Gta 5 stock market PS4 changes? (Possible solution)

  1. If anyone has gta 5 on ps4 and has done all the assassination missions, take a look at my results and let me know how we they compare. ( Does not include The Hotel Assassination)

    (Invest on a Monday before mission)Debonaire(DEB)- 47%
    Redwood (RWC)- 270%

    (Invest on a Monday before mission)Fruit(FRT)- 24%
    Facade (FAC)- 33%

    (Invest after mission once stock hits it low)Vapid(VAP)- 101%

    (Invest on a Monday before mission) Gold Coast(GDC)- 30% to 40%

    Note: Michael was the only character to receive over $1B , while Trevor and Franklin received over $900M

    User Info: Thegamrr7

    Thegamrr7 - 3 years ago

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