Lifeinvader stock in getting the $1.5 Billion? Is this true?

  1. Hello y'all. I have an interesting procedure I wrote down that A guy named Xander Heuft did a youtube video on in how to get $2 Billion just by investing in Lifeinvader alone. And I should point out that he had three identical files for using Michael. So here are the steps, and if anyone can confirm whether or not this actually can work as I will try it myself, I'd be most appreciative:

    Step 1: Save the game and wake up. Check Lifeinvader stock to see if it's low. And if not, go to bed and save the game again until it is low.
    Step 2: Invest in Lifeinvader
    Step 3: Sleep and save game in a new slot. Check portfolio and go back if it's not gaining profits, by loading saved game file. Check portfolio again and "sell all" when you're profiting.
    Step 4: Sleep and save the game. Check Lifeinvader stock again as before as in Step 1. Repeat step process until have made desired amount or of $2 Billion with each character(assuming it can be done with Trevor and Franklin as well as Michael).

    I'm at the junction where I just bought the garages for each of my characters and having finished the assassination missions with $440 Million with Michael and $390+ with Trevor and Franklin( since I couldn't invest in BAWSAQ for the prostitute mission and the bus mission).

    User Info: 9thtitleholder

    9thtitleholder - 3 years ago

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