beauty [LV22, END 8]
 • Voracious Reader [LV22, INT 7]
 • Lessons Learned [LV26, INT 6]
 • Tunnel Runner [LV26, AGI 8]
 • Roughin' It [LV28, Survival 100]
 • Burden to Bear [LV30, STR 6, END 6]
 • Broad Daylight [LV36]
 • Certified Tech [LV40]
 • Ain't Like That Now [LV50, Bad karma]
 • Just Lucky I'm Alive [LV50, Neutral-ish karma]
 • Thought You Died [LV50, Good karma]
  _____________________ _____________________________________________________
 | PERK                | FUNCTION                                            |
 | Dead Man's Burden   | Boomers/Powder Gangers fame, Legion/NCR infamy*     |
 | Divide Survivor     | Brotherhood of Steel and Followers fame*            |
 | Lonesome Road       | When companionless: +10% damage, +10% VATS accuracy |
 | Marked              | +10% damage vs., and DT against, Marked Men         |
 | Scourge of the East | NCR fame, Legion infamy*                            |
 | The Bear-Slayer     | Legion fame, NCR infamy*                            |
  * - Also allows one to allocate extra S.P.E.C.I.A.L. point

 Most of the perks result from the DLC's ending, where one can either stop the
 launch (Divide Survivor), nuke the NCR (The Bear-Slayer), Legion (Scourge of
 the East) or both (Dead Man's Burden). Each gives appropriate fame/infamy and
 allows one S.P.E.C.I.A.L. point to be allocated. Note that stopping the launch
 means one can't get the special equipment at Dry Wells or the Long 15 -- but
 on the bright side, no infamy is gained.

 As for the remaining perks, 'Marked' is gotten by killing any three special
 Marked Men -- impossible to miss unless one's using stealth. 'Lonesome Road'
 requires one to not reactivate ED-E at Ulysses' Temple, and is the antithesis
 of 'Divide Survivor,' which requires ED-E's presence.

PLANT OVERVIEW                                                           [PLNT]
 Here's a small section relating to Mojave plantlife. Only items that can be
 found in a natural (renewable) state are listed, though. Most ingredients are
 purchasable from merchants or similar food vendors, but collecting them in
 the wild eliminates variables: these resources can regrow and always in the
 same spot!

 Descrptn: What it looks like (in the wild)
 Function: What it does if consumed
 CraftUse: List of items it is a component in making

 ° - Dead Money required
 ¹ - Honest Hearts required
 ² - Old World Blues required
 ³ - Lonesome Road required

 Be sure to check out the co-op in Westside, too. They specialize in fresh
 foods (carrots, apples, potatos), plus carry some ingredients and general
 munchies. If one's already taken items from the wild and planters, it makes
 a good option. [Remember: Westside has planters both inside and outside its
 walls. Some may be "owned," however.]

 With Old World Blues, one can feed spare plant material to the Biological
 Research Station to create (1:1) Salient Green, a gooey substance. This can
 be used at campfires to remake "cloned" plants, a million times handier than
 carrying around several plants at once. It can only be made in The Sink,
 though. See the Field Research quest for more details.

 Descrptn: Large plant with pale white banana cluster atop it
 Function: HP +3 (7s)
 CraftUse: Gecko Kebab, Slasher

 With a stalk taller than the player, this tasty fruit is easy to find in the
 hinterlands. Despite its size, it only yields one fruit per plant, however.
 Unlike most plants, Banana Yucca factors into a sidequest, Honest Hearts'
 "Bighorners of the Eastern Virgin," in which one can use the sweet treat to
 lure a calf back to its mother.

 Descrptn: A rotund green cactus with bright blossoms, low to the ground
 Function: HP +3 (5s), END -3
 CraftUse: Blood Shield¹, Desert Salad, Homebrewed Nuka-Cola

 This chubby cactus stands out against the earthen landscapes, so it isn't a
 hard thing to spot in the arid areas where it grows. It's used in several
 items, Desert Salad being the most useful (although harder to make). It grows
 particularly well in arid regions, but can also be found in rockier areas,
 like the NE Bitter Springs/Camp Guardian area.

 Descrptn: Tall green stalk with orange flowers
 Function: HP +3 (4s)
 CraftUse: Bitter Drink, Datura Antivenom¹, Healing Poultice¹, Healing Powder,
           Stimpak, Turbo

 Although they're mentioned in "By a Campfire on a Trail," after wandering the
 Mojave, it seems they're not as common as some other fauna. Where they do
 grow, though, they can grow in clusters, such as the hill SE of Camp
 Guardian's parking lot and near that same mountain's peak. Brocs are part of
 several medicinal concoctions, notably generic Stimpaks and Turbo, although
 with Honest Hearts' addition, Antivenom can be manufactured, too.

 Descrptn: Spidery, low-to-ground plant with yellow flowers
 Function: HP +3 (2s)
 CraftUse: Snakebite Tourniquet³

 Buffalo gourds are strangely native to highways, growing out of the cracked
 pavement -- they're found very few places elsewhere. Many encountered will
 be dead, but live ones are easily identifiable by the vibrant leaves and its
 flowers. Goodsprings' main road, and the one leading to Boulder City from
 the 188 Trading Post, have a few plants growin'. The north Vegas fields and
 Mojave Outpost have some as well. All this fuss over an item that just
 cures poison...dunno what's wrong with people... =)

 Descrptn: Reddish mushroom
 Function: HP +3 (4s), Rads -10
 CraftUse: Blood Shield¹, Healing Poultice¹, Hydra

 Cave Fungus is a rare item in the Mojave, found only in a select few places
 in finite quantity (Jack's chem set at Red Rock Drub Lab has some, for one).
 It's not really until Honest Hearts that they're easily found, which is fine
 since most items made with the fungus are included by that add-on. 

