How to make more money?

  1. I literally bought this game two days ago, and no matter what, I can hardly ever gain more than about five thousand dollars. I'm terrible for modifying cars, getting a wanted level, only to be almost immediately killed and losing the car forever. This is the first game I purchased for my 'new' Xbox 360, and it's getting to be rather annoying. That and the console is faulty. Are there any ways to make some good money around Los Santos? I don't want to be relying solely upon random encounters and petty theft from the various petrol stations in the game. I just wanna play casual on single player. I'll accept any advice.

    User Info: PS2FAN1181

    PS2FAN1181 - 5 months ago


  1. If you enjoy blowing stuff up, go to the scrapyard and then go on a rampage and blow cars up. You get 150 per vehicle if I recall correctly.

    Also, you can bet on golf games or do street races

    User Info: momo92

    momo92 - 5 months ago 1   1

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