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Moon Guide by Pink_Sijibijiji

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 08/29/2011


Welcome to Moon.
If you have followed my FAQs, you'll know much of the layout and will be able
to read this without difficulty(not that it's very difficult to read).

So anyways, let's start off with a table of contents.

Table of Contents:
Section 1	Version Info
Section 2	Controls/Intro
Section 3	Survival(No Mans Land)
Section 4	New to Moon
Section 5	Weapons List v3/MB/Perks/Pickups/PaP
Section 6	Strategies
Section 7	Basic Tips/Hints
Section 8	Ending/Contact Info
Section 9	Challenges
Section 10	***COMING SOON(Easter Egg)

Section 1: Version Information:
V1.0	Aug,26.2011	Ready FAQ(rejected: lack of info)
V1.1	Aug,28.2011	Complete FAQ

Section 2: Introduction and Controls:
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Welcome to the whopping ELEVENTH zombie map in 3arcs epic survival side game.
Moon is a totally new idea and intoduces some very interesting gameplay
changers, but i'll get into that later. This FAQ will feature an organized
layout of everything old and new to this map.

Basic Controls:
A	...	Jump/Unprone
B	...	Crouch
X	...	Reload
Y	...	Switch Weapons
Right Trigger	Shoot
Left Trigger	Aim Down Sights
Right Bumper	Primary Grenade
Left Bumper	Special Grenade
Right Analog	Face Character
Left Analog	Move Character
Start		Pause Game
Back		Scoreboard
*Right Analog	Knife
*Left Analog	Sprint(while moving)
* = Press analog in
D-Pad	Up	Toggle Equipment
D-Pad	Left	Toggle Weapon/Underbarrel
D-Pad	Right	Claymores

Advanced Controls:
Hold B while standing	Prone(Crawl mode)
Hold B while sprinting	Dive
Hold X			Activate/Interact
Hold X (with Hack-Pad)	Hack
Hold Bumper		Cook/Hold Grenade
Section 3: Survival in No Mans Land(Earth):
The first new thing to Moon is No Mans Land or Earthbase. There is a Solo only
leaderboard section under Moon that records your time and kills during the
first time in No Mans Land. Once you leave, these stats cannot be incerased
unless you restart the game.

No Mans Land is a unique area in Moon. Zombies do not stop spawning unless the
map limit is reached. Hellhounds have been brought back, but only spawn in this
area, not on the moon.

A warning siren goes off whenever a "round" is added. This inceases health by
one rounds worth. Zombies and Dogs are effected.

Rounds do not progress when you are in No Mans Land. Once you teleport here,
the round you are on is saved. Once you return to the moon, the round resumes
where you left off. This means the same number of zombies left before you
teleport will respawn(the round does not start over).

In No Mans land there is a Pack-A-Punch and a perk machine. The perk machine
alternates between visits and can only be Juggernog or Speed Cola.

It is possible to gain enough points for both Juggernog and Pack-A-Punch before
leaving the first time, but it is time consuming and you will have only what
you've spawned with. M1911(40 rounds), Combat Knife and Frag Grenades(2 frags).
It is best to circle/rapetrain in this area.
Section 4: New to Moon:
So, what's new to Moon? Here's is a detailed list of everything new to Moon.

Low Gravity
Gravity on the moon is lower than Earth. If you are outside on the moon's
surface, you'll enter low gravity. This makes players and zombies rise and fall
slower. This can be a disadvantage at times. Try not to jump in the direction
of any zombies.

Gravity is normal while inside a compressed room. Rooms are compressed when the
power is turned on. Excavators will decompress rooms if the terminal isn't
hacked in time.

The P.E.S. is a spacesuit that lets you breathe on the moon's surface. If you
do not have one, you will eventually run out of breathe. When the power is
turned on, Airlock Chambers will allow you to breathe freely. These small
hallways also house a P.E.S..