 Descrptn: Waist-high plant with four offshoots and white bell-shaped flowers
 Function: AGL +1, PER +1
 CraftUse: Black Coffee

 Tobacco is the only "fruit" that gives AGL and PER bonuses, and in Hardcore
 mode, even helps stave off sleep. It's uncommon in the wilderness, but does
 grow steadily in several areas, like Camp Guardian's mountain, or in planters,
 like those at Westside and Wolfhorn Ranch. Black Coffee is a well-liked
 creation, as its INT boost grows with Survival proficiency.

 Descrptn: White-barked tree with droopy, white- and green-leaves
 Function: HP +3 (4s)
 CraftUse: Black Coffee¹, Grilled Mantis, Party Time Mentats

 Like its name suggests, this is semi-sweet produce. The tree it comes from
 is very pale, making it easy to spot with a cursory scan of the horizon. It's
 common in the western wilds, and is also one of the few available in the NW's

 Descrptn: Small, off-green plant with bright green peppers on it
 Function: HP +3 (5s)
 CraftUse: Fiery Purgative³, Gecko Kebab, Cook-Cook's Fiend Stew

 Peppers (collected 2 per plant) aren't too common, usually found in rocky
 arid areas, like the NE Bitter Springs/Lake Mead and west Vegas regions. Like
 many ingredients, its natural color clashes with the terrain's brown/red, so
 spying it is simpler. It's used in a few recipes, most notably Cook-Cook's
 personal stew, which has a minute-long HP regen effect.

 Descrptn: Corn stalk; harvestable units have yellow cobs revealed
 Function: HP +3 (9s)
 CraftUse: Homemade Flamer Fuel, Mole Rat Stew, Moonshine 

 Maize doesn't really grow in the wild, so one has to search for settlements
 to harvest from: NCR Sharecropper Farms (near Camp McCarran) and Nellis AFB
 (NW biodiesel refinery) both have boatloads. It also grows in Westside and
 in an average-locked moonshiner's house in the north Vegas farmland. Note
 that a lot of the maize gained this way will be considered stealing, though!

 This corn's an ingredient in several items, the best of which is Moonshine
 (requires Cass' recipe) but the funniest being a low-grade flamer fuel, which
 heavily degrades flamers.

 Descrptn: Glowing green mushroom
 Function: HP +5 (5s), Rads +1
 CraftUse: Battle Brew², Black Blood Sausage², Nightstalker Squeezin's², Thick
           Red Paste²

 This special type of fungus grows in the Big MT's caves, like Ulysses' Point
 and Mysterious Cave. Most of the awesome recipes included in the add-on use
 the fungi as an ingredient, though. Luckily, it has a fluorscent glow and
 tends to spawn near others, making collection easier.

 Descrptn: Small plant with many low-to-ground, dull blue-gray offshoots
 Function: HP +3 (8s)
 CraftUse: Large Wasteland Tequila¹, Healing Poultice¹, Homebrewed Nuka-Cola,
           Homebrewed Sunset Sarsaparilla, Wasteland Tequila¹

 A small plant that sticks out on light brown hills and coulees, and gives 2
 fruits per plant. It's often used in creating beverages, including the three
 added by the Honest Hearts DLC. These grow both in the western foothills and
 north/west Vegas expanses.

 Descrptn: Small plant with green, dimpled, diamond-shaped leaves
 Function: HP +3 (3s)
 CraftUse: Mole Rat Stew

 Most items can be found just by running out into the wilds; with time, one
 eventually stumbles upon 'em. However, Pinto Beans require lots of water to
 grow -- while they're very common along the Colorado River's cliff-sheltered
 banks, and the NCR's greenhouse at the sharecropper farms, they're basically
 "extinct" elsewhere. [They collect 2 per plant.] It's only a component in
 Mole Rat Stew, however, so perhaps the scarcity ain't that important, eh?

 Descrptn: Knee-high cactus with oblong, pink(ish)-colored flowers
 Function: HP +3 (10s)
 CraftUse: Bloatfly Slider, Cactus Water

 Prickly Pears are a type of cactus common in arid wilderness areas, and can
 occasionally be found alongside Barrel Cacti. [Harvesting a plant gives two
 fruits, also.] Like most cacti these only grow in dry regions. Occasionally,
 these can be found in large clusters, like the off-road group SW of Fields'
 Shack (NE of Vegas), or the one near the Cap Counterfeiting Shack (NE of Camp

 Descrptn: Small green flower cluster with white petals
 Function: PER -2, Sacred Datura Poison
 CraftUse: Dark Datura¹, Datura Hide¹, Daturana¹, Datura Antivenom¹

 Datura plants are indigenous only to Honest Hearts' Zion Valley, and have a
 harmful effect when ingested -- unsurprisingly, they're popular in creating
 poison-related items. [Its effects cannot be cured with regular Antivenom,
 however.] The item can often be found growing along the park's bridges,
 although it can be easier to purchase from vendors while the DLC is ongoing.

 Descrptn: n/a
 Function: HP +5 (7s)
 CraftUse: any 'Cloned' fruit

 This is an ingredient included in OWB, made by mulching spare plant matter
 via the Sink's Biological Research Station. Any item that grows within that
 area's interior habitat (Banana Yucca, Barrel Cactus, Broc Flower, Honey
 Mesquite, Jalapeno Pepper, Maize, Nevada Agave, Pinto Beans, Prickly Pear,
 White Horsenettle, Xander Root) can be turned into Salient Green at a 1:1
 ratio. The main purpose of this item is, at a campfire or hot plate, one can
 recreate a 'cloned' version (also at 1:1 ratio). This is ridiculously handy
 for recipe aficianados, thus.

 Descrptn: n/a
 Function: HP +11 (6s), Poison Resistance +74
 CraftUse: Blood Shield¹, Datura Antivenom¹

 Although technically not a traditional "respawning" resouce, the carnivorous
 spore plant enemies do show up in Honest Hearts' Zion Valley (such as the
 NW corner) -- this item is found on their person. They have a huge healing
 effect, tempered with Survival, plus give additional poison resistance.

