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Reviewed: 08/13/12

A fairly lazy DLC pack

The Courier's stash is small little add-on for Fallout: New Vegas that had an ideal concept, but delivered in a terrible fashion. When New Vegas came out there were four different pre-order bonus packs you could get with the game if you had pre-ordered it. Which pack you got depended on the store you pre-ordered the game from. The Courier's stash DLC essentially takes all four pre-order bonus packs and makes them available to everyone through purchase and download. Seems like a great idea at a bargain price. But they did not execute in an ideal manner at all.

So how does this work? As soon as you start a new game, or load a saved game with the pack now installed, you are immediately packed with over pounds of content as the game tells you that acquired each content pack one at a time. First off, for new games, this is going to break the immersion and lore of the game right away, not to mention make it incredibly unbalanced. From a story-telling perspective, it breaks the immersion right away on a new game because as soon as you wake up, before even talking to Doc Mitchell, you find your game paused four times in a row as the game tells you each package has been downloaded and added to your character. It's honestly annoying to go through that on everything new game. It slows things down, and takes you out of the moment the start of the game is trying to create.

Not to mention, it makes no sense to be packed with that stuff right away. Each of the packages gives you a weapon, a piece of armor, and all kinds of items. It makes zero sense to wake up with all this stuff on you. You are supposed to be waking up from a near death experience, with doc Mitchell holding onto the few possessions you had. For those who care about lore and immersion, you're likely to be annoyed that you are now waking up from a coma, somehow armed to the teeth and carrying over a hundred pounds worth of items. It just breaks the immersion from the start

Aside from the breaking of immersion, this makes the start of the game really unbalanced. You are supposed to start of with few possessions. That's how games like this are meant to start. You start with little, and work your way up. With this, the game pretty much packs you with enough items and weaponry to take over a small town if you wanted. This makes the start of the game way, way too easy. No challenge whatsoever. This could be remedied somewhat by dropping whatever excess items you don't want but that's not something you should have to do to balance out a DLC pack.

There are some plus sides. Some of the items are admittedly, incredibly cool. The armors are new items, based on regular armors but made slightly better, and sometimes a bit lighter. The same goes for the weapons. The four separate packs are also all targeted towards certain types of players, so you can favor certain items and armor based on the kind of character you wish to play. Plus it does provide clothing options different than the vault suit to start out with.

Overall though, I can't see this is a good DLC. It had a good concept, it just had very poor execution and was not implemented well. It honestly feels like a lazy pack, and that they just took some pre-order packs and shoved them into the start of the game for a quick buck. If you really want the extra items that badly, go for it. They are some fairly nifty items. But otherwise, take into account what I've said.

Rating: 4

Product Release: Fallout: New Vegas - Courier's Stash (US, 09/27/11)

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