Once you reach the moonbase, you must pick up a P.E.S. before you run out of
breathe. A suit is located in the middle of the spawn room, it is easy to find
because you will be looking at the cabinet when you teleport.
The Hack-Pad is a device that lets you hack into many things. Only one player
can have a Hack-Pad and it takes the slot of your P.E.S., meaning you cannot
have both a P.E.S. and a Hack-Pad at the same time.

Here is a list of things you can hack:
 -Excavator Terminals
	Cost: n/a
	When you hack a terminal, the corresponding excavator will be shut
	down. The excavator can still be activated later.
 -Wall Guns
	Cost: 3000
	Hacking a Wall Gun will flip it. This reverses the cost of its ammo.
	Regular ammo will now be 4500 and Upgraded ammo will be half of the
	weapons cost.
	Cost: 200
	Hacking a door will open it for a reduced cost. This will take quite
	a while to do, so plan ahead.
 -Perk Machine
	Cost: n/a
	Hacking a Perk Machine will remove that perk from your perk pool and
	refund all of the points spent on it.
 -Mystery Box Location (not the box itself)
	Cost: 1200->600
	Hacking a mystery box location will spawn the box for one open and roll
	for you. You can hack it again to roll. If you hack a third time, you
	are refunded 950 points and the box is removed.
 -Other Players
	Cost: 500
	Hacking another player will give them points from your point pool. This
	will take some time so plan ahead.
 -Pack-A-Punch Machine
	Cost: 1000
	Hacking the PaP machine will close the gates around it.

Infected Cosmonaut
The Infected Cosmonaut is a zombie in a P.E.S. that roams the map. He takes
the name of a random player on your friends list.
The "boss" will spawn nearly every round and follow a player. If a player is
caught, that player is sent to a random location on the map. The player also
loses Juggernog(if the player does not have Juggernog, other perks will be
taken) and is damaged by about two hits.

The Infected Cosmonaut has high health and inceases by round. Any weapon will
damage him. Gersche Device, Mini-Nuke and Insta-Kill will not kill him.

Hellhound/Nova Crawler
Hellhounds are back, but they only appear on Earth.
Just like zombies from No Mans Land, Hellhounds also increase in health.

Nova Crawlers are back as well, but they only appear if you are in the lab
Novas can now teleport a short distance. They have less health than normal
zombies. They still explode unless killed by knife, explosive or Wonder Weapon.

The Quantum Entaglement Device is a special grenade that spawn random drops,
explosions, turrets or spawns zombies.

You have 3 max and regain them only after a Max Ammo.

The Q.E.D. can drop Pick-Ups(x2, Max Ammo, etc.), Weapon Turrets(Raygun, M72
Law, etc.), Zombie Money(Green glow adds points/Red glow reduces points),
Actual Weapons(China Lake, CZ75, Spas-12) either normal or Pack-A-Punched(they
replace your held weapon), generate a random explosion(Frag, Infected
Cosmonaut Death, Semtex) or it can simply be a dud and do nothing.

Excavators are saws that dig into the map and block off a path. If one is
activated, you must return to the spawn room with the hacker and hack its
coresponding teminal.
If you run into the excavators saw, you get damaged and can be downed. If all
your paths are blocked, you will have to use the Infected Cosmonaut or teleport
to Earth to return to the spawn room. And you may have to use him to teleport
to the hacker if you are on the wrong side of the map.

Section 5: Weapons List Version 3/ Mystery Box/ Perks/ Pick-Ups/ PaP:
This is a compressed version of my previous Weapons Lists.