 Descrptn: Long green stalk with purple flowers and slightly droopy leaves
 Function: HP +3 (5s), AGL -3, END -3
 CraftUse: Bleak Venom, Fiery Purgative³, Mother Darkness, Silver Sting, Tanned
           Gecko Hide, Tanned Gecko Hide, Tanned Golden Gecko Hide, Tanned
           Green Gecko Hide¹

 Horsenettle is slightly less uncommon than things like Xander Roots or cacti,
 but can be found in the northeastern hills just the same. The area around
 Camp Golf (and Lake Mead in general) are chock full of 'em. It's one of the
 few natural plants that gives penalties, perhaps the reason it has so many
 uses in poisons and tanning. 

 Descrptn: Half-buried turnip-type veggie, pale-colored with green taproot
 Function: +3 HP (4s)
 CraftUse: Bitter Drink, Black Blood Sausage², Datura Antivenom¹, Healing
           Poultice¹, Healing Powder, Homebrewed Sunset Sarsaparilla, Stimpak

 This item is often found around other, shrivelled (unusuable) versions, not
 unlike Barrel Cacti. It's also common to see around outdoor settlements,
 roads, train tracks, etc. Befitting its commonplace status (it's mentioned
 in the optional "By a Campfire on the Trail," after all), it's usable in many
 recipes, including several DLC-specific ones. Xander Roots grow in most areas,
 including the forested NW mountains.

RECIPES - CAMPFIRE                                                       [RCPC]

 RECIPES ------ Recipe name
 SV ----------- Required Survival stat to craft
 #/COMPONENTS - Components and required number of them
 M ------------ How much one batch makes
 FUNCTION ----- What crafted item does

 ° - Dead Money required
 ¹ - Honest Hearts required
 ² - Old World Blues required
 ³ - Lonesome Road required

 DLC-added recipes are often readily identifiable since they use components
 not found normally in a "vanilla" game -- Jars of Cloud Residue and Sacred
 Datura Roots come to mind.

 All values collected at Survival 50, although this only matters (typically)
 for food/beverage values -- chems and poisons usually have fixed effects.

  ______________________ ____ ____________________________ ___ _______________
 | AID RECIPES          | SV | #/COMPONENTS               | M | FUNCTION      |
 | Antivenom            | 40 | 1 Nightstalker Blood       | 2 | Cures poison  |
 |                      |    | 2 Radscorpion Poison Gland |   |               |
 | Bleak Venom          | 50 | 3 Bark Scorp. Poison Gland | 3 | HP -15 (10s)  |
 |                      |    | 1 Cazador Poison Gland     |   |               |
 |                      |    | 1 White Horsenettle        |   |               |
°| Cloud Kiss (Lethal)  | 75 | 2 Abraxo Cleaner           | 1 | HP -13 (13s)  |
 |                      |    | 3 Jar of Cloud Residue     |   |               |
 |                      |    | 1 Turpentine               |   |               |
°| Cloud Kiss (Potent)  | 50 | 1 Abraxo Cleaner           | 1 | HP -10 (12s)  |
 |                      |    | 2 Jar of Cloud Residue     |   |               |
 |                      |    | 1 Turpentine               |   |               |
°| Cloud Kiss (Weak)    | 25 | 1 Abraxo Cleaner           | 1 | HP -5 (10s)   |
 |                      |    | 1 Jar of Cloud Residue     |   |               |
¹| Dark Datura          | 45 | 2 Sacred Datura Root       | 1 | INT -2        |
 |                      |    | 1 Turpentine               |   | HP -5 (12s)   |
¹| Datura Antivenom     | 25 | 1 Broc Flower              | 1 | Cures poison  |
 |                      |    | 1 Sacred Datura Root       |   |               |
 |                      |    | 1 Spore Plant Seeds        |   |               |
 |                      |    | 1 Xander Root              |   |               |
¹| Daturana             | 65 | 1 Flour                    | 1 | Restore limbs |
 |                      |    | 1 Purified Water           |   | Unarmed DMG+2 |
 |                      |    | 1 Sacred Datura Root       |   | HP +30, AGL-4 |
 | Fiery Purgative      | 25 | 1 Jalapeño Pepper          | 1 | Cures poison  |
 |                      |    | 1 Vodka                    |   | END -1        |
 |                      |    | 1 White Horsenettle        |   | Rads -5 (10s) |
 | Mass Purified Water  | 50 | 5 Dirty Water              | 4 | HP +4 (5s)    |
 |                      |    | 2 Glass Pitcher            |   |               |
 |                      |    | 1 Surgical Tubing          |   |               |
 | Mother Darkness      | 75 | 3 Bark Scorp. Poison Gland | 3 | AGL -3 (60s)  |
 |                      |    | 1 Cazador Poison Gland     |   | PER -3 (60s)  |
 |                      |    | 5 White Horsenettle        |   | HP -8 (10s)   |
 | Rocket*              | 50 | 1 Box of Detergent         | 1 | AP +30        |
 |                      |    | 1 Jet                      |   |               |
 |                      |    | 1 Nuka-Cola                |   |               |
 | Silver Sting         | 30 | 3 Bark Scorp. Poison Gland | 3 | STR -2 (60s)  |
 |                      |    | 1 Radscorpion Poison Gland |   | HP -8 (10s)   |
 |                      |    | 1 White Horsenettle        |   |               |
 | Snakebite Tourniquet | 30 | 1 Buffalo Gourd Seed       | 1 | Autocure Psn. |
 |                      |    | 1 Surgical Tubing          |   | Psn. Res. +85 |
 | Tremble              | 90 | 1 Cazador Poison Gland     | 3 | Guns, Explos, |
 |                      |    | 2 Radscorpion Poison Gland |   | Melee/E Weps, |
 |                      |    | 1 White Horsenettle        |   | -50,HP-2(20s) |
  * - Uses Science as its prerequisite, not Survival

 Here's the list of craftable chems. All use Survival as a required stat,
 except asterisked (*) items which use Science instead. The Sierra Madre
 Martini is the only chem with no stat requirement (it's still addictive,

