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Reviewed: 08/13/12

More weapons is always awesome. They just could have been implemented better.

At first glance, The Gun Runner's Arsenal pack looks to be a great pack. It offers a lot of new weapons, all kinds of new ammunition, and several new mods for weapons. All at a cheap price. But, once you have, you find it it's a rather cluttered mess of a package and honestly, nowhere near as good as it claimed to be.

First off, many of the weapons this pack brings to the game are hardly new. Many of them are simply "GRA" versions of weapons already present in the standard New Vegas game. What is the difference between a normal version and the GRA version? The practical answer is nothing. Nothing at all. Regular and GRA versions have the exact same statistics, and they even look identical. The only practical difference is that some GRA version weapons have attachable mods that the regular versions don't.

And this doesn't make any sense as well. With the GRA add-on, any GRA weapon mod can only be used on a GRA weapon. Even if there is a normal version of the weapon, it doesn't work on that weapon. That can be really annoying since the weapons are virtually identical in looks and stats, but only GRA versions can use GRA mods. If this pack was looking to add mods for weapons that previously didn't had mods or didn't have the maximum three mods, it did a poor job of that. All that had to be done was to add the mods for those weapons, not add pointless GRA version weapons.

To go further into GRA weapons, they are poorly implemented. Mainly because they are only bought from vendors. You'll never find any enemies from anywhere wielding GRA weapons, nor will you find them in the wastes or on any NPCs in general. They are all bought from merchants.

Now not all weapons in this pack are "GRA-ized" normal weapons. No, there are brand new ones, including some new unique versions of older weapons that previously had no unique counterparts. And to be fair, some of these new weapons are really cool and add nice flavor to the weaponry options. Some examples would be the Katana and Nukabreaker, and some new craft-able weapons such as tin and nuka grenades, and a more powerful version of the timebomb. Many of these new weapons are well made, and add nice touches to the variety of weaponry. I just wish they could be found in places other than vendors or crafting places.

And as far as mods go, the main disappointment lies in the fact that mods introduced in GRA only affect GRA weapons, even if there is an identical version of that weapon in the game. A good example would be the Anti-material rifle. The GRA version has three mods which are actually very powerful and handy mods that make the weapon much better. But they won't work on a normal Anti-material rifle, only a GRA version of it. The mods are rather good themselves, and there are a lot of them. There are even mods for melee weapons like the baseball bat or the chainsaw. it's that separation between GRA weapons and regular weapons, despite being identical, that I don't like.

In the end I still honestly like this DLC pack. Some of the new weapons are really cool, and the new mods can make the GRA weapons quite powerful. I just wish the weapons and mods in themselves had been better implemented into the actual world.

As it is, if getting a load of brand new weapons and mods is something you'd like to enhance your experience, and you don't mind having to buy them all straight from a vendor, then you'll like this and you should get it. If you are expecting more than just weapons, or if you want weapon mods for regular mods, or if you want the new weapons implemented into the wasteland itself, you probably shouldn't bother.

Rating: 6

Product Release: Fallout: New Vegas - Gun Runner's Arsenal (US, 09/27/11)

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