Weapon Name	|Damage	|Ammo/Cache	|Costs		|Location
Combat Knife	|105	|---		|---		|---
Ballistic Knife	|500	|1/3		|950		|Mystery Box
Krauss Refibrula|800	|1/8		|5000		|PaP
Bowie Knife	|750	|---		|3000		|Lab F2 Stairway
M1911		|15	|8/80		|---		|---
Mustang&Sally	|575x2	|6-6/50		|5000		|---
CZ75		|105	|15/135		|950		|Mystery Box
Calamity	|200	|20/240		|5000		|PaP
CZ75 Dual	|105x2	|12-12/		|950		|Mystery Box
Calamity&Jane	|200x2	|20-20/320	|5000		|PaP
Python		|660	|6/54		|950		|Mystery Box
Cobra		|660	|12/96		|5000		|PaP
Olympia		|450	|2/38		|500/250	|Tunnel 6 Entrance
Hades		|1600	|2/60		|5000/4500	|PaP
Stakeout	|645	|6/54		|1200/600	|Power Room
Raid		|1600	|10/70		|5000/4500	|PaP
HS10		|855	|6/36		|950		|Mystery Box
Typhoid&Mary	|1580x2	|8-8/80		|5000		|PaP
Spas-12		|850	|8/32		|950		|Mystery Box
SPAZ-24		|1580	|24/72		|5000		|PaP
[---Sub Machineguns---]
PM63		|65	|20/100		|1000/500	|Tunnel 6 Room 1
Toky&Rose	|95x2	|25-25/225	|5000/4500	|PaP
MPL		|65	|24/120		|1000/500	|Tunnel 11 Room 1
MPL-LF		|95	|40/200		|5000/4500	|PaP
MPK5		|65	|30/120		|1000/500	|Lab F3
M115 Kollider	|95	|40/200		|5000/4500	|PaP
AK-74u		|80	|20/160		|1200/600	|Moon Surface
AK-74fu2	|125	|40/280		|5000/4500	|PaP
Spectre		|60	|30/120		|950		|Mystery Box
Phantom		|85	|45/225		|5000		|PaP
M14		|70	|8/96		|500/250	|Tunnel 11 Entrance
Mnesia		|135	|16/192		|5000/4500	|PaP
M16		|65x3	|30/120		|1200/600	|Tunnel 11 Room 3
Skullcrusher	|100	|30/270		|5000/4500	|PaP
*Launcher	|660	|1/8		|---		|Underbarrel
G11		|55x3	|48/192		|950		|Mystery Box
G115 Generator	|100	|48/288		|5000		|PaP
FN FAL		|105	|20/180		|950		|Mystery Box
EPC WN		|160x3	|30/360		|5000		|PaP
AUG		|90	|30/270		|950		|Mystery Box
AUG-50M3	|135	|30/390		|5000		|PaP
*Masterkey	|660	|6/24		|---		|Underbarel
Famas		|80	|30/150		|950		|Mystey Box
G16 GL35	|135	|45/225		|5000		|PaP
Commando	|100	|30/270		|950		|Mystery Box
Predator	|140	|40/360		|5000		|PaP
Galil		|100	|35/315		|950		|Mystery Box
Lamentation	|145	|35/490		|5000		|PaP
Dragunov	|200	|10/40		|950		|Mystery Box
D115 Disassemble|660	|10/80		|5000		|PaP
L96A1		|415	|5/35		|950		|Mystery Box
L115 Isolator	|660	|8/72		|5000		|PaP
[---Light Machineguns---]
HK21		|100	|125/500	|950		|Mystery Box
H115 Oscillator	|140	|150/750	|5000		|PaP
RPK		|85	|100/400	|950		|Mystery Box
R115 Resonator	|120	|125/500	|5000		|PaP
Frag Genade	|500	|4		|---		|---
Semtex		|750	|4		|250		|Tunnel 6 Room 2
Claymore	|1000	|2		|1000		|Bio-Dome
Crossbow	|500	|1/12		|950		|Mystery Box
Aweful Lawton	|750	|1/12		|5000		|PaP
China Lake	|400	|2/20		|950		|Mystery Box
China Beach	|660	|5/40		|5000		|PaP
M72 Law		|1300	|1/20		|950		|Mystery Box
M72 Anarchy	|2000	|10/40		|5000		|PaP
[---Wonder Weapons---]
Raygun		|660	|20/160		|950		|Mystery Box
PortersX2 Raygun|1120	|40/200		|5000		|PaP
Zap Gun Dual	|---	|8-8/64		|950		|Mystery Box
*Wavegun	|---	|2/12		|---		|Underbarrel
PortersX2 Zapgun|---	|12-12/96	|5000		|PaP
*Porters X2 Wave|---	|4/20		|---		|Underbarrel
QED Grenade	|---	|3		|950		|Mystery Box
Gersche Device	|---	|3		|950		|Mystery Box