 Speaking of which, some recipes require a little extra work. The martini
 above can only be obtained in Dean Domino's dialogue; Cass' Moonshine has the
 same restriction. Turbo can only be manufactured if its recipe is claimed as
 a reward in the first stage of "Aba Daba Honeymoon."
  ______________________ ____ ____________________________ ___ _______________
 | CHEM RECIPES         | SV | #/COMPONENTS               | M | FUNCTION      |
 | Atomic Cocktail*     | 25 | 1 Mentats                  | 1 | En. Res. +50  |
 |                      |    | 1 Nuka-Cola Victory        |   | Fire Res. +50 |
 |                      |    | 1 Vodka                    |   | Rads +8       |
²| Battle Brew          | 45 | 1 Mutant Cave Fungus       | 1 | INT -1/STR +1 |
 |                      |    | 1 Salient Green            |   | Dam. Res. +35 |
 |                      |    | 1 Vodka                    |   | HP +50        |
¹| Blood Shield         | 35 | 1 Barrel Cactus Fruit      | 1 | Psn. Res. +85 |
 |                      |    | 1 Cave Fungus              |   | HP +6 (6s)    |
 |                      |    | 1 Spore Plant Pods         |   |               |
 | Cass' Moonshine      | 75 | 1 Maize, 1 Yeast           | 1 | +2 CHA (4min) |
 |                      |    | 1 Mutfruit                 |   | +2 STR (4min) |
 |                      |    | 1 Fission Battery          |   | -2 INT (4min) |
°| Ghost Sight          | 25 | 1 Jar of Cloud Residue     | 1 | Ghost Sight   |
¹| Healing Poultice     | 20 | 1 Broc Flower              | 1 | Restore limbs |
 |                      |    | 1 Cave Fungus              |   | AGL -1        |
 |                      |    | 1 Nevada Agave Fruit       |   | HP +8 (18s)   |
 |                      |    | 1 Xander Root              |   |               |
 | Healing Powder       | -- | 1 Broc Flower              | 1 | PER -1        |
 |                      |    | 1 Xander Root              |   | HP +1 (18s)   |
 | Hydra                | 75 | 1 Cave Fungus              | 1 | Restore limbs |
 |                      |    | 1 Nightstalker Blood       |   |               |
 |                      |    | 1 Radscorpion Poison Gland |   |               |
²| Nightstalker         | 50 | 1 Flour                    | 1 | HP +2 (5s)    |
 |        Squeezin's    |    | 1 Mutant Cave Fungus       |   | Rads +2       |
 |                      |    | 1 Nighstalker Blood        |   |               |
 | Party Time Mentats*  | 50 | 1 Honey Mesquite Pod       | 1 | CHR +5        |
 |                      |    | 1 Mentats                  |   | PER & INT +2  |
 |                      |    | 1 Whiskey                  |   |               |
°| Sierra Madre Martini | -- | 1 Jar of Cloud Residue     | 1 | HP +75        |
 |                      |    | 1 Junk Food, 1 Tin Can     |   | END +4/STR +2 |
 | Slasher*             | 50 | 1 Banana Yucca Fruit       | 1 | Damage +25%   |
 |                      |    | 1 Psycho                   |   | Dam. Res. +25 |
 |                      |    | 1 Stimpak                  |   |               |
 | Turbo*               | 50 | 1 Broc Flower, 1 Jet       | 1 | Turbo +1      |
 |                      |    | 1 Cazador Poison Gland     |   | (slows world  |
 |                      |    | 1 Turpentine               |   | around char.) |

 Food recipes all require Survival as a prerequisite stat, most improving their
 healing as that stat increases. [Values collected at 50 Survival.] Three of
 the Nuka-Cola recipes (Ice Cold, Quartz, Victory) are only available after
 taking the "Nuka Chemist" perk.

 As for Cloned fruit, this allows one to create that plant using the OWB-only
 Salient Green item. Applicable plants: Banana Yucca, Barrel Cactus Fruit,
 Broc Flower, Honey Mesquite Pod, Jalapeno Pepper, Maize, Nevada Agave Fruit,
 Pinto Bean Pod, Prickly Pear Fruit, White Horsenettle, Xander Root.

 Finally, a few recipes require some legwork. Rose's Wasteland Omelet is part
 of the "You Gotta Break Out a Few Eggs" unmarked quest in Sloan, as a reward
 for finding a Deathclaw Egg. Cook-Cook's stew recipe is in his South Vegas
 Ruins encampment, on a shelf containing some of the ingredients for the dish.
 Brahmin Wellington is found in the Ultra-Luxe casino's lower kitchen, where
 Phillipe normally waits during "Beyond the Beef".

