Can you still transfer GTAV progress from xbox 360 to xbox one?

  1. I have heard rumors that GTAV online character transfer from old gen to current gen was cancelled to stop modded accounts from coming over. But then earlier today i saw something about you can transfer one character per xbox account? Which is correct?

    User Info: Alan411

    Alan411 - 4 years ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. You should be able to transfer your GTA Online character to the Xbox One, just make sure you're signed into the same Xbox Live account and have your account linked to your Rockstar Games account.

    User Info: DanOfMan

    DanOfMan - 4 years ago 13   0


  1. What DanOfMan said. As long as you have your character in the Rockstar server cloud, you should have an option in GTAV (Xbox One) in the online menu to transfer your Xbox 360 character over. The screen that pops up shows a newly created character and your 360 character in a police lineup.

    User Info: OnlyD3

    OnlyD3 - 4 years ago 10   4
  2. This was tested by my friend alfie. He has an Xbox 1 now but he still has his 360 he has been tryin for ages but no matter whatever you do it's still impossible. And this is one of the times when this is really ment

    User Info: KTT_PlayZ

    KTT_PlayZ - 10 months ago 1   2
  3. No you cant Sorry

    User Info: Money7004

    Money7004 - 4 years ago 3   8
  4. Since XBOX ONE and XBOX 360 are next-gen and old-gen consoles you can't transfer

    User Info: Vrapas

    Vrapas - 4 years ago 3   11

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