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Which enemies drop the Infinity pistols? 6 6 years ago
Where are the Seraph Guardians? 6 6 years ago
Where do I find this mission for the Fridge? 2 6 years ago
Who stole the money in the side mission BFFs? 1 6 years ago
How do u access the Creature Slaughter Dome? 7 6 years ago
True Vault Hunter Mode question? 1 6 years ago
Where can I find Golden Keys? 7 3 years ago
How do I lure Flesh Stick to the tea party, he always runs away? 7 6 years ago
How do I get to last location in Cult Following: Enkindling? 1 6 years ago
Bloodshot Stronghold Prison Cell? 1 6 years ago
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so about infinite badass tokens? 0 ---
I need to lvl up a gunzerker to lvl 72 I play on xbox one so can someone help me? 0 ---
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Unresolved Questions Answers Last Answer
Where can I find seraph crystals? 1 6 years ago
Borderlands 2 goty edition offline golden keys glitch? 2 2 years ago
Where can I find alkaline bee shield? 2 6 years ago
What is Riastrad wepon? 1 6 years ago
What do I do after reaching level 50? 1 4 years ago
Can you still kill Mick Zaford? 7 4 years ago
I got the pirate booty but oasis is not in my fast travel station is it because I'm true vault hunter mode? 2 2 years ago
Message in a bottle? 2 3 years ago
Where can I find Conference Call? 2 6 years ago
Rare loot artifact and Moxxi's endowment artifact?(POSSIBLE SPOILERS) 3 6 years ago

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