  ______________________ ____ ____________________________ ___ _______________
 | FOOD RECIPES         | SV | #/COMPONENTS               | M | FUNCTION      |
 | Bighorner Steak      | 50 | Bighorner Meat             | 1 | STR +2/Rads+1 |
 |                      |    |                            |   | HP +4 (10s)   |
²| Black Blood Sausage  | 50 | 1 Blood Sausage            | 1 | HP +35 (20s)  |
 |                      |    | 1 Mutant Cave Fungus       |   |               |
 |                      |    | 1 Wine                     |   |               |
 |                      |    | 1 Xander Root              |   |               |
¹| Black Coffee         | 15 | 1 Coffee Mug               | 1 | HP +10        |
 |                      |    | 1 Coffee Pot               |   | INT +4        |
 |                      |    | 1 Coyote Tobacco Chew      |   | AGL -2        |
 |                      |    | 1 Honey Mesquite Pod       |   |               |
 | Bloatfly Slider      | 20 | 1 Bloatfly Meat            | 1 | Rads +1       |
 |                      |    | 2 Prickly Pear Fruit       |   | HP +6 (15s)   |
 | Brahmin Steak        | 35 | 1 Brahmin Meat             | 1 | STR +2/Rads+1 |
 |                      |    |                            |   | HP +4 (15s)   |
 | Brahmin Wellington   | 80 | 1 Brahmin Meat, 2 Ant Egg  | 1 | +10 HP (10s)  |
 |                      |    | 1 Blamco Mac & Cheese      |   |               |
 | Cactus Water         | 30 | 1 Empty Soda Bottle        | 1 | HP +4 (5s)    |
 |                      |    | 2 Prickly Pear Fruit       |   |               |
 | Caravan Lunch        | 30 | 1 Cram, 1 Pork N' Beans    | 1 | HP +6 (15s)   |
 |                      |    | 1 Lunchbox, 1 InstaMash    |   |               |
²| Cloned (anything)    | 25 | 1 Salient Green            | 1 | Cloned fruit  |
 | Cook-Cook's          | 75 | 2 Beer, 1 Fresh Potato     | 1 | +4 HP (60s)   |
 |       Fiend Stew     |    | 1 Jalapeno Pepper          |   | +1 STR (120s) |
 |                      |    | 1 Brahmin Meat             |   |               |
 | Coyote Steak         | 50 | 1 Coyote Meat              | 1 | Rads +1 (3s)  |
 |                      |    |                            |   | HP +4 (12s)   |
 | Desert Salad         | 55 | 1 Barrel Cactus Fruit      | 1 | HP +14 (15s)  |
 |                      |    | 1 Brahmin Steak            |   |               |
 |                      |    | 1 Pinyon Nuts              |   |               |
 | Dog Steak            | 40 | 1 Dog Meat                 | 1 | Rads +2       |
 |                      |    |                            |   | HP +4 (10s)   |
 | Fire Ant Fricassée   | 75 | 1 Cram, 1 Flour            | 1 | HP +2 (60s)   |
 |                      |    | 1 Fire Ant Meat            |   |               |
 | Gecko Kebab          | 60 | 1 Banana Yucca Fruit       | 2 | Rads +1       |
 |                      |    | 1 Gecko Meat               |   | HP +2 (40s)   |
 |                      |    | 1 Jalapeño Pepper          |   |               |
 | Gecko Steak          | 25 | 1 Gecko Meat               | 1 | Rads +1       |
 |                      |    |                            |   | HP +4 (15s)   |
 | Grilled Mantis Leg   | 30 | 1 Honey Mesquite Pod       | 1 | Rads +1       |
 |                      |    | 1 Mantis Foreleg, 1 Wine   |   | HP +2 (30s)   |
 | Homebrewed Nuka-Cola | 30 | 1 Barrel Cactus Fruit      | 1 | Rads +2       |
 |                      |    | 1 Bottle Cap               |   | HP +2 (25s)   |
 |                      |    | 1 Empty Soda Bottle        |   |               |
 |                      |    | 1 Nevada Agave Fruit       |   |               |
 | Homebrewed Sunset    | 30 | 1 Bottle Cap               | 1 | HP +2 (25s)   |
 |        Sarsaparilla  |    | 1 Empty S. Sarspar. Bottle |   |               |
 |                      |    | 1 Nevada Agave Fruit       |   |               |
 |                      |    | 1 Xander Root              |   |               |
 | Ice Cold Nuka-Cola*  | 90 | 3 Nuka-Cola                | 1 | Rads +3       |
 |                      |    |                            |   | HP +4 (20s)   |
 | Large Wasteland      | 40 | 1 Large Whiskey Bottle     | 1 | Psn. Res +20  |
 |       Tequila        |    | 1 Nevada Agave Fruit       |   | DT +4, CHR +2 |
 |                      |    | 2 Purified Water           |   | INT -6, STR+6 |
 | Mole Rat Stew        | 65 | 1 Beer, 1 Maze             | 1 | STR +2        |
 |                      |    | 1 Mole Rat Meat            |   | HP +4 (30s)   |
 |                      |    | 1 Pinto Bean Pod           |   |               |
 | Mushroom Cloud       | 35 | 1 Gum Drops, 1 Sugar Bombs | 1 | AP +6         |
 |                      |    | 1 Nighstalker Egg          |   | HP +6 (20s)   |
 | Nuka-Cola Quartz*    | 90 | 3 Nuka-Cola                | 1 | LowLight Vis. |
 |                      |    |                            |   | DT +4         |
 |                      |    |                            |   | HP +6 (20s)   |
 | Nuka-Cola Victory*   | 90 | 3 Nuka-Cola                | 1 | AP +20        |
 |                      |    |                            |   | HP +6 (20s)   |
³| Rushing Water        | 50 | 1 Jet                      | 1 | Atk Spd +50%  |
 |                      |    | 1 Purified Water           |   | HP +2 (5s)    |
 | Rose's Wasteland     | 100| 1 Blamco Mac & Cheese      | 1 | HP +8 (60s)   |
 |       Omelet         |    | 1 Crunchy Mutfruit         |   |               |
 |                      |    | 1 Deathclaw Egg            |   |               |
 |                      |    | 1 Lakelurk Meat            |   |               |
²| Thick Red Paste      | 50 | 1 Flour, 1 Thin Red Paste  | 1 | HP +19 (30s)  |
 |                      |    | 1 Mutant Cave Fungus       |   |               |
 | Trail Mix            | 25 | 1 Fresh Apple              | 1 | Rads +2       |
 |                      |    | 1 Fresh Pear               |   | AP +10        |
 |                      |    | 1 Pinyon Nuts              |   | HP +10 (15s)  |
 |                      |    | 1 Sugar Bombs              |   |               |
 | Wasteland Tequila    | 35 | 1 Empty Whiskey Bottle     | 1 | Psn. Res. +10 |
 |                      |    | 1 Nevada Agave Fruit       |   | CHR +2/INT -4 |
 |                      |    | 1 Purified Water           |   | STR +4        |
  * - Requires 90 Science, not 90 Survival

