How to get the best tips in the taxi?

  1. I've noticed that each passenger seems to prefer something different, or have a different tolerance for how you drive.
    The guy who yells "Stop that chariot!" when you pull up, for example, wants a ride that is of moderate speed, no bumps or scratches, no accidents. However, the guy who says "I got places to *** go", actually gives me a BIGGER tip if I rough up the taxi by a lot. He'll even say "That was fun!" after a crazy ride, with his massive tip, and "thanks" if it was an unexciting ride, with a tip ranging from about $0-$40.
    However, I can't figure out any of the women's preferences. I drive without crashing, no tip. I drive recklessly, no tip. Whatever my speed, she still calls me an ahole, and doesn't tip me. Some with one of the male passengers.

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    Eyeless_Jack666 - 5 months ago

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  1. Be quick,fast and don't crash and then after kill them

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  1. I think some people just don't tip. Like some will try to run off. I don't think that every passenger has a preference.

    If the passengers want reckless, then driv reckless, but if they say nothing I say just take it easy and hope they like your driving.

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  2. The radio station may come to an important role for this too, some passengers may like certain stations playing. This was used in gta 4 I thought it was kind of neat. I don't see why they would take away this feature. Try switching to a few radio stations and wait for a response

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  3. Um get the money

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  4. No no no everybody is wrong go very very slow smash into everything and don't kill anyone this is gta not a crime simulation be nice to people they have feelings too.

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  5. Thanks for the dislike have a like I'm nice

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