Mystery Box:
There are two starting points for the Mystey Box. Moon Suface and Bio-dome.
There are also two other positions. Power Room and Spawn Room.
It will spawn randomly at start and move after a Teddy Bear, just like other

There is a new perk as well as the other 7.
Juggernog	Improve Health
Speed Cola	Improve Reload speed
Quick Revive	Improve Revive speed
Double Tap	Improve Firing speed
Stamina Up	Improve Moving speed/Sprint Duration
PhD Flopper	Explosive Resistance/Dive/No Fall Damage
Deadshot DaquiriImprove Hipfire Accuracy/Head Aim Assist
Mule Kick	Allows a Third Weapon Slot

Max Ammo	Refill ammo cache
Insta-Kill	Any damage kills target
Carpenter	Barricades all windows
Mini-Nuke	Spawned zombies die
Fire-Sale	Spawn Mystey Box at all location, reduce cost to 10 points
Double Points	Points gained are doubled
Death Machine	Temporary death machine weapon
*Money +/-	Give/Remove points. A dollar sign with a Z instead of S.
*Weapon		Give weapon. Replaces held weapon.
*PaP Weapon	Give PaP'd weapon. Replaces held weapon.

The PaP can only be reached by teleporting to Earth. The cage around it can be
closed for safe multiple uses by hacking the machine.

Section 6: Strategies:
The map is very new and vey confusing. Here are some viable strategies to
keep you alive.
1: Moon Surface
	This is a descent area to camp with four people. 2 players cover the
	Lab door, 2 players cover the back and teleporter area.
	The AK-74u is available as well, hacking it will allow PaP ammo for
	600 points making this a top spot.
	Low Gravity is always on in this area.

2: Bio-Dome
	This area is so big that it can hold atleast 3 circles/rapetrains.
	One by the teleporter path, one by the Lab doors and two anywhere in
	There are no guns available, but this area is compressed when the power
	is turned on, meaning you can hack the Mystery Box location when you
	need it.
	Low Gravity is on at start, off when power is active, and on again
	if the excavator breaks through.

3: Earthbase
	Unlimited points until you run out of ammunition. This is very easy and
	best done every possible round(until you reach the 40k+ mark). Zombies
	in this area spawn with the saved round health(meaning you go there
	on round 8, the Bowie Knife will one-hit until two beeps).
	Low Gravity is never on in this area.

1: Equipment Sets:
	The addition of a third weapon perk is game changing(to me atleast).
	I used to use AK-74u and M16 on nearly every map. Now we are able to
	have 3 guns, I never worry about ammo. Here's a few gun setups I
	started using so far.
	AK74u(AK74fu2) | M72 Law(M72 Anarchy) | Commando (Predator)
	Juggernog | PhD flopper | Quick Revive | Mule Kick

	I hack the AK74u so PaP ammo is 600 points. The M72 is for making
	crawlers. Commando is for damage. I also carry the Bowie Knife so I
	can kill crawlers faster while conserving ammo.

	Juggernog/Mule Kick are manditory.
	Quick Revive for noob team membes.
	PhD Flopper for fall damage and M72 Law(M72 Anarchy)
	AK74u(AK74fu2) | Ballistic(Krauss Refib) | China Lake(China Beach)
	Juggernog | PhD Flopper | Double Tap | Mule Kick

	I hack the AK74u so PaP ammo is 600 points. The Ballistic Knife can
	deal a lot of damage with its projectile headshot. China Lake over M72
	so I can always move fast(China Beach is as light as an SMG).