 Things in the miscellaneous section are added by the Honest Hearts add-on,
 allowing one to use the new Green Gecko enemy to strengthen existing Metal
 and Leather Armor. The Weapon Binding Ritual requires only generic items to
 create, and is the only one that can be created without visiting the Zion
  ______________________ ____ ____________________________ ___________________
 | MISC RECIPES         | SV | #/COMPONENTS               | FUNCTION          |
¹| Gecko-Backed         | 80 | 1 Leather Armor            | DT 10 / WG 15     |
 |    Leather Armor     |    | 1 Tanned Fire Gecko Hide   | Rad Res, Psn Res, |
 |                      |    | 1 Tanned Golden Gecko Hide | Fire Res. +15     |
 |                      |    | 1 Tanned Green Gecko Hide  |                   |
¹| Gecko-Backed Leather | 90 | 1 Leather Armor Reinforced | DT 15 / WG 18     |
 |  Armor, Reinforced   |    | 1 Tanned Fire Gecko Hide   | Rad Res, Psn Res, |
 |                      |    | 1 Tanned Golden Gecko Hide | Fire Res. +15     |
 |                      |    | 1 Tanned Green Gecko Hide  |                   |
¹| Gecko-Backed         | 80 | 1 Metal Armor              | DT 17 / WG 33     |
 |      Metal Armor     |    | 1 Tanned Fire Gecko Hide   | AGL -1; Rad, Psn, |
 |                      |    | 1 Tanned Golden Gecko Hide | Fire Resist. +15  |
 |                      |    | 1 Tanned Green Gecko Hide  |                   |
¹| Gecko-Backed Metal   | 90 | 1 Metal Armor, Reinforced  | DT 20 / WG 35     |
 |   Armor, Reinforced  |    | 1 Tanned Fire Gecko Hide   | AGL -1; Rad, Psn, |
 |                      |    | 1 Tanned Golden Gecko Hide | Fire Resist. +15  |
 |                      |    | 1 Tanned Green Gecko Hide  |                   |
¹| T. Fire Gecko Hide   | 50 | 1 Fire Gecko Hide          | Used to reinforce |
 |                      |    | 2 Turpentine               | metal and leather |
 |                      |    | 1 White Horsenettle        | armors            |
¹| Tanned Gecko Hide    | 25 | 1 Gecko Hide               | Used to reinforce |
 |                      |    | 1 Turpentine               | metal and leather |
 |                      |    | 1 White Horsenettle        | armors            |
¹| T. Golden Gecko Hide | 65 | 1 Golden Gecko Hide        | Used to reinforce |
 |                      |    | 2 Turpentine               | metal and leather |
 |                      |    | 1 White Horsenettle        | armors            |
¹| T. Green Gecko Hide  | 70 | 1 Green Gecko Hide         | Used to reinforce |
 |                      |    | 3 Turpentine               | metal and leather |
 |                      |    | 2 White Horsenettle        | armors            |
¹| Weapon Binding Ritual| 25 | 1 Healing Powder           | Heal PER/Limb DMG |
 |                      |    | 1 Knife                    | Restores limbs    |
 |                      |    | 1 Leather Belt             | M./Unarmd DMG +10 |
 |                      |    | 1 Wonderglue               | HP -2 (2s)        |
  * - Weapon Binding Ritual requires Melee Weapons 25, not Survival 25

RECIPES - RELOADING BENCH                                                [RCPR]
 RECIPES ------ Recipe name
 SV ----------- Required Survival stat to craft
 #/COMPONENTS - Components and required number of them
 M ------------ How much one batch makes
 FUNCTION ----- What crafted item does

 ° - Dead Money required
 ¹ - Honest Hearts required
 ² - Old World Blues required
 ³ - Lonesome Road required

 Ammunition can be broken down into core components, allowing those to be used
 in creating better (perhaps rarer) ammo. Traditional ammunition is made up of
 the following:

 - 1 case or hull, special to that ammo
 - 1 primer (small/large rifle/pistol, shotshell)
 - a varying amount of lead
 - a varying amount of generic powder (pistol or rifle)

 Note that only generic ammo can be broken down. Specialty ammunition, like
 the .50 MG Incendiary Rounds, have no breakdown recipes. Of the recipes
 available, only two (.45 AP and Rockets) require add-ons -- Honest Hearts
 and Lonesome Road, respectively.

  _____________________ _____ _______________________________________________
 | BREAKDOWN RECIPES   | S## | BREAKS DOWN INTO                              |
 | .22 LR              | R10 | 3 Powder, Pistol        2 Lead                |
 | .308                | R25 | 1 Case, .308            15 Lead               |
 |                     |     | 1 Primer, Large Rifle   4 Powder, Rifle       |
 | .357 Magnum         | R25 | 1 Case, .357 Magnum     14 Lead               |
 |                     |     | 1 Primer, Small Pistol  6 Powder, Pistol      |
 | .44 Magnum          | R50 | 1 Case, .44 Magnum      27 Lead               |
 |                     |     | 1 Primer, Large Pistol  8 Powder, Pistol      |
¹| .45 Auto            | R25 | 1 Case, .45 Auto        16 Lead               |
 |                     |     | 1 Primer, Large Pistol  8 Powder, Pistol      |
 | .45-70 Gov't        | R65 | 1 Case, 45-70 Gov't     27 Lead               |
 |                     |     | 1 Primer, Large Rifle   3 Powder, Rifle       |
 | .50 MG              | R75 | 1 Case, .50 MG          64 Lead               |
 |                     |     | 1 Powder, Rifle         20 Powder, Rifle      |
 | 10mm                | R25 | 1 Case, 10mm            15 Lead               |
 |                     |     | 1 Primer, Large Pistol  7 Powder, Pistol      |
 | 12 Gauge            | R10 | 1 Hull, 12 Gauge        37 Lead               |
 |                     |     | 1 Primer, Shotshell     26 Powder, Pistol     |
 | 12.7mm              | R60 | 1 Case, 12.7mm          28 Lead               |
 |                     |     | 1 Primer, Large Pistol  10 Powder, Pistol     |
 | 20 Gauge            | R10 | 1 Hull, 20 Gauge        26 Lead               |
 |                     |     | 1 Primer, Shotshell     18 Powder, Pistol     |
 | 5.56mm              | R25 | 1 Case, 5.56mm          10 Lead               |
 |                     |     | 1 Primer, Small Rifle   3 Powder, Rifle       |
 | 5mm                 | R25 | 1 Case, 5mm             11 Lead               |
 |                     |     | 1 Primer, Small Rifle   4 Powder, Rifle       |
 | 9mm                 | R25 | 1 Case, 9mm             11 Lead               |
 |                     |     | 1 Primer, Small Pistol  5 Powder, Pistol      |
³| Rocket              | R50 | 1 Cherry Bomb, 1 Conductor; 1 Primer, .50 MG  |
 | Scrap Metal         | R10 | 200 Lead                                      |

 Ammo creation recipes are almost identical to the breakdown recipes, only
 they require slightly more Lead and Powder. [.45 Auto ammo is the exception;
 it has the exact same breakdown/rebuild requirements.] 

