Review by maoriwarrior

Reviewed: 10/05/12

Borderlands 2 Returns, and its better than ever!

Welcome back to Pandora soldier.

General Introduction

Borderlands returns! Now introducing new weapons, characters, skill trees, and a new and improved storyline.

Carrying over its insane (and quite raunchy) comedy Borderlands 2 will not disappoint.

Shortly after starting off, you are deserted in a barren, but frozen wasteland. CL4P-TP comes to awaken you, and once again introduces your shields, health, weapons etc.


Continuing forward one immediate detail you will pick up on is the intricate cel-shaded graphics. More detailed, colorful, and overall improved designed, you will be sucked in. The environments are not ones you'll easily forget. Not to mention the guns-Torgue for example, has a race car esque paint on all of their weapons, as Maliwan typically looks like they are straight out of a Sci-Fi movie.

Character designs are fantastically improved over the original Borderlands. Sir Hammerlock, Ellie, Jack, etc. All carry their own unique style (along with spectacular voice acting).

This game will not have a single issue pulling you in every moment.


The gameplay is stellar. It runs smoothly, efficiently, and quickly. Not to mention you have the ability to completely Re-map the buttons into whichever style you decide to weave. Guns handle well, along with the basic set of transport vehicles.


The sound in Borderlands 2 is somewhat lacking compared to that of other FPS's and RPG's. You will come across many guns carrying a very similar sound. Vehicle turrets and sawblades have no distinct sound apart from other shooters. However, on a high note the creatures and enemies you'll encounter have a wide and quite astounding spectrum of screeches and slurs. From the Rakk (Flying creatures) down to your typical Psycho (Wasteland crazies) you will be able to decide who is who solely from sound.


As previously mentioned the story is more detailed compared to its predecessor. Handsome Jack (A fearless tyrant from the Hyperion corporation) has launched a campaign to unlock a fierce Eridian power. Of course, its up to the Vault Hunters to stop him. The characters that you meet along the way display their hate and or comedic love towards the tyrannical attack Jack has launched on the Pandorian civilization.

During the course of your campaign you will meet plenty of Bosses. I will say, the bosses in Borderlands 2 are some of the best I've ever seen in gaming. For example you will come across BNK3R a flying robot (UFO esque in design) that shoots lasers, mines and more. Then of course we have The Warrior, a giant dragon that breathes fire and reigns death from above.

Well, Is it worth it?

Your journey across Pandora will never be dull. Whether your collecting a variety of Rare weapons, detailing creatures, playing Co-op with up to four of your buddies, or simply going sight seeing. You wont be disappointed.



Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Borderlands 2 (US, 09/18/12)

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