	Juggernog/Mule Kick are manditory.
	PhD Flopper for fall damage and China Lake(China Beach).
	Double Tap for the AK74u(AK74fu2) and China Lake(China Beach)
	Raygun(Porters X2) | Zap Gun Dual(Porters X2) | Assault Rifle(PaP'd)
	Juggernog | PhD Flopper | Quick Revive | Mule Kick

	This is when I just like to finish rounds. The Raygun and Zapgun kill
	zombies crazy fast. Assault Rifle for points.

	Juggernog/Mule Kick are manditory.
	PhD Flopper for fall damage and Raygun(Porters X2)
	Quick Revive for noob team members
	G16-GL35 | EPC WN | M72 Anarchy
	Juggernog | Stamina Up | PhD Flopper | Double Tap

	Juggernog is manditory.
	Stamina Up for speed and duration.
	PhD Flopper for diving and M72 Law(M72 Anarchy)
	Double Tap to shoot like crazy.
	If I play with good team members, I usually hack Quick Revive out and
	go for Speed Cola.

Section 7: Basic/Advanced Hints and Tips:
Watch your back, but never while you're running away.
Reload when it's safe.
Conserve ammunition.
Quick Revive if your team goes down more than once per 5 rounds.
Hack a wall gun if you PaP it.
Make constant trips to Earth to gather points.
Make sure to hack excavator terminals.
Share points with the Hack-Pad.
Mule Kick a perk to get 3 weapons.
Mule Kick: The Third Weapon
	This perk defies zombies law of ammunition. Usually you'll have an
	HK21, RPK, Galil or Commando for maximum ammo and damage. Now that a
	third gun is available, you'll barely ever run out of ammo between
	Max Ammo pick ups. If the third gun is a Raygun, M72 Law or China
	Lake, you can make crawlers and Bowie Knife to conserve ammo if really

Earth: No Mans Restraint
	With this area added in, where unlimited zombies spawn, it is all too
	easy to rack up points. Just keep a tight circle and blast away.
	Mix this with Mule Kick and you have any 3 guns you want. You'll be
	able to rape the box over and over until it gives up the weapon you

Hack-Pad: No Need to Hack
	With the Hack-Pad, any wall weapon is pretty much great. Reverse ammo
	costs mean you won't even need points for a PaP's weapon to be full
	at all times.
	Doors are nearly free if you are in a compessed room.
	Noobs can have your points if you want, even if a player does nothing,
	they can still be rich.
	You don't need to die to get a repick on perks, you can hack a full
	refund from the machine.

Section 8: Ending and Contact Information:
Sorry, no easter egg just yet; wait a bit longer.

If you have any questions, here's my E-mail and gamertag.

E-Mail: Sijibijiji@yahoo.com
Gamertag: Sijibijiji

I don NOT have a PS3 so do not ask for my PSN account name or w/e.

If you e-mail me, make the subject "Zombie Question" or "Zombie Guide".
Something that tells me it has to do with my zombie guide(s).
If you invite me to a party, send me a message or contact me through XBLive,
do not get angry at me for not replying while i'm online. I have people to
play with and things to uncover and leaderboards to own.
Any hatemail or offensive content will be deleted.

This Guide may not be posted on any other site without my permission.

Section 9: Challenges:
SET1: Earth
[ ]No Mans Land (4 players) for 20:00:00 or more(before moon)
[ ]Gain 20,000 points in one trip to Earth
[ ]Reach round 20 without perks
[ ]Bowie Knife only for 10 beeps after round 8
[ ]PaP and hack 3 wall guns by round 10
[ ]
SET2: Moon
[ ]Reach round 30 without telporting back to Earth
[ ]Reach round 20 with 75% headshots
[ ]Kill the Infected Cosmonaut every time he spawns
[ ]Never let an excavator cut through the map
[ ]Only use the Mystery Box by hacking
SET3: Stats
[ ]Gain 3,000 kills
[ ]Gain 3,000 headshots
[ ]Gain 1,000,000 points
[ ]Reach Round 99
[ ]Complete Round 1 with your a P.E.S. helmet off(starting at first kill)
	Mini-Nuke does not count

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