 Several new recipes are also available with the DLC. Taking the Hand Loader
 perk while Gun Runners' Arsenal (GRA) is installed opens up several, letting
 one craft better ammo with slightly higher lead/powder requirements. Dead
 Money's "Junk Rounds" perk opens the ability to craft "junk" rounds using
 cans and scrap metal; these are identical to generic ammo, allowing one to
 manufacture ammo when resources are scarce.

 Note that .22 LR ammo has no creation recipe, and that "12 Gauge Buckshot"
 is the default 12 Gauge ammo, despite what it's called.
  _____________________ _____ _______________________________________________
 | AMMUNITION RECIPES  | S## | BREAKS DOWN INTO                              |
 | .308 Round          | R25 | 1 Case, .308            17 Lead               |
 |                     |     | 1 Primer, Large Rifle   5 Powder, Rifle       |
 | .308 Round (Junk)   | R45 | 1 Case, .308            5 Tin Cans            |
 |                     |     | 1 Scrap Metal                                 |
 | .357 Magnum         | R25 | 1 Case, .357 Magnum     16 Lead               |
 |                     |     | 1 Primer, Small Pistol  8 Powder, Pistol      |
 | .357 Magnum (Junk)  | R45 | 1 Case, .308            5 Tin Cans            |
 |                     |     | 1 Scrap Metal                                 |
 | .44 Magnum          | R50 | 1 Case, .44 Magnum      30 Lead               |
 |                     |     | 1 Primer, Large Pistol  10 Powder, Pistol     |
 | .44 Magnum (Junk)   | R45 | 1 Case, .308            5 Tin Cans            |
 |                     |     | 1 Scrap Metal                                 |
¹| .45 Auto            | R25 | 1 Case, .45 Auto        16 Lead               |
 |                     |     | 1 Primer, Large Pistol  8 Powder, Pistol      |
 | .45-70 Gov't        | R65 | 1 Case, 45-70 Gov't     30 Lead               |
 |                     |     | 1 Primer, Large Rifle   4 Powder, Rifle       |
 | .45-70 Gov't (Junk) | R45 | 1 Case, .308            5 Tin Cans            |
 |                     |     | 1 Scrap Metal                                 |
 | .50 MG              | R75 | 1 Case, .50 MG          70 Lead               |
 |                     |     | 1 Powder, Rifle         22 Powder, Rifle      |
 | .50 MG (Junk)       | R45 | 1 Case, .308            5 Tin Cans            |
 |                     |     | 1 Scrap Metal                                 |
 | 10mm Round          | R25 | 1 Case, 10mm            17 Lead               |
 |                     |     | 1 Primer, Large Pistol  9 Powder, Pistol      |
 | 10mm Round (Junk)   | R45 | 1 Case, .308            5 Tin Cans            |
 |                     |     | 1 Scrap Metal                                 |
 | 12 Gauge, Buckshot  | R10 | 1 Hull, 12 Gauge        40 Lead               |
 |                     |     | 1 Primer, Shotshell     30 Powder, Pistol     |
 | 12 Gauge,           | R45 | 1 Case, .308            5 Tin Cans            |
 |     Buckshot (Junk) |     | 1 Scrap Metal                                 |
 | 12 Gauge, Buckshot  | R25 | 1 Hull, 12 Gauge        40 Lead               |
 |            Magnum   |     | 1 Primer, Shotshell     40 Powder, Pistol     |
 | 12 Gauge, 4/0 Buck  | R50 | 1 Hull, 12 Gauge        45 Lead               |
 |     (Hand Load)*    |     | 1 Primer, Shotshell     43 Powder, Pistol     |
 | 12 Gauge, Coin Shot | R25 | 1 Hull, 12 Gauge        8 Legion Denarius     |
 |                     |     | 1 Primer, Shotshell     30 Powder, Pistol     |
 | 12 Gauge, Slug      | R25 | 1 Hull, 12 Gauge        45 Lead               |
 |                     |     | 1 Primer, Shotshell     30 Powder, Pistol     |
 | 12.7mm              | R60 | 1 Case, 12.7mm          31 Lead               |
 |                     |     | 1 Primer, Large Pistol  12 Powder, Pistol     |
 | 12.7mm (Hand Load)* | R75 | 1 Case, 12.7mm          34 Lead               |
 |                     |     | 1 Primer, Large Pistol  15 Powder, Pistol     |
 | 20 Gauge            | R10 | 1 Hull, 20 Gauge        30 Lead               |
 |                     |     | 1 Primer, Shotshell     20 Powder, Pistol     |
 | 20 Gauge, Buckshot  | R25 | 1 Hull, 20 Gauge        30 Lead               |
 |                     |     | 1 Primer, Shotshell     28 Powder, Pistol     |
 | 20 Gauge,           | R45 | 1 Case, .308            5 Tin Cans            |
 |     Buckshot (Junk) |     | 1 Scrap Metal                                 |
 | 20 Gauge, 3/0 Buck  | R50 | 1 Hull, 20 Gauge        32 Lead               |
 |     (Hand Load)*    |     | 1 Primer, Shotshell     30 Powder, Pistol     |
 | 20 Gauge, Slug      | R25 | 1 Hull, 20 Gauge        33 Lead               |
 |                     |     | 1 Primer, Shotshell     20 Powder, Pistol     |
 | 5.56mm              | R25 | 1 Case, 5.56mm          12 Lead               |
 |                     |     | 1 Primer, Small Rifle   4 Powder, Rifle       |
 | 5.56mm (Junk)       | R45 | 1 Case, .308            5 Tin Cans            |
 |                     |     | 1 Scrap Metal                                 |
 | 5.56mm, Match       | R50 | 1 Case, 5.56mm          14 Lead               |
 |      (Hand Load)*   |     | 1 Primer, Small Rifle   5 Powder, Rifle       |
 | 5mm Round           | R25 | 1 Case, 5mm             13 Lead               |
 |                     |     | 1 Primer, Small Rifle   5 Powder, Rifle       |
 | 5mm Round (Junk)    | R45 | 1 Case, .308            5 Tin Cans            |
 |                     |     | 1 Scrap Metal                                 |
 | 5mm Round, JSP      | R50 | 1 Case, 5mm             15 Lead               |
 |        (Hand Load)* |     | 1 Primer, Small Rifle   6 Powder, Rifle       |
 | 9mm Round           | R25 | 1 Case, 9mm             13 Lead               |
 |                     |     | 1 Primer, Small Pistol  6 Powder, Pistol      |
 | 9mm Round (Junk)    | R45 | 1 Case, .308            5 Tin Cans            |
 |                     |     | 1 Scrap Metal                                 |
 | 9mm Round, JHP      | R50 | 1 Case, 9mm             15 Lead               |
 |       (Hand Load)*  |     | 1 Primer, Small Pistol  7 Powder, Pistol      |
³| High-Explosive      | s65 | 2 Cherry Bomb, 1 Conductor; 2 Primer, .50 MG  |
 |       Rocket Ammo   |     |                                               |
³| Incendiary Rocket   | s65 | 2 Flamer Fuel, 1 Conductor; 2 Primer, .50 MG  |
 | Nails (5)           | G50 | 1 Scrap Metal                                 |
³| Rocket              | R50 | 1 Cherry Bomb, 1 Conductor; 1 Primer, .50 MG  |
 | Scrap Metal         | R10 | 200 Lead                                      |
  * - Requires Gun Runners' Arsenal add-on AND the Hand Loader perk

RECIPES - WORKBENCH                                                      [RCPW]
 Workbenches are large blue-colored benches often found in garages, by stores,
 and other areas that manufacture items. The Courier can use them to create
 various items: medicines, weapons, bombs! All it takes is a bench, components
 and the appropriate skill level.

 Veronica's "Scribe Assistant" perk doubles as a workbench, and can be accessed
 through her dialogue. Same goes for ED-E, but this addition requires having
 Lonesome Road installed.

 RECIPES ------ Recipe name
 SV ----------- Required Survival stat to craft
 #/COMPONENTS - Components and required number of them
 M ------------ How much one batch makes
 FUNCTION ----- What crafted item does

 ° - Dead Money required
 ¹ - Honest Hearts required
 ² - Old World Blues required
 ³ - Lonesome Road required

 Aid items usually cure certain afflictions, and there's a mishmash of prereq
 skills: Repair, Medicine, Survival and Science. The last two are denoted with
 a capital and lowercase 'S', respectively.

  ________________________ ______ __________________________ _________________
 | AID RECIPES            | S### | #/COMPONENTS             | FUNCTION        |
³| Auto-Inject Stimpak    | s75  | 1 Sensor Module          | AutoUse: 50% HP |
 |                        |      | 1 Stimpak                | HP +90          |
³| Auto-Inject S. Stimpak | s100 | 1 Sensor Module          | AutoUse: 25% HP |
 |                        |      | 1 Super Stimpak          | HP +162         |
¹| Datura Hide            | S25  | 1 Sacred Datura Root     | DT +1           |
 |                        |      | 1 Wonderglue             |                 |
 | Doctor's Bag           | M40  | 1 Forceps, 1 Scalpel     | Restores all    |
 |                        |      | 1 Medical Brace          | body parts      |
 |                        |      | 1 Surgical Tubing        |                 |
 | Stimpak                | s70  | 1 Broc Flower            | HP +90          |
 |                        |      | 1 Empty Syringe          |                 |
 |                        |      | 1 Xander Root            |                 |
 | Super Stimpak          | s90  | 1 Leather Belt           | HP +180         |
 |                        |      | 1 Mutfruit, 1 Nuka-Cola  | STR -1, AGL -1  |
 |                        |      | 1 Stimpak                |                 |
 | Weapon Repair Kit      | R50  | 1 Duct Tape, 1 Wrench    | Repair weapon   |
 |                        |      | 1 Scrap Electronics      |                 |
 |                        |      | 2 Scrap Metal            |                 |
 |                        |      | 1 Wonderglue             |                 |
  * - notable values collected at Medicine 100

  ________________________ _____ __________________________ __________________
 | AMMO RECIPE            | S## | #/COMPONENTS             | AMMO CREATED PER |
 | ECP, Max Charge        | s85 | 5 Electron Charge Pack   | +2 ECP, Max O.   |
 | ECP, Over Charge       | s55 | 3 Electron Charge Pack   | +2 ECP, Over C.  |
 | Energy Cell Max Charge | s70 | 5 Energy Cell            | +2 EC, Max Char. |
 | Energy Cell, O. Charge | s30 | 3 Energy Cell            | +2 EC, O. Charge |
 | Flamer Fuel, Homemade  | s50 | 1 Box of Detergent       | +20 FF, Homemade |
 |                        |     | 2 Maize, 1 Sugar Bombs   |                  |
 | MFC, Max Charge        | s75 | 5 Microfusion Cell       | +2 MFC, Max Cha. |
 | MFC, Over Charge       | s45 | 3 Microfusion Cell       | +2 MFC, Over Ch. |

 Energy ammunition is varied